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  1. Because she hated him at first sight hence matching him with Michaela. 😂 More than likely though, I think she was frustrated and uncomfortable because of her high failure rate and Zach was belligerent when no one died.
  2. Does Myrla dislike Bao? She would smile lovingly at Brett and then side eye Bao almost simultaneously. Hmmm… Gil should be banned from the couples get togethers. He is a yenta.
  3. Johnny wrapped up the meeting with Dr Pepper like a business meeting “You have given us a lot to think about and I will make sure my employees are on board” 😂 Sir, she was talking to you. Jamie on unfiltered points out that Bao can’t win. Either she is a Debbie downer or when she is a literal cheerleader, she can’t please him. His response “I just want her to be real” Sir, you criticized her core personality traits. As in she is too giddy, she is hyper focused on perfection whilst painting. This guy. Throw the whole man away, Bao. Jose is muzzled for now after his own hurricane fit a
  4. Thanks to all of your diverse and wonderful analysis of this conflict, I feel better about my guilty pleasures. Seriously, I feel like I learned some valuable lessons in conflict resolution. 😂 I read in some article once that the calmer you remain in conflict, the more wound up the other side gets and basically loses the argument. Wendy’s style of confrontation is basically CNN anchors and commentators not letting anyone getting a word in edgewise and fighting for airtime. Gizelle hazes and uses mean girl sorority antics. And all big sis mean girls need a minion henc
  5. Exactly! Francesca was able to get shit stew Elizabeth fired but she had a reasonable captain Lee on her side who listens to his department heads.
  6. Mat acted like his partner’s side piece showed up when the quarantined chef arrived. Zero class and I really dislike his face.
  7. Well said. I wish I could like this post more because you hit the nail on the head on how it escalated to begin with. Chris attempting to remove Candiace from the table as you would an unruly toddler makes HIM look good at Candiace’s expense especially when we could all see how Ashley was loud and instigating the mess. Maybe he was just drunk but he engaged Ashley twice and twice Ashley took the opportunity to slam Candiace. I never liked or agreed when people dubbed him the Candiace whisperer. The only reason I could stand him was how he was the only one to stand up to creepy Darby
  8. Yes, there are levels to old man creepy. G may be the drunk creepy but generally harmless while Michael Darby is the scary creepy, men and women need to watch their backs literally and figuratively from.
  9. Valid points and I condemned Monique last season despite liking her and disliking Candiace for the same reason I am condemning Candiace this season. While I can generally see Candiace’s point of view however and this is a big but to me, Slave driver is so beyond offensive that people will forget the initial transgressor if the punishment does not fit the crime. Ashley does her job as resident shit stirrer incredibly well and Kyle from RHOBH could use some pointers from her. Robyn reminds me of the energy vampire in what we do in the shadows. If boredom was a person, it woul
  10. Exactly. It shows how thoughtful she is by going above and beyond to learn his family’s mandarin names. I can tell you from personal experience how my family absolutely adores my ex because he took the time to google a few cultural norms and common phrases. Showing interest in another culture shouldn’t be that impressive but it is because so many don’t make the effort.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Instead of shaming her, the pediatrician should have suggested an attorney.
  12. I stand corrected as well re Dot’s occupation. The reason why some of us get more triggered by Candiace than the others who may be equally messy is that Candiace escalates while her cast mates may even de escalate at certain points except for Monique last season. She had a vendetta and I am glad she is gone. For instance, when Mia walked into the room, it seemed like she was open to reconciliation but Candiace just wouldn’t stop with the low blows.
  13. I was thinking Katie was a bit smug last charter about her ability to work better under pressure and how she preferred physical stress over mental stress. In which case, she should immediately demote herself to 2nd stew. she may be the most hardworking stew but she is not fit to manage and lead. Making the hard decision to fire Lexi and training Delaney (who was willing to work) could have prevented everyone from burning out. Mat is extremely annoying. Looking forward to the new chef.
  14. A perfect case study for any psychologist besides the quack Ma Dot. It shed light on why Mia felt it was appropriate to bring Chris up in her Twitter fight against Candiace. Apparently there are no boundaries in her marriage and no real security in any of her primary relationships.
  15. This episode and the next are reminders for anyone who was beginning to forget Candiace’s past behavior including myself. Agree with everyone that she throws grenades in response to stones. As sloppy as G was, the vibe was still positive until Candiace arrived.
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