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  1. How come no one ever invites the nicest captain in BD history to dinner? 😂
  2. So how ecstatic was Indian Dr as the in laws were leaving?! 😂🤣 ( always forget his name).
  3. What you wrote is so beautiful and poignant. I must be pmsing because I have something in my left eye from reading this. 😂
  4. I think Amanda either enjoys being a martyr and/or is deeply insecure and afraid of being alone. She has latched on to Kyle and she won’t let go. She allowed the dynamic of being available to his beck and call early on with the booty call texts. I refuse to believe that d is worth all this trouble. 😂 Kyle can do anything and she won’t leave him. She will just whine and threaten to make a decision and never really specifies what that decision would be cuz it won’t be a break up. It’s frustrating to watch and hear her extra whiny voice. A friend recently eloquently put it this way-she
  5. Only if it says “ Are you up” and it’s at 2 a.m or later which btw is exactly what Kyle used to do to Amanda in the first season and she would come running over every time. 😂
  6. I know Ciara has every right and should rebuff Luke but I have this feeling that she is joining in with the attack on Luke to ingratiate herself with the crowd and I just cannot feel good about that. Lindsey is his only support right now and I am team Luke for the sole reason that I hate ganging up on anybody! Except Hannah and she is the reason for this gangbang anyway.
  7. This ! The guest house or an in law suite would have been a much better use. The kids will eventually grow up and not need those playrooms. Besides they should be getting outside to play anyway! As the babysitter of my siblings, I learned that kicking my brothers out to play outdoors led to calm and clean indoors! 😂
  8. I agree. He seems fed up and rightly so. She was expecting an Indian mansion or hacienda in Georgia which is absurd. With a house that big also come big bills and huge maintenance fees and his wife has given up a job to become a blogger? I checked out her blog and her style doesn’t appeal to me. Granted he probably makes more than an ER or primary care physician but I bet he supports the entire extended family as well. He seems stressed and like a deer in headlights most of the time.
  9. It’s a bit unclear to me-How does the Indian doctor really feel about his mother in law? 🤣 Heavenly’s tooth analogy as it relates to BLM was spot on. I didn’t mind her asking her 19 yo son to pour her a drink. Heck that is the drinking age in many countries and my unofficial drinking age in the US. 😂 Jackie comparing the vagina to Jesus was hilarious! 😂 Anila is def as extra as her mom. Annoying! I am still watching so I may be back with more thoughts.
  10. This was a fun episode for me as I love New Orleans! Who invited LaToya?! And at the same time, I didn’t appreciate Drew’s not so stealth outing of Latoya’s drinking issues which anyone can see. She is miserable sober and a hot mess drunk. Drew has adopted her husband’s dirty fighting techniques but kudos on actually hosting. Yes the hotel is not up to housewives’ standards. I wonder if Atlanta has the lowest budget. Shamea, Portia and Kandi always know how to have fun on a girl’s trip but Porsha should let Marlo’s fence riding go. A relationship with Kenya has a shelf life
  11. I find Tiffany’s constant disparagement of her mom off-putting too. I read about the “saving face” practice being huge in Asian cultures and Tiffany is doing the most to destroy her mama’s face. She must think her mom will never watch the show.
  12. I am marathon watching the last few episodes because I felt the racist pile on Tiffany especially by Brandi would be too triggering but your posts gave me the courage to give it a shot. I find Tiffany vastly more interesting than the entire cast combined save for maybe D’andra. I was incensed when Brandy called her boring. She emphasizes the importance a lot of people in this culture put on the superficial rather than academic excellence. The inflated value of the football player over the scholar. Tiffany’s accomplishments alone are fascinating, inspiring and motivating.
  13. He was beyond exasperated before he even walked into the door and was extra snarky to the mother! 😂 They must visit a lot.
  14. I was surprised to see Faylinn’s husband holding her back. I thought he was sent away but that was a lie as he was obviously hiding in the golf closet. Why is that man constantly around? Faylinn, Latoya is best handled as you would a troll. Ignore and banish. Repeat. Letting her get to you like that is exactly the reaction she was desperately seeking from everyone and you gave it to her. There is something creepy about her old husband though and apparently Latoya hit a nerve.
  15. You know damn well you don’t care about no germs, Super Spreader Cynthia! Her ex’s video warmed me right up tho. Can we exchange Ralph and Mike for Leon please? Kenya’s costume, ugh! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Kandi, Shamea, and Faylinn looked fabulous.
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