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  1. https://www.crimeonline.com/2020/08/06/see-it-lori-vallow-in-court-to-waive-preliminary-hearing-case-will-skip-ahead-to-trial/?fbclid=IwAR1g2jP_g6rL0vHSlzKEzt2GuG9QdP4LAZAaljFfogyW7bIxlvv4Xtgi968
  2. GZ is that annoying neighbor who has to have the newest lawnmower, state-of-the-art mailbox... and the entire family eats every meal with chopsticks. He somehow thinks it sets him apart from the others. All it does is make him look as dumb as a box of hair.
  3. Well, since they missed the second coming on July 23, I guess it was so he wouldn’t broadcast all their secrets. They were zombies, after all.
  4. They are saving all these never-seen-or-heard between the sheets, on top of the sheets, take your pick.... for the X-rated version that you can find in the 50-cent sale bin at Dollar Tree.
  5. It was hard to be happy that the husband didn’t do it this time. Creep.
  6. I agree, he could have sprung the quickie wedding after she gets checked in, it’s foolish to have a 5 minute wedding. Kristianne ... he wants to marry you immediately. He has many divorces and failed relationships. He’s very controlling and probably lousy in bed. Run, girl, run!!!!!
  7. This show has a lot of things that magically change with no explanation. Barney also had a five-year anniversary and got a stainless steel watch. He has had three different middle names. Clara has had the most for the regulars: Clara Edwards, Clara Johnson, Bertha Edwards, Miss Bedloe.
  8. I call him McCloud. He’s nowhere near as handsome as Dennis Weaver was in that role .... but think about it. Head in the clouds all the time...
  9. Well, there’s no telling what I may do. I had a CT scan with dye at a nearby hospital. They said that it would take 6-8 weeks to get out of my system. Maybe I can hold up a sign and light the way for them to death row?
  10. Just checking in to make sure we’re all here. 🙂
  11. Exuberated is going right up there with “makin’ dookie” and the sector of the time scale, closely followed by how to be more juvial.
  12. Sounds like they are on the verge of coronavirus starting up. Well, dammit.... how am I going to tell them apart if I can’t count the teeth???
  13. Has anyone said “he/she’s the love of my life” yet? Please be kind if I’ve lost my marbles, I was awake for an episode (middle of the night rerun) of Dateline and it’s about two sisters who didn’t get along, weird text messages, a photo of the daughter hugging her younger brother who later committed suicide... We can call the blonde who is already married the guy The Fame Whores Family? If anyone can think of some good lyrics, do it to The Addams Family theme song. Every single one of these people waiting outside are dumber than dumb. Notice the producer asking them questions, to prevent an hour of blank stares and open mouth? They need a psychologist for on air counseling. I can only imagine what they’d say if they thought the cameras were off. The poor guy remodeling his home overnight would be attractive to a lot of women .... he should run off with the home decor lady.
  14. Either I’ve lost my mind (certainly possible with this show) but the opening episode of Love After Lockup is about two sisters who didn’t get along, weird text messages, a photo of the daughter hugging her younger brother who later committed suicide...
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