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  1. There’s nothing for him in Knox County, he must live somewhere outside the city.
  2. Exactly. I think he has at least one child with each ex. While filming he had an upcoming court date next month, June. Maybe one of our super sleuths can find him on a court docket, and I’ll take a whack at it.
  3. Thanks, I’ve been ill with my thyroid acting crazy. Geoffrey will eventually keep Varya around since she flew all the way to Knoxville to declare her undying love. Hopefully some of her friends will see this and talk to her. Right after my ex’s name and charges were made public, people (mostly women) contacted me and told me about the abuse they suffered. I wish to hell they’d have let me know before the wedding. That’s why I am praying Varya gets the full story before saying “I do”
  4. Somebody needs to introduce Varya to a criminal background site. Yes, he will abuse her and any woman he is involved with. The previous women probably dropped the charges out of fear. I was an abused spouse and I called police when it happened. I made every court appearance, testified with photos of my bruises. I got a protection order and he’s violated that twice now, so we’ll be back in court as soon as our local courthouse opens back up. A local battered and abused women’s group helped me so much that I now volunteer as a court advocate. Paying it forward.
  5. I think the graveyard scene was Darcy’s attempt to reboot her image, as she must know most viewers can’t stand her. How did dogs which were not service animals get into the airport? Even if production made it happen it sends a message that pets can come along for the ride. Was Ash a FAS baby? The wild-eyed look, all the blinking. Reminds me of a friend whose mother drank while pregnant. Usman, no green card is worth marrying that overbearing shrew. You’ll wind up in an episode of Snapped. Geoffrey’s one of these guys who gets turned on by a foreign accent. I friend of mine married a girl from the Czech Republic within 3 months of meeting her. His previous attempts at finding a woman to make a future with were all foreigners. And both my friend and Geoffrey are getting a huge kick out of women fighting over him. If production is going to continue to set up fake scenes they need to hire a continuity editor who knows what they are doing.
  6. June got Alana before the cameras, not concerned what kind of psychological damage it did to her daughter. People say that when you’re depressed or suffering from anxiety, you eat until you feel better.
  7. The motorcycle episode was on the other day. In the beginning, Barney and Andy pronounced it correctly. Then, out of nowhere, they are pronouncing it motorsiccle. They must have had no one overseeing continuity.
  8. They briefly showed a photo of Alana when she was little and doing the pageants. She was adorable, and a normal size. She needs to exercise and eat healthy. None of which is going to happen with these people I guess I didn’t realize I was watching a re-run.... Doo Doo without her teeth. Yet they seemed to know things which were going to happen.
  9. ‘The talk between Pumpkin, Doo Doo, and the other lady I caught something. Doo Doo told someone June uses her cane. And someone told me she had sold it. This tells me this show is totally fake. If you can tape something before the show ends, you’re either clarvonint or a passenger on the crazy train.
  10. Regarding the new trash show, there’s no way they start filming in a month. All shows have been delayed until fall for taping. Has anyone besides me noticed the demeanor, personality, of the couples on Pillow Talk is nothing like when they are “acting” on the show? Further proof producers encourage the catfights and slapdowns.
  11. What is this magazine cover Jennifer keeps bragging about? Is it anything big or some low-life rag?
  12. I catch this show now and then, but watched last night’s episode. I hate Jennifer. What Sugar Bear sees in her is anyone’s guess. I’m glad Ella won the pageant, just so Jennifer had to eat crow and shut her damn mouth. The only reason she wants custody of Alana is the money Alana makes from the show. At least Sugar Bear knows his daughter is being well cared for with Pumpkin.
  13. I was surprised Sarah drove a BMW. Did she work anywhere? Or was she the baby who got everything she wanted? Who was the father of her child, the ex-boyfriend? I hadn’t seen this before but I was apalled by the family as well. Why wasn’t the guy who was convicted on a suicide watch, having had made past attempts? Or at the very least, in the mental ward of the prison he was sent to.
  14. I saw what was happening to this show a while back with the gimmicks and ridiculous competitions so I tuned out.
  15. Glad to hear they got 2 seasons in the bag, no one is filming anything right now due to covid-19.
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