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  1. In one of Barney’s return visits to Mayberry after he’d moved to Raleigh, they were having a reunion or something, and Thelma Lou and her husband attended. I remember Andy telling Barney that Thelma Lou had moved away about a month after Barney left town. That made me cry.... she’d been his loyal girlfriend for all those years. They’d looked in the window at the furniture store and talked about what they’d want in their home. He had a great thing with her, and threw it away.
  2. The new guy, the anti-Scott.... https://starcasm.net/love-after-lockup-lizzie-dating-new-man-dru/?fbclid=IwAR0AIRvpM5u2_hsPiCF4SeyMSGdJWX613qq8QkHxCa3TA7k5Zl6iLsU-Nig
  3. Production makes all the arrangements ahead of time, usually paying the location owner or proprietor to film. Everyone shown signs a waiver. If you see someone with a blurred face, they didn’t sign the waiver and didn’t get paid for appearing in the scene.
  4. Season 1 wedding gown shopping, followed by a photo from the last episode.... Production is screwing with us, bigtime. They split up a couple of years ago which is why she got little to no airtime during season 1. Then for whatever reason they resurrect them for this season.
  5. She admits that she and her sister photoshopped her photo and that’s what sucked Tony in. https://radaronline.com/videos/love-after-lockup-star-engaged-angela-tony-con-behind-bars/
  6. I don’t remember what Leslie did, but I definitely remember Courtney’s mistake because once she wasn’t eliminated I stopped watching.
  7. I think these two are playing out a production-driven storyline for all they’re worth.
  8. Agreed, @Bastet, but he’s the best at going off on someone. Alex can give her best stink-eye too.
  9. I’d pay to see Scott Conant tell him “Do you know how stupid you look using chopsticks instead of a spoon??”
  10. That’s why I’ve lost interest in this show. It used to be about home cooks showing their stuff and that got put on the back burner several seasons ago. I blame Courtney, Gordon & Co. wanted her to win so badly they changed up the entire show. She used salt instead of sugar when making doughnuts and they just overlooked it. Like the string around Nick’s steak.
  11. Pulled this from the article I posted a link to, clears up a lot about what production is feeding us to keep us watching.
  12. I believe the spoiler info on Lamondre is in his & Andrea’s thread.
  13. If anyone still has this on DVR, look at the back of Cheryl’s head. Her hair is missing in clumps, she has bald spots. Add her thinness, this girl has problems. Bigtime.
  14. Some good spoiler scoop on these two. https://starcasm.net/love-after-lockup-vince-amber-spoilers-huge-surprise/
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