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  1. He cheated on Stephanie with January Jones, the chain-smoking yet beautiful wife on Mad Men. Compare the two and you’ll see he has a “type” he goes for.
  2. Kim will cut off the money flow, to get her to give up on her education and come home.
  3. I thought the exact same thing!! Glad it wasn’t just me. If Angela from this show got together with Angela from Life After Lockup, can you imagine the fire hazard from two chain smokers under the same roof?
  4. One of the times I saw Kim and Kroy at the casino, he was walking slightly behind her with one of those bank bags. The leatherette zipper bag that businesses use for deposits. She really does rule the roost. Tracey and her little boy.... he’s adopted, cute as a button. I never watch the show so I don’t know how involved they are anymore. But I’ve been Facebook friends with Tracey for years, long before she hooked up with Kim. Her child does have a name that starts with a K. I guess it had to be approved by Kim before filling out the paperwork.
  5. Carol is on Dancing With The Stars, they showed a little clip of her from that. I don’t normally watch that show and I’m sorry, but I cannot take one for the team and watch it. I’ve only got so much medicine for nausea in my medicine cabinet.
  6. This show has become the National Inquirer of reality TV. You see the headlines and photos on the front (teaser commercials) and once you start thumbing through the pages you see it’s all hype with very little story to back up what was on the front page.
  7. When I’ve seen them there, Kroy is following her around with a money bag, the kind the bank uses for deposits. He will sit at the card tables sometimes while she’s pumping the hell out of slot machines. She’ll have two going at one time. One time she wanted some additional credit put on her Harrah’s loyalty card, but they wouldn’t do it unless she paid up first.
  8. Kim and Kroy are here at the casino ALL the time. Blowing that NFL and TV money.
  9. Whoever did this nailed it. I’ll just leave this here....
  10. Regarding Lacey’s pregnancy ... she only had one child, a boy, I think. The other two didn’t make it. Still, that’s one child that will fall in line behind the others. Or, maybe Shane will step up and be a good dad. We’ll see.
  11. Or the other option, his entire storyline was made up and production “forgot” what he could and could not do. If you ever needed proof that these shows are scripted and fake, this is it. I’m going to put a spoiler regarding this in the other thread dealing with spoilers and media stuff.
  12. I may be getting old, LOL, but didn’t someone do a story about this doctor’s death already? He looks real familiar. 2-hour show on tonight starting at 9. https://www.nbcnews.com/dateline/video/dateline-thursday-sneak-peek-lone-star-obsession-93255749791
  13. I’m not upset that Brittany exposed her mother for the drugged up loser that she is. Tough love is the only way to deal with an addict. I just hope the dog and cat are ok, neither of them looked very happy. As soon as Angela found out her boo is back in jail, she goes running after Tony. The only qualification a man needs with her is his orange jumpsuit. I would not want either of them mad at me. I’m more than ready to get back to the new couples out of jail and having conflicts.
  14. True, @mamadrama. I wonder if he gave her the same care and precision, she did have a hard time coming to. If I were the patient, I don’t think I’d want my surgery on TV, not even for free.
  15. Poor Ericee will never see a dime of the money for her boobs and nose job. If he indeed did contribute anything and it wasn’t paid for by the show. She must have really pissed off producers of they sent ICE after her.
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