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  1. ava111

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Please don't give an idea to the other teen moms and reality people in general. Next headline will be "Machetes sales going through the roof".
  2. ava111

    S08.E06: Momcation

    Jesus Amber is it really worth it to get off your meds just so you can drink for few days. Especially since the withdrawal is so horrible. I know what she is talking about as once I was on something for my fibromyalgia and severe depression and not only gained 50 pounds over 2 years but then when I was supposed to get off it it was the worst couple weeks ever. I couldn't even walk straight. It was like my brain was behind of my body. Never ever I would think that to feel that way again is worth to have few drinks. (And I was withdrawing slowly with smaller and smaller dosage over few weeks, not stopped dead cold.) You are such and idiot.
  3. ava111

    S08.E06: Momcation

    Perfect timing for this episode. She is talking about beating people and going to jail. Looks like episode tie-in to her Friday's arrest.
  4. ava111

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I would think he will be lucky to get anything as she will probably go to jail for a while. TM OG will be cancelled soon (hopefully) so no big money coming in. She can say bye bye to money she is getting from promoting on her Instagram as I don't think any company will want to touch her for a while after this. By the time this whole thing passes TM will be off the air and because she will not get a job the only thing I can see her getting is social security disability because of her mental illness. So I don't think Andrew thought this through if getting rich was his plan. The only thing he gained was being on the air and he might get couple other reality show jobs. Or MTV can start a new franchise TM: AMBER'S BEAUTIFUL MEN. It seems Amber is triggered by big men taking care of 1 year old children. Wasn't Leah just a bit older when she assaulted Gary? I can't believe she got bonded out so fast. I guess because she is "high profile" they couldn't put her in with other inmates and they didn't have enough holding tanks to keep her safe. Was probably easier to find a judge on holiday Saturday morning to get rid of her "celebrity" ass. Between Janelle's and Amber's drama I'm very busy this past 2 reading all the posts here (since Tuesday when it seemed to go in the right direction for Janelle's children to come to see the shocking posts 2 days later about new judge dismissing the case). Then Amber gets arrested. Oh and Mackenzie is pregnant 😢.
  5. ava111

    Naked and Afraid XL

    Now that you mention it wasn't it just at the beginning of this XL when they were doing their 21 days in the jungle that Laura wouldn't let Jeff take the last snail they found as thank you to nature for providing for them? They wanted some good karma. I don't know what happened to her. She completely forgot about any good deeds. Although she was just weirdly silent in one of the shots when eating the eel (second or third?). I think on the inside she is ashamed. I understand the hunger can be brutal and can change your perspective on food but at that point they were not starving and could share at least half of the last eel with the other people. They had huge protein meal 3 days in a row plus tons of bananas and plantains. All they miss is a humble pie... I wonder how the hooks were distributed between everyone. Because if they were given the hooks in addition to their 2 items then how come 1 tribe of 4 doesn't have a single hook while 1 tribe of 6 has 10 (Russel's?) and Laura and Jeff have 20? Was the 10 hooks Russel had one of his items? That would make more sense then. But then does that mean that Jeff and Laura each came with 10 hooks as one of their items? Usually the production makes sure that a team (usually 2 people) doesn't end up with two of the same item (or item with the same function like machete and knife for example). I understand the boat was extra and if they didn't have that small extra advantage of having it (and not just to get from the jungle to the beach but use it for fishing afterwards) it would be impossible for them to push to the end of 60 days. They had really long trip on the sea that took over 12 hours and that's after already done the 3 weeks so they really needed that small advantage to keep going. I also think that's why they got to send to that specific beach with tons of resources. The other teams were sent to way worse places since they were just starting fresh. But I wish they would explain the hooks. Anyway the situation about food and items - that's how and why all the killing and wars started thousands of years ago... Glad to see that nothing changed... Imagine if everyone would share. People never change no matter what. Thousands of years of evolution, history and we didn't learn anything and this is where it leads anyway. Imagine what would these people do if there were no cameras and were left there for another month...
  6. ava111

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    That actually reminded me what happened 25 years ago when I started my first job in major printing company that printed newspapers for whole Slovakia. Everyone was allowed 5 minute break out of every hour. So we nonsmokers decided to take our break as well as it was supposedly required by law. Few days later there was big issue about us nonsmokers and even had to go to big office. Like we were not allowed the break if we didn't smoke!!! Such a bulshit. Plus smokers had this special sitting area that was awfully stinky so we had to go sit some other place. This was still during communism (so workers were organized) before Velvet revolution few months later. Finally we nonsmokers got a monsmoking nook to just chill there. Those smokers still didn't understand why we needed our own spot and why we got break if we didn't smoke 😬 P.s. To this day I have never ever even tried smoking or never even held cigarette in my hand or mouth. NEVER!!! Absolutely hate it. Once I made a mistake and kissed someone who smoked and I will never ever make that mistake again. Its the most disgusting thing ever. Yuck!!! I was very proud of my dad who stopped smoking when I was 10 and my sister 7. He just went cold turkey after smoking for 20 years and did it for us as he knew we hated it. He never even smoked around us and would go out on balcony. But finally decided to do it and he did. I wish I had his strong will because I know it was not easy. Back then there were no smoking cessations or chewing gums to help you in our communist country.
  7. ava111

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    That's exactly what I thought about Americans putting syrup on French toast when I came to America 22 years ago. Yuk! And eating bacon with pancakes and syrup. I still can't do that. I love my French toast salty. On the other hand Americans are repulsed when they hear in my country we put ketchup on pizza. At least that was the way back then when I lived there... But your pizza here is much better so I gave up the ketchup.
  8. ava111

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    I doubt that or he would realize that the food was subpar. These awesome guests deserved better!!!
  9. I seriously doubt she is 51. Her son said later that she will be 75 when Aladin will be 45. That is 30 years difference. Which means she is 59 and is laying about her age. I guess she forgot to inform her son about age she intended to use for the show. Actually that was my first thought - about how she is able to retire at 51 and second was that women can't be only 3 years older than me and is laying LOL
  10. Thats what I just said in different words just below your post. I'm not sure why she wants to become citizen of India. Its not worth it to loose the social security. I bet she can get work permit there without giving up her citizenship.
  11. USA is more like don't ask don't tell and pretty much allows dual citizenship. It's more about that some other countries don't allow it and if you get USA citizenship you pretty much give up the other one. India us one of the countries that doesn't allow it. (My home country is also one of them which is the reason I still have green card 20 years after I got it and it's been 22 years since I came to USA). But I'm not sure why Jenny would have to give up her citizenship to live in India. I would definitely not do that if I was in her shoes as she paid into her social security probably for over 40 years and that would be horrible to give up and get nothing in India when she can't work anymore. It's one of the reasons I try to keep my Slovak citizenship because I should get social security from there eventually even though my work history there is only 7-8 years. But I might have to give it up as my Slovak passport is expired and it would cost me over 2000 just to go "home" and have it renewed really fast and I still have to pay 800 every 10 years to renew the green card. It might be cheaper just pay the 800 and just get citizenship as my GC renewal is coming up again next year. I haven't been home in 12 years and although my whole family lives there I don't plan on coming back permanently. It's difficult decision. I consider USA my home now. I remember when the first time I had that though I felt really bad. I was visiting my family and after couple weeks with them I thought I couldn't wait to get home. Home to USA.
  12. He gave her 30 000 to invest in properties, 6000 to buy car for her and 2000 to invest in cocktail bar. I question the expensive car. If people make 10-15 USD a day the 6000 USD car must be a luxury vehicle!
  13. ava111

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I think Janelle is too wain to shave her head. Of course she will rather live without her kids than her locks. Ps: does bleach remove the drugs from hair?
  14. ava111

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Peta is hypocritical. They steal pets who have owners and they are immediately euthanized. There was even a lawsuit about this and the family whose dog was stolen and killed won. It's their idea of controlling the homeless dogs situation. Except they trick dogs to leave their yard and even befriend people and then steal and kill their dogs. What they do is not different than what that nasty piece of shit does. Pets is one organisation I won't give my money to. I support Friends of homeles animals - no kill shelter in northern Virginia. We got 2 wonderful dogs from there. Our second was in their shelter almost a year when we found him 11 years ago. He is the cudliest baby ever.