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  1. Folsom was in the original CSI. He was one of the FBI guys when Catherine was shot (when DB was running the lab)
  2. I am on the east coast of the US and the repeat played here as well
  3. Just heard Ron Miscavige has passed from Cancer
  4. Just saw an email from Tia. Now it is not going to be on Discovery but back to Animal Planet starting 4/24. So nothing until them Sooo....I have some news for all of you and also my explanation of what I've been dealing with for the past couple of days. You are the FIRST to hear this so my apologies if I sound like a crazy person. Much of my time is also spent dealing with production companies and network execs. When you've had a TV show for 13 years, our lives become intertwined. I have to balance TV show and rescue work all within the timeframe of a 24 hour day. The past
  5. Portals to Hell (Jack Osborne’s) also filmed there
  6. Should be great. I have seen that place in a couple of other shows
  7. The only person that ruined Angelina’s wedding was Angelina. She was laughing along with them and they ended by saying they loved her. She got stuck in her head and could not let it go, heck the girls were crying and Deena tried to apologize and still she had to stay mad. I hope when she looked back on this she realizes that she is the one who ruined her day. Life is too short to hang onto every tiny little perceived slight
  8. It was when they were at an olive “plant”. I don’t know what to call it
  9. I saw the ghost adventures where we first meet Dakota. I guess he and his father won a contest to go on an investigation. He was so young
  10. Just binge watching stuff and I am on My Horror Story season 1 episode 9 and it is the story of that guy in Seattle with the 666 on his closet. This should be fun knowing what we know now
  11. I read in the media thread that 5/21 is the last new episode.
  12. I am not a Jax fan, but he had a point on the beach clean up. It's like all the big wigs taking individual private jets to go to a climate conference then lecture us on how to lower our carbon footprint. Why not do clean up closer to home, or all go in just 1 car
  13. I remember when Jenni and Roger were on some marriage show and Rogers big beef was he did not want to live in front of the camera. So I think them rebooting JS and their sons autism may have been it for him
  14. She needs to go into something helping people, she is good at that
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