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  1. Could they be going in the Trina Taggert are related? That could be interesting
  2. That one was scary. Hope they shead more light on what happened
  3. Then she is being paid well for it, so not using. If anything, they are using each other
  4. Question. I am not a fan of any of these people, but Chloe and the others keep saying that Juliette's new boyfriend is using her. So far we have seen him give her a trip to Greece and a 65 inch TV, so how exactly is he using her??
  5. I agree. To me, the raided fist was more political then patriotic.
  6. My husband, who does not watch the show, came in during a Sonny kitchen scene and his only comment was “what’s with the big bowl of moss”
  7. Me too. Is it weird that I have a huge crush on Zak and Aaron
  8. I believe she said it was due to her being a mom now
  9. Lulu just saw her brother that she thought was dead, she is entitled to be too shocked to think about Charlotte.
  10. Oh god, please don’t tell me she’s coming here
  11. If that guys red flags were any bigger, they would need their own passport
  12. I was not spolied for this episode. I so wanted the ghost of Christmas past to be Helena
  13. While I am hot and cold on Jackie, I can see where she was coming from regarding the apology. If she really did apologize and Buffy accepted that apology then it should be the end of it, until or unless Jackie did something like it again. I had a friend that would do this. We would have a disagreement and I would apologize, she would accept; then we would be out with friends and she would bring it up, blindsiding me. We are no longer friends
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