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  1. Bullshit--that dog was backed into a corner by a toddler and was giving very clear signs that it was uncomfortable, but instead of taking the child away or teaching the child he filmed instead, then was shocked (shocked I tell you) that the dog snapped as a warning. Dickhead
  2. Brody and Kaitlyn are quite the pair, while they sit around bitching about the people talking about them behind their backs they are talking about people behind their backs. If Kaitlyn is so upset about Jason's wife (I cannot remember her name) talking about her, then why didn't she go into that room and tell her to her face, no instead she and Brody do the exact thing they are bitching about.
  3. Why doesn’t Hayden and Jax tell Alexis what they are doing and why, she would want to help. Add in Laura (for Spencer) and it could be a good story and it doesn’t involve the crappy Corintos crowd
  4. I had a friend like that. It was so annoying that I started saying something every time he said it so he would realize how often he said it
  5. I hope Jess invites Cliff to sleep in the HOH room, so Jack does not get to keep him awake with his punishment
  6. If I am remembering correctly Roger did not like the whole realty TV world. When they were on Marriage Bootcamp he said as much so when Jenny went back to Jersey Shore I can see him saying he’s done and did not want her talking about it on camera. Roger struck me as a private person and did not want all his business on Front Street
  7. Are they trying to be current again. There was a baby that had their spina bifida corrected in utero recently
  8. I was planning to finish the season, then Rinna went on her Ash Wednesday rant and I was out.
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