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  1. Lobsel Vith

    The Best Of S.H.E.I.L.D

    Daisy hacked into the Framework, so the program didn't rewrite itself to accommodate her like it did with May, Fitz, Coulson, and Mack. Did it make sense for Framework Skye to be a member of Hydra, given how much pre-Coulson Daisy had issues with S.H.I.E.L.D.? No. Did it make sense that Framework Skye would be involved with Ward? No. Was it a poor choice to pair Daisy's Framework counterpart with the man who terrorized her and threatened to rape her in the season one finale? Absolutely. The fact that Framework Skye was apparently evil (given that she was a member of willing Hydra since her story revolved around Ward) and Framework Ward thought she would be with him if he told her the truth also shows that neither Ward had any idea what Skye/Daisy was like. It's basically a reverse of season one, showing that Ward never really understood Daisy, and his Framework counterpart didn't understand Skye. Fitz doing something bad (like torturing Daisy, having one of his robots nearly kill Mack, give in to Ruby because he's willing to sacrifice the world for Simmons showing that all his rhetoric about justifying what he did to Daisy and Mack was complete garbage), and having that handwaved, isn't really my idea of showing consequence.
  2. Lobsel Vith

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    It’s a soap - I don’t think anyone is under the assumption that characters are without flaws. It’s not a black and white situation; Carly was planning on getting AJ to fall off the wagon so she could be with Jason (which is why she married AJ), and before that happened, Jason intended on running away with Carly to avoid allowing AJ to raise Michael. That AJ was denied the chance to be a father to Michael by mobsters who romanticized a life of crime while vilifying a man for being a recovering alcoholic is the primary issue people have. Also, Sonny had AJ shoved into a box (let’s keep in mind that Sonny is claustrophobic and his enablers, like Carly, have used that as a reason why he shouldn’t be locked up in prison), starved him, tortured him, threatened to murder him - let’s not just bring up the moment where he was placed on a meat hook.
  3. Lobsel Vith

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Sonny tortured AJ out of his rights and threatened to murder him. That’s the reason some people here take umbrage with the idea of saying that Sonny is Michael’s father. And we saw how much AJ loved Michael during the BW and SK years. Guza’s one-sided writing couldn’t erase that, despite how hard he tried to retroactively pretend that the Quartermaines weren’t really Michael’s family.
  4. Lobsel Vith

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Franco did think that because Original Recipe Franco mentioned his daughter Lauren to Carly, which lead to the mess RC left us with in the wake of PP taking away the OLTL characters (Luke pressured Carly to tell him about the unknown Quartermaine when AJ and Tracy were vying for control of ELQ).
  5. Lobsel Vith

    Unpopular Opinions: "I hate BLTs from Kelly's!"

    I think newer characters wouldn’t be a problem if they were based on acting ability and not how they look without a shirt on (like the horrendous Ford Brothers on OLTL or the recently departed Detective Kitty on GH) or who they’re dating, and if Frank wasn’t simply adding people from other shows as if their hire was taking a shot at those other soaps. ? I certainly would like brand new characters of color who didn’t kiss Sonny’s ring or act nonchalant about Jason being a mass murderer. On that note, given how many white, blonde women have been on the show in recent years (it’s absolutely ridiculous when you really think about it), a bit more variety wouldn’t hurt anyone. Putting them in stories that have nothing to do with the mob would also broaden the show to appeal to people other than the same tired Sonny and Jason fans who can’t sustain the show on their own.
  6. Lobsel Vith

    S05.E22: The End

    When it comes to Fitz, Mack has every right to criticize Fitz's behavior. In terms of the whole 'killing' issue, I'd blame the writing on that. I could understand Mack being hesitant about killing due to being a mechanic who was being roped into special ops, but Daisy was tasked with killing Donnie in season two when he became a threat, so killing people is part of the job. It was even suggested to kill Mike during the premiere episode, so it's not like the organization doesn't kill (I know Coulson avoids it if possible at times, but we're not dealing with a superhero group who has a 'no kill' policy, like in some comic books). I think part of the issue is a balancing act between this technically being a 'superhero' show (due to being set in the MCU) and the team being part of a spy organization that necessitates some hard calls at times, but I don't think the writers have the best grasp on what to do or how to handle it. Certain characters and plots get dropped (like Agent Weaver, the Council, Vijay), and the writers get confused (like bringing Fitz and Simmons together at the end of season two without addressing any of the issues that divided them that season, or Daisy thanking Fitz at the end of season four for something Mack actually did).
  7. Lobsel Vith

    S05.E22: The End

    Talbot is already dead, and the Kree tech from the Future Arc required for the body to be immediately revived. The lesson to learn from Ward is how tiresome a nemesis can if kept on the show for no real reason. Fitz could have talked to Daisy, and I highly doubt she would let people die if a reasonable person explained that restoring her powers was the only way. He didn’t talk to her, though. He also spent considerable time building dangerous robots, and one tried to kill Mack. I’m not going to pretend that Fitz handling it in the worst way possible is excusable. Nor am I going to throw Mack or Daisy under the bus to excuse Fitz torturing a woman and nearly killing a man who has done a lot for him, including forgiving him for his role in the AIDA fiasco that cost him Hope for a second time. He was wrong, and that act casts a shadow over his death in this episode for some people.
  8. Lobsel Vith

    S05.E22: The End

    I'm annoyed because this is the second time they had Fitz cross some serious lines without repercussion. What he did went far beyond what anyone else on the team has done, and it's irritating that his actions continually get handwaved. I don't get why they keep having Fitz commit such heinous acts if they're simply going to gloss over it. I doubt they knew what the ending to Infinity War was going to be, since even actors in the movie were kept in the dark about some things (like Holland not knowing who Spider-man was rescuing in one scene so he couldn't say the names of the characters).
  9. Lobsel Vith

    S05.E22: The End

    Wouldn't that undercut the entire point of Coulson's "goodbye" in the finale, with characters letting him go? If they didn't want to give consequence to Coulson's deal, I don't see the point in him dying as the price for stopping AIDA, or for giving Daisy the syringe in the finale instead of taking it himself. Deke didn't serve any purpose on the show. He meandered from one scene to the next, and the whole 'tech savvy' bit is already a trait of one of the existing characters so he's basically redundant. Unless they were going to kill Fitz off for real, Deke's just going to be there - doing nothing substantial.
  10. Lobsel Vith

    S05.E22: The End

    Fitz brutally tortured a woman as she was begging him to stop, one of his robots tried to kill Mack, and he blamed his victims for his actions. I'm not saying that Daisy and May were right to want Coulson to be saved against his wishes (let me be crystal clear: they weren't right), but it's nowhere comparable to committing torture. Unless May and Daisy brutally tortured Coulson, what they wanted to do is nowhere near the same thing. And the issue comes back to how Fitz could have simply talked with Daisy about the issue. He could have spent time acquiring pain medication instead of building dangerous robots that endangered the lives of everyone on the base. That he committed villainous acts and refused to acknowledge the wrong he committed to his victims is why his death scene meant nothing to me, and why I find it ridiculous that Mack and Daisy are being tasked with rescuing an iteration of a man who hurt them so much. People weren't holding Fitz accountable for his actions minutes after Mack was nearly died and Daisy was tortured. People were vilifying Daisy and Mack for being angry with Fitz during these recent episodes, even claiming that Mack was a one-dimensional caricature who shouldn't be on the show. Never doubt the ability of a fandom to woobify a white man who has committed villainous acts. We've seen this before with Ward.
  11. Lobsel Vith

    S05.E22: The End

    Because he's dead, and in a previous episode he commented on requiring air to breathe. We also dealt with a repetitive villain with Ward, who meandered around with no real purpose after S.2A, and I see no reason to repeat that mistake. Is that a reference to Fitz torturing the inhibitor out of Daisy? That's not the same thing. I'd understand you saying that if the procedure tortured Coulson in the process, but it's nowhere near the same as what Fitz did. And when Coulson fell everyone around him scrambled to get the syringe to inject him when they knew he didn't inject himself, so she's clearly not the only one who wanted to save him even if he didn't want to save himself.
  12. Lobsel Vith

    S05.E22: The End

    Not sure why Deke gave Daisy the 'pep talk' instead of Mack. That character really served no purpose on this show except to be an example on how the showrunners presume they need a white man of a certain age to be on the stage. Jiaying was able to save Daisy and change the timeline, after a fashion. Fitz is dead, and the copout excuse that would be used to bring him back could be seen a mile away. Fitz crossed lines, nothing came of it, and it's pretty much handwaved at this point.
  13. Lobsel Vith

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Media

    If the show didn't have Fitz give in to his inner Nazi, and if the writers didn't give a slaver prominent screentime (while characters like Mack, May, and Daisy didn't get that much this season), I might be inclined to agree with you. Heck, if the writing overall was generally better, I think a lot of people might feel more optimistic about AoS being protected. The general issues some people have with the show, overall, is why this news isn't exactly something everyone is pleased with. YMMV, of course, but I'd say that's why this news isn't being celebrated by everyone. Also, I can't believe the SyFy moniker stuck (for that network) as long as it has.
  14. Lobsel Vith

    Daisy Johnson: That IS her name!

    Jack Kirby, who was also Jewish (and helped co-create a number of Marvel characters, both with Stan and independent of him), was born Jacob Kurtzberg and he used different pen names when writing (like Jack Curtiss). A number of different actors have modified their names as well due to how Hollywood is - like Oscar Isaac.