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  1. I guess the show will forget that Jordan caught Shawn attempting to assassinate Drew, then, since attempted murder is supposed to be a crime and not something that's just excused if you're doing it for the Corinthos mob. I'd say the issue is in how those baby stories are handled. The Crypt sex baby tale, where the two people responsible for AJ's completely unnecessary murder had sex on his crypt, wasn't exactly something that was warmly embraced for obvious reasons, and Maxie was reduced to a caricature where she basically begged Nathan at one point to have sex with her so that she cou
  2. MB doesn't want Sonny to leave, which is likely the biggest reason why we will never see that. The show has had Sonny and Jason leave the mob in the past - albeit temporarily. Jason left to explore the world (when SB tried his hand at becoming an actor outside of soaps, and I know someone a few years back what Robert Redford had to say about SB's acting). Sonny was forced out by Jason when he started dating Emily. But MB has made it clear that he likes Sonny in the mob, and there are times that the character has admitted that he remains in power because he enjoys the power. The writers do
  3. That would be a reversal. Sonny didn't accept Jason Morgan as a different person the first time he lost his memory (during the days of Lorenzo Alcazar). And when Jason 2.0 (who was later rectonned into Drew) was revealed, Sonny expected him to become Jason Morgan again (and did lead to the unintentional hilarity of Sonny telling Jason 2.0 that it was okay for him to speak badly to Carly because he's treated her far worse). For all the crap the Quartermaines got, Sonny was never any better. Admittedly he was much, much worse - repeatedly. Would Jason be any better now that the roles are re
  4. Lila Rae shooting (preferably killing) Jason would be the only way I'd want to see that character on the show. I don't ever want to see her sacrificed to the Cult of the Holy Hitman. I wonder who the TMK was originally supposed to be before GW took the helm during the writer's strike (I doubt whomever Guza randomly picked out of a hat, like he usually seemed to do, would have made any more sense). At least Diego being responsible allowed Jason's mob activities to have a consequence, even if Diego killing Georgie made absolutely no sense (it's too bad GW didn't undo Guza's decision
  5. FFS... why? Why does she want that? Baby Michael's heart issue was a callback to AJ. There is literally no reason to pull such a recton, especially on a show that gives Jason far too much story as it is. From that to that interview where she talked about how the Corinthos family should be the center of the show (because eating the show for two decades isn't enough, apparently), I just can't... This show went from (under Guza) Jason badmouthing AJ for not magically knowing immediately what baby Michael liked (which isn't surprising since the blinking robot robbed him of those opportunities
  6. FFS. You could have RH as a doctor (even someone like David Hayward), as a Cassadine (in which you can go in a myriad of directions), as literally anyone or anything on the planet, and on a show that's allowed the mob to eat away at it for two decades (with a mumbling misogynistic mobster and a malfunctioning robot who only blinks) you chose to have him as another mobster? I hope the Novak rumor is wrong. This show does not need more mob content eating up the canvas. This show didn't need another mobster years ago, much less now.
  7. Under Guza and RC it was only drugs, and now it's guns, but the anti-gun stance the new regime has makes no sense considering how they still play around with guns on the show. I agree that it's absurd, but even putting aside the lack of realism or credibility about Sonny's current business I'd say it's due to how the story frames the 'accomplishments' of Sonny and Jason. Their schtick is silly because it's always the same story - a powerful foe comes around (Moreno or Sorel), it's made to appear that victory would be difficult if not next to impossible (Lorenzo or Anthony), and then victory is
  8. The idea, during the Guza days, was that it was pretty much the 'Five Families' - five Italian mob bosses of New York, the kind you usually encounter in wiseguy films set in New York City (TB's Carly even refers to them as 'wise guys' at one point during the story with Luis Alcazar). Sammy Tagliati and others who were not named. They usually met at Pozzulo's, which in those days was in a vaguely defined area. The only exception to that was the Escobar family, with both bosses of that family, Miguel and Juan, being killed by Jason (as Miguel suggested Sonny should be killed because he was causi
  9. Because the show treats people who dislike Jason very poorly. It's favoritism that has existed for decades. Zander, Lucky, Monica- a lot of characters end up being vilified when they oppose Jason so that Jason can look 'good' in comparison, and of course Cameron has to be angry for the 'wrong reason' rather than being allowed to be upset at Jason for what he did to Zander. Monica was turned into an alcoholic simply to frame her as being in the wrong against Jason and force her to forgive him for blaming him for Emily's death (despite how he is responsible for what happened to her). Exc
  10. No problem. The odd thing is it was pretty much the same story as now - Sonny was thought to be dead by most people, there was a rival in town, and Carly stepped in to represent the organization during a meeting with the Five Families (and even swung a bat around during the meeting). Franco is one of the most bizarre story decisions that RC made. While it's obvious he wanted to do his own version of Todd with minimal effort (as in a tumor instead of doing a redemption storyline, like the one that was done with Todd), I can't really understand why he thought that a character who was a s
  11. When TB's Carly went to a meeting with the Five Families, one of the reasons that things did not go pair-shaped (at first) is because one of the mob bosses, Sammy Tagliati, was romantically interested in her, and she still made a mistake that was only averted due to police intervention. 'What the ever loving hell was the point?' should be the show's catchphrase at this point. Jason should (and a better show would have allowed the truth about Zander's death to come out and to allow Cameron to be angry at Jason for valid reasons), but since this turned into the show where Carly k
  12. Diane represented Todd and Johnny when the two hated each other, and she did represent Franco pre-tumor removal when Sonny hated him (which I think is because she's pretty much one of the only attorneys on this show so she ends up being the de facto attorney of choice, even if the logic is questionable).
  13. They haven't been able to afford those kind of things for years now, and they put their focus on the wrong things (like regurgitating the same mob takeover story that they've been doing since Sonny came back from his self-imposed island exile about two decades ago). That reminds me of a point JE brought up years ago: "But here’s the problem with soaps: The bar keeps getting lowered. This is the golden age of television. I stream a lot of great shows on Netflix, plus I’m addicted to HBO, Showtime, FX, AMC, BBC America. That s**t is remarkable! And then you put all that up against our soap opera
  14. So kidnapping a woman is okay as long as Carly is the one who does it? WTF? I miss Laura holding Sonny and Jason accountable for being mobsters after Lucky "died", and finally acknowledging how terrible they were. I miss Laura not liking Carly, and refusing to put up with her antics. I miss Scotty hating Sonny and not pretending that Jason was anything but a killer. I miss Robert being on the opposite side from the 'bargain basement criminals.' I miss Kristina being able to note that Sonny being a mobster was not a good thing (and that was under Guza, who'd have you believe that Sonny and Jaso
  15. Which reminds me how characters who seemed to have the most personality or potential on the show (out of the banal circle of mobster and mob lackeys) were also the ones Guza and RC had the least interest in writing for. Jason does "good work"? It's absurd that she even said that. There have been numerous times that people have come upon Jason either beating someone up (like Zander) or about to kill someone (like Manny). He's not some infallible robot. Jason openly admitted to Carly that Lorenzo could very well be alive during the TMK storyline despite how he was supposed to murder Alca
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