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  1. Lol it’s both. #1 is the reality and #2 is the way it went down in Sonja’s delusional mind. I think she has something far worse than anxiety. I think she may have cognitive processing issues or schizoaffrctive disorder. I think she truly has trouble distinguishing what’s real from her own delusions.
  2. Rachel knows she had nothing to worry about unless James hits it big and then he’ll be with Lala and she’ll be out the door so fast it’ll make her head spin.
  3. Anyone who says Brittany is just staying with him for the show has been privileged enough to have never participated in or been privy to a completely codependent and toxic relationship. Because folks, this is what that looks like.
  4. Snooki knows her husband has a short fuse and if he sees something he doesn’t like in the show, that he will pack up and take the kids in a heartbeat. Most likely, they would end up working it out but she doesn’t want to deal with the drama from her insecure and oversensitive husband. She seems to be intoxicated or hungover constantly which prob intensified those feelings of fear about what her husband would do. Drinking heavily alters your mood even if you’re not inebriated in the moment...it carries over by messing with your brain chemistry, and to boot, Snooki not all that smart to beg
  5. Can’t Jeana walk in the runway but also be cut from ANTM? Like the designer could use and pay her independently from the ANTM competition. She was 4th. She should be cut. She could still be in the fashion show only. I don’t get it.
  6. “And you can download it right now!”
  7. That’s why I really don’t blame anyone for not believing her either.
  8. Every time Scheana defends her relationship with Rob:
  9. Kristen acted that was bc they confronted her *on camera* meaning that it will def be on the show for the whole world and her bf to see. Her friends confronting her on camera gives a measure of credibility esp since Stassi pointed out Kristen has cheated and lied before. I wonder how she feels after seeing what James really said.
  10. Jax made up the rumor about James and Kristen in order to have a storyline. In fact, I think many of them look for the smallest slight in order to have a reason to get “revenge” in order to stay relevant (like Scheana setting up that date for B bc Jax talked about her relationship).
  11. Guys, I don’t think Ken is miserable or sick. I think he’s just really old. I don’t mean chronologically. I mean like, he’s aged. He can barely walk, he shuffles. He dresses well bc he has money, but without money and Lisa he’d probably be in Assisted Living.
  12. Air time and sex. Some guys aren’t hit it and quit it. Some guys like to hang around and milk the cow, so to speak, until the girl says no more or the guy gets bored.
  13. Yes, but that would be be SUPER weird because it would be so out-of-character for her because she loves to make everything about herself. I’m not disagreeing, I just think that her leaving becomes even more of a mystery. What could have happened that was so bad that she lost a prime opportunity to make it all about her? Or maybe she left bc she realized none of it was going to be about her.
  14. I agree. Andy on WWHL said the reunion was 10 hours long, so hopefully they address the whole thing.
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