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  1. I'm betting the messy reality is that Big Kathy paid herself a momager fee out of Kim's earnings - if she took 15/20 percent, she pocketed a very nice chunk of change over time (as any lean years would be offset by 20 percent going into her pocket during Kim's top-earning cycles). If Kim's financial take is 4 million in today's $$, then Big Kathy picked up 600-800K before Kim turned eighteen; not too shabby for being the showbiz version of a soccer mom. And by "in her pocket" I mean just that - 15 percent of Kim's money would've been (by law) diverted into a Coogan account, but I bet dollars to doughnuts Big Kathy did not diligently squirrel away the remaining money for Kim, and I wouldn't be surprised if a chunk of Kim's earnings went to "expenses" incurred in pursuit of Kim's "career" - food, dental, gas, car, clothing, etc (nowhere near Gary Coleman territory, but adjacent to the idea that a kid's money is actually family money to be spent on family maintenance.) And if Big Kathy used her "salary" from Kim's earnings to buy property - or upgrade current property - that was then flipped to help buy/upgrade Palm Springs? Then I can see Kim feeling her money was converted to Big Kathy money= property bought that Kim actually financed as a kid. (I'm sure Big Kathy did the same with Kyle, but her career was not as lucrative). Maybe Big Kathy did it all for love, and - between Kim's Coogan account and her mother's diligence - Kim received the equivalent of 3.2 million dollars the day she turned eighteen, but that's the one bet in this post I wouldn't make ; ) Add in me not trusting Mauricio or Kyle, because they strike me as self righteous grifters (the kind of people who easily do wrong, because they are so convinced they are always right) and - as much as I dislike Kim - I'm left thinking duplicity is absolutely possible, here.
  2. What the fuck is wrong with her? Who the fuck does this kind of thing twice? Bad enough she filmed her daughter fondling her breasts while telling "jokes" about Bryn being shipped to people's homes to "squeeze your boobs when nobody else will" (because it's so funny casting your daughter as a titty-grabber who makes fucking housecalls) but when Facebook takes it down, she runs to another platform to post the same sick shit? What the fuck? How blind is Frankel that she can't see how inappropriate this has been? Why is a little girl helping to selling friggin' shapewear to begin with? Why is a little girl groping her mother's breasts on social media? Why is a little girl being turned into "Har har, she'll come and grab your tits, too!' joke? Is her kid even real to her? Just another prop to get attention? And this is what she does when forbidden to put Bryn on social media; god forbid she get full custody. She's not going to stop until she's destroyed every healthy boundary & ruined any chance of a normal childhood for that little girl. Welcome to Frankel's next reality tv show: Mommie Skinniest.
  3. ....the clock has started! It's time to play RHoNY Password! Next up: Kadooz! "It's a word? I misspoke? Before Mario cheated on me? Stop giving me the eye, Jill I know how to play this word game - I am still a housewife and you're not - so there - the clue is "molehill". I have to leave I have a date."
  4. I wasn't exaggerating, I was describing what I saw - if you saw something else, great, but that doesn't invalidate my opinion or convert it into an exaggeration, anymore than my opinion invalidates yours (room for us all at the vocabulary table ; ) The range of online reaction has been fascinating to me - both the "Why is Bryn groping/grabbing/ honking her breasts?" comments and (per your point) mothers arguing positions that shouldn't need to be argued in the first place (one woman - on all about the tea, iirc - wrote "My two daughters never felt me up" Jesus, I would hope not - is this not a given anymore?) One poster (truly dark humor) summed it up with only three words: "fondle it all". (eta: Something about that - about flipping a funny reality tv moment back onto this dark thing - sticks with me.) It was supposed to be ruled on in October - I think if there'd been a decison, the tabs would've been all over it.
  5. LOL "How very dare you, madam! I bid you good day!"
  6. It was removed from Facebook (a couple of people on Facebook said they had reported it) but it's on the "All About The Tea" website (don't want to permanently link the URL here, but if you enter "Bethenny Frankel Shares Shocking Video of Daughter Groping Her Breasts & Internet Goons Attack!" in quotes in google, the page with the video will come up.) ~because only "goons" object to a mother filming a nine year old fondling her mother's breasts to sell shapewear (with supposedly witty banter like "a nine year old will be shipped to your house and squeeze your boobies when nobody else will" Yeah, you're fucking hilarious, Frankel. Just fucking hilarious. Your daughter is not an off colour punchline, you asshole.)
  7. Yes, ma'am, to all of your post, and especially the above. I think Brandi isn't clean-handed when it comes to LeeAnne. Brandi's "insight" ("LeeAnne just wants to be pitied") is such a derogatory dig (it paints LeeAnne as wanting something unsavoury). The thing LeeAnne craves (the thing most abuse survivors crave) is empathy/validation (not pity) but Brandi saying that wouldn't allow her to not-so-subtly shade LeeAnne as worthy of contempt. I also think Brandi wants empathy/validation herself; she pointed to herself as an example of somebody who doesn't talk about her own history, but I think she'd love to do it more (if only to shut LeeAnne down.) And even though it bugs me at times, I think LeeAnne not shutting up is part of why she's intriguing in this group - she's crazy, selfish, vulgar, etc, but there's a refusal to abide by the lady-rules that say women need to shut up when they annoy, bore or piss people off. There's a gritty stubborness I find interesting. (And that flesh-eating bacteria line - and LeeAnne's delivery - was the only time I laughed - I give her reality tv points for that.) All that said, I agree with everyone who thinks LeeAnne needs real help. The repetitive invoking of abuse seems (imo) to be a compulsive ritual in pursuit of validation and empathy (not just attention seeking, or used only in deflection - it's also that, but not just that). I think the ritual has real meaning for her, but it's also hollow. It's like emotional junk food - it doesn't feed her in any real way, and twenty minutes later, she's raging, invoking or crying about it all over again. She needs a great therapist to help her understand that her feeling unmoored - not belonging in this group, not belonging anywhere - will only be healed when she finally looks inward.
  8. You're not alone in your rejection of that video being normalized. (The most upvoted comment on that Facebook thread is "I think it’s weird...wow...somebody tell me why everybody thinks that cute...I’m having a hard time.") Among so many troubling things, that video (for me) completely rejects the idea that children have boundaries and rights and an expectation of not being publicly used. Being a little girl is the shortest period of a woman's life - you get maybe ten years if you're lucky (and also have parents who value innocence, privacy, and emotional freedom from grown-up things) and this video just barrels all over that. A little girl on display, fondlng her mother's breasts, just to sell shapewear - how is that a part of a healthy childhood? I'm not expecting anybody to enact a fictional standard of perfect motherhood - for Frankel to be a reality TV Mrs Brady or Olivia Walton (as if! "Mary Ellen, you keep fondling my bosoms so I can sell enough panties to send John Boy all the way to New York City to be a writer! And you tell Grandma I want her buck-naked and spread-eagled for that waxing demo down at Ike Godsey's!") Just enough awareness to stop and think about your kid before you turn to the intern and say "Start filming": just enough awareness to value her childhood, even if you didn't get one yourself.
  9. Actually, Sunny was correct. The whistle blower law (per the 2014 law addressing intelligence employees) legally tasks the President himself with protecting the whistle-blower from retaliation. In addition to that, citizen whistle blowers reporting crimes are protected from reprisals (including "intimidation, harassment and threats"). A death threat from Trump constitutes all three. More info here: "The president is publicly criticizing a person he is mandated by law to protect. Questions also remain about the executive privilege and the president’s ability to stymie ongoing investigations against him." https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/whistleblower-protections-explained I agree - Trump (the man legally required to protect the whistle blower) is illegally citing execution & threatening exposure - he's already broken the law he is sworn to uphold. I think Sunny was being legally cautious when she described it as witness tampering; she could have gone so much further (and likely will). She annoys me with the jealousy schtick, but I trust her on the law. She went to Notre Dame, not Lawyrs R Us.
  10. WTF is wrong with that woman? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with her? Who wakes up in the morning and thinks: "I know what I'll do with my kid today! Screw the zoo - I'll have my little girl fondle my breasts as I model my shapewear line on Facebook!" I hope the judge enforces the no-social-media ban with a hammer - if nothing else, not being able to trot Bryn out like a handy prop to feed Bethenny's endless need for attention will significantly lessen the shit that kid has to deal with.
  11. What Rob Lowe did was sleazy as fuck, but he did not commit rape - the age of consent in Georgia is now sixteen, and it was (dear god, help me not throw up) fourteen in 1988 (when the tape was made). She was sixteen when they had sex, so no statutory rape occurred. And the civil lawsuit (filed by the mother after she found the tape in her daughter's belongings) alleged that Lowe's celebrity status enticed her daughter into making the tape, not that he had raped her. That said, I don't like his occasionally too-breezy attitude about that night - he's said he was addicted to sex and alcohol and went into rehab solely because of the tape (which, fair enough) but then he says shit about how sometimes being a trailblazer isn't always great - ha ha! so funny! cuz sex tapes are everywhere now!- hey asshole, you behaved like a sleazebag and there' s nothing funny about that. Quit playing cute.
  12. that poor little girl - feeling the need to soothe/heal her mother's scars when she's all of nine years old herself. no young child should have to caretake a parent like that.
  13. Yes to all of that. Kary's also casually invasive (who the fuck asks a woman about what she did with her womb? In this culture, where a woman's body - and her choices about her body - exist somewhere between a minefield and a fantasy of perfect womanhood, who the fuck asks that? For all Kary knew, LeeAnne's journey could have spanned everything from miscarriage to a dangerous ectopic pregnancy to infertility - but there Kary is, throwing out a deeply intimate probe over dinner like no big damn deal - pass the salt and why no kids, biatch?) And yes, LeeAnne is carny-crazy (One of us! One of us! Gooba Gabba, one of us!) but as raw as her immediate rage-response was, I understand the insta-defcon parry. Because it isn't a benign question; it's deserving of contempt and a hard push back. The often difficult and lonely things women endure in pursuit of pregnancy - or avoidance of the same - could fill several worlds and still not be fully told. So don't ask about a woman's womb expecting to not have your head bitten off.
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