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  1. And what a classic Frankel tale it is: https://www.etonline.com/bethenny-frankel-talks-fiance-paul-bernons-simple-and-beautiful-proposal-no-makeup-no-manicure ** "Their divorce, which Frankel calls "the hardest experience of my life," wasn't finalized until March 2021." "While news of her engagement became public in March, Bernon actually popped the question more than a month before that. "It felt like a strange thing to announce," Frankel says. Maybe it felt strange because - call me crazy! - you once again became engaged to marry a man...while still married to anot
  2. That trailer (to me) doesn't feel fresh or relevant. Watching Frankel snipe at younger women trying to get ahead in a (barely) post-Covid landscape feels like a tone deaf premise from a bygone era; reality TV, 2006. A world where none of us spent the last forever worrying about loved ones and safety and rent; a world where we all have excess emotional energy to squander on something sour and hyper. WTF were they thinking? Present her instead as a hero swooping in and gently mentoring a generation of woman left undone in the wake of this pandemic - that would at least position her as possibly
  3. True - and as young as she was, there were still signs, in the last year of her life, that her face (as everybody's does) was changing. In the pic below I see hints of her face then, in William's older face now (something about the nose). I always liked Diana's face (from shy Di on) but she never struck me as beautiful; statuesque and striking, but not a beauty. It's part of why I liked her looks.
  4. Supposedly, Edward & Sophie totaled 544 royal duties between them in 2019: "They carried out 544 royal duties between them last year before the pandemic, meaning they will have little time spare to take on the Sussexes and Prince Andrew's duties." https://www.the-sun.com/news/2728092/prince-charles-william-lead-royal-summit-future-of-monarchy/ I think Sophie will be very useful to the royals over the next decade - she can connect with generations both older and younger (plus, she's a drama-free workhorse). Men fifteen years older than Sophie are CEOs and presidents, so she
  5. Agreed. And I think minimizing the negative undermines how well Elizabeth performed an impossible job. Despite her husband's troubling behavior (as well as her children's) the negativity-bought-on-by-family never damaged her. Which is astonishing, imo, since women are routinely punished for what their husbands & children do; the whipping post for the sins of others. She came close to losing much of her goodwill after Diana's death and the initial royal silence, but she stepped up (and Charles deserves a nod there) and people moved on. I think she managed to pull it off because he
  6. Absolutely. Horrible enough if you make racist, sexist (as well as flat out rude) comments in private, but as representative of the Crown, it's jaw-dropping. And in any other context, unthinkable. Imagine any other spouse of a world leader doing the same - imagine Laura Bush greeting Nigerian President Obasanjo (wearing traditional dress) with "You look like you're ready for bed" or Michelle Obama visiting Canada and saying,"We don't come to Canada for our health. We can think of other ways of enjoying ourselves." Imagine Cherie Blair turning to deaf children standing by a Caribbean st
  7. I appreciate you and @Jextella sharing your experiences - thank you both for sharing that.
  8. The Daily Mail is now referring to it as possibility, not a fact ("reportedly engaged" and "her alleged engagement"). If she fucked with People magazine, they are going to be pissed. No confirmation of the phantom-engagement yet, but continued confirmation below that Bethenny Frankel is an elitist asshole who sees herself as more royal than Meghan, and far more special than the rest of us plebes searching for vaccine appointments (god bless this person for picking the perfect RHoNY gif to respond to Frankel's bullshit): ETA: And another, in honour of Ms. Walter leaving
  9. ...Does Paul Bernon know he's engaged? (Asking since direct confirmation of said engagement from BethTheMe has yet to happen & Frankelstein does have a tendency to leak engagement announcements to the press that aren't real.) ~if it is true, at least this time Frankelstein picked a non-dead man to be engaged to - baby steps!
  10. I've missed both episodes (how did I not know this was happening? HOW, I ASK YOU??) Lisa V and Trixie sharing a repast? Jesus. It's like a fever dream come true for me.
  11. Charles has not behaved like a decent parent, tho. He humiliated and rejected Harry's mother, hurt Harry's wife by allowing her to be trashed and lied about in the press without any push back from her father-in-law, and when even Harry's baby became press fodder - including comparing that lovely baby boy to a chimp - Charles did nothing. Parents who behave selfishly tend to disappoint decent-minded offspring. (Especially when old Pops is protecting his brother the royal rapist, while allowing his son, his son's wife and his own grandson to be treated like garbage.) I'm not surprised
  12. ....WTF? Sonja is calling her WalMart offer the Evelyn dress? She is totally fucking with us! Remember the thread about "Evelyn" in relation to Sonja, guys? (All that intrigue we tried to chase down - while laughing our asses off - what a fun thread ; )
  13. ...We'll always have Mariah Paris Balenciaga? ; )
  14. Agreed. They both have big birthdays coming up in a couple of years. Hers is 21. His is 40. There are so many crucial steps she's going to miss in this teenage+middle-age "relationship".
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