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  1. Love this info - reminds me of The Californians, RHoBH style ("You get off the freeway and take the 134 to the next on-ramp and then you hit the switchback road and roll six times...") Exactly. Her own son is just a prop for her outlandish lies and sticky-fingered manipulations. She's dead inside; nothing but greed and hollow bones.
  2. May I marry your post, Happy Camper? ...respect Erika Jayne's work ethic? WTF? When did living off the stolen settlements of widows and orphans become a "work ethic"? And so much for Bethenny's Mention it all bullshit. More like "Keep quiet until years after my dead fake fiancee told me about this dirty financial scandal." I expect massive backtracking (after Frankel pretends she never-once no-never validated Erika the Grifter) and multiple Insta vids of BStrong handing out $25.00 Walmart gift cards to the victims of the Girardis.
  3. True, but Tom - seen here with Erika's son the night of the accident - has a very special car...
  4. @hoodooznoodooz - yes, it's work eating up my time lately - live action footage of me last week, racing to get to the forums!
  5. Hey, hoodooz! Not much time to post lately, but I've been reading the forum - this place is on fire! - so satisfying watching The Petty Mess get her deserved comeuppance from Karma - every week, as the opening taglines roll, I think "Please let it be about Tom" ; )
  6. Right? ("How dare Tom abandon children! I'd never abandon a helpless young creature ....oh, wait..") I am so looking forward to watching Garcelle chew on Dorit like a nylabone. Despite her tears & often too-convenient fears, Sutton for the win!
  7. She's really upping the ante. Emotionally abusive. Controlling. Rampant sexual infidelities. Anger issues. Mentally unsound. What next? Erika reveals Tom is the Zodiac Killer? ("After Yolanda and David split I broke into Tom's lair - the entrance is hidden underneath the road switchback where he crashed that night - did I forget to mention that last week? - and I found a wall of news coverage about the victims, taunting notes to the press signed The Zodiac, and a barely decomposing dead body in a freezer. I wanted to help but I realized trying to stop him from a new killing spree was point
  8. I'm so sorry, Hoodooz. That kind of erasure must be painful and beyond difficult to handle. The infamous CoRamona Virus - it's everywhere! ; )
  9. Wow - how cool, Glama - as Ramona would say (using a word that does not exist in any language) Kadooz!
  10. LOL! Sadly, I fear Erika Jayne has stopped producing Cuntkins (in order to actually become a Cuntkin) but perhaps @dosodog stashed a few precious boxes in the forum warehouse!
  11. Forever Young tampons! ("Say goodbye to menopause! Convince people you're still as fertile as a fifteen year old! So easy to use! Merely wave our tampon around as you head to the ladies room. In the privacy of the stall, remove the wrapper. Then eat the contents - made of marshmallow, micro-dosed LSD, and vanilla - only 100 calories per tampon!") Remember when Frankelstein said this ridiculously self-inflated bullshit about her move to Burnett (aka The Shackler, Batman's worst foe): “It’s time to move on and focus on my daughter, my philanthropy, and my production partnership with
  12. But what are the norms, here? On RHoNY, the only woman usually on time was Bethenny (the rest have all arrived late due to everything from grooming to drunkeness to having to go downtown) so unless we now have two completely different standards, the norm on RHoNY includes women being late to the event (with Ramona, mid-event, often moving to a second location - like a serial killer! - to meet a date). And the other norms are also clear; Eboni can scream drunken obscenities, throw dangerous objects, say cruel and abusive things to her fellow castmates - mocking their bodies and eati
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