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  1. Saw a rerun of the Australian couple moving to Da Nang, so the husband could start a fashion business. They picked the apartment with the gigantic windowed bathroom wall: the toilet was across from the bed through the uncurtained glass window. I'm not super-squeamish, but even some kind of privacy element would not fix that for me (knowing my husband was facing me, even behind curtains, as he went about his (non-fashion!) business....) They just had a baby (and moved!) while in lockdown in Vietnam, and seem pretty happy:
  2. I remember hearing about that intially - Frankel made it sound like Cookie was locked up in a dark two-by-four closet with no food or water, for hours and hours. Turned out to be a large climate controlled closet - with her bowl and doggy bed - kinda what I had to do with my sweetie last week, when maintenance spent all day fixing a leaky pipe (except in my case, it was a tiny bathroom with a blanket and a chew toy : ) And given what Frankel did to Cookie only a few years later (the whole ugly Instagramming of Cookie seizing) a comfy closet looks tame compared to that, imo. They bought the apartment a year after they were married. Frankel had her lawyer set up a trust for the apartment, but when the marriage dissolved, she sued her lawyer for fraud, malpractice, fiduciary negligence, etc. She claimed to have signed the trust document without having read any part of it. She also claimed that at no point - prior to signing - had her lawyers discussed the terms of the trust with her, or asked for any direction from her, or reviewed the terms of the agreement with her, or advised her of any potential risks. (Sure, Jan.) The trust was declared null and void (as I understand it, the two biggest issues re: potential legal fraud were that the lawyer who witnessed their signatures did not do so in the presence of Jason or Bethenny, and Jason's mom was licensed only in Pennsylvania). Jason and Frankel eventually settled out of court. Frankel and the lawyer were supposed to face off in court last December - not sure if they settled or not. More info here - seems like a decent legal examination of the facts: https://allaboutthetea.com/2015/05/21/bethenny-frankel-get-her-tribeca-pad-back-after-judge-rules-trust-used-to-purchase-property-is-invalid/ Is it possible Carol Hoppy masterminded a massive legal fraud involving an expensive NYC attorney looking to ruin his reputation for absolutely no financial gain? I....guess so? But given how previously shady Frankel has been with money after having signed a contract (her attempt to defraud her manager/talent agency of millions of dollars comes to mind) I think it's likelier she read every section, signed off on it happily, and then when she decided to dump Jason, went nuclear on his ass. I also don't believe a control freak like Frankel would ignore any detail in a trust involving a five million dollar asset, or sign a doc she'd never read, so....
  3. ....don't blame yourself, HooDooz. Bethenny was engaged to a dead man, after all, and time passes on The Other Side very differently ; )
  4. ...yes yes yes - and the rest of that exchange is just as tone deaf: “When I told Bethenny how scared I was to be alone, she said, ‘Don’t be scared. I’m alone.’ ” Jill adds. “I said, ‘Yeah, but you have your daughter. My daughter grew up. You still have your baby.’ ” “And then Bethenny said, ‘Well, Bobby is with Cookie now. Bobby can take care of Cookie." https://people.com/tv/jill-zarin-bethenny-frankel-reunite-bobby-funeral/ Jesus, the one-upmanship. Yes, Widow Zarin, you may have lost your husband after a brutal battle with cancer, but Bethenny (aka Mrs Jason Hoppy) is alone due to a (not-yet) divorce (which is totes! comparable to going on, alone, after the man you loved endured grueling treatments, only to face his death with enormous grace). And yes, Jill, you may not have a young child to give you a sense of loving purpose in moving through your grief (or not-yet divorce!) but let's not forget that Bethenny's dog died (after she showed him seizing on camera) so when it comes to the Grief Games, SHE WINS EVERYTHING and if you keep on talking about your grief, she'll keep spotlighting herself until she's crying about coming from nothing, raised by wolves who never gave her a single birthday party or a family trip (photos of birthday parties, Christmas holidays, and trips to Europe with Mom aside) so step back, Jilll Zarin, your need to grieve your husband is not the focus here, because Mrs Jason Hoppy has all the sads today.
  5. Frankel attacking a black businesswoman who dared criticize Frankel's shoddy presentation at Project Entrepreneur: "Why doesn't that woman go do some work and succeed and stop making up stories about other people? That's how you succeed, by doing the work and not complaining about what you don't get." ...because the woman taking issue with Frankel couldn't possibly be working hard & succeeding already - she HAS to be a lazy liar - eating bonbons all day and whining! - if she's criticizing St. Bethenny. Has she ever once taken criticism on board? (Rhetorical question, I know the answer ; )
  6. Frankel uses motherhood as a marketing tool (most recently last year, when she filmed Bryn fondling Frankel's breasts to sell lingerie) so imo it's not comparable to a male/female exec who doesn't capitalize on parenting just to shill & move product. ...amen to your whole post, Hunter. Frankel also said that she "dated" rich men, to make rent. (If she actually did work as a borderline sex worker, more power to her - raise a fist and unionize - but then spare us the slut-shaming). She's always had a vicious, cruel tongue - from slut-shaming Luann to shaming Jules over an ED - but this is a new level of low. And so much for (grandly!) leaving reality TV in order to uplift women & move the feminist conversation forward. When your version of uplifting is not just slut-shaming Cardi B, but calling her out as slut-fucking so damn hard and often her vaginal canal has become a giant, cavernous "at least a two or three-car garage” your fifteen minutes of faux-feministing are over. She and Dorinda deserve each other; may they spend their bitter, drunken days together, snarking about Holland Tunnels and vag-garages even as every sane man on the planet runs in the opposite direction.
  7. Bethenny "blind-to-irony" Frankel criticizes this terrible world we live in, y'all - she is shocked, shocked to find it vulgar! " I was telling my boyfriend Paul the other day how trashy is very in now. Just like just being slutty and talking about dick, that you want dick, that you haven't had enough dick lately." ....as opposed to the Keepin' It Klassy road Bethenny always takes (especially around Bryn - posting vid of her eight year old daughter twerking, and an instastory of Bryn fondling her mother's breasts to sell lingerie - such respect shown for the innocence of girlhood!) "The Skinnygirl mogul decided to focus on Cardi's lyric about her vagina. The specific line was "park your mack truck in my tiny garage." Bethenny said she didn't believe Cardi had a "tiny garage." She believed Cardi "has at least a two or three-car garage." Bethenny continued making comments about Cardi lying about being tight." Jesus. Discussing the "tightness" of a woman's vaginal canal? What a trashpig Frankel is. "Bethenny said she was concerned about her daughter hearing the song on TikTok. She said she understands freedom of speech but wanted to know if there was a line. Bethenny asked if the next song would be about anal sex." I believe the next song, Bethenny, is called "Wanna blowjob" ("asking all the hicks - can i suck on your dicks?") courtesy of your m'ladyhood ways - your Dowager Countess of Grantham example! - on RHoNY. https://theblast.com/145095/bethenny-frankel-trashes-cardi-bs-wap-says-women-should-do-bette .
  8. I think it's four men, Emmeline - Bethenny and Bryn had "family vacations" (and lots of paparazzi photos) with that creep (Michael Cerussi) who was credibly accused of rape (the same man Bryn saw naked in Bethenny's apartment, and when Hoppy complained to the court, the court dismissed his complaint - why she needed to expose Bryn to that man is beyond me). Bryn cycled through three men, after her father: a credibly accused rapist, a drug addict (who drove Bryn around while high) who was still married to his first wife (but engaged to Bethenny, while also trying to force her into the light from the great beyond, so lovesick was Dennis for her) and lastly, Paul Bernon (who seemed normal - or as normal any man can be who is interested in dating a self-involved train wreck like Frankel). And through it all, Frankel remained married; for all the incendiary, reputation-ruining shit she talked about her husband she ditched, she's still Mrs. Jason Hoppy. If a man had done one tenth of the things she claims Hoppy did to her, I would be free of him - come hell or high water - instead of spending nearly a decade still legally bound to him.
  9. I know he's married to Nia Renee Hill, but I don't believe men can point to the lived experience of their wives as armor or street cred that they themselves are not misogynist, racist, classist, etc. I think Burr needs to stand on his own when it comes to his material and be judged as such, without his wife and kids factored in as some kind of moral proof. JMO (eta; sincerely just my opinion, not a snotty sideswipe ; )
  10. Makes sense - there was also an online petition, so that could muddy the waters. You have excellent taste, Peaches ; )
  11. I agree - felt like I was watching someone do a live performance of an incel Reddit rant. Also didn't like evidence of Burr's sticky fingers: Chris Rock dropped the Black History month/shortest month/so cold we can't have a parade bit years ago (-> insert my "edgy" rant about white comics stealing intellectual property from a member of the "equator people"). And as for Burr's white "bitches" (psst, dude? Most white women in the U.S. can't afford Gucci boots, me included) nothing new there: many white men love beating up women (of every colour) but it was a missed opportunity to make a sharp-eyed observation re: wealthy/influential white women using wokeness for business, political, or media branding. (Then again, to men like Burr, all white women are clearly the same.) One last thing that made me roll my eyes: Burr's carelessness re: the refs he drops into his routines. "Equator people" having certain attributes is an idea that has been used to justify racist perceptions throughout history (including the "fact" that non-Caucasian cultures are "inherently" lazy, and therefore poor - isn't that hilarious?) I would've liked to see a white male comic mock the racism behind the phrase, not apply it to African Americans wanting to celebate their history (but what do I know? Just a bitch needing to be put in her place - amirite, ladies?)
  12. Well caught, madam! That ref to the Hermes Paris bag would definitely qualify re: Bethenny's definition of humble-bragging. ~maybe even humble bagging? ; )
  13. The former default was "Skirt/shorts X length" and the new default is "Skirt/shorts any length" as long as your underwear isn't showing (unless it's your underwear waistband, which is allowed). The only caveat is "Nothing pornographic" (which is ludicrous, imo; the Supreme Court couldn't define porn, but girls can?) That said, if you're telling me no girls turned up at school in micro minis, tube tops, or pajamas, good for them! They have more sense than the schoolboard tasked with educating them ; ) Frankel's (cover-my-ass) defense of her criticism: "I commented on a 12k backpack on @KylieJenner daughter. I’m no stranger to an @Hermes_Paris bag & have a daughter & luxury cars, but flaunting(under the guise of a back to school post)during a pandemic & the greatest unemployment crisis in our lifetime is a choice." Of course it's " a choice", Frankel - you also chose to share images of your financially secure, high-end life during "a pandemic & the greatest unemployment crisis in our lifetime", so stop playing the moral scold. When it comes to flaunting your lifestyle, you're in no position to lecture anyone. This image is from your insta (only nine days ago) ya dumbass hypocrite.
  14. Bethenny realizing her post-RHoNY career has been reduced to hanging out with Drunkinda and adjudicating food fights.
  15. I appreciate your perspective, Glowbug, but I think that dress code is ill-considered. Fighting slut-shaming by encouraging girls to wear halter tops, short-shorts, and micro minis seems counter-productive to me (not because it will "disrupt the boys" but because it buys into a culture that objectifies girls - and I say "encourage" because once a dress code enshrines booty shorts, that becomes the default). But even leaving that aside (a very big aside!) the dress code allows students to wear pajamas to class - there's so much contempt in that (for both students and teachers) it becomes near-parody, imo. Regarding Bryn Hoppy - ten to one Bryn slipped a t-shirt or cami over her sports bra before going into school. I agree - it's absurdly ridiculous. She claims Jason Hoppy used her, emotionally abused her, stalked her, mocked her, terrorized her, ignored her maternal rights by allowing Bryn to say her prayers at his home, she screamed and ranted in court that he drove her to the very brink of madness itself ...but they're still married? WTF. Doesn't pass the smell test.
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