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  1. I think it would have been beyond tacky for Harry to attend and divert every bit of attention away from William's first time solo hosting at Buckingham Palace. Good for her! Hopefully a lawsuit will bring out all the shit Piers Morgan was involved in as editor of The Mirror (phone hacking, frex) - I'd LOVE to see that skinsack of warm vomit in handcuffs.
  2. That was such an intense reaction - wtf? I think you're right that Bethenny has no idea; she doesn't seem to understand that Meghan isn't some random "celebrity" princess living a high pressure life, but (at least before the split with the royals) a working representative of the Queen (herself head of state in 16 countries and Head of the Commonwealth, which includes 2.4 billion people). There's an enormous amount of raw power fueling that pressure; it's not just real housewife red carpets and selling jeans and instagram stories, it's one of the most enduring & powerful political entities in history (doubly so since they remain "apolitical"). So (frex) when Meghan's beautiful baby was compared to a chimp (and dear god, when will the gutter-fuckers finally die off?) there was a weight to that racist attack - both in the insult being made, and going unchallenged - that is so far beyond anything Frankel has experienced, she cannot even begin to come up with a co-relation in her own life. And Frankel's comments are especially maddening because Meghan Markle has done brilliantly. Whether facing down racists crawling out of ye olde woodwork, or coping with a vicious press devoted to destroying her and her baby, she's handled all of it with a (hard won) easy grace - she should be applauded for that, not diminished.
  3. Even if they had anticipated the shitstorm, and set up a plan, there'd still be people criticizing them for not anticipating it better, anticipating it with less ego and more duty, anticipating it perfectly to suit every criticism ever lobbed at either of them. (And no doubt Meghan's father has such a plan on hand, ready to leak to one of Murdoch's "journalists"). I watched the royal wedding (and spent hours on the thread here) and thought a sea change had occurred; that the House of Windsor had finally joined the 21st century. And then came the brooch and 'niggling' doubts and avocados and baby bumps and the chimp post - and the sick, seething hatred of Piers Morgan, 24/7 - and even though I consider myself a cynic living in a world full of misogyny and racism, I never saw this level of filth coming Meghan and Harry's way. Never expected we'd be living through the 1750s in 2019. So I'm not sure why the two of them - living not in the belief that they'd be hated and racially attacked, but in the belief that they'd be allowed to perform their duties with a "normal" amount of press bullshit - should be criticized for not starting their married life with a plan to escape it. I hope they flourish, and do well by themselves, and I also hope that some part of Diana's best legacy - getting past the shit and shame and self hatred and bad days and bad men to rise and reach out to help those without a voice - I hope that part of her lives on in Harry, wherever he and Meghan end up. Happy days to the young couple and their sweet boy.
  4. ...her first photographed appearance with Andrew since November, not in general. I don't think anybody is arguing the Queen should never attend church privately on the off chance an unauthorized photo of her and Andrew might be taken. The issue is the Queen attending this church (a village church, not the church on the Sandringham estate, arguably a more private affair) and in this way (dozens of photographers gathered, ready to record her arrival with Andrew) and after this declaration (HRH titles no longer fit to be used by Harry, when Harry's uncle, an alleged rapist and bestie of a dead sex trafficker, is still styled as such) and on this day (24 hours after the deal was announced). The image of Andrew with Elizabeth - as if nothing had damaged his reputation - as she shook hands before entering church was disturbing, imo. She is the head of state of my country and I found it inappropriate. Charles was the right choice for this moment, not Andrew. YMMV & all that good stuff ; )
  5. Very odd decision, imo. Right after declaring Harry and Meghan were no longer able to represent the Crown, the Queen turns up in her first photographed outing with her disgusting pig of a son since November, a man who would likely be facing charges if not for the very HRH Harry and Meghan are no longer allowed to use. The hypocrisy is staggering. And the calculated nature of it is also unsettling. One thing privately attending the church on the grounds of Sandringham, but to bring that piece of human garbage* to a village church, where photographers will be at the ready, is beyond bad judgement, imo. Today was the day for Charles to be by her side, not a corrupt decadent man whose bestie was a sex trafficker. This is not a situation lacking bright lines, and the failure of the royal family (and handlers) to honour those lines is bizarre. *The only decent thing Andrew ever did (unknowingly) is help reveal the pedophilic nature of his dear friend at Lakefield, Father Keith Gleed. "HRH" Andrew did it completely by accident - he was actually conferring an honour on the infamous raper of students in the form of a baptismal font in the school chapel, and Gleed's outraged victims finally started coming forward - but at least he was an inadvertent catalyst in uncovering a fellow monster. Canada thanks you, "HRH" (His Raping Highness, is how I style his title, these days.) (eta to clarify what was meant re: November.)
  6. Frankel weighs in, yet again: "I think a positive message about #megxit is the reality for younger girls that we create our own fairytales versus finding a prince to rescue us. Relationships are real at every turn & take work. This definitely lifted the veil." https://twitter.com/Bethenny/status/1216847011045089282 Is this babbling idiot actually implying Meghan is an exemplar of a princess rescue fantasy? WTF? (Sidebar: And why are we being subjected to all this "Free to be You and BethTheMe" feminist wisdom from a woman who warned the world about the dangers of false rape accusations? Did I miss some crucial forum meeting, RHoNYers, where Frankel became a latter day combo of Bella Abzug and Roxanne Gay? Was I too busy eating wine gums and drinking vodka, scrolling through my Netflix off-season RHoNY choices to notice the forum Batgirl signal? "Okay, so Netflix is reccing I watch a Scandinavian crime drama about an unsolved murder on the fjord investigated by a winsome fashion designer - clad in oversized wellies and pigtails - who is also the front woman for a garage band that makes it big in the 90s music scene in Seattle - so basically, Carole Radziwill's fantasy come to life - HARD PASS.") I think the positive message of "Megxit" is: An independent black woman (with the love and help of an extraordinary single mother) achieved an excellent education and successful career (a career in a white, pro-male industry) and along the way, happened to fall in love with a man who had an unusual heritage of birth; Meghan (understanding the complexities of being born to certain truths) married the man - in glorious style - and had a baby. And then came the racist death threats and refs to chimp babies and all of that ugliness flowered like a nuclear bouquet, but since they both realized "relationships are real and require hard work at every turn", they decided something had to change for the better. And for all the confusion of how this change in status rolled out - mostly due to their haste to beat Murdoch's rag sheet to leaking details - Meghan & Harry pretty fucking clearly decided to not wait for white knights and unicorns; they decided to rescue themselves. That's the "veil being lifted" Frankel, not your reductive, self-reverential mindset, where all roads lead not to Rome, but to you.
  7. Amen. Her latest targets are Harry and Meghan - Frankel pissed all over them on social media and when criticized for displaying no compassion after having left a pressure-filled situation herself, Frankel bragged that "There is no such thing as too much pressure for me. I handle my business gracefully without exception" as some kind of (delusional) justification. Too bad Meghan never learned how to handle pressure using the ever-gracious Frankel method: throw water, scream, threaten to have people fired, sob on social media as your dog seizes, subject your child to an endless custody battle, trash talk your kid's father, trash talk your own father, pretend to be engaged to a dead married man & publicly play the grief-stricken fiancee (while happily fucking your new boyfriend behind the scenes) and - bonus points! - film your nine year old daughter fondling your breasts to sell tacky lingerie. Jesus Christ. The woman can't handle an Uber driver telling her he doesn't want her kid playing the ukelele, never mind handling an unending stream of brutal, racist death threats. Shut the fuck up, asshole.
  8. So sorry you're going through that, Albarino - condolences to you and yours.
  9. ..and the speed with which she recovered - amazing! (and then she won!)
  10. Especially since the phrase "witch hunt" (as defined in most dictionaries) has a clear modern usage: to unfairly seek out and target people or groups to demonize and harm them for having beliefs (often political) deemed unpopular or dangerous (as in the McCarthy era witch hunts against communists). I don't want to lose that precise description of something insidious and menacing. I don't think what LeeAnne experienced qualifies as a witch hunt. She's not defending her repugnant bigotry as a political /personal belief (thank god) and she admitted it was wrong and apologized, if not in a way satisfying to many of us (I'm not sure she's sorry for being caught, being 'misunderstood', being bigoted, or all three, which makes the apology murky and unstable. No clear ownership, imo). I think she endured a classic pile-on delivered by a tribe of hypocrites, some of whom are (like Brandi) about to spend months dancing with the one who brung them, Karma. I think Brandi's video is beyond appalling, because it was consciously crafted: filming yourself mocking Asian women and their eyes, speaking in a creepy "Asian" voice, and THEN posting that to social media, and then DEFENDING having posted it to social media as "a great audition" - so disgusting. Luckily for her, Brandi gets to retreat into a private, $pa-like environment vs being sanctimoniously lectured on reality tv. Racist, heal thyself.
  11. No hand-wringing here. Denise threw in with the Get LVP Middle-Aged Mean Girl Club and now Karma has come calling. And I think the show will do fine without Richard's corrupt ass (once you falsely accuse an ex of molestation, as she falsely accused Charlie Sheen during their divorce trial. you're corrupt, imo - in a world in which far too many genuine survivors are disbelieved, playing that card to gain money, leverage and power is sickening. And if she ever truly believed he was molesting their kids, why the fuck does she now praise him? Hinky from every angle.) If (as the gossip sites are speculating) she takes Rinna down, it's the least Richards can do on the way out, since she rode hard for that pack of toxic toads.
  12. ..congrats to you and yours, SuprSuprElevated - a wonderful start to the New Year!
  13. Tins adopted those two pups out of Vanderpump's Yulin rescue org (so I doubt she's willing to leave them behind) but that said, I'm pretty sure those are photos of the Coupon Cabin office (see logo below). One-percenter fun facts about the John Hancock building: There is a private supermarket on the 44th floor, a full-blown outlet of the Potash grocery chain with a deli and fresh fruits and veg section and places to sit and eat. Office workers can use it for lunch, but must enter and exit through the rear service entrance. Only residents are allowed to use the front door. The residential portion of this building is it’s own election precinct. People who live there don’t even have to leave the building to vote... People also don’t have to trudge out into the snow to mail a letter. The Hancock Center has its own Post Office. https://www.chicagoarchitecture.org/2014/03/11/20-things-you-probably-dont-know-about-chicagos-john-hancock-center/ So Tinsley is marrying a man who can give her the same "far from the hoi polloi" lifestyle Topper provided (one where the lowly worker bees must use the back entrance) Blech. Hope she doesn't regret returning to living in a gilded cage.
  14. LOL (We all break, Natalie! At some point, WE ALL BREAK!!!) I defended Frankel during the season she returned (that whole food thing with Heather in the Berkshires? - I defended Bethenny! - the shame of those posts haunt me still... : ) The Frankel mask started to slip (for me) when I finally realized how privileged her childhood had been (the $$ sweet sixteen party, skiing trips to Europe, chi chi boarding school, her Dad paying her rent in her twenties, etc) which was at odds with the whole hardscrabble story she'd always presented. Add in finding out that her father did not (as she claimed) abandon her at the age of four, and her presence on the show suddenly seemed like a carefully crafted con; a persona built to win over an audience hungry to root for someone they could genuinely like - in the middle of all these rich bitch housewives - this scrappy chick with an old school accent, just trying to lay claim to her own piece of Manhattan. When it truth, Frankel's childhood was full of the kind of privilege Ramona and Luann could only dream of one day having as adults. I like to think she was genuine early on (back when I found her charming and funny) but over the years, @Alonzo Mosely FBI has made an excellent case arguing otherwise - that Frankel has always been selfish and dismissive - so I'm on the fence about whether Bethenny used to be someone else and changed for the worse, or never was the person she pretended to be.
  15. Amen to your whole post, Mondrianyone. I can't believe she's pushing one of those "increase blood flow to your lady garden" pills ("a fourth (supplement) to enhance female intimacy and “elevate sensation and improve blood flow.") The jaw-dropping image of "improved blood flow" to Frankel's nether regions aside ("get off my elevated sensation jock!") this is her big play, post RHoNY? WTF? I'm wondering two things: maybe the judge finally enforced the initial divorce agreement (that neither party would deride/discuss each other publicly) and that's why we've heard nothing - maybe there's finally a penalty in play if Frankel ignores the stipulation. I also wonder if something changed in the wake of that creepy video of Bryn groping Bethenny's breasts. IIRC, the judge wanted final briefs in the fall - maybe Hoppy's lawyer included that video & the judge also found it disturbing & the decision was delayed a few months? Whatever it is, it's odd we've heard nothing - in every previous court situation, the tabs were full of Frankel's spin on the court proceedings, so the silence is unusual.
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