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  1. Amy is still living in the big house on the farm as of about a month ago. I don't check her Facebook that frequently since it's boring but for all the talk, she's still there. Also the property Matt goes on about building a new house on away from the farm was sold. With no house on it.
  2. Something interesting came up on the LPBW reddit that I thought I'd share here. Apparently Jer and Auj hit the NY Times Best Seller list due to "bulk orders". It's apparently a practice among conservative Christians to get their books known. https://electricliterature.com/are-conservative-titles-using-shady-tricks-to-get-onto-the-bestseller-list/ The point? If there's a little dagger on the listing in the NY Times, then the NY Times thinks your sales were due to bulk orders and notes it with the dagger. And look who has that dagger on their listing during their one week o
  3. So, I disagree in that there's a point where I tire of the handwringing over what an awful mother Bethenny is - in the comments just before this one, Bethenny is being compared to Joan Crawford who was accused of fairly severe physical abuse by her daughter and the wish is expressed that Bryn get to spend more time with Jason and his family to save her. So Jason thinks it's in Bryn's best interest to be around someone like Joan Crawford? And is a great dad for wanting his daughter to share time with a woman that everyone else thinks is damaging her and who express their wish that Bethenn
  4. I don't entirely disagree in that I can usually tell but again - they weren't being inhospitable by directing Chris to where the caffeine coffee was, and it's not unreasonable in a house of elderly and infirm people for weird things to be said. My personal story? So my dad died and we were having the wake with the neighbors and my brother was making alcoholic drinks and he turns to me and says "Hey are you on <insert diabetic medication> because I can make this without all the fruit juice " and yeah, FYI younglings, things will change when you get older. To where sending people dow
  5. Or maybe Matt is more considerate because he's getting older and realizing he's probably not going to catch anyone else? I mean, he's not that appealing....
  6. So Amy is about 58 or so. Which means when she was a six year old, she would have been walking home from school in a nice, white, middle to upper class neighborhood in Detroit in 1966-1968 (not sure her age exactly) Trust me when I say that kids walked alone to school at this age in the 1960s. The "YOU WILL BE ABDUCTED" stuff didn't start until the early 1980s (Adam Walsh, Etan Patz) and it was pretty normal for kids to walk to school without adult escort.
  7. I was a latch key kid at six so... I don't disagree with you but times really were different. Etan Patz would be my age and Amy is a good twelve years older. Kids were expected to handle things like bullying. Amy's parents clearly went with the "we're not treating her differently than the other kids" school of thought, thinking it would make her differences pronounced if they were handholding her while they let the other kids roam free. I would say - and I concede this may be an unpopular opinion - that we've gone way off the deep end in refusing to allow children any sort of respon
  8. No, she looks like someone who is trying to create a look that others will emulate. She's trying way too hard.
  9. And Matt has some awareness of that because now Matt's official story is that production has been egging this on, he's never REALLY had any anger towards Amy, and he and Amy get along really well at all the events they attend together so this is all a production based lie. And you know, production is making him follow a storyline that isn't true. Personally I found the whole "Matt on the farm" scene rather telling. Matt loves the farm *when the family isn't there*. He even said so. I trust this means its now holy writ - Matt is on record preferring the farm when the family is not th
  10. You don't have elderly relatives, 😉 It's their house and they probably drink decaf for health reasons and don't want regular coffee accidently turning up in their cups because if you're old and you take medications, you try to be careful about stuff like caffeine interacting and you really can't tell the difference between decaf and regular by taste. At the same time, they want to be hospitable to guests but don't want that risk so.... regular coffee is brewed downstairs (likely where they don't go easily as elderly people) and younger people don't have trouble with the stairs and t
  11. Probably mean kids at school. I think the haze of adulthood makes us forget how what seemed like childish fun was probably pretty mean to the person on the receiving end. I don't think Amy was referring to someone picking her up for a hug that was too exuberant but actually being picked up against her will. And even that exuberant hug can be threatening when you are too small to put a stop to it.
  12. Ironically we have a local charity drive that does commercials where people who participate a lot in the Health and Wealth raffle (100 dollars a ticket, tons of prizes, but like all raffles, more losers than winners) are interviewed by someone who asks them what they won (its always nothing) and the interviewed person is usually all "I'm just glad I could help" and then the interviewer reveals that they were a patient at the local hospital that gets the fundage from the raffle and they *didn't die* from their brain cancer because good people like the interviewee kept giving. There's several sw
  13. Agreed. To begin with, I find Jessie a pretty unsympathetic character in that she's *barely* in recovery and the vast majority of her health issues came about from the bad choices she made while addicted. Also, if we're just going to torture Nic, then the dad is the better option to live. A) She wanted to save her sister and now she's caretaking her disliked father and b) Disliked father will likely go south healthwise and she can be made to feel guilty about being the one who guilted him into the surgery that ultimately killed him. I also think it's the sis because of the compromised hea
  14. I also had the impression that the injuries were such that getting her intubated, while technically required, was a meaningless gesture. Like the guy in the motorcycle accident last season, who was alive but....nothing was actually going to save him.
  15. I consider it to be holding him up as an example when the "Jason wants his child to know her mother and knows thats very important" when that's cited as the reason why he's not to be chided as a jerk for letting his daughter continue to be raised by Bethenny and not pursuing greater direct custody himself. If she's so awful as a parent that people are constantly complaining, why isn't Bryn's father ever taken to task for happily dropping Bryn off every other week into the nightmare world of Bethenny Frankel? How can he be called a good father when he's perfectly fine with the monster Bet
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