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  1. Right, this is all from last summer. Currently, Anna is finishing her freshman year, Jonah, his second year at community college, and Elizabeth will be graduating from HS. Emma and Alex will be finishing middle school.
  2. Final two was Brooke (west) vs Amanda (east). Brooke won by one point, 88 to 87.
  3. My mom got to see Zeppelin on back-to-back nights on their last tour, 1977. She won tickets from the radio for the second night. Forever jealous.
  4. Being apart from her dad is what's tough about this move...she never visited him!!
  5. Not gonna lie, I want that chicken alfredo...
  6. So, her story is that her mom worked a lot, and her dad didn't cook, so, she got to eat whatever she wanted, and her sisters bullied her...
  7. Mom was a pharmacy tech, so, she's not a dummy. How could she be this co-dependent and such an enabler?
  8. Genetics is weird. M&A ended up with 1/4, while, Z&T are 2/2, despite T being average height. Their health insurance must cost a fortune. This says that Z&T have 50/50 odds of having an LP child or not. Now that I read that, it's sort of obvious. https://dwarfparents.com/chance-having-dwarf-child
  9. ShortyMac

    S03.E12: Fools

    His elbows were scraped, too.
  10. So weird that the show never told us why Jim got so big. We got everyone else’s. No surprise that three of the women who made it the longest on the ranch were the top three for the At-Home prize. Congrats to Megan. I would have liked to have seen where everyone ended up, though. They could've done a flash of everyone's final weights. EDIT: Everyone's final results are here: https://people.com/tv/the-biggest-loser-contestants-before-and-afters https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Biggest_Loser_(season_18) I was sure of Jim winning the whole thing because he already lost one hundred pounds at the ranch. He only needed to lose 117. Congrats to him. Jim 385 241 = -144 (overall winner) Micah 326 227 = -99 Kyle 302 216 = -86 Teri 256 186 = -70 Kristi 264 191 = -73 Kim 242 204 = -38 Megan 290 207 = -83 (at-home winner) Katarina 293 229 = -64 Delores 280 244 = -36 Domenico 323 273 = -50 Phi 357 340 = -17 Robert 409 361 = -48
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