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  1. Coliesa passed away. Here's the post from her daughter, Hannah.
  2. Been catching up on these two. I feel for these little kids now with SM. Put your phones down and be parents! Not everything has to be shared (it does when it's your only income)!
  3. I am watching the Lifetime medical drama, Strong Medicine, and Dr. Campbell, played by Patricia Richardson, the mom on Home Improvement, her nanny was a doctor in Russia who is hoping to get re-certified. She needs help with medical terminology in English. I immediately thought of Transplant, as well.
  4. Lu is also a massive hypocrite. The rules never apply to her because everything is for her patients, you see. If the ends justify the means of what she believes is right, it's all good. When Andy found that abandoned baby in the hospital's dumpster who died, she was all about HER patients' privacy when she wouldn't let the cops have their files to see if any of them had anything to do with the crime. (03x22 - "Risk") But, a few episodes later, it was perfectly justified for her to manipulate the Records guy at the county hospital and violate THOSE patients' privacy so that she could find out who Cali's biological parents were so that they could be tested for a bone marrow transplant (because the county hospital gave two families each others' baby by mistake). (04x03 - "Heartbeats & Deadbeats") 04x02 - "Emergency Contacts" - And how she just easily lied to potential adoptive parents, Andy's patient and her husband, about the baby possibly having Spina bifida and violated Rina's, a pregnant teen, who was a minor, privacy and medical information to 'test' them to see if they were worthy, just because they were rich. They could not possibly be good parents just because they have money. She thought they would give up if they found out the baby had a disability, and it did not sway them. Her 'perfect, middle class' adoptive couple were the ones who backed out, even though the baby's medical expenses would have been covered by the RWHC, because they would not have been able to handle the stress. Rina was not under any legal obligation to give Lu's patients the baby; she was free to change her mind at any point.
  5. For anyone who has a Roku, both Season 3 and 4 are on The Roku Channel, which is free. Not sure why the others aren't there, but, it's something.
  6. I give the first episode a B. I hope viewers in the US give it a chance.
  7. Please, stop clogging up and derailing the thread with all of these comments.
  8. Now that is how you end a season finale! I wonder if the van was already on the way to the ranch to shoot John, and he happened to be on the side of the road, and the woman ended up being collateral damage, or if she was in on it. Doesn't seem like she was. I think that Beth is left permanently injured. Obviously, John won't die. The kid is still there, he can get his mom's phone, and they can call for help.
  9. It wasn't in the episode; it was cut out. Parents on TV always whine about their kids. Don't have kids if you don't want to put up with everything they entail. You sign up for losing your freedom, sleep, tantrums, endless kid shows, etc. I've never wanted kids. Best decision I ever made, and I've made that clear from the beginning in every serious relationship I've had.
  10. Also, no broken facial bones/eye socket, skull fracture, brain bleed, or concussion. Amazing.
  11. It was Margaux vs Dani for the women, Dani won. Ugh. Just didn't like her. It was so lame how Margaux got hung up on breaking through to the Cage Crawl. How did she not think to get down and use both legs? Will vs Matt, Matt won. Will's "Country Strong" shtick would have been even more insufferable if he came out on top. Cool for Matt. Will is 26, and got beaten by a 42 year-old. lol
  12. I loved all of those characters, with Moretti probably being my least favorite. I love Stanley Tucci, though. I'm glad they toned down Dubenko's eccentricities in the last couple of seasons, letting him shine as a great surgeon and teacher. I wish he would have been a main character. I love Maura Tierney, so, Abby is one of my favorites. Yes, she had tons of personal drama and angst, but, she was funny, and had great bedside manner with the patients.
  13. They could have taken a group photo without life jackets, before they got on the boat. Easy solution. No excuse.
  14. Yeah...no life jackets, a tragedy waiting to happen. I don't have kids, but, I could not fathom taking such a risk.
  15. King of Queens, Still Standing, Everybody Loves Raymond, That 70's Show...and many more... https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UglyGuyHotwife
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