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  1. Not a great episode. I did not miss Jen at all.
  2. Who else wants those two hours back?? JFC!
  3. Those poor workers, having to lift that stretcher over the step.
  4. Cindy sucks. Cry me a river. "This better not mess things up for me, it won't be MY fault if things go bad." Stay in your room, and die in that bed, then.
  5. Luka falsified a death certificate because Gates wanted him to in "Crisis of Conscience." He initially did not, then, changed his mind. He put 'liver failure of unknown origin,' instead of suicide by toxic ingestion, so, the woman's kids could get her insurance money after she screwed them over with gambling away everything. Carter falsified records for a diabetic kid because the dad's health insurance wouldn't kick in until a few months later. The kid came back, in a diabetic coma.
  6. They were portioned, healthy meals from a local business.
  7. Gabe really scared me when he attacked Zoey at the end, taking down the plexi glass. What a psycho.
  8. Hey, all. Just popping in. Stuff came up, all good now. Will catch this later. Enjoy, Pounders!
  9. Gotta give all of the kids credit - wow, Elizabeth. 4.2 HS GPA, graduating with honors, working 80 hours/week in an assisted living facility during the pandemic, while juggling FT college. Not many 18 yo kids will step up for that, let alone for ten months, and she didn't miss a single day. Anna is doing great, too, and Alex is maturing. Trent and Amber have certainly instilled hard work into them. This is the first time they've mentioned Emma having an autoimmune disorder. Stuff with the go-kart was cool; we had them growing up. Brought back lots of fun memories. They are so uncomfortable, and bumpy. No shocks. lol
  10. Amy needed a doctor to tell her that garbage food is not nutritious enough for the baby?? Seriously?
  11. That's right. It would have been interesting continuity if the writers had used that to make Lim susceptible to COVID, or using flashbacks/PTS.
  12. Same. You could see something happening on the bike from a mile away.
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