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  1. I'm watching an episode from 2012 - "Chopping in a Winter Wonderland." Deborah was talking about her nephew that she adores, and how she feels that she owes him to win because she broke her leg while dancing the Horah at his Bar Mitzvah, and "stole his thunder." That made me laugh.
  2. The jacket story line was pointless and stupid. I liked the Tammy stuff.
  3. Where do you see that? There's no announcement on Netflix's or RD's social media. I just read a new interview from Natasha Lyonne, and they are still writing Season 2. It probably won't be out until summer. http://www.awardsdaily.com/2019/11/22/natasha-lyonne-on-designing-netflixs-russian-doll/
  4. I love the Thanksgiving episodes! Bob is hilarious. I'm glad the turkey ended up tasting okay. lol But no other side dishes. 😞
  5. I liked the insanity of Black Friday, Violet's first drawing, and how Jenny and Wayne met.
  6. Agreed about Tyler. Yes, they are in their senior year. I looked it up, and I forgot that Courtney was even in Season 3. She's the one who told Clay to give Ani a tour of the school. I love Brandon Flynn/Justin. The actor is amazing.
  7. Yeah, HIPAA violations abound!
  8. That's never happened at any of the meals I've been to. Carved in the kitchen, put on a platter, and brought to the table. Same with beef roast at Christmas. True. But, one thing that bugs me is that this show takes place in Raleigh, NC, and no one has a NC or southern accent, except for Walton Goggins, who is from Birmingham, AL.
  9. The title gave away the outcome of the episode. Rollins being held hostage is zero suspense. I guess TPTB finally got tired of doing it to Olivia. She'll be fine. Oh, he kidnaps her, too? Damn. The show comes back on 1/9.
  10. I liked this episode. First holidays without a loved one hurt (this is their second, but, the first one they're actually celebrating, with the big dinner, football, etc.), especially since Jill did the cooking. Wade finding the recipe book, and the personal touches Jill made to the dishes, was bittersweet. There's always a sullen teenager or two at every holiday. lol Forrest trying to relate to him (never caught his name) and use current phrasing was funny. Ben with his fried turkey was cool. Jill's sister feeling replaced and displaced by Delia, and the news that Wade is dating, felt real. I'm glad the girls were able to recreate the favorite sweet potato recipe.
  11. Not to mention, at the end, the long-haired wig on the middle woman is terrible. Takes me right out of it.
  12. Reznick and her RA is awful. What a gut punch. And Glassman could also be at fault if he doesn't disclose anything.
  13. Kate Mulgrew was so brilliant as Alma; I was sad to see her go. I watched this season for her, and she didn't disappoint. I watched most of the final episode. Morris was obsessed with Rothstein until the end. I'm glad that psycho died. I enjoyed Hodges and Lou, as well. Brendan Gleeson is awesome.
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