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  1. Yes ABC canceled Rebel after 5 episodes and they didn't even let it finish, but on the other hand they did let us finish out the season without pulling the remaining episodes so I have to give them a little credit, but just barely. I'll never forgive them for this. We are doing our best with this right now and I have faith it will coming back even though some others don't, but it's not in my nature to just give up on something like this and Katey is fighting with us so that's even better and she's encouraged us to fight so that's makes me want to fight more and makes me draw off of her faith f
  2. So glad you enjoyed the finale, don't give up yet as we are trying very hard to find the show a new home, but it's taking some time and hopefully we'll succeed.
  3. Katey's character Rebel is only loosely based on Erin Brockovich and Rebel isn't really based on that movie much as Rebel the person is her own character with similarities to Erin and Katey made up Rebe's backstory herself. So the show is similar in some respect, but way different in others. Oh I believed it, but it's like you said Rebel, but okay.
  4. Katey's character Rebel is supposed to like that though! it's how she is too much and loud, she's her own character and only loosely based on Erin Brockovich. I'm sorry you don't like her or Ziggy, but I personally love them both and will miss them terribly 😢 Plus I'm so gonna miss Rebel & Lana's friendship too and of course Katey & Tamala they are adorable in their skits they did on instagram #BatmanRobinDuo
  5. Well I've been so upset to say anything. I wanted to settle and collect my thoughts. What an amazing 2 hours, I loved every minute! First off I can't believe Rebel was arrested for doing absolutely nothing wrong at all...I was so angry by that! Damn press didn't help either. Grady was the one drunk NOT Rebel. I wanted to kill Grady so badly. Rebel was once again hilarious!! with both Nate with that statement about his birth (which he didn't really want to hear, but it worked to Rebel's advantage!) Of course her little tirade to Cruz that was too funny!! I was so glad Ziggy was
  6. 1x09: Trial Day: Rebel’s personal life becomes headline news and she begrudgingly distances herself from the Stonemore Medical trial. 1x10: 36 Hours: Rebel, Cruz, Lana and Ziggy round up an army of support to bring the Stonemore Medical case to a close.
  7. ESS

    Media for Rebel

    Here's the promo for the 2 hour finale (ABC's calling it) episodes 1x09/1x10:
  8. ESS

    Media for Rebel

    Me too as I've loved it from day one! I want to let it go yet I can't I love it way too much. We are still trying to find it a new home according to Katey from her recently done (yesterday) Instagram video.
  9. So glad you agree with my post. I was so confused by Rebel being arrested too. I didn't even think about the life jacket, but can you even get arrested for that? that definitely seems such a pathetic and ridiculous thing to get arrested for. I can't see Rebel doing something to Grady in her state she fell off the boat and was in the water and what made me even more angry is Grady just left her there too didn't even check to see if she was okay or not, what a gentleman (being sarcastic) He obviously was able to hear her as she was yelling loud enough...ugh just makes me so angry!! Grady do
  10. Wow this show just keeps on getting better and better. I'm so mad at Grady it's official I literally hate him so much for what he's done to his family especially Rebel. I was really hoping him having a son wasn't true. I felt so bad for Lana being stuck in the middle there wanting to tell Rebel so badly, but not being sure how tell her either and probably wanting her to focus on the case. I was very surprised Lana didn't kill him. OMG I can't believe the cameras in Rebel's house caught Ziggy & Sean having sex! Oh man and what a way to find out about Grady having a son I felt for
  11. While Rebel tries to convince a key witness to testify in their case against Stonemore Medical, Lana confronts Grady about someone from his past.
  12. Woodrow Flynn is Rebel's first husband and her son's Nate's father the doctor, Benji Ray is Rebel's second husband and father to Cassidy, Grady is her third husband who wants a divorce and Ziggy is their adopted daughter. Lana is Rebel's best friend and sister in law she's also Benji's sister. Grady and Rebel have been married 10 years they adopted Ziggy when she was 6 years old. Finally Cruz is Rebel's boss and Cruz's wife Sharon was Rebel's best friend. Luke isn't family to anyone including Rebel he just works at Benji's firm and Amir isn't related to Rebel either he just works there as well
  13. ESS

    Media for Rebel

    Here's an article interview with Katey and she also explains a bit more of Cruz/Rebel's friendship. Katey Sagal chats with us about playing the fierce, unapologetic lead in 'Rebel'
  14. ESS

    S01.E07: Race

    Once again I loved this episode!! I'm was so happy to see Lana was okay after her car accident and of course loved Rebel being there for her as I knew she would be, they are inseparable. The Rebel/Benji scene was great a lot of passion with it even though they were screaming at each other. I loved seeing the Rebel/Sharon flashback that was a surprise, but sad too. I'm glad Rebel was trying to keep the promise that her best friend wanted her too for Cruz. I liked Cruz's kids and I love that Cruz is going to be a grandfather. It was funny with Lana playing lawyer that
  15. ESS

    S01.E07: Race

    Against Rebel’s advice, Cruz turns to a familiar source to help dig up proof that proves the Stonemore valve is faulty. Elsewhere, Rebel, Cassidy and Grady come together to help Ziggy after learning that her friends have been unjustly expelled from school. Meanwhile, Lana continues to search for more information about Angela and instead is confronted with a shocking revelation.
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