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  1. Yeah, but then it wouldn't have been right though if they had waited especially since the writers planned for them to be married in that episode.
  2. Hmm okay.. Thanks for the reminder.. wow.
  3. I believe Neville is around the same age as Jackie or is supposed to be although he is apparently Louise's younger brother.
  4. Louise was stressing out because she's never been married before so this was all new to her so it was in character for her to be overwhelmed over her wedding not going her way and not only that, but she's always been independent and on the road and all that..so it made sense. As for Jackie marrying them I don't think that was intentional until the minster left and I don't think Jackie thought she was gonna have to marry them in the first place, but she did to help them out because the minster left obviously to the shelter when they weren't even married yet.
  5. Yes.. personally I loved her dress and vail, it was beautiful and I'm glad she got what she wanted for her first ever wedding. ♥️
  6. That too.. but we'll never know.
  7. Who knows?.. but I think possibly they wanted in the church because that's what Louise wanted in the first place despite anything that would happen including the weather? Plus Louise made a big deal about wanting to have her wedding in a church too. I'm just assuming here, honestly I'm not sure, but the important thing at least to me now is they are married it's all I wanted. ♥️ 🤷‍♀️
  8. Thank you for posting this! I was shocked. I'm so glad she's gonna be okay. People should be more careful! 😢
  9. Actually I thought that black outfit was just that - an outfit not a dress, but maybe I wasn't paying attention. Her last name is or was Goldufski and personally I can see her changing her last name to Conner, but again it's what she wants to do.
  10. I think she wanted to be more comfortable maybe she was uncomfortable in her wedding dress? That could have also been the reason too.
  11. Maybe because the writers wanted us to actually see the ceremony no matter what?
  12. Yes that's what the writers said about the actor, he was busy over at Grey's.
  13. Yes she did and yes they do they decided to ignore a lot of what happened in the original.
  14. Yes it is! I brightened up a little because it was a bit too dark.
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