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  1. Here's a sneak peek of Dan & Louise from the upcoming episode S02.E11: Mud Turtles, A Good Steak, and One Man in a Tub
  2. Louise could be long term because Katey could do double duty on both shows so I don't think we should count her out just yet just because Katey's gonna be in another series..FYI: I think the new series has already been picked up.
  3. I really loved this show! it's really cute. loved Ru's characters Ruby and Robert, love how he was so compassionate and understanding with AJ If it were me I couldn't have that kind of patience with a kid like that. I loved the relationship AJ & Robert had together as well the chemistry was so awesome. I really was hoping Robert would adopt AJ in the end there, but I'm hoping we'll get at least another season to see what happens with AJ & Robert because I think AJ is better off with Robert even though her mother wasn't uncaring, but she doesn't really have her life together. I have to agree about AJ & the yelling/screaming that was a bit too much, but I still liked her. I'm glad the ending was left open, but at the same time I hate cliffhangers like that so I'm hoping it'll get renewed. We need a season 2 hoping we'll get it.
  4. I cannot wait for this episode to air and for Dan & Louise's date!
  5. Aww it looks like Dan & Louise are finally on a date well so to speak it's about time!! so adorable!
  6. Synopsis for 2x11 Mud Turtles, A Good Steak and One Man in a Tub BECKY THINKS JACKIE'S NEW FRIEND, A RESTAURANT SUPPLIER, IS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEM; AND DARLENE AND HARRIS CLASH OVER COLLEGE, ON AN ALL-NEW EPISODE OF ABC'S 'THE CONNERS,' TUESDAY, JAN. 28 Becky thinks that Jackie's new friend Dawn (guest star Cheryl Hines), a restaurant supplier, is only cozying up to her to sell them things they can't afford for the Lunch Box. Darlene is thrilled when Harris gets into Central Illinois State, but Harris might have found a better offer on her own. When Dan finds himself in an embarrassing situation nursing an injury, Louise (Katey Sagal) tries to help him out. Here are the promo photos as well: 2x11 Promo Photos
  7. Yeah that's what I meant when I said the Feb 11th is the LIVE one and I know that's the next episode too, but thanks.
  8. The date for this one is February 11th according to article I read.
  9. Opps sorry about that let me fix the link, it's fixed now.
  10. Here's some spoilers for an upcoming episode airing LIVE on February 11th. 'The Conners' to Air Live Episode Timed to New Hampshire Primary
  11. That too that was also uncalled for..
  12. Well I'm hoping that she can move on because I'm not liking her one bit right now and her treating of Louise is uncalled for.
  13. Great example thanks for sharing, that gives me some hope for Dan & Louise even though they are fictional characters.
  14. I agree with this, why shouldn't he at least try to be with Louise? It couldn't hurt besides she's a patient woman and has been patient with him, it's why they brought Katey onto the show in the first place to be his love interest. Like I said before they aren't strangers either. Me personally I think he should throw Jackie out of the house I'm sorry, but she's not doing him any favors right now he's having a rough time as it is if he wants to be with Louise I say let him.
  15. Yeah Katey's got 5 more episodes left..I don't know how far the romance will go, but it'll probably start in this season than when it's renewed (I'm sure it likely will be) it'll continue on..Yes I'm assuming that's what's going on with Jackie too and why she sees Louise as such a threat, but even with that there's no excuse to treat Louise like she has been it's horrible especially since Louise has done nothing wrong to her or the family. Yeah Louise is a better woman than she is for sure especially right now..
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