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  1. Yay I'm so happy about this news!! more Dan & Louise makes me even more happy..
  2. LOL I just posted this up as well, but thanks.
  3. Dan & Louise are the only reason I'm watching as well.
  4. I'm pretty sure that the show will be back I don't see why it wouldn't be renewed; the holdup in renewing is most likely because of the virus, but we should be hearing something soon. That being said.. I loved Dan & Louise tonight in the finale! They continue to be adorable and so funny together! They are definitely perfect for each other. Katey needs to be upped to series regular next season that'd make me so happy!
  5. Here's more spoilers for 3x18 the season finale: 9-1-1 Finale First Look: Brooke Shields Helps Athena Through Her Trauma — Plus, Meet Abby's New
  6. Season 3 Article (contains spoilers about Dan/Louise and the future) I'm so happy that Katey will be back for season 3 even if Rebel gets picked up!! The Conners EPs Talk 'Perilous' Finale Twist, Getting John Goodman 'On Board' With Dan/Louise and Possibly Seeing Less of
  7. I loved Dan & Louise last night!! they were adorable yet so hilarious and Louise took the CPAP news in her stride I knew she would!! personally they were the best parts of the episode I just love them so much! Here's some fanart I made of their scenes...a couple of icons & gifs... 2x19: CPAP's, Hickeys and Biscuits Icons | 2 1.2. Gifs | 4 ]
  8. Loved this episode it was hilarious especially Dan & Louise's scenes!! I'm glad Dan finally told Louise the truth about his CPAP and that she took it well which why wouldn't she? I just love them so much as a couple, can't wait for what's gonna happen with them in the season finale!
  9. Here's the promo for the last two episodes (3x17: Powerless & 3x18: Now What? (season 3 finale)
  10. Promo photos have been added for 2x20: Bridge Over Troubled Conners (Season 2 finale) 2.20 - Bridge Over Troubled Conners (Season Finale) - Promotional Photos
  11. That could happen I was thinking about that when I read the description that some of them may have to move out it'll be interesting to see what happens with that plot.
  12. Synopsis for 2x20: Bridge Over Troubled Conners (Season 2 finale) http://www.thefutoncritic.com/listings/20200424abc02/ DARLENE AND BEN GO APARTMENT HUNTING, JACKIE AND BECKY GO ON A ROAD TRIP TO MEXICO AND LOUISE LEARNS ABOUT DAN'S FINANCIAL STRUGGLES IN AN ALL-NEW EPISODE OF ABC'S 'THE CONNERS,' TUESDAY, MAY 5 Darlene and Ben go apartment hunting as they take on the next step in building their life together. Jackie and Becky take Beverly Rose on a road trip to Mexico to meet her father for the first time while Dan reluctantly shares his financial troubles with Louise as he struggles with the pending foreclosure of the house on "The Conners," TUESDAY, MAY 5 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG, DL) Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu. The series stars John Goodman as Dan Conner, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris, Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner, Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healy, Michael Fishman as D.J. Conner, Emma Kenney as Harris Conner-Healy, Ames McNamara as Mark Conner-Healy and Jayden Rey as Mary Conner. Guest starring is Katey Sagal as Louise, Jay R. Ferguson as Ben, Rene Rosado as Emilio, Joel Murray as Jim, David Pasquesi as Cyril, and Alison Segura as Maria.
  13. Synopsis For 3x18: What's Next? (Season 3 Finale)
  14. I loved this episode!! I'm so happy that Dan & Louise are an official couple and that kiss was so adorable! I can't wait to see what happens next with them. As for Louise saying Dan stringed her along she wasn't wrong totally, she was just calling it like she saw it in my opinion he kinda of did because 1). he asked her to start dating in 2x03 the NICU scene and 2). they had the one short date in that later episode so to me that is stringing someone along, but in the end I'm glad they both got their acts together and now are together that's what's important because I love them as a couple and wanted them together, so it's been worth it for me.
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