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  1. You guys have done such a good job capturing how wonderful this episode was. I'll just say I've watched it three times now.
  2. Best part was Patrick icing David's back after the game lol
  3. If you look carefully though you will notice the hotel is improving bit by bit. There are chairs outside the rooms now (plus the boxwoods, haha). The box of cinnamon rolls is always by the coffee machine and things seem to be a bit cleaner and neater. Also, this guy's beat is "out of the way places" so he's going to see a lot of motels like Rosebud, not Doubletree. Still don't know how Johnny became manager and also has to worry about funding repairs while Stevie is in Elm Valley but I don't know that it really matters lol. Best part for me was that while David was probably a little thrown about the apt confusion he did not pitch a fit or break up with Patrick when he found out the apartment was just for him. Growth, I thought. They are so stinking cute together.
  4. It was very, very powerful. Probably more so because we feel like we know those drs featured.
  5. I am loving it as well. Some things surprised me....like the ER doc not knowing that the bottom number is more important with blood pressure. I find myself getting really involved with them all, but David the neurologist is my fav. He is just so kind.
  6. Jessica's dad is played by the guy who was Martin, Denise's husband, on The Cosby Show.
  7. I don't think he was recording the confession. That tape Winston gave Alex was the Bryce message to Jessica, which I think we are supposed to assume Clay gave Winston in one of his disassociated moments. One thing about Alex being violent vs Bryce/Monty is we know Alex's rage flares are a direct result of his TBI, whereas the other two suffer from asshole-itis.
  8. And I enjoyed seeing Denise Huxtable's husband appreciate her sermon haha.
  9. I liked it. I love Steve Carrell in everything and I loved all the cast. Except the daughter, I could do without her.
  10. What he heck is with the splinters and his butt?
  11. Am I the only one who skips from The Parts in the Sum to the The Bikini in the Soup when rewatching? I can't stand the Maluku/Hannah arc. Even knowing how it ends it is so awful to watch....
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this is boring. It's not moving at all, and I'm starting to care less and less about the characters.
  13. Do we really think she was going out to get dope? She was already self-medicating, I assumed she just OD's on that. I loved this ending. I have loved Corey all along and liked Chip--now I love him. Bradley was my least favorite but this episode almost redeemed her.
  14. agreed. Bradley is my least favorite of all the characters. Even Alex's daughter is above her lol
  15. OMG mine too. When Fred said he was setting up a meeting for him and he said, 'don't tell me who with I like to be surprised' I cracked up. I liked Alex telling her privileged daughter to fuck off with her big head. One thing that is blowing me away with Aniston--and trust me, I was not a fan before this, worst of the 6 friends haha--is how she is good at playing Alex as a bad actress on the show. Alex is so real in real life but so fake on the Morning Show, and I love that Aniston is playing it with that nuance. After this show I may never be able to stomach a morning show again...
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