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  1. I've started watching again for some reason, because as much as I loved this show for 10 seasons the last two were kinda painful. Watching season 1 though, and how their relationship developed so organically and how much chemistry they had from the start, makes me fall in love with them all over again. Also I hated Cam. And I'll skip Hannah episodes.
  2. On a side note, I am loving the background bit of Susie and Jackie living together. Nice to see more of Jackie. Astrid, Chaim Christian? LOL
  3. Me too! And from your reply.
  4. I thought Anthony Edwards was a huge bright spot this season. His character was flawed, obviously, but AE was terrific. Emily (well the actress) is an awful crier.
  5. Best scene of the night. I rewatched it several times.
  6. Abigail and Chad don't belong in the same universe as Jack and Jen. Their mistake was screwing with them to start with. Especially for Tan Dan. Abigail and Chad are booooorrrinnnnngggggg....Chad was so much better with Gabi.
  7. Just watched this. Excellent acting. Billy Crudup is still amazing. Writing was erratic at best. ha. No pun intended. Pissed they didn't wrap it up somehow.
  8. I wanted Julia to be alive. But I'm okay with the way it ended. Not an award winning series but I was interested start to finish, so that's a win.
  9. I love this show. I do not like Maddie, her forehead, or her breasts in her unprofessionally unbuttoned to her navel maroon shirts. She is no Tammy Taylor and I miss Buck. But other than that, I'm enjoying it.
  10. I'm sure MW has lost weight. He trains a lot in the summers and he also got slimmer as the episode went on. I'm sure it was aligned with the story. Never liked cable so bye. Actually I don't like most of the characters. Why do I watch this show? 2million a month is probably nothing for a firm that is probably sued constantly. It's not that they couldn't afford 400,000, it's that it was a low-yield payout (I know that sounds horrible) and they probably are faced with that 100 times a month. They need someone to keep them from having to pay all of them. Notice the insurance guy didn't seem that stressed when he thought they were going to lose. They just have to keep fighting them or they'll go under but they expect to lose some.
  11. So I take it John has to marry Hattie? Then Marlena wakes up?
  12. The writer tweeted during the ep and said that both Bell and Gregson would be back next season (and they are already filming).
  13. I think you're right. Rafe looked at his watch when they came back from praying to show time had passed and Roman was not around for the last scenes.
  14. That's exactly what I'm saying. If Michael was on the loose no way is he at home to worry about blood....
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