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  1. Really enjoyed this episode. They did a great job of selecting who got paired up with who in which show. I laughed to see Mick as Kahn. Of course Nate and Behrad would be Chandler and Joey(with hints of Ross in that they still had Behrad and Zari siblings on the show). Caity seemed to be having a blast. On the shallow end, Matt Ryan looked VERY good in his butlers suit.
  2. As a dog lover I really liked this. It struck home because one of the dogs I’ve had, Winnie(She’s the spotted dog in my profile pic actually) was about 3-4 when we got her, and was returned twice to the rescue we got her from. She passed away back in October after 9 years of having her, and while she had a happy life with us, I always wished we could have known more about her history because she definitely had baggage, especially about food. She was always a scrounger and intense about food. I would have loved to know what she had experienced before we got her.
  3. Unpopular opinion time; I’ve been watching a lot of reruns on TV and one thing I don’t get is why Ross gets all the hate. Yeah, he has his rotten moments, but he just doesn’t strike me as any worse then things the other friends did. I mean, yeah he was jealous and insecure in his relationship with Rachel, and sleeping with another woman(even though I contend they were on a break) and trying to hide it was awful, is that any worse then Rachel’s irrational hatred of Julie, getting Bonnie to shave her head so Ross would break up with her or going to London to tell Ross she loves him when marrying Julie? In fact, the reason I hate Ross and Rachel is that they both bring out the worst in each other. I just don’t see why Ross gets so much hate when all of the Friends have their bad moments.
  4. Poor guy! Sorry to hear this. Not surprising though, he did not look well his last few appearances on the show.
  5. Hudson University is the go to college on Law and Order. So much crime goes down there on the various L&O franchises, it’s amazing parents let their kids go there still...
  6. Are you kidding me? They are airing a new series instead of finishing this one? That’s it, I am NEVER watching a CNN original series again. Shame since I loved the Movies and the ones covering the decades.
  7. What a great remembrance and speech! I can only imagine the relief and jubilation that came with the end of the war, and how bittersweet it must have been for those who lost loved ones.
  8. It sounds like an awesome commemoration they have planned! Hard to believe it will be 75 years since the war ended! I can only imagine what a emotional day it will be for the Queen and those old enough to remember the war.
  9. Charlotte’s such a cutie! I always love seeing pics of the Cambridge kids because they always look so happy and normal, even in their royal circumstances. Will and Kate are definitely raising them right!
  10. Okay, that makes sense. I knew the UK had something about the rights of the press, but it makes sense it’s different and has different limits. Yeah, I am always surprised by how awful that dress was. All puffy, and didn’t help how wrinkled it got... I guess she was a victim of high-end 80’s fashion. The bigness screams 80s.
  11. If they were to do that wouldn’t people be up in arms about freedom of the press and claim the royals are trying to control the press?
  12. Isn't it simply that they don't automaticlly get the HRH at birth? Couldn't she opt to have her children styled as royals via a letters patent? I think I remember hearing Ann declined to have the Queen do that for Zara and Peter.
  13. That may be so, but all I know is that if I am watching live with commercials, I am often having to adjust the volume when the commercials start, and then bring it back up when the show starts. I seem to have it happen more on basic cable, like the Comedy Channel and TBS, so maybe cable regulations are different?
  14. I hate how, with so many ads promoting delivery options, there are more doorbells on TV right now. They must not have dogs, otherwise they would realize much of the commercial is lost because of the barking dog that ensues. Doesn’t help that commercials are louder then the regular shows, so my dog is more likely to think it means someone is at our door.
  15. Right? He looks so big now! A lot like George... I also agree about Kate being a great child photographer. She has a way of getting great candid shots of the kids that lets their personalities come through.
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