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  1. I totally agree. I would be surprised if the royals cared about a fraction of these “protocols.” It’s just a way to add drama. If rules and protocols were so iron-clad, neither Kate, Meghan or Camilla would have been allowed to join the family. All of those marriages break with longstanding norms/conventions of what constitutes “suitable” royal matches.
  2. I tend to think it would help to have a bigger more unified inclusive group because 1. Strength in numbers and 2. A bigger more diverse group would give a bigger more accurate view of what the issues are and all of the different things different woman face. Splitting off into factions risks smaller ones getting overlooked. With a bigger more unified group, there is the opportunity for the more underrepresented experiences to be heard and given voice to with the help of the whole.
  3. I enjoyed this honestly more then I thought I would, as I am more attracted to the more comedic entry’s (Think the Spider-Man/Ant-Man films and Thor Ragnorok) or team movies(Avengers/Guardians) of the MCU and am not generally into spy movies. Really enjoyed it though, and thought the cast and story was strong. That end credits scene definitely makes me more excited for Hawkeye if that is going to be a driving force in the series. Although I have to ask; am I the only one not upset about Black Widow dying instead of Hawkeye? I’m not glad she died, but she chose to sacrifice herself, to the
  4. Big pet peeve of mine; social media posts with a picture of a kid/animal with a disability or deformity saying something to the effect of, “I’m ugly so I won’t get any likes.” I refuse to like those posts on principle and just scroll pass thinking “Yep. Not getting one from me.”
  5. Johnny Lee Miller cast as John Major for season 5.
  6. I agree. I definitely think they needed a better way of supporting those families. Look at what happened with the Evans… Lily and Petunia seemed close until Lily went to Hogwarts. Petunia was (understandably) jealous and felt left out, not helped by the fact that the parents seemed to fawn over Lily. I’m sure that’s a very common dynamic in Muggleborn families that could have been forseen by Hogwarts. Maybe a word of warning or some tips on how to handle non-magic siblings so these resentments don’t fester like they did in Petunia?
  7. I definitely do think the book is kind of a refutation of the lost cause myth. While it does perpetuate a lot of racist thoughts of the time the novel was set, and the time it was written in, I do think that it does not show the cause of the Confederacy as a positive. I get more of a sense of “what was it all for?” When reading the novel, it struck me how critical Scarlett was of the Confederacy and how those that did the best and rose in the years after the war were, like Scarlett, those less caught in the the past and willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want, such as how she doe
  8. Aw, come on, George and Brenda! Don’t do that to Mary! Your husband sleeping with a friend and neighbor? That’s like being cheated on twice, by both the husband and friend. That’s just extra horrible! That said, I liked this episode, especially Sheldon with both Connie and Missy. Also liked Georgie trying to do something for Mary. At least no matter how crazy the things get for the family, Meemaw will be there and the three kids will have each other.
  9. Good Neighbors by Sarah Langhan. “Big Little Lies” meets “The Crucible” in this book when, after one of the kids of the neighborhood Queen Bee falls into a sinkhole, accusations are brought against another neighbor bring blame onto them and their family at large. Things escalate leading to violence and death taking over the block.
  10. You forgot the best part, George really going for the idea! 😂
  11. I didn’t think of this at first, but ITA. I’m in library work, and we are big on privacy in large part due to how, psychologically, when people feel they are being monitored or watched or could be seen doing something, it has a chilling effect. For example, someone who wants to check out a book on a sensitive medical issue might not if they have reason to believe people might find out about it. This would definitely apply to group therapy in a public park. I’m guessing IRL the people would not be so candid due to fear of being overheard.
  12. I’m with those saying Tess was being a brat. I’m not a parent, but I doubt many parents would be pleased with their pre-teen/teen making out in a closed bedroom no mater who they were attracted to. The Trans-racial support group... Does TV want us to see adoption as bad, because with the biology over all else slant of Little Fires Everywhere last year to Randal’s Adoption Angst and the woman telling her adopted family she would rather have grown up with her bipolar mom then them, I am not seeing many positive depictions of adoptions. As someone who knows many people who’ve adopted, includ
  13. I’m reading “Are We There Yet?” by Kathleen West. Ive just started it am enjoying it. The book flap summary is that this is about Alice, who thinks her life is perfect, but realizes her daughter is behind in school and her son is bullying another student. Then her mom comes clean about a deep family secret. She has to deal with all of this and what it means for her and her family while handling the social backlash for being “a mom who can’t control her kids.”
  14. I think that was only when boys(or just friends in general) were over?
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