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  1. That does, at the very least sound dismissive of her, but I would be wary of taking a book like Finding Freedom at face value. I work at a library and tell all books like it claiming to give the “real story” are a dime a dozen and often of dubious quality and authenticity. People are quick and all to happy to cash in. And has he totally cut off William? I mean, people move and lead separate lives from their siblings. They can still love and care for each other even if Harry stepped down from being a senior royal. We haven’t seen them visiting, true, but I’d put that more down to Covid then anything else...
  2. Apart from rumors and tabloid gossip-mongering, how has William ever been racist to Meghan? The only credible thing I’ve ever heard of is William saying something to effect of “slow down” with her, and even that seems to be more a a big brother asking Harry to take his time, not rush into things and be sure she’s who you want. I mean, that’s the path he himself took with Kate.
  3. Funny episode. I loved Jonahs reaction to Cheyenne at the end and also his, “I just stocked those blenders...” The Carol lawsuit at the end came out of nowhere, even if, as Dinah said, a lawsuit over electrocution makes sense. Is this setting up how the show will end? The store closing due to a lawsuit?
  4. I don’t think they are showing they will be ready on time at all. They are all wrapped up in their own stuff. When he talks about getting to the event on time, they just blow him off. It makes me mad on his behalf and if I was him I would be just like, “Forget it! Thanks for nothing! I’m going with all of you jerks since you obviously don’t care about this thing that’s important to me.” I know how frustrating it is to set a time to be ready to go, and the other person shows no interest/urgency. In the past, for example, me and my sister have made plans to go to a movie, and set a time to leave. My sister will agree to the time, only to be getting into the shower 5 min before, making us late.
  5. Really enjoyed these first episodes! I was born in 87, so after these TV eras, but I grew up watching Nick at Nite. I loved I Love Lucy, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie so this took me back. Great cast all around. Olsen and Bettany were awesome and the supporting cast was just great as well. Watching Olsen I just can’t help thinking; in the 90’s when the Olsen Twins were everywhere, who would have thought it was their little sister who had the real talent in the family. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes and learning more about what is actually happening.
  6. Maybe it’s temporary so they can be with family until after the baby is born? They are still her parents and I can see wanting extra support from loved ones, especially her mom, while being pregnant during such a crazy time as a pandemic.
  7. I have long thought this. The world is rough on aging women, especially those who, like Diana was and still is, are defined by their looks and charms. I can definitely see her having trouble facing the fact that she wasn’t the pretty young star anymore, no matter how much she loved her sons and would want them to be happily married.
  8. I don’t know. I would hope we get better about things like work from home being more available and people staying home when sick, but as someone who’s been working with the public during this pandemic, I doubt much of our day to day life will be changed. I work with a the public in library and retail work(both part time, hence the need for both) and for the most part I see people just going about their lives as normal while wearing masks. Some have gloves and people are more likely to use the hand sanitizer we provide, but I really just see mostly people doing as they did before; come in, get their stuff/do whatever they came to do and leave. That’s not even to mention those who either don’t wear masks or wear them but complain about why are they needed so you know the moment the pandemics over they are discarding them. I know I won’t have any problem going back to normal day-to-day life, but maybe that’s because I’m a germaphobe and already super conscious of germs and have learned to deal with that anxiety. I was talking to my father a while ago about how I was hoping it would be safe to see WW84 in theaters, back when it was to be released in October(oh how optimistic I was on how long the pandemic would last). We started talking about seeing movies in theaters and he asked if I would be comfortable going back to theaters and I was like, “why not, once the pandemics over?” That’s not to say I don’t see changes coming as a result, but I see it as mostly big picture stuff. Like better planning in case of another public health crisis, strengthening public safety nets and maybe even a system for national health insurance. Day to day though, I’m not sure.
  9. Sweet movie. Perfect animation and great voice acting. Liked they differentiated between spark and purpose, even if I thought Joe’s conclusion was that his purpose was to teach, seeing him both with the trombone student and 22. A cute touch was in the credits where, when they normally list the name of babies born during production, they had the section titled “Recent You Seminar Graduates.”
  10. I am from the midwest(Chicago and Minneapolis) and now live in Phoenix, AZ. It’s always funny to me how people bundle up when it hits below 70 while I am in short sleeves and flip flops.
  11. Also; people deal with their emotions and grieve differently. I see that in me and my sister. When our mom died of cancer we both reacted differently and dealt with our emotions in different ways. William and Harry are different people with different temperaments so of course they will have a different experience and expression of grief.
  12. Not to mention that if she was always in the height of fashion people would talk about how vain and extravagant she is. Royal women can’t win. They are criticized either way.
  13. I am sure I will get flack for this, but it has to be said; I find Meryl Streep annoying and overrated. Every thing I see her in becomes “The Meryl Streep show” and not in a good way. Like in Big Little Lies. You don’t see “character,” but rather “Meryl Streep playing character.”
  14. I really liked this! It did a good job sending up the Hallmark Christmas movie tropes. It’s funny they mentioned Jingle All the Way, because I was growing up in Minneapolis when it was filmed there and I actually saw some of the set since they filmed the scenes in front of their homes near us, fake snow and all. I still remember how weird that was for me to see snow when it was late spring/summer at the time. Also; the first toy store they go to was in a neighborhood near us and was a store we went to a lot growing up! My mom actually got a picture of Arnold reading a script the family still has somewhere. This episode was extra funny for me because of all this...
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