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  1. Happycakez

    S08.E02: The Morning After

    And thank you for doing so! Do all the epis please!!
  2. Happycakez

    S13.E22: Live Results Finale (Wednesday's Show)

    Yes I'm happy for the winner to be anyone but Courtney! I couldn't take her screeching
  3. Happycakez

    Season 4 Discussion

  4. Happycakez

    Season 4 Discussion

    It was
  5. Happycakez

    S03.E01: Judgment Day

    Omg....The whining!!! 2 hrs of whining! If every episode is going to show Sabrina and/or Rebecca crying all the time, I'm out. Where was Abe's sister? Can't remember her name....
  6. Happycakez

    S02.E01: The Hate is Real

    And I believe that's what the mean caller on the voicemail said in one of his messages.
  7. Happycakez

    S04.E11: To Repel Ghosts

    *sigh* here we go again with the endless rape discussion....
  8. Happycakez

    Bring It!

    I think its going to be like last time, where they did a little summer tour.
  9. Happycakez

    S02.E04: Mother Schmucker's B&B

    All I could think of after hearing that the guests didn't eat was, "I bet Mary's fat ass ate. I know she didn't go without a meal." She should really listen to Kate. Her forceful and demanding way with the guests is going to ruin her business before it ever gets off the ground.
  10. Happycakez

    Eseni: The One With The Boyfriend

    I thought it would be interesting to note that Eseni's boyfriend Darnell was actually on an episode of MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen.
  11. Happycakez

    Christie: "It's Spelled 'Christ-i-e!'"

    Ok, good. So it wasn't just me who was weirded out by that. I cannot remember, but is Christie the one who said Jesus was flirting with her? Also thought it was kinda weird when the other chick asked her how to spell her name. It just seemed like something that was whispered in her ear to ask just so we could get that hilarious, "Christ-i-e..."
  12. Happycakez

    S02.E11: The Apology

    What meme?
  13. Loved "smile, or go to jail".
  14. Happycakez

    Bring It!

    I agree with everything you've written. I also think it's interesting that the show chose to feature sunjai and not her twin sisters who are also on the team. I'm curious to know if Selena is as over the top with them as she is with Sunjai.
  15. Happycakez

    All Episodes Discussion: The Daily Double

    Did anyone notice the kid, Josiah, clicking the button so freaking hard? What was with that?