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  1. I believe the story 100 %. Bethenny uses everyone. She used Carole. She used Dennis even after his death which was so disrespectful to his family. She used Dorinda to connect with Hilary Clinton when she wanted her for her podcast. She used Paul for his connections and experience with people in production to push through her BigShot show. She is very calculating in her relationships, lying about, trashing and dumping people who don't feed into her ego and attempts to present herself as the Best, First and most Innovative at everything she does. This is her end goal, to make herself the centre of the universe. Just listen to her podcasts, and especially the one with Danny Pellegrino where she showed her true colours. She treated him like shit. She burns through people. Just ask Fredrik, her parents, her friends, her former castmates, her ex partners. She is now left with Dorinda and Sonja (who I see frequently avails herself of free Skinnygirl products to promote) Hats off to @HunterHunted for being brave enough to say it on Reddit. Now when you google "Bethenny" the other side of the feud with Carole is out there.
  2. Let's guess at her new tagline: I'm an enigma wrapped in: 1. Shame 2. Lies 3. Scandal 4. 💩
  3. After this report today I have so many questions. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-12-14/judge-freezes-assets-lawyer-tom-girardi-cites-millions-unpaid-to-clients 1. Is this for real? Have Girardi's assets really been frozen? Are there actual court documents available for us to see? 2. Is there really going to be a criminal investigation? What does this mean for Tom and Erika? 3. How is it possible that Tom's firm only has $15,000 in its operating accounts and not able to make payroll? How can this be? 4. Why is it being alleged that Tom is unable to understand the seriousness of this situation due to concerns about his "mental competency"? Has he lost his mind? 5. Does Erika still give Zero Fucks? None, not one, zero, zero, zero, done? And does she still stand by these words to her song? : " Collagen, yeah, collagen Ain't signin' no checks Keep on runnin', keep on runnin' Runnin' them lips What'd you just say my friend? Money's making me deaf Alligator, alligator Drippin' in storms Eighteen karat, eighteen karat Up in my bones Best things in life are free So I'll keep on spending" ???? Will this eventually be addressed by Bravo? Or will Erika continue to film and refuse to comment due to ongoing litigation? Really, how XXPEN$IVE is it to be Erika Jayne? At the very least half a million a year just for glam. Know that. Why is Kyle not instagramming/ tweeting to Erika about transparency and just being honest? What about Rinna "You better believe I'm gonna talk about it?" How much did Tom pay for Erika to play Roxie Hart on Broadway? So many questions. Can we have a poster who has legal background make comment?
  4. null Some sucker actually paid $299 for this shit. https://www.cameo.com/v/5fb748881e84a9001d517e42 She even manages to get a promo for her new show and podcast in here. And now this: https://okmagazine.com/exclusives/bethenny-frankel-the-big-shot-behind-the-scenes-drama/
  5. Because she is losing and trying to regain Instagram and Twitter followers. They are decreasing daily. Her podcast is tanking and her TV show with the fuckhead Mark Burnett is on hold. She is desperate for attention. She is not in the spotlight anymore because she is no longer a celebrity due to Bravo calling her "I am worth more, so pay me this" bluff. Backfired. She thought that she was more of a celeb than her RHONY status. Turns out no one is interested in her other than as a "housewife". It feels strange posting this in the media thread, as Bethenny is no longer really media worthy. If we check the media she in not mentioned at all. She is just a former housewife like Vicky G or Tamra from OC.
  6. Full makeup and hair styled. So relatable. After shaming people for wearing eyelashes.
  7. I strongly suspect that Bethenny must be regretting her decision to leave RHONY. Since then, due to Covid, her HBO max show has been put on hold. It was likely costing alot of money to get her hair and makeup and camera people for those BigShotWithB shots. She surely was counting on that show to remain in the spotlight where she quenches her endless thirst. The relationship with Paul has ended for whatever reasons. (We can all speculate about that) She is losing followers on social media every day and this must have resulted in loss of revenue from her SkinnyGirl brand. She has been reduced to producing a podcast that doesn't even run every week and isn't showing up on any charts. She is trying so hard to be polarizing for attention on twitter, but people have just about had it with her outrageous statements so that has backfired on her. Her appearances on other podcasts where she is name dropping, bragging and just being irritating are certainly not helping. Covid has affected many people resulting in so much sadness and loss and at the very least, disappointment. If she would just admit to being just as vulnerable as the rest of us regular folk she may have a chance to redeem herself, and yet she continues to pose in her fabulous clothes and brag about her famous connections and post her inane instagram stories about chewing and bags of chips and salad dressing. Weeks ago she dropped a big tease about Andy Cohen as guest on her podcast, but since then not a word about it and it hasn't been aired since he was on Danny Pellegrino and Heather Thompson's podcasts. There is definitely something not quite right going on with Beth lately. Welcome to the real world SkinnyGirl. Enjoy your HSN appearances. Has she burned her RHONY bridge after she has let it be known that she is above all of that? Will be interesting to see.
  8. Now a week after she took a girl's trip to Florida, and two days after she went out to a restaurant for dinner, yesterday she tested positive for Covid. On Saturday she went to a soccer game with Hayes. She's a fool.
  9. I think she has spent a shit ton of her money trying to make her Big Shot with Bethenny happen, which will tank. I don't think that her podcast is making her any money. It's not even making the charts. She is losing twitter and instagram followers by the thousands which will impact on her sponsors. Also suspect that SkinnyGirl products are tanking. Now she is partnering with Adam and Eve trying to promote her supplements. Her real estate deals failed. She is desperate and needing money. Her financial future is at risk and her only money maker SkinnyGirl is losing $$$. Would not be surprised if she tries to come back to RHONY for the income. Hope that they turn her down.
  10. I wouldn't doubt that Rinna would suggest that Amelia have a child with him. That would make her a grandma to a Kardashian Kousin.
  11. Definitely not anymore. He made comments after the interview that made it obvious that he was not pleased. I love Danny too. He is trying to be so sweet and she just crushes him. Here is the interview. Bethenny is so far up her own ass it's just so cringy. Poor Danny. She made him feel like shit. She lost alot of followers after this. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/danny-bethenny-frankel/id1279562874?i=1000496337042
  12. Bethenny has been making some comments lately that have resulted in her losing thousands of followers on facebook, twitter and instagram, according to charts. The BigShot show was on the back burner, simmering, slowly. Looks like the burner has been turned to the off position. Her podcast is tanking. Her boyfriend has split with her. Her podcast with Danny Pellegrino was just horrible. Absolutely horrible. I wonder if she wishes she was still on RHONY.
  13. Back when B. was trying to hype her podcast she (thanks to her assistants) made the top 10. Now she has disappeared from the charts altogether. No one gives a shit. Go To Sleep, Bethenny. She is the day before yesterday news, except here, where we continue to make fun at her expense. She's just so easy to drag.
  14. I for one am going to insist on all the details and more importantly, the Truth! Just Be Honest, Erika! What really happened? Rumour is that you had an affair.
  15. Likely Paul has a good friend that she will be dating now. After all why waste that perfectly good condo that she and Paul bought in Boston.
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