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  1. You're not a terrible person. Someone needs to go after Sonja. They all need to go after Sonja. It's time for the free food and free booze to end for this woman. The gravy train has reached it's last whistle stop.
  2. I think that there should be a "Rinna" meme. Someone who stirs up shit and then hides their hands, or someone who makes a stupid joke, slaps their side and laughs uproariously at their own joke. Come to think of it, I know a few "Rinnas", and they are not invited around anymore.
  3. I'm thinking wry bread. Looks like she is saying a big FU to QVC as she has been posting support of the Trevor Project on her Instagram. Gee, hope she doesn't get fired for not adhering to the "muzzling." threat. That would prove her right. LOL. What a surprise that would be. ETA: Loose Lips Sink Ships
  4. Actually Ramona is not in New York, she's in the Hamptons. I guess Leah doesn't follow.
  5. They all get away with too much, including Leah.
  6. Didn't seem genuine to me. Apparently just keeping it real: https://www.tmz.com/2015/11/02/lisa-rinna-swastika-halloween-costume-apology/
  7. Andy claims that he has no say in hiring and firing. Believe it or not.
  8. Not sure it it's true, but rumour has it on Twitter that Brandi is being fired.
  9. Using Kyle's logic. Erika Girardi was "guest shaming" Sutton.
  10. It almost seems like either they just don't care or they purposefully make themselves offensive for attention.
  11. Or about Garcelle. Not beyond the realm of possibility. "You're a black person," Glanville said with a laugh, horrifying Giraud and fellow costars Yolanda Foster, Carlton Gebbia, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. "All my black friends cant swim," she continued. "Is that bad?" Glanville later explained that "it was a joke, and my black friends would have laughed crazy because they don't go in the pool because they will get their weave f--cked up." "I know what I said was definitely inappropriate, but I say a lot of inappropriate things. It was definitely not sensitive and I apologize to anyone I offended. But to be honest with you, Andy, my friends joke with each other this way and they're all different backgrounds. So, I'm sorry and I guess you're not ready for the real Brandi? Should I censor myself?" (Joyce has just entered the discussion)
  12. (Nod to Walnut Queen and hoping that she will show up soon)
  13. That was my first thought. It's likely that production is doing a deep scrub / edit in order to ensure that there is no risk of anyone coming across as racist or offensive. This would be a big job considering that they would have to look at every single episode that's left to maintain continuity if they remove scenes. Funny how now that matters after all we've seen and all we know about some of the housewives. Actually, not so funny.
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