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  1. My sister is the biggest dog advocate that I know. Her little guy is older now, and she won't go anywhere without him. He can't walk very far at a time. A carrier is the best solution. She had a mishap once at the airport where the carrier he was in was attached to her luggage and tipped over. She was freaking out because he could have been hurt. The backpack that Jill is using would have been perfect for her getting him around the airport safely. I'm going to tell her about it.
  2. She's back, at least for a minute. https://www.eonline.com/ca/news/1101816/brandi-glanville-teases-juicy-and-violent-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-return
  3. Yes. This is it. All of this is the reason why I finally saw B for who she is. The way she rewrites everything in her life to suit her "victim" narrative. Her childhood, her marriage, every situation that she feigned to find herself in, homeless, lost at sea, bleeding to death, on an airplane with deadly fish, in an uber with a mean driver. She is just so manipulative, dishonest, dramatic, disengenouis, attention seeking. Everyone in her life has victimized her, mother, father, stepfather, husband, friends, uber drivers. If she had siblings they would have been the same horrible people. Bethenny's "story". Written by Bethenny. She has endured endless torture, but has risen above it all. The worst phony housewife ever.
  4. I can't believe she's pushing one of those "increase blood flow to your lady garden" pills ("a fourth (supplement) to enhance female intimacy and “elevate sensation and improve blood flow.") The jaw-dropping image of "improved blood flow" to Frankel's nether regions aside ("get off my elevated sensation jock!") this is her big play, post RHoNY? WTF? I'm wondering two things: maybe the judge finally enforced the initial divorce agreement (that neither party would deride/discuss each other publicly) and that's why we've heard nothing - maybe there's finally a penalty in play if Frankel ignores the stipulation. I also wonder if something changed in the wake of that creepy video of Bryn groping Bethenny's breasts. IIRC, the judge wanted final briefs in the fall - maybe Hoppy's lawyer included that video & the judge also found it disturbing & the decision was delayed a few months? If the final decision had not yet been made, I would find it difficult to believe that a judge would award full custody to Bethenny after having seen that video. Bad move on her part, but then she does like to push the envelope until someone with more clout pushes back. Eg: SkinnyGirl Facebook page removing her Bryn grabbing boob video, and deleting her Uber war tweets when twitter dragged her. Likely due to Skinnygirl PR people advising her. Regarding her new supplements: Meh. Will go the way of Sonja's toaster oven and Beth's SkinnyGirl blender.
  5. She's setting up a "short term rental" for her and the kids in LA so that Hart can access physical therapy. Is there no such thing available in Missouri or somewhere closer to home? She's also let Andy know that she is interested in returning to the show as "friend of". Coincidence?
  6. Love her or hate her, her Cabaret is still going strong and she seems to having a blast.
  7. Remember the Truth or Dare game when Bethenny tried to get Tinsley to phone Scott? Tinsley refused because Scott wouldn't like it. Imagine if someone tried to shame Beth into calling Paul. Don't think that would go over too well. Judging by his ducking away on her instastories I suspect that Paul would not have been impressed with Bethenny calling him on a dare with a bunch of drunken screeching women in the background.
  8. After she left the show she acted like RH franchise was beneath her. She was moving on to bigger and better things, then when those didn't pan out because well, too much Bethenny is just too much Bethenny, she had to come back to plug SG and keep herself in front of cameras. I will not be surprised should she try to make a comeback when she fails to "execute" her new productions. And the Beat Goes On....La dee da.
  9. Poor Kyle has anxiety from filming RHOBH. "More drama than we can handle right now". Just what Kyle needs, more anxiety. Funny how last season in France it was all "Aren't we all having so much fun without LVP? So relaxing and not stressful without that black cloud hanging over us!" But now sans LVP, it's stressful again. Hmmm. https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/12/07/rhobh-kyle-richards-lisa-vanderpump-filming-stress/ Poor Brandi is also so stressed out from filming. " “I am back and I’m stressed out,” she confessed. “You forget how stressful these things can be". A third housewife may not even be back because it's so intense. https://allaboutthetea.com/2019/12/10/brandi-glanville-reveals-rhobh-fight/ Who can blame LVP for jumping ship from this anxiety/stress inducing shitshow that is causing yet another to abandon? I guess for some, the $$$ and camera time is worth it all. If Brandi and Kyle are trying to bring attention to draw former fans back in, well, not falling for it. I'll read all about it in the funny papers.
  10. I used to love B. She was funny, self deprecating and the underdog. Can't remember when or why I crossed over. It had something to do with some of the narrative that she was putting forward not really seeming to be as truthful as it should be. I started looking beyond her words and into her actions. That was it for me.
  11. Can't blame him at all for this. Very few boyfriends or husbands of housewives come out of it looking good. Actually now that I think of it very few housewives come out of the show looking good.
  12. I would prefer something natural like a big vase full of sunflowers or tulips.
  13. Meghan has High Hopes. Bless her heart. "Meghan, 35, told Us Weekly exclusively on Friday, December 6, that when it comes to coparenting with Jim, 49, she has “really high hopes for the future, in every way.” https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/meghan-king-edmonds-on-coparenting-with-jim-edmonds/?utm_source=relicagency&utm_medium=Partner&utm_campaign=relicagencymeghan
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