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  1. Steph is too nice. Kam needs a good verbal bitch slap. I swear. LeeAnn would tell that child who was locked in a closet and sexually abused for years that her childhood was worse. Shut up LeeAnn. Let it go. Let it go... You're having all these parties for your wedding. You're getting married. Stop the pissing contest. You asked Kary about her childhood. Oh wait. She probably did that to start the pissing contest. D'Andra apologized. And now you want her to grovel as well. Brandi must use the same spray tan as the President.
  2. I have a headache listening to all the screaming on this shit show. I would have gone berzerk if I had to listen to that freaken whistle if I was on a train or in a restaurant. I don't care about Gina or Emily so I don't care about the date fight. Shannon: It's Gina and 'me' not Gina and 'I'. No wonder Vickie was demoted. The woman who visited her son at college and made a fool of herself in front of her son's friends is now a prude. Kelly is right on that one. Braun's laugh is so grating. Tamra and Braun: Get a room.
  3. Note to Sandy: This is how you manage a radio situation. Love Capt. Lee's response to how he is today. He didn't see his name in the obits, so it's all good. Not caring for Courtney but I'm liking Simone. Don't know what to make of the deck crew And Kevin hasn't really proved himself to me as a great chef so I'm on the stews side. The engagement was cute but I'm sure she knew it was coming. Ashton better watch himself on the free nights out. He could really get himself in trouble with his crew. He's a boss now. Next charter should be interesting. Hello Brandi. Yuk.
  4. I would like to think that rather than TPTB were implying that Noah was somehow gay for taking dance/ballet lessons, they were implying since Prince George was taking lessons because he liked it, it was okay. See Lara Spencer. Okay, I could very well be wrong. i do hope.
  5. Travis gave D'Andra good advice. And I loved his conversation with Steph. Kary: Stop trying to make it like you're trying to convince your daughter to get a career. She told you she wants to get a nursing degree after getting her college degree. Just shut up. I think her daughter wished it as well. She filmed with you although it seemed that she didn't want to. It was really nice to see Cary. I miss her. Gosh. She's got a rocking body. Was Kam's voice over at the shower about Cary or Brandi? It seemed it was about Cary. Correct me if I'm wrong. Kam, you are pretentious. And Travis is spot on about you. She kept talking over Steph at the shower. No one ever has had a life as bad as Leeanne. She's in a peeing contest with anyone who dares to go there. I loved Brandi's comment about a single when Leeanne said a double wide.
  6. This just in: Emily is on WWHL and confirmed that Shane did not pass the BAR.
  7. God. Why do we have to watch procedures on down there on these housewife shows? Waxing (multiple times). rejuvenation, whatever Shannon had done and who knows what. It's just so.... I thought Eddie handled Emily well. I couldn't believe she weighed that much. Actually I was kind of shocked. Emily 'should' be concerned. So much Archie tonight. Yay. Looks like he doesn't tear his stuffed toys apart. Good boy. I wish I could say the same about my dog. I'm not interested in Gina's dates or her ex husband. Actually, I'm not interested in Gina at all. I hope Shannon continues to do well with her food line. Kelly? She just is disturbing on so many levels.
  8. Capt. Sandy: Pay attention. This is how to be a captain.
  9. Yeah, that kid would not be able to get where he ended up without a 'high level' security card. Ridiculous.
  10. I hate Carisi as an ADA. He gets less screen time and we don't get to see the person that many of us has come to love and enjoy. Enough of William Lewis. When did Benson take the captain's test? As far as I know you still have to take a test to become a captain. Next levels up are appointed. Captain and lower ranks require a test. Oh wait. This is Olivia Benson world. No Noah scenes. Yay.
  11. Go away Sandy. She's so all over the place. She's so f'ing hungry. Take another look at Below Deck and see how Captain Lee does it.
  12. I think it's because they have been filming next season.
  13. No. The son who is older has a different father.
  14. Thank goodness it's over. Could the Michael thing be rehashed any more times? Shut up Candy. Shut up Karen. It's none of your business if Michael thanked Ashley for her support publicly. Barbecue guy Chris looked ridiculous in his ascot and red velvet slip ons. Dude. You're a deadbeat dad and there's nothing about you that is classy no matter how much you try. Candy and her little tissue squares that probably only have black smudges on them. Stop with the pretend tears. Hm.... Katie wasn't even invited for a segment....
  15. What a confusing episode. It just seems that everything was all over the place.
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