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  1. Dani doesn't have a child. You're probably thinking of Jennifer.
  2. Well, I've gotta say I'm on the other side of the poo. I'm not team Denise or Garcell. .Denise is a bullshitter. Between the make believe paps she sees and her concern about her daughters, give me a break. And what's with Aaron? And then there is Garcell who I found to be quite boring, along with Sutton. Brandy can just go away.
  3. Did Andy read Jenn the riot act to shut up or did Bill give her a couple of valium? I don't remember saying that. If I saw what Danielle was doing I would have stopped it. I didn't pay for Joe's vacation. Yeah. Sure Tre.
  4. Wow Jenna. What a bitch. Team Madison. For all her complaining about her stews, all we see Jenna do is flirt with Adam and dry some dishes. What's your priority Jenna? Flirting with Adam and trying to get him into bed or the guests and being a leader to your stews? Parker does need to learn a lot but that doesn't mean he's always wrong. Nuff said abut these guests. I don't recall any worse on the Below Deck series.
  5. Sorry, doing cosmetic surgery on your spouse is just all sorts of creepy to me. It just is.
  6. Maybe the other side of the couch came off 'dull' was because Jen wouldn't shut up and let any of them finish a sentence. Just sayin......
  7. STFU Jenn. Even Andy was getting really annoyed with her. Loved when Jenn said to Jackie(?) to shut the fuck up and Mel says "Oh, you don't like it" in a certain tone. I think most of us wanted to applaud. So Jen gives her husband bj's in the bathroom? I don't think so. She doesn't like taking the flack about her sex life. I think she looked like a fool about saying that it was ok that Tre would like a boy and have one with a new husband but Mel couldn't because she already has three kids. And Mel's response was that so it would be ok to have another child with a new man.
  8. Sorry but what a yawn..... They even dragged out the rehearsal dinner. And the day before the wedding. And the night before the wedding. And Lisa shows up. Make it stop. Please! Enough Kristen. You're just soooo desperate with what's his name. What was with the pajamas she was wearing? I thought Lala's bikini was cute....except for the back bottom.
  9. Interesting. Parker and Georgia were the guests tonight on WWHL and Madison was in the audience. IMO, I would have rather seen Madison as a guest. Anyhow, Andy did ask her a few questions and she did say that a body guard was brought on the yacht. It seems to me that it was probably a production move. I was worried that these guys would do something even worse than manhandling Madison.
  10. OMG - poor Madison. I've liked her since the beginning and I get her fear of going to Captain. It would make no sense for her to go to Jenna cause Jenna wouldn't do a damn thing. What does Jenna ever do besides hang out in the kitchen with Adam and serve plates. I thought Georgia sang very nicely. It was a good break in the shit show. What a bunch of jerks on this charter. Yeah, not cool. But they were trying so hard to. Epoxy repair can really be a pain in the butt and can be a long process.....
  11. From the other side of the pool...I didn't mind this ending. I'm glad they didn't kill him off. And I got an episode that let me look at what Grey's use to be. I miss that Grey's. Alex was always an imperfect character. So him leaving Jo wouldn't be a surprise and the fantasy of his and Izzie's ending doesn't bother me. The only sad part was missing old Grey's anatomy and Jo going through trauma again. Linc will come to her rescue.
  12. It cannot be said enough: Jenn, STFU. Tre has totally checked out. Tre saves money for her children's future???? From some of the faces Delores made when Jenn was talking, I think she wished she was the other couch. I could go on and on about the comments Jenn has made so far but she's not worth the time...or the attention.
  13. I would go by common sense, not the what the law is or isn't.
  14. Oh, and explain me this. Lisa is ok filming two days after her mother died to explain to Brit and Jax why she won't be at their wedding. And then she has her business partner over to tell her how devastated she was. And then she goes to TomTom or whatever to check on things. Maybe it's me but if I found out that my mother died, I would quickly be on a plane to wherever she was to make proper arrangements and follow ups. Filming a show would be the least of my priorities. I just shake my head.
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