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  1. breezy424

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I actually think that Tins calling 911 wasn't that unusual. It depends on the town you live in. Where I live now and where I used to live in NJ, fire departments are mostly volunteer and if they're not busy, they'll come. And they're great. So are small town police. I've never heard of freezing an animal but given her explanation, it wasn't all that bazaar. I've waited for family to be there before putting a animal down. So why is freezing after death that different if her sister wanted to say good bye? Sorry, I'm a little sensitive today. Had to bring our dog to the emergency animal hospital today. She was limping and we didn't know why. After an ortho exam, the vet thinks it's likely a soft tissue injury. Meds and keeping her quiet the next few days and wait and see. The last ten minutes in the waiting room waiting for her meds and discharge was so sad. A women came in holding an older dog with a heart problem and she was in tears. She said the dog could hardly walk. Then another person came in and asked for a gurney to transfer their dog from the car into the hospital. That poor pup. It was a larger dog and they had him wrapped in blankets. You just knew something was terribly wrong and the owners were so upset. Tins did what she thought was right. At least she didn't go on SM and be hysterical in front of a child.
  2. breezy424

    S04.E11: Can I Get a Witness

    Chris - Put your damn seatbelt on. This bugs the heck out of me with so many of these reality show people. Monique looks so great with that curly bob. So much better than the extensions that we've seen her wear. Juan wants a girl to redeem himself.. Roll me eyes. I think Candy used the tissue square just once this episode.
  3. breezy424

    S02.E07: No Thanks Given

    Really Doug? Talk about ruining Jeff's first party. Kelsey needs to stop pushing or get off the train. Justin has a career. That's how he affords the house you're living in. And that hair is just so sad....
  4. Well, I hope there's a light on it at night if apparently it can't be taken down cause wouldn't that be the easier thing to do to fix i? Sorry. I have a thing about people leaving a flag up 24/7 without a light.
  5. Yikes! Sorry Beth, you're age is showing. You need a better plastic surgeon to do something about those fake breasts.
  6. breezy424

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    How many of us would literally stand up and applaud if this ever happens?
  7. breezy424

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    Hm. Take a look in the mirror Beth and all your posts on social media. Are 90 percent of your posts show you in your pj's without any make up? Hypocrite.
  8. breezy424

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    Not much else to add but I can't state it enough: Shut up Beth. And....I wish they showed a clip of Beth being on social media being hysterical about Cookie dying when she was making snarky faces when Tins was talking about calling 911 for Bambi. I have no doubt that Beth would have called 911 if she had thought of it. As Doris once said; Money talks. Wealth whispers. Apparently not when it comes to Tins. They all want access to Tin's bank statements. Ro? Really? You lie a lot just like Beth exaggerates. We got both your numbers.
  9. breezy424

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Neither Teddi or Kyle said that Teddi showed her the texts before they went to VPD. Teddi and Kyle both stated that Teddi showed her the texts in the Bahamas. Kyle knew nothing about the dog situation until they were at LVD.
  10. breezy424

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    I really don't get the Naomi/Metul relationship. She's so different when she's around him....she's so submissive. Imagine if Craig was like that? She'd tell him to eff off. I'm enjoying the ski trip so far. Well, except for Craig's melt downs. Don't ya just love group trips? 🙂
  11. breezy424

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Kyle was never a producer on the show. IIRC she was the first one approached to do the show and suggested many of the other women.
  12. breezy424

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Obviously she cares. If she quit months ago then why not announce it then? She was certainly asked about it. If she did announce it months ago, then maybe one could say it was a one finger salute. For me, it was a last minute maneuver to try and save face so she can say that she wasn't fired because that would have been the consequences of not showing up for the reunion.
  13. breezy424

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    LVP didn't quit the show months before. She quit the day before the reunion and as discussed at the reunion, she did it because she knew she would have been fired if she hadn't shown. She was well aware of what happened with Adrienne.
  14. breezy424

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    For me that was Andy calling her out on her hypocrisy given what LVP had to say about Adrianne not showing up.