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  1. No matter how hard they're trying to make Station 19 'happen', it's not going to happen with me. I don't care about next week on Station 19, I'm not going to watch. Yeah, it was a disappointing episode. Linc should know if he's the father. Owen should know if he's the father. I love when Mer gets all indignant about not being told something when she breaks the rules so often. Jo - go to Iowa. Yeah, I know that TPTB don't know what to do with Alex so that would be too simple.
  2. I'm so confused. They were gas lighting Luna but wasn't Luna trying to seduce Bobby in the hotel? At least that was my impression. I didn't record the episode so I couldn't go back and replay it. At least we had a lot of Carisi. But....no Ice T. Sad face.
  3. Ok. It did really bug me that Marg said that because Jen didn't work outside the home equates to Jen never worked. Stay at home parents work. And they work hard. However, I'm pretty sure that Jen has people who work for her. Otherwise, how does she manage to have time for shopping for all her Chanel and furniture hand picked from China. Most stay at home parents use the time when the baby is sleeping or in school to take a shower, do laundry, clean, grocery shop, etc. I don't think Jen has to deal with these things. And looking at her kids, she's not all that involved. I can't stand Jen. I don't get her ego. What is she so proud of that she can come out with the statements she makes. Hey Jen, according to your husband, you're not doing a lot of sucking or anything else. I'll admit it. I'd rather play miniature golf over parasailing. I spent my childhood summers at the Jersey shore. That was one of my fondest memories. We lived most of our lives close to the shore and our kids loved going down there to play. I don't know if I would want to put my life in the hands of a doctor who got that shit faced. Shrug. Sorry Tre, you got read. Let's see how you get out of this one. Ugh. Next week we get to see the trip to Italy. No thanks. Not interested.
  4. Lisa - put your f'ing seatbelt on properly. Beau - would be btter to put that casserole on the middle rack. What troubled me is that most of them knew about the pastor for the last six months. And it takes all this time for Tom to confront Jax. After they finally decide to change pastors. Shut up Tom. If you or anyone else was that upset, say it when you found out. Not two weeks before the wedding and a new pastor was decided on. Get out Raquel. No. You really need to get out.
  5. Anyone else get the feeling that Kate may be joining the RHNY next season? Andy did say to Kate that she looked like a RH. She did move to NY last year and it looks like Tinsley may be moving to Chicago permanently since she's marrying Scott. I would actually enjoy Kate being on the show. Imagine the snark.
  6. I'm still liking Capt. Glenn. Maybe I should put my glasses on. LOL These guests are weird. Paget and Cierra are gonna have rough seas. So now we know they started dating when she was 18 and he was 22. The second half of the episode was moving fast. I had a hard time keeping up with the scene changing. Four knots is my kind of sailing. I call it cocktail cruising. I'm still liking Madison but Georgia may eventually be a problem.
  7. The brus still thought they could 'win'. Nope. They all came off looking worse. That's not me. Yeah, it is you brus. We all saw it. Note to Asston. Capt. Lee did not say that Kate was his best friend. He said she was like a daughter to him. Big difference. And Kate didn't say what he claimed. She said 'How is your mother'. I could go on. Even watching the actual show, apparently he still gets it wrong. But now he's stop drinking and is in therapy....for a couple of weeks, If that. I don't know what Simone was saying about people of color and the yachting industry because she tends to speak very fast and I can't understand her. Loved Court's answer to Brian at the end of the show. Yeah, Brian, you're not all that. Lee is over it.
  8. Ok episode. Pac North storyline is apparently over. What was the point? Looks like Alex is sailing into the sunset with the leaving him the opportunity to return to the show. So, this is the first time we've seen McWidow's children. So was it an interracial marriage or were they adopted. Just curious where the storyline is going. Enough with Amelia's baby daddy. Get the damn results. I liked the married dancers. Of course the scene in the cafeteria would be impossible in the real world. The residents are boring and I just don't care.
  9. I actually liked this episode a lot. Saint Olivia took a step back. Loved Carissi. And I'm really liking the sergeant (sorry, I forget his name). I agree that Kat would be a better fit for the undercover. Loved seeing Delaney Williams. Almost as good as Elizabeth Marvel. I wonder if the sergeant will return since they're hinting at a romance with Rollins.
  10. Well, it was a senior prom. There 'may' have been a few 15 year olds but for the most part it was other seniors in the 17, 18 and some 19 years olds. I don't know exactly how old Frankie is old but I didn't get the 'creepy' vibes that others are getting. I think the reality was that it was a set up for camera time.
  11. Jen, Jen, Jen: That lipliner makes you look like a clown. Do a google and find out how lipliner is done correctly. It's Point Pleasant. I've been so many times. I can't figure out exactly where the house is. Waypoint is on the Manasquan River. Was there many years ago. I'm assuming Jenk's is Jenkinson's Beach. My god, that prom thing was ridiculous. My kids went to pre prom parties and the parents were there to take pictures. That was over the top. But it's Tre. Imagine when Jen's kids go to prom. Well, if they go. David and Delores scenes are so uncomfortable to watch. Next episode should be interesting. Yeah Jen, you work harder than everyone cause you have five kids. I'm not saying that being a full time parent isn't hard. It is but you also have all the help you need and still have all the time to spend shopping. On yourself. Obviously, not on your kids.
  12. I don't know who is more desperate this season. Scheana or Kristen. And then we have Raquel standing the shadow. Dayna was spot on asking Scheana if she's 34 or 14. James: you're such a liar and Lisa is seeing right through you. I'm not going to criticize Ariana about depression. How she's feeling could very well be true. It happens to people in all sorts of circumstances. I keep fearing that Giggy is going to break (literally). I thought that was him at PRIDE or maybe it was the other one. Or maybe both.
  13. I enjoyed the episode...mostly. The couple that was supposed to get married? Well, we'll see when they get off the yacht. I didn't care for any of the guests. Glen is so freakin laid back. He's like some sailing captains I know. I'm still liking him. Jenna? Really? A little soon to get that friendly with the chef. I'm liking Madison and Georgia. We'll see what happens with Paget and Cierra. I don't know about Parker.
  14. Big losers of the night: Ashton who seemed to think it important to ask Capt Lee how many charters he's done recently along with Kate. The guy is desperate and going down in flames. Simone and her defense that Kate should have 'taught her' while Court didn't need training on service. I don't care if you have a math degree. You sucked on service for most of the season. Brian and Tanner were all over the place defending themselves. At least Tanner was getting a bit of perspective toward the end. Kevin was the one who understood how mostly he came across. He's still an asshole. It's all about relativity on this. I didn't see how Andy was favoring the brus. I think they're gonna get theirs next week. By Capt Lee. I think Asston being adamant about it not being his girlfriend's yacht was protesting too much. I'm sure it's some kind of technicality.
  15. Well, from the other side of the pool. I kinda liked Meg. I'll take her over Gina, Emily and Braun. I'll go back to sipping my beverage.
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