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  1. Bethenny was asking similar questions when she met him several seasons ago and I don't think we ever got a real answer from him or Sonja.
  2. Lol right. 5 pounds doesn't relegate you to a dress that's basically a bath robe.
  3. A glass of wine with dinner. LOL. Just say you're ready to get trashed during the vacation, Luann.
  4. Why do they all sound like they just got done screaming and chainsmoking with a congested nose for 24hrs straight?
  5. I love Dorinda's look. Edit: Nevermind. They just showed her pants and I'm no longer a fan. I do like her hair though. Torso and up is fab!
  6. She made it a big deal by presenting herself as an introspective, recovering alcoholic.
  7. I'm more concerned about Rory turning out to be a serial adulterer/side chick and possible soon-to-be outside baby mama.
  8. I guess you've not been watching House Hunters lately. "Used sex toy dishwashers" and brown ice are hot right now. I think she's smart to cash in on the trend while it lasts. 🤷🏾‍♀️
  9. LOL! I know! Everyone here who said the sobriety enlightenment was an act was right!
  10. I thought the same. I got flashbacks to the pageant coach couple in the HBO documentary, Living Dolls, in their big ass mansion with the perfect pageant queen 11 year old daughter.
  11. Seriously! She's going to go full blown munchausen's in a few years.
  12. Nancie is awful. I can't even begin to imagine what an asshole she had to have been in high school if this is her as an adult.
  13. Our friend Crystal from Wyoming is currently in the joint for meth dealing! https://k2radio.com/casper-woman-sentenced-to-prison-in-methamphetamine-conspiracy/
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