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  1. WhoaWhoKnew

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    It's prob the official flop house for Carribbean pirates and wayward Italians.
  2. WhoaWhoKnew

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    LOVE this 5 minute advertisement for Dorinda's new neighborhood!
  3. WhoaWhoKnew

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    JJ life lesson #356864: never pick anyone up at court ordered community service.
  4. Which one of you evil bitches put that note outside Bethenny's door? I love how her housekeeper clearly couldn't give two squirts of piss about the Denis mementos.
  5. I have never heard a more accurate comparison in my life.
  6. Did we just see Sonja hold Coco hostage?
  7. I hate Barbara, tbh.
  8. LOL @ Dorinda and Erika having the same TH look this season.
  9. IDEK. I'd rather be in the fish room than the room Dorinda and Luann were just in with the thick great grandma curtains.
  10. I hate that Luann's bad behavior got rewarded.
  11. WhoaWhoKnew

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    Just lately?
  12. WhoaWhoKnew

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    The situations may be staged, but these bitches show exactly who they are deep down. Luann is an elitist hypocrite, Ramona is an emotionally stunted POS, Sonja is a deluded wacko, Dorinda is a trashbag drunk, Tinsley is an airhead with 0 self esteem, and Bethenny is a neurotic mess who needs a 24/7 valium drip. If these are characters they are playing and they are totally different irl, then move over Katherine Hepburn, this cast deserves ALL of the Oscars.
  13. WhoaWhoKnew

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    Lol seriously! It looked dreary as fuck! Have they run out of restaurants that'll let them film get togethers?
  14. I've watched from the beginning, I do frequent rewatches, and I have no fucking idea. I don't think we ever got a concrete reason.