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  1. WhoaWhoKnew

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    Tori's entire body of work since May 2000 has almost exclusively involved her trainwreck personal life, so it shouldn't be surprising that people talk and feel some kinda way about it.
  2. WhoaWhoKnew

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    This was cute, I guess. I plan to keep watching, but if it's canceled, I'm cool with that too.
  3. WhoaWhoKnew

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    We got the Kelly&Donna twirl!!
  4. WhoaWhoKnew

    Seasons 1-3: High School Years

    Perhaps I'm forgetting, but I don't seem to remember any moments showing Kelly being an especially good friend to anyone throughout the show's run, yet everyone lined up to treat her like a queen. Even Val, who Kelly treated like trash from the second she met her, came to her rescue at the high school reunion.
  5. WhoaWhoKnew

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Watching the blind scammer. He uses people's empathy for the disabled to get free Sonic and then has the audacity to rage at everyone else for thinking he's an asshole. Grow up!
  6. I feel like Ramona is always in a bathroom.
  7. Drunk LuAnn was more tolerable, tbh.
  8. The Miami house is gorgeous!!! My fave vacation house thus far.
  9. WhoaWhoKnew


    How does a pop culture junkie like Rory not know what a Birkin bag is?
  10. WhoaWhoKnew

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    It's prob the official flop house for Carribbean pirates and wayward Italians.
  11. WhoaWhoKnew

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    LOVE this 5 minute advertisement for Dorinda's new neighborhood!
  12. WhoaWhoKnew

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    JJ life lesson #356864: never pick anyone up at court ordered community service.
  13. Which one of you evil bitches put that note outside Bethenny's door? I love how her housekeeper clearly couldn't give two squirts of piss about the Denis mementos.
  14. I have never heard a more accurate comparison in my life.