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  1. gaPeach

    S11 E22: Reunion Part 2

    This is a true statement, but this season Nene was just awful...….ok she is usually awful but this season she was awful 100% of the time. Every event/vacation she went on with the girls (except Destin) she was Debbie Downer. Even Eva's wedding was about her when they had to sit down with her to discuss (again) how they are not there for her. (rolling my eyes). I don't know what she wants. And Porsha brought up a good point of how they all surprised her on whatever gig she was doing to show their support. But in Nene's world that all meant nothing. I don't blame any of them for being exhausted with being Nene's friend. If the reunion is any indication of how she will (or not) interact with the other ladies and more importantly how the other ladies will interact with her after this, she will be a big fat nothing next season. She said several times she is not friends with any of them (ok later she said maybe one or two) so if that is the case with no interaction with other cast members what is there left to do? From most of the posts on this thread it is obvious most of us are over it already. If you ask me Kandie and Nene should have changed places on the couch.
  2. gaPeach

    Alaskan Bush People

    Hahaha on the change your mind comment. And yes it is tiny but at least she is not pretending she is going to hook up her "tiny home" to a truck and hit the road. I have owned many campers and watch the tiny home nation show..…….none of those homes make any sense on the road. For what they pay they could get a totally tricked out camper with more space and easier to pull than most of the "tiny" homes on that show. Back on topic. Is anyone else missing Matt? I don't miss the saran wrap homes/shelters he built but he was my first favorite of the group. I hope whatever he is dealing with he makes out ok and comes back.
  3. gaPeach

    S11; E20 Caught in the Middle

    Has there been an episode this season that at some point someone didn't apologize to Nene or her walking away/out just to have people chase after her? This has been the Apology Tour Season.
  4. gaPeach

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    I totally believe this. They have gone over the 1 hour time slot before and it was always recorded. Can you image the outcry back when the series was the hottest thing on TV if it hadn't? Viewership has fallen and I think maybe this way the can see how much of an outcry they get from those fans of us left that still like the show and watch it every week. I don't watch live because of all the commercials. So yeah, I missed ending and only found out this morning. There is no other explanation that I can think of. It was a big ending to this episode so how could they NOT extend episode???
  5. gaPeach

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    I too only saw the first hour and my DVR cut off. I assumed that was the end of a Ho-hum episode. Only to come here this morning and find out there was another 20 minutes!!! How did they not make sure that was included in the line up for those of us that record episodes??? And it was apparently the best 20 minutes of the night. I am calling FOWL on this. I knew something was up when I saw there were 2 pages of comments this early in the morning. UGH.
  6. gaPeach

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I had a rental home with great tenants. They paid on time and were in house almost 5 years. Then I get the call that they have bed bugs. I went over there and the house was packed to the ceiling with stuff. The husband had drilled holes in the walls trying to "find" the bed bugs. Heres me thinking "Ummmm bedbugs would most likely be in the BED". It was awful. I did not even want to walk into the bedroom it was so bad. The side of their mattress was BLACK with bedbug eggs? Feces? It was so gross. they tried to tell me they have had them all 5 years they were there. Really? They were nice people but I had to have them move so I could get rid of bedbugs and sold home. I was surprised when we did walk through every thing was gone. I totally expected to get a dumpster in driveway to get rid of stuff they left (garage was slam full of boxes, junk etc). But nope, every scrap of paper they had was gone. They left nothing behind. That in itself was a amazing. It was dirty but at least I did not have to deal with their junk.
  7. gaPeach

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    I have watched every episode, Yes its like driving by an accident and not being to NOT look. I know this has been heavily edited but it seems as though there was a lot of standing around just because there were no (or very few) people renting chairs/cabanas. What exactly were they, as ambassadors, supposed to do? Maybe I don't get out enough because I just don't get it. And taking your pants off and stuffing a piece of bread in your butt while working on the beach is just wrong. I think he was drunk and lost all sense of responsibility. The fact it got him cut is not surprising. I doubt he would have made it to the final pick and it was just a way to cut him based on him being drunk/idiot without looking bad.
  8. All I could focus on was you have to insert the thingy thing in yourself...…….really? I thought they did that.
  9. gaPeach

    S09.E13: Chokepoint

    Ok the bad guy falling that far with an obvious head injury (note pool of blood by his head) and he just gets up and is more irritated then he was when he showed up...……….er…...no. He should be dead or at least have a major brain injury and not even know his name much less ready for another tumble with Daryl. I really loved this show but now...eh. I want to care about the characters left but it's a struggle. Henry just needs to either die or learn how to act. Granted his storyline sucks. Right now it a Romeo and Juliet story Zombie style. And cowboy bad guy and his minions? Where did they come from and just what? We are bad guys until you offer us a movie??? Still love Carol (even though they have made her soft) and Daryl. Speaking of Daryl could they please get him a shirt that has TWO sleeves? That really bugs me.
  10. I too was expecting a conclusion to Closetgate but we got nothing. Not even constant flash backs to Nene's freak out and tearing the camera man's shirt. Does she have that much power she can dictate what they show? Or is there some kind of court case pending? Porsha was being very vague on the whole belt thing. Didn't someone say when Nene had her freak out about "she's pregnant"? Could Nene have grabbed Porsha in the heat of......er whatever Nene's problem was that night and that is why its so hush hush? I personally think Nene was medicated that night. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but her floating around before the party started, her weird issue with Marlo about coming to her house the day before, her meltdown at the table (she really sounded like she was having a meltdown) and then the whole closet thing. Now, we did not get closure on Closetgate….something is up.
  11. gaPeach

    S09.E12: Guardians

    The Whispers are a ridiculous enemy. They wander all day long with zombies, wear smelly masks even in camp and eat worms. Why would anyone follower this lady? They have no guns and their weapons are crude. It just doesn't compute. Hilltop could have wiped them all out the first time they showed up at their gate. I love this show but my love is dying slowly with every episode. And she talks....whispers too much too. What is it with these long winded bad guys?
  12. gaPeach

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    I am glad to know I am not the only one that finds these huge home with all the white, black and gray colors with the minimalist look ugly. Why is this such a "hot" look now? To me its cold and uninviting. I like the warm tones in a home and not the sterile void of any character looking homes. And I love Flagg. I bet he would be cool to hang out with.
  13. gaPeach

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    And I swear when he first talked to the Brits he said his budget was 5-10M so that is what they showed him. When he came up with the whole WOW thing it came out of left field. Now they are looking at 22M property? It made the Brits look stupid and unnecessary for the show. Producer produced dumbness...……..
  14. gaPeach

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    I thought his video was cute too. I was afraid it was going to be too cheesy but it seemed just right. I love Flagg. Tracey said her client was a hippy at heart...…….a hippy that can afford a 3-4 million dollar house! And she needs to back off the plastic surgery.
  15. Well most said what I was going to post so I will keep it short. Totally on the Marge team. Yeah what she said was below the belt but she did apologize and it was sincere (IMHO). Most could not have done that. And she owned that she made comment about Jen's husband cheating to hurt Jen. I like Melissa this year. I think she has come around and is being herself. I felt for her when Teresa was blaming her for the whole "Joe is not coming around dad because of Melissa" crap. Danielle is only a shit stirrer and trying desperately to stay RHONJ. I hope that this is her last season. Jen is totally out of her league with these women.