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  1. This group of girls seem pretty messy. Most seem to be trying too hard to look different than themselves. And the tall blonde chick has never been on camera talking to Vinny. She seems like the House Mother to the girls in the house. I get zero interested in Vinny Vibes from her.
  2. I am sad no one is watching this season with just Vinny looking for love. It is a train wreck for sure but very snark worthy!
  3. How did she get lip injections without the initial swelling and soreness? I did it one time and thought I was going to jump off the chair it hurt so much! I did a small amount too (no Duck lips) but the first day they were sore and red and I kept a cold compress on them. And her going through egg retrieval without being knocked out was just stupid. But she wore it as a badge of Honor.
  4. I was so distracted by her lazy eyed boob on the right I did not hear a thing they were saying. It was pointing in a completely different direction than the left one. It looked like it would hurt just left hanging there. I must say she has zero issues with being heavy and nearly naked in front of thousands of viewers (notice the thousands and not millions? ok it cracked me up). Would that be considered good body image? I wear a cover up just going from my condo to the pool. Just seems polite right?
  5. Happy with this season so far even if only 2 episodes in. The house is beautiful, I would love to stay there a couple of weeks. The food fight was stupid and I don't remember them doing that. I DO remember JS doing Sunday dinners that some turned into a food fight. And the kitchen was trashed but clean the next morning. Do they have someone come in a clean up after them? They were all too trashed to have stayed up and cleaned it. And Amy should have left the pig at home if it was not house trained. I would be irritated if one of my roommates had a pet that pissed and shit all over
  6. I find it hard to believe Sandy "just found out" that Delany was not an experienced Stew. And to drop that bomb on Katie IN FRONT of Delany. What she supposed to say? This was a conversation that should have happened prior to sending for Delany so Katie could make a decision without Delany standing right there. Time and again Sandy puts Katie on the defensive in front of the person in question. Never should Sandy have invited Lexy in the room when Katie was trying to tell how bad it was the night before. People criticize Katie for no backbone and I agree but I wonder if it is because HER
  7. Yes she does, doesn't she. I think having her ex come to visit is a shitty idea but the fact that Bini apparently has not tried to get a job, spends his free time working out while his in-law's pay his bills, he deserves it. As much as I don't like Ari, I don't blame her if she really is good friends with her ex and needs someone to come visit. I just feel sorry for Jenny. I get it she loves him but he is totally screwing with her head. He has used every excuse not to marry her, instead of just telling her the truth that he just doesn't want to get married again. That astronomist t
  8. As entertaining as it is watching Nichole drunk, it really is not a good look. The fact that none of the others drink with her makes it worse. I know Deena said she wishes were could drink with Nichole but I doubt she would go back to full meatball days. Nichole is a professional though I have to give her that. Even in my younger days I could not sustain an all day drunk, fall off a stage and do cartwheels only to wake up the next day and not want to die. She needs to buddy up with Angelina for a new drinking partner. I think Angelina is the only one left that would drink to that level o
  9. You can include Tommy on that list too. There must be something to this.
  10. I cannot get over just how bad her face looked. YIKES! How does she think that looks good?
  11. I don't really care that Will and Kyra lost but I hate that Korey and Olivia won. I think Olivia sudden concern over Kyra's relationship with Will was very transparent and was playing to the viewers. There was ZERO chemistry between Korey and Olivia. They just figured out if they stuck together and pretended to be into each they had a good shot at the money. They were right! I liked Charlie and think he got a bad rap from Cash fans. And near the end I saw the appeal of Jeremy and why his castmates kept saving him.
  12. Lauren probably had direction from production to ask all of the questions; I feel like I’ve barely ever heard her say more than a few words at a time before now I think Angelina going after Lauren is a BAD idea. Lauren has never "come after" Angelina so I don't know where this is coming from other than Angelina's twisted mind or it is producer driven. Lauren is one of the nicer ones so it's weird Angeline thinks Lauren is being too nosey.....
  13. I agree Matt is a bit of an odd bird but he did apologize and I noticed he went to bed early instead of staying up and drinking with the rest of the crew. He apparently recognizes he does not make a happy drunk. Good for him for taking responsibility for his own actions. With that being said I think he's a Sexaholic of sorts.
  14. I just don't know how anyone on that stage did not start laughing at Angela when she started her pity party about almost DYING and Mykull didn't care. She has the most outlandish revisionist history of anyone on TV. I could not look at all the faces of concern for her tearful break of how Mykull only cared about her boobs and not that she almost died, when it clearly showed her smoking against Doctor's orders and LAUGHING about it. Oh that's right its all Mykull's fault she smokes. If she were a man on this show she would never had made another season. She is an abuser and uses Myk
  15. WAIT what? Did I miss something? And Angela never had any intention of having baby in any shape or form. She has let this go this long because she promised Mykul's mother she would have a family with him so his mom would approve the marriage. Now she will play the health card. And her pretending to "worry" about how Mykul is going to take it.........PLEASE she give no shits about what he thinks. I see her going on Single Life very soon.
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