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  1. I was wondering why Alli didn't mention Gary and Sydney flirting at dinner. She seems to only remember the most recent dick move Gary makes. Maybe that's why the same thing happens every time...they have a drunken screaming match, which is followed by a conversation the next day where Gary apologizes and Alli says they can only be coworkers/friends. Then a day later, she's cuddling with him again. The cycle just keeps repeating itself and it's not fun to watch at all. And Daisy must have been very drunk to encourage Sydney to go topless in hot tub with Gary. Then run in and tell All
  2. This is true in any situation if there is drinking involved. I do think Alli came unhinged more because of the crap Gary and Sydney pulled at dinner than the topless hot tub. And of course she was very drunk.
  3. I have said from the beginning that the Whisperers were the WORSE bad guys. Who would ever want to follow Alpha, live in the woods all the while wearing rotting zombie flesh on your face. Can you imagine the smell? Was it ever explained what happened to all the guns and bullets they had after defeating Negan? Eugene was making bullets for Negan. I call total BS on disarming our group of misfits only to be shaking in their boots over rambling zombie whisperers........ugh.
  4. Ronnie was on the show last night so he must get the boot during filming. He seems to be in a good place so I am sorry to hear he is backsliding. Did he start drinking again? That seems to be his downfall. And Pauly and Nicki are still together. I am surprised since they met on show with Vinny and He dumped her at the end. And then got together on the 2 season of the show......which was a trainwreck. So Angelina and Chris's marriage lasted less than a year? After that over the top wedding? Wow. Just wow. What will be even stranger is if Vinny and Angelina get together.....ew
  5. I couldn't have said it better! They are both horrible people. And Gary decides his going to bone Sydney since Alli called him on his BS. Also, horrible were the women on this charter. WTH! This is what is wrong with Women's Movement today. They were all fake smiling while telling each other how great they are. Do people not realize they are on CAMERA when they are snide talking about others?
  6. Ok on one hand I am happy this is over. On the other hand I will miss it. But we have part 2 of the reunion....or do we? I will miss Gus crying and acting like he is the only one that has any feelings and that everyone must believe what he believes. If you don't, well you are no friend of his. This beef with Jerimiah is beyond dumb and should be over. If I hear ONE MORE TIME how he was kicked out of the house I am going to lose it. We get it. You guys had a falling out. You both made up (in a hot tub no less) but you really didn't mean it and took a swing at Jerimiah the first c
  7. Ok even the castmates are getting bored and ready to go home. And Jerimiah, dude. you just are not a drinker. At least not to the level your castmates are so just stop with the Capitan Fun stuff. And why, when taking about how "Open" Gus was to Jerimiah when he came back to the house (I am assuming they meant when they all got to house) it was not brought up that Gus and Jerimiah had their lovefest in the hot tub and all was forgiven....until Gus got pissed at Jerimiah playing that stupid game, and took a swing at Jerimiah. Ummmm it was GUS that broke the peace treaty they had not Je
  8. I have never understood the obsession with who did what with who by Kenya and then Marlo? Who cares? I get Kenya just being her usual nasty self but Marlo is all butt hurt because Porcha didn't tell her the "truth"? Huh? And that explanation falls short when they showed the clip of Kenya and Marlo waltzing down the stairs, now BFFs and the first thing out of her month is who had sex with Bolo? Seems as though Marlo got played big time by Kenya to get to Porcha. Marlo is usually smarter than that. Show how thirsty Marlo is for a Peach.
  9. I am watching it because at times it is pretty funny. Codi keeps it light. Gus not so much. So again Gus has to speak his truth. He picks the dumbest times and ways to bring something up. Why oh why decide to spring it on the others that he banged Amy's cousin? Then go after Kurt, who was being funny, and is Gus's biggest supporter??? What an idiot. At least they have somewhere to go other than the cabin in the woods. Did Amy stay in the pool all day? I bet she peed in it too!
  10. Ines seems batshit crazy to me. The kind of crazy that she could kill you without batting an eye if you no longer service your purpose for her. Her candid wide eyed response to how this might have affected Bronson was chilling. She almost looked like she didn't understand why they asked her the question, as in, it had nothing to do with her....weird in a scary way.
  11. Gus couldn't even make it 24 hours before back tracking to whiny Gus about Jeremiah. His explanation of what was going on with him sounded great. I almost teared up........until I reminded myself that we have seen this time and time again from Gus. Even Kurt is skeptical that Gus will follow through with his tearful self-awareness. HA! And as far as Nilsa and Jeremiah not reacting or validating the "new" Gus, well, they had a whole 3 minute to digest his apology while Gus had 3 days to practice....er I mean soul search his heart. Kurt nor Codi have been on the wrong end of Gus's "bu
  12. Yes it was fun watching them have fun without the Gus drama. Gus's sister is a bitch. Why would she go after Candance? The fight about the dryer was what started Gus off but it was the fact that his two homeboys didn't support his indignation over Candance actually being mad about Gus taking her hairdryer that made him runaway. Then Codi felt bad they left the bathroom and didn't support Gus. Huh? They left because they knew Gus was wrong and they didn't want any part of it. Gus needs some serious help. So does his sister.
  13. I think the issue of if rumor is true or not has over shadowed the real issue. Teresa came to Evan's birthday party and actively went to everyone spreading the rumor. That is the issue. It was mean spirited on Teresa part but also very calculating as she did it to hurt Jackie. Period. The fact Marge's hubby also heard it is not the issue. It may be he heard it because Teresa was spreading it so much. Who knows?!
  14. I believe this is a good example of entitlement. He took something not his, used it and when found out he acts like it's no big deal and to question him is making you a bitch. Entitlement at it's finest.
  15. So the primary is married and had hubby on trip but had his boyfriend on the trip too? And the boyfriend was his DAUGHTER'S boyfriend? And the boyfriend had HIS boyfriend on the trip too? That is pretty messed up. And what was with the suits for all, even the kids on a sailing yacht? huh?
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