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  1. It seems weird that both Carl's Jr. (in the ads with the woman talking like she wants to seduce her burger) and Wendy's have ads where they are obsessing over the fact that the Big Mac has an extra bun. Is that really going to be the one thing that sways people away from McDonald's forever? It's not like this is a new development. Of course, Carl's used to think having gross ads where sandwiches and burgers dripped all over the place made them seem appealing, so they've never had ads that made a lot of sense.
  2. Color (though I don't really have a desire to change it) because I like my hair long and I cringe at photos from when I was a kid and had short hair. Worst player on a good team, because you can have fun cheerleading from the bench and everyone is usually happier than with a bad team. And even being the best player on a mediocre team (not always losing) often results in everyone blaming you for not doing more when things don't go right. Itching, even though it would be annoying, because I can't stand to cough even once (unless there's an obvious explanation, like water going down the wrong pipe) without thinking I have a life-threatening illness again.
  3. A scene that gave me goosebumps in a "warm and fuzzy" way was a montage around the middle of A League of Their Own. It shows the AAGPBL starting to catch on as more and more people fill the stands; the Peaches winning various games; and finally the team looking on from the dugout and watching a 4th of July fireworks display. I tried various searches to find this scene, but obviously didn't get the right combination, as everything was either other scenes from the movie or news stories inviting people to watch the movie and fireworks at their local events!
  4. Four games in one sitting is a lot to watch! The way that you can win with only one correct answer kind of reminds me of Family Feud (though there it only gets you to the sudden death round), but the fact that the only answer the last winner got was "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" made me laugh. After she got "Blister in the Sun" wrong, I forgot that she had been ahead (and therefore won because the guy had already missed it) until Jane mentioned it. At least she did get a couple right in the golden medley, so she did better than the previous winner. There were a couple of pretty cocky people on the show tonight. I don't understand why the one guy refused to reveal what his favorite category was in the Mixtape thing because he didn't want his opponent to know. That didn't give him an advantage in any way. I suppose it was gamesmanship to be intimidating or whatever. It was funny that the one guy was so psyched about the foosball table. If I had won the underwater scooter or electric skateboard, I would have had to bite my tongue to avoid saying, "This is going up on eBay right away."
  5. I can't believe Jordan and Simone got married! After last season's finale, I made a joke that I thought Jordan had been going to propose to her when he did his "hail mary" speech but that such a thing would only happen on One Tree Hill. On that show, the couple did actually tell people after it happened and move in together. It's so weird that there weren't any hints that Jordan and Simone are married or carrying any secret. It does make them look even more doomed than they already did in last week's episode though. Spencer and Olivia pretty much went down the way I figured after last week when Spencer didn't drink in the "never have I ever" game when they talked about saying you love someone and not meaning it, and they had a reaction shot of Olivia. She should have been way more mad when she found out that Spencer got back together with Layla immediately, even though she is drinking a lot and suppressing her feelings. Layla has every right to be pissed at Spencer, that was just awful. She'll probably take it out just as much on Olivia even though she didn't really do anything wrong and was even joining everyone else in cheerleading for Spencer to get back together with her. That is realistic though. It's kind of funny that even though the flashback is supposed to be Spencer telling a story to Layla, there was all that stuff that he didn't know anything about, like Patience's plot. I figured Lil Jewel or whatever her name is was having an affair with JP. It's good that this was a flashback, or otherwise we wouldn't know that J.J. is okay since he did just disappear! I liked Coop and Patience's discussion of the Spice Girls and also laughed when the "dancers" got sucked into the discussion about whether Jordan and Simone should get married. But I laughed harder when the first commercial after all the flashbacks and montage to show that Spencer and Olivia should be together was the Progressive "romcom" ad where Flo butts in and starts talking about insurance and "I found your retainer in the dryer!" That was good for breaking up the tension.
  6. It's almost as weird as last season when the finale was a Christmas episode for no apparent reason. (In that episode, it looked like Santa's Little Helper's mom was going to live with the Simpsons, but there hasn't been any reference since then. I don't know if a lot of episodes made after that one have aired or not.)
  7. Saturday Night Live had another "Dionne Warwick Talk Show" sketch last night, and Wendy was mentioned a couple times. She asked Nick Jonas if he would fight Wendy for her (he said no), and wanted Dua Lipa (played by a cast member) to go with her to egg Wendy's house. She mentioned Wendy pronouncing Dua's name wrong, which probably really happened, given that Wendy doesn't care to learn anyone's name or get anything right.
  8. I would choose dancer because it would be nice to have some actual moves instead of just shaking my hair around and waking up with a mild case of whiplash the next day; the sky, because I can't really swim and don't even like to put my face in the water; and pizza because of the variety of toppings and the fact that I generally prefer hot food for dinner.
  9. This one is embarrassing, but when I recently heard "Nightshift" by the Commodores, I remembered that as a kid, I thought it was somehow connected to the movie "Night Shift," directed by Ron Howard and featuring the misadventures of overnight staff at a morgue! (After reading a description of the movie, I hope I wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid. I probably didn't, as otherwise I wouldn't have thought a movie described as a "sex comedy" had anything to do with a sad song like "Nightshift.") Sadly, I didn't know at the time who Marvin and Jackie were that were mentioned in the song. I think the movie had come out several years earlier, so I wondered why it took so long for the song to come out. I was basically clueless on all fronts.
  10. Edna spoke toward the end in the flashback shown by Ned where Ned, Rod and Todd wanted to leave Springfield but she explained that she wanted to stay to help kids like Bart. I think her voice was also heard when the diary was first introduced as hers, something about reaching even one child being important. I always liked Edna as a character. I am glad the episode hadn't aired on the East Coast during the rain delay and then not on the West Coast after it resumed, because I don't know if they would have decided to air it again nationally so soon. I'm also glad it didn't air at some weird time, as I was recording to watch later (though I'm sure it would have then been on demand). I remember in 1997, FOX was showing the American League Championship Series, and I ended up nervously rooting for one team (which I might have supported anyway because they had a former Giant I liked) because whether or not an episode of my favorite show aired that week depended on the series ending in 5 games, and the ratings were so low by that point I was convinced I'd never see it otherwise. They probably still would have worked it in, and the show has been in syndication going on 23 years now anyway, but I was panicked.
  11. The CW put out a press release for its spring shows, and All American is still listed as having a new episode on June 14! I hope this means there will be more episodes than usual and not that they're going to extend the hiatus that starts March 15. http://thefutoncritic.com/news/2021/02/24/the-cw-network-sets-spring-2021-premiere-dates-620212/20210224cw01/
  12. It looks like for the week ending February 7, Wendy was 7th among daytime talk shows in the key demographic (women 25-54), and she had declined from the previous week. But she probably doesn't care because she's still giddy about her movie's ratings. The mention of Wendy's theme song reminds me of one of the more unintentionally hilarious scenes in the movie, when Wendy and staff are so excited about having a successful talk show that they dance around the halls and offices--to the theme song. And this scene went on for several minutes like this (until Voiceover Wendy sadly declared that having the talk show kept her too busy to hover over Big Kev). Here is the link about syndicated ratings.
  13. Warning - Notorious B.I.G. Warning - Green Day See You Again - Miley Cyrus See You Again - Carrie Underwood Searching - Roy Ayers Searching - Change Best Friend - Brandy Best Friend - Saweetie & Doja Cat Reason - Maze feat. Frankie Beverly Reason - Melanie C
  14. Ugh, the Carl's Jr. "Big Carl" is back, which means the commercials with the woman (in voiceover) talking "sexy" to her burger are also back. Carl's Jr. likes to run ads twice in every local break, with only one or two ads for other products in between them, so there is no escaping it if I'm watching live.
  15. Entertainment Tonight did a "Leading Ladies of the '90s" segment each day for a week awhile ago, featuring people like Tisha Campbell and Jane Seymour. For Presidents Day when they didn't want to bother with a new episode, they reran these segments, but threw a previous unaired segment on Kim Coles in there like some kind of afterthought! Oh well, at least that got me to watch their otherwise retread episode. I hadn't realized Kim had divorced for a second time until she made a reference to it in this story. She was asked about a reboot and said she would want to do it if "contacted or contracted," which is the phrase she also used during the 25th anniversary thing on TV One several years ago, when she said no one had done either. She was rather vague but said they should do it while they all look good. I also saw a segment with Kim Fields being asked about a reboot by Wendy Williams. She said that everyone is likely too busy--and in particular that Yvette Lee Bowser is too busy to write it. She added that they appreciate people's interest, but wouldn't want to screw everything up. After seeing the way a number of reboots have turned out, this is probably for the best (even though the original finale wasn't exactly perfect, particularly with Kim F. being unavailable). ETA: Whenever I see the listing here for "The Crew," which is a new Kevin James sitcom about NASCAR, I get confused for a second and think that people are posting about that airline sitcom that aired after Living Single for a little while. I only saw any of it when--after an LS episode I had taped--Regine had a crossover appearance flying somewhere. She got into an argument with a flight attendant, who decided she liked her attitude and moved her up to first class!
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