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  1. I think the writers definitely want to be compared to Seinfeld (though they probably think it would be favorably). It was especially evident toward the end of the "Doctor Uncle" episode where everyone was yelling out those expressions like "little-sistered," "baby-boyed" and whatever they said about Debbie (Fran). I could just imagine them in the writers' room thinking they had come up with the catch phrases that were going to sweep across America! My cat kept hitting the space bar during that paragraph, and got really mad at me for continuing to try to type. He was going, "Why are you typing something about that crappy show instead of giving me your full attention?" and he does have a point.
  2. In the commercials for The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, some guy describes his relationship with one of the women as being "a real-life Star Is Born," which I assume he believes is some beautiful fairy-tale romance. I'm guessing he hasn't actually seen the movie and just knows there are people singing in it.
  3. The Nanny cast to reunite for virtual table read It mentions in the article that Logo is showing a marathon on Monday, but it doesn't sound like it's any longer than the ones they normally show. And they usually show a lot of episodes while I'm asleep and I don't want to fill the DVR, so I'm going to buy the DVD set. (I was going to get it from Amazon, but even with a gift card I have, it is cheaper to get it from a reputable seller on eBay.)
  4. It doesn't make me cry, but I just get this feeling of dread every time I hear the opening notes of "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago. It takes me back to a concert by them and Earth, Wind & Fire I attended a few years ago. I knew that this was the last song of the encore, so every time I hear it, it reminds me of the feeling I had at that moment of "I have to go back out and face the world in a couple minutes," and I really didn't want to, especially that day. But there wasn't anything more the bands could do about that; the concert took three and a half hours!
  5. I noticed when Logo showed the finale last night that it still has the part at the beginning that goes, "Previously on The Nanny" with a bunch of clips of stuff from the second half of season 6. That was originally included to not only remind people of what had happened because there was such a long hiatus before CBS showed the finale, but to show things from episodes that hadn't even aired yet (especially stuff with Niles and C.C.) so that people wouldn't be confused. Considering how often most shows get chopped up even more in syndication than they used to, it's surprising that they still show those clips instead of just starting with the first scene of Fran's dream about being on the beach.
  6. Now the Hawaii Showcase is down to just two hours on Sunday; Monday episode is replaced by another Celebrity Family Feud repeat and a news special. ETA: The second two hours of the Hawaii Showcase are now scheduled for Sunday, April 5. "This Is Me" Parts 1 & 2 are April 12 & 19. How far do they think they can stretch this out? http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2020/03/27/abc-bumps-mondays-edition-of-american-idol-to-next-sunday-800311/20200327abc01/
  7. It looks like next week they are having Kelly record a "message from Montana" at the beginning of the repeats that are being shown. I was confused about why the episodes are listed as new on the cable guide, but I guess that is the reason.
  8. I thought the first episode was mildly better than the second, though I don't know why we're supposed to be excited about Dave and Rebecca having a night away from their mostly imaginary children that we never see anyway (I think they showed the daughter in the second episode when Stew was making tacos?) Last night I watched the last episode of The Nanny, which always makes me get choked up even all these years later. I don't think I'll be crying in a few weeks when this show has its season finale, unless it's a few tears of joy that it's over. (It looks like there are four more episodes, unless it gets renewed for some reason.)
  9. The series finale will air on April 23, preceded by yet another retrospective. (The press release I saw had spoilers, but here is an article from Primetimer that doesn't.)
  10. As a fan of college women's basketball, I love the part in "Amazon Women in the Mood" where the Amazonians show off their basketball court before one declares, "We no dunk, but good fundamentals. That more important anyway." The writers really connected with the anger that some of the defenders of the sport express, in a very funny way (especially when Bea Arthur's fembot/femputer character is set off by the men insulting women's basketball and decides that's the final straw, she's sentencing them to death). And not long after the episode originally aired, I was watching a game in which an announcer commented on how well one team was doing from the free-throw line. I repeated the line from this episode, only for the announcer to immediately declare (in a wistful tone), "Fundamentals." I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch, and my mother came in and said, "I didn't realize basketball was so funny."
  11. Today the second half of the show was on. I could record the repeat off Bravo I felt like it though. When I turned over at the beginning, I could hear Lester Holt say some people were going back to regular programming, and then Kelly started singing, but the affiliate switched back to the press conference after 20 seconds or so. I watched her sing on YouTube because that's the part that I always watch, regardless of guests and topics. What was interesting was that when Kelly was shown singing, it said "Previously Recorded" on the screen, like no one could figure that out otherwise. It's almost as bad as on American Idol last night, they would say that whenever Ryan mentioned the contestants going to Hawaii, but they put that on the screen even when actual clips of next week were shown. I was thinking, "They are being SHOWN singing in Hawaii in the past, so I think we know it's recorded already, ABC."
  12. ABC is continuing to try to fill time with two specials called "American Idol: This Is Me" on Sunday, April 5 & April 12. The time on Monday, April 6 will now be filled by reruns of Celebrity Family Feud. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/showatch/american-idol/listings/ ETA: I assumed they were specials, but "This Is Me" could be a top 20 theme? At any rate, I don't think it will happen unless some performance shows were already recorded, which doesn't seem likely given the article a few posts up.
  13. I'm glad that when they showed Shannon performing recently (last year based on the copyright date at the end), she had a nice crowd there. When they showed the ladies of Skyy last week, it had seemed like they were being very careful to just film them onstage and not show the audience. That might have been my imagination though. Shannon was a contestant on Beat Shazam a few years ago, maybe season 1.
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