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  1. There's a commercial for T-Mobile featuring kids playing T-ball, and the announcer says the parents can document the "highlights and the lowlights." When he says "highlight," they show a kid's bat accidentally fly out of his hands as he fails to hit the ball off the tee, and for "lowlight," they show a kid go into a headfirst slide for no apparent reason and end up way short of third base. But why is the kid losing his bat a highlight (especially when I think they showed a successful hit at one point)? The sliding kid must have at least hit the ball, because he was running the bases. I just find it weird.
  2. KWalkerInc

    Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    I thought this one might have been listed already, so I checked after hearing the two songs tonight, but I didn't find it: Try Again - Champaign Try Again - Aaliyah
  3. KWalkerInc

    ABC Movie and Show game

  4. KWalkerInc

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    That was Nick Adenhart, who was killed by a drunk driver in April 2009, just hours after his first start of the season. He was 22.
  5. KWalkerInc

    ABC Movie and Show game

  6. KWalkerInc

    Dear Diary: Question of the Day(s)

    I went to INXS with my sister on Easter weekend 1991, when I was 15. Soup Dragons were the opening act.
  7. KWalkerInc

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I think the reason for just this particular hiatus is FOX airing the women's soccer World Cup in the mornings. The same thing happened with the men's two years ago. Wendy's show is on at like 2:30 AM on my affiliate for basically a month, so if this is typical, it gives her an excuse for yet another break.
  8. KWalkerInc

    A Different World

    That's too bad, though I didn't get that channel anyway. BET Her hasn't shown it for a while, so now it's only on BET for two episodes very early Monday mornings. When I was looking for the Laff schedule recently to see if they still had it, I found that the show actually airs a lot on BET Canada.
  9. KWalkerInc

    Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    This is It- Judy Garland This Is It - Melba Moore I Wish - Stevie Wonder I Wish - Skee-Lo I Wish - Victoria Beckham Two Hearts - Stephanie Mills & Teddy Pendergrass Two Hearts - Phil Collins
  10. KWalkerInc

    Misheard Lyrics (Mondegreens): There's A Bathroom On the Right

    In "Love Is a Contact Sport" by Whitney Houston, she sings, "You gotta act untamed if you wanna play the game." However, as a kid, I was sure she said, "You got to ascertain if you wanna play the game."
  11. KWalkerInc

    ABC Movie and Show game

    Remington Steele
  12. KWalkerInc

    Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    "Without You" - Keith Urban Without You - Kimberley Locke & Clay Aiken Alone - Heart Alone - Kelly Clarkson (There was another one mentioned and I tried to quote the selection, but it disappeared when I did the above quote.) Joy - Isaac Hayes Joy - Teddy Pendergrass Joy - The Sounds of Blackness
  13. KWalkerInc

    ABC Movie and Show game

    Melrose Place
  14. KWalkerInc

    Unpopular Opinions: The Cheese Stands Alone

    I just saw an episode of Entertainment Tonight, and Kevin Frazier was bugging Tiffani about the reboot thing and whether she would appear. She was very polite, saying that she couldn't because of her filming schedule for another show, but that she wished them well and thought it would be great.
  15. KWalkerInc

    ABC Movie and Show game