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  1. Does anyone else have a repeat of Kelly's show today? The listings say it was supposed to be Ava Duvernay and other guests, but we got an all "Rad Human Hour." I was confused because the audience was suddenly totally virtual again without explanation, so I looked it up and it was from January (that is when she sang "Unchained Melody," that's how I could find it). There are clips of her singing "It's Your Thing" and other things, so I don't know if the show got bumped or it is just my station screwing up like they usually do! ETA: I checked the Bravo airing, and they had the new episode
  2. He's now on Grey's Anatomy and You, and luckily they had enough of an interview talking about those things that they didn't go with the reboot question. I'm not sure if he'd done anything in a while before this.
  3. Sports cards (even though they seem to be getting lost in the mail a lot again). In the '90s-early 2000s it was CDs. I remember once when we drove past the credit union's new building and my mom joked, "That's where all our money went." A minute later, we went past Circuit City and I said, "That's where all my money went." At least iTunes later gave me the option of buying individual songs and not having to always pay for a whole album.
  4. It's hard to keep track of which season Logo is in at any given time, but I could tell they were on the pilot episode tonight because of Will's hair! Of course, Karen is a little more normal in that one, especially her voice. One of the episodes I really didn't like was the season 5 Halloween episode where Will and Grace reluctantly go for a bike ride with Leo and a friend who is pretty short. I suspect a lot of people might not like this one because Will is extremely sour and whiny throughout the episode and won't stop snapping about how everything sucks. However, I didn't mind it at
  5. "Holding Back the Years" makes me sad, particularly the part that goes, "Nothing had the chance to be good / Nothing ever could." However, in the Angie Stone version where the song goes on for a while, she keeps repeating the "I'll keep holding on" part, showing her determination to not give up. This inspires me and makes me feel a little less depressed.
  6. I'm grateful for the cats in my neighborhood, who make me feel useful by eating the food I leave out for them during the day (at night other animals ate it all and went through it so fast it was getting expensive). Of course, the one cat that actually likes me (so long as I'm not yelling at him when he tries to start a fight if another cat is around at the same time) isn't a stray and probably can get food at home, but he seems to need attention and will meow at the door. One of the actual strays is becoming a little less wary around me, and the other one isn't afraid at all but has made it
  7. In the ones I've seen (with Steve and back with Richard Karn), it seems like they always have two rounds before a commercial break, then one with points doubled and a break, then the one with points tripled. You'd think there had to have been one at some point in all these games where some team won early, but I was unsuccessful in searching because I probably didn't use the right words. Whenever Steve spends a long time in the introduction with the new team before the first round, I always figure the team that ends up playing the question is going to get three wrong in a hurry! Well, at
  8. In an episode tonight (apparently a repeat), one question was the name of one of Santa's reindeer that would also work for a stripper. There were eight answers, so it ended up being seven of the "original" reindeer plus Rudolph. (I think Blitzen was the one that wasn't up there.) This would have worked better if had been one of the later questions where people had to guess which ones best fit the answer, rather than it just essentially being a test to see if they knew the names of the reindeer. Awhile back, there was one game where a family had 294 points after the third round. They d
  9. In "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga, I would hear one line as "She hides true love super-sio!" which isn't really a word, so I looked it up and found it was "She hides true love en su bolsillo" (in her purse). That makes sense, but given the trouble I often have understanding what Gaga is talking about anyway (though I like her), my brain just couldn't figure out that she had switched languages (though I think she speaks French in "Bad Romance" and I don't know that language, but did at least recognize it was French). In "You and I," I didn't have any trouble understanding Gaga, but when a studi
  10. In "You and I," Lady Gaga refers to Neil Young with "On my birthday, you sang me a 'Heart of Gold.'" And Jennifer Lopez refers to herself again in "Jenny From the Block": "'I'm Real,' I thought I told ya."
  11. Glass Tiger - Someday Jennifer Holliday - Someday
  12. This is a nitpick, but a couple days ago during the "What I'm Liking" segment when Kelly was talking about sponsor Pilot Pen giving $1000 to a charity, she said they would be using their Pilot Erasable Pen to write the check. I don't think writing a check with an erasable pen would be a great idea, for a variety of reasons. But Kelly was either just reading the teleprompter or thought that was a cute adlib and just didn't think about that.
  13. I wonder why the Treehouse of Horror episode is so early this year (this Sunday). The only possible preemption for baseball from the schedule I saw is on Halloween itself, so they could have had the episode on October 17 or 24. They're showing other new episodes on those dates.
  14. Bob and Midge Pinciotti on That '70s Show also had at least one child disappear, if not more than that. In an early first season episode, they go away for the weekend and Donna's little sister (Tina?) tries to interfere when there is a party at the house. She is never seen again, though they did make a joking reference to her at the end of one episode: they were doing a tribute to Soap with the announcer doing a voiceover about various storyline cliffhangers and said, "Will Midge remember her other daughter?" as they showed her looking confused (pretty much her usual expression though). Th
  15. Hunter Clowdus (J.J) has been promoted to series regular.
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