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  1. The first season, the DJ was October Gonzalez, the wife of former NFL star (and two-sport college star) Tony Gonzalez. Even though Corinne has been on for years now, my friend will still periodically complain that they were "mean" to drop DJ October so that Jamie could work with his daughter.
  2. Yeah, the theme was just an excuse to make things extra-sappy. I had to warn a friend that they were doing another Father's Day episode because she has complained of them making her gag in the past. I think last season, they had one song in the Shazam Shuffle where the category was songs written by dads for their kids or something like that, and I guessed "Isn't She Lovely?" by Stevie Wonder before they played the song. There are others, of course, but maybe not big hits. I didn't get the first two songs at the end. I knew it was Beastie Boys but not the song, and then I figured I wou
  3. I thought this was a really good episode, though of course they have to put in something at the end to throw me off! I was like, "Oh no, someone's going to shoot Preach!" Then when it was a little girl, my brain was confused for a second and was like, "Wait, is that little girl going to shoot Preach?" before she made her revelation. It would be nice if this was completely separate from the Mo mess, but I'm sure there's no chance of that. Mo will probably use the child (whether she is actually Preach's daughter or not) to manipulate him so that she can trick him into signing over Coop's mon
  4. Logo is going to show a marathon of episodes featuring Bobbi (Debbie Reynolds), beginning at 1 AM Pacific. They are starting with "Fanilow" from season 6 but then going back to her first appearance in season 1 and airing in chronological order from there.
  5. Oops, I guess I should have realized that if a show in its fourth season didn't have a thread, there was probably a reason (as in, lack of interest). I will post about this latest episode though because I don't have anything better to do! This was a pretty good game through the end of the last multiple choice round. I thought Garcelle (whom I still remember from Models Inc.) and Dorit might have some trouble after that, but I didn't think they would suddenly not come close to naming a single song. (Though Garcelle insisted she knew "Firework" but Dorit didn't give her a chance to speak.)
  6. Commando I don't know if I ever saw this one; a lot of Arnold's movie plots tend to blend together in my memory. I looked it up, and apparently I'll be trying to rescue Alyssa Milano from a Latin American dictator. Either that or it's a warning to buy more underwear, even though I just stocked up recently!
  7. A few months ago, I posted in the thread for Kelly Clarkson's talk show that she had seemingly screwed up singing "Weak" by SWV. She sang, "I can't figure out just what to do / When the problem here is you," but I was confident that the lyric was "the cause and cure is you." And whoever entered the lyrics that come up on Google had it that way; but when I heard the song tonight, I listened carefully and Kelly seems to be right. It's also listed that way on one lyrics site, just not the one that comes up automatically on Google. I'm disappointed, because I always thought that "cause and cur
  8. I wouldn't want to be flown by the pilot who thinks the stranded man misspelled "hello" and is just waving at him to be friendly. He doesn't seem very bright!
  9. I heard this song tonight and listened carefully, and Kelly's interpretation "when the problem here is you," is probably right. It's listed that way on one lyrics site, even though the one that comes up on Google had it the way I had always heard it. Oops, sorry Kelly! I should have known I was mishearing as usual because it wouldn't make sense for her to change it for no reason.
  10. I saw a Liberty Mutual ad today with kids jump-roping and doing a song about the insurance. They start counting off ways it can help you save money or something, and then it cuts to the kids still jumping as elderly people because Liberty Mutual is just so great that they were counting/jumping for decades. I think this one might somehow be more annoying than the ones with wet teddy bears.
  11. Tightrope - Janelle Monae Tightrope - Kelly Clarkson
  12. From a clip I've seen on an Entertainment Tonight story, it looks like Fran Drescher and Charles Shaughnessy will be facing off on Celebrity Family Feud. No air date has been announced yet.
  13. It looks like there will be a new high of 19 episodes this season, as the press release for the June 21 episode lists it as episode 319 (interesting that this is filmed out of order). This means that there should be new episodes from next week through the season finale on July 19. http://thefutoncritic.com/showatch/all-american/listings/
  14. Drum Stick. I get them frequently either from the grocery store or a larger box from Costco. I like that these now include vanilla fudge instead of chocolate, because I like chocolate ice cream but prefer the drumsticks with vanilla for some reason. It's important for the cone to be crisp on these as well, otherwise it hurts my teeth! I think that Taco Time used to have choco tacos and I had one a few times when my mom and I would eat there after a shopping trip.
  15. I like the show, but it really takes a long time for them to get going at the beginning of the episode. A couple times I would forget to turn over for the first 10 minutes (which I later watched on demand), and I'd only miss like three songs between the standard intro at the beginning, Corinne coming out from behind the podium to chat/joke, the contestant entrances, and the part in between songs where Jamie gets to know the contestants. Tonight I thought I would be rusty after so long, but I think I knew all but one of the multiple choice (or I guessed right sometimes). I did better th
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