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  1. Chris Sligh, Top 10 finisher in season 6, has developed pneumonia because of the coronavirus.
  2. In "(Not Just) Knee Deep" by Funkadelic, they quote James Brown: "I've got ants in my pants and I need to dance."
  3. Chaka Khan sang backing vocals on Chicago's "Take Me Back to Chicago." Cissy Houston sang backing vocals on Chaka's "I'm Every Woman," which was of course later covered by her daughter, Whitney. (When Music Choice plays the song, they list among the facts that Whitney sang backing vocals on the original, but it doesn't look like she's credited that way. She may have been uncredited, or sometimes Music Choice screws things up.)
  4. He probably came closest (to getting squashed) when he took to the dance floor amongst the couples at the country bar in that ad awhile back!
  5. In "We Belong Together," Mariah Carey sings, "Bobby Womack's on the radio / Saying to me / 'If you think you're lonely now...'" Then she says she changed the station and adds, "And then I hear Babyface / 'I only think of you...'" which I think is a reference to "Two Occasions" by his group The Deele. ("I only think of you / On two occasions / That's day and night.")
  6. Stand! - Sly and the Family Stone Stand - R.E.M.
  7. A song that makes me laugh is "Tramp" by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas. Throughout the song, she is dismissing him as being "country" and claiming he has no money no matter what he says in response. I like the part at the end when she scoffs that he can't buy her a mink and he says, "I can buy you mink, rat, frog, squirrel, rabbit, anything you like!"
  8. That's what happens often when writers decide, "We don't want to write this couple together anymore. Let's just throw them back together in the finale so that their fans won't be mad." Then they literally got back together for the last two seconds of what would have been the finale (it was already filmed) if the network hadn't agreed to another 7 episodes. I was okay because I hadn't watched between the break-up and when they got back together. I actually think their intention after the break-up was to leave them apart permanently, but then they started having Jess pine for Nick a couple years later. Maybe they thought this would correct their continuing ratings decline.
  9. In "Fu-Gee-La" by the Fugees, Lauryn Hill says, "Say say say / Like Paul McCartney, not hardly." On another Fugee note, in Wyclef Jean's "We Trying to Stay Alive" (which is playing right now which is why I noticed), he of course samples the Bee Gees, but also says, "A material girl living in a material world" in a nod to Madonna.
  10. Yeah! - Usher Yeah - Kelly Clarkson Talk About Us - Jennifer Lopez Talk About Us - Kimberley Locke The Message - Cymande The Message - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Gone - *NSYNC Gone - Kelly Clarkson
  11. They were fun... except for when the writers decided they needed Drama! in the relationship. The character archetypes of chaotic, slovenly slacker and super organised go-getter were there from the beginning, but the writers really played heavily on them to sow division in the relationship. What I hated the most about the episode with their break-up (and there were a lot of things) was all that "I miss my friend" crap as the justification for the break-up, that they would then stop fighting. I thought they fought a lot more when they were just friends, including an episode late in season 1 that included a screaming match where they wound up shaking their butts at each other. (I can't remember why they were so mad, though I think it was because Jess was telling him how stupid he was to reunite with Caroline.) It was clear that the writers just broke them up because they didn't feel like writing them as a couple anymore, not for any actual thought-out storyline decisions, so after reading comments from the showrunners about how they just wanted everyone to be a bunch of wacky single friends (a complete reversal of a few months earlier), I decided I didn't feel like watching for several years. I had been burned in the past continuing to watch shows that both broke up couples I liked and (usually before that) stopped being as funny as they had, so I took it out on NG. I haven't seen nearly every episode of The Parkers, but Nikki and Professor Oglevee were definitely a couple that I didn't like. The people in charge clearly thought their ending with the two getting married was something everyone wanted, but that was not the reaction I saw at all from forums at the time it aired. It had been nice to see Nikki, who seemed like a nice, smart woman aside from her stalking of the professor (not a small problem), finally come to her senses, move on and find someone who truly appreciated her. Although it was understandable that Professor Oglevee was frightened by her constant strong advances, he seemed like a conceited jerk toward most people most of the time, so I didn't get why she was so into him. Once in a while, they would throw in something as a hint that he "loved" her, but I didn't buy that it was more than physical; and he would usually turn to her when he was at a low point, then reject her. The finale had two major problems: it rewarded her for her stalking and ignored that the main reason he didn't completely reject her advances over the years was because he delighted in being cruel to her (i.e. he's a jerk). And they were supposed to be a happily ever after? That was definitely a "didn't last five minutes after the finale" couple--I even mentioned that to someone on a forum at the time to cheer them up.
  12. One Minute - Kelly Clarkson One Minute - Melanie C
  13. In "Nightshift," the tribute by the Commodores to Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson, they mention both "What's Going On?" and "Higher and Higher."
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