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  1. I came across a snippet of an interview that Nicole Scherzinger did on Wendy Williams' show, and she revealed that she has been in a relationship with the guy from the rugby group (Try Star according to one of my above posts; I wouldn't have remembered) ever since they got together on the show last year. This surprised me a little, but she certainly does like her sports stars!
  2. On the pilot for Living Single, they use the living room set from Family Matters for the ladies' apartment. The front door leads directly outside, as opposed to in all the following episodes, where it leads into a hallway that includes a staircase that goes up to Kyle and Overton's apartment. Also, Overton is very stupid in the pilot and the next episode that was filmed (which aired as episode five), but thankfully not in the other episodes. On the first aired episode of A Different World (not the pilot, and there seem to be at least a couple episodes filmed even earlier, with one just dumped into summer and another with one storyline cobbled together with another involving characters introduced later to complete the show), Whitley mentions something about her sister, but she doesn't seem to exist in any other episode. Eric McCormack's hair in the Will & Grace pilot is I think much longer than in every subsequent episode.
  3. I just noticed that on the West Coast (on the station here anyway) the Emmys will be airing again at 8 PM after the live airing at 5, so the Ray Romano episode of CFF won't air until after the 11 o'clock news.
  4. It makes me laugh whenever the cable guide just lists the generic description for Wendy's show: "Wendy Williams offers advice on various life issues." I always add, "And please, no matter what you do, don't follow any of that advice!"
  5. I still see repeats listed for the week of September 28.
  6. Anything for You - Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine Anything for You - Ledisi Wait - White Lion Wait - Maroon 5
  7. KWalkerInc


    Tonight I went to ESPNU to look at the ticker (because it never gets taken down like it does during certain ad breaks on the main 2 ESPN channels) and the guide just said "To Be Announced." They were showing something where kids and young adults (in separate competitions) were racing each other to the top of a slippery staircase. I know they've shown some unusual programming this year, but that was a new one!
  8. KWalkerInc


    It looks like ESPN stopped showing KBO (Korean baseball) in the overnight hours. The ratings probably weren't great, especially after MLB returned, but this seemed rather abrupt! They could have at least made some type of announcement, but I've found nothing. As many pointed out online, the broadcasts tried to have as little focus on the games/teams involved as possible; it was all about the daily guests. I usually had it muted and would look at it occasionally while using the computer. I did notice one day that, while the home team had a rally going in the bottom of the 9th, they suddenly had Tim Kirkjian pop up. He had a very stern and somber look on his face, so I presumed that he was talking about the Reds' outbreak of the time and was telling everyone how baseball was doomed, but couldn't he have been on earlier in the broadcast? It was irritating. ETA: Now on the ticker they just promoted a KBO game that they are showing tonight, even though it wasn't on for several days last week. Maybe all the announcers were on vacation for Labor Day Weekend?
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