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  1. Aside from woowoo doc not being a recognized doctor in NYS, I'm pretty sure Medicare and most insurance plans wouldn't cover the treatments she's administering even if performed by a licensed doctor. I used to have a premium plan that covered everything under the sun -- I had surgery and 4 years of PT for $0 out of pocket. It would only cover acupuncture if used in place of anesthesia.
  2. I agree, the fight was great for showing she's believably badass. There's no way she could have won without shooting the guy, but she's tough af and held her own. Her size disadvantage was huge (and they did a really good job of showing that too). She was also cunning setting all the traps and showed a lot of grit throughout the episode. I haven't always been a Chris fan, but I thought she was awesome. They've also done a lot to show how much harder she has to work and how determined she is so it feels believable that she is so hardcore and her not winning the fight doesn't feel like a fa
  3. Polanski was arrested in Switzerland and held for a few months before they decided not to extradite. Poland also had legal proceedings where they decided not to extradite. I'm not sure that France has ever taken it as far as the courts. His Interpol red alert limited his movements to France, Switzerland, and Poland. He has dual citizenship in Poland and France, so you can understand their reluctance to extradite a citizen. He has also been accused of multiple rapes in Gstaad, Switzerland, where he has a house. I think the last info on that was the Swiss were "investigating," but since th
  4. And the broiler is broken, so that's saying a lot.
  5. This was very enjoyable. I'm glad there were not eliminations. It was great to see everyone work together, collaborate, and be nice and it be more of a master class with instruction. I thought Melissa was kind of an asshole, but not over the top.
  6. Honestly, given the letter that Yolanda wrote to Bella some years back, I'm not optimistic about her being supportive of any mental health issues Bella might have. Hopefully the others in her life give her the support she needs.
  7. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I'm not sure that's going to be worth the parking. It's not a glamourous part of the city and that's saying a lot, because LA is kind of a shithole in general. Just don't go downtown with stars in your eyes because it smells like pee, you're likely going to see a lot of homelessness and general filth, and will probably be yelled at by a mentally ill person. You might see someone shitting in the street. Also, City Hall is kind of boring on the outside -- all the pretty details are inside. If you haven't already called to see if the observation deck is open, m
  8. I'm not sure you can get in to City Hall and the Police HQ due to COVID. Most of the employees that work in City Hall are still working from home and last I heard City Hall is still closed to the public. I think you can get appointments for certain official business. I was actually there the day it shutdown sitting the Mayor's conference room being stood up because he was busy at a press conference announcing that City Hall was shutting down. I haven't been back since because they don't want people there and everything is under electronic governance due to the continued state of emergency.
  9. Well, she is blind. (I'll show myself out) She shouldn't need a lawyer to get out of this murder charge. The DA not wanting to get laughed out of office should be enough to stop it. Like maybe they'd give her an accessory charge or impeding an investigation, or some other bullshit like that, or even drug charges, but not murder in a shooting death when the gun wasn't touching the victim. A political rival of the DA would leak this bs and a hot white disabled woman victim would give the story legs. How would she even get arraigned without the judge going "you've got to be shitting me?
  10. I enjoyed Jess telling Murphy to fuck off, tbh. It was ridiculous the way Murphy was ordering Jess to leave the pet store and go to Canada. When someone feels like they have to fake their death to get away from you, you might be an asshole. All the shenanigans are not Murphy's fault, Felix and Jess did escalate everything by being stupid and taking the money. But Murphy does make everything worse and is a wrecking ball busting through everyone's lives. All that being said, the biggest asshole on this show is Josh. His hate boner for Murphy is ridiculous and that Gene is indulging i
  11. NGL, there was a shot of him that made me wish my thighs were as small as his.
  12. I didn't get that part. I thought they were implying she swerved to not hit a baby deer. But I don't think I thought about it that hard. One thing that did make me LOL this episode is that Conrad, mad with grief, took the time to put on all his stupid bracelets and his belt with the big buckle etc. It just tickles me that he took time out of his grief to pick out all his douchey "cool guy" accessories.
  13. Right? When Kit was like "you'd never" it was a giant eyeroll. At least the other doctor brought it up and Bell mentioned that he regretted it so it wasn't completely ignored. It did seem weird to do this storyline though with HODAD being the big elephant in the room. What was the point?
  14. Am I supposed to hate Fuentes for being mean to Max? Because her pointing out just how ridiculous he is made me LOL. Her rant about the lobby with the plaques and the poems was great. I don't know why, but I kind of loved Helen Maxing it up.
  15. Growning up I always thought my uncle was such a loser and wondered why he couldn't get his shit together because he was living with his parents, working shit jobs, etc. He was a teenager 😆 I didn't do the math and realize that he's only 8 years older than me until I was like 40. I just always thought he was an adult. And I'm the smart one in my family...
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