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  1. The show has addressed Dennis' finances directly. I don't remember the exact deal but they talked about him having money from before. It was probably one of the episodes his ex-wife was in as I think she was urging him to take his share of their community property and finalize their divorce so she could move on.
  2. 2. Was he kind of panicking at that point? They had shown a bit of a personality shift, so I think the gas was already getting to him just sitting there. But still it seems like reading the sign before going in doors at public places would be second nature to him. 3. Agreed. There's a hot EMT they could hook her up with. He's been in a few episodes and was in this one. Did Nic's dad die last season? I can't remember. I kind of hope he did because I don't want his annoying ass around more to help with the baby. Maybe Conrad's rich dad will hire a nanny. Although that's kind of sa
  3. Did Bell start taking medication for his tremors or something? I can't remember. But maybe he did and that's why he doesn't constantly kill people and is awesome at surgery? The daycare worker annoyed me too. The crying scene was so stupid. There's no way they'd pull a normal employee in for something like that, let alone an ER doc dealing with critical traumas. The baby was not annoying though. I feel like they've really exceeded my expectations with this baby. There wasn't drama around her birth, it just happened off screen. They skipped past her being a crying newborn keeping N
  4. Not saying any of this really happened to Tom, but playing devil's advocate... I've been in a car accident where I broke my shoulder and dislocated my clavicle among other things and I didn't have a cast or a sling. I also went to the hospital and had years of physical therapy and then eventually surgery, which did result in a sling. But I didn't even know I had broken my shoulder until it was mentioned on an MRI a year or two later -- I mean I knew shit hurt, but so many things hurt that it wasn't my biggest problem. Aside from surgery I don't think they really do much for a broken shoulde
  5. I would imagine the writers have heard about the woman using the Walking Dead fantasy skills as it was the daughter from Dirty John. When he attempted to abduct and murder her she killed him like a walker. I believe she was stabbed a lot in the process, but it's been a long while since I've listened to that podcast. Blood diamonds are illegal to sell, so are gems smuggled in from embargoed countries. There's other specifics around gem smuggling like under-declaring or declaring a different origin that are less likely to get caught (these are specific to smuggling into the US,
  6. I have not watched this show in a couple of years, but somehow just stumbled across Craig's law firm's website. I had to come here to see if it was a joke or not. It looks like a parody. I hope it works out for him.
  7. It's kind of sad that the big plot movement was Dennis's haircut and Alice's shitty showcase. What a waste of everyone's time.
  8. One thing that really bothered me is no one, not even the dicky insurance guy, mentioned that it was Leah's fault the hack even happened. If she's in charge the buck stops with her and she knew the network was vulnerable as she got her job by smugly hacking it. They didn't talk at all about how the intrusion happened and what was done to harden things so there wasn't another attack immediately after she booted everything back up off her implausible recovered drive. Getting everything back up means nothing if the door is still wide open. I don't think she should have gotten in trouble for i
  9. So this episode needed to be extra long because why? Nothing actually happened. Did anything even really happen all season?
  10. Is she all of the sudden going to discover it or come out?
  11. Thank you! I was coming here to say the same thing. And I don't think this is the first time she's said she came out as poly. I mean I guess it isn't my place to question her truth or whatever, but as presented by the show, she didn't so much come out as arbitrarily decide on a whim. I think it really does a disservice to those that are poly and those that have had to come out as anything to present it in the way the show has.
  12. It may be a type of gaslighting or he's just narcissistic enough to believe that he's not a problem. The biggest sexual harasser I've ever dealt with is now making the speaking rounds as an expert in lifting up women in tech. He's got a woman doing the speaking tour with him, likely for the prestige that being a speaker at these big events gives -- there's literally no way she doesn't know how bad he is, it's openly talked about.
  13. I don't like Nikki Glaser. She's no Iain Stirling (narrator for Love Island UK).
  14. I've worked in tech in Los Angeles for 20 years. The only time I've seen a company without benefits is when it was an entertainment company that had a tech team and was using a freelance/permalance model that is common in entertainment, but even in that case what Gael was doing probably would have been a staff position with benefits. I've never seen a tech start-up, which is what Spekulate seems like, with no benefits.
  15. I feel like Nakia(?) isn't as dumb as the other two women, but that's not a high bar. IDK, I just have a special dislike for CJ. She's on a show where ostensibly the premise is to not date fuckboys and she's like "you look like you'll ruin my life, I want to date you." She also gets outraged at the dumbest things. I think she's kind of a fuckgirl.
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