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  1. How small are your balls/how big is your head? I might be pulling this from my ass, but I thought someone said $600 You might be more familiar with toque as I believe that is the more common spelling outside of Canada. (I might have more than one book on hat design and the history of hats)
  2. I don't think she comes from a very wealthy family. If I remember correctly, she used to drive a Toyota Solara in the early seasons of the show. That is not a rich kid car. That's a soccer mom convertible. I believe my house is about the same age as Stassi's (90ish years old) and it is the same style. The upkeep isn't horrendous. I'm also not sure where in the Hollywood Hills she lives, but I don't think she has to worry about her house gaining in value. It is a decent house in LA. Property taxes are usually paid with your monthly mortgage, at least in California. You get the property tax bill and feel shitty about how big it is, but it just comes out of your escrow account, you don't even write the check. I'm not sure if they even send the bills anymore, I don't remember seeing mine for the last few years. They might be saving paper and costs and just dealing directly with my mortgage company now and leaving me out of the loop. Unless you are not carrying a mortgage, then you have to pay the bill.
  3. Can babies even donate kidneys? Aside from the ethical issues around informed consent (this is Billions, so obviously ethics do not apply), would a baby kidney be "strong" enough for an adult? Is it so weird given who is in power in Hollywood and who is in writers rooms? As for Chuck, he arguably has money and power, both of which some women find attractive. So in general an argument can be made for him getting some women that seem out of his league, but the show hasn't demonstrated that those are the women he is getting. I can't remember if Wendy already had money when they met, but she doesn't seem like a gold digger, so maybe she was attracted to his ambition and/or power? I know we were shown a flashback for Wendy and Chuck, but i care so little about them I can't remember shit. With the new professor she might be intrigued by his openness about his kink, not realizing that it was a last ditch effort to stop some calamity.
  4. I have several ex-boyfriends that would disagree. It's not like a basic Strat is a $50k guitar. As for our yachties, for people making $1500 in tips for 3 days, dropping $1-2k on a guitar isn't a big deal. Madison is a fucking martyr. I haven't posted anything because it's hard to care about this shitty show and I'm always weeks behind. I don't doubt Jenna was right about Madison running around like the busiest person ever and never getting anything done because she was inefficient and too busy complaining. I recognize it. I feel kind of bad talking shit about her though because as others have pointed out, at least some of it is unresolved issues from her sister's murder bubbling up.
  5. Probably not a big loss once I thought about it. The big grocery store over there isn't as good as it used to be when it was Mitsuwa. Like I'll go to it if I'm over there, but most of the time I wouldn't make a special trip.
  6. But, the big take away should be, if that's his apartment he has in unit laundry. That's quite a coup. That apartment is probably $$$ Stassi said a couple of episodes back that she took her IUD out (I got behind and am binging to get it over with). I don't know if an IUD makes you gain, so I don't know if removing it would make you lose. It was the episode where she went to the gyno. I think it is possible Beau was wearing one of her hair pieces as bangs during the convo. They said she'd taken it out and they were not trying for a kid but were not not trying and she was going to the gyno to make sure all her stuff was working.
  7. I think they are just going to the Coliseum. There's been several shots of the peristyle in the season previews and the episode has Coliseum in the name. There isn't an Olympic Village from the 84 LA Olympics, they just used USC and UCLA since it was the summer, USC being across the street from the Coliseum. Maybe they'll grocery shop in Little Tokyo. It isn't time to leave LA yet. The camp they went to for this episode was only about 90 miles from LA, so only like a 4 hour drive 🤣
  8. I cackled so hard when Josie pulled the half kilo of coke out of Alex's pocket. I'm starting to think his potential money problems have nothing to do with Pepper scamming him. Was the props department just like "we bought this jumbo box of Arm And Hammer so we're going to use the whole thing"? I think Jorge might be my least favorite person on the show. Everything is always about him. His take away about the department store is closing is it is terrible because he just started working there. There's always at least one thing an episode he turns around like that or at the very least he turns a conversation to be about him. He has been self-centered since the beginning, but I feel like as the season went on it got worse -- I think the turning point might have been when he broke Katy's sewing machine.
  9. He's an inappropriate choice because of work and apparently that's a big turn on for her. Have we seen a straight male that she has interacted with in her job that she hasn't slept with? It's only been two, but it seems like the writers are creating a pattern, probably without thinking about it.
  10. Not to be a Colin Robinson, but it's not just email that have daemons. It's just a background process that sits and runs. This is all super simplified, but... Most web servers are running on a process called httpd (the d means its a daemon). Chrond is the daemon for chrontab -- you schedule chron jobs and chrond sits there and runs them when it is time. Ftpd needs to be running if you want to ftp. If you want to ssh you need the ssh daemon running. Syslogd is the system logging daemon. Ntpd (network time protocol daemon) makes sure the system clock is correct. Fingerd lets you finger someone, but I'm not sure there's a lot of that going on anymore -- I don't think I've fingered anyone since the 90s. It goes on and on. It's from the ancient Greek meaning of daemon which were just invisible things that toiled in the background, not the Christian meaning of demon. On Windows they are called services. I'm not sure what they are called on Macs.
  11. I've got to agree with the Doc on this one. That sweater made me feel things. I think it is called Little Scorpion or something like that.
  12. So files don't just get magically deleted from GIT if committed and if they couldn't restore them it makes me think that Max did it on purpose, which seems kind of over the top. Or the writers just used some techy sounding words. Granted it's been several years since I've worked with GIT, but the whole purpose of version control is so shit like this doesn't happen.
  13. It would be ridiculous for anyone else but felt in character for Iggy to me because Iggy is the worst.
  14. Maybe Dembe loads Red's guns for him? He does everything else. So Lizzie is a bad ass? 🤣🤣🤣 Did Kemp guess who Red was just based on him monologuing? Like is Red known the world over for his monologues on top of being the concierge of crime? Or did he say something that would have made it guessable it was him? I kept rewinding, but also kept zoning out.
  15. Restaurant Depot had a lot of meat because restaurants aren't exactly doing business hand over fist right now (I'm in LA). The downside is the unit size is huge. I have 40lbs of chicken thighs. Our markets were picked pretty bare, but I think they are getting better. I went to Sprouts for some produce and they had a ton of meat in stock. They didn't have eggs, milk, bread, or frozen food, but everything else looked fine and it wasn't mobbed. I'm hoping that the initial panic is easing. I didn't look at TP or water because I drink from the tap and just got paper supplies at Costco in Feb. I'll probably end up redistributing some of my chicken thighs and also some rice (because I've got a lot of that too), but right now everyone in my neighborhood seems to be doing okay.
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