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  1. The first two episodes I was annoyed with how much time was spent on the asshole son, but I'm all in on watching him be lonely and not fit in with anyone at college. And honestly, I'd rather spend time on that than on watching her rub another one out on the kitchen floor.
  2. Hahaha! You do know what show this is, right? There's a less than zero chance of anything being portrayed well.
  3. Not only that, but according to my extensive research (a single google search and then looking at a chart in, but not reading, the only article I clicked on) it is permissible to disclose information that would otherwise be protected by HIPAA in cases where public safety is in danger are you are reporting to the appropriate authorities. Devon's argument wasn't even really that it was wrong, it was that people wouldn't feel safe seeking medical treatment if they feared repercussions from reporting -- because lord knows educated middle aged white guys in the middle class are constantly living in fear of the authorities. I was already starting to dislike Devon when they made his fiancee who was previously cool a spoiled flake to justify his straying, but it seems like the writers have gone out of their way to make him insufferable. I guess Conrad has to have an enemy and it isn't Bell anymore since they've completely altered his character too, so this is where we're at.
  4. I am so sick of Devon's sanctimonious ass. I am tired of Morris Chestnut being an ass (I can't think of the character's name). Mina's friend was a selfish asshole trying to guilt Mina into taking responsibility that she didn't want to take on. Did this friend get pregnant knowing she was possibly dying because the cancer treatment might destroy her fertility so this was her only chance, or was that some other shitty show I watch? I think I watch too many shitty medical dramas because they are getting confused in my head. Next week's episode is up on Hulu. Not sure if that's a mistake or not.
  5. So it looks like Martin might have taken the wrong kid camping.
  6. To be fair, chronic pain can make you an asshole. I didn't realize how cranky my pain was making me until it was gone. So having been in that boat, I just wrote Bloom's behavior off as the pain talking. But then again, it's Bloom, so 🤷‍♀️ Especially since his husband seems to be at home with the kids more than Iggy. I really cannot stand Iggy. I realize he's supposed to be this nice caring guy, but he just annoys the fuck out of me. So needless to say, I was not moved at the end when he was online shopping for a little refugee baby of his own.
  7. Besides the tradition part, they are in LA. I own like 3 long sleeved shirts total. It's going to be in the 80s this week. Wearing that long sleeved uniform shirt would be hot. Even though the older cop was encouraging West to lie, could he really and get away with it? Wouldn't his body cam footage show he wasn't even close enough to the guy to see him toss his gun when the guy was in the vicinity of where the kid picked the gun up?
  8. I didn't think Emily was more than cute on the show, but she has dark hair now and I think it really suits her.
  9. Stephanie has such a kind heart and delicate soul. She breaks my heart.
  10. I irrationally dislike her so much, that I was thinking "the baby wasn't even home all day and she can't even get up when it cries? It's his turn even though he's been at work? What has she been doing all day?" and then I realized she was dead. Kind of like on Ray Donovan when Abby finally died and she was on the screen 10x as much for flash backs and hallucinations as Ray and the family dealt with it. It was a great lesson in be careful what you wish for.
  11. She doesn't have a driver license and can't afford an Uber. Kelly was right that Gina isn't accomplished, she was just wrong about herself being accomplished. What has Gina done besides temporarily hitching her wagon to a guy that had a high paying job and popping out a few screaming crotch goblins and being a potato faced whiner and catty back stabber?
  12. I'm sorry you went through this. I doesn't sound like you use it as a constant excuse for bad behavior or weaponize it though. LeeAnn does. It isn't just one incident with her, it is nonstop. If Brandi doesn't want people calling her kid names, maybe she shouldn't have broken the seal by calling her a little bitch and was it an asshole(?) on TV. I do not feel bad at all saying that Brandi's kids are the absolute fucking worst and that Brandi needs to work on her parenting. I'm just saying it here though. I am not seeking Brandi out and sending her messages about it. I was wondering if it could be a cultural thing with Kary. She's not from the US and we are much more sensitive and PC about things than most of the world. Also her wording might not have been the best because she's not a native speaker.
  13. I think there's always an instance of it happening on BD and BDM. I can only think of BD instances off the top of my head though, so maybe they don't do it on Med? There's been Ashton as mentioned, Josiah had to wear that gold shit, didn't Bruno have to be the almost nude sushi serving platter once? The most demeaning thing I can think of for Med right now are when there was that country themed party with the hay and the girls wore daisy dukes and tied up shirts. I'm so confused because my belief that it happens every season on BD and BDM is strong.
  14. This got me thinking, has anyone had to dress up in a demeaning, inappropriate, or otherwise embarrassing costume this season? I'm pretty sure you can easily get flowers in the Med, even in October. It might be hard to get specific flowers, but does anyone think that Hannah really cares if they are Sweet Akito Roses vs Titanic Light Pink Roses?
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