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  1. Restaurant Depot had a lot of meat because restaurants aren't exactly doing business hand over fist right now (I'm in LA). The downside is the unit size is huge. I have 40lbs of chicken thighs. Our markets were picked pretty bare, but I think they are getting better. I went to Sprouts for some produce and they had a ton of meat in stock. They didn't have eggs, milk, bread, or frozen food, but everything else looked fine and it wasn't mobbed. I'm hoping that the initial panic is easing. I didn't look at TP or water because I drink from the tap and just got paper supplies at Costco in Feb. I'll probably end up redistributing some of my chicken thighs and also some rice (because I've got a lot of that too), but right now everyone in my neighborhood seems to be doing okay.
  2. This is the one time in my life I don't have a full freezer and pantry. Shit was getting old so I was forcing myself to eat out of what I have instead of grocery shopping. I've been doing it off and on for a few months and was finally approaching success when the mad rush on grocery stores happened. Normally I'd be like whatever, I can go deep into the freezer and pantry, but I shot myself in the foot. So I ventured out to Restaurant Depot because I figured I wouldn't be able to handle the crowds at the normal markets (not to mentioned they are picked bare). In a poorly timed stroke of fate, RD is rearranging their store, so not only were their shortages, but things were not where they normally go. So when I could only find frozen meat I didn't know if it was because supply was limited or things were moved. Long story short, I almost ended up with 20 or 30 pounds of beef cheeks because the options were that, chicken wings, or tripe. Then I found the new entrance to the normal meat area, but I was thisclose to being Leon. Also, beef cheeks are mad cheap.
  3. The whole season for BD is usually 6 weeks. It seems like forever, but we're only a few episodes in. I don't know how many episodes this season is, but I'm guessing we are not half way through yet.
  4. I agree, but I think the BD shows try to keep the premise up that these charters are supposed to be the height of luxury.
  5. Wasn't it always his plan to move back in after he finished his list? I thought that was talked about when he initially moved out. I usually just do LA to Sacramento or LA to SF and also usually just take the 5 because I'm in a hurry, but doesn't the 101 have more towns vs the farmland along the 5? If I was worried about my car breaking down I might pick the route with more towns so I wasn't stranded without options. I thought for sure she was going to crash. It really bothered me that she did not pull over.
  6. A hotel isn't in the same tier as a private yacht though. My suitcase is sectioned and I use packing cubes, so I keep my dirties and cleans separate, but I still hate the last part of a vacation when my suitcase is mostly dirties and I hate doing all the laundry when I get home, so I'd totally take advantage of someone else doing my laundry for "free" if the service was offered.
  7. Did he tell her anything before she already "knew" about it? I don't pay close enough attention to this show to remember weeks back through all their conversations. I think emotionally immature sums it up perfectly. She's also way too ego driven. It was all about what she thought was best and seeing herself as someone that fights for what's right, not necessarily what was best for the tenants.
  8. Think about what a luxury it would be to not go home with a suitcase full of dirty clothes. I do agree that in the context of a 2 day charter it doesn't make sense though.
  9. I hate having to have the don't shit where you eat conversation with subordinates. It is so awkward. What did Jamie do that is unethical? I think he deserves better than Callie, but I wanted them to stay together because I don't want him off the show. Aside from liking that he seems like a thoughtful and balanced guy that tries to do the right thing without blowing shit up, which is a nice contrast to Callie's approach, it makes me laugh to think that Matty McKibben grew up to be a high paid lawyer. I also appreciate that the show took a nuanced approach to someone that leans more conservatively without making them an over the top caricature, too bad they couldn't do the same for Callie.
  10. Callie is the absolute worst. I'd rather have Jamie on the show than her, but you know that's not how things are going to work 🙂 If the Marianna/Evan scene was real, they really need to not bang at the office. With all the issues going on there it is absolutely the worst idea, like stupid enough that Callie could have suggested it. He told her he loved her and they started making out.
  11. In California you can file a supplemental name report to add a name to the certificate of live birth. It is free if you do it in the first year and costs ~$25 thereafter. It is only for adding first, middle, and/or last names that are not on the birth certificate, not for changing names. That implies to me that you do not have to name the baby right away. The hospital probably pressures you to though because they just want to do the paperwork and get it over with and I'm sure it is easier to just do things the normal way. Also, if you do it the supplemental name report way your name is not on your birth certificate, it is on an attached second page and that's not cute in a baby book.
  12. It isn't a bunch of cops though. Isn't it just a single local LEO on leave and a single statie, both of which were recently involved in questionable decision making which resulted in the incident that caused the leave and the death of someone in custody, neither of which have any real reason for hanging out with Claude, and both of which are outside their jurisdiction? Then there's 2 PIs, a defense attorney, and whatever the kinda-boyfriend is. Not only is the local LEO on leave, but he's getting mandated psych treatment -- his word might not be gold right now. And keep in mind, if this follows pattern, there's going to be a ton of physical evidence conflicting their statements. Also, in Terry's case there was actual physical evidence putting him at the conference, corroborating the eyewitness statements. I don't think the word of a cop is stronger than physical evidence, but maybe that's just me.
  13. Apparently there was a dryer free for Ciara to stick the cushion covers in, so it seems like Georgia doesn't have them going non-stop.
  14. There's no way it is living up to the original in that regard. That episode where they go to the moors is probably the single greatest achievement in televised knitwear.
  15. It's a 4,500 sq ft, 5 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath $2M house. Doesn't sound like a starter home to me 🤷‍♀️
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