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  1. yourmomiseasy


    I went to watch season 2 and ended up having to rewatch season 1 because I was confused and just rewatching 1.9 and 1.10 wasn't making sense of it for me. So now my hatred for Nick and Alice has been rekindled. What a couple of dicks. I think Nick wanted Emily to be evil so he didn't feel so bad dropping another woman into her life and replacing her so easily. I'm not sure if Alice felt guilty or was just an entitled dick. I'm sure I'm giving the show more credit on this than it deserves and it really isn't that deep or layered (not that these thoughts are incredibly deep). Now on to season 2.
  2. yourmomiseasy

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    Is there one run by Sandra Lee?
  3. yourmomiseasy

    SURly Staff In The Media

    You really think he inherited more than he makes on appearances and various other VPR related things? Basically, the majority of his income is probably 1099'd. When you get paid like that taxes are usually not taken out and it is your responsibility to file quarterlies and pay.
  4. yourmomiseasy

    S04.E01: Pardon Your French

    As a regular person, I take offense. Mila's Mexican dinner reminds me of the time I stupidly got a burrito in Amsterdam. They used BBQ sauce (like Kraft style BBQ sauce too, not anything fancy) in place of salsa. I should have known better, but I'd had alcohol poisoning the night before and just wanted some comfort food to soak up all my sickness. I can spend $1.50 at the gas station and get a better taco than she put together. My sister, who brings Rice-A-Roni still in the box as her Thanksgiving contribution, can make a better taco than Mila.
  5. yourmomiseasy

    SURly Staff In The Media

    All their VPR salary and appearances and whatnot are probably 1099 income. Taxes on that add up pretty fast, especially when there are penalties.
  6. yourmomiseasy

    S04. E22. The Gang Gets Gone

    This show is so stupid for so many reasons. This whole episode was dumber than normal, and that's saying a lot. I thought it was cancelled and didn't realize there's another season, but did expect it to end on some ridiculous cliffhanger since the episode would have been already filmed, so I laughed when they all apparently blew up because that's an amazing series finale. I didn't really read any of the articles, just looked at the headlines, since I was expecting it to get cancelled, that will teach me, now I need to go read and see what's up next season. I hope next season is a short one because I'm not a quitter, but I don't know if I can hang in there for 22.
  7. yourmomiseasy

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    That's 6 miles through Hollywood Hills though. Those canyon roads can get real backed up so it can be over an hour depending on the time of day. I will be making the drive from the LA side over to Studio City this afternoon and am dreading it. Driving home later tonight won't be bad though.
  8. yourmomiseasy

    SURly Staff In The Media

    That's pretty standard for LA. A lot of the the time there's an easement at the back of your lot for utilities so they can all go down the center of the block at the edge of everyone's backyards instead of being at the street. Sometimes there's an alley for them to go down and then the entrance to your garage will be back there too. The big bitch of it is that if you need something done the repair guy might need access to your neighbor's yard depending on where the pole is and if they are not home or just giant dicks your cable or your phone might not get hooked up. Edit to add: we are a janky ass city w/o underground utilities in a lot of the city. I'm pretty sure the fancier areas have gone underground. Honestly though our infrastructure is weak sauce in a lot of ways.
  9. yourmomiseasy

    S01Ep22: Luna

    Right? A t-bone is the biggest season finale cliffhanger cliche ever, but that wasn't good enough for this silly melodramatic show. No, it had to be a double ambulance t-bone with half the medical staff and a newborn baby on board.
  10. yourmomiseasy

    S04.E10: Who's da New King of Hell?

    Everyone I know with a lot of money gets a night nurse. Then the nanny comes when mom goes back to work. I'm in LA and it is usually couples where both are in high level entertainment jobs. Unpopular opinion, I didn't like Eve. I thought she was annoying. This season was a lot better than last. It felt more mature. I don't mean that in a mature content way. I mean that the writing didn't go for the easy jokes all the time and didn't feel as sophomoric as last season. I like that they time jumped and there were not a ton of pregnancy hijinks and that there wasn't some dramatic "sweeps" style delivery. I would be happy with this as an ending, but would like more. Last year didn't leaving me wanting more, but I figured I'd tune in and see if the move to Netflix improved things. I'm glad I did.
  11. yourmomiseasy

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    Well then, I hope she read her contract because according to the reviews Skyline expects you to keep paying even after you die. Grey has been in for a while, but only if you bleach your hair and then dye it grey. No rest for the wicked (because we all know only witchy old crones have naturally grey hair).
  12. yourmomiseasy

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    You are confusing Sessa and Blizzard Denise's wedding is local, Camille's is in Hawaii. It's more of a time investment to make it to Camille's. Kyle might have been a fill-in for someone that dropped out 🤷‍♀️ But then we wouldn't have had the hilarious hijinks at Von's. 1.) Teddi's husband's security company is what Kyle uses. Not sure about Dorit. 2.) If anyone did a quick google search they probably wouldn't want to use Skyline, so not sure that bringing it to the forefront was a great idea since Teddi is already pretty unlikable this season. I guarantee Erika and Tom have separate bedrooms. Given her livelihood hinges on how hot and sexually desirable she is, I don't think it is off base to think a lot of her self worth is probably tied up in being viewed as sexy. Her chosen vocation is notorious for causing these types of issues and she's not just an actress, she's a sex symbol. Best part of the episode for me was Rinna, of all people, being the most loudly scandalized over Camille mentioning a strap-on. I'm surprised no one has brought up her talking about pegging Harry Hamlin with one a few years back.
  13. yourmomiseasy

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    Unfortunately, years of conditioning has probably made her feel that's all she brings to the table.
  14. yourmomiseasy

    S07.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Fuck. Instagram just suggested I might like following Vicki Gunvalson. I might be done with Bravo. The chucklefucks are gonna need to step it up to keep me.
  15. No no no. I didn't want you to feel bad. The site is probably coded poorly, making it hard to link.