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  1. Interesting. Lori’s sister that died was the mother of her niece Melanie, who is also (apparently) a believer in The Cult. We knew from an earlier episode that the niece’s husband had been shot at by someone thought to be Alex. Unbelievable.
  2. I’m probably going to hell for this, but whatever. If, God forbid, there is a movie made about this miscreant, Roseanne Barr would make the perfect Tommy.
  3. In the newlyweds vs. venue case, JJ truly made a huge error. The venue was open and ready to serve with restrictions required at the time. I don’t think whiny, smarmy, too-smiley plaintiff should have been rewarded for deciding that 50 of his nearest & dearest with others on live link was not as good as a living room ceremony with a cyber audience.
  4. I’m telling ya, they need to look at that guy that “found” her keys, Jerry King. Or as I like to pronounce it, j ErryK ing.
  5. Ok, I thought she said she waited until it was clear. I was only half listening.
  6. It seemed to me that the scraggly blond had made a left turn in front of oncoming traffic.
  7. Melanie lost me with the dramatic pauses and phrase repetition. The low register voice was a pleasant surprise, though, even through her practiced retelling of how the affair began with an innocent shoulder rub.
  8. Life and some time for the arson.
  9. The Accident, Murder, or Suicide episode about Brett and Vashti Seacat offered a couple of things to irritate me. 1- "Seacat" sounds like a pronounced acronym. 2- The sister's lips. Good Lord. 3- Vashti is pronounced "Vazh-tie" historically. The sister even claimed that their Dad had chosen it from the biblical story of Esther, so they should have known.
  10. Today's lease-breaking SSMO? was a certainly a piece of shit. She lived there only 10 months by her own account, with at least one minor child, maybe 2 with bunk beds. One ex-boyfriend who did the unlawful architectural changes while she was at work, and the other for whom she became a scofflaw and hightailed it to Florida. Sure, she's a grown woman, but two life-changing boyfriends in less than 10 months with at least one minor child makes her pretty low on my scale of humanity. Have as many boyfriends as you 'need' by all means, but leave the children out of it.
  11. .....not that they'd get in the car with her.....
  12. Defendant in the horse-napping caper needs to lay off the contouring pen.
  13. We take our entertainment where we can get it during these troubling times. That we're all in together, doncha know...
  14. I thought I was going to be able to root for the ex wife, in spite of having raised that ridiculous bride-child, but I keep going back to “the things she left behind, including her dog”. That’s enough for me. And...it is much more likely that the daughter was jealous of the new wife, not the other way around. Just my two cents.
  15. The lady in Tulsa screaming for Jay-sus to help her and praying in tongues? I bet Jesus was saying, "Oh, no, girl, you the one that fled the traffic stop, not me".
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