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  1. The McDaniel/Bankhead affair rumor is as old as the hills. Ditto! MS, Holland Taylor and Joe Mantello are killing it. They are the true MVP's of Hollywood.
  2. Did she get into a groove or did we, the audience, just get used to her low-energy, uninspiring acting?
  3. Is everyone serious about short hair being a prerequisite? Isn't seeking an LGBTQ+ actor limiting enough? Why not go all the way and ask for a short Australian with zero chemistry with castmates?
  4. Showcasing a show around a weak actress was not the way to go. This is only going to make the show better. I'm looking forward to season 2!
  5. Shades of grey? Alice isn't charming jewel thief Selina Kyle, she's a face-ripping psychotic mass murderer!
  6. That, and ER saying [I'm paraphrasing] "I'm having dinner with Hick."
  7. Felt a little hometown pride this episode when Karen mentioned being a cheerleader in Kearny NJ. I was surprised Steph wasn't in the bottom 3. The highlight of the show was Karen's reaction to the BV fan club!
  8. It's hard for me to root for a guy who's prostituting himself while his pregnant wife stays at home. Rock just seems like a dim bulb, I have yet to see a mean bone in his body. I've seen more of Camille than I have of Claire, so Camille wins by default.
  9. So Villanelle didn't have to write two notes and set two alarm clocks!
  10. I thought that was the most distracting plot point. "Can we all speak a different language while I'm here?" was just so bizarre! It would've been less distracting to have the TARDIS translate for everyone.
  11. Normal life? She was demeaning and belittling the boy after he lost the competition, effectively killing his spirit and self-esteem. Villanelle saw that, asked the kid what was going on. That's when Villanelle knew she had to kill that woman. That's why V was chopping beets in the middle of the night, drawing the mother downstairs, giving mother a second chance to redeem herself.
  12. I love that Jodie got top billing in this episode. She certainly deserved it. I'm so glad the writers kept Villanelle the same. When she met the family I was trying to figure out who was going to die and who was going to survive. I thought the boy would be the sole survivor. I was close! 4 died, 2 survived. I'm not usually a big fan of matricide, esp on Mother's Day, but I was screaming 'kill her' when Mama started her darkness bullshit. There was nothing that made me believe sparing Piotr was an afterthought. V not only spared Piotr and little bro, she left them enough money to start over, and see Elton.
  13. I'm a gay man in my 60's so Roy Fitzgerald turning out to be Rock Hudson was not a twist for me. But watching Sheldon demanding oral sex was certainly jarring! Echoing a post from above, the Mo Rocca Mobituary about Anna Mae Wong is a must-listen.
  14. So Luke says something and Kate just believes it, with no backup, no back story? Isn't there a possibility Luke could be wrong?
  15. Now, now, don't blame Bill's assholery on his singleness. There are so many committed singletons, like myself, who have yet to endorse eugenics. His singleness is more a consequence of his assholery.
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