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  1. Totally disagree about the darkness, I think it casts an eerie.pall that enhances the creepiness. I'm old school, I watch TV on a TV, when a show like this is dark I shut off the living room light. Funny you should mention Hannibal, Hetienne Park was on that also.
  2. I think you transposed Brett and Max. Aren't Scheana and Jax still at Sur?
  3. Isn't it possible the Vegas shows were originally meant for the holiday break?
  4. There should be two threads for LwK&R. One about the show and one for the Kelly & Mark parenting critiques. I'm a fan of KR's, I just don't care what happens outside of the show.
  5. First born, third asked! I love when the kids show up, esp Michael, he's so darn cute!
  6. Of course she was. Senator Klochubar is a smart, industrious legislator with humility and a sense of humor who came from humble beginnings. In other words, everything MM isn't.
  7. You might be getting reruns, but I'm getting impeachment hearings.
  8. It was all good, from the drag queens to Andy's squirming at Celine's make a short story longer technique of sharing anecdotes.
  9. The character of Sophie does not work on so many levels. Firstly, the actress is very bland and milquetoast. I find it hard to believe she's a super cop or the object of 2 people's desire. Secondly, she's written as this wishy-washy careerist. Who would like that? Thirdly, the commitment phobic bi-girl is nothing new. Transfer Sophie to Metropolis and let Kate move on.
  10. No, it was like the other opening scenes that had nothing to do with the current storylines, but have to with The Purge in general (the actress auditioning for TP announcer, and the post purge clean up crew).
  11. Worse, Sarah MacLaghlen abused puppy commercials.
  12. Isn't Greta Monahan reporting from the hearings? She is part of the news division, dontcha know.
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