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  1. I could've watched the cheftestants visiting Gold's favorite LA eateries all day. The glorious food, the enthusiasm of the cheftestants, the restauranteurs' heartfelt memories of Gold, it was awesome TV.
  2. Reminds me of a line from a letter by Jane Austen to her sister: Pictures of perfection, as you know, make me sick and wicked.
  3. Jesus Christ, he's an extremely wealthy New Yorker with a team of housekeepers, personal trainers, nutritionists, nannies, interns, assistants, flunkies and struggling actors to keep him company. He is not your average single dad.
  4. The name Liam could be a diminutive of William.
  5. Thank you for clearing that up for me Sake614 & ciarra. I remember Georgie, just didn't remember she was a night owl.
  6. Spinelli said Ally was as nocturnal as her namesake. Who's Ally's namesake?
  7. Same here. Iris alone, was worth watching. Iris had better come back. You aren't alone. The highlight for me was watching evolution work when the idiots volunteered to be air-locked.
  8. I really don't have an opinion of cancel culture. For me it falls into the "So what, who cares?" department. But when one espouses a view against cancel culture, and then gets into a twitter feud with QE's Bobby Berk, which ends with her literally saying "but clearly I won't be changing your mind. I also guess I won't be watching queer eye anymore. 😞 Have a nice day.", I feel very comfortable calling that person a hypocrite.
  9. I know it might be a typo, but this post cracked me up. Obvious to you maybe, it seems to me that Sarah is just being a good ABC employee and going where she is needed. She left the view because she was very unhappy. If anything the workplace has gotten more toxic since she left.
  10. Was I the only one who noticed the Kon-Tiki Playbill in Larry's drawer? Clive Owen was awesome in that!
  11. Unfortunately, quality often doesn't get good ratings. If that were true ratings for Nicolle Wallace's 4pm MSNBC show would be through the roof. The View sadly is now a Jerry Springer-type train wreck of a show with a faded has-been, an over the hill comic, a prude and a low-information Senator's daughter discussing topics they rarely do research on. It's ABC's version of the Real Housewives. Who's going to argue this week? Come to think of it, The View should open with Real Housewife taglines! Whoopi: Don't email me, don't text me, don't twitter me, I just don't care!
  12. What a fucking idiot. Is she still redeemable? She has a higher body count than Charles Manson. She's gotta go in the finale.
  13. I love that Avenue 5 has such a dim view of humanity. Watching an idiot come up with a conspiracy theory, and then bigger idiots extrapolating on that theory, and then even bigger idiots self-destruct was like watching Fox News.
  14. She came out with her bible last time she was on.
  15. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see a poster referring to EH as Bitsy.
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