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  1. The son Lance Loud came out of the closet and the parents divorced, It was action-packed for the time.
  2. Bill is exactly what he accuses the Dems of being: out of touch with the American electorate.
  3. She sure was, that glare of death she gave Ben, while he confronted her and Erin still chills.
  4. That's a pretty big role, and Chloe is just the woman to fill it!
  5. Just curious, would there be a reason why he would be ineligible for GG? And I totally agree, he was robbed. I feel bad too for Janet McTeer, thought she was consistently good all season long.
  6. He's lucky he's a billionaire's son. Because his father is one of the producers of the show?
  7. But they don't think that, that's why they got the matchmaker, that's why some traveled across the country to meet someone, because their exacting criteria has such a small pool of prospective mates. That was crazy. But daddy was paying the matchmaker. Well, not all single people, some single people are happy being single.
  8. Word! You know it must be true if OK! magazine says so.
  9. Jeez, why would she want to come back? After going from train wreck #1 (The View) to even bigger train wreck #2 (S&S&K) she needs a break. She never seemed happy on The View. I doubt she could fake the sincerity anymore.
  10. Since lockdown, my Covid-19 mantra has been "It could be way worse, I could be married!"
  11. Emmy nominations for acting: Jeremy Pope (lead). Dylan McDermott, Jim Parsons and Holland Taylor (supporting).
  12. Charges were dropped, so it's unclear if he did steal anything.
  13. I have to admit I'm a Kelly fan, although I am not blind to her faults, and I certainly don't think she's perfect. I also can not watch the Covid version of the show, I find it unwatchable. I tried watching when lockdown began, but I just can't. I'm also a longtime watcher, a huge Regis fan. I remember when The Morning Show became Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. I was saddened by the news of his death. I have just watched Monday's show. When Claudia Cohen, longtime member of the Live family, passed away, the producers made a loving, funny clip tribute to her. It was such a lovely gesture. What did Regis get? Remote-filmed remembrances from 3 people with a musical montage. I was so disappointed. Luckily, Youtube is full of clip tributes to Reg, I just watched those. Regis was 88 when he passed away, everyone knew he was going to pass sometime. Production didn't already have a pre-made video tribute of his best moments with all his co-hosts, his wife and his daughters??? This episode seemed like it was slapped together in 20 minutes by a handful of interns. And this is all Gelman's fault, Kelly is the hired talent, but Gelman runs the show, and he fucked up big time. I don't know if I can ever watch this show again.
  14. I know you meant Gelman, DuckyinKy, but the visual of Regis's car service and German waiting is very funny! 😉
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