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  1. Have any of the panelists mentioned the Republican members of congress cancelled Liz Cheney?
  2. Right, what we're seeing is early 2020. I guess the season will end with lockdown in March 2020.
  3. It was nice to see Ron Duguay. Still handsome after all these years. Haven't seen him since the '79 Sassoon Jeans commercial. Ooh la la Sassoon! I'm not easily impressed with properties, but I was very much impressed with the St. Luke's Pl property. That was amazing. I hope they somehow get a listing on my other favorite street in NYC, Bedford St. Would love a peek into one of those homes.
  4. I thought it was because they were both starting swimsuit empires at the same time. I don't think Kelsey would have anything to do with Buttaface Billionaire.
  5. Of course it wasn't predetermined. Bravo would have nothing to gain and everything to lose by rigging competitions. All the chefs played with the same rules. The winner of the quickfire won $10K. There was no immunity because there was a double eviction. Sucks for Gabriel, but it was perfectly legit.
  6. Why should anyone provide them with rebuttal info? Do they not read up on current events? It's part of their job! It doesn't stop any of the posters on this thread. I would hazard to guess none of the posters on this thread has a slew of college interns providing them with rebuttal info on little blue index cards. I expect all four of the panelists other than MM (5 including Anna) to take turns correcting Meghan's lies. I would love to hear Sunny shout out "It's my turn!"
  7. She was definitely more of a Tilly than a Stevie.
  8. The video looked manufactured to me as well.
  9. I love Alison Weir! Her Eleanor of Aquitaine bio is still in my top ten of biographies. I actually just finished The Mirror & The Light, and while it wasn't my favorite in Mantel's trilogy, it did spur an interest in Lady Margaret Douglas, who conveniently has been profiled by Weir in The Lost Tudor Princess.
  10. Same here. My local AMC opened back in January. My movie tastes don't lean towards blockbusters, action flicks or kids movies, so the movies I saw (Nomadland, The Father, Promising Young Woman, Minari) were nearly empty and totally safe.
  11. Seriously! A Le Cordon Bleu educated, James Beard Award-winning chef needs a stylist? Unbelievable.
  12. What did Electra put in her bag, right before the toast for Blanca, in the final scene?
  13. Or many of us will realize this is a dramatization of historical events, not a documentary, and is not to be taken seriously.
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