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  1. There is so much ignorance on the subject, esp in the media. Writer/actress Julia Sweeney was on a ET/Access Hollywood type show promoting something when the host asked her "Why are you so resentful to God?" Julia quickly retorted "How can I be resentful to something that doesn't exist?"
  2. But I've never made more than $50K and the money I've received as a federal tax refund doesn't even come close to amount deducted by the federal government. Rand's numbers are way off.
  3. Was this the first time Bill expressed any doubt about Joe Biden getting the nomination?
  4. Not necessarily, but Wardrobe sure loves it, god bless their little liberal hearts! ❤
  5. It made me smile when light therapy woman quoted Mary Oliver.
  6. It seems to me it's the sole reason those two dipshits were hired!
  7. So true. I don't think MM got the full import of what RM was saying until the commercial break. That's essentially what happens when you pair a 'highly educated woman' with an entitled brat who has had everything handed to her on a silver platter. Watching these two talk looked like a conversation between Cokie Roberts and Snookie.
  8. Second favorite moment: WhenMM bragged about FOX News ratings over MSNBCs. Rachel explained how FNs main objectives are pushing the Republican agenda and electing candidates & MSNBCs is to tell the news. Wonderful.
  9. My favorite moment of the RM interview: Whoopi asking her (in Whoopi's signature style) 'Do you think Putin bombed the Arabs?' Rachel's face got all quizical and literally mouthed the question in disbelief until Joy clarified 'The Saudis!'
  10. One thing about these writers: they understand alcoholism and drug addiction. Even when KenWA isn't seemingly drinking or using he is still suffering from untreated alcoholism and addiction: always looking for the easy way out, totally self-centered, mired in self-pity. Ken is a fictionalized Hunter Biden. He can't get a job on his own. He rides his family's coattails, I'd bet Hunter performed a rap song at his Dad's birthday party!
  11. Totally agree. Nice person, but a sleeping pill in TV form.
  12. Yes, to your first question. Ben Platt and Jessica Lange will be on this week.
  13. What was Frank saying about Rep Tlaib in a primary race? I've replayed it several times and can't make it out.
  14. It's not up to Marjorie, she's more than willing, it's up to the son. Marjorie is powerless in this situation.
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