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  1. And academia! Don't forget that one! Of course I didn't take it seriously, the real contender is Judge Judy.
  2. sugarbaker design

    S02.E02: Worth It

    If the life-prolonging cocktails were in existence wouldn't the characters, esp the doctors, be talking about it? I don't think they're available just yet in the timeline. Maybe a season finale plot development?
  3. sugarbaker design

    S02.E02: Worth It

    Shadow and Silhouette!
  4. sugarbaker design

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    You aren't alone, I'm a fan too. Not a blind fan, I see her faults, I just don't obsess about it. I mainly drop in this thread to check out the levels of ridiculous outrage. The posts about Lola's prom appearance were hysterical. Did you know Lola had a spray tan? The horror! Here in NJ you are legally mandated to get a spray tan before prom.
  5. sugarbaker design

    Watch What Happens Live

    Take time off from what? His 30 minute talk show? I'm sure he could squeeze in some Coops condolence time into that grueling schedule.
  6. sugarbaker design

    S03.E02: Muscle & Flow

    It is when it's fictional.
  7. sugarbaker design

    S03.E02: Muscle & Flow

    Quiet Ann always cracks me up! This week - when she kissed her baseball bat when they re-opened the salon.
  8. sugarbaker design


    I tried the first page, but after a couple of posts, there were posts about the second and third episodes, so I got out of there.
  9. sugarbaker design


    I totally forgot to look for the red letter message in the closing credits. Did anyone happen to catch it?
  10. sugarbaker design


    Trust me, you are not alone. I still haven't forgiven the little bitch for putting her parents through hell. Her highness suddenly moved out and refused to contact her parents. She's awful. I'm still hoping for a 'Who killed Joan' episode.
  11. Well?! Did they make it or not?
  12. Short had just mentioned a few minutes earlier, in a hilarious way of course, that he was wearing a wig. I do not like BW at all, but she was referring to MS's original joke. And after she said it no one was laughing harder than Short.
  13. sugarbaker design

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    Calvin Klein!?!! Someone should tell CK's boyfriend he is straight! 😉 He is the gayest gay that ever gayed!
  14. Can Charles Blow be on every week to school Bill on the difference between a social justice warrior and a twitter troll? Katie Porter was a totally unexpected delight!
  15. sugarbaker design

    "The View": Week of 6/3/2019

    Yes and no! What will we tell the children?