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  1. Oh, it definitely is! While I can't tolerate douches in real life, I love watching reality-show douches, especially in a maritime setting! And I could watch the clip of Izzy slamming the wall when James snored all day long!
  2. I'm not cool with someone who flirts with co-workers in a closed environment setting with a staff of 10. If you're a good-time guy/gal, save it for your day off. Don't shit where you eat. That's just me. I also think James gets away with it because he has an English accent. If he spoke with a flat American mid-western accent he would seem way more douchey. Was he respectful towards Elizabeth when he was winking at Ash? And the James isn't douchey because he's cool with/didn't flirt with Izzy just doesn't wash.
  3. I am! Nobody stirs the pot like Chloe. The show will be unwatchable without her.
  4. He's still a douche, nonetheless. He was a douche when he was hitting on the other stews before Elizabeth. So his douchey behavior after Elizabeth got too serious was not surprising, and totally deserving a tongue-lashing from a wasted Rachel. Well, I don't love him. Although he does have a great head of hair.
  5. That's the way I watched it. I prefer subtitles over dubbing any day of the week. I'm sure it's available for everyone.
  6. And a native Arizonan. And Middle-American.
  7. It's really just a device to introduce the incoming party to the audience.
  8. And she wasn't deliberately cruel to anyone, that is, except James, and that doesn't count. I find Rachel highly entertaining. I wanted to hear her drunken version of "Walking After Midnight". Back when I was in elementary school, jizz was spelled with two z's. 😉
  9. One doesn't suddenly turn into a douche. A douche slowly reveals her/himself.
  10. For the record, I never thought Cleo was being wry and self-deprecating, I thought she was being honest.
  11. The opening credits sequence reminds me of the Batsford Guides that Penelope Keith used in her 'English Village' shows.
  12. Just got an email from my library, Val McDermid's latest Still Life is waiting for me to pick it up. Page turners make the train commute go quicker!
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