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  1. I did enjoy the doc about wolves that Andrew & Julia were supposed to be watching while Max was talking to Janine.
  2. Doesn't Andy salivate over every young guy that comes into the clubhouse? I thought that was the same jewelry/mask that Meredith wore last year.
  3. Same here. But what does any of this have to with Jen Shah liking and re-tweeting homophobic trolls? Either it's ok or it isn't.
  4. I know I heard the name of the gangster, but seeing it in print reminds me that Joe Novak (son of gangster Lazlo Navatne) was married to Siobhan Ryan of Ryan's Hope.
  5. That's not what I see, I see a mom who's watching gay-bashing trolls attack her son on-line, and she's concerned.
  6. The show's not my cup of tea either, but they're still bringing the ratings, so it doesn't boggle my mind why they're paid well.
  7. Oh my gosh! The only other murder mysteries with better food scenes are the Chief Bruno novels.
  8. That's hilarious. I don't recall Grimes writing about food that much in the Jury novels (aside from Agatha's fairy cakes, that is).
  9. It seems like he doesn't like fun, he just likes work. This is one area that Kelly has it over him in spades. She knows the meaning of work/life balance. How many 46 year-old men does anyone know that is still weighing the possibilities of fatherhood?
  10. This really should be posted on top of the thread. This topic is brought up every episode.
  11. I already bought my ticket, I'm seeing it on Sunday!
  12. Barkin was fired? Where did you hear this? ETA: Nevermind, just did a quick google search. I had just assumed Barkin quit, because I couldn't comprehend a show getting rid of a major talent like Barkin, and a major character like Smurf. Boy, was I wrong!
  13. Pathetic is a man who weighs 120 lbs going on an intermittent fast. That's pathetic.
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