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  1. sugarbaker design

    Are You The One?

    This season is my first experience with AYTO? Does the audience find out who is matched with whom?
  2. sugarbaker design

    S06.E04: American Good Place Warrior

    I couldn't name a TS song if my life depended on it. Howabout 'young blond pop star who writes songs about ex-boyfriends'?
  3. sugarbaker design

    Years and Years

    I wasn't aware that all 6 episodes were available. I'll be avoiding this thread lest I be spoiled. See you in 2 weeks!
  4. sugarbaker design

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    Oh, I do. We have a dumb ass media feeding us half-truths and misinformation on a daily basis. (I'm looking at you McCain and Goldberg!) Just because mass media cretins drown us with their mediocre knowledge and low wattage intelligence, I'll still maintain the use of correct language when I can.
  5. sugarbaker design


    Check out the Red Riding trilogy from 2009, it makes Endeavour look like Benny Hill.
  6. sugarbaker design


    What a great way to describe Morse! And thank you for that visual of him singing in the choir.
  7. sugarbaker design


    I was a huge fan of the books before I even knew about the show. Probably the only instance of a show improving on the original source material I can think of. I loved Morse! He didn't suffer fools, he was a straight shooter, didn't care what people thought about him and he solved crimes! He had joys in his life: The Archers, opera and crosswords. And although he wasn't part of a couple, I never, ever thought of him as lonely. Here's to Morse, a life well-lived!
  8. sugarbaker design


    I know you meant to type Cabot Cove! 😉
  9. sugarbaker design


    And Dr. DeBrynn!
  10. sugarbaker design


    The Chief Superintendents of all 3 series have had adjectives for last names. They were generally ironic; Strange was humdrum, Innocent was jaded. The same for Moody and Bright.
  11. sugarbaker design

    Years and Years

    I'm enjoying what the actors are doing with the material. I cracked up when Victor mouthed "How much?" after hearing about Stephen's financial losses. I enjoyed watching Vivien Rook shaking hands with her opponents after learning she won the race, all her opponents save one, the one who ripped her mask off during a debate and exposed her as an ignoramus.
  12. sugarbaker design

    S03.E04: Boy, Bye

    Word, the wardrobe fits the crazy tone of the show. I don't think this show is aiming for realism. Did anyone else notice Melba was reading Michelle Obama's Becoming?
  13. sugarbaker design

    Watch What Happens Live

    Funniest post ever! Does the Meat Rack have a day care center?
  14. sugarbaker design


    I feel bad for Win also, not only for her second class citizen status as a housewife in 60's UK, but more so she played by the rules, she put her family first, her own needs second and wound up with a dimwit husband who ruined their dream of a comfortable retirement, an absentee son and an ungrateful selfish bitch for a daughter. I hope her 'girls night out' was with another guy.
  15. And academia! Don't forget that one! Of course I didn't take it seriously, the real contender is Judge Judy.