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  1. For the husband's sake I hope not, he should pack up and leave that awful family.
  2. One of my all-time favorite novels by one of my all-time favorite writers. I'm so glad you referred to as Asta's Book, the original UK title, and not the edited US title, Anna's Book. It just doesn't get much better than Rendell/Vine. I've read A Dark-Adapted Eye by BV three times now.
  3. I'm only a quarter through the book, and I'm already sucked in.
  4. Very satisfying conclusion to an excellent series! Coel is a major talent. I was so happy the first ten minutes turned out to be a scenario. I didn't want Arabella to be consumed with a need for physical revenge. It was great seeing her at her own book reading, then with her posse watching Terry's commercial. Professional achievements, creative freedom and loving friendships are the best revenge.
  5. But if they talk with their partners before they bang someone else, they probably won't bang someone else! I don't want to watch a show with couples with excellent communication skills and impeccable morals. Besides, I don't blame Dante or Ned, both Lulu and Olivia are harridans. I cannot blame Molly, I would bang Brando any time, any place.
  6. I was thinking a young Lena Olin. I thought of LO when I saw Lottie's picture on the gingham altar.
  7. Whether they're pre-taped or not, the show is not the same as it was pre-Covid. I've maybe watched 30 minutes total of LwK&R since March. Host chat is unwatchable and the remote celeb interviews are just not working. I realize it's an unpopular opinion, but I liked the way K&R conducted interviews. Not so with the remote format. I still record the show daily (along with The View), but I still delete daily when I get home from work. If you want to feel good about LwK&R just watch The View, it's a total shit-show. Totally off-topic, but the Graham Norton show just came back, and Graham has a nice blend of in-studio socially-distanced guests mixed with remote interviews with a live music performance.
  8. Because it's nearly Halloween I picked up Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger at the library. I enjoyed Fingersmith and The Paying Guests, Waters wields a mighty pen.
  9. Seriously, they could be poster children for contraception. That poor woman dedicated her life to raising these three, and what does she get? Three whiny narcissistic arseholes!
  10. Graham's back! I like the mix of in-studio and remote guests. I hated the original lockdown version.
  11. I was thinking "cock". I thought the panel was quite good this week, they seemed to play nicely together.
  12. I loved the breadth and heft of The Widows of Malabar Hill, it made it so much more memorable. The Satapur Moonstone was a satisfactory second, I'm looking forward to reading The Bombay Prince. I've loved Sujata Massey's work since her Rei Shimura days. The first one was good, the second one The Silkworm was quite good. Career of Evil was so-so. I picked up the fourth at the library, it was over 700 pages, I thought to myself, girlfriend needs an editor stat and put it back down. This was before the more recent controversies. You won't be sorry, it's my all-time favorite novel (Anna Karenina a close second). I keep a tattered paperback version on my nightstand. Whenever I'm in a reading rut I pick it up to be reminded what awesome writing is.
  13. I thought glass of red wine, cigarette & baguette.
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