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  1. Aha! Thank you! I just rewatched, and what I thought was a parrot was in fact a floatie, like the one Wyatt was playing with in the pool. Mystery solved!
  2. Too soon because she's packed 48 hours in advance? I've always noticed and tried to place the characters in the plot. I got two of this weeks: the keys (motel) and pinata (party in Mexico). I couldn't get the other two: parrot and snail?
  3. Not only watch the show, but follow K&R on social media!
  4. I'm sure they have, I can only remember the one in South America.
  5. There was one where the roadblocker tandem-paraglided with a professional. It was in South America, I believe, it started on a mountain, and they landed on a beach. It was breathtaking.
  6. Well, VB is miles away from ACG&S. Vienna Blood is a dark mystery series with a psychological bent that isn't afraid of a fetish or two. ACG&S is a big gooey bonbon of a TV where 1930s England has no racism or no class difference, where housekeepers eat dinner with the masters of the house. It's not 1930s England as it was, it's 1930s England as it should've been. Give me murders and fetishes any day!
  7. The same reason Sheri is bungee jumping next week. Akbar's afraid of heights.
  8. The same reason they were wallpapering the graffiti art willy-nilly. They are dumb.
  9. Exactly. No one in production said he was too big to do the roadblock. Only Sheri said that. He was in fact too big, too big of a pussy. Sheri has my utmost admiration. First for doing and completing the challenge, then for not reacting to Akbar's attitude during the color guard challenge. If he had looked at me the way he looked at her he'd be in a Swiss hospital getting a flag pole extracted from his ass.
  10. They usually do. Go ask Dexter. 😉
  11. Yes, about the protein he eats to maintain muscle. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  12. According to this website Tallis wrote 7 novels.
  13. Don't forget the old flame who still lives in the hometown. If this was a cozy mystery, he'd be the local cop.
  14. I remember reading that when it came out, and the TV mini-series with Ann-Margaret. There's trash and then there's Trash. This was Trash, right up there with Valley of The Dolls. It was based on the Ann Woodward case.
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