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  1. sugarbaker design

    S02.E10: In My Heels

    Good season finale with exceptional moments: two-sided proposal, the Dreams, Elektra at the podium, House of Evangelista: New Class! Unpopular opinion: It was a huge mistake to kill off Candy. Her ghost scenes fall flat, and that episode with her funeral was the weakest. It would've been comedy gold and perfect karma if Candy was at the ball throwing shade at a bewigged and wobbly Pray Tell.
  2. sugarbaker design

    Watch What Happens Live

    I don't know, the #metoo movement has been around for a while and it hasn't happened yet. I'm fairly certain Andy minds his P&Q's at work, and while he does seem somewhat sleazy, I'm positive he can take no for an answer and keep on moving.
  3. sugarbaker design

    S03.E09: Melba Toast

    This was the best episode in a weak season. The show works best when the whole crew works together or is at each other's throats, and this episode had both! Jenn wins MVP for some awesome line delivery with 'You're gonna be a great mom', and 'Bitch, I love that song!', among others. The big drawback this season was the villains: poorly conceived, written and acted. You know it's bad when a major plot point hangs on the adoption of a 40 year old man. But now that they're gone, the show is finally picking up steam!
  4. sugarbaker design

    Watch What Happens Live

    It wasn't a full-on Cher/Nick Cage Moonstruck slap. It looked like it might've stung, and it could be classified as assault, but Hanna did not need medical attention. Def a deal breaker relationship wise and dude should def be kicked off boat/show.
  5. sugarbaker design

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    What does this mean?
  6. Punctuality is very important!
  7. sugarbaker design

    Watch What Happens Live

    Shows how much I know, I thought Shannon looked great!
  8. sugarbaker design

    S02:E07: Blow

    I was a young gay man of 27 back in 1990, the info about HIV/AIDS, even from health organizations, was wildly contradictory and confusing. Ricky isn't dumb, he is what happens when a communicable sickness is fueled by homophobia, racism and the media's inability to be specific about gay men's sex practices. We lost a whole generation of Rickys.
  9. sugarbaker design

    "The View": Week of 7/29/2019

    She actually only mentioned an Audible version of this alleged "book", no word of an actual publisher and hard copy version.
  10. sugarbaker design

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    I think it's one big vacation, many of these interviews, like Friday's Rosie Perez interview, seem chopped, edited and most likely pre-taped. And again, I don't begrudge anyone having generous vacation time, that's awesome. It's something to admire and aspire, definitely not worth the sour grapes.
  11. sugarbaker design

    "The View": Week of 7/29/2019

    Come on people! At this point in the process, MM knows how to pronounce the senator's name, she just chooses to be a shady bitch and mangle it. Two of my favorite TV liberals Joy and Bill Maher feel the same way about St Joe, so do the buffoons on Morning Joe. Makes me sick.
  12. sugarbaker design

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Kelly's on vacation. Ryan mentions it everyday after introducing the guest host.
  13. sugarbaker design

    Watch What Happens Live

    Thanks so much Jaded! I remember the stuff they mention in the article. I'd like to add my two cents. Andy mentioned Laverne Cox's 3 emmy nominations without mentioning TB's 4 nominations. Also, at one point when WWHL broke for commercial Titus stood up and walked over to the bar, rather than stay seated and chat with Andy.
  14. sugarbaker design

    Watch What Happens Live

    Could someone ecplain what the post above means? Is it a tweet? Is it a FB post. Is it really Titus? I actually watched the episode of WWHL that Titus was on. Andy was his usual low common denominator, trashy, witless self, but Titus looked like he was having a good time. Did something happen on the after show?
  15. sugarbaker design

    Season 4 Discussion

    Get in trouble? Geordie would lose his job and do jail time. Her family would suffer. I like the pacing of this B story, they're taking their time with it, showing her impossible situation. Because that's where Leonard is!