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  1. Yes to William, Rich and Boston. But absolutely NO to Kathy Gustafson. Hated everything about her. The little girl voice, the innocent act, everything about her. I would find her intolerable as a series regular.
  2. I didn't realise the show was preempted next week... I'm generally not a fan of double episodes, why couldn't they have just shown one per week? I agree that Madeline should have died in the series finale. If Jane does lose her memories, it will all be worth if the last line of the show features Roman or secret twin showing up and saying "Hello Remi. I'm your brother."
  3. This was a perfect episode as far as I'm concerned. Four Round 1 holes, all have water hazards, and every single contestant fell in. I rewound the portapotty hole many times. The way those two ladies got doored was nothing short of spectacular. As far as who won, I couldn't care less. I'm just here to see people falling into the water. The Polecano and Portapotty holes are my favourites. The commentary from Chris Harrison, and the cuts to the lifeguard, were hilarious.
  4. I'm still sad that they killed off Mayfair... still kind of disgruntled about it. Marianne Jean-Baptiste was the biggest "name" in this cast and she was a big part of the show's appeal for me when it first premiered. And I'm thrilled that Afreen survived. In my mind, if there was going to be a Season 6, Afreen becomes a full time member of the team. The actress is great. Loved the shocked/sad look on her face when she saw Weitz. Her line delivery was perfect. "Why didn't you leave? You always leave."
  5. Kathy was insufferable before, and insufferable here. Didn't really need to see her again. Why did the new FBI director tell the team to stand down? I'm suspicious of her already. And Jane gets ZIPped again? I don't think this is a fakeout, I expect that she probably will have gotten ZIPped and have to learn who she is all over again. Was that it for the ZIP gas? All of it was in that one room? Yet another reason why Weller should be regretting that he didn't kill Ivy during either of the two times he could have. Now he has apparently lost Jane as he knew her.
  6. Not going to lie, I was sure she was still alive, but it was so heartwarming when she appeared and clubbed those two thugs with that ugly sculpture. I'm annoyed that Madeline killed herself. I don't think it was ZIP, I think it was actual poison. She got to go out on her own terms, when really, she deserved every bit of punishment she got. She should have been thrown in a cell. Then forced to experience the humiliation of being discredited on national TV. And to top it off, bring her son in so she has to see again what she did to him. I'm glad people on the show actually called out that lawyer's strange accent, it was like the fakest Texas accent ever imaginable. He truly deserved his death.
  7. I agree. I might have been more sympathetic to them if the show hadn't made them illegal stowaways who forced their way onto the train. They could have called them Fourth Class. People who bought a ticket for Fourth Class accomodations... which I picture as something like the regular seats on an overnight Amtrak. No sleeping berths, you sleep in your seat. You have access to a dining car and a toilet. Very basic, but it's cheap. Or maybe they bought Third Class passenger tickets. Then perhaps something happens and the train runs out of room so they decide that these people who have bought a ticket, albeit a cheaper ticket, can't get what they had purchased. So they get forcibly removed and shoved to the baggage car. Or maybe there was some kind of lottery system to randomly determine who would lose their seat. They can still be on the train, but they have to sleep in the baggage car and get poor rations instead of what others who paid the same get. The show needed to have instilled some sense of obvious injustice to make me feel sympathetic towards the Tailees. If the above scenario had happened, I would have felt bad for them. Instead, I feel like they are the homeless guy who got caught living on the millionaire's property, allowed to stay and given basic rations, and somehow I am supposed to feel like the way they are being treated by the millionaire is unfair.
  8. When it comes down to it, I think he's a pretty selfish person who has demonstrated that he's mostly concerned only about himself. I feel like he has treated Yo Yo pretty poorly. Yo Yo got her arms cut off by Ruby, and Mack didn't seem to have enough compassion for her, to the point when she killed Ruby to stop her from turning into the Destroyer of Worlds (and partly out of revenge), he got really really angry with her. Then when he became Director, he dumped her. And promptly got jealous when she got together with a new agent. Above all, his actions this season have been appalling and hypocritical. He chews out Deke for killing Freddy Malick. But has no qualms jeopardizing the entire mission because he wanted to save his "parents". His actions led to the direct exposure of the team and compromised the mission. His parents turned out to be Chronicoms. He was in mourning for them but instead of recognizing that his friend is there for him, he pushes Deke away. For 20 months, Deke has been trying, and he has financially helped out 10 year old Mack, his brother, and his uncle. Mack is just a selfish and ungrateful ass. He doesn't deserve any of them, but especially not Deke.
  9. I agree. I was disappointed by this episode. It really felt like filler. I spent most of the episode wondering how Mack was surviving. He doesn't appear to have had a job so where did he get the money to buy food? Deke dropped off groceries and he wouldn't take them. Where did Deke get the money? From gigs of his cover band? Or was there just some money saved in the Shield base? I didn't mind Mack until this season, when he became self-serving and a bad leader. I found myself not really caring about his grief journey, and his repeated brushing off of Deke really irritated me. So he's spent 20 months just feeling sorry for himself and not caring about the team at all, and now he's just going to waltz back into his leadership position? Screw that. Someone had to take charge of the team while he was missing... whoever that is should be the leader. I am assuming it's May.
  10. D'OH!!!! When you have been working from home for four months straight and wear the same pajamas all the time, all the days start to seem the same. Thanks for confirming, I thought I missed an episode.
  11. I usually watch on the app or the ABC site and don't see an episode, and there are no comments about it here. Did it actually air last night or did it get moved to next week?
  12. It's mostly B with maybe a slight bit of A. Ruth is a vapid, vain and petty person. She clearly loves being adored by the First Class passengers, and she loves feeling needed. She loved when Mr. Wilford came to her B&B and she loved the compliments from him and the invitation for a job. So some part of her is in love with the idea that he personally requested her and needs her. But, I do feel that she is mostly upset because Melanie didn't tell her earlier. When the train almost derailed, she got to be the Voice and she loved the feeling and the power and the commendations from other. She was about to tell Melanie about the impending First Class mutiny but then when Melanie shushed her, she got her little feelings hurt and decided that she was going to take Melanie's place. Commander Grey appealed to her vanity and it worked. I think the only people that truly know that Melanie is the Chief Engineer and the chief mechanic for the train are English Engineer, Traitor Javi, and Eastern European mechanic and maybe some of his team. I really don't think Melanie is a bad person. And I truly do think that she has humanity's best interests at heart, she described the Drawer system as a way to pick people of varying backgrounds and skills and put them in suspended animation so that when everything settled down and cleared up, humanity would have a hope. We saw this with those three prisoners. Strong Boy woke up speaking Mandarin. Pike woke up and is gentle and calm and willing to help the train against his former compatriot Layton. So clearly something is happening in the Drawers that heals, rehabilitates, and teaches the Drawerees.
  13. The line that keeps sticking out to me is when Layton indignantly says "They have a BOWLING ALLEY". You know what? They PAID for that bowling alley. I suppose I would get it if the Tailees said to management, "we want to be treated like Third. Please, give us jobs and we will work for our food and accomodations." But instead, their whole revolution is simply based on the fact that IT'S NOT FAIR and they want "no borders, no classes" and want everyone to be equal. That's terrible. What makes it even worse is that there's absolutely no indication that any of these people had ever asked for a job. Zarah got a job as the meditation master. She left the Tail and is viewed to this day as a "traitor" by the other Tailees. She performs work for the train in exchange for better food and a better room. Why didn't Layton do the same? He was a detective... clearly he could have approached management and applied for a job as a Brakeman, or at least asked. But he didn't want to. Then after helping to solve the murder mystery, he was offered a space in Third for his detective services and he refused because he didn't want to be branded a traitor. So instead he chose to just constantly complain about how things aren't fair.
  14. I dunno, if I was one of the nominees alongside La Lucci, I would probably have thought it was great... "well, Suse takes up a slot so now I only have to beat three others to win!" She was like an automatic loser. Then after she won ? She has been nominated three times. Once in 2013 for Supporting Actress and twice as Lead Actress (2014, lost to Eileen Davidson, and just this year, 2020, lost to Heather Tom). She was criminally overlooked for the rape storyline. Was that the same year that Stephanie gave her a wrapped present of a gun and invited her to kill herself to do everyone a favor? I thought she deserved a win for that storyline as well. Stephanie was a piece of work.
  15. I truly didn't get that either. The Tailees and Third have been sharpening any bit of metal they have for use as blades and axes and what not. The soldiers ACTUALLY have guns, at least I thought I have seen guns in the past. Yet they don't choose to use them at all. They choose to rush into battle against the Tailees with their billy clubs. Why? As soon as the Tailee army rushed them, the soldiers in front should have just mowed them down with bullets. Completely ridiculous. At first I thought maybe they were concerned about piercing the hull of the train and letting in the cold, but if that was the case, they would never have had guns in the first place. I later saw some of the soldiers using metal blades and axes but I'm pretty certain that these were weapons they picked up from the bodies of the dead Tailies. Because, you know, they didn't think to use the weapons they did have. Astrid gets her hand lopped off. We see the stump and we see her screaming, but wow, she has really learned to toughen up working in the train cafeteria because she didn't pass out from the pain/shock. Layton's Braveheart speech was one of the worst Braveheart speeches I've ever seen in a movie or on TV. Shouldn't English Engineer immediately be suspecting Miles? I have no more like/sympathy for Miles.
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