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  1. Rip and John should send Lloyd packing. The atmosphere of the bunkhouse has been completely ruined all because Lloyd feels that Walker stole "his" girl. I guess Lloyd really did think he could compete with a guy who is half his age. So embarrassing. And when he lost, he's pouting about it like he's 15 instead of 65. He's been completely distracted, leading to his poor decision about the sick herd. Time for him to retire.
  2. I finished Ravenspur: Rise of the Tudors by Conn Iggulden. This is the fourth and final book in his Wars of the Roses series. It features Edward IV regaining and establishing his power, the accession of Richard III, and the rise of Henry Tudor. I quite enjoyed it. If you enjoyed "The White Queen" TV series from several years ago, I think this would give an additional point of view. Whereas That Hack Phillippa Gregory viewed events from a female point of view and took great liberties in making her characters fit her intent, Iggulden narrates events from a male perspective. The focus i
  3. I remember the original. The guy was named Evan Marriott (not sure if that was his real name or not) so all these women were convinced that he was heir to the Marriott hotel fortune. I recall he picked some boring drippy woman named Zora. I'm not even sure if the women on this version would even be aware of the first show from 20 years or so ago, but I guess it's a good twist that they know in advance that one guy is rich and one guy is not.
  4. Does the actor who plays Jimmy have naked pictures of Taylor Sheridan or something? Why so much focus on Jimmy? I get it, they are setting him up to introduce the "6666" show. Hopefully he stays there. Do the producers really think that Jimmy has such a following that viewers will want to watch "6666" because of Jimmy? I would have thought that people (that is, people who subscribe to Paramount Plus) will watch "6666" because of the Yellowstone brand, not because of Jimmy. Jimmy certainly isn't going to make me want to run out and subscribe. Now, on the other hand, if Beth had gone to "
  5. You're not the only one. When Robyn said "he's family" and then Bishop walked in... not gonna lie, my first thought was "WHAAAAATTTT?!?!?! Bishop is Delilah's FATHER?!?!?!?!" For some reason I thought that this was the reveal that he is Robyn's ex-husband and Delilah's dad. Then I thought more and decided it made no sense since clearly Delilah knows who her father is since she spends a lot of time with him and it's not Bishop. I didn't realise that the actress who plays Delilah is half-Filipino until you mentioned this and I went and looked it up. I don't think it would be an issu
  6. Agreed. He was so nasty to Colin, and I don't think his apology was enough. He should have acknowledged that the fame is getting to his head. Checking Instagram and Twitter constantly for every single mention of his name? Walking around like he is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Such a tool. I love that his dad chastised him by saying something good people don't walk around thinking that they are good. I especially love that he clearly called himself "Wonder Kid" and the reporter corrected him with "wunderkind" and he keeps insisting that he actually said "wunderkind" when ev
  7. Fully agree. Too much Bishop. No doubt that Younger Bishop is going to join the team at season's end. Younger Bishop is less annoying than the older one who would sing half his dialogue, but he is still annoying. And we don't need another Ava clone eating up more screen time.
  8. Agreed that it was nice to see that Robyn chose Delilah over the job. And that when Delilah thought that it was about the sniper, that she urged Robyn to go. I think this great, it shows that both of them are making efforts to understand why the other did what they did. Delilah knows that saving the city from the sniper is important, and that sometimes Robyn has responsibilities. I don't think Robyn ever mentioned to Dante that she is a mother. Heck, I think he doesn't even know her name, he must just be calling her "heyyyyy...... youuuuu" like when Jerry Seinfeld didn't remember the
  9. She wanted to get Erika out but Erika had immunity. She talked about how Erika is dangerous, so therefore she wanted to do the next best thing and take out Erika's only ally. That's when she and Ricard disagreed. Ricard said "why, she's not a threat at all, that makes no sense". It's interesting because Ricard wanted Naseer out but ended up voting for Heather. I am curious if he and Shan discussed the final vote in advance. If not, when Shan saw that it was tied, she must have known that Ricard voted for Heather. So did that mean Ricard really wanted Heather out? I am wondering if
  10. I truly hope that Jimmy stays at 6666 for the duration. But I have a feeling he will be back after guesting on that show for the first episode or so. With Jimmy gone, can they get rid of Mia too? She (and the other barrel girls) add absolutely nothing to the show. I like Beth too, she is very entertaining. Very successful in her own right in M&A, but then still has her vulnerable moments like when she cried to Rip on their porch and asked him to marry her. As for the bar exchange, I guess when I watched the scene the first time, I think maybe I missed that
  11. I love that Shan wanted Xander and Erika out the most, and each of them won immunity. It's interesting to me that everyone knows the Shan is controlling and bossy and everything always has to go her way. The part where she told Deshawn that she needed to do a better job of listening to him... and then immediately had a confessional where she said she needs people to think she is listening but then still make sure she gets her way. Uh huh. And yet nobody has yet wanted to rise up against Shan. If Naseer was smart, he would have joined with Erika and Heather in voting out Shan. But he
  12. Finally a premiere date! Premieres January 24 on HBO. https://ew.com/tv/the-gilded-age-hbo-first-look-julian-fellowes/ Here is a link to a preview: https://youtu.be/ZYBuU32B8PI This show looks like it will be good... I am a sucker for anything historical and I will enjoy seeing this time period brought to life by Julian Fellowes. The conflict between old vs. new money will be interesting. The music in the preview sounds so very much like the music from the opening credits of the first season of "Medici". The use of the music in this preview is masterful, I hope the musi
  13. I loved this episode, I thought it was one of the funniest ones yet. I felt bad for Phoebe but when she breathes on both Keeley and Roy, the faces and comments they made had me in stitches. I also loved seeing how each of the characters was spending Christmas (we saw all of them except Jamie and Nate, presumably because they are spending time with family). I especially liked hearing Hannah Waddingham sing. Wow, she's got some pipes!
  14. And Lizard has his arm poised to strike at someone right in front of him who doesn't seem to be there. I guess it's possible that GG redesigns his costume, but would be strange with a yellow facemask instead of green. I do think this is probably the Ned Leeds from an alternate universe. It was reported that Jacob Batalan lost 100 pounds for this movie, and I think they told him he was going to be a villain and flying around on a glider so needed to lose weight.
  15. I did notice the "Captain America memorial" on top of one of the buildings. In "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" they never really addressed the fate of Steve Rogers. The world seems to think he's dead but it was never clarified it he actually died or not. It was also never clarified what the world thinks happened to him, whether it was explained that he went back in time and decided to stay there, etc. Or whether they think he died in the battle against Thanos.
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