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  1. This assumes that this is in fact an actual competition. This show has never explained exactly how votes are tallied or weighted. If the audience votes actually count, are they given equal weight as the panelists? 1 vote = 1 vote? Or does the collective audience vote count the same as 1 panelist? I don't think they've ever said. I vaguely recall that only the panelists voted in certain instances (I think maybe for those Showcase Showdowns). I still fully believe that the producers choose who goes home not necessarily based on the votes but on what makes the best overall season story
  2. I don't think Ava will stray but it's obvious that Ava is far and away the writers' and producers' favourite... so anything to give Ava more screentime and more story, at the expense of everyone else. I fully agree that it's all about Ava now. Ava is going to remain the Captain even after Sara returns. "You did a great job minding the ship when I was gone. You've earned this." Caity Lotz was a huge draw for the show in the initial season because she was the connection that ensured all the "Arrow" fans would watch. That's how I started watching this show, before Laurel came back again
  3. I greatly enjoyed the first half of this season because of the thrill of the hunt and the urgency in finding the girls. However, this second half has greatly disappointed. I'm mostly with you on Jenny and Cassie... but for me it's not that they're not likeable. It's that they are just blank slates. We know almost nothing about them. Jenny was married to Ryan Philippe, their marriage ended for reasons unknown, she cried at his funeral, they have an 18 year old son who has never been seen or mentioned again. Cassie had an affair with Ryan Philippe, she and Jenny had words about it in t
  4. Nicole knows full well that Piglet is not Brian Littrell. In a prior season when someone guessed him, she immediately said “that’s not Brian, that’s not his tone”. Brian and Nick do have similar voices, and they are both in stark contrast to, say, AJ McLean. But Brian’s voice is a bit softer and gentler than Nick’s and Nicole should know that. The cynic in me says that Nick goes home next week. Since I fully believe the outcome of this show is predetermined... I look at past winners. Season 1: black male. Season 2: black male. Season 3: black female. Season 4: white female. I
  5. The worst is the daughter. And not just the character, but the actress as well. The actress is over-the-top and I know she's supposed to be putting on her best "I'm a badass" act, yet I find myself laughing. I'm sure the actress thinks she's doing a fantastic job, but she's so ridiculously bad, it takes me completely out of the scene. Much like how the actress on "Snowpiercer" who played Audrey seemed to think that she was the sexiest sexpot that ever sexed, when I just found her laughably bad.
  6. I agree. I find her annoying. Mona was decent in small quantities but then she got especially irritating, particularly the whole Konane protector thing. It's funny, when I google for Mona and Legends of Tomorrow, two of the auto-suggestions from Google are "Mona Legends of Tomorrow annoying" and "I hate Mona Legends of Tomorrow". I'm thinking this Spooner is going to be the same. The kooky, loud, in-your-face, "how could you not love me" character. Even her nickname is annoying. Why can't she be called by her given name of "Esperanza"? It means "hope" and it's a nice name.
  7. Yes, and something about how it was a family tradition to go diving for crabs, or something like that. But apparently not. Is there someplace official that breaks down all the clues? Like the pop ups that show after the person is unmasked, but all of them?
  8. I am really liking the commercial with Viola Davis pitching some kind of cream for L'oreal. She radiates confidence. I think she is a national treasure. And it's especially great to see a dark-skinned black woman in her 50s being chosen as the face of a beauty campaign. She's talked before in interviews about how tough it is for an older dark-skinned black woman like herself to make it in the industry, so I am sure she feel especially elated about being this campaign's spokesperson. I am happy for her. And still pissed that Frances stole her Oscar. :P
  9. Check out the existing Wishing and Hoping thread, lots of suggestions there.
  10. I didn't understand that either... he said he was a 60 year old from Costa Rica. So now we have to figure out which clues are real and which are lies? Defeats the whole purpose of trying to make it a guessing game.
  11. Agreed. I couldn't even tell what was happening sometimes. I have no idea why the funeral for Blake was held during the bright daylight but then the reception extended deep into the night where it was pitch black, even inside their house? I couldn't even tell what the Mom was holding up and said she wanted displayed on the wall. Had to rewind several times before seeing that it was some kind of painting. The first time, I thought it was a part from a dead body or a dead animal. Agreed, stories don't go together at all. Ronald's storyline has gotten fairly ridiculous. The neighbo
  12. I do agree, the books in junior high and high school were mostly written by dead white males, but I think that most of the books considered "the classics" of the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries were largely written by dead white males. We did read stuff by Jane Austen and the Brontes, as well as Mary Shelley, Emily Dickinson, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. And one unit we did poetry and read Gwendolyn Brooks, Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. Moby Dick was assigned for my English class freshman year in college... the grad student teaching the class refused to teach it, she assigned one c
  13. All this talk about The Grapes of Wrath is making me wonder if I ever read it. Back in 8th grade, we had a project where each person had to "become" a famous author. We had to read their books and be prepared to discuss them with the class and give a presentation as the author. The culmination was Author Day or something like that where we each sat at a table and adult judges would visit each of us and award prizes. I think in preparation for that project, I started reading TGOW. I remember carrying the hardback copy around. But I must have given up. Because I ended up picking F. S
  14. I hear you... I think my main objection against Sharon being a villain is that this is such a drastic turn from the way she was written in the comics. I would rather the actress have portrayed Rachel Leighton / Diamondback if they wanted a potential love interest for Steve who is gray. Instead of Sharon Carter. I agree that maybe Sharon didn't really know Peggy well, but as mentioned upthread, she was chosen to give Peggy's eulogy, so there must have been some connection (even if the real reason for the choice from a producer standpoint was to provide shock value). I think the same
  15. I enjoyed this episode because it really highlighted the lengths that Robyn is willing to go to in order to achieve her brand of equal justice. I agree with the above comments that she could have found a way to close the case on the killer without resorting to killing him. She's shown in the past that she is a skilled fighter so I don't buy that Mel had to kill him just because he was lunging at her. One kick and she should have been able to disarm him easily. But I get that they want to pit Dante and Robyn against each other, egged on by the DA. I'm convinced that the DA is shady an
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