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  1. Sure, you can come! Hope you like cabbage! How about publicly proclaiming your support of Dan just to put your curse on him? I've never had a single person I supported on a reality show win, but maybe it's time to start thinking of negative endorsement to get people voted off.
  2. I wonder if Noura had the same confusion I did, that the winner of each team would go head-to-head AFTER the first part of the challenge. At least I have the excuse that I was shoveling food in my mouth and not listening closely. Missy became much more likeable AFTER she was voted out. She was certainly bossy, but not actually a bully. And Karishma has absolutely no clue of social game. I honestly did not realize Aaron was black. I was thinking maybe Greek or other Mediterranean background, or even Hungarian - some of my Hungarian relatives look like him (in skin tone only - not nearly as good-looking).
  3. It shouldn't matter if she is "someone's daughter." It should matter that she is a PERSON WITH AUTONOMY OVER HER OWN BODY. I do get your point of view in light of your personal history, but the people on Survivor are adults.
  4. For me, it was the douchy implication of "Well, if I, a big strong MAN didn't know about it, then it must not have happened." He hit the trifecta of mansplaining misogynistic moron tonight.
  5. Maybe Survivor should stop casting anyone named "Dan." The track record sucks. If Janet goes, I'm going to be forced to root for Noura. Good lord. Bye-bye, Jamal, you seem like a really good person. Kellee, how did you manage to go from brilliant to brainless in 60 seconds? Unbelievable. I ❤ Janet.
  6. I really, really wonder if people would say the same things about Jamal if he were white and thin.
  7. It might be a phrase he's used to automatically using in his work in a girls' school. So possibly more age-inappropriate than patronizing.
  8. Pretty decent episode. I wish I could figure out if Elaine is being herself, or if it's all an act. Am I the only one who sees this when Noura has her hair up?
  9. I was worried that Noura had gone all boring and normal, until she let loose the maniacal laugh at TC. Oh, Karishma, so sorry you've had rough times in your past, but TMI, girl. I just can't imagine sharing that much with people I barely know, especially in a situation where those people might be looking for your weaknesses. My chesticles are burning in sympathy from that hot sand torture.
  10. Which was over 30 years ago.
  11. EllenB

    S39 Noura Salman

    Well, reading that bio was an eye-opener. Can you say "delusional?"
  12. EllenB

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    Noura may have redefined cluelessness. Is there a book of Sandra-isms? I'd buy that.
  13. Aw, I kind of liked Molly. When Nutty Noura was trying to get her mad, upset, or whatever emotion, Molly wasn't having any and laughed it off. I thought it was a smart non-reaction to an overly needy person. Noura seems to thrive on forcing reactions from people and then judging them for those reactions. I'm pretty fed up with people who brag about how awkward and quirky they are. Just stop.
  14. So glad Ronnie is gone, since he was obnoxious and interchangeable with Notronnie, whose name I now have to learn. Did Bahston Rahb ever have to do a fire challenge at tribal council, or just around camp?
  15. I am so, so, so tired of the "I'm so awkward, I'm so quirky, aren't I precious?" contestants. Ugh. Also sick of Oversingers Anonymous having their meetings on my TV. I feel like Angela.
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