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  1. And even when Jade was getting ready for her own floor routine when Suni got her winning numbers, she glanced over at Suni with the biggest grin. Lovely moment.
  2. I may be in a tiny minority, but I HAAAATE the format of the women's floor exercise. Why do they need music? Why do they have to use dance-type filler? Why do some of them (not as many as previous years, but still too many) wiggle their asses and attempt to look flirty? I would love to see it more in line with what the men do, along with the uniforms being more sensible for an athletic competition.
  3. Jake was the producer-driven "good guy" on Jillian's season, then he got his part of the deal and became The Bachelor. Mr. Good Guy turned into Mr. Egotistical Jerk, and by the end of the season and beyond, he became Mr. Rat Bastard. I get very suspicious ever since when someone gets a "good guy" edit.
  4. Prepare to get hit over the head with tragic backstories, because that's what the Olympics coverage has become on NBC. "This is the inspiring story of Jack Flash, who overcame the monumental struggle of having a hangnail when he was fourteen. Stay tuned to find out how he managed to turn his life around." "Anna Banana's grandmother's cousin's friend's daughter broke her leg last year, but brave Anna is here to dedicate her hurdle jumps to her suffering, um, er, connection! That's it, connection!" Nah, I'm not cynical.
  5. Yay, Burkhardt! Burkhardt? Anyway, I'm a huge fan of anyone who beats Yucko Gil.
  6. But with just enough nub left to make a baby.
  7. This quote copied from the long RS post made me want to hurl. "The only celeb at this point who will host at some point is David Spade. For those that don’t know, Spade is obsessed with the Bachelor franchise, does recaps every week on his social and, well, definitely is friendly with a few females in the franchise." Ew ew ew ew ew. How old is this skeevy manboy? Well, I'd wondered that with the exact same wording before I knew he'd be on this season. He's WAAAY past his expiration date with the stoned fratboy act.
  8. I'm old. I hear "sex positive" and the first thing I think of is a failed STD test.
  9. These guys might be in their 20s and 30s, but those description make them all sound like teenagers - and rather immature ones.
  10. Unless they went out with leashes and loops and food bait and whatever, they didn't rescue a dog; they adopted a rescued dog. That drives me nuts. I'm glad they are giving the dog a (supposedly) good home, but good grief. Give the credit to the people/organizations that do the actual rescue work.
  11. "Oh this is such bullshit! Look, I get people of a certain age grew up differently and are on average not as woke as those half their age, but yes, many older folks DO need re-education. I tried and tried with someone in my life, but she was too far gone. There are different levels of racism, ignorance, etc. My mother is not a racist, but I had to explain to her why "all lives matter" is offensive. She's not a political person and can take things literally. Once I explained, she understood why my sister and I hate hearing it. I've known older folks who had no idea oriental was offensive. With
  12. I was listening from another room and couldn't quite make out the words (and I was too busy to go turn it up) and I thought they were running an old episode with Alex. Then I caught Anderson Cooper's slightly higher voice several minutes in. I realized that it was the timing and cadence that reminded me of A.T., so I wonder if A.C. was actually slower on some things as some of you mentioned, or he was just slower than the last host. From what I could hear, he sounded very comfortable in the role.
  13. What's sad is that there are so many unaccepting and even hostile people in this country that it's still difficult to come out in many instances.
  14. So, who are these people calling for a boycott if Sheryl stays on the show? Let me guess...
  15. But Harrison IS one of the men behind the curtain.
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