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  1. I didn't see Sandra leaving as quitting, but more that she retired. And no matter who wins this and gets a big ol' 2 next to their name, she will always be the first person who did it. People who get their records beaten in sports aren't erased from the books, but are still admired for being someone who set the bar. I liked when Parvati was listening and talking to Ethan. It was interesting - and very nice - to see her use her personality outside the game play we're usually shown. Maybe some of what has been seen as conniving is just a person who is skilled at connecting with others, kind of like Cirie has done.
  2. Gotta do an "I told you so" when I said Sandra saying she was angry at Rob was a one-time use of hyperbole. They were just fine with each other. Adam, PLEASE shut up. Your voice annoys me and there's enough shit annoying me these days.
  3. I keep imagining fire tokens on one of the seasons Cirie played. "Just come over here for a little chat, okay? And bring any tokens you have with you." Then she'd smile that dazzling Cirie smile and she'd have all the tokens by the end of the day. But then she'd use them incorrectly and get booted. It'll be interesting to see if Sandra is actually mad at Rob or if it was just a one-time use of hyperbole when she talked about him lying. I lived in an unfinished apartment in my sister's house years ago, and ate a LOT of peanut butter while I waited for the stove and refrigerator to arrive. Mixed with honey and spread on graham crackers, it's delicious and shelf-stable for a long time.
  4. I didn't see Madison "smirking." I saw her trying to keep a bland smile on her face while she was being verbally attacked by a nutjob, and giving brief defensive answers. I've been in that situation with screaming mad customers, and I'm sure I had the same frozen smile. And I probably have similar answers without conceding. Now that Little Petey is trying to get Batshit Barb a TV gig, we know that's a family of famewhores who will do ANYTHING for attention, even act like lunatics. https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/13/bachelor-star-peter-weber-mom-barbara-reality-tv-show/
  5. Can we have Clare and the raccoon locked in the mansion together?
  6. Oh, FFS, HELL no. You delusional dirtbag, don't you dare foist that harpy on the country. https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/13/bachelor-star-peter-weber-mom-barbara-reality-tv-show/
  7. I wonder if Chris Harrison ran over the Weber's dumpster or their Amazon delivery or their cat who was trying to escape, and letting Batshit Barb crap all over the franchise is the out-of-court settlement. I also wonder if some of the recent younger, dumber female contestants have been recruited from Peter's chicks escaping after breakfast with Mama.
  8. What's interesting to me is that in a season of all winners, there aren't any obvious goat choices. It changes the strategy.
  9. I know Sandra made a comment on the first episode that she was out to get Rob because he lied about coming on the show. Has she said anything since then? I took it as momentary Sandra-style hyperbole, but several posters keep commenting that they're sworn enemies. I don't believe it.
  10. The article/interview with Penner from some months ago was both heartbreaking and life-affirming. They are still so much in love, and still collaborate as writers. I had always liked Penner, but this story of love and devotion completely melted me.
  11. How on earth would that be Claire's fault? Has she replaced Fleiss or Harrison as a producer? Oh, I'm almost 11 years older than my hubby. We've been married close to 40 years. You go, Claire!
  12. Probably when he started issuing orders to the other guys.
  13. Bwahahaha! I'm not the only one who threw an FU in Rahb's direction.
  14. See, this is why I think Rob is a bully. It's subtle, but that crap of "here is MY rule that you have to obey" is a type of bullying. It brings a giant FU out of every pore of mine.
  15. Well, Peter does like crazy people. I have no idea what he's doing with Madison.
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