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  1. I hope they'll tone down some of the acting in future episodes, and that the O-T-T was just a device to establish the characters. I thought the main live male character was more annoying than any of the ghosts; he needs to dial it WAY back. The pantsless ghost needs to be set free ASAP because he's a keg of offensive dynamite waiting to ruin the show. Or the actor's not good enough to navigate the very fine line between funny and offensive.
  2. Aw, why didn't they use "The crap hit the fan and the fan was made of crap" for tonight's title?
  3. All fruit? Digestive issues in 3... 2... 1.
  4. Xander's hair when he's wearing his buff is annoying the crap out of me. Git off my tropical lawn!
  5. TPTB don't want that, they're aiming for a Cirie-style Big Moment of Personal Growth™!
  6. EllenB

    S41.E01: A New Era

    Yes, this! Come on in, folks! Come on in, people! Come on in, players! I grew up when guys meant males, and only males. The musical isn't "Guys and Guys." And can we PLEASE not refer to the female-presenting contestants as "girls," since the male-presenting ones aren't referred to as "boys."
  7. I'm very happy to see Jeff join the 21st century.
  8. Yeah, especially since there seem to be several players who are absolutely traumatized by bodily noises like snoring. Not quite as bad as being around anyone who *gasp* chews with their mouth open, but still soul-shattering!
  9. EllenB

    S41 David Voce

    He might win "most annoying player in the first half hour."
  10. They're amateurs compared to Buddy Holly's widow. They got married really soon after meeting, were married SIX MONTHS when he died, and even though she remarried and had children, she controlled all the rights to his music and played the professional widow for all it's worth. I saw a clip from what I think was a BH tribute decades later, and there she was, being treated like music royalty, and wearing her hair in a god-awful Peggy Sue ponytail with short bangs while being sung to. Pathetic.
  11. But he made it clear he was upset with himself, not the course or anyone else. He didn't do anything to tarnish his nice guy image. I wish they had two parallel spider courses, one for shorter people and one for taller ones. I hated seeing Nate fall on that. The short contestants have to launch themselves so much farther.
  12. I'd be happy if Levar Burton got the hosting job. I'm not a minion or big fan of his otherwise. Reading Rainbow was after my childhood and before my son's. I didn't watch Star Trek:TNG (I'm a DS9 fan). But I enjoyed his stint as guest host because he wasn't trying to be an Alex clone. OMG, I can't believe all the "X didn't pace the questions right, Y looked too happy, Z doesn't have the right voice." They might as well just have an animatronic Trebeck to keep some people happy! IMO, the new host needs to be able to make the job their own, not copy someone else.
  13. I'll take "Who needs his ass to be fired?" for $1000, please. And let's make that a true Daily Double.
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