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  1. I just figured out something odd about JPJ and Tayshia. Individually, they are completely uninteresting (and he's several levels of dullish weird), but together they become sparkling and rather adorable. I guess that's chemistry.
  2. Peter bored the crap out of me already in that three minute babbleslurp.
  3. It seems like Katie overanalyzes everything and Chris underanalyzes. Not a good fit. Part of it might be the age gap. I was a mega-questioner in my 20s. Now am at the age where I can say at the end of the day "I didn't kill him. We're good."
  4. Age difference, experience difference, overthinking everything... Sometimes ya gotta go a little Zen in a relationship.
  5. JPJ looks like the actress Mariette Hartley. And he may be several kinds of weird, but I think he and Tayisha are adorable together.
  6. Blake is such a meathead. I don't know how he hooks up so much because I think he's completely unappealing.
  7. Did they stick microphones in the ocean? Turn that noise down so I can hear the idiots!
  8. Hey, will Gill get the Geoff Britten invisibility cloak runner-up award? The show acted like he never existed after that season.
  9. I can't help it, everytime Gill is shown in his church setting, I see Marjoe Gortner. Ugh. https://skepticreview.com/2018/12/09/marjoe-gortner-worlds-youngest-evangelist/
  10. If they're all coaches, at some point they'll run out of Ninja wannabees.
  11. So if Gill is a "volunteer" worship leader, what's his money-maker to live on?
  12. I guess I'd be okay with Drew winning, then disappearing, please. Hoping to see Gill's hair get very wet. He bugs me. I'm trying to think who's left. I love Karsten, but I can't see him hauling his giant body through this course.
  13. Like, did, like, Demi, um, like, actually, like, say, like, um, anything, like, between, like, the, um, like, words, like, like? Um?
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