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  1. I'm still scratching my head over Danni and Ambuh getting "shut out" of their group of three by Natalie. How does one person manage that? Maybe she felt shut out by them. I don't like Rob, but that's Jeffy's fault. For years, he has set Rob up as the greatest player and biggest expert on Survivor, and ol' Rob just lapped it up. So he thinks it's fine for him to boss other players around, like in emptying their bags, because Jeffy said over and over how special he is. And it's why his questions at FTC stood out in a bad way, because he sounded like he was schooling another player (who has won as many seasons as he did) on how she SHOULD have played. Rob, I don't do math, but I think your one win percentage out of the times you've played isn't really all that impressive compared to a lot of these other winners. Just saying, so siddown and shut up, mkay? I still like Sarah. I think her deadpan face turns some viewers away from her, but that's on those viewers, not her. And anyone who inspires the loyalty of players like Sophie and Tony and Ben must be doing something right. For all we know, there were others who felt the same way. Four players I'd sit next to on a plane ride? Sophie, Sandra, Jeremy, and Sarah, I guess - I love Tony but don't think he'd be tolerable in captivity. But I'd trade them all for Cirie and Penner.
  2. Is Adam still looking for idols at TC?
  3. If Ben would sacrifice an ear, he'd look just like Van Gogh.
  4. She's a cop. It's more natural for her to be called by her last name.
  5. I think he might have finally realized that the other players don't like him as a person. There were some stink eyes on the jury when he pulled out that idol. Sarah has been nice to him. I don't see anything more than that.
  6. Holy crap, Ben, don't make me like you this late in the game!
  7. Please please please vote Ben off. I like everyone else.
  8. I've been wanting Penner and Cirie together as narrators for YEARS.
  9. Denise, you're only the queenslayer if you take her place. Not happening.
  10. I wonder how much of Sarah's (and some other women's) play was left on the editing floor?
  11. Not only has Tony played hard, he's been very entertaining in a field of boring blobs. I really hope he wins.
  12. How much time Wednesday will be spent on Probst Jeffysplaining the Coronavirus to the viewers? 🙄
  13. I can see Ben as the missing link. 😀
  14. I guess Michele is starting to hustle, but for me it's too little, too late. She spent too many episodes on her Wendell drama, then she moped around doing nothing for too long. I don't dislike her, but I can't respect her enough to want her to win - unless she's up against Ben. I think Tony has earned the win, but if it's him vs. Natalie, I'd really be torn. In theory, I hate the idea of someone coming back from EoE, but damn, she has really earned it physically and strategically.
  15. Shit. I do not need this recap.
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