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  1. Michichick

    S04.E06: Kimmy Meets an Old Friend!

    So I’m a year late watching this show. Wasn’t the scene where Kimmy was going to kill the backpack a reference to “Of Mice and Men” where George kills Lennie? Or am I the only person who thinks that?
  2. Michichick

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I missed part of the episode. What did Frankie’s ex-boyfriend do to her? Overall, I liked the episode. Agree with all who were happy to see a two-day challenge and hope that continues. Having Nina and Christian on the show made it still feel like Project Runway to me, despite the absence of Tim and Heidi. While I love Tim, I do feel like his ability to give practical, helpful advice really diminished in the last several seasons. Christian seems like a good mentor so far.
  3. Michichick

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    If one didn’t notice that the large number of pro-Browns posts in this thread came from a single user, one could get the impression that there are a lot of Browns fans here.
  4. Michichick

    S11.E17: Welcome to the Dungeon

    The dungeon stuff was awkward to watch. And 100% agree about the reception dress. The top was too small and didn’t properly fit her boobs at all.
  5. Michichick

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    Seem like the cameraman heading for the closet is what really set Nene off. Damn, she put her hands on him. Not cool.
  6. Michichick

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    Ugh, Silky is annoying as fuck.
  7. Michichick


    Gladys is far and away the best singer. She should have been first and Donny third. I did get a kick out of how much Kenan loves Gladys.
  8. Michichick

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    Yes! In particular it felt like Voltaggio barely knew Eric, and was just there because it was an excuse to include a Top Chef alumnus.
  9. Michichick

    S16.E11: The Greatest

    Aww, I find Art to be very pleasant.
  10. Michichick

    S16.E08: Whatever Floats Your Boat

    This episode was a hoot for me because my friends and I have rented a houseboat from that very same company (State Dock) every summer for quite a few years. They should be glad the model they rented was the 1000 because the other models have even smaller kitchens. Susannot, you’d be happy to know that the county where State Dock is located is no longer dry...they even sell alcohol at State Dock now. I always make pudding shots for our houseboat trips, instead of Jell-O shots. Highly recommended. ;)
  11. Michichick

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    It was hilarious!
  12. Michichick

    S11.E12: The Peaches of Tokyo

    Yes, Nene droned on and then Nene showed up late for their excursion the next morning. Hypocrite. Felt sorry for Eva, but also find it weird that her first act after hearing about her grandpa was to go get her hands on some alcohol.
  13. Michichick

    S16.E07: Carne!

    A person who is comfortable with who she is and doesn’t feel the need to change her style for an appearance on a reality competition show. Also, I don’t think a Hot Brown qualifies as sophisticated cuisine.
  14. Michichick

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    I laughed at nobody knowing what a Habitrail was. Stassi’s mom, in addition to being nasty to her daughter. Is also gross and inappropriate with Beau. What kind of mom acts like that to her daughter’s boyfriend, or grabs his ass or talks about his package? Ugh, she’s awful.
  15. Michichick

    S07.E05: Ice Queens

    Pure curiosity here: you consistently refer to her as Arinia instead of Ariana. I feel like there’s a joke about her name that I’m missing. Can you clue me in on the joke?