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  1. If Hannah wasn’t Azah’s target then there is no excuse for Azah’s nominations, other than Azah must be stupid.
  2. When Azah won HOH I had a moment of hope. But as soon as she said she was putting Hannah on the block, I figured Hannah would be out.
  3. I think Hannah was Azah’s target.
  4. Azah, so disappointed in her choices. Well, she will be the next one out.
  5. Derek F’s is so on point. I bet he will be offended but I think it’s hilarious.
  6. Yes, the HOH made me nervous because if one of the guys had won, then Tiffany or Hannah could have been in danger (e.g. if Alyssa won POV). Once Hannah won, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the episode.
  7. To maintain the charade that Alyssa was just a pawn? Derek doesn’t seem like much of a threat with his lack of comp wins.
  8. I very deeply want Tiffany to win HOH and nominate Kyland and Xavier. With Derek as a backup option if one of the other guys wins veto. So I fully expect X or Ky to win HOH.
  9. I had it muted but I saw her just standing there. Did she think that once she incorrectly answered a question, she was done?
  10. I relate to this entire post. :)
  11. Win that veto, Alyssa. I’m cool with the idea of the Cookout but also hate when a big alliance rolls over everyone.
  12. Oh Hannah. Even Alyssa can see through your lie. Don’t say “if you or I sit next to him, we go home” and then say “so I’m putting you up as a pawn to send him home”
  13. Now I need Tiffany to win the next HOH.
  14. I’m so happy Hannah won. I think Tiff is safe, I hope.
  15. I can’t watch this comp, I muted it. I’m too tense!
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