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  1. I don’t understand why Porsha advocates the benefits of a vegan diet in episode and then talks about eating ham in the next. I don’t care if she eats meat or not, but don’t pretend to be vegan if you eat meat.
  2. Man, I just can’t stand Josh. CT was right; Josh was inserting himself into an argument that had nothing to do with him. And then Josh denied that he’d said Kaycee was crying. Josh is a blowhard with no skills to back up his mouth. Sorry to see Wes go. I can’t help it, I like him. Devin is generally an ass so that made it hard to watch him win the elimination. He should have taken Natalie, she’s a beast.
  3. I’m watching Inferno II for the first time. I knew Karamo Brown had been on Real World but didn’t know he’d been on a Challenge. If not for the name I’m not sure I’d have recognized him. Something about his face seemed different back then, aside from the age difference. It was amusing to see that his positive, “you can do it” attitude that he shows on Queer Eye didn’t seem to be part of his personality 15 years ago on the Challenge.
  4. Why not both? Hahahaha! I enjoy Big T. I hope CT teaches her to be a stronger competitor.
  5. Must have sold out, because it was available when I originally posted the link.
  6. Karen said her perfume is on Bloomingdales.com and for once she’s not lying : https://www.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/ladame-fragrance-by-karen-huger-la-dame-eau-de-parfum-3.4-oz.?ID=3331830&CategoryID=2921
  7. Well, that sure was a disappointing episode but at least next week I won’t have to debate about whether to watch TAR or The Challenge. The behavior of the alliance in this episode felt particularly unsportsmanlike to me and it makes me dislike what used to be my favorite show. Phil was way too nice to the alliance at the end. Bah, what a bummer of an episode.
  8. I missed the first hour because I was watching something else. Has anyone been unmasked yet tonight?
  9. See the post from Weightghost a few posts up...their screen cap looks to be from the Channel 4 version and it’s different than Netflix.
  10. I just watched the finale and didn’t notice the key party joke from Noel. When did he say it? i was happy to see Peter win. Would have been fine with Dave, as well. I like Laura but it was clear she was out of contention when her signature looked so awful.
  11. It is hard to avoid spoilers for 16 years; I’m impressed you made it this far before getting spoiled on season 6 results! I agree that things started to blur together In these episodes, but in this case I didn’t mind them burning off two episodes in one night since the eliminated team has been circling the drain for a while and it seemed obvious who’d end up getting eliminated. I don’t care for Will and James since they seem to revel in being gleeful reality-show villains. Gary and DeAngelo are my favorite of the remaining teams so I hope they make it to the final three.
  12. Lisa just seems like a cold person. Does she like any of the other women? Mary’s super wide eyes and facial expressions in her talking heads make her look deranged. Don’t like her one bit. Jen is so over the top and it seems really try-hard to me.
  13. The naked sushi model....why? It’s gross and demeaning.
  14. ?? Watching the new episode right now. No idea who the mushroom is. Group C is pretty weak so I look forward to getting back to one of the other groups.
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