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  1. Biko is 100% playing for the camera. Cutting his sleeves off was so we could all admire his tattoos during his cabin footage. Swimming to the distant shore was also 100% a calculated move, nobody has done that before, so it was a guarantee it would make a broadcast episode. Just looking across the lake, it was pretty apparent there were no meadows or large clearings. We have only his word for it that he'd tried to get there overland, we certainly hadn't been offered any footage to show that. It seems to me if production had scenes of him struggling and cursing through the underbrush, we w
  2. It is interesting to me to see how Production chose to split up the "groups" of castaways into their episodes. We've seen them all now, and it looks to me like they put the kookier ones in the first group, and more serious or thoughtful contenders in the second group. I've also done something I rarely do for these shows: I've actually read the online bios. (Thank you to whoever linked to them in the first episode thread.) The bios give a lot more context to the assumptions we make based on what we see and hear in the footage. For instance, when Matt said he lived in a primitive
  3. Dang. July 7th. I woke up this morning all excited to check in here and join my peeps in anticipation of hate-watching and I realize I have to wait another month for that. Sigh. ~waves~ Hi everybody! I can't wait to snark with you!
  4. No kidding. We, the viewers, got immediate payoff. Sure, they, the castaways, got immediate danger, but that's what they signed up for! Imagine our season long relief. No longer are we given that one glimpse of an apex predator during the previews on every episode and are left to wonder if that was B-roll or is this the episode where we get the payoff? The answer--up to now--has always been B-roll, no payoff. We can relax for the rest of the season. We got the good stuff right at the top, and there maybe be better stuff coming. That was one action packed episode, really. Bear trac
  5. "All due respect..." That was fantastic. I love that Chloe found out who he was, then put her shoulders back, and told him off. With all due respect. With Lucifer looking on in amazement. I did want and expected her to get on him about the "gift" thing though. So the all-in defense of Lucifer was kind of a surprise. I didn't know there was going to be a musical episode, however the Netflix episode description clued me in, but even then I didn't realize it was going to really be a musical episode. I thought there would be actual Karaoke, like The Host's bar in Angel. Last week's Co
  6. I haven't been on Netflix for a while, so imagine my surprise to find that new episodes of Lucifer had dropped in the meantime! Yay! That dinner scene is a classic, as was the whole idea of God just calmly going about slicing and dicing and roasting like it was no big deal to be preparing dinner. "It's the rosemary." had me going until Linda's chicken thing, which sent wine through my nose. Did anyone else notice that Luci's souffle didn't fall? Talk about divine intervention....
  7. My money is on Pam Dawber blowing the boat, because Mark Harmon left his dirty socks on the living room floor just that one last time that sent her over the edge.
  8. Remind me again what security agency Odette represents, and where Bishop is going? Or is that being kept secret on purpose? Is Bishop joining S.H.I.E.L.D.? I'm not sad to see her go. Her character turned bitter and sour after she turned into the "black widow" of NCIS where her romantic interests ended up dead. I didn't see what Torres saw in her, since he met her when she was sour. I like the actress, but the writers just left her stagnant. All her interesting stuff was happening behind the scenes. I do have a love/hate relationship with the writers. It seems to me they conce
  9. The vow renewal was awkward, but I think it was intended as a wrap-up celebratory scene for the series, and because of COVID, they couldn't have the number or variety of people there to film the party. The episode did feel hastily done, but I appreciate that they tried to wrap things up as neatly as they could, given the rather sudden circumstances. I'm sad this show was cancelled. I thought it was far more dynamic and interesting than Bull. I'm quite sad about this. All Rise was must-see Monday night TV for me. I hope to see this cast in other roles soon.
  10. I'll be interested to see how this Wife#1/Family#1 and Wife#2/Family#2 dynamic works out in Nigeria. CBS and the writers will have a very delicate cultural minefield to navigate. Are multiple wives common in Nigeria? Among Christians? Which is what I presume Tayo to be, since he went to Abishola's church on that episode. Just looking at the set for his Nigerian home, Tayo appears to be a very wealthy man, presumably with a lot of influence and sway in the community. Abishola and gang might have an uphill battle. But Bob is wily, as is Olu, so between the two of them they'll get the job
  11. Nolan is a complete optimist. He was hoping by the time the wedding came around he'd have a girlfriend to be his +1. Which may be why he accepted towel girl with the sketchy story so quickly. He had a deadline.
  12. I don't think this was a backdoor pilot for NCIS: Hawaii. And I'm OK with that. Katrina Law played a pretty major character on Hawaii 5-0 in recent seasons, and that character was high up in the Army Military Police, though when she was introduced she'd been busted all the way back to traffic patrol MP work. I don't think they can bring "Jessica Knight" to head up NCIS: Hawaii. If they wanted to do the mother of all crossovers, they could have brought back "Quinn Liu" who got sideways of her Army superiors once too often, and made the jump to sort-of civilian life through heading up the NC
  13. I definitely think that Choi's "promotion" is less a promotion than moving him out of the way. I love how Ian Anthony Dale is playing the DA. Is he dirty? Is he clean? Is he just doing some delicate political moves? Any which way, it is clear he's playing a very deep game, and IAD is playing the character in such a way that he remains mysterious. But in every scene, you know there's something going on.
  14. I knew Calvin's dad's urn was going into the water, but I did not expect it to go in the way it did, so kudos for surprising me on that. When Calvin was struggling to pull up what ended up being the tire at the end, I figured it was going to be the urn. Yeah, the tire was a cliche, but Calvin taking it back to his shop to sell was funny, and ultimately better than pulling up the urn itself. I was craving beef jerky after the show!
  15. At first, when they open the apartment door and you see that shadowy figure in the dark kitchen, I was concerned it was someone who broke in to exact revenge on Bull for some past case, or it was some sort of mobster looking to "hire" Bull for nefarious purposes. So yeah, I was surprised too!
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