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  1. HurricaneVal

    S06.E02: Tainted

    Did they do any update on Donny (or last week's evac) after taking him out on a medical? Usually we get an update printed on the screen as they show the medivac boat/helicopter heading off telling us that "So-and-so was taken to the hospital where he needed to stay three days being treated for his parasites/injury/stupidity, and has recovered completely." I also saw the way that rescue boat was bobbing side to side as it motored down the lake and thought "hoo boy, that motion isn't going to help an oogey stomach!" I, too, noted that Donny seemed to be breathing rather heavily and could barely force out two words between breaths (usually a sign of COPD) well before he caught the shits from the muskrat. Methinks he was well over his head on this adventure health-wise from the get-go. I liked that Ray left a little fish out for the bird as a respectful homage and thank you to the Canadian wilderness, but I worried that while he was leaving that little bit out, the rest of his fish would get stolen behind his back by the rest of the bird gang. He also said that he was going to make sure to cook the fish thoroughly to kill any parasites that might be present. Nice bit of foreshadowing you did there, editors! I do wonder, though, why everyone seems to do the manly thing of roasting their catch/kill on a stick over an open fire. That seems to me to be a very uncertain way to cook possibly tainted meat. As others noted above, yeah, there as a lot of char on the muskrat carcass, but the meat still looked pink next to the bone. Why doesn't anyone braise it in a pot with water? That way you get everything off the bone, every bit of calories that can be squeezed from the kill, and can be assured you've cooked it thoroughly. But roasting over a fire is macho, while boiling stuff in a pot and fishing the bones out is sissy?
  2. HurricaneVal

    S17.E14: Finale

    I don't know what market you live in, and I know ads are different across the country in different markets, but here in the left leaning Seattle market, a lot of TV commercials for major brands and products have same sex couples in their ads--mostly M/M. A lot of them featuring them raising children together too. Also lots of ads with interracial couples as well. They aren't featured, in that they have the actors front and center narrating "Hi! I'm Jamal, and this is my husband Gunther. We just looooove Downy fabric softener because it makes the sheets in our bed so soft and easy to roll around on." But Jamal and Gunther are shown doing normal couple stuff together in these ads, and it just seems...normal. In fact it takes a while before you notice, "hey, that insurance commercial had a same sex couple!" that's how subtly it is done. I have often wondered if those same ads run in Alabama. Christian was a great mentor. I liked Karli as host. Brandon grew on me, and I think he's a strong judge. I liked that two day challenges were the norm rather than the rare luxury this season, and I appreciated the focus on design drama and not personal drama. I am very happy with the Sebastian win. A Garo win would be OK too. Just not a Hester win, she was not my cup of tea, though I do not doubt she is genuine. I just find her too twee for words. I also didn't like how smug an was during the finale, like she had a lock on the win. So keep those lights on, Christian, and bring in the second season of this fantastic reboot!
  3. HurricaneVal

    S31 Preview & Speculation Thread

    I also squee'd when I saw that the preview had a repeat of the infamous "pole vault across the ditch" comp from a previous season. That one caused many meltdowns in its original season. I can't wait to see what happens with this group! The preview showed Nicole having issues, but I'll bet everyone has issues. That looks hard!
  4. HurricaneVal

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    This was an excellent episode in an excellent season. I was afraid when I'd heard about the casting theme that it would be really bad, but it has really shaped up to be a really fun season. I'm especially happy now that the Reilly Sisters are gone... Ticketing-Agent-Line-Gate aside, that was an incredible gamble that Nicole and Vic took, and it paid off. It could so easily have gone the other way, especially with the rule that only one set of tickets can be purchased at a time. I believe that means that they couldn't buy tickets on the "sure thing" flight, then try for standby tickets on the "iffy" flight, right? So they had to commit, and if they didn't make it on standby, then and only then could they start making alternate arrangements. At least that's how I understand it. I did love the old school TAR comps. More, please... OMG. I thought the lines of the poem they had to memorize were written on signs bobbing on buoys that they had to read while their floatie was towed past at a fast clip. I would have thought that would be impossible too, and gone for the other impossible "needle in a haystack" coin search instead. I was happy to see that "all" they had to do was read and memorize the poem from the laminated card while inside the boat. That is way easier. Not easy, mind you, but easier. Floyd just owned that challenge. Straight up owned. Sometimes I think Nicole gets a bum rap as a whiner because she has that awful voice. Literally everything she says sounds like she's whining, even if it is something innocuous like "please pass the salt." However, sometimes she really is whining. That voice really is a handicap for her. It also causes people to dismiss her as a useless whiner, when as others have pointed out, she can be a savage competitor who really does hold her own. I'm sorry to see Team Bromance go, but they got tripped up inside their heads on that comp. I'm good with any of the remaining teams winning. I am absolutely astounded at Colin's solid zen, and astonished that I find myself rooting for him.
  5. HurricaneVal

    S10.E12: Into the Woods

    I absolutely loved the shelves incorporating the tree branches, echoed by the associated artwork on the other wall. That was really beautiful.
  6. HurricaneVal

    NCIS In The Media

    Exactly! I think she kind of screwed up her future in Hollywood because of this. I hope she gets a decent livable income off of the residuals from all the repeats on the cable channels. But eventually that is going to dry up....
  7. HurricaneVal

    S06.E01: Icebreaker

    In this environment--much like when they were in Patagonia--it might come down to who has the best shelter. When they were on Vancouver Island, a few of the winners and runners-up deployed the "hunker down" strategy where they pretty much found a hidey-hole (or made a hidey-hole) and spent a lot of their time--when not actively foraging/trapping/hunting/fishing--just essentially hibernating in place and conserving their energy. This is a successful, though boring to the viewers (unless they have a great personality like the first winner, Alan) strategy. The folks who are interesting to watch are the ones who are out exploring, or making elaborate shelters, or devising clever ways to entertain themselves. However, there is a trade-off there, doing that takes a lot of energy that needs a lot of caloric intake to compensate for the expenditure. Remember the wife from the couples season who gave her all in the building of the shelter, and ended up exhausting herself and eventually taking her team out of the game? Out in the Arctic, unless the perfect hidey-hole already exists in their territory (like Alan's hollow under the big nurse log from the first season), these contestants are going to have to build very good shelters, and expend that energy doing so. They can't just set up a quick and easy tarp-walled tent like Sam did his first season and gut out the cold and wind. That won't work, VI cold and wind ain't got nothin' on the Arctic cold and wind. Which also means they're going to need to take in more calories, to make up for the energy used building the shelter. This should be interesting. Gill-net-for-ferro-rod guy is expending an enormous amount of energy just building his fire the old-fashioned way. IF he can quickly build a decent shelter where he can effectively smoor and preserve his fire, he might do well with what he takes in via the gill net. But it is a chancy balance: can he get that fire protected so he can reap the spoils in time before he's on the negative side of the energy equation? I suspect it will be a short (real-time) season because of this. But the short real-time season might get us some more in-depth sequences on all the individuals in the game in order to fill in screen time, not just peanut-butter spreading the screen time across all the players.
  8. HurricaneVal

    NCIS In The Media

    Isn't Mark Harmon rather famously supportive of mental illness issues? Because of his sister? I would think that if PP were truly mentally ill, MH be more sensitive to it. Whatever game Pauley Perrette is playing, Mark Harmon seems to not be engaging and just letting her hang herself out there. Perhaps he's so powerful that he's not doing anything publicly but doing deep manipulations behind the scenes that are continuing to cause her harm. But that theory requires a rather solidly in place conspiracy theorist's tinfoil hat to made that be credible. My take on this is there was probably some sort of unfortunate on-set incident involving Mark Harmon's dog. Said incident was blown out of proportion by PP. PP then wasn't satisfied by MH's response, and MH--probably realizing that nothing would satisfy PP--ultimately decided not to engage the crazy. PP, secure in her very high Q rating and large fan base, dug in. MH, never one to back down, continued to not engage. Production (including MH), when confronted by two very highly liked personalities, decided to shape the episodes so that MH and PP never had to share a scene together. Perhaps not the most mature decision, but when one side of the conflict appears to be prickly, touchy, and hysterical, maybe it was the only way to continue without an even more disastrous public relations issue. And it worked for a long time! It took a while in that last season for folks to notice the lack of direct Gibbs/Abbie interaction. Then it took a while for speculation to start. It wasn't until it was announced that Pauley Perrette was leaving the show that the real gossip started, and PP started bleating to the media about her reasons. I think PP is just bringing this all up again now because she's kind of hurt her own brand with this, and her Q score is dropping. She's trying to stir up her base in anticipation of her new show. Mark Harmon continues to refuse to engage.
  9. HurricaneVal

    S06.E01: Icebreaker

    I"m curious as to why the guy with the big bushy beard shaved it off before going to the arctic. That seems...counter intuitive. Unless maybe production made him do it? Full disclosure: I despise the hipster trend of full bushy beards (blech), but they should be de rigeur for mountain man survival types. You know. Like you'd find on Alone...
  10. HurricaneVal

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    I........am over Tessa. Done. I've defended her in the past, but what we saw last night was beyond anything I can justify. I can tell by the editing that at least the lower echelons of production are done, done, done with her. For them to be so obvious about it, she must really be egregiously bad and annoying in real life. From the beginning Tessa was the designer they showed roaming the workroom, offering mentor-ish criticisms to the other designers about their designs. They also used her talking head sessions to critique her fellow designers work. I just thought she was being used as the narrator of the season. That she was a strong woman with a strong opinion, and there's nothing wrong with that. No. She's just that person. You know, the hypercritical one who can't keep their mouth shut, has no filter, and thinks they're the most expert and best at whatever is at hand. Combine that edit last night--including the glorious shade Brandon was throwing--with the Twitter exchanges between Brandon and Nina which so very blatantly exposed their loathing for Tessa, Imma gonna put my tinfoil conspiracy hat on and say that Tessa is being kept in because of executive producer manipulations to keep the drama going. I think Rainbow Brite is still there for the same reason. There's no other explanation for her surviving all this time.
  11. HurricaneVal

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    Count me in on the Harm/Mac confusion. It seemed like they did get together, then it didn't work, and careers, and.... Now goo-goo eyes. Yuck. I'm also not digging the new girl in Ops. Everyone was like "Hey, gurrrl! Whassup?!?" like they all knew her, liked her, and were really happy to be working with her. When for all intents and purposes, she's a total stranger to Eric--who should know, or at least be familiar with, everyone else NCIS uses in his capacity--rude to Eric, and I thought quite disrespectful. She did get the job done, with that tool she had, but you know what? There's this thing called the internet and email and server sharepoints etc. that tool could have been transmitted through for Eric to have been using long in advance of her driving up from San Diego to just barge in and slap on the screen. I did not appreciate the "Shove over, Grandpa!" vibe from her. (And I like the actress...) Nell would have squashed her like a bug.
  12. HurricaneVal

    The Code

    He didn't just get his photo taken with locals after he deserted. He continued to participate in fighting, through some hyperextended sense of honor, and ended up on the wrong side of a fight which during which war crimes were committed. That was the big deal evidence that the photos in the peach box showed. Tarkanian was an interesting character. You wanted to like him, because he was supposed to be a heroic, honorable man. Even his political stance appeared to be honorable. Then you looked closer and found he was really an arrogant son-of-a-bitch who was really only all in it for him and his glory, and all about winning the Medal of Honor and not really about being honorable. And it was all going to just be given to him anyways, even after the truth came out. I'm done with Abe and his widow babe. At this point I just think she's using him.
  13. I'm going on record to state that Adam's new girlfriend is going to turn out to be bad news. There was something about how she greeted him at the door that telegraphed that to me. We'll see... I'm pretty sure whomever was shot is going to be OK. If it was Steve, maybe we'll get some "Steve's alternate fantasy life" fever dreams while he's in a coma in the ICU. I enjoyed his hallucinations when Wo Fat was torturing him, and Danny's dreams when he was shot. If it was Jerry, then maybe we'll get some "Jerry saves the day" film noir fantasies while he's in a coma in ICU. Either way, I'm hoping for some AU fantasy sequences next season!
  14. HurricaneVal

    S39 Spoilers & Speculation

    Bingo. Hmmmm..... Now wouldn't that be interesting....
  15. HurricaneVal

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    I guess I'm not as cynical as I thought I was. I thought Tessa was genuinely fretting about taking that risk and putting herself and her painful story "out there." Yes, doing a sexualized design like that was certainly going to grab attention, and I think she knew that. But like many of us who extend ourselves out in a fit of bravery and risk taking, there were second thoughts and "OMG, OMG, OMG, I'm not ready....why did I do that? ..... I'm not ready.... They're going to make me talk about it....maybe they won't ask, please don't let them ask....why did I do that? I'm not ready...." was where Tessa was at. I do not doubt her genuine pain.