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  1. Yes...I agree. This show is a very interesting study on how things that happen to people in high school can follow them the rest of their lives. So many people are told to "get over it and move on" but in reality, a little bit of who we are is set in stone during those formative years, and that will follow through the rest of your life. I also think another major theme of this show is all about bullying and perspective. We've seen in the original movies how Daniel was bullied by the original Cobra Kai gang, but then we also see in this show how Johnny The Bully was himself bullied at home by his step-father and again at the dojo by Kreese. He sees Daniel as the upstart, the new guy who came in, stole his girlfriend, and also stole his superiority he'd won by being the karate champion. And we see the bullying from different perspectives from the new crop of high schoolers. You can see why these kids are attracted to the Cobra Kai experience--they're eager to find a way to fight back. Ian/Hawk is the most extreme example, but you also see it in Aisha, Demetri, and Miguel. I love how "Hero Daniel-san" is kind of a smarmy, smug, jerk as an adult. He still clearly loves, reveres, and respects Mr. Miyagi, but even so he's he's become a likeable/unlikeable guy. I love how bully-jerk seeming on-top-of-the-world Johnny is now a sad-sack loser who just can't catch a break--even though he clearly participates in his own downfall. It is like he can't help himself, his identity was solidified as "Total Jerk" back in high school when he lost to Daniel, so now he has to maintain that identity. Zabka is really knocking it out of the park. Macchio is as well, but Zabka is really showing a lot of depth with the current conflicted Johnny. I like how this new show is giving these characters a space to really breathe and show all sides. Don't get me wrong, I loved the original "The Karate Kid" movie, but it really was one dimensional, and now this series is showing us all the sides of the dodecahedron. Life is complicated, yo.
  2. That's a Freudian misspelling there, Dom...
  3. I'm sorry. I'm still stuck on the peanut butter on eggs thing. Yech....
  4. I have been binging on Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy, in preparation to start Season 2, and there he is......Cameron Britton, our very own Ed Kemper playing the assassin Hazel. Two very, very different characters. I didn't recognize him by his appearance, but by his voice, and I didn't recognize him as the same actor at all in my first viewing of Season 1 a year ago. He is so talented.
  5. No, it's proximity, whether he knows she's there or not. p.s. Sorry, that only answered part of your question. She needs to be near him, like within the same room. The distance has never been stated, but having seen the whole series, it's always been when Chloe was in the same room. Or room length, outside. They have been quite inconsistent with this "proximity" thing. Remember the episode where Luci sent Chloe running off after something and he kept cutting his arm to determine if Chloe had run away far enough for his invulnerability to come back? Chloe went a loooong ways out of the building before Luci's cut didn't draw blood. I can't remember if it was this episode, or the one just previous, where Lucifer makes an offhand comment that he's only vulnerable when "The Detective" is around and Eve gets an initially hurt, turning to very contemplative, turning to scheming, look on her face. The actress who plays Eve is extremely underrated. She's fantastic with what she does with her face and voice.
  6. In my opinion, pre-gaming is inevitable with these All-Star seasons. Even if it wasn't actual scheming prior to entering the house--which I don't care for, but these hamsters have no shame and no scruples so there's no way to stop it--the BB alumni crowd is quite chummy as they rub shoulders at this or that BB fan event. It is how they seem to make a living. They can't help making friendships and relationships that turn to alliances. I don't blame them for that. I don't like it, it makes BB boring for the viewers, but it is what it is. It is production's job to shake things up, to get those pre-game alliances scrambling, to force pre-existing groups off balance, to ensure that foregone conclusions are no longer foregone, and that the game remains interesting, random, and present. Right now, I feel like the game has been decided off camera, and we're just enduring until the finish. BOring. Ordinarily I'm not in favor of production manipulation, but for All-Stars it is required because there is nothing natural about how the house shakes out. So I don't really view it as interference but a catalyst to get....something....going. However, it appears that production could care less about making this season interesting. It is like they don't believe they have to try because with all the repeats and COVID-19 affected programming, BB is the only show offering new content and they believe viewers will naturally gravitate there without any effort on their part. Habitual viewers like myself are bored, bored, bored, and I've actually not watched BB either "live" or via On-Demand for the last week or so. I wonder what their ratings are? If they're down, Grodner et al will just chalk it up to COVID-19. Sigh.
  7. I can't waaaaaaaaait!!!!!!!!!
  8. I loved Roland's tidy housekeeping, though his use of the handy branch had more of the flavor of "serial killer trying to mask his tracks" than "groundskeeper trying to keep a tidy camp". One of the other guys would have built a special purpose broom with a decorative carved handle for that chore. I felt sorry for the squirrel who had all his hard labor stolen away. But I consoled myself with the thought that Roland would probably end up eventually eating the squirrel before the squirrel went hungry due to the missing stash of mushrooms. Interesting how the squirrel stored the mushrooms in such a way that they would dry rather than mold! The cold weather gear Amos brought with him didn't seem quite as substantial as that awesome Siberian reindeer get-up. I don't know if he is impervious to the cold temperatures, or if maybe he hadn't broken out his real cold weather gear yet, or what. But I was thinking that if he didn't have anything more than what we were seeing him in, he was going to need to tap soon from the cold. Hopefully before hypothermia got a hold of his reasoning functions. I, too, am glad he called for the tap-out prior to his shelter catching on fire. That really minimized any time he was going to spend in the cold, for sure. Though for a while there, he'd be right toasty! At least until it burned to the ground, that is....
  9. I saw that! I was wondering if I was seeing things. Then he kind of repeated it, later, in the context of sort of acknowledgement of the other finalist's skills, but it was a little out of place. I think he realized he'd made a faux pas, and was trying to cover it up.
  10. Three hour finale! I am more than pleased that both women have stuck it out to the end. Those ladies have some impressive skills and equanimity to spare. I hope that isn't frostbite, but just chilblains and dirty toes on...er...Callie? I can tell the women apart in their shelters when they're not all bundled up, and I think it is Keilyn who has the fancy fur lined cloak/hood. Roland seems to have eased up on the bad attitude, now that it is down to just him and a few others whom I believe he deems to be worthy. The more I hear about him, the more I'm convinced he's a throwback to another time. I wonder how he gets along with his clients in his guiding service. I'll bet they book with him precisely for the grumpiness of his character as a "true experience" with a mountain man.
  11. I also heard....correct me if I'm wrong....that she sells some kind of....jewelry, maybe? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. Could be worse, the baby could be kidnapped at birth and taken to a hell dimension to be raised by religious fanatics, grow up instantly and then make a whole bunch of dumb choices and then things get weird *cough Angel cough*. Is nobody going to mention Renesmee?
  13. I've caught up on fifteen pages here of riveting action (not really, but it appears the hamsters are boring this year) and this is the first mention of David at all. I get that he's an introvert, but he does know what game he's playing, right? He went out so fast last time, was brought back, then didn't last much past that. It really is unfair, he's like an injured rabbit tossed amidst a group of feral cats. Maybe it will be to his advantage, nobody knows him, he doesn't inject himself into things, so maybe everybody will forget him and he'll coast under the radar to the end. Nicole F will be like "David? Who's David? Oh, that guy? I thought he was part of the crew...."
  14. Yup. And even when Julie said they'd wait for them to settle, I noticed they never really did. Typical BB production stupidity. It will be interesting to see what sort of a season this is. This is All Stars, after all, so these hamsters are very, very, very aware they're on camera all the time, so I doubt we'll get any of the candid nasty drama, but I'll bet we'll get a lot of very studied manufactured drama that will be purposefully played out for the benefit of the cameras. I think we'll need to look for some tell tale signs, like adjusting positions for better camera angles, hamsters glancing at the cameras to make sure they're in the shot, stuff like that. I can't help it, I have a soft spot for the nerds. I hope Nicole A and Ian go far. I didn't originally like Janelle in her first season, I thought she was fake and a mean girl to boot, but my opinion of her has mellowed, and I love how she genuinely loves the game. Oh, Kaysar...I hope you can make it far. He's too mature and level-headed to be stuck with the douchebros, so I fear he will be out soon. I want him to team up with Ian, David, Janelle, and Da'vonne--I think that would make a nice alliance, but what do I know?
  15. I think it would be hilarious if Zingbot entered the house in a full enviro isolation suit. Please, please, please....they can't take Zingbot away from me. Or the "No Stars!!!" guy... I may have to resign myself to no OTEV though, that is a very elaborate comp set up, which I'm sure takes a lot of people a lot of time to design, mock-up, build, tear down, build again in the backyard, and tear down again in the back yard. There's no way the crew can socially distance through all of that. OTEV is really the only elaborate comp set up I like. The rest is just flashy crap to engage the casual viewer. Other classics such as the slip and slide race, dizzy ballerina bowling, chicken-wire egg transfer, etc. seem to be fairly straight forward set-ups, especially if they forgo some of their trademark "over the topness". But some of the other endurance comps with the overly elaborate set-ups where they spray the hamsters with crap (wall standing, object hanging) are just dumb and should be sacrificed. NOT sacrifice the endurance, just the elaborate sets. Remember the endurance comp where the hamsters just had to stay on the mattress out in the back yard? No syrup, no feathers, just "sit here until you don't". That went forever, and I remember footage of that one hamster needing to pee badly, but didn't want to wet the bed, so she shoved her bandana into her pants to try and absorb the pee. Dr. Will, as I recall, just calmly pissed himself. Speaking of OTEV, that was also one comp where they would torture the overall design theme of the season into the OTEV race-to-find-the-answer obstacle course. Some--like the overall camping theme last year--were less tortured than others. Can anybody tell me what the overall house theme is this year? I've looked at various still photos of parts of the house, and there doesn't seem to be a theme, other than "Big Brother" the TV show, not "Big Brother" the all-knowing, all-seeing, harsh master. (Who is not at all harsh and has been letting the hamsters slack big time lately.)
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