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  1. Oh man. I feel exactly the opposite! 😆 I saw Missy eating Tato Skins and had a full body shudder. I couldn't stand those things. I won't hold it against you if you don't hold it against me! I thought it was funny and kind of telling that Georgie's girlfriend had the best argument for staying in school. Sticking it out to the end of the year would make his life easier now, and be fun as well. She's the only one who gave Georgie second thoughts. Now I'm off to hum myself to sleep with endless repetitions of "Lollipop, lollipop...oh loll-i, lolli-lolli, lollipop! *pop* D
  2. I had no problem viewing episode 4, and am partway through episode 5, no problem. I am viewing on Xfinity cable, so maybe Peacock is included? And I must say, that quarry was a spectacular setting!
  3. OMG. Me too! And also? Never in my life did I think a shout of "Bonesaw!" would be so poignant.
  4. More Aaron. Less Bailey. I could not place the CIA guy, but I know I know him. Then I remembered him as the supervising DA on All Rise. He was great. I have to say.....I was skeptical of the CIA/FBI rolling up and taking over. Nobody showed any ID, except for the FBI guy, casually flapping it toward the window at a distance. I expected someone to call bullshit, then watch the "CIA/FBI" either bug out, or draw down. I did love the Russian spy safe house scene. Not the best idea, but Nolan did crack me up with his random button pushing and them all dealing with the conse
  5. Freya has gorgeous eyes. I, too, noticed the orange spot last night. The light coming through the tent must have been coming through at just the right angle to highlight it. Sadly, I think she's handicapping herself by sticking to her vegan guns, and making things more difficult on herself. And then there's Paul's evident dislike for vegan substitutes. Which....I think he's OK with so far as fillings, but when you're talking about the baking.....that's where he seems to get really offended at the disrespect to traditional baking. If Freya lasts long enough, I fully expect a honey soaked
  6. OMG. I will never forget Tina literally risking her life crawling out on the log in the raging, flooded, river to retrieve the bag of rice snagged on a branch. She deserved to win for that alone. That was some stressful viewing!
  7. I know! It was like they had time to spend to show other, more interesting, things!
  8. We finally got to see more of the third tribe! And it was good! Also, apparently there's a Heather and an Erika. Who knew? I have to tell you, I have never been more attracted to a reality TV personality than last night when Danny comforted Heather with that genuine compassion and empathy. I was all "Yowza!" and then when I heard what he was saying "It's OK, it was just a reward challenge, you're OK..." I couldn't have loved him more when I cracked up at that.
  9. Psssst......if you are going to throw a comp, you need to get the rest of the team on board.
  10. He bashed a hole in the cement block wall, dug a ramp, and just dragged the boat out. Which was kind of how I always thought he did it. Gibbs is a primitive, practical*, fix-it kind of guy: Need boat out. Wall in way. Break wall. Get boat out. Fix wall. Build new boat. *Well, practical other than he builds boats in his basement that necessitate him breaking his foundation to get them out. We even had a clue about this in an older episode when he said he burned the boat in the backyard after naming after an ex-wife. Anyways, I came here to post the thought I had i
  11. So the great Leroy Jethro Gibbs goes out not with a bang, but with a whimper. After the comments about the "great boat!" regarding the old tub at the marina, I expected we'd see Gibbs happily fixing it up as a live-aboard, but we've already seen that with Sam on NCIS:LA. It definitely seems to be more of a Gibbs thing than a Sam thing, so I wasn't going to quibble about that too much. But then it ends with Gibbs standing in hip-waders in a lake in the Alaska wilderness with a single packpack, rifle, and fishing pole to his name? Has the show jumped genres and now Gibbs is a contest
  12. Wow. I must have blinked and not seen any of that Naseer footage. I vaguely recall him spying on those two during the water run--but that's standard in Survivor. Sometimes with more comedy (see: Spy Shack). But I don't remember any of the rest of that. We just really haven't seen much of that third tribe.
  13. These are definitely my same thoughts, but show me, show! Until I'm shown anything else demonstrating he's a flaming asshole at camp, I can only assume it is his ethnicity that makes his tribe hate Naseer. And I would rather see scenes of him showing them how to prepare and cook breadfruit and starting a fire than scenes of mysterious midnight boat trips that will probably amount to nothing in the end. I'm just a cranky "old school" Survivor fan. I don't care about fancy advantages and potential vote stealing and complicated idols. I want to see people arguing over how to build a she
  14. I'm going to add my whine here: I want more footage of camp life, less advantage crap. This whole "take someone from each tribe, transport them over to this other island, make them hike or sing kumbaya or whatever, then do the prisoner's dilemma thing" takes up too much time. I do like how it gets three people together so maybe after the merge it could be interesting to see of those bonds hold, but it isn't interesting enough to waste what feels like a third of the screen time on it. Three tribes also means less time spent on whatever little footage they show of camp life. There's als
  15. I admit it. I totally cracked up when Bradford said Smitty was "apparently allergic to paper" to explain why he was doing his own paperwork when he had a sergeants aid who was supposed to do that for him. That and Bradford having to pick up his own "battle bags" because of Smitty's tricky back..... We should have had more vignettes of the Tim and Smitty day....like Tim having to pick up their lunch because Smitty couldn't raise his arms over his shoulders due to rotator cuff issues, or Tim having to drive because Smitty sensitive hands couldn't grip the steering wheel, or Tim having to hand
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