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  1. I know! Would she remember how to be her own person and actually compete, or will she just roll over and hand it to Jackson, as I'm sure he'll demand. And if she doesn't just throw the competition to him, but fights for the win instead, how will Jackson handle his little doormat suddenly growing a spine? I'm not sure there are enough editing tricks in the world to whitewash the inevitable Jackson blow-up over that. Oh! What if Holly is playing a truly deep game, and all that poring over of the rule book was not to see if they could get Nicole to abdicate HOH but actually a theatrical ruse to highlight that it was against the rules to throw competitions to stave off Jackson demanding she throw any final HOH comps his way.
  2. As I understand it, the increasingly large and elaborate competition set-ups take longer and longer to set up and take down means that the back yard is unavailable to the hamsters for long, long stretches at a time. Think back to ye olde BB of times past--it seemed most of the conversations and time was spent outside. Lots of pool lounging, lots of hammock swinging, lots of slumped couch sitting. Now it seems like everything takes place in either the HOH room--often without the HOH even being present--or what is the boat room in this set. I think it would be hard to have a regular exercise regimen if you didn't have access to the area in which to actually perform said regimen. I remember reading somewhere that was why for celebrity BB, they have to dedicated an inside room to be a gym area so the celebs can continue to keep burning those calories.
  3. ^^^ This is an excellent thought. IF that was indeed part of Nicole's strategy, then that is fucking brilliant. IF that was a a conscious strategy on Nicole's part, then I wish that Nicole had shown up for the game. Maybe that pile-on she endured early in the game took the stuffin's out of her, and made her too cautious, or rendered her too irrelevant to the rest of house to make a difference. Then again....she is here guaranteed in the final three, and that was absolutely not something I'd see happen. She surfed the wave of BB house politics very well.
  4. I suspect they can't get anybody from production to participate in such work. They're already all down at the corner bar celebrating the fact that they will never, ever, have to see or hear these people ever again. Could you imagine being the sound engineer responsible for maintaining the gains on Christie's microphone? You get to listen to every slurp, smack, and chomp when she eats, and every sob, incomprehensible hypersonic cry-talk, and snot snorkel when she's crying... Yeah. That guy is already three tequilas in when the confetti hits. But I completely agree with @Callaphera in that the finale could be paced differently. The finale is no place for filler. Just get to final speeches, the juror comments while voting, then the reveal, confetti, AFP, and some conversation and interaction with the free hamsters. Speaking of confetti...... My fantasy is that by some miracle Jackson goes out a the final three, joins Julie on stage with a stunned look on his face, and as she settles back in her chair, she gently places on piece of confetti on his shoulder as she dabs a fake tear from her eye.
  5. You guys.... I was thinking back on how this season started, and how bummed out I was back then that the house was shaking out to the same factions as it always does: Frat bros and popular girls vs. the freaks and geeks (others). I resigned myself to a solid pagonging of the "others" contingent. Then I realized, whoa, wow. Two of the F&Gs made it to the end. The end that I was convinced early on was going to be Jack, Jackson, Anallice, and Holly. Never in a million years did I think that Nicole or Cliff (especially Cliff) would be in the final four. In any other season, I don't think that would have happened. I feel like that's a "win" for the underdog in a way. And a glimmer of hope is still alive that Jackson will have a bad day on the comp grounds, and Nicole takes it to the end. Who would have thunk that Jessica of all people would make the key move that completely changed the game?
  6. Me too. That was seriously creepy. Like, "it puts the lotion in the basket" creepy....
  7. Of course they'll bring in Senior. Dammit.
  8. Jackson knows that that it doesn't matter. No matter what he says to her, no matter how awful he is to her, no matter how he treats her, he's got Holly under his thumb, and she will do whatever he wants her to do. She keeps saying she's playing her own game, but I don't see it. Even her terrific social game is used by her and Jackson to mitigate Jackson's alienation of the other people in the house, as @mooses pointed out above. Gah. I wish "showmances" weren't a think and used as game strategy. They just mindfuck people like Holly who get so used during the relationship.
  9. I suspect those bits of that "house meeting" that were broadcast last night were very carefully edited. I have a feeling it got uglier than they showed, but production needed to delicately craft a narrative that didn't make Jackson out to be the total psychotic asshole he appears to be. I was thoroughly creeped out by that wild careening between the rage demon, the cold-eyed thousand yard stare, and the man-child crying out for his mommy. Run Holly. When that door opens, run fast and run far. Did you see the defeated look on her face when she was comforting Jackson as he cried for mommy? That was the look of a woman trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship.
  10. Is Nicole wearing that Care Bear onesie by choice, or did she get a punishment in a comp? It's Nicole, so it could go either way...
  11. Since it is a secret vote, how would the Big Kahuna know who didn't fall in line with their vote? Because there will be beatings until the culprit(s) come forth! Well, maybe not beatings, but Amanda could make the house pretty unlivable in when she was on a rampage. Remember Paul's "shunnings" of the hamster selected to be on the outs? That never bothered Cody, but when Kevin was the chosen one, he was despondent. And don't forget the banging of the pots and pans! And figuring out who the stray votes were would be pretty easy. The house usually splits into two: one popular athletes and mean girls alliance, and then the others who do not form a strong opposing alliance. The stray votes always come from the other side, and they usually get sussed out pretty quickly as the accusations and finger pointing begin right after the vote is announced. Sometimes a rebel from the alliance votes the other way just for shits and grins, and watches as someone from the other side is excoriated due to their mischief. This is pretty much happened to Nicole when she was accused of casting the hinky vote. Who did cast the hinky vote? Was that Jackson?
  12. I also think there was also more than a little bit of what @Lamima was saying, that Holly and Jackson were trashing Christie and that prompted Tommy to spill his news. I think Tommy had been fretting about it since Christie left for the jury, and that conversation on the HOH bed was what pushed Tommy over the edge to revealing the secret. It all hangs together.
  13. I think Tommy told his secret because he didn't know if he could trust Christie not to spill the beans to the jury, and if by some miracle Tommy managed to be sitting in the final two, he had no idea how that knowledge would affect the final vote. He was in panic mode, and trying to cover his ass, so the new jury members he told could maybe advocate for him in the jury house. If they were so inclined. It was a tragically fated "Hail Mary" pass right before the whistle blew on his game.
  14. That one clip of the big blow up was brutal. I don't know if I'll be able to watch the full scene when they show it on the next episode. I didn't see the very end of the episode where they were all swinging on their disks, but the first clip, it looked like Nicole had the most secure grip on her rope. She was standing full up straight with not only a secure hand grip, but a full arm wrap around her rope. Holly only had the arm wrap, and Cliff only had the grip.
  15. We got very, very close to that scenario when Christmas, and her broken foot, was thrown that footrace comp win by Paul (*spit*spit*turn in place three times*spit*spit* to avoid the evil eye) and his minions.
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