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  1. I just found this show. I'm on episode 6, and I cannot believe how good this is. Subject matter subtext (or is that overtext) aside....this is an incredibly well written and well acted show with a cast that absolutely shines. It reminds me of the best of Buffy and Glee and Veronica Mars, and the homage to American '80s/'90s teen "coming of age" and romcom movies is unmistakable. So far as the over-text is concerned, the producers must have made this a very safe place for these actors to "go there" like they do. I'm amazed at how these very sexual scenes seem so natural and also humorous without seeming gratuitous or icky. Case in point: when Amy dreamily tells Otis she's been wanking all night, thanks him, and pats his cheek in affection and gratitude, he gives her fingers a googly side-eye ...... As Americanized as the school feels, everything else is so very UK. All that walking, bikes, public transport, manners. Speaking of Glee.... The Eric and Adam story--so far as episode 6-- is veeeery reminiscent of the Kurt and his bully-but-closeted-gay-and-fighting-it-by-bullying-his-forbidden-gay-crush Karofsky.
  2. Was Delvin saying that Sergio was giving the wrong advice? It seemed to me that he was muttering something about that was wrong, and do the opposite. Seems like something Sergio would do. His astonished glum face at being safe was delicious, as was Victoria's face crumple at realizing she was in the bottom. I think this may be the first time in her life she's been told she ain't all that. I'm sure it stings. I am surprised that Victoria--who didn't seem to be the type--jumped right in with helping Dayoung. Geoffrey is rapidly becoming my favorite. I can't stand his ear gauges, but I love his caring attitude and while his designs aren't really my cup of tea, I think he's talented. Christian really does give good advice, his comments elevated both Delvin's and Geoffrey's designs, and if Victoria or Nancy had followed his advice, I think they would have done better. So....they started "Day 2" and said they had eight hours to work that day. Really? So, what does it really mean to have one-day or two-day challenges? What's the total number of work hours, since it seems to me that they're working until midnight during one-day challenges, but for two-day challenges they only put in a single eight hour shift? And at that....I noticed that when they broke off for day two, there were a lot of very unfinished garments. I remember when runway day was pretty much all about styling and hair and makeup, and if you still had significant work to do, you were totally in the weeds. Now it is completely normal. I've also noticed in the past couple of seasons, but it got worse after the move to Bravo: the designers seem to be dressing themselves up for the runway as much as they've been dressing up their models. Up to and including making their own garments. It is one thing to have a scrap of fabric and give yourself a coordinating hair tie or pocket square, and another thing entirely to have a coordinated and complimenting "Model and Me" outfit. How much time gets wasted on that?
  3. I loves me a Palmer episode! Harried and exhausted and venting Palmer at the top of the show was awesome. He was so in his own zone, that it literally took a *thwack* from a baseball bat to re-establish the Gibbs intimidation factor. As ridiculous as the interview process for an assistant was, I'd really like to see this search extended over several episodes, with less ridiculous applicants. I think it would be a great running B or C plot to see how the candidates interact and eventually wash out. As much as I enjoyed Ducky!Lite, that was a caricature, not a character and would not have worked long term. Then, eventually, we could come full circle, and a fully recovered and rehabilitated Gerald will appear and slide right into his old position like donning a favorite bathrobe. A girl can dream.....
  4. Mr. HV used to be a cop long ago. I once accompanied him to superior court one day because he had to quickly be present for a trial, then we had the rest of the day to shop for plumbing fixtures and appliances and other details for our kitchen remodel. Why did we stop off at court you say? A common defense strategy is if the witness/cop isn't present to testify, then the case would more than likely be dismissed. If the witness/cop is present to testify, then they'll go to a plea deal. Rarely will the case actually move forward to trial. Literally showing up makes a big difference in the outcome. So Mr. HV showed up. I nicknamed defense attorney "Boobs McGee" because she was wearing a va-va-va-voom pastel peplum pencil skirted suit with a low cut blouse out of which her generous boobage spilled. She had no idea who I was, but she essentially hip-checked me out of her way to get to Mr. HV who was sitting on a bench waiting to go inside the courtroom. She was shaking her boobs in his face and flipping her hair around in an attempt to, I dunno, influence his testimony for her client? It was like witnessing a clothed lap dance. I was more amused than jealous, though I was getting rather irritated. When Boobs paused to take a breath, Mr. HV smoothly broke in, grinned up at her, made an elegant hand motion over to me and said "I'm sorry....have you met my wife?" She immediately straightened, and had the decency to look extremely embarrassed as she red-facedly mumbled "Pleased to meet you..." in my direction and scuttled off to find the prosecutor to make her deal. Mr. HV laughed his ass off. I was a bit disgruntled and out-of-sorts for the rest of the day. So, yeah. At least in my experience it works that way.
  5. However, in that final phone call scene, where they were only shooting the husband from the one side of the bed, I fully expected to see them conclude their lovey-dovey call and have the camera pull back to find a sleek blonde in lingerie lounging and sipping wine in the other side of the bed. I was very happy to see that they did not go there. Real people do have happy and healthy relationships, not everything on TV needs to be full of strife and drama. I'm also surprised that the information about a bug in the courthouse wasn't met with more outrage than it was. The undercover agent on Mark's father's defense team was cracking me up with how she kept changing characters scene to scene, and stayed "in character" throughout. Too bad that story seems to be concluding, because that would have been an awesome running gag. One thing I really love about this show is the richness in the supporting characters, and their developing stories and divergent personalities. The budding romance between the detective and Lola's admin is adorable, and Sara's passion as a full member of the legal process in her "fly on the wall" role as a court stenographer
  6. Yes. You put your finger on what has really been bugging me about Sergio. He has such a flat affect.
  7. Was Nancy's sister completely unclear on where Nancy was, and what she was doing? It sounded like she thought Nancy was on a cooking competition show, like Top Chef or Chopped rather than a fashion design show.
  8. That was so painfully uncomfortable to watch.... I felt so badly for her. I noticed the cameras pulled off of her very quickly, but there were several times where they caught her looking off to the side in apparent great distress. I'll give her one thing, she didn't completely shut down, she did keep trying....but unfortunately she was already so deep in her panic attack that the answers that came out of her mouth probably weren't the answers that popped in her head when she won the buzzer. Which....because there seemed to be some camera cuts, did they stop play to give her a chance to calm down, then restart? What happens when someone has a breakdown, or hell, a sneezing attack?
  9. I really appreciated how the judges accepted and acknowledged his message, but then clearly and firmly set it aside and judged him on the garment. He was not expecting that. He was expecting that his "message" would win the day. I found it more calculating and manipulative than sincere and genuine. On another forum, I referred to it as "protest cosplay."
  10. Hmmmmm..... I hadn't thought of that nuance. I forget that the actor is related to the producers. I think he's done a perfectly fine job creating and inhabiting Timothy McGee, but would he have gotten the job without that relation? Hard to say. I like the character, I'd hate to see him go. But I also hate how he's being written, sooo...
  11. Other than crashing that $85M asset with seemingly little or no repercussion, I liked that episode. Well, McGee's manhood issues aside, that is... It is almost like they don't know what to do with McGee now that Tony is gone. Perhaps the writers got so used to him being a second banana to Tony and Ziva, and a third banana to Gibbs, they don't know what to do with him now that he's the senior field agent. In post-Tony seasons past, they've written McGee to be a fully competent agent growing into the SFA position. But it seems this season they've elevated Bishop's competency profile and demoted McGee back to being comic relief. The McGee of the past would not have been nervous about this procedure at all. Past-McGee would have done all his research, learned everything he had to learn, pulled in case studies, and would have gone in fully informed with all confidence. Past-McGee would never have originally suggested that Delilah endure major surgery in order that his delicate male ego and manhood could stay intact. That said, if Tony were still around, this situation would have been mined thoroughly for laughs, but the butt of the joke would be Tony having issues with the thought of the procedure and McGee being all mature about it. But that would have been completely in character for both characters, and a whole lot more palatable than what was presented in this episode. At least the twins were mentioned. (I could also have gone the rest of my life without knowing that Vance is super potent. Blech....) Back to the A-plot. I think that pilot will get drummed out of the Navy, for destroying that F-18. But then, because of her dedication to getting justice done and doggedly prodding along the NCIS investigation, Gibbs is going to invoke "Rule 5" and hire her to join his team.
  12. I think Alex's face is a little puffier than usual--probably due to steroids or other medications for his treatment and comfort--which is much more obvious in a 3/4 view rather than straight on or profile. But if you aren't looking for it, he just looks "off." His hair also seems oddly.....fixed.....so it is likely a wig. It may be that his skin is more sensitive now, so they may have had to change his makeup and/or hair products to accommodate that.
  13. Awww... I kind of liked Shaun. He was self-deprecating and got a high-five out of Alex. But, I will admit, he was a bit too "Jersey Shore does Jeopardy" which is kind of jarring in this erudite show.
  14. Buh-bye, Ziva. Stay gone.
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