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  1. Confirming something I've been suspicious of for a while now: Lenkov fired due to creating and keeping a "toxic work environment." I've just been suspicious this may be the case due to the cast upheavals and the relative silence from those left behind. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. I wonder if this might have anything to do with H50 not being in reruns or syndication right now as a show like this normally would be.
  2. Yes! Eliminate the slop, and go with a standard pantry of peanut butter, jelly, bologna, processed cheese slices, iceberg lettuce, eggs, white bread, mayo, mustard, milk, and lemon juice (to avoid scurvy...). You can do a lot with those staples: standard cold sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, French toast, toast, omelettes, eggs any way, fried bologna, strata, simple salad, bread pudding etc. Then do grocery comps for ground beef, chocolate chips, coffee, salmon, wings, chips, pizza sauce etc. Slop was a thing, but now they don't show it, and they've allowed so much cheating it isn't anything at all anymore. Put everyone on a standard diet, and make them work for more. That's where you're going to see shifting alliances--someone craving a Snickers bar can be peeled off an alliance if the one side isn't inclined to work for it, but the other side is, and you want that damned candy bar more than you want to suck up to Paul. That is going to get some movement. Except booze. Cheap beer and wine should be a staple, released in the evenings for social lubrication. Then BIG competitions for Margarita night with take out tacos, or mai tais with kalua pork, or...champagne brunch. I hate the over-the-top comps for game shit like HoH or Veto where the majority alliance conspires to rule. A food comp, on the other hand, forces them to work together. That leads to different house dynamics.
  3. I was intrigued by the idea of an All Stars Big Brother, until someone mentioned Paul. Then I was not. Then someone mentioned it might be interesting to see Paul face off against Frankie "do you know my sister is Ariana" Grande. Then I was on board again. Then someone mentioned that watermelon man Miche might be in with his girlfriend after their fake breakup, and then I was out. But then there's Dan. I never understood the whole "Dan's Funeral" thing that flipped the game, but I know he was a bit of a genius,and I'd like to see him scramble. He gave good DRs, particularly when he was describing his scramblings and manipulations. And then Derrick. I'm actually a rare Derrick fan. It was a pleasure to watch him own that season--but that was before my addiction to the live feed threads happened, so maybe if I'd read those threads instead of the "RealityNewsOnline" daily recaps I'd understand the Derrick hate. Then someone mentioned that some of the "Stars" were requiring that there be no live feeds and I was off board again. That's my FAVORITE part of the show: comparing and contrasting the broadcast shows versus what I read here from you fine feedster folk. I think they need to do BB:OG. Go back to the basics, as was posited a few pages back. Finish this massive 1000 piece puzzle so you can eat today. However many scrambled food words you can unscramble in one minute is that many of that food item you get today. The booth Q/A set could be good for several HoH and Veto comps if they choose amusing questions. Eliminate the huge complicated sets with long build-up/break-down times, give the hamsters their backyard, they're going to need the fresh air these days. And? Not to be an enabler or anything, but I think one of the reasons why celebrity Big Brother was so amusing was the apparent free flowing alcohol. They used to give more alcohol to the hamsters, until that drunk psycho held a knife to that drunk girl's throat in an early season. Then they shut down the open bar to barely enough booze for one beer, or one glass of wine apiece. That sort of consumption ain't going to lead to shenanigans! If they're afraid of liability, get rid of the HoH bedroom and other upstairs rooms to keep everyone on the ground floor. Don't put up a stupid climbing wall.
  4. This is an interesting mix of people. I'm kind of rooting for all of them. Roland seems really pissed off about something all the time. I wonder if his demeanor in the after show is because he didn't realize he signed up for that extra armchair quarterbacking material when he signed that contract, or if he's just genuinely a prickly loner who wants everyone to be gone, gone, gone, from his life so he can get back to his Alaskan homestead and be a real man some more. I think this show is a learning experience for everyone, production and survivalists. This is both good and bad. The good is that production has learned that they need to do a thorough job training on camera usage and go over camera angles and camera placement, and send out more cameras with each person so they can have permanent cameras set up at their frequent spots like sleep camp, kitchen camp etc, and really going over how important it is for them to capture everything so there is good footage for TV. The bad is that now the survivalists have seen the show, and know enough of the after stories of prior Alone participants and winners, that they're starting to do some grandstanding and "entertaining" moves to try and maximize their screen time to improve their future backcountry survival training businesses. That sort of crap belongs on Big Brother or Survivor, not Alone.
  5. I thought it was a great fake-out when #3 got all "Oh, uh, oh! Please don't touch!" anxious when Anthony got too close to the taxidermy on display. It seemed genuine to me, like an artist truly would be if someone were to be fondling their delicate creation just to make a gag on a game show. I was going with #1 until that moment. However, he looked too-too good, like he was from central casting, so I discounted him until that moment. Well played, sir. Well played....
  6. Yes. That's exactly what I'm asking. I'm seeing all sorts of other re-runs, and filler programming, but it is like H50 just disappeared. I'm hoping this is for a good reason, if not my proposed H50 marathon, then maybe a big syndication deal, or a streaming deal (other than CBS All Access) that is keeping it off the schedule. I was poking here to see if anyone knew anything. I figured if anyone knew, it would be @BW Manilowe! I shall just have to be patient. Or eventually give CBS All Access some of my money.
  7. Where are the re-runs? Is CBS giving us a "break" because (hopefully) they're planning on some sort of COVID-19 production gap fill-in binging marathon from season one to the end? (please-please-please) So far as I know, nothing anywhere is in production due to the C-19 shutdown, and there's a lot of airtime that needs to be filled. So fill it with H50, CBS!
  8. I'm OK with a potential Tony win. You simply cannot deny that he was 100% in this game from the get-go. He didn't just lay back and fly under the radar to suddenly surge at the end. Tony hustled the whole way through. I think his social game is strong too. He's such a goof, and he seems to have relaxed from the paranoia of the past which made him so unlikeable. He's still intense, but it is a competitive intense, not that paranoid psychopathic intensity he displayed in the past. Maybe it is the magic of editing, and he's the same Tony of old, just being shown in a better light this time. Which begs the question: Did I hate him then because I was manipulated to, and do I like him now because I was manipulated to? Boston Rob was right, Tony really is running the game. He's had to scramble a time or two, but in the end, he prevailed. I'm OK with a Tony win. Not ecstatic, but OK. Certainly out of whoever is left, for sure! Sigh. A Yul win would have been perfect. But....as Big Brother has shown me year after year....apparently I can't have nice things.
  9. This. This. 1000 times this. You wrote this so well, it resonates. It relates.
  10. I am totally a philistine, but my basic, generic, grocery store brand curry powder is my favorite. It isn't special, it is very mild--yet flavorful, because, curry--but it is wonderful on roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, and chicken. I have used other curry powders, some brought to me from India by my niece who knows I love to cook. And they were awesome.....tasty....made everything sing. But my utilitarian, middle-of-the-road, squat little grocery store plastic jar of very inauthentic curry powder is my go-to. I know what it tastes like. I know its profile. I know how much is going to be great, and what else will work with it. But I'm a home cook. I like to cook, and I'm good at it. But I'm not a chef. I can't understand how--at that level--Kevin could cook his Country Captain dish based on a commercial sauce or powder, and then use a different one for RW and not get it that he wasn't going to get the original dish, without the original ingredients. A chef should know, FFS, that two jars labelled curry, even if both say "yellow curry" are not going to taste the same. Again, I'm a philistine , but even I know that Hunts ketchup tastes differently from Heinz, Heinz yellow mustard tastes differently from French's yellow mustard, and Best Foods (Hellman's) mayonnaise tastes differently from Kraft mayonnaise. And those differences will make a dish taste differently. Kevin was screwed the moment he depended on a commercial spice blend that was different, and therefore unknown. He would probably have been OK if he hadn't repeated the dish from the first time, but he named the freakin' restaurant after the dish, and made it the focus. Gregory was smart to elect not to repeat the judges favorite. Either you exactly reproduce it and be accused of "resting", or you enhance it and be accused of cheffing it up, or you screw it up and eternally disappoint. (For the record, chez HurricaneVal, it is Heinz ketchup, French's yellow mustard, Best Foods mayo, and McCormick's curry powder.)
  11. I think they were commenting that they didn't really fit the theme of the restaurant, too fancy for "country" food. They were very Brian V. style fancy.
  12. Gregory straight up owned Restaurant Wars last night, and was a pleasure to watch. I usually don't like the RW episode, because usually both teams end up in the weeds like Kevin's and it is a total disaster. Gregory must have spent all the time since his season strategizing how he would do his RW if he ever had the opportunity. Gregory didn't pick a culinary team, Gregory picked a restaurant team. From the moment he picked Malarky right off the bat, I saw that he was picking for the role, not for the cooking. Some folks upthread were talking that Gregory chose the way he did to put the heavy hitters on the other team as a deep strategy so as to force one of the stronger competitors to go home. I don't really think that was the reason--though it was a nice bonus. I think Gregory carefully chose his team to be the lower key chefs left in the comp, and the ones with less ego--with the glaring exception of Malarky, for whom he had other plans. Because his food was so specific in cuisine, he needed chefs who would execute his vision without trying to "chef it up" with their own personal spin. He managed that kitchen, and was on top of everything. He kept all the chefs working with just the right touch of leadership and authority and they stayed focused. He pretty much completely left the front of the house to Malarky, which he knew would satisfy Malarky's huge ego and controlling tendencies. He kept Malarky tamed. That in and of itself was an amazing feat of toddler wrangling. Well done. Did it seem to you that the judges were surprised? I think they're used to the train wreck that is their usual experience during Restaurant Wars. They had a completely normal dining experience at Gregory's restaurant. Then going to Kevin's.....they had the typical Restaurant Wars experience.
  13. Nobody likes Ben. That is obvious. He is a huge threat at challenges as well. Why is he still in the game? I have no idea. If the strategy is to keep him as a goat at the end, so his unlikeability gives the other player an advantage, that is a very dangerous game to play because Ben is a dangerous goat. He can point out his challenge performances to the jury, and how even though he was unpopular he stuck it to the end. Sometimes bitter juries go for crap like that. Vote. Out. Ben. Is it that hard? That was some unbelievably bad rice they were chowing down on at EoE. Poor JeremyI I think that maybe the players still in the game think that EoE is luxurious compared to their experience, but Jeremy learned the hard way it is not. That rice was burned and skimpy. One spoonful each? At least they saved a nice portion for Jeremy, and not a mouthful that was totally burned. This whole fire coin thing has been poorly explained and handled by the show. I had no idea that they were supplementing their food supply by using their fire coins to buy rice for the tribe. No wonder we hardly ever saw anyone out in the bay spearfishing or foraging, or scraping and toasting coconut at camp. They just go to the Survivor bodega down the beach and pick up supplies. Not until last night when Denise explicitly talked about cooking up a big portion of rice, then using her fire token to buy another bag for the rest of the tribe did I realize that's what they were doing. It does put an interesting dynamic into the game, who hoards their tokens for personal use, who spends their tokens for the good of the tribe... Interesting only if they actually show it, that is. Yeah, they show us when people needed extra tokens to buy this or that advantage dangling in front of them, but that isn't as interesting as the deeper token game being played. What this season is teaching me is that New School Survivor is really kind of boring. It is all about idols and advantages and swing voting to play around the advantages potentially being played. BO-ring. Nice that Michele finally got to play. Sometimes a late season push wins the day, because your competitors got complacent and a late surge can impress the jury. Vote. Out. Ben.
  14. I have to say, that was really amazing, and thank you for the link on how they pulled that off. I think it was successful and really well done--this was not just a throwaway gimmick episode, it was a real episode with a gimmick. And it worked. I loved the details. I loved that the Mark and Lola scene at the end had both of them sitting on stairs, video chatting with each other, just like they would be in the courthouse. I loved all the drinking, and the other judges' personal details. I loved all the technology flubs, and the finger/hand close-ups as they reached for the menus and controls on the screen. That was real. But I'm glad they left out the "Yo, you're on mute!"...<garbled talking> <pause> "Oh. You go..." " No, you go... " <garbled talking> <pause> "No, no, you go... " "No...you..." < interminable pause> <garbled talking> ... <random sounds of heavy breathing, odd camera views> ... <dogs barking> ... <children screaming> "What? Was that for me? Could you repeat the question, I was distracted... " They missed an opportunity to show a spouse walking naked or otherwise inappropriately dressed through the background. Hmmm... Other than Lola, and Benner, nobody is married and cohabiting. Wait, they could have put a green screen behind the actress playing Lola's mom and put her dad wandering through totally but tastefully nude in the background during post-production. I think that sort of technique works for this show where there is a lot of talking within a routine structure for the characters. You couldn't do NCIS, or Young Sheldon or CSI with this technique.during I'll call it a win.
  15. Oh that was very telling, and extremely well done. That young actress playing Missy is amazing with her facial and vocal expressions.
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