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  1. Bit of a list here, not in order of importance: In these days of #MeToo, Danny is going to illegally have sex in a public place, figuring the woman can yell rape at any second? She seemed awfully desperate to me, kind of wonder if she did this on a regular basis, in which case it would be worse. Danny driving down the road with a car coming head on, and the woman has to say "does he see us?" Great reaction time, Danno. Why not try the horn at that point to get the attention of the driver well before you get to the danger zone? It wasn't a high speed highway, why not just pull over and stop, while honking the horn, before the swerve? Far better chance of surviving that type of crash. You can understand why Steve doesn't want him to drive. Now, to me, the most interesting open for the next show would be for Mrs. Wo Fat to make a call to a random henchman and ask "Where is number 17 and the target?" To which you hear the voice say "I don't know, they left the bar an hour ago...in other words, the woman was to pick up Danno and deliver him to Mrs. Fat out in the boonies somewhere. The other opening that better happen is for Steve to ask Adam again about the watch when Tani and Liu are there so they can "read" his answer. If this is not addressed right away, further proof the writers are getting really lazy. Veterinarians don't wear gloves when examining patients, unless there is a big old bacteria-filled abscess they want to avoid. I don't tape the shows, but did the Vet say to Eddie in the kitchen, "the last time I saw you was when you were shot"...which is 100% wrong. It was the dog bite from the dog park. Also interesting that she didn't offer any leads to Steve related to PTS, other than saying "I'm not an expert". Well, there is one on Oahu but she didn't know about it. Yet, Lou did... Eddie had been through 2 handlers dying, why the conviction that it was a trigger around the first handler and not the second? Rather convenient and fast solution on that one as well. I feel for Steve's neighbors, who apparently are very physically close to him. Maybe they are used to the multiple gunfights and burglars and parties by now. Really nice drivers in Hawaii, a loose dog on the highway with a guy trying to corral him and they don't even slow down or stop to help. So, the Adam story plays out one of two ways, and I've got a third...Adam has gone back to crime, and will serve his new Master as eyes and ears. Come on, does anyone think given his background and general ineptitude, he could pull that off very long? Ditto with the other way if he becomes a "double agent" and is loyal to 5-0. Are we supposed to believe he can take down the Yakuza in Hawaii, which is basically a death sentence if he tries for him and the rest of the Team? Or, thirdly, he does indeed go bad and he and Danny manage to shoot and kill each other in the last episode, thus springing both actors to move on to different areas. Although, since last year ended with the gunshot that no one sees, I hope they don't do that 2 years in a row?
  2. I like the crossover idea, what to me would be a great touch is if Steve and Thomas are in the car and they start mentioning people they know, like Kamekona, Flippa, Noelani, Duke, Harry Brown, Hirsh, and how those paths have crossed over already. HOWEVER, here is the big thing I don't like about it. There are concepts in films/theatre called the 4th wall and the 5th wall. The 4th wall is when the characters talk to the audience, the 5th wall is when a character makes reference to themselves in another work. This last happened (sorta) in one 5-0 episode when they were in HQ and found a suspect who traveled to Hawaii under an assumed name. Lou made reference to what a phony sounding name it was, and that name was a character that AOL played in another show. So, my example doesn't quite fit either, but...there was a 5-0 episode when Kamekona earned his helicopter pilot's license and he was taking Steve, Danny and Max for a ride. Max starts blurting out the Magnum theme song which takes Danny by surprise, and then they all start discussing the Magnum show and which character all of them should be. It ends with all of them imitating the theme song. Presenting Magnum as a TV show, and then trying to seamlessly blend with Magnum as a real person...something just doesn't seem right. Maybe that should be the 6th wall, so I will take credit for thinking it up. Looking forward to January 3, hold all calls.
  3. Yes, Arkay hit the nail with the observations about the Filipino gang. First of all, never sit with your back to the door. If the guy he grabs isn't the big cheese, wouldn't the other 12 guys figure he is expendable and shoot at Adam? To me, though, the look on Adam's face when he delivers the thug to Masuda, and is told a meeting is already arranged and it is taken care of, was just priceless. It was the "oh my gosh, I just kidnapped this guy for nothing"! Now, to the meeting/ambush. Kenji was one of the 2 guys who snuck up from behind to knock out the Filipino thugs and take their guns. Consequently, if he did indeed shoot Masuda, as Adam alludes to during a face to face confrontation at the end, why does Adam think he would use his own handgun to do so instead of the Filipino thug's weapon? Genius. Also, it is odd that I can't find the age of Sonny Saito who played Masuda, but there is no way he is very old and I thought that was a BIG stretch to think he was 60 or so. I do think that they made him up to look older in this episode, though? Someone needs to explain "home security" to Tamiko. Of course, they might as well explain it to McGarrett as well since his home has been broken into multiple times. Now, the big question in the upcoming Fall finale is "the watch". Does he take Tamiko with him to explain his actions? Does he say he was mugged earlier and the watch was stolen? Does he simply say he went there to talk to them about letting Tamiko go and left the watch as good faith that he would return? I suppose they could find some slugs from his gun as he shot at the guys when he was leaving and they first came out of their super-secure secret hideout. Finally, why was Adam aghast that Kenji was going to kill the kidnapped thug? What did he expect them to do when he turned the guy over in the first place? Give him a good spanking?
  4. I want to know where I can purchase one of those Hawaiian chainsaws that apparently don't leave any sawdust to clean up. No sawdust on the ground next to the tree, none in the warehouse. And, felling a tree that wide with a cut straight across, instead of a notched cut? It is obvious the writers and the prop department people have never cut down a tree in their lives. For the siblings, let's cut up this girl and scatter the parts, but we will save the head. And, despite the years that go by and access to wealth, let's leave it on the property instead of renting/buying a boat and taking it 50 miles offshore to toss in the ocean. Hey, that's a great idea!! I don't particularly care for Princess, she appears to be a one-joke character that is penny-pinching/cheap. Again, Kamekona only sat for his scene.
  5. When I saw that Chi McBride had co-written the episode, I knew it would include a dose of something he likes, which in this case is probably the basketball sub-story. Too bad he can't do his homework in regards to athletes trying out for a college team. Not sure if it was the mythical Aloha State team, but if it is Division I, only men's basketball is allowed to hold tryouts and there are a lot of conditions. Division II schools are allowed to hold 1 tryout, but the student must be enrolled in high school and I'm pretty sure they said she was expelled for the gun episode. Division III schools cannot hold tryouts, period. So, Junior/Adam/Eddie take off into the woods to try to find the airplane that they suspect may have drugs on board, and between them all they have 2 1/2 pistol clips of ammunition? Eddie is good, but he isn't that good. Yet, they will show up at someone's house where they think the drug runner may have went and they have tactical military weapons. And, you then have the known criminal who is involved in the big drug sale and the money laundering who lands in the hospital, and they are looking forward to questioning him on the "bigger conspiracy,"and there is no police guard? But, the flat line machine noise was a nice touch as the killer janitor strolled down the hallway. I've noticed that this season, they have not shown Kamekona walking, he is always sitting. I think on the crossover episodes of Magnum P.I. where he has appeared, the same is true. Is the actor non-ambulatory at this time? One last mystery, I looked ahead to November 29 and I see they are repeating the Joe White death show from last year (again). I've looked for media reports/interviews, etc., and I cannot find anything as to why Terry O'Quinn wanted to leave the show? It isn't as if he had a huge role, just wondering if it was a Lenkov decision to continue erasing people from McGarret's life, or if O'Quinn said he didn't want to do the character any more?
  6. One would assume that niece Joanie will have to give up the 1/2 million as it was not legitimately earned income? Unless Steve turns her over to the IRS and lets them deal with it? The odd part there is why Doris would think her drug lord boss would pay her and then let her split, as that seemed to be Doris' exit plan? Consequently, she would still be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her days. And, what ever happened when she spirited Wo Fat's father away, which I believe was the last time we saw her in the Series? It seemed like he was a rather powerful and likely wealthy man, seems he would have been grateful to be rescued and paid her off. Another thing that bugged me at the end is the drug lord lady able to restrain Doris with one arm. Doris seemed taller than her, I know they had the one scene at the dock but pretty sure the other woman was taller. So, she was restraining her with one arm (and this is a trained CIA agent who likely could have retaliated, it wasn't like she was wounded) and supporting her weight as Doris' head was below her shoulders. If Doris figured her cover was blown or there was no going back, wouldn't she have tried to save Steve earlier? I realize you need the dialogue to wrap things up, but it is similar to other situations where the long speech/discussion at the end by the villain gives the good guys (Junior in this case) enough time to come to the rescue. I would have preferred for the drug lord to have Doris go sit by Steve, talk to them, then shoot at Steve but have Doris move in and take the bullet, then Junior shows up. That leaves some ambiguity for Steve. Also, Junior didn't mess around, I didn't count the shots he put into the drug lord but it was a lot more than one. I wonder if the word cache is pronounced like cachet in Australia and that is why it was said that way, and no one on the staff knew any better and that is the way AOL has always said it? That bothered me as well, as mentioned by an earlier commenter here. While the firefight at the dock was quite intense, I am wondering how the Team got in there ahead of time to plant the charges, as they said earlier that the drug lord and her goons controlled the entire dock? But, hey, it is 5-0 so a few plot holes are to be expected. Last item, in the hotel room in D.C., I could not tell the brand of beer they had but it didn't appear to be the normal Kona Brewing offerings? I think they purposely hid the label, they probably have a product placement arrangement with Kona Brewing and didn't want to break it.
  7. For the "saying good-bye to one of their own", my guess is that Steve finds a home for Mr. Pickles. Or, maybe Eric heads back to the mainland since he was only in a couple of shows at the start of Season 9? But, the other likely choice is a tribute of sorts to Beth Chapman who did appear in at least one episode several seasons ago. I think they had stopped filming by the time she passed away this year?
  8. Shooting Victim Theories (continued)...That seems to be the only mystery here, although the entire show was focused on a forgiveness/revenge theme on several of the storylines. I was a little surprised to see the look on Junior's face, did he think his Dad, who has been grieving over his daughter's death was just going to say "well, yeah, life goes on and we'll just forget about it". I think Junior could have read his statement at the parole hearing, and said that he was speaking for his Father. He could have then made his own speech about forgiveness, and left it to the Board to decide. I think he did his Father a disservice in going off "script". His Father deserved to have his feelings heard, as they have painfully tried to impart the impact on him. I do like the Aaron Wright villain, and hope he is back for more. He has some good lines, and seems absolutely heartless and conniving. I was REALLY hoping for a scene with him and Eric (real life brothers) but if they bring him back then that chance is still on the table. I was unclear whether that was his plane that he purchased to fly off the island, or he just stumbled upon the one jet that he learned how to fly via simulator that was gassed up and ready for takeoff? Jerry said there were only 3 on the island, seems he could have found out who owned them and consequently had the one at the airport where Aaron was heading disabled/locked down? Hey, it is 5-0, plot holes are a given. I also like the Adam/Tomiko interaction, it's about time he gets a storyline outside of being kidnapped/beaten up regularly. I think I will buy stock in Kona Brewing Company, given all of the great product placement they keep getting on the show. I was going to offer up the kid as the shooting victim but Ganesh beat me to it. However, there are several rules on network television and one is that you never show children being hurt or injured. Since it was off-camera, okay, maybe the censors give them a pass if it was the kid. When Steve and the team stormed the building where the Father was holed up, with his pathetic security force, he was only wounded. McGarrett refused to kill him. As for how the kid would be shot...Mom is holding the gun at shoulder level, and it is a very short kid. The gun is shown being shot and the recoil makes it point upwards. I would like to see McGarrett duck, and the bullet hits Jerry's badge, deflecting and hitting the kid. Or, the bullet does hit Jerry who collapses and falls on the kid, squashing him like a bug. I think Jerry is one of the few characters who hasn't been shot yet, so he is due. Naturally, if it is the kid who is shot, McGarrett jumps into action and saves his life, driving home the message of forgiveness and not revenge. It will be interesting to see which side of that see-saw is tilted in the Premiere. Another "just rewards" scenario would be for the bullet to blow up the gun, especially if it is the plastic model, severely injuring/killing the Mom. Since you don't hear anyone scream out in pain after the bullet is fired, that is another theory. Regardless of how tough you are, if you get shot, especially unexpectedly, I would think you emit a noise or at least some surprise. With Season 10 coming up, I really hope all of the principal actors/producers make a real effort to try to match the original 12-year run, but make sure they announce Season 12 will be the last in honor/respect of the original. Despite many shortcomings, I love the scenery and characters, looking forward to some repeats and catching up on re-watching Season 9 over the summer break. I would REALLY love to see them do more filming on the other islands next season. When they had the episode with Max and the visit to the Big Island, I was thrilled to see so many familiar sites. People who visit Hawaii, I'm sure, would also love to see some familiar sites from the other islands, like the wharf in Lahaina, Haleakala, South Point, etc. That's a wrap.
  9. As stated, I didn't catch the name of the drug given to Tani, if it was the killer steroid, nor the drug Adam gave. If it was epinephrine, the dosage is .5ml, which is tiny. Seems like he pulled off a healthy slug of the stuff in the bottle. It increases the heart rate and raises blood pressure, seems that was her problem in the first place? But, not here to argue medical points with the show's writers, maybe it was diphenhydramine, a commonly used drug for this purpose among the Yakuza. JK.
  10. Okay, Lenkov and writers, please explain to me how an act of simulated animal suffering/pain is in any way funny? How about if Steve backs his truck over Eddie when running off to a crime, that would be good for a few laughs to hear the yelping and howling. As the spouse of a veterinarian, I can tell you that when dog meets cat in real life, and dog gets cat in mouth, nothing good ever happens. And, frankly, it is simply not funny in any sense. How about Steve leaving his figurines on the counter and Mr. Pickles jumping up there and knocking them over? That would be funny, especially with his smugness towards Danny once he found out that they were worth some money? Going for a laugh at the expense of something suffering is just flat out wrong. You really should be ashamed, I am surprised that the actors would go along with that script and I have lost a ton of respect for Caan and O'Laughlin over it. If they don't realize it is wrong, they need some education as well. I own a cat, now 15, that was grabbed by a large dog when he was a kitten. 250 stitches and he has had lifelong intestinal damage from it. How about if I send you some pictures, Mr. Lenkov, so you get an idea of what it is like in reality and see how it looks for a 1 1/2 pound kitten to be mauled by a dog? You owe your fans a BIG apology, I don't care how you try to pass it off (if you try at all) in the next episode if Mr. Pickles gets the "upper hand" with Eddie. And if anyone wants to criticize me for not having a sense of humor, stuff it. There is nothing funny about that scene/dialogue. So many other ways to write something funny about the encounter between dog and cat without violence.
  11. I believe all that was revealed was that it was an accident. I'm guessing it will be explained that the Dad was involved somehow and that is how he lost his leg. But, that would be too predictable, right? This was a "blah" episode to me. I wanted to see 5-0 charge the shirt thief with a felony since the value of the shirt was so high, tampering with a corpse, etc. But, you had the feeling they let him go when he gave them the card host information. Does anyone know if that is a real store on Oahu with the Aloha Shirts? There is something like that on Maui called "MauiShirts" (very original, I know). At one time you could visit the store, but I believe now it is either by appointment, or online only. And, they do sell these (image from their website), so I would expect to see Eddie sporting the latest. The most unbelievable part of the show, and there were several, was Jerry's sudden competence at crime analysis and fingerprinting. If you remember when Danny' nephew (Eric) first showed up, he was a lost soul and didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. He chose the crime analysis specialist but he had to go to school for, I believe, 6 months. But, Jerry just picks this up in his spare time? Maybe he sent away for one of the courses listed on the inside of a matchbook? You will remember how badly his stakeout at the rare bookstore ended. If they at least gave some tie-in with him learning some of these techniques, it would be more plausible. The footprint technology piece seemed a stretch as well. I can't find a reference to it, although it seems pretty neat. But, only 4 sets of shoes...ever? How long do the shoe impressions stay? What about all of the crime scene people up on the roof, surely they walked around prior to Jerry's drone buzzing the place? Lastly, it wasn't until the show was over that I realized Danny wasn't in this one. It seems that Scott Caan is missing more shows than in previous seasons, and they are certainly setting it up for him to re-marry Rachel and head off the island. I guess we will know more when the renewal notices come out for next season. Aloha.
  12. In terms of no grandchildren time with Joan Collins, I think the actress who plays the daughter lives in California now, and Charlie really has a hard time with delivering lines. I don't think it would have added anything to the show, I have been watching every episode and I do not recall Rachel's mother ever coming up in conversation in terms of a relationship with the grandchildren? My beef with the show this week was the drug injection of Tani...just what was it that the Doctor injected into her shoulder area (a muscle, not a vein)? If you assume the killer chemical, it would not have gotten into her bloodstream as quickly as portrayed and I remember Noelani's explanation that it would take an hour or two for the people injecting it to have a heart attack from it? As you might guess, I didn't write down the name of the "bad" drug, so I can't research it or see if epinephrine is a counter-agent. I would hope the writers did their research on it, though. Also, Adam stabbing the needle into a muscle, same theory, it would not act instantaneously as portrayed. I was also a bit disappointed that Danny didn't have a small "human nature" lecture for Joan once she tried to explain herself at the bar. Not in a cruel sense, but just in a life philosophy which I think could have connected them better. They both admire good people and behavior and want to be that way and want their children to be that way, so they should be acting the example. Finally, we see a purposeful shot (by Lou) to stop a bad guy. Finally. And, I believe the body count this time was only the one 'roid freak, and it was the HPD! For once, HPD takes a beating but doesn't lose anyone. Can't count the first guy and the semi since he took himself out. Maybe if Joan Collins returns they will give her a badge and a gun and she can be involved in a shootout.
  13. According to Hawaii statute 577-25, one way a minor in the state of Hawaii can become emancipated is to become married. Jerry is single. Or, going through court may be a better option for her.
  14. A minor point, but, in the storage locker discovery scene, the guy holds up the "Speed 2" DVD and asks what they might get for it? At first, I thought it was an homage to Keanu Reeves since they didn't have one of 5-0 dressed up like one of Reeves' character roles from a movie, but then I remembered that Reeves wasn't in "Speed 2", just Speed. So, either they screwed that up if it was supposed to be a salute, or, one of the writers/producers must like the "Speed 2" movie? Very disappointing subplot this time in that it was all solved off-screen, but at least Tani is doing a better job in the interrogation room. I also don't know why Noelani wouldn't tell the two clowns at the storage locker to call 911 or at least close the door and leave. She should feel partial responsibility for their deaths, but they didn't get into that. Maybe she has a breakdown in a future episode due to that, all they said was "she's taking it hard" when they walked by her and she was talking to HPD. Also, why wouldn't the killer take the "Speed 2" DVD with him, unless he had already watched it or had it on Netflix? I think they should just have the Montana imprisoned lawyer as a recurring character for the rest of the season, tied to the chair in Joe White's cabin and continually being beaten/tortured. Every time they need information, they just go to Montana to continue the abuse. Very easy to not tie up that loose end, I'm not sure kidnapping lawyers and eventually setting them free is good for public relations, let alone your own safety. I was a bit confused on the invasion to get to Omar, though. Did he own/control the entire building? Why were his people then in charge at the front desk? I would think he would have had more security as well, especially since he would not have heard back from the Montana operation that it was a success? Didn't Omar know his lawyer, who probably served in other capacities, had gone missing for a month? Consequently, why leave the job as incomplete at that point? It seems with McGarrett on 5-0, it isn't that hard to establish if he is in Hawaii or not? If not, he could be coming after you. If Greer/Grier had more information to give him, why would he not have her under "house control" instead of relocating her to China? If she didn't have more information, seems odd he would let her go, in which case why China? I would think we are going to see some baddies with roots to China coming up in the future. That's always a deep well for story ideas.
  15. With this lineup from above, I am expecting a record-setting body count this week!
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