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  1. The specific is selling drugs or whatever stolen items he obtains, though, and she can't claim ignorance if it's on film.
  2. UPCOMING FRAUDING ALERT!! I'm calling it now so when it happens I can proclaim my psychic abilities for announcing the obvious before it happens. Since I was watching football when this was on, I went back and rewatched the part I missed, which was Tiffany at the hospital, along with Jenny's caterwauling of course. At one point, the hospital rep tells Tiffany that Ronald would not be able to be with her when she delivers because there isn't enough room. Okay, that may be true, but I'm calling future FRAUDING! We now have an excuse for Tiffany to return to the US and deliver her baby with Ronald watching on video like with Deavan/Jihoon. Ronald is not going to be able to "make sure the funds are available" by any legal means so she'll let the American taxpayers pay for her bundle of joy while Ronald watches on a video stream. At least if that happens, (I mean WHEN since I'm psychic), Daniel will get to return to the US for a bit, see his friends and family, and maybe, Tiffany will end up enrolling him back in school here for some other reason yet to be disclosed. I truly dislike her and Ronald and both of their behaviors. Ronald comes across to me as someone who is white-knuckling his addictions instead of actually treating them. In the scene of that car trip to get a part for the car he looked triggered and minutes away from using. He is probably a gambling addict, too, but he really comes across as a drug addict to me. Why actually go to rehab when you can go to a Wellness Center? Something about that has always come across as not legitimate to me, but I can't actually say why. It's like he's not being honest about his issues or something. I'm sure the baby will fix all their issues right up! Apparently, there were some scenes cut for time that may be in the More to Love episodes, but it sounds like Karine's really rough labor continued with a rougher than typical postpartum. Her mom and Pole actually tried to get along and help Karine out, and I suspect we are going to learn that she had postpartum depression that was more than the typical exhaustion from childbirth. I don't care for Karine but she was still a better host to her MIL than Pao and I think she was really struggling there for a bit making her come across as more odd than normal. Anyway, I'm sure Pierre is going to fix all their problems, you know, like baby's do.
  3. I just watched a few minutes of the More to Love episode, and it was a clip of Jihoon and Deavan traveling to the fish market. Deavan asked him how to say "I'm sorry" in Korean, and he told her how to say, "Who are you looking at?" or something like that. She was having trouble and he couldn't stop grinning, so she figured out he was lying. It was actually cute that she was trying to learn. It sounded like she had learned the few required phrases, like "please, thank you, and excuse me," and wanted to know "I'm sorry," too. Not quite. In the original 90 Day Fiance the American is paid $1000 per episode because the immigrant cannot legally be paid until they get their Green Card. That restriction does not apply to people being filmed in their own country, so the American and fiance are paid $500 each per episode. The Tell Nothings and other filmings are paid extra, as is Happily Ever After and when they renegotiate for another season. Pole got in trouble with production when he posted on Facebook that Karine asked if she could be paid through Pole's bank account, because her bank was taking so many fees out, but they said no. He also confirmed the $500 per person for Before the 90 Days. Someone responded that it was the taxes and how they were being removed before the bank got the money, and then the bank had fees for the international transfers, too. Other cast members agreed it was the taxes stripping the funds, including - and you're never going to believe this - Jesse M. It was explained that Pole couldn't accept Karine's money because it would look like tax fraud, but many of us think they didn't want be accused of helping Pole control Karine. So, when they are in the US and have not yet received their Green Card, they cannot be paid and it is all paid the the American, but that doesn't apply when they are filming in their own countries and the Americans can be paid when filming in other countries because they are signing the contract in America and working as independent contractors as far as tax laws are concerned.
  4. The season is not over yet. I have faith that she can behave even more foolishly than she has so far. Come on Janet, earn your pay.! 💰
  5. The most shocking thing to me tonight is that the Browns vs Jets game is more intriguing than this show tonight. So, so, so weird. Jenny & Sumit better be good.
  6. Laura has two or three other kids who have refused to be on the show or discussed. Liam may be being a dick to Laura, but it sounds like this is a regular occurrence in his life and he's sick of it. There are rumors that Aladin has an old social media account where he says he is bisexual. I think that some thought his photos were used and it wasn't actually him, but others are convinced. So, getting to move to Canada is probably his plan.
  7. It was probably a month ago when I came across a tweet by Avery's friend that was on the show. Someone had tweeted that she was the "biggest gymnast she ever saw" resulting in her friend losing weight and posting a photo. She shared some info about the show, like Avery was only in Lebanon for 10 days before she had to return home for her job. She works at Apple, I think, and lives on her own and had for about a year when she reverted to Islam. That tweet lead to a Q&A with Avery where she shared some facts that haven't been shown, like she is Sunni, cannot speak Arabic but learned Syrian. If they have kids their primary language will be Arabic, etc. While trying to find that Q&A, I found this note, that is apparently from Facebook, but is posted on Reddit. Let's see if the link works: Avery's story about her conversion was that it started when she attended a mosque with a friend, not that she found Omar first. I'm having computer problems but think this might be the Q&A I found awhile ago.
  8. Jeniffer was in a motorcycle accident sometime yesterday, I think. I can't tell because I'm not following her and her Instagram is private, but did find a clip on another Instagram account. Instagram posts are not showing as loading for me, but if it appears, it's a short video. I was trying to find if Timothy was the man who was "dating" someone from Honduras while arranging to film with another woman for this show. During the live chat, I thought that Jeniffer was throwing a drink at him because she found out, but it was apparently from her finding out he received a text from a Colombian woman who has lived in Tennessee for years. Since his account is private, I still don't know if he is the one with the Honduras date. I think he IS the one who was dating someone in Honduras and that is what Jeniffer was supposed to be throwing a tantrum over, but she probably didn't agree to film or have her name used, so they frauded us with something even more stupidier. (My goodness grammar and spell check do not like the phrase "more stupidier.") I also think Jeniffer is the one who came on the show to promote her singing career, or it was the Honduras women and she bailed when the show said, "No."
  9. Corey posted a nice thank you to everyone for their sympathies about his father's passing. It's on his Instagram and I am not a follower; someone sent the link to me on Twitter. I'm not sure it will load, I'm having trouble getting Instagram links to show up. It was removed 😣 He reprinted the text in this one with four photos attached. There is a little white arrow on the photo, click to advance. I also have an Instagram from Evelin that I thought I would post, where she discusses people talking about her looks. The major discussions have been that her attitude is what makes her ugly and if she didn't want to be discussed, she shouldn't have been so awful to Corey. She also apparently posts photo after photo of her in bikinis making people ask why did she post them if she didn't want feedback on her looks? Now it may look like I was posting it because of the comments above so I debated it for a minute, but it's certainly discussion worthy. She's like Pao. And it's gone, she deleted it. Here is a screencap from another Instagram account. This should be from Evelin's Instagram account discussing rumors about them being married:
  10. I read that a few days ago and didn't go and look again, but I flagged Deavan for saying Ledia did not watch Drascilla, who was at home in Utah with her parents. There was a "production leak" that said she brought the baby because she was nursing and let Ledia watch him for a bit and Leida only ever claimed to have babysat the baby not Drascilla, so in my opinion, Deavan was playing fast and loose with her words. Probably a month or so ago, someone claiming inside knowledge replied to questions about Tiffany's son's biological father, which Tiffany was ignoring, by saying that he recently died from a drug overdose. Tiffany ended up responding to an Ask Me Anything on Instagram that he did pass away recently, but didn't say why. Later, she made an Instagram post saying that he died when he tried to break up a fight at work and was shot in the head. People then noted that his death supposedly happened the same month and year that she married Ronald, and since no one could find a corresponding obituary or news report, believe he may have overdosed like the original rumor, all because she took his son away, even though Tiffany said he wasn't involved in his life. Deavan is now going through the same digging. Drascilla's father is in prison, it sounds like domestic violence IS involved, but rumors are there may have been abuse toward Drascilla that caused Deavan to break away and she received protective orders for both her and Drascilla. She also apparently has full legal and physical custody and he had no contact with Drascilla at all. Deavan has said that it will be discussed on the show. They were still filming when the show began airing and she said she didn't know what would make it or not, but it was discussed. Since I think she played fast and loose with her words about Leida babysitting, technically telling the truth but about what wasn't being said in the first place, I don't blame anyone for not taking her word on anything else. Because his prison sentence may include abuse of Drascilla and depending on what it is, she may not have memories of the abuse of her or her mom, I'm going to agree with Deavan that people should stop digging. Right now, it is only known that Deavan was a victim. It's Deavan's fault if it all becomes uncovered since she is the one who signed up for this, but Drascilla is the one who will pay for it in the future, again because of Deavan. Those conversations should be age appropriate and private, not online. The information is going to come out, though. She started that cascade when she signed up for this show. That's what I think happened, too.
  11. I think Loren is pregnant and is probably showing too much to cover for this show. They'll probably be on next season's HEA.
  12. I'm still watching football. This show too dull or just too late in the evening?
  13. There have been an overwhelming amount of negative reviews about this show, from people either denying they watched, saying they watched but didn't like it, and the people admitting to watching it saying it needed to be just a two hour special instead of a season of HEA and a spin-off. I keep seeing that ratings are bad but I really don't think TLC is going to have a problem with them. With sMothered, the first episode made it into the Top 25 of the evening ratings but fell completely off the charts that showed Top 50. I decided to gather the remaining ratings, for a total of seven. Is that it? I'm including the first post I made and adding the rest below: August 19, 2019 - (Preseason Football started tonight, too) 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way 9:00 pm = 2,146,000 The Family Chantel 10:00 pm = 1.637,000 August 26, 2019 - (MTV Video Music Awards also aired) 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way 9:00 pm = 2,147,000 The Family Chantel 10:00 pm = 1,624,000 September 9, 2019 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way 9:00 pm = 2,231,000 The Family Chantel 10:00 pm = 1,622,000 Hurricane Dorian began to wreak havoc around September 4, and I think there should be another episode between the last two dates above, but I don't see it so maybe there isn't another episode. In any event, I didn't watch this season and if there is another season, i won't be watching it, either. These ratings are probably fine for TLC as long as the families don't demand too much money and we all know they are all willing to make fools of themselves, so maybe the script will improve since the feedback has been overwhelmingly, "This Again????"
  14. Maybe it's not Tim since no one seems to know about it. One of the jackasses on one of these shows was "dating" a woman from Honduras at the same time as he was arranging a meetup with another woman to appear on this franchise. Since Jeniffer got all pissed off at him, I thought she discovered that fact. It sounds like she found out he dated a woman from Colombia in the past and is pissed about that for some stupid reason. Is Jeniffer the one who is trying to get her music career off the ground? Or is she just another "model"? Maybe that was the Honduran that didn't appear yet.
  15. I'm watching football and not this, but clicked over on a commercial and got a bit confused. I don't know if I missed and episode or just slept through Tim and Jeniffer, but is the ex the woman in Tenn who came from Colombia or the more current woman from Honduras? Who the hell are they bitching about. The Colombian lives in Tennessee and hasn't be in his life for a long time; the Honduran was like at the same time as Jeniffer, I think.
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