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  1. Misery loves company, a/k/a I saw Stephanie's OF's pricelist now everyone else has to see it, too - Also, here are some photos from her account. They are NSFW, poor quality, and not worth seeing, imo. I expected more from someone who holds herself out to be a professional and unapologetic cougar. Larissa hired a photographer and makeup artist for her first photos, and encouraged Jess to do the same. Since then, they have taken some snapshot quality photos, but seriously Stephani, take some pride in your work: Tried to move them under a spoiler, and don't know if they
  2. Just stopped by to see if Nicole and Azan married, resulting in middle America being frozen solid. Guess not. I wonder if Jenelle from Teen Mom finally left social media for good like she kept promising or Sister Wives became interesting once again.
  3. I'm not sure what this is from because Larissa claimed she refused to film for Bares All or Strikes Back when she was claiming she filmed with CamSoda on purpose to get fired because they wouldn't let her out of her contract. It must be something on D- though and I think it's funny. Short video clip Edit: it may be part of their diary. Here is a ten minute segment, which I haven't watched.
  4. In anticipation of the season beginning tonight, I decided to do a rewatch and see if I was annoyed by little things now that I know the ending. I have not watched the movie nor read the source material. When watching season one, I took one look at the cast, saw that it was picked up for a second season before the first aired, and expected brilliance. Also, I was taking everything that was said to mean something in the story. It didn't. If it was The Americans or Better Call Saul it would, but it didn't in Snowpiercer and my expectation set the show up for failure. Some things had a payof
  5. I'm trying to find a better copy, but here is Larissa's billboard for the plastic surgeon in LV
  6. Just like with Mike, if Sharp as picking up the check, I'm ordering the Tomahawk steak and brisket nachos. They had payed and scheduled to film those services so I don't fault him for taking advantage of them, but there is no excuse for embarrassing the country with that pathetic Electric Slide and he didn't need to gloat about it to her nor did they need to show it, except they don't like him either, is my guess. He had to eat those gourmet meals for two all by himself. Just awful. No wonder he needed a massage. He's infatuated with her and lets her tell him what
  7. I don't know who created this but find it funny and wanted to share:
  8. Someone found all Stephani's gifts to Ryan, and is calling her out for being a liar. It sounds like it's on YouTube, but I do not know where, I only have these photo links from Reddit and not the original thread. Stephani is being called out for showing off expensive possessions that are not expensive or are fake, like Darcey and Stacey. She did some purse giveaway on her IG account and another IG account proved they were knock offs somehow. It was apparent to people into purses and shoes. This is one of the knockoffs and I like it. Then there is the $3k watch. On the website it
  9. They married. His aunt, who is on the show as Aspen, the woman who referred to Julia as a princess, spilled it all on Facebook. I didn't realize it wasn't posted here until I just read your comment, and now don't see it to add. Aspen's real name is Angi Shattuck and she's Betty's sister.
  10. Everyone knows it's the fat from ICE CREAM that's good for the brain; butter is old news. The frauding on this show is getting offensive to my delicate sensibilities. I'll go drown myself in ice cream to think more better. Obviously the production crew hates Andrew as much as everyone else. People like him do not think they come across like they do, and then get irritated that people call them out on being shitty. There was no reason to air him talking to Amira about all the fun inclusions he was doing, or not show the things he did do to try and find her; there was just a single sentence
  11. Andrew really should stop while he's ahead. Well, he was ahead, not so much any longer. Amira was taking a lot of heat for writing that she was traumatized by her detention and blaming it on Andrew. People were saying she is an adult, ignored the rules even after being warned, and was exaggerating the meaning of the word "traumatized." It's more of a trauma than Jesse received from a shoe being thrown at him, but I see people's point. Instead of sitting back and allowing the viewers to speak negatively about her, he's gotten all pissy about being called a creep and manipulating her into going.
  12. Brittany is apparently some huge K-Pop fan, so maybe she just used Deavan for a place to crash and party during the music festival. Also, they are both on reality television and could probably bond over how negatively they are edited. It certainly wouldn't explain Deavan's Instagram behaviors, though.
  13. Brittany went to hang out with Deavan and Jihoon from 90DF and spend time at some music festival. That was like a year ago, though. The shows and couples shared a producer who introduced them.
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