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  1. There was a magnitude-6.8 earthquake in Turkey today and the death toll keeps rising. It appears that it isn't around the area Mursel is from, but it also doesn't look like he or Anna has mentioned it. They are probably still trying to keep up with the episodes aired timeline instead of reality per their NDAs. Major Efforts Underway in Turkey. (I used the BBC News link since I know US links are blocked for some people and didn't know if that applies to news sites.) The marriage information was posted here a long time ago. They had an engagement party in Turkey and then married in Nebraska. Mursel also celebrated his birthday in Nebraska a week ago. He never left. I have to give it to them, we knew about the marriage shortly after the episodes started airing but it actually looked like he may leave, and they kept that under wraps. It's the first time I think a couple has pulled off a threat of leaving successfully. The people who don't follow the couples threads are going to be dumbfounded tomorrow.
  2. I think you should buy him a crown. He doesn't look like royalty, and therefore, isn't as great as all the Nigerian and Saudi Princes. He's probably less predatory, though, so congratulations!
  3. This Reddit post has a few photos of the car This is the article about the crash. It really doesn't say anything. She's not named in it and there doesn't appear to be a follow up. Lie-duh works as a clerk at medical center and is often caught posting photos of herself in her cubicle. She also does some part time work at Eric's job, which was reported as being janitorial by someone, but I don't know if it was ever actually confirmed. I've seen that she works as a medical clerk several times, though, and I usually avoid anything with her name.
  4. Alexei was sworn in today Two slides Three slides
  5. I don't remember seeing any of her tattoos that are worthy of being on a magazine cover. They are as bad as the ones on the Teen Mom cast.
  6. I decided to go to Elizabeth's IG to see if there were any photos of Eleanor without Elizabeth, and no there are not, Even the photo with a unicorn horn backdrop that is supposed to look like it comes from your head is positioned over Elizabeth and not Eleanor. She is only one and won't remember any of this anyway, but there is still no reason for it to be all about Elizabeth. Ten slides.
  7. More frauding allegations and, once again, I believe them as they apply to these two very dull people.
  8. Darcey has a new hairdo. I think I like it and know I'd like it more if she would stop playing with it.
  9. I didn't watch this show, but thought some of you might want to see this. I also don't plan on watching season two.
  10. I'm pretty sure Bojangles is an alien and English is his second and non-primary language. Mike's a believer for a reason; proof is in his family.
  11. I keep trying to post and it keeps giving me messages that the site cannot be reached and deleting the posts, so I'm going to just post a few bits and pieces over three or four comments. I know it's annoying. I should just take up drinking. There was a comment that said Sarah's rapper clown husband was filming a new video and suggested she was in it and that was her costume. That makes too much sense, though, so I'm going with her having an old school Sybil-esque multiple personality disorder (not dissociative disorder, but the tv version) named Red who is a younger woman. Or, maybe an alien from outer space is using her body as a host and some of the alien is bleeding through. It actually took me a moment to realize it was Sarah. Eggy/Ibby was in a video with a man who had been in Brazil to visit family and attend some martial art tournament that Eggy.Ibby was also attending and filmed a short video clip, which he posted to Twitter, mentioning Eggy/Ibby flying to attend Juliana's wedding. Someone on a FB group that I'm not a member of translated it. According to the FBer, Eggy/Ibby's IG has the proof of Juliana buying a car in August 2018, a year before she came to the US, and also that Juliana was filming for Marrying Millions. I started going through Juliana's followers list to see if I could find an Eggy/Ibby but there were too many. My cousin, being smarter, started with her sister's old IG account and low and behold, there was a photo of him with them and it was tagged. His name is Ebenezer and his account is public. There are a lot of photos of him with Juliana, her sister, sister's husband and kids in August 2018 and I google translated some of the words, but it's just too much. It also sounds like the car purchase was something he said in a video, which I wouldn't be able to translate anyway. Google Translate: The saga began: Wedding in NY, from my friend @julianacustodiooo ... 👔 So, I guess him attending the wedding can be confirmed, as can Juliana being in Brazil in August 2018, but not proof of purchasing a car or thinking they were filming MM. There are also later posts where he does mention 90DF instead, but I didn't bother linking them. I'm going to post these wedding photos and then take a break for a bit, since my computer is being pissy.
  12. I was searching to see if anyone posted proof of her being in Phoenix and didn't, but I found this on Reddit and it's too adorable to not share.
  13. They have been reportedly seen in Phoenix, but I don't see any proof posted. In this IG Benjamin says he can't answer, like usual.
  14. My posts keep timing out and deleting themselves. If this link posts, it's a cut scene of Robert and Anny checking out the venue. It's on Streamable and autoplays. https://streamable.com/5k0h8 Also, it has been repeatedly reported that they are still filming for another season of Happily Ever After, so their petty bickering has worked for them. It sounds like they are living in the same complex but a two bedroom and the apartment shopping was all TLC like many of us suspected.
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