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  1. Christina

    Blood & Treasure

    The July 16 episode is the one that ends my ride on this show, I think. The only positive was Father Chuck and he was only on for a minute. There was no fun train to ride here. Lexi professes she better with Danny. Gwen gets shut out of the investigation and I guess I'm supposed to think she will now break bad, but the actress isn't very good and I don't like to watch her, either. Any of them up against a good actor, like Father Chuck, makes them come across even worse. Goody! Lexi is a descendant of Cleopatra. Who didn't see that coming? I'm fine with there being no storyline but not one that drags so boringly.
  2. Christina

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    I never thought I would find myself defending Colt, but here I am. I'm spoiler tagging it since I didn't watch this season and it doesn't sound like they addressed it all. Also, it's long. It's not anything that wouldn't have taken place by the time of the episodes shown. By the time they announced Colt and Larissa were going to be on this show, the following things had already taken place. Larissa beat the shit out of Colt on a regular basis. Like most abusers, she blamed him, she blamed Debbie, and excuses are constantly made for her. She admitted that the show sent them to look at apartments and for cars she knew they couldn't afford and that Colt said they would get her a used car if she got her license, but she didn't think she should have to learn to drive. She admitted that they went couch shopping and had a budget, which she ignored, and Debbie refused to hand over her credit card for the purchase. Yet, Colt and Debbie are considered to be gaslighters and Larissa's violence is downplayed. With all of the foreign spouses there is a big culture shock and it's understandable that they are under stress that it takes time to acclimate. I think Larissa deserved some slack in the beginning, but nothing excuses her violence and nastiness to everyone she came into contact with. She suffers from an extreme anxiety condition which does not seem to be properly treated, and I thought this show was exploiting that a bit. However, I stupidly thought that they were going to show to full story since they kept them on the show. The Narcissist’s Prayer “That didn’t happen. And if it did, it wasn’t that bad. And if it was, that’s not a big deal. And if it is, that’s not my fault. And if it was, I didn’t mean it. And if I did… You deserved it.”
  3. Christina

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I read earlier that it was so hot where the house is located that they were trying to schedule Veto after it began to cool down but before BBAD was to start. That kitten that wants out to play with the other one is kinda sad. Let him out to play, too, jerks.
  4. Christina

    Big Brother Fantasy Game

    Mine too. I'd even be fine if they did a triple eviction this week to make it happen quicker.
  5. Christina

    The Great Food Truck Race

    I've been following a few of the teams on Instagram, and now dislike the leader of Sol Collective more than I did on the show, where I found her annoying but harmless, and like Darren(Derrick?) Darrell from Nola Creations even more. Sol's leader used to, or maybe still does, work at O Magazine and someone asked her, actually that person kind of implied, that she cooked for Oprah and she clarified that she worked for the magazine not as a personal chef for Oprah. The way she did it was pretty arrogant and bitchy. It was completely and unnecessarily rude and she must have realized it because she deleted it. So, I didn't really hold it against her; sometimes things come across worse than intended. But, I ended up unfollowing their truck account (I didn't follow them personally) because I found her too annoying and a bit judgmental. She was very appreciative of the other teams helping her out when she was alone, though. There is very good vegan food yet none of the cooking shows ever seem to show it. I don't know if it's the time restrictions or something else, but they never make it far serving vegan or vegetarian food on any of the competition shows. Deciding to not utilize animal products is what I would expect from a vegan business but turning to the tarot cards came across as stupid. You're a vegan truck, that's all there is to say. Then, "We will use cashew in place of cheese and no one will even know!" Yes, they will. Maybe not that it is cashew but it is not cheese. In fact, I don't know anyone who can't taste the difference. Then, they claimed "Barbecue isn't the meat, it's the sauce," and that's blasphemy. They did get one woman to say she likes eating healthy sometimes as she walked away with the chickpea burrito but otherwise, I think that challenge put them at a serious disadvantage for the area. My sympathies have been seriously strained, though. Darrell from Nola Creations seems to come across on the show as a hardass. When it's time to compete, it's time to compete. He's pretty funny and laid back on Instagram for the truck (again I don't follow him personally.) For example, he joked with the Brunch Babes that he was going to start a food truck called Brunch Boys and their uniforms were going to be speedos. The Madea truck family were doing something with their church and they all reposted it, but he made a very gracious comment to them as part of the repost. Their truck has many more followers than the Madea truck and it looked like he reposted it on his personal account, too. I think he is different when he's not focused on his work, which he takes extremely seriously. The Madea Food Truck couple had their first grandchild born while they were on the race. There was a comment that made me think it was the person who left from the Sol truck and that is why she wanted to leave, but unless she also had her first grandchild, that was probably just a mistake. All of the teams are very nice to each other on Instagram and it seems like they all truly like each other. Apparently, one season has already been filmed and is in editing but another one is filming right now. They are constantly posting to Instagram where they are heading so I don't think social media posts are not allowed. This is what I've taken from the posts of the current trucks filming. There was one place where they were asking for ideas of where to park, but the others were always like, "We're on the way to XXXX. We'll be at the blahblahblah on Date." It's still going on and I'm wondering if the social media posts may have to stop when they get to the final four, or something, to not give anything away. It seems like they always have the final two parked in locations previously determined. I thought that following the teams may have been why this season just isn't exciting me, but it sounds like it applies across the board so there is some spark missing from past seasons.
  6. Christina

    Beat Bobby Flay

    As soon as I see Katie Lee, I change the channel. On top of her not knowing how to cook, and if she actually does you would think we'd see her do it once of twice instead of presenting a partially or completely completed dish and giving clearly scripted commentary about the dish, I have hearing loss and her voice is intolerable to me. Sunny is hit or miss. Sometimes I can watch and just mute when I see her mouth open to yell "BOOOBBBBEEEE!" and others I turn as soon as I see her because I'm just not in the mood. I won't watch when his girlfriend is on either. I gave her two chances and she was horribly obnoxious both times. The second time I think she irritated Bobby, too. There have been many times where Bobby said he only won a pastry challenge because the challenger went so far off the mark of traditional that the judges didn't see it as what it was supposed to be or they weren't able to pull off the dish in the allotted time because they tried to do too much. Yet, challengers continue to make both mistakes.
  7. Christina

    Blood & Treasure

    Finding out this was renewed just made me more disappointed that Whiskey Cavalier was not. It was a better show than this one, to me, and I'm blaming the sagging ratings in the middle of the season one the network's decision to shuffle those few episodes. It caused some confusion and that's not helpful in a show like these two where you just want to shut of your brain and enjoy the ride, and pretty scenery. This show drives my son nuts because of the incorrect history. He thinks Lexi is attractive but the two of them together is dull because they have no chemistry. When they are not talking to each other the dialog flows better. I tell him to just enjoy it or not watch. The lack of chemistry probably bothers many more viewers than the incorrect history, but I wonder if it has effecting ratings any. I don't think they are trying to make a historically accurate show, just a fun one. I'm not much better as a view of cooking shows when they show people kneading with their rings on. GROSS! Have you ever cleaned a ring and saw how filthy it gets so quickly? and their hair hanging over food or sweat running off their faces. G-R-O-S-S.
  8. Christina

    It's Always Sunny In The Media

    When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston broke up, I couldn't believe how personally people took it, some still do. I will become a complete hypocrite if Rob and Kaitlin divorce.
  9. Christina

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Right now James would be an Indiana resident so Indiana would have the jurisdiction to determine the parenting issues, but since Amber has the means to travel and so does he, he may be able to take James to California and they would have to split the costs of her going there or he would have to travel back with James for her visitation time. This assumes that he is successful in getting primary custody and Amber is on a supervised visitation plan at first because of her untreated mental health issues which make her a danger to James. I don't see her getting a 50/50 split right off the bat but don't have a lot of faith, either. I also don't see Amber putting up more than a superficial-for-social-media-purposes fight for custody. She's just like Jenelle as far as that goes.
  10. Christina

    Gary: The original Belden Lineman

    One of the comments made on an article that I read when I was trying to find where I read he was a Henry County Sheriff's Department Reserve Officer was that he was helping to direct traffic for the fireworks. I don't think he lives near Amber so it was probably just a joke leading up to a "Spite Amber" payback, but using that as an example, while he's trying to keep traffic moving another police officer is available to take a call where a woman is threatening her boyfriend with a machete and assaulting him with a flip-flop. He probably also has training to give people the Narcan shots, too, something that they do around here.
  11. Christina

    Gary: The original Belden Lineman

    I cannot find where I read he was a Henry County Sheriff's Department Reserve Officer but I'm going to assume it for the purpose of this response. You appear to be under the mistaken impression that a Reserve Officer is not a police officer. It is. What is being passed around IS true. Gary wanted to be a police officer, he lost weight, went through training, and was sworn in as a law enforcement officer. He IS A POLICE OFFICER. He is paid for his service to his community at a much lower rate than a salaried officer, sure, and no, he is not a detective investigating murders. This is like saying someone cannot call themselves a nurse because they didn't go through the training to be a Nurse Practitioner, they are merely a Registered Nurse, like it's nothing. It's not like Jenelle insisting she would be saving lives with her medical assistant degree, because she knows CPR. This is the point @allienc was making and I was responding to in when asking, "Who the fuck cares?" It's a really petty distinction to me and many others.
  12. Christina

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Hot Damn!!! I cannot listen to Kemi talk. Jessica is bad about the word "like" but Kemi makes me want to cut her tongue from her mouth. I really hope that both of them listen to themselves and find it as irritating as I do.
  13. Christina

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I read the Sheriff's statement and without the animal abuse claim, I see why the judge dismissed the case against them. They have a roof over the head, probably moldy but there is one, heat and water, food and clothing and they cleaned up whatever filth and damaged walls were noted on the initial reports. This doesn't stop the Family Court Judge's covering the custody cases for Jace and Kaiser from changing custody, but the standard for the State to have the kids removed through the CPS system is just really high. Hopefully, Kaiser's judge will see the information from the Guardian ad Litems along with the CPS reports and transfer primary custody to Nathan. That judge was already pissed about the continuances and had scheduled a hard court date right before the CPS removal delayed it. Maryssa doesn't seem to have anyone fighting for her, though. Her grandparents don't have the standing that her Mom would, even if Maryssa wanted to live with them.
  14. Christina

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    David said he was going to bang pots and pans at 3:00 am and it's after that now but he's still asleep. Slacker.
  15. Christina

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Kemi, Jessica and Nicole had an interesting conversation while hiding out in the Boat Room waiting for Nick and Bella to cool it, and it wasn't easy to listen to because of all the "likes." I wonder if they will hear themselves on tape after this and realize how bad it is. At one point, one of them, Kemi I think but I wasn't watching I just had it playing, told Jessica that she couldn't wait for her to get to see the HOH Comp playback because she would see how when Julie said her name, they could hear the audience start to clap but it was much quieter when Julie announced Jack won. I took her comment to mean that she thought the audience was rooting for Jessica, too, as opposed to the audience clearly didn't like Jack, which is how I took her comment. Kemi doesn't always have such a great read on things, but I decided to believe her statement because I can't stand Jack.