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  1. These are old but I hadn't seen them before. They are only a few minutes long and I walked away with the distinct impression that Mike doesn't like Lydia, at all, not even a widdle teansy bit. Madrigal Electromotive Security Training Series Lesson 1: “Employee Accountability” Lesson 2: “Hiring Practices” Lesson 3: “Perimeter Security” Lesson 4: “Social Intelligence” (Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould make an animated appearance) Lesson 5: “Information Security” Lesson 6: “Professionalism” Lesson 7: “Workplace safety” Lesson 8: “Confidentiality” Lesson 9: “Morale” Lesson 10: "Chain of Command"
  2. Christina


    I don't see a Deb thread, but I thought there was one. Oh well. If you listen to the end, she insults "Section 8 people" in a high-faluting, super-trashy way.
  3. I was looking for something and came across this post and think it's cute
  4. Jesse had a small part in an indy film years ago, and he is stretching it for all it's worth. He keeps finding ways to post photos or video clips of it. Most recently, I think, TikTok:
  5. Annie is making non-medical grade masks. Of course they are not medical grade, but I think it's good that she stating it up front.
  6. I wondered about that because he did make a real pie, too, but it didn't make sense that they would comment about the pie tin being real if the pie was real since they obviously couldn't bake a pie in a fondant pan, which suggests that one wasn't the real pie. So, I wondered if they thought the tin should have been covered up and they didn't do it because they ran out of time since he had to rebake the pie after the first one fell on the floor. The judging always has stupid comments to me, though, so I just brushed it off as needing something to complain over. If it wasn't real pie, their point is valid. I don't care enough to rewatch and make sure especially since the score was a whopping one and half point difference. It probably didn't even factor much into the judging.
  7. I'm sure Jesse's civil litigation attorney can help you, too. His name is something like Misunderstood LegalTerms, Esq., or his partner, Stoopid Threats, Esq. at the Law Firm of Fake News in Googleland, USA. The second review on the second post up there says that taking his advice..."Is almost as dangerous as having an expensive shoe thrown at your head.” How could he have a problem with that? Truth is a defense, jackass. Anyhow, supposedly people were downloading the free chapter and then leaving a negative review so someone said he removed the book before Amazon could because of the overwhelming negative reviews. I have no idea if it's true, but if I were him, I would remove it until things died down, too. Jesse's still insufferable and didn't need to write a book to prove it.
  8. There were two major blowups on Instagram tonight, one by Tom and another by Larissa, but both of their accounts are private and since I don't follow them, I missed it all. 😢 Apparently, Tom was immediately trashed, apologized to Darcey and everyone else, the comments to that post were equally as rough and he deleted it. The following was his third post about it tonight, which may or may not be still on his account, but this account grabbed it for those of us who don't follow him. No one appears to have grabbed Larissa's. The edit is out of context because asking her if she gained weight is clearly a nice question in context. /s He was obviously talking about her breast enlargement but the question was still rude and asked in that context.
  9. Rachel said she lost her job and hadn't worked in weeks. If she said what her job was or why she lost it, I missed it because I wasn't really paying attention.
  10. Erika's post about the plan for their date
  11. His mug shot: Nicole may have been able to get a plane ticket for $1500 and will be home soon.
  12. Saving for the posterity: Darcey says, "No man will ever take advantage of me again!!!" I'm waiting for the clip of him asking her if she got fat and I'll add it too. Apparently, his followers are taking a massive drop. Since he buys most of them, it's likely not going to be that big of a deal.
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