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  1. Christina

    It's Always Sunny In The Media

    This isn't quite media, but I think it probably fits best here. They started filming yesterday, and today Rob released a small clip. It's not a spoiler, I don't think, but if it is, it's not a big enough one to ruin anything in the future. Edit: This was a bit louder on my laptop then I expected, you may want to turn your volume down a bit.
  2. Christina

    Sneaky Pete

    I think there were a few glaring issues with the writing in season three, but chalk it up to them having to rewrite the series on the fly after Ricky James' death during filming. I may be giving them credit they don't deserve, though. After the cancellation notice, there were several comments suggesting that the length of time between seasons were part of the problem and I agree. Having to go back to the beginning and rewatch to get back up to speed as opposed to wanting to rewatch before the next season is an annoyance to the viewers. If they want to release the entire show at once, there probably isn't any way around it, though.
  3. Christina

    S08.E01: Walking on Eggshells

    "We're really proud of you for completing your jail sentence." Instead of what, Mackenzie? Burrowing out with a spoon? Uggh, I can't stand her.
  4. Christina


    I was flipping through the channels and must have hit previous channel because suddenly there was this high-pitched squeal with two women talking over each other and not making words. This forum showed up on my sidebar as recent, so I decided to see if anyone liked it. Then, I saw: Hooray! It wasn't just my ears failing me. This show looked like it was going to be awful and sounded awful for the whole 60 seconds I heard of it and since there are only a handful of comments, it must not have been snarkworthy enough for anyone to bother with it. Way to go TLC. You finally hit a bottom.
  5. Christina

    The Great Food Truck Race

    I'm trying to load the link to it, but it's not showing. The avatars don't show on my computer, so visualize an angry face. The Great Food Truck Race won Best Travel/Adventure Show from The Critics Choice. Tyler Florence accepted the award on June 2, 2019. I also saw that Darrell Johnson of Nola Creations is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and one of the others trucks had a classically trained chef, but don't remember which one. If I didn't hate the FoodNetwork website so much, I'd go and try and find the links from there, but as it stands, my browser keeps eating links and quotes. Visualize another angry face.
  6. I hope The Family Chantel bombs spectacularly. The only reason I get any thrill out of it being created is because it has to piss Pao off majorly. She will probably be a fine mother, and not just on a scale of Nicole to anyone who would not appear on the show, but I think she got pregnant to get another season on this show. I really don't think she ever wanted children and actually remember her saying something about that in the very beginning.
  7. Christina

    Corey & Evelin: The Bae of Pigs

    I don't think you have to use the spoiler tabs in the cast threads because they are marked as spoilers. It may not matter or anything, but at one time, one of the moderators said it acts as a band-aid on the database and causes trouble for the back-ups somehow.
  8. The Great Food Truck Race is on so I'm going to follow along here and see if there is any reason to flip back to this shitshow.
  9. Is May not in a carseat? I only clicked over a moment ago and it didn't look like it. It's like a new reason to be disgusted with her appears every time I see her.
  10. Late last night, these episodes reaired. I caught the Pole call to customer service again and there was at least a minute of the call missing from what I watched on the TLC app. I've noticed that there are always things that some of us catch where others don't and wondered if it was a difference between watching the network airing versus online or on the app. As far as the Pole conversation, that missing time probably doesn't really change anything; he has always been a horrible jerk and hotheaded enough to just cancel his ticket and eat the cost because he couldn't take more than two pieces of cargo with him, so it's not like he was shown in a poorer light than if the extra time was included on the broadcast airing.
  11. Christina

    Kyle and Noon: Don't Talk To His Mom

    This is apparently old news but new to me because I don't follow these shows on Reddit. Noon was part of a make-up company, which now refuses to sell to Americans and millennials: From Starcasm: Kyle responded: plus additional info at link I'm glad to hear that Noon didn't have any part in those posts but am still surprised I never even knew about it since they are my favorite couple. On the Kyle link there are screencaps where Noon tells the owner people think it was her posting and he eventually apologized to her. They are on the fifteen minute webshow on TLC's site and are currently living in Portland, thinking about having a baby and buying a home.
  12. Christina


    If I hadn't clicked knowing that it was of Farrah, I would have been trying to figure out who she looked like, because it isn't Farrah. Now I'm stuck wondering if there is some fetish for women with pasty white breasts and large orange asses. It seriously looked like her breasts were painted white in some photos. Farrah versus Daddy Derek's family went something like this - Derek was a jealous asshole who was heard on her 16 & Pregnant episode yelling at her on the phone. She had been avoiding him and didn't tell him about her pregnancy, but his sister later said that he knew. Farrah didn't think anyone could tell she was pregnant because she was delusional. She also thought the show was a hit because Derek died. When Farrah learned she could receive SS for Sophia because of his death, she applied but was denied because she didn't have proof of paternity. She then asked his sister to provide a DNA sample, which she later did. Before that though, The Social Security Company (tm Farrah) sent a letter to Derek's mom and she responded to it that he wasn't the father of Sophia, never spoke about Farrah, and denied Farrah's claim of being in a relationship with him for a few years. After his sister took the DNA test, Farrah sent it to SSA but I don't know if she ever received anything because he wouldn't have had the work history for the required time period, or something. Derek's mother sold stories about Farrah to the tabloids and Farrah responded that she wasn't allowing her around Sophia because of her drug and abuse histories. His mom then filed for grandparent rights and Farrah showed up with the evidence of his mom's response to SSA and the tabloid stories and the judge denied her claim of any visitation that Farrah did not agree to give her. Farrah then had one meet up with his sister and her kids, but she was a druggy, too and Farrah cut ties. Farrah's dad and stepmom were approached by the show during the first season of Teen Mom and Farrah met up with them. They appeared on a couple of episodes and even off-camera Farrah has continued to meet up with them about once a year. I cannot imagine that they find how she is raising Sophia to be appropriate but don't have any say in the matter and probably play nice so they don't lose all contact, too. Sophia looks and sounds stoned in that birthday greeting to Farrah.
  13. I read here before watching so I payed closer attention to a few things. Pole gives me the creeps and I usually fast forward his scenes, but listened to the call with the Customer Service Rep and this is what I took from it. There was at least a thirty day embargo on the extra baggage and he was unable to ship it separately through any airline at that time. He had planned on paying for the extra cargo when he arrived, which is more forethought than I thought he was capable of having, so...nah, he's still too dumb to breathe. If he waited until the end of the embargo he could pay for the extra cargo and take it with him. If he paid some company that is in the business of shipping cargo, he still would have had to make arrangements to meet that cargo to transport it to her home, which was required transport by ship at one point, and if it went by ship or something, there is no telling how long a difference it would be between when he first arrived and the other cargo arrived. He didn't want to try and figure out what was in which container while at the airport and since the rep said he could take all of it with him at a later date, he cancelled that ticket and received a refund less a fee. It actually sounded like he was discussing transferring the ticket to a later date but she couldn't ensure there wouldn't still be an embargo, but I'm guessing on that based on what I heard in the heavily edited conversation. Pole asked that the fee be waived because he couldn't afford it and didn't expect the restriction when he purchased his ticket but she must have denied him that resulting in him aggressively stating, "Just cancel it then!" like the CSR personally screwed him over. It didn't sound like it was completely non-refundable, but with it being last minute, there was a fee. On Jenny and the financial adviser: We shouldn't fault the adviser for giving bad advice because the editing was so nonsensical that it's obvious his responses to her were based on different parts of the conversation and just cropped to get what Sharp wanted out of it. It sounded to me like she had been discussing her divorce and what retirement/Social Security benefits she may have from her ex and then he asks if she also had a 401(k) herself. It bounces to her currently working in a resort and the way it was said makes me think she had discussed a prior job accrued retirement or again was discussing her ex's benefits, but we only get to hear that she was working at a resort so that we would assume she didn't have much in a 401(k) or future SS benefits. When he asked about her plans regarding the SS, she said she was told to file for it before leaving the country and have it deposited in her account there in California(? where ever she lives). He then responds that if she renounces her US citizenship, he thinks she loses her Social Security. He didn't say for certain she did, but he either assumed she intends to renounce her citizenship or she told him she considered becoming a citizen of India, which would require it, and he responded to that statement, which we didn't get to see. It was probably after a discussion of her future employment plans while in India and her explaining how she could get a work permit or something we weren't privy to. It actually sounds like she DID do some research but that wouldn't make her look trashy enough for this show. She probably only has $6000 readily in her savings account because she dipped into her savings when she was down there last time. The way the conversation jumped around, she was answering his specific question of how much she had in savings specifically because they had already discussed her other financial assets. She could have mentioned stocks, bonds, an IRA already and we were only shown her specific response to how much was in her savings so that we can laugh AT her for her stupidity. When she asked how long she could live there, it sounded like he told her a year, but who knows what that was actually in response to and even in India, I don't think $6000 would support her for a year. She was stupid enough to sign on to this shitshow so I have no problem believing her entire life savings is $6000 and she doesn't have but a few hundred in SS earned, but the financial adviser probably gave her good advice, we just didn't see it. Sumit reminds me of Mohamed a bit. It was clear that Mo had an incorrect view of life in America and Danielle didn't disabuse him of it. He knew she didn't have a lot of money, needed a cosigner for the visa, and lived in a small two bedroom apartment with her daughters. He didn't realize she wasn't going to pay her bills and have the heat turned off during winter, which actually takes a lot because there are laws in place here in Ohio so that you can't have your heat turned off during winter unless certain things apply, which Dani managed to meet. She probably hadn't paid in several months and they cut it off right before the deadline for not being able to do so. In any case, neither Sumit or Jenny have come across as the scammers Dani and Mo are, but Jenny seems infatuated and Sumit is flattered that she has been so kind to him. Mo once said that he liked Dani for that reason. He would work long hours and when he got home, Danielle would be available to chat about his day. Mo screamed, "I'm a scammer!" and couldn't get any hits on his scam from women in Canada, where he wanted to go, so had to take what he could get. I actually believe he did appreciate Dani's conversations with him and that's where I think Sumit's like of Jenny comes into play. Maybe he has a blond and white or older woman attraction but he doesn't seem hateful or cruel yet. He did start off trying to catfish her, though, so eh.
  14. While screaming for Immigration offensively in broken English. That's how I took it, too, but I only saw a literal minute of the scene.
  15. Kindergarten is not mandatory in Florida so Nicole doesn't actually have to enroll her in the next few months. It's going to be something she holds over her parents' head, trying to make deals that she'll enroll May if they do x, y, and z and will follow through with her threats. Then, her parents have to decide to let May slip through the cracks because their daughter is emotionally blackmailing them.