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  1. I think this is from her YouTube channel https://www.instagram.com/p/CFaWqQWjYvk/
  2. Ashley said she will never have an Only Fans. She now has an Only Fans. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFaAo_8j7Rp/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CFahAilDDMx/
  3. I came to post that apparently Larissa posted a copy of a form showing she was released. However, the immigration attorney still says she is full of shit and only updated her address and others are saying there is something odd about the paperwork she posted for some reason. It's a stock form so maybe it looks edited or something. Carmen has apparently posted that all the people looking for her name with ICE, including a blogger who called the LV offices once they opened this morning and were told she was not arrested, are horrible people and that her name wasn't listed because she wasn't arrested. Someone called and reported her for something and they took her to the detention center, determined that her paperwork was in order, and released her. Everyone who has went through the process said they do not take you to detention to check your paperwork unless there is something wrong with it and they need to confirm your identity by fingerprint. They have also said that no one gets out in less than 12 hours because of the way the process works and NO ONE would say that the ICE workers were "nice" like Larissa did. So, first she was picked up by ICE and taken to detention and they didn't know why. Now, she wasn't arrested she was just given a ride to the center and released because they couldn't charge her with a crime. Colt, Debbie and Eric have all been accused of calling immigration on her and they just happened to show up as she was leaving town. SMH. Based on all that, I'm going with Eric cut someone off in traffic because he couldn't drive that U-Haul very well, and when the police got there they looked at her ID, looked at her face, looked back at her ID, and called ICE because she was using someone else's paperwork and they had to take her fingerprints to prove she was who she said she was. The metro police have said that they didn't arrest her this weekend, either, though. If they didn't lie so much and so often about easily proven falsities, no one would have questioned this, so my theory is as good as anything else. With that, regarding this issue... -- NSFW https://youtu.be/Vqbk9cDX0l0
  4. FYI - Larissa has posted a document showing that she was released from ICE custody, but I haven't seen it and the Immigration Attorney in LV still says she is full of shit and only changed her address.
  5. Larissa was NOT arrested by ICE. It's another lie and she has been called out on it from immigration experts, including an immigration attorney in Las Vegas that Larissa picked a fight with after she explained that the immigration rules regarding domestic violence, even when not convicted (which she was but denies), would not let her receive a green card, even if she was still with Colt or if he wasn't allowed to pull his financial affidavit. Larissa went to the offices and updated her address; that is all that happened. The cameras were there to film her walking out of the building, so this is just a publicity stunt for another season. To believe Carmen's post, you would have to believe that someone placed a call to immigration and they sent officers out to arrest her, transported her to the detention center where they released her four hours later because they had no reason to keep her. As soon as I heard it, I went to the website to search her name and see if she was arrested. She wasn't listed as being in their custody, and not to get political, but I don't think that is as reliable as it should be, and then Carmen said she was released because they had no reason to keep her. Yet, they arrested her because someone called about her. They don't arrest people because someone calls or Colt and/or Debbie would have had her deported at the Adjustment of Status Hearing where Colt was able to remove his financial affidavit because of the domestic violence, admitted revenge porn, and admitted fake derogatory allegations. If not then, there was also the final divorce hearing or plea hearing on the domestic violence cases. She would have had to be arrested for them to give a damn or from a few specific countries and Brazil is not one of them. Larissa is in removal proceedings, but her attorney filed a Petition for Waiver to allow her to receive a conditional green card even though she is not married to the petitioner of the K-1. While that is pending, which can take years, she theoretically cannot be deported. Most of us probably know the reality of that, though. Her attorney also applied for her to receive a work authorization while her case is pending and it was approved. They showed someone driving her to the immigration office to provide the fingerprints, DNA and photo for it. I didn't catch that episode so I don't know when it was, only that it was this season. Not a single person in the Colt/Larissa story line can tell the truth about anything. What is going on in ICE detention is not a joking matter and it's like she was jumping on a current event for attention. Only, I don't think she thinks things through that way.
  6. Short wedding video of the peasant food https://www.instagram.com/p/CFY9GLfjLtm/ Edit: It was pointed out that you can see Charlie dancing in his seat for a few seconds right before the dancers start. It was also pointed out that Biniyam is no where near their league, but he is dancing a different type of dance.
  7. Four slides https://www.instagram.com/p/CFYQCMhhFrb/ That doesn't include the slide from the immigration attorney, though.
  8. I get a 403 Forbidden error with that link. I can see it is for apparelsomething.co Is that the correct address?
  9. This is a very short clip of it. On the show, they actually slowed it down in a hilarious fashion. https://twitter.com/Tooms_BB/status/1307890117999128576 Edit: Better clip but still shorter than the episode https://twitter.com/hamsterwatch/status/1307916286735728641
  10. That was shown on this last episode. I caught it during a commercial break from football.
  11. I just typed out how Larissa was never arrested by ICE, the proof from ICE's own website that didn't list her, and the comment from an immigration attorney in Las Vegas on one of the Savage FB Groups who said that Larissa merely walked into the offices to update her address, and Sharp was there to videotape her leaving, hit submit reply, it got hung up, my browser crashed and it was DELETED!!!! So, whatever, she isn't worth the time to try and track down the info again and I lost it in the crash. If anyone is a member of the Savage FB site with the attorney they may be able to screencap it again. I'm not a member and found it on Twitter. What I didn't lose is the info on her CamSoda video. A portion of the video, which is obviously NSFW, can be seen here. Not there but also lost in the crash was the proof that TMZ was full of shit about her earning $100,000. They are linked to both Vivid Productions and CamSoda, and said the same thing about Farrah Abraham and her porn when it was revealed that the most she could earn from that video was $10k. They even posted a fake quarterly check for her. Larissa made something like $50 in tips from the first video that lasted like ten minutes and $700 from the second one that was closer to an hour. The site makes 50% of the ticket sales and I couldn't figure out how much the tickets were, but she did not make $100k.
  12. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I want everything I see in that glass case. Anyhow, Varya is in the US https://www.instagram.com/p/CFYQcG-l9ow/
  13. 8:50 BBT Enzo is in the backyard ranting to Cody about Christmas. He's had it with her, is pissed about the behavior of everyone regarding wanting to chug the beers and Christmas trying to hide one until she's no longer a have not. I missed the earlier issue that caused him to walk out, but figure I'll catch up later. Anyway, since the day she walked in the door, Christmas has come across as someone who is white-knuckling her sobriety, and nothing has changed that feeling. I do not judge people with addictions, and happen to be a pain management patient who has attended group therapies with addicts who used alcohol and illegal drugs to treat undiagnosed mental illness and untreated pain conditions. There are some people who have traits that make them more susceptible to addiction. In my family, it's alcohol. Many family members have used drugs and were able to walk away easily but alcohol is a different story. So, I don't say it in disgust. However, Christmas is a shitty person who takes glee in other people's misery and was ready to fight over a beer that she cannot drink at the moment. People have been bitching about her for days, though, so she has been rubbing everyone the wrong way for awhile.
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