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  1. Funny you should say that because the Abominale Snowman snatched Mr. Wilford from the tracks and took him to his lair deep in the mountain to live as his pet. He renamed him George.
  2. Well, the good news is there are less mouths to feed and more space to go around.
  3. It won't add to my post. Time to take a nap, I guess. PT being mean to me.
  4. What's airing right now was filmed in August-October, I think. @mamadrama saw them sometime through that time period and said Pierre was the age he is on the show. Paul was shown on his own and they planned for Karine to be filmed backstage like she was still in Brazil because the show airing had not caught up to her being in the US yet. She was suffering from postpartum depression and while at the filming place, was acting so strangely that the psychologist who was there for some reason was asked to see her, and she was talking to someone who wasn't there. He had her immediately transferred to the hospital for postpartum psychosis. The other cast were angry that Pole didn't realize she was so bad off, but I seriously doubt Pole had the ability to do so. She was pregnant three times in quick succession and the pregnancies were hard on her mentally and physically. The first pregnancy ended in miscarriage around four months, I think, she got pregnant within a few months with the second pregnancy that we saw her miscarriage at six months, and then a few months later with Pierre. Edit: Found the post that I overlooked about ten times:
  5. They had actually released that he and Karine were going to be on a web online video, I suspect What Now? but the quarantine stopped production and they had film of them so here they are. Right after it was announced they were not going to be on HEA, they started fighting with the divorce/not divorce/Karine left me for another man/divorce/won't let me see Pierre/working it out/divorce/not divorce shuffle, and then announced her pregnancy. He's always been scary and it always seems like we are a day away from a murder/suicide at his hand.
  6. I suspect that her due date is listed on her baby registry as August 30 for privacy and filming reasons, and the hashtag from her original post says #37weeks. She looks like she is dropping already, and if the heat in Florida is anything like it has been in my neck of the woods, she has got to be miserable.
  7. Veronica's grandmother died and Tim posted a really nice tribute to her on his Instagram. It doesn't have anything to do with the show and Veronica doesn't have a thread, but since people liked the Cynthia post, I thought I'd add this one, too.
  8. Of course, but it costs extra. That turned out to be scripted drama that never happened and his employers were in on it, too. Ashley and Jay set it up just like Ashley created the fake racist account to troll their wedding page. I don't doubt he would cheat on her, though. He's super immature and so is she.
  9. Brittany has caused a bunch of drama with Instagrammer John Yates. He is always involved in drama, but this time it looks like Brittany is telling lies. I cannot find her posts or the video because IG deleted them, but someone claimed Yates called Brittany the N-word during one of his lives, and made some death threats. Yates said to prove it, no one could, but Brittany tried to get her followers to report his IG account and accused him of the name calling and death threats with no proof. Then Leida got involved somehow, Brittany turned comments off on her IG account and may have deleted things, too. Yates is still pissed and posted something that IG kept removing, so you have to pay $20 to his OnlyFans if you want to see the video. Also, another Instagrammer claims that Brittany was trying to get her IG account shut down, too, all because she didn't like something the IGer said about her. Right now, that is the only IG post I can link because they keep deleting things. I'm not a fan of Yates but I have never seen him use words like the N-word or threaten death to someone. He's trash but not evil like that. Even people that got into it with him online are telling Brittany it wasn't true and she should make someone send her proof before alleging things like this, since she is now in the public eye. The following IGer believes the lie was created by Brittany herself because Yates has a really large following. In any case, two trashy people are fighting online like children and the posts keep getting removed before I can read them. What a blow I've been dealt. Three slides
  10. Carly birthday photos. When Libby posted photos of Eleanor's birthday, she was in every single one. Tiffany takes photos of just her daughter.
  11. I have not seen the movie, read the graphic novel/source material, or read any reviews other than this forum, nor have I rewatched any episodes. Here is my speculation about Mr. Wilford: *** He is from an alternate universe that operates in four dimensions. As part of his Masters thesis, he researched probable causes of apoplectic demise. For his Doctorate, he created microverses of the earth, which are contained in shadow boxes like ant colonies, or globes like snowglobes, and created different crisis for each one to see how the humans could survive. There was one for the The Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event, one for the wheat blight, one for the dust bowl, one for the Spanish flu and a follow up of a contagious virus in 2020, and the one shown on the show, global warming. Since they are microverses, a minute in his real time is equal to a year in each microverse, and he is able to jump in and out of the shadow boxes by teleporting to specific leylines. That's why Ruth found a strange man without a car or luggage showing up at her B&B, why they need ten miles of train, and why it was a concern in episode one when they were behind where they needed to be. As long as the train is moving, it doesn't seem like it would matter where it was on the track, but if it doesn't cross a leyline at a certain time, then Mr. Wilford is unable to land on the train as opposed to the frozen ground. The need to cross the leylines also explains the map someone posted that shows some weird sharp turns that do not make any sense to those of us in this reality. The theory gets stupider... As part of his research, he must allow the subjects to act of their own free-will without his involvement. After realizing the human race is too stupid to not destroy the train during their efforts to advance their personal needs, and just cannot get along, he is left with no other option then to arrive, all Gandalf-the-White-like with a staff that shines a bright light throughout the train, all Godlike: He then bellows, which reverberates throughout all 1001 cars of the train: "If you do NOT stop fighting this instant, I will pull this car train over and put all of you out on the side of the road track!!! Anyone who does not want to live under my rules is free to leave. Raise your hand and a Brakeman will lead you to the last car and you will be disconnected at the first side rail we cross!" He then returns to his reality where he grumbles about mankind, bitches about not using mice or ants like normal people, and downs half a bottle of Jack Daniels. /End This petty bitching was brought to you by chronic insomnia but not drugs (because I don't have any) and not alcohol (because Mr. Wilford drank it all). I'm hoping the last episodes drive the show home, but right now, it doesn't look like it will happen.
  12. Everyone probably agrees that Ed was a complete ass and would have found fault with anything that was not a four-star hotel, but when she first showed her home on the show, other than the store area being cluttered and unorganized, I didn't think the living areas were bad, let along extreme squalor. That is not directed at the person who used the term, which is why I'm not quoting it, I'm just struck by the fact my life experience being in and working with people living in poverty isn't as average as I thought it was. Her home was clean and the living areas were neat, just small. I couldn't handle the video because of her voice. I suffer from hearing loss, which results in recorded voices having a bit of a squeal to them, especially when the octave is high like Rose's in that video and Annie on Pillow Talk. It is nails on the chalkboard and you can't adjust YouTube videos well enough. There were subtitles but I gave up.
  13. I don't think any marriage to Colt or Larissa stands a chance, regardless of Debbie. They are both awful. Larissa has been married three times, was found to be the perpetrator of domestic violence in all three, with the first two resulting in her husbands receiving sole physical and legal custody of her children and her daughter was later removed by the State due to her being violent and unstable. Erickee has also made some allegations but never actually said she was physically abusive. Colt is likely addicted to porn and is, at minimum, a chronic cheater with women over the internet. If one of them wanted to meet him, he would definitely do it in person, too. He didn't block or stop Larissa from sending nudes, and has been with Vanessa over a year. Larissa was bragging about sending him the nudes when she was trying to antagonize Vanessa, then accused Vanessa of having her nudes on her phone because she was jealous of Larissa's body, followed up by accusing Vanessa of sending Larissa's nudes to her ex-husband. She continues to say she has proof but Vanessa's husband tells her to prove it, which she never does because it isn't true, and what she does post as proof does not prove anything other than she sent Colt nudes while she was with Eric, because she admits it. Vanessa's response was, "Why would I want Larissa's nudes?" but otherwise ignores her. Vanessa has been living with Colt and Debbie for several months and has nothing but nice things to say about Debbie. Even if she has no issues with Debbie, I can't see why she would put up with Colt sexting with other women and don't see him stopping it, because he's sleazy. Larissa is going to start an OnlyFans in Sept. I'm guessing that is when this season will end.
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