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  1. I've received prenatal care in several different countries and my best experience, by far, was in Croatia. There is no good reason why our maternity mortality rates are so low. There are some things that the US does better on the medical front, but there are also some things that we do a lot worse. (I still preferred to get my prenatal care in the US, though, simply because it is a system that I understand.)
  2. As crazy as that sounds, he very well might. There seems to be genuine affection there on his part. And then compare his family's relations with Laura with Rebecca and Zied...Right now I buy his relationship and Paul's probably more than any of the others.
  3. Some of these things are why I think Jenny knew he was married but production did not. Once they discovered that he was and that she knew, I think they could've just wrapped up and left. Her call to them could've been an attempt to get them back on her "good" side (if there's one thing TLC loves it's good drama and a fight). Also, the production staff always works with a local crew. The Sharp staff still produce and still work most of the cameras, but I've not heard of an instance yet that didn't include them hiring locals for some of the grunt work (at least). Point being that if Jenny called them in hysterics then they could've gotten someone over there to film right away-they didn't have to wait for the American team to fly in. I am not tied to any one theory right now. They all seem kinda plausible to me.
  4. Not to mention that Mother Sumit gave Jenny a bad look...What a blow, indeed.
  5. I think they let him go because of the show. Most of these scams and scammers like to fly under the radar. Having a target appear on national television might let her other, er, boyfriends in on the lie. They probably stuck with Caesar, too, because they knew that he wasn't likely to fly to the Ukraine and demand to meet. Now that he's hooked up with cameras, though, and the possibility of the show flying him over there then he became too dangerous to keep around. Much better to cut their losses. As it is, Maria is just not in love with him anymore. 😂 If they'd continued on and risked having her cover blown...
  6. I was getting ready to say that as well. I think that even if he were here just for the green card that he'd make a good partner for someone else. Mollie might be a good fit. He's easygoing, wants a family, has a good sense of humor... I know that Mollie made some poor choices, but I actually liked her. Of course, the bar was set pretty low to begin with.
  7. I wonder if they're showing us the "real" pictures of Maria (the ones she sent Caesar) or, if she didn't give them permission, they're using shots of a random model. I tried reverse search, but didn't come up with anything.
  8. HA ha, I keep my love of TEEN MOM secret from most people. Then one day I posted about it on FB and a friend replied back that she loved it, too. She came over for a marathon watch and it was then that we discovered that not only had we interacted with each other on here, but that we'd even private messaged each other earlier that day. It's a small world after all... I'm in Kentucky. I didn't know them prior to the show, but since they started filming we've attended several area events together and they've used my professional services so we've gotten to know each other well. There isn't a huge community of Kentuckians bringing spouses over on the K-1 visa. A lot of us connected on VisaJourney and bonded on those forums before meeting in real life and forming a support group of sorts. The process is long, expensive, and stressful on many different levels and it doesn't end with getting the green card or citizenship. It's nice to be able to get together and commiserate.
  9. That's true, too. None of this is making sense to me, no matter how we look at it. Jennmit doesn't look like a mastermind of fraud, but I've been surprised before. People never cease to shock the hell out of me. I think some of what's going on is real, but just as much of it is fake. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't catfish TLC to an extent.
  10. Is this available On Demand yet? I keep checking but it hasn't shown up on my end.
  11. Jenny seems to be the kind of person who expects others to take care of her. I can actually buy her calling the producers first because I could see her wringing her hands and moaning, "Oh what a blow I have been dealt, I hope the people I know can fix this for me..." But yeah, normal healthy people would be calling the embassy, not the cameramen.
  12. This is starting to sound like TEEN MOM. All these young women running around, pretending to struggle financially, when they were really drawing in big bucks from MTV. It got so hard for them to ignore it like the elephant in the room it was, that they finally just started writing the money in. Likewise, I think one of the reasons why some of these cast members act like money isn't a huge deal is because they're expecting to make money from the show. While Sharp doesn't pay more than $1500-2000 per episode, a lot of the cast members have been able to draw on their "celebrity" to supplement their income: social media adverts and testimonials, appearance fees, merchandise sold to fans, GFMs, etc. Some start "businesses" and use their "celebrity" to market it. Some even have random fans just sending them cash to "help" for whatever drama they're going through. Even some of the lesser known couples on this show have been able to pull in a decent chunk of change. It has no longevity and it's not anything they can live on, but if they hit the ground running and take advantage of what little celebrity they have right now it can offer a good chunk of change while it lasts.
  13. The awesome DIL is kinda making me regret turning down the military chick, also badass, who asked me out in college...
  14. Those all sound like valid guesses to me! I at first thought Bret Michaels for the eagle because of the bandanna and "rock and roll" stuff. But then I thought of Alice Cooper and the "106" radio station and the show he has on there (The Eagle). Also, Michaels is a reality show whore so it's plausible that he'd want to do this kind of thing. They said that "these aren't Halloween costumes" but damn it if I don't want one for Halloween now...
  15. Is it wrong that this news makes me respect Avery even more?
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