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  1. If Pole wants to impress Kreenie with Kentucky, taking her out of strip mall, urbanized Louisville would be a start.
  2. Well, it's possible that it WAS beautiful. But since they are basically hoarders we never actually saw it.
  3. Places in KY where $500 would get more than a 10x20 lot but still be within commuting distance to jobs (not necessarily to Louisville): Richmond, Berea, Elizabethtown, Lawrenceburg, Corbin, London, Winchester, Versailles, Morehead, Somerset...Even Lexington has options. If Mother Pole and Father aren't helping then why stay in Louisville? Richmond and Lexington even have South American, including Brazilian, populations.
  4. Because TLC said, "Here's more money and a ticket!"
  5. I forgot that she still has a court hearing.
  6. Yes. If they'd gone an hour outside of Louisville their budget would've stretched further. There's a 3-bedroom ranch house on an acre in my county right now for $80,000. New roof and HVAC.
  7. No, it actually was Karine. Check out the couple's thread. It got pretty bad for her. Very sad. IMO Pole has a personality disorder.
  8. The way to sell Kentucky is not to trash Brazil. Hell, that made ME defensive of Brazil and I'm literally a proud Kentuckian.
  9. I never EVER want to hear Pole explain a maxi pad again. If I hadn't had a hysterectomy 9 years ago then that would've sent me straight into menopause.
  10. Karine is more than just unhappy...she has some serious untreated mental health issues going on.
  11. If Cheesy Butt hooks up with Cheesestick for some cross-franchise queso will that mess with quantum physics?
  12. Eric-ee has a bunch of heads in his freezer, doesn't he?
  13. I think she has one. It's just that her hours are a bit...late.
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