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  1. Because a subscription service is passive income. When someone buys something off Fiverr there are steps that the seller has to take to get the product to the consumer. Services like Patreon and Only Fans are automated. All they have to do is upload regularly.
  2. I didn't take the comment as people knowing him, I took it as that he was so handsome that women were falling all over themselves when they passed him in the street. Which is still crazy...
  3. Each day I wake up and look at my husband and think, breakfast or murder? Then my stomach growls.
  4. I refuse to believe that her friends are relieved/excited at the thought of her returning to Greensboro. The only thing she contributes to the friendship is a producer with a videographer.
  5. Although I could definitely see Elizabeth Smart this week (EAS, Brigham Young University, salt for Salt Lake City, Queen Elizabeth) last week I swore serit was Monica Lewinsky (the desks from where the notorious acts took place, blue dress, scandal/controversy, front page with president, plant that I thought could represent tobacco/cigar, forced into the spotlight, clothes symbolizing Monica's foray into fashion design, etc). The clues from last week and the ones from this week didn't all necessarily fit together for her. I have some issues with the way that her ultra religious family handled the aftermath of the kidnapping/rapes, but I have MUCH respect for ES. She's done some good work. It was nice to see her do something "fun."
  6. That and, much like the RV vandal, I think some of it's just not true. I'm gonna need to see the receipts. Whitney plays victim. While I have no doubt that she does receive nasty crap, she's also the queen of required validation.
  7. Part 2 of Darcey's Journey: 1. The best part about Jesse was his family's house. It's what I imagine it would look like if Betsey Johnson directed an orgy between Lisa Frank and the Keebler elves in Care-a-Lot. 2. Jesse wears more foundation than Darcey. 3. Ridiculing Darcey for bringing more than one suitcase? Sit your ass down, homeboy. You know it takes more than that just to cart around your hair styling products. 4. I never ever want to hear anyone referring to Jesse's "sexual chemistry" again. Ever. 5. Darcey did something weird to her face, right? I swear to God it's a completely different shape. 6. My 13 yo says that in Jesse's talking heads he talks to the audience like we, not he, don't fully comprehend English. Or this planet. Or life. 7. If Stepfather Jesse truly thinks that he's a "beautiful man" and that women throw underwear at him then he may need to lay off Amsterdam's finest. 8. Darcey had way more poise than I would've had at that dinner. When Stepfather asked what was in it for Jesse I'd have said, "I don't know. Maybe my big Connecticut house, money, ability to take off and jetset for weeks on end, and clothing design business?" He didn't have to know that the house and money belonged to her dad, HOE had been defunct for years, the TV show was actually just an intro filmed by her dad and uploaded to YouTube, and the ability to travel at any time came from not having a job...Wanker. 9. All that time "introducing" Jesse to her girls, talking about blending the family, ushering him into the stepfather role...and yet I can't remember a single conversation between her and Tom about either one of their children. 10. Jesse complaining about Darcey wanting to look "perfect" all the time. Well, no shit. The people you keep introducing her to can't wait to point out the age gap and discrepancies in their "beauty."
  8. I posted screenshots upthread but there's a picture of her standing in his backyard in the springtime that they use for some of their intros. While, granted, it could've been taken last spring (a month or two after she arrived) it doesn't explain how they were able to use it last season-which was filmed more than a year ago. I keep wondering if maybe she's overcompensating in her attempt to create drama and interest. Much like I believe that Whitney Thore's tears were real when Chase "broke up with her", I think Mike IS genuinely annoyed-just not at what he appears to be annoyed at on screen.
  9. Just want you to know that I am here for you in this time of need. 😉
  10. I hate myself for continuing to watch this. I'm so weak...
  11. Nope. My mom had it 13 years ago and it's a complete lifestyle change that continues today. She's looking at it the same as the Poundicipants do-a shortcut to Thindom. That they'll now be magically be able to continue living exactly as they are now, only they'll be losing weight. She doesn't want to make any actual changes. When did Tal become such a pain in the ass? He's insufferable. I remember liking him at one point.
  12. Whitney would make a terrible personal trainer. I doubt she has the stamina to even watch someone else work out for an hour. She can't stand that long. She's one of those people who's been rewarded for minimal effort for so long that she's bought into her own hype. She probably thinks that she doesn't need proper form or stamina to be a trainer-since she's morbidly obese she thinks that the fact that she waves her hands through the motions is more than enough.
  13. You could see the look of panic straight through Will's mask. And he's right-she's not going to pass that test.
  14. You're right. And losing weight like that would totally go against brand. She's spent the past 7 seasons trying to "prove" that she can be fat AND fit AND fabulous. To do something drastic like WLS would be her saying that she's not those things, and Whitney's not going to let that go for a LONG time. Whitney doesn't want to lose weight or be healthy-she wants to be able to eat and act how she wants and for everyone to think she's wonderful for doing so. She can also blame anything that happens on fat shaming and a world that just doesn't understand. As long as she's fat she doesn't have to fix the REAL problem-her personality.
  15. "Who does he think HE is?" Um...her business partner? And if "anyone could do it" then why hadn't they done it before Ryan? Assholes.
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