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  1. Thanks to the increasing popularity and misrepresentation of the show I've noticed an uptick in weird shit people say to me when I tell them I married my spouse on the visa. I'll get "How can you be sure he didn't just marry you to get to America", and no matter how I answer people think I'm in denial. What I generally wind up saying is, "Look, we married 14 years ago and he's still perfectly fine just being a permanent resident so if he's frauding me then he's playing the long con." And also...he left his beautiful home, free medical care, and job in Shropshire to move with me to an Appalachi
  2. It's like the people who say, "We only have 90 days to decide if we want to get married!" No, dingbats, that's what you were meant to do before applying for the visa. The 90 days are to allow you to have time to plan your travel arrangements, fill out the rest of the paperwork, get settled into a new place, and get officially married.
  3. Plus, they're in a country that neither are native to and without ANY nearby friends or family. What kind of wedding were they expecting to plan?
  4. Amen! My husband and I have lived through parent death, child death, unemployment, chronic health issues, depression...but NOTHING has been harder on our marriage than having a newborn. Sumit is pissing me the hell off, and I'd like to shake some sense into Jenny. I love this whole "we only have X number of days to plan our wedding!" No, you have X number of days to get married. There's a difference. Do what the majority of those of us with the 90 day visa did-get a courthouse (or embassy) marriage, get your paperwork filed, and then plan the wedding of your dreams at leisure. Look
  5. At this point the only thing I think is genuine is Whitney's awful behavior. The scenes may be staged, but her reactions and general bullshit is all Whit.
  6. This makes sense. I also believe that her not making any friends while in Indiana was true as well. It says a lot that she wasn't hanging out with the other backup booties or the guy himself- everyone probably learned very quickly just what kind of personality she had. I wonder if originally the season was going to be about her fabulous time on the road?
  7. I'm wondering if the Avi storyline was the turning point. That may have come real close to crossing some lines that make TLC nervous. I know it seems like they DFAG about most things (domestic violence, sex tourism, poverty porn, Big Ed in general) but Whitney DOES seem very volatile. They may have decided that she was too much of a loose cannon. Re: the Chase storyline... I think there was some fuckery going on across the board on everyone's part. According to real estate records, though, Chase and Sara have been living together for YEARS. (The house They showed was a friend's
  8. Sumit's internet cafe chat with his friend was hilarious. Even his BFF knows something is wrong with Sumit. "You need to talk to a psychiatrist." I don't care what Victor has done in the past, I feel sorry for him. Dude literally has no roof over his head and almost watched his family die. Maybe it's because I live in one of the poorest regions of the US, but I also hate it when people compare standards of living across the board. I actually think Victor's house is nice for where it is and what he does. It has a kitchen, a porch, a bedroom, is within walking distance to the beach...
  9. I struggled through the first episode. It wasn't just that it was trashy, I LOVE trashy, but it had an even bigger sin-it was boring. I've seen Jesse's posts on Instagram with Jenniffer and I absolutely believe it's all fake, probably contrived by Jesse himself.
  10. I have a friend who teaches writing at the university in Greensboro. She works with Avi's sister. I got a little bit of dirt awhile back. The Avi story was mostly real. It's one of the only major storylines that wasn't really fake. The majority of it happened offscreen and on social media and we didn't see it on camera. There were lots of women involved, though, and none were associated with the show. I think where Whitney exaggerated is how "serious" they really were. In reality, I think they only went on a couple of dates. She learned about the other women very quickly off camera and th
  11. I actually had some Google Play credits from my book sales so it didn't cost me a dime, lol. Trust me, I wouldn't spend money on Whit. So far the bright spot has been Jess, but she gets hidden behind Whit (no shade intended that time). Even she has issues, though, and doesn't compensate for the poor production. Jessica is a cross fit trainer, too, which doesn't always translate well in things like this. I'll let y'all know when I've left a review. We'll see if it is removed.
  12. Depends. You mean physically or mentally? 😁 My kids are big into fitness apps. I'm turning them loose with this one to get their input. So far: - there's no way to search or filter - very basic design - Whitney talks too much off topic - there's no music - production value is very low and cheap. Looks like someone recorded it on their iPhone. - poor audio-at the very least they should invest in wireless mics - Jessica does a good job of explaining the exercises and walking you through them, but Whitney's "modified" version is basically just her sitting
  13. I downloaded the app to see all the fuss. I'll update you on how it goes. I'm trying to go into it open minded.
  14. Look, I wouldn't care at ALL if my trainer was overweight. I DO, however, expect my personal trainer to have a basic level of fitness and mobility. I'm a lazy enough fucker as it is, I don't need a trainer who spends 80% of their time in bed and needs someone else to the their shoes.
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