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  1. Yep, EDS. I have VEDS, but I also have hypermobility issues.
  2. As someone with a connective tissue disorder that causes chronic dislocations, including rib poppings every month, I don't buy it.
  3. Honestly? I don't think this couple IS fake. I think they're pretty much the despicable people they appear to be. We know that they get married and that he most likely does not get on that plane, but I think all that blubbering and carrying on is legit. It's almost too weird not to be.
  4. Or even the Sleepaway Camp...
  5. Cast members always complain about how the "editing"makes them look, but it's clear from Laura's case that the editing gods were MUCH kinder to her then they could've been. However did she manage to hide most of that crazy while she was filming?
  6. If I were Anna I'd not only be pissed that he wanted to hide my kids, but also that he threw me under the bus to his parents. Loyalty is the very least of what he should show her.
  7. No, you're right. We saw that information. Wait until next week when Mursel gallantly decides to stand up and be a 40 year old man and not get on the plane and they all live happily ever after. 😜
  8. Was I the only one cheering Mursel on to go? I don't like him, but Anna was being majorly manipulative. She was low-key baiting him and pushing him. Like a parent who doesn't want to discipline a child: "if you do that one more time then I'm going to..." GFC woman, let him go!
  9. Aniko is as cute as a button. Meanwhile Darcey tries to photobomb. (Spoiler alert: she fails) Sorry, it won't embed. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7FcSn4FeQOhAPoOoSALOmC-D7k8rU9dIFNV0Q0/?hl=en
  10. I asked for a ring light for Christmas. *hangs head in shame*
  11. Honestly, this poster is so busy that I can't even tell what the event is and what's going on...
  12. This "fairly overweight" woman looks pretty average to me. In fact, I wouldn't have noticed her weight if it wasn't pointed out. She is a single woman who is subjectively attractive and she has a good job and a house. Nebraska isn't the acrctic-she lives in a metro area that has a pop of almost 1 million people. 38 isn't akin to being dead on the hook, it is barely even middle aged and even then it doesn't mean women are no longer desired. Unlike in Hollywood, in the real world women continue to love and live fulfilling lives and attract men even after they leave their 20s. We don't know how hard she looked for a man or if she even looked at all. She met Mrsa in a beekeeping group, not on a dating site. The fact that she is trying to marry a foreigner does not mean that she went through the entire Match.com database for the midwest and was turned down by everyone.
  13. I think it's probably in their contract. The show wants to frame the whole visa/situation as "they have 90 days to find out if they want to get married." That's not what the 90 days are for. It's not a "getting to know you" stage, it's a wedding planning stage. By the time you get the visa you should already know you want to marry that person. They're not quite portraying the visa and that time period in the way that it's normally used. In reality, most of us go to the court house not long after the fiance/ee arrives and then do a bigger ceremony later. Nobody wants to wait 90 days because everyone wants to get the work permit and status change applied for ASAP.
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