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  1. Re-watched the part of him massaging her feet and, honestly, the look on his face makes me super uncomfortable. The looks on her face are comedy gold. She actually recoils several times. Methinks a dude who smells like sweat and spoilt egg salad and hasn't had sex in 28 years ought not be so picky over leg fuzz. IMO asking someone to shave like that is something that should be delayed until the third or fourth date at least. (I think it's rude in general) Also, if he's going to use it as a bargaining tool (shave or we won't have sex) then he might be in for a rude awakening.
  2. Although I wanted to laugh my head off, every time the camera over panned to Lisa I thought, eh, he's gotta do and see horrible things when he returns to the hotel room, so I took some pity on him.
  3. Me too. The one thing I have learned is that perceived celebrity does not hold women, or men, back from "investing." Hell, Farrah Abraham presents herself as a "top female celebrity" (ha) and portrays her life as ultra glamorous and yet men buy crap for her off her Amazon wish list every day-and it's stuff like plates.
  4. I'm binging a watch through again and so far this is the only possible crack sighting...
  5. Yeah, I think he might. I went to high school with this girl who tried so hard to be the quirky, cool chick who marched to the beat of her own drum. She was a little nerdy, went out of her way to be weird, and let her freak flag fly high. (I can say this because I also carried said flag.) In reality, though, she was really just a Regina George without the posse. She was a horrid, hateful person who manipulated people through her "weird girl" persona.
  6. Yeah, all the hotels appear to fall into the same category. You can upgrade rooms, but I don't think you'd see a huge difference. Some of the others were maybe better decorated, but you're not going to see an increase in quality when it comes to beds. I felt bad for Usman, too. Not only do I think he looked hurt, I think he looked a little embarrassed. That's his home and, naturally, he'd have pride in it. I'm sure he doesn't like her ridiculing things about it.
  7. The only time that I could take her seriously was when she told Sojaboy that she was "scared" when he went out to "walk his friend to the car" and was gone forever. Granted, she had the film crew with her, but I felt that was the only halfway legitimate concern she expressed. I didn't agree with anything she said, and I still can't stand her, but I think she vastly underestimated what people would make of her presence there and at that point she finally got a dose of "oh shit, I'm in a foreign country where I may not be safe and people might not want me here" reality. I think she went there thinking she was untouchable as the "white American girlfriend" of a "celebrity". Disclaimer: please don't take this as me feeling sorry for BGL.
  8. Tom with his 45 degree angle and duck lips and Usman with his fronting towel could only ever hope to be half as cool as Little Edie marching with an American flag.
  9. Yes, I know that. I think you knew who I meant, but does it REALLY matter? All these assholes start running together after awhile. They may as well be named Caesavidmichaeleffrey
  10. I think it's weird that Big Ed, or anyone, would try to be lovey dovey and erotic like that with a film crew in the room. That's just weird. I also feel like that's WHY he was doing those things. All for show. I HATE that little condescending sneer David was giving Anya when she was gently trying to tell him that he was being raked over the coals. He wore that same sneer when his friends were giving him the same convo. There's something up with him. I refuse to believe anyone is THAT stupid. It's more than just being stupid, actually. He's going out of his way to be nuts. So Lisa HAS to be bankrolling Usman's "career", right? Because what she has is more than just entitlement. I was glad to see him finally standing up for himself. And like any bully, once he started fighting back she couldn't take it. Yolanda calling The Williams' accent "British" with a straight face....
  11. I know this is the third time this movie's been brought up (and I seriously thought I was the only person in the world who had seen it) but it all reminds me of KISSING JESSICA STEIN. And that these two are what my gay friends refer to as "lipstick lesbians" I'm even more turned off (no inference intended). I'm sure TLC thought that they'd be more "palatable" for certain viewers since these ladies are pretty, happy, and friendly. And while Erika is a little offbeat, she's not SO weird that she'd be a turnoff to the more conservative viewer. (My dad's family is gung ho Pentacostal Holiness and rip on any female in pants with a haircut so I gauge their reaction to most things to see what that part of the audience thinks. They like Erika/Stefanie so there's that.) I believe that Sharp came up with the idea of the boob class. I think they come up with a lot of the ideas for what these couples see and do. And why wouldn't they? They want to film shit that's interesting. They don't want their couple to go to the cinema or sit in a coffeeshop for 5 hours. Boring. I also think Stephanie knew about it beforehand.
  12. I know, right? I was dead set on it being fake until I saw older pictures of him. That crazy mop on his head goes waaaayyyyy back. Then again, I attended a rich, private* high school with a dude who was star quarterback and wouldn't step foot out of his house without full coverage foundation so who knows...maybe homeboy's been sporting his favorite rug since his teens. *I was NOT rich. I was 'po. My tuition was free since my mom worked for the university the school was an extension of.
  13. Also, regarding the boob mold date...Stephanie makes a point of saying that her online videos are very "sexual." This isn't a spoiler, she says this in the episode. After doing my homework, I concur. Although the crafting date was probably producer driven since they seem gung go at presenting this couple in a sexual way, I could see why Erika might have thought Stephanie would get a kick out of it. It wasn't a "we're all gonna disrobe one another and sensously massage each other's breasts while we suck on chocolate covered strawberries" kind of deal. It was weird and colorful and funny. It fits into the things that Stephanie has already referenced. I think that, ultimately, there's no drama with this couple so they're doing their best to create it for the show. They must've drawn the "one won't have sex" card out of the hat, which was probably just as well anyway since I don't think they're really a couple.
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