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  1. I watched an indie film (low key fantasy) called STILL and I was halfway through it before I realized Madeline was the main actress. Good film and, yeah, she really is pretty.
  2. They've started mid August+/- for at least the past 40 years. There may be a variance of days, but it's not a significant difference. Some schools might start a little earlier if they're expecting a bad winter. It gives a cushion for makeup days.
  3. It made me think of the kidnapping of Annabelle Huggins.
  4. I feel like "Annabelle" could be Kate's coping mechanism, Martin's gun (the one his dad used), or Martin himself (in a PSYCHO/Norman Bates' mother kind of way).
  5. The last shot we see of Janine in the trailer is of her running with June through bombed out Chicago. She's not in the clip of the boat. I really hope they don't kill her off. I'll gladly sacrifice June in her place.
  6. Mayday didn't get Emily out, the Martha network and Commander Lawrence did. We don't know that an actual organization helped June-all we saw were Nick and a few helpers who may well have just been sympathizers. We don't know who organized the safe house that the Handmaids were in. We only know that they got there by way of a good Guardian. Mrs. Keyes did not seem to be long to any organization. The Murrows farm was arranged by a Jezebel. All of these things depend upon inference. We assume that they're Mayday, but that doesn't mean they are. None of these situations HAVE to b
  7. The Handmaid thing is theoretically about kids, but in reality is about power and control. If it were truly about infertility and population increase then there are at least a dozen things that they could be doing differently to ensure live births. There are better ways than sexual servitude.
  8. Do we know that the stockpiles are "huge"? Show World weapons may differ from Real World weapons. We know rebels are still fighting in various parts of the country. If the US has enough to take on the European Union or Russia then why haven't they been able to knock out the rebel fighting?
  9. Same with the war in the Balkans. By the time the US got involved Bosnia had almost burned to the ground. (Quite literally in some places. I spent a lot of time there post war.)
  10. Yeah, that was weird. And if we think about, it's never felt like an actual organized group was behind most of this. A "sympathetic guardian" got them to Mrs. Keyes-a woman who was willing to help because she'd been brutalized. The Marthas got Emily and Nicole out... I don't think June loves nick, either. Emily had more chemistry with the poor Martha who got hung. Then again, it's hard for me to read Nick since IMO he has less personality than a bowl of (blessed be) Froot Loops.
  11. Milk tankers were popular during the Depression era, but they were mostly used in the UK. One milk car held around 3,000 gallons. Some had buffers. They didn't last long because the cars were so heavy that it was hard to move them. Imo they wanted the visual of white liquid and the maternity symbolism.
  12. I feel like they're setting up Aunt Lydia for some kind of redemption arc, or at least that she's playing both sides. I hope not. She and Serena both need to be punished. @greekmom gave me some food for thought. What if Mayday isn't real?
  13. Adam's foundation needs to be toned down. The differentiation between his face and neck is distracting. That's all I've got.
  14. Dannnielle is just breaking my heart. I don't think we're watching normal reality TV here, I think this drama is mostly real. That's not what I sign up for when I get invested in a reality show. It's not funny or entertaining when I wind up feeling bad.
  15. Yeah, that was my point. Maybe God isn't giving her strength or patience because he literally doesn't want her to stay in this situation.
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