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  1. Yeah, my little one was so close to getting vaccinated. I know it won't completely protect them, but I'll take whatever precaution I can. Yeah, Whitney does talk out of both sides of her mouth. She's crazy hypocritical about a lot of things. SHE can do X but others can't. It's exhausting. Re: the whole "caregiver" thing... Whitney is not her parents' caregiver. She arguably has one herself. Her parents are still of sound mind and are still physically and mentally able to take care of themselves and each other. I'm 41 and had a stroke 2 years ago. I am still able to go to docto
  2. I totally forgot about her trip to Maine! So during the pandemic, a period in which she supposedly rarely the house and saw anyone, she traveled to Maine, SSI, France (for 6 weeks), the lake house, and Asheville... It's weird when your little corner of the world gets attention like that. You feel very protective of it. I don't want to get into a whole COVID discussion, but does anyone else find her views of it confusing? She acted like she was taking it very seriously with her isolation and masks, but then took a lot of trips. She got vaccinated but now acts like she's completely pr
  3. Whit wouldn't have to worry about paying to redecorate their bedroom then because Babs and Dadwee would have more than enough dough after they collect from the resulting lawsuit.
  4. Unfortunately for the Dudezer it opened up just long enough for her to come over and plant herself there for 6 weeks. She oughta hook up with 90 Day Courteney. She also invited herself to Spanish "es no parm Corney" Antonio's house.
  5. I know lots of highly educated, religious, straight arrow people who have gotten caught up in drugs. The shit doesn't discriminate. But, yeah, he looks unwell. He's aged 10 years.
  6. Thanks! I'm bummed that Whitney got to go and I didn't. We didn't travel over the summer. Between my son's Hodgkin's Lymphoma and the pandemic we've pretty much stayed hermits.
  7. And the "fat cow" or whatever on the tour bus? You know, politely written on the banner, where it could be removed, and not on the bus itself? And the "fat leprechaun" at the parade?
  8. I hate Whitney's fake voice. "Oh, that's lovely!" She was wildly jealous of the other women. Also, that photographer looked average to me, not a "big girl." Whit enjoys putting others down. Anyone else concerned about Todd? Whititis, maybe? An allergy to toxic bullshit? That park has Native burial mounds. It's kind of a big deal. It really is beautiful. Me in the park: When your hair's the same color as the Spanish moss... Lots of bike paths around SSI. There are benches for you to stop and rest: My husband in the park: Causeway:
  9. You're not alone. My friends in the village are saying it absolutely was and that they filmed that same scene twice in different locations.
  10. I 110% believe that the fat hecklers in this situation were part of the production crew. The people I know in my SSI Facebook group are pissed. I have no doubt that this happens, but I don't believe this was organic. It wouldn't be the first time that the show has used production staff to pretend to bully Whitney.
  11. .I don't know why that posted twice... What is it with her and traveling? "It feels so good to get out!" Bitch, all you've done is go on vacation during this pandemic! Lake House, mountain house, SSI, 6 weeks in Paris...
  12. Okay, so I live part of the year on St Simon's, about 3 blocks from their rental house. 1. NOBODY would ever bring blankets or yoga mats to that park and lie down. Ever. That park is beautiful, but it's a biking/walking park and it is FULL of Spanish moss (bugs) and fire ants. Fire ants everywhere. Like, horror movie level. Picture below. 2. I'm calling shenanigans on the people who screamed at the fat girls. They were there on the off season which meant mostly locals. The people on SSI are warm, friendly, and welcoming. In the 10 years I've been there I've never heard of a fat pers
  13. I actually do, too. I was just disappointed to learn that if I'm on a tour of Italy and I stumble upon a derelict villa I can't just throw some money down and expat myself to Florence.
  14. I understood what you meant. You were using the "surface level/outside" definition of "superficial", not the "fake" one. 😊
  15. I've decided that this poor dude had NO idea that he was playing the part of her love interest. He was just some local videographer production hired when they were in France. He just wanted to earn a few extra bucks for studio time so that he could lay down some new beats. Now he's watching this whole thing unfold in horror.
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