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  1. Lots of reality stars do this. Amber from TEEN MOM is one. I don't care, some of the stuff's even cute, but it's a stretch to refer to oneself as a "designer" when the clothing in question is already made and ready to ship.
  2. Pretty sure I still have mine from the 90's-also still have this dress in red. Pretty sure it's the same one I wore to my sophomore Christmas dance. In 1996.
  3. Part of me thinks that he liked Allison because she looks younger than she is. And while they all had voids, she may have had much lower self esteem. A lot of those actors do. Keith may have realized that his relationship with Mark was more profitable than risking his anger with adultry of his wife.
  4. I think part of it is that some of them maintained outside interests, like Bonnie and the conventions. Even married to a leader she never completely isolated herself.
  5. Editing shenanigans... Despite the fact that the show made it look like the same day, the scenes of Darcey and Stacey packing and the dad sitting them down and telling them about COVID were filmed at least 2 weeks apart. They're wearing the same clothes and hairstyles, but you can see dark roots in Darcey's hair at the table.
  6. Darcey was pissed about being outvoted on LA. Even after her dad gently spoke of COVID, you could see that she still wanted to go.
  7. I'm sure they do. Mom opened a unit in a neighboring county in 1989. She didn't open the door again until 2012. (Yeah, $35 a month times 23 years...) When she FINALLY let us in there to clean it out more than half of the boxes were either entirely empty, filled with other empty boxes, or mildewed from cat pee. My husband and I took one ton (a literal ton) to the landfill. The ONLY things of value were some old jewelry boxes filled with rings. The stones were fake, but the gold was real. He and I sold them to a pawn shop without telling her. Between that and the cash we were able to put down enough money to buy our house. Sometimes I feel bad for not telling her about the rings, but none were of sentimental value and we figured that if she hadn't missed them in 23 years...(all that money socked away and the amount she was paying in storage fees and yet I didn't have a vacation until I was 18 and the school had to pay for my glasses) But yeah. I'm sure there are boxes full of garbage, too. Depending on the unit water and moisture can get in there if the stuff's been locked away for years.
  8. I can't just have people come in and clean everything out. In addition to hoarding her own stuff, she has been known to steal mine. Amongst other things, somewhere in that mess are photo albums that contain the only pictures of my dead kid. I only got 5 scanned and uploaded before she took them. She's also been known to hoard cash. There's at least $75,000 socked away in there. Maybe more. So far in cleaning out what she's let us we've found $10,000 stuffed in various boxes. Mom's opened units in other people's names and there are at least 2 in other counties. It gets complicated.
  9. Did they ever explain why Janet didn't help with the clean out? It didn't surprise me that she'd never been inside. Both of my parents are hoarders to different degrees. My mom's the clean hoarder, but she's also the bigger one and Stage 4. My dad's the dirty hoarder. He dated his girlfriend (2 years older than me) for 10 years and she never went inside his house. He always traveled to her (out of town). They can be very sneaky. My mom's house is huge. It's around 4500 sq ft. It's beautifully decorated and one of the nicest nicest houses in our county. You wouldn't see the hoard by going in. But that's because she hides it: a full basement, 3-car garage, 4000sq ft barn, and 7 (that I'm aware of, but she lies) full-size storage units. Some of which haven't been opened in 10-15 years. I know this sounds terrible, but I dread her death because of the clean out.
  10. If it's at night then I turn on the hall light and turn off the bathroom light and puke in the dark. I don't even want to see it.
  11. More than ever I think Larissa is Eric's best friend (not his beard because they're not even trying to pretend he's straight) and that he cares about her. I know she's not popular, but I felt sorry for her. I've had 13 surgeries over the past 2.5 years, and am gearing up for another one, and even though hers was elective I still felt for her recovery. Ugh. I'm glad Tammy left. Hope the door hit her in the ass on the way out. Syngin's SA seems so different from Ronald/Tiffany's SA. My feelings about Syngin and Tania have changed. I used to love him and think she was a shrew. Now I think they're both directionless slackers-she is just louder and more demanding. This won't get better. I only hope that they don't try to have a baby to "fix" things. Because they totally seem like the kind of people who would. Angela's mom makes me sad. I think it's sad to see anyone at the end of their life. She shouldn't have gone to Nigeria with her mom clearly so ill, but I hope she made it back before her mom passed.
  12. So the other day the kids and I got our a package of Saltines that we've had here for a year, maybe 2. Box had never been open, nor had the individual packages. They LOOKED fine, felt fine, but when we bit into them...*gag* They'd gone totally rancid. I knew Saltines could go bad, but not like that.
  13. It was hard for me to watch this episode. Comparing John today to the Kenny Rogers John of the past was sad. I also suspect dementia. I don't think he can take care of himself.
  14. Keith had the amazing ability to talk and talk without saying a single thing. I'm loving this series. It combines two of my biggest interests: cults and pyramid schemes.
  15. As someone naturally endowed in that area I concur. Finding jeans that will cover my ass without leaving enough room in the waist for a spare tire is a struggle.
  16. I've been saying that all along, and about Family Aseulu, too. Even if they're "acting", the fact they're willing to go along with it really says something.
  17. Is Darcey's "sexy Bulgarian" wearing a wig?
  18. "America wants to do a toast." FFS don't drag the rest of us into your ignorance.
  19. I'm about 75% positive it was comped in return for exposure. Nobody paid for that surgery, except for perhaps future patients.
  20. They have zero problems flounting their prejudice and ignorance.
  21. There's not a bad place in Croatia. I prefer it over Italy (and Croatia's coliseum is more impressive). Hvar and Mljet are two of my favorite places. My first book was a travelogue I wrote about solo backpacking through the former Yugoslavia. We were supposed to homeschool the kids this year and do a 7-month trip back there, but my son got cancer and then COVID hit. Hopefully next year. I love it there.
  22. Andrei and Libby's extravaganza looks nice, but not $15,000 nice.
  23. It was Angela's choice to go to Nigeria, but I can't help it; I still feel bad about her mom.
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