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  1. BBM And why should they? Whitney doesn't heed anyone's warnings about her health, either. I woyldn't take health advice from her.
  2. That's what was weird to me. There's nothing wrong with beer pong and flip cup and kegs. If that's what you and your friends enjoy then knock yourselves out....at your own places. I have a hard time wrapping my head around bringing it into the home of a 30something woman, a stranger to them, and just assuming it's what she would like. My problem wasn't with the "games"-it was with Ryan ridiculing Heather for NOT being into the scene (and I got a "you're a pretty girl who should smile more" vibe from him) and for them seemingly assuming that this is what their friend's gf would want in her place. Summertime BBQ with drinks around the fire and lounging on the lawn? Bring it on. We do it. The last thing I want in my brand new place, though, is a bunch of strange dudes I don't know possibly getting drunk and leaving beer cans or red solo cups all over my furniture.
  3. I'm 39 and had 2 strokes last fall. Nothing prior. I am also alone all day, since I work from home, and our nearest neighbor is a 15 minute walk away. My 74yo mom lives alone on a mountain in a house that's nearly 6000 sq ft. I worry, but she is still responsible for her own actions. I can't "make" her do a damn thing and I wouldn't even try. It's one thing to show concern and to politely express fears about your parents' health and to communicate suggestions as a family. It's a completely different story to barge into your parents' home, talk at them like they are children, and to try to rearrange their furniture without their permission. They're aging, but their mental capacities seem unaffected. Unless you're trying to prove them incompetent, you can't just start ordering them around. As previously noted, Glen still works every day. If someone in this scenario is going to have a forthcoming health scare then my money's on Whitney. Her parents may be getting older, but Whitney can hardly make it through an entire dance without stopping, and we've seen HER at the hospital with health scares, too, yet I don't see anyone showing up at her condo saying, "Okay, we've decided that you're not healthy enough to live on the 4th floor so we're moving you..." Babs and Glenn are aging, but they're still adults.
  4. And what Mitchum said to her really wasn't even that bad. She could have used that criticism to help her improve her game. I'm doing a complete series rewatch again and it always strikes me at how often Rory just folds under pressure. As a special snowflake in Stars Hollow she has the world by the tail, but in most every other situation she struggles. Paris, on the other hand, is ballsy.
  5. That's how they're doing on My 600lb Life, too. Just one Trainwreck after another. Honestly, that's why I'm having a hard time taking the crazy Natalie story too seriously. With all the frauding Sharp and the other cast have done (Tim/Jenniffer, Ashley/Jay, Evelin/Corey, a lot of the David/Annie stuff, etc) it's just really hard for me to see most of the couples as anything other than characters on a TV show. I base the bulk of my real judgment on their social media interactions. I wish they'd get Ananda Lewis. She was awesome on the UNEXPECTED tell all.
  6. I think you answered your own question there...
  7. Ryan being all pushy with Heather, trying to get her to socialize, and then making fun of her for staying quiet. Dude, you guys are not 21 year old frat kids. She's a grown ass woman with children and you're hosting a party that literally has beer games and a keg. I enjoy drinking sometimes. I like to get out and have fun and I'm a mother. Still, I've grown a little since college. Maybe Heather's idea of a good time is NOT trying to outplay or outdrink a bunch of strange men she doesn't know...
  8. It's probably not an unpopular opinion but I never bought Rory as an international journalist or foreign correspondent. Aside from some of the problems I have with her journalistic skills (IMO she wasn't pushy enough or ask interesting questions and she could be really awkward) she and Lor were so damn hypocritical and judgmental. No way could I buy her roughing it with the Red Cross in a war zone, going to tiny places where modern amenities were scarce, traversing through poverty ridden villages in Africa, build rapport with with people quickly, etc. As a journalist one should be able to be somewhat objective and I never saw that. Like when she wrote that piece about the party Logan took her to. She was incredibly bad with self-awareness. She and Lorelei tried to come across as regular, non-snobby, salt of the earth folks (we like junk food! We eat at Denny's on our road trip! We like funny, bad movies! We like cheap plastic bracelets instead of fine jewelry! We stay in youth hostels!* We have whimsical home decor!), but they were crazily judgmental about those who didn't share their likes/beliefs. I've done a ton of traveling abroad and you have to really keep an open mind to appreciate, and to begin to understand, other cultures. Rory as an author, as someone who would work quietly on their own, makes more sense to me. * regarding the hostels in Europe...In one episode they claim to dislike B&B's because they "forced interaction." As someone who has stayed in probably hundreds of hostels (I used to write for Rough Guides and Go Europe) I feel confident in saying that few things force interaction than hostels in Europe. In fact, even when I wasn't on the job I still liked staying in them because as a solo female traveler I sometimes got lonely-even though I am a bit of a loner myself.
  9. My money's on Lisa to bring on the crazy this season. I actually get a bad feeling about Big Ed. I WANT to like the little neckless pony, but something's setting off my thinly meter. Yolanda? Oh. Honey.
  10. Whitney who literally was still living at home when the show first started and having her mother perform basic acts of hygiene on her...If I weren't so over her at this point then I'd laugh.
  11. That may have pissed me off more than anything Whit's done. Heather's picked up some weight, but I thought she looked pretty. She'd clearly tried to pay attention to her appearance for the "party". For her "friend" to call her out like that and potentially embarrass her was cruel. I've gone from being annoyed by Whitney to actively disliking her.
  12. I'm not a huge fan of Ryan, but I do like how he doesn't let Whitney bulldoze him as much as her other friends do. I think he's clearly using her TV ties and social media platforms for his own gain, but why the hell not? Any of her other friends could've done it, too. I think she herself has wasted this opportunity.
  13. My 8yo daughter watched this whole thing go down and said, "What's the problem? Couldn't God have made the aliens, too? Why can't both of them be right?" When she learned that people were making fun of him for the alien talk she got even more confused: "Why is it sillier to believe in aliens than it is to believe that one man created every single thing and is watching everyone in the world at the same time?" I should mention that after a month of Sunday school services it was gently suggested that we not bring her back until she "learned more about Jesus." She was apparently "upsetting the other kids" by "questioning the authenticity of Bible stories." She was 6 and totally believed that she could grow up and join the Paw Patrol but nothing could convince her that there was a boat big enough to hold two of every animal during a rain storm.
  14. I truly believe that he watched Darcy's other seasons and used them as a roadmap, along with his penpal ship with her. He thought he'd figured out the whole fame thing and had it in the bag-he just had to pretend to be in love with her for a few months and string her along with some false promises and a dangling engagement ring. He wound up played by his own game. My guess is that more and more dudes will continue to do this to her until she quits the show.
  15. There's a lot more of that story than what was shown. For one thing, he and Jennifer HAD met before and were already broken up before filming even started. That explains the lack of sex. She was just the better actor (though they are both actors). There should be more on their couple's thread.
  16. Yeah, I don't feel as strongly about Natalie as some do, but I also don't feel like Mike is an innocent victim to her crazy. With this storyline I feel that there is a lot more going on than we realize. I don't think she's quite as nutty or that he's as passive as we've been shown. I also think it's possible to love someone without being in love with them (yet) and that's kinda where Alla was. Wouldn't surprise me if this couple was a lot like Tim and his hot Columbian-a whole bunch of nothing and manufactured drama. I like Tim more on Pillow Talk where he is clearly more relaxed and probably more of himself. I didn't care for him at all on his season.
  17. He didn't always lack a neck, either. Seems to be a legit medical thing. I don't know about any of these. Angela2.0 is eventually gonna blow. Widow Lady is gonna get her heart broken. Caesar2.0 kinda has it coming. Sure those early conversations cost money but the lady CAN move their correspondence offsite, making it cheaper if not free. I haven't gotten to know him yet but I don't think I will be able to feel sorry for him.
  18. Thanks to the last My 600lb Life episode, I've been seeing things about anal prolapse crap all day. I'm scarred.
  19. She never fully recovered and passed away about a year later. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend her funeral in the UK because she died 8 days after our youngest son died and we were still trying to figure out that fog. My FIL was here at his grandsons visitation when he got the call that his wife died. That whole fall was an awful time.
  20. Yep, that sounds about right. I've heard all the "explanations" for how Mursel may have done it, but I still don't believe it went down as shown. At most, they were already married and he got a travel permit IF he left at all.
  21. Anna and the unfortunate stretch of black, patternless fabric over the one boob...I can't look away.
  22. My MIL literally had brain surgery for cancer when my husband came over on the K1 and they wouldn't let him leave and return on the same visa-and by then we'd lived together abroad for 2 years, owned property together, and already had a kid. I don't buy it either.
  23. I happened to catch the whole Instagram/Tom drama as it was unfolding. It was entertaining for sure. The funny thing was that Tom just could not stop. At first he was replying to some of the snarky comments, like he was trying to defend himself (bad move) but then he just started replying to everyone. He was righteous and hateful and petty and it was glorious. You could tell that he thought he had the upperhand in the situation and that's what made it so funny. If he'd just laughed it off and ignored the convo then it would've quietly calmed down and nobody would've even remembered it the next day. He totally overestimated his popularity and "fan base", though. I think he's been a bit like Jesse so far-he thinks people are interested in him and follow him because they love him. It's made him think he's a star. He seriously misread the whole "reality star followers" subculture-we love to hate as much as we love to love.
  24. He must have built up a crazy high tolerance, so imagine how bad Sean must have been for him to say something.
  25. Different folks, different palates. It's all good.
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