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  1. The two eras are pretty different, though. I'm not sure which one I prefer, although I have a really strong emotional attachment to the first volume. One of my favorite moments of any comic, ever, was Cap giving Kate Clint's quiver and name, saying that she'd earned it. Kieron Gillen described the first volume as "You're 16 and have powers" and his as "You're 18 and have powers." If they were going to adapt either set, whether for TV or movies, I think the 2013 volume would go a bit more smoothly.
  2. I am quite surprised that it seems to present itself as more of a sequel to the movie, rather than a straight adaptation of the book. I'm not opposed to that, I'm just surprised King allowed it.
  3. I honestly think the book hints it more strongly about Eddie, as there's a scene in it where Eddie asks for a lick of a popsicle (ahem) that Ritchie has, despite being a germphobe. But Richie also kisses Eddie's body on the cheek after he dies. Dennis Christopher, who played adult Eddie in the miniseries said on Twitter recently had he wanted them to clearly establish that Richie was closeted. I think Bury Your Gays was unavoidable, just because of the source material. Which sucks.
  4. What about Johnny? His is on fire!
  5. starri

    The Outer Worlds

    I'm really starting to get excited.
  6. Apparently, it'll be Butterbear and Rhinokey. This show gets it.
  7. So, apparently, the DuckTales Cinematic Universe is going for an even deeper pull than what we already knew about. In addition to everything else, they're also bringing in two characters from Wuzzles, a show that I had HONESTLY forgotten existed.
  8. It might honestly be a little stuffy these days, given that we've been spoiled with excellent narrative-driven storytelling in the years since it was first published. Helter Skelter is an engrossing read, but it is VERY procedural.
  9. I may try and score some resold ones, since I waited too long to snag them. That said, I loathe the Javits Center.
  10. One cannot play KOTOR too much.
  11. Throwing my recommendation for Magpie Murders by Andrew Horowitz. If you start it, it seems like a cozy mystery at first, but there's an enormous twist that happens at about the 1/3 point.
  12. There's something about how it's filmed that just screams "Luke in the cave" to me. I mean, I know she already had her cave moment, but still.
  13. It may be a reflection of my vulnerable emotional state, but I was watching most of the Thanos battle when I was on the elliptical at the gym this afternoon, and got kind of verklempt all over again. It's still such a strange realization to me that one of my favorite things about the movie was seeing Pepper in her Rescue armor.
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