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  1. In sadly ironic timing, B5 is coming to HBOMax on Tuesday. It'll be the cleaned-up version.
  2. I'm sure the thing attempting to nibble or her pants was a puppet.
  3. Her final message on Twitter (I assume she wrote it knowing she was dying to be posted posthumously) kind of gutted me. It's somehow sobering to me that B5, not quite 30, has lost more cast members than Star Trek: TOS, which turns 55 this year.
  4. Can anyone explain to me what exactly is happening right now? None of what's been going on since DiDio was fired has made a lick of sense to me. I know he was plotting another company-wide reboot (what, his third during his tenure? Fourth?), and that got canceled--with the Free Comic Book Day introduction actually pulped. Then we got Dark Nights: Death Metal, which seemed to reboot things anyway. I figured Future State was just the remnants of 5G, but now the new Wonder Woman is also in solicits for March.
  5. I mentioned this in the episode thread, but as she was making sure Herb had his mouth shut, she was riding a bicycle with a bell....like the Wicked Witch of the West.
  6. So, Agnes' bike with the bell was clearly supposed to be the Wicked Witch of the West, right? Kathryn Hahn does so much even with minimal screen time.
  7. It sounds like she was sick for a while. I think one of the obituaries I read said it was complications of West Nile.
  8. We haven't had a Christmas-themed superhero movie since Batman Returns and I think it's overdue.
  9. If it's from We Got This Covered, be assured there is no truth to it at all. They just make shit up.
  10. The fact that she did that convention has won her massive Cool Points for the rest of her life.
  11. I got invited to the Luna beta and I've been playing around with it. I think it's better than my limited time with Stadia. They seem to be working more on the same strategy that they use for Prime Video and are working on different subscriptions you can add on. Right now, it's only Ubisoft (which is also available through Stadia), but they actually have a pretty impressive lineup.
  12. The one thing that I confess to being a little leery of is how they're going to handle the gender issues around Buffalo Bill. SotL is one of my favorite movies, but I have to do a lot of remembering that 1991 was 30 years ago, and that they tried (and admittedly failed) to be sensitive by the standards of the day. Thomas Harris is an outright homo- and transphobe, and I just don't know how you tapdance around that in 2021.
  13. A procedural would have been a straight-up waste of the material. I'm so happy they've gone in a more artistic direction.
  14. Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department. It does the same job as SHIELD, but for external (alien) threats, not internal (human) ones. The one think that's throwing me a little is that they're mixing up the time periods of the sitcoms. The first episode was a plot that was pure Bewitched, but they had Wanda styled to look like a 50s sitcom housewife (e.g. Ozzie and Harriet). Then we get the Bewitched theme and styling on the house, but Wanda was made up to look like Mary Tyler Moore on Dick Van Dyke. The pants thing is even a reference, because the network censors were very resistant to the idea of Laura wearing something that let you see her butt. I don't mind mixing the references, it just seems odd that they're not more discretely doing 50s then 60s etc.
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