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  1. starri


    Is that...GENE? This is like the Disney Afternoon version of Infinity War.
  2. And the town doctor was a woman. It's rather sad to think that was probably novel in the mid-80s. Even though that plot seemed to come out of nowhere, it made so much sense in hindsight. Mary Ann seemed to get her saucy sense of humor from her grandmother. I remember loving that when they met up with Grandma at the Mall of America on their road trip, Grandma really shaded Dawn's father, who was being a total asshole.
  3. With the BSC--in addition to Watson trying to buy Kristy's affections--Stoneybrook seemed to have two sides, the upper-class side and the upper-middle-class side. Given that Stamford seemed like a stand-in for Hartford, with its eleventy-billion insurance companies, the general lack of money problems among the families (exception for the Pikes) seems realistic. And now I can't stop thinking that Watson was neighbors with Richard and Emily Gilmore. As an aside, one of the things I really liked about the setting was that so many of the moms worked. Which also strikes me as realistic for the population Stoneybrook was likely to have. The moms who were divorcees probably had to (and that provides a need for the BSC's services), but Claudia's mom didn't, nor did Kristy's mom after she remarried.
  4. starri

    Cats (2019)

    That is...horrifying.
  5. I suppose, but is that a movie anyone thinks about any more? The only reason it's crossed my mind in the last 25 years is because How Did This Get Made covered both Look Who's Talking Too and Look Who's Talking Now.
  6. starri

    Marvel Comics: All-New, All-Different

    I was kind of right, and kind of wrong. During the conclusion to the story, called War of Realms, she ended up with Ultimate Mjolnir, but once the story was over, it transformed itself in a new weapon called Undrjarn, which is capable of manifesting as any weapon she wants. And now she's Valkyrie, and getting her own series. Yay.
  7. They're rebooting Look Who's Talking for...reasons. Just, I beg you, leave this one in the past.
  8. starri

    Queer Eye

    Apparently, one of the heroes was Jonathan's high school teacher. Please hand me the Kleenex now.
  9. starri

    Queer Eye

  10. starri

    Mulan (2020)

    The phoenix isn't Chinese, so I'm not sure about that. There does appear to be some kind of hawk with her in the trailer, which is pretty cool. The Li Shang analog is played by Donnie Yen, who is an extremely good-looking man, but he's also in his 50s, so if there is a romance, it's not with him.
  11. starri

    Mulan (2020)

    I'm in. I don't think they've said one way or another, but given that the original was very poorly received in China for deviating so much from the legends of Hua Mulan, I doubt we'll see them. I'm not even sure we'll get any kind of a romance plot either, and I'm fine with that.
  12. starri

    Babylon 5

    Per Straczynski, yes.
  13. starri

    Star Trek: Picard Anticipation

    Picard (the series) and Picard (the man) will appear alongside Discovery and the Lower Decks animated series in SDCC's Hall H.