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  1. More in the love category: Star Trek's current science advisor is Dr. Erin MacDonald, an LA-based astrophysicist who's a huge Trekkie and even says that Janeway was her inspiration to become a scientist. If you listen VERY closely when everyone yells at Kayshon for suggesting they warp to the Archimedes, you can hear Shaxs bellow "DR ERIN SAYS WE CAN'T DO THAT!" She excitedly posted on Twitter that she's canon now. What a dream.
  2. starri

    The Batman (2022)

    It had the opposite effect on me. I'm attempting an open mind, but while I do like my Batman brooding, I was really hoping for one who didn't decide to talk like he'd gargled with gravel.
  3. starri

    Scream Franchise

    I think it's pretty mediocre, but I do think it has interesting things to say about how women are treated by powerful men in Hollywood as we learn Maureen's backstory. Which makes the fact that it was produced by Harvey Weinstein deeply ironic and not in a good way.
  4. I don't know if any other season of any Trek series has pulled off what they did here. I know it was only ten episodes, and some where better than others, but there wasn't a stinker in the bunch. I loved that when T'Ana went against her regular nature and decided to hug Tendi back, she started purring. I think it's great that Tendi gets to move on to bigger things, but I'm going to miss their dynamic.
  5. I don't know when this show evolved from something that I found amusing to something that I truly loved. Cerritos Strong! What's amazing to me is that her last name, Sh'reyan may also be pulling from the novels. Somewhere along the way, the writers of the novels decided that Andorians have four genders, zhen, shen, chan, and thaan. The first two are roughly female, the latter two male. And they append their family names with the first two letters of the gender (zh', sh', ch' and th'). So Jennifer would be a shen. When there was no new Trek being produced, the books were able to b
  6. On the one hand, leaving on a cliffhanger is fine Star Trek tradition. On the other hand...GRRRRRRRR. I am really, REALLY impressed that they got Lycia Naff back as Gomez. Her telling her ensign to relax, relating her story about freaking out in front of Picard was awesome. As was Lower Decks bringing in another small bit of the novels into canon, since she was a captain there as well. Also, the horny whales in Cetacean Ops.... A wonderful episode to end a wonderful season.
  7. Freeman's RITOS workout shirt is in the official store, and I bought one in two seconds flat.
  8. starri

    Scream Franchise

    Randy definitely comes off badly when you look through 2020s eyes. I have less of a problem with him wanting to move in on Sid when she dumps Billy, but a huge one when he's followed her to college like a stalker. I mean it would be one thing if they were, like, at UCLA or something, but she's at a small private college on the other side of the country. But I don't mind his death, although it's less to do with that, and more to do with the fact that the movie needs stakes. If all four of our survivors made it through the next movie, it would feel cheap. Frankly, if all of the Core 3 m
  9. starri

    Scream Franchise

    I am…cautiously optimistic. Neve looks great, though.
  10. They either should have gone for Damian and Jon or Tim and Connor, instead of mixing it like this. I think it's great, and there should be more bi representation. But it's like they're purposefully teasing the shippers by giving them one half of the couples people want to see.
  11. I don't know if anyone else watches the TrekCulture reviews on YouTube, but while I get why a bit of the Pakleds go a long way, I utterly agreed with what the reviewer said about them: "They're not funny because they keep failing, they're funny because they keep trying." Also, the space battle was legitimately exciting, especially with the James Horner-y music.
  12. I think Gwyneth Paltrow pushes stuff that it actively harmful to the world through GOOP, but I really adored her Pepper. I didn't realize I had waited 20 movies to see her in the Rescue armor, but I wanted to audibly cheer when it happened.
  13. starri

    The Star Wars Saga

    I love the use of the almost Gregorian chant-like choral music in the scenes in the Emperor's throne room. It's maybe the only time Williams used human voices--the only one I can think of--and it just adds this unsettling air to everything. Especially when it really kicks up when Anakin uses Leia to bait Luke into attacking. Oh, so good.
  14. "Oh, David Cronenberg is back on Star Trek" is a sentence that I'd never thought I'd type. Although, why is Detmer in a gold uniform?
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