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  1. 42, no children of my own. Also, male.
  2. They also filmed the show in Canada in the fall. The weather was yucky (I think one of the girls even has a line to cover that fact), so they probably had to make it Spring Break, so that would have been a little more believable. I did love that Deidre Pike was fretting over the triplets costing her her AirBNB rating.
  3. Imma be honest, Logan gave me a vibe that he'd be quicker to squee over Cam Geary WITH Mary Anne instead of romancing her.
  4. Did they? I mean, I know they had Stacey's hearts, but I remember Claudia's handwriting being really, REALLY messy, and I don't think it was on the show.
  5. Honestly, with the exception of Book Karen (Show Karen is one million times better), I always thought Jeff was the most obnoxious of any of the girls' siblings. Leave him in LA with Jack and Gus, or wish him into the cornfield. I'm good.
  6. Yes. I wanted to applaud when Watson told Kristy "I know Karen is a lot." So much this.
  7. I really disliked the HBO series and not all of the movie really worked for me either. Rachel Shukert knocked this out of the park. I have no idea how they managed to take something 35 years old--as beloved as it is--update it for the vastly different world of 2020, and have basically EVERYTHING work. There was a book called Paperback Crush that as published two or three years ago that was a surprisingly deep dive into the history of the roots of YA and middle-grade literature. Ann M Martin managed to capture lightning in a bottle the way other authors who tried the same formula never could. The show pulled the same trick off. I loved that too. Especially Elizabeth's spit-take when Sharon was talking about dating Richard. The thing that I really liked is that even though the focus clearly wasn't on the parents, they all felt lived in and like a group of adults that traveled in the same social circles. "It's dark enough in the grave."
  8. "Have you ever heard of Queer Eye?" "Of course...they're not here, are they?"
  9. I promise to stop doing episode by episode commentaries, but I loved, loved, LOVED that Mary Anne's way of finding her voice was to tell a doctor and a nurse not to misgender a trans girl.
  10. Yeah, she was the town pediatrician in the books. I was highly confused when Stacey referred to Mrs. Johanssen the art teacher, until I realized the woman she was with was her wife. I didn't think it was possible to make the Baby-Sitters Agency more loathsome, but the 21st Century provided a method to do that. I also liked that they updated Stacey's diabetes treatment to something more contemporary. And Elizabeth made a Handmaiden's Tale joke. This show gets me.
  11. Whoa, Charlotte Johanssen has two moms?
  12. The fact that they made Karen less bratty and more like Wednesday Addams was a good call. Also, goodness gracious is Mr. Kishi hot.
  13. Vulture had an oral history of the movie that they released to coincide with the launch of the show (Rachel Shukert, one of the show's EPs used to write for them), and they mentioned they had a really hard time casting Kristy (Rachel Leigh Cook and Larisa Oleynik both auditioned for Kristy as well as the roles they were cast in, and Oleynik also was considered as Stacey). The show pretty much nailed it, though. And I gotta take back something. I couldn't really picture Alicia Silverstone as Elizabeth Brewer, because in my mind she was the perfect scatter-brained Sharon Spier. Boy was I wrong.
  14. There's no way Netflix would do cross-promotion for the Walt Disney Company. Incredibly charming profiles of the five actresses, which revealed that most of them had moms who were obsessed with the show.
  15. In addition to them having the good sense not to mess with the theme song, I liked that they included a brief sillhouette of Robert Stack in the opening credits.
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