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  1. Would it kill Square to try making a GOOD game where the protagonist is a woman?
  2. I'm definitely not a PC gamer (owning only a MacBook and a Surface Pro), but I don't like being completely beholden to digital rights. Steam giveth and Steam taketh away.
  3. Yes, although instead of foster mom, Barbara was Diana's BFF. It was a really good, and quite tragic, rewrite. Impractical with the film Diana, given that she's been in Man's World for 70 years, but I couldn't help wishing for some version of it.
  4. starri

    Author Antics

    I think Jenny ended up releasing her novella on her own. The other authors may have done the same.
  5. It would have been even better if we'd ever seen the surviving Equinox crew members again. Aside from sanding off all the edges of the Maquis characters immediately, that may have been show's biggest waste of a great setup.
  6. Having available time has only allowed me to watch the first two, but it's great. Christa McAuliffe was clearly an amazing woman, if Barbara Morgan can still get choked up talking about her after 35 years.
  7. So, we're getting the Xbox and Playstation releases within two days of each other. The former on 11/10, and the latter on 11/12. The consoles with an optical drive, the Series X and the PS5 Base are both $500. The digital-only Series S is $300, $100 cheaper than the PS5 Digital. The Series S price had me thinking about dipping a toe back into the Xbox world for the first time since the 360, but its significantly smaller HD (512 GB compared to Series X's 1 TB and both PS5's 825 GB) and the fact that that it doesn't upscale the backward-compatible games unlike all the other guys. Mulling if either console has a system-seller yet.
  8. And there was an absolutely WONDERFUL comic about fifteen years ago where Reed asked Scott to lead a replacement Fantastic Four (consisting of She-Hulk, Medusa, and Johnny's Katy Perry-esque girlfriend Darla) where the ultimate big bad was a Voltron of Doom, Kang, and Annihilus called Doom the Annihilating Conqueror.
  9. TIFF is happening right now. They have some limited screenings, but have also expanded to drive-ins and digital. Venice just happened, which was in person and extremely restrained. If we get a narrative, it'll likely be that Frances McDormand is headed toward a third Oscar.
  10. Underrepresented in the US film market, not the global one. Even the Best Foreign Language Film category has a strong European bias. Japanese films have won four times, with Taiwanese and Korean films winning once each. Spanish language films (that aren't from Spain) have been awarded a total of four. By contrast, Italy has 14. I do not believe that the film industry in Italy has that much superiority over a country in Asia. Since you mention India, from 52 submitted films, they've never won and have only managed to score 3 nominations.
  11. starri

    Author Antics

    It's so hard for me to square all that with the knowledge that she also kept her number in the phone book for a long time, and would happily converse with fans who called her. She got very sick in the late 90s, and then her husband died, and she seemed to get mean and crazy (well, crazier). And that's without touching on her Jesus fanfic period.
  12. None of the rules are particularly onerous. If an ethnically-Irish film can't somehow get 30% of people behind the camera to be women or LGBTQ folks, they'd have to be willfully avoiding it. Parasite is fine, as it starred and was crewed by members of underrepresented group.
  13. I'm sure the award movies are going to be dumped on streaming in Nov/Dec. They've already decided to allow films that bypass theaters in favor of streaming/VOD. I assume they were hoping to avoid that, which is why releases have just been dripping out, but as it continues to look unlikely that things will be any semblance of normal before at least the new year (and probably longer), they're going to have to cave to the reality.
  14. starri

    Author Antics

    Twenty years ago, she told her fans to stop and take down their stuff, which is why there is very, very little Vampire Chronicles fanfic out there. She's sicced her lawyers on individual authors. She, and Star Trek, and the X-Files, are the reasons that fanfic generally has an acknowledgement of non-ownership and naming of the actual rights holder.
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