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  1. I needed something to make my day better, and the discovery that marriage equality exists in the Ducktales Cinematic Universe pulled it off. OTOH, while Jaleel White was perfectly adequate, Gene really needed someone who can do Rip Taylor's kind of manic energy.
  2. Wait, wait, wait. Violet has two dads!?!?!?! That's AWESOME!
  3. Man, Rachel from the last episode, Nailed It!'s own Debbie Downer...I felt bad for her.
  4. SyFyWire heaps praise on Troi and specifically Picard's handling of her. The author deserves a slow clap.
  5. Mary Anne was Logan's beard anyway. Actually, given that Claudia has a landline, is this contemporary or set in the 80s? Because there's no way Kristy wouldn't have had Jeanine code the BSC an app if it was present day.
  6. Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. It causes dozens (sometimes hundreds) of polyps throughout the entire colon, and that inevitably turned cancerous. Treatment is usually a colectomy, but it sounds like this guy had already had his cancer spread when it was caught.
  7. I think we should lay the blame for that one on the movies. If you watched TNG, Picard was a mentor to Data, but if he had a best friend, it was Beverly. But if you only saw the four films, you'd think Data was his bestie.
  8. Isa Briones was the one singing "Blue Skies" as Data was drifting away.
  9. Presumably, Picard told Admiral Clancy when he spoke to her to ask for Starfleet's help. Apparently they gave her real name as General Nedar during the episode, although I missed it.
  10. Second season was announced prior to the debut of the first.
  11. I had pegged who the golem was ultimately going to be for from jump, and was kind of dreading it...but they used the plot device in a way that didn't feel cheap. Especially because that's what got us that scene between Picard and Data, which was one of the best of the entire season.
  12. I think....I ship Raffi and Seven now?
  13. I think I'm most impressed with the dedication to Claudia's outfit.
  14. Spock also managed to mindmeld with V'Ger while wearing a space suit with thick gloves. They've always been kind of loose with the rules.
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