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    So there is no longer an Alias forum?
  2. I'm a woman, and in a position that is more often held by men. Is there sexism? Sure. But in this clip, I didn't see any. There may have been other instances that happened during the event, but not from that clip. Editing played a role here. We don't really know if that particular interaction was what Adrienne was referring to, right? As to Padma's clothes, I fully believe the Magical Elves want to 'sex her up', and may even encourage her to make the overt sexual comments. I thought the dress looked pretty ugly, and momentarily mused about the sheer bad taste of whoever dressed her. I usually pay very little attention to her, as I prefer to concentrate on the people who are cooking. On another note - my friend asked me a couple weeks into the season who I liked to go to the finale. I picked Adrienne. Go me!
  3. I got to sample his Thai Gazpacho when they had a Top Chef tour bus stop at Universal Studios. It was delicious. Seriously delicious. I asked for the recipe, but never got it (he told me to send him an email).
  4. We don't really know that for sure. We don't see every minute of every conversation. These things are edited after the fact. The editors would choose that cut with Tom, as it was relevant to what was going to happen later.
  5. Tom Colicchio and Gail are my reasons to watch. The only contestant I can remember thinking he didn't get a fair shake was handsome Jeff from a few seasons ago (and maybe I am only remembering how vocal his fans were), but when I saw a montage of some of the dishes he prepared, I wasn't surprised he was knifed. He sure was cute, though.
  6. Is Annabelle Attanasio leaving the show? I really like her character.
  7. True, but that car crash right at that point was one awesome moment. If I were more athletic, I would have jumped five feet in the air!
  8. Just went through all of it. I still love the show, minus the finale. Did it have its ups and downs? Sure. Show a long term series that doesn't. The family dynamic was and is still one of the most compelling on television.
  9. I was just about to say the same thing, TomTraubertsBlue. In the end, Shirley looks good for sharing the pork belly, and Brooke got to make the dish she envisioned. The problem with the conspiracy theories about Brooke is that there are so much history with TC that shows it just isn't true. If Tom can 'bully' the panel to get his way, and he favored Brooke, she wouldn't have been cut in the first place.
  10. Who knows, Brooke's short ribs could have been so good that she could have gotten the 'W' for that course. Shirley didn't need it, and Brooke still had to cook it. I had Pork Belly for the first time at Harold Dieterle's first restaurant. It was one of the most delicious things I have had. I have had it several times after. None have come even close. So, Brooke could have just as easily had a miss with the pork belly, as a win (or a tie, as it turned out). If I was Shirley, I would do the same.
  11. Brooke's reaction on the compliment to Shirley on the dessert dish - I think she felt she lost the competition. I loved the necklace Shirley was wearing when she hugged her mom. I would have been happy with either one winning.
  12. The other chefs (who have eaten her food) seem to think she is a force to be reckoned with. Sheldon's protein wasn't good, and the tamale did it no favors.
  13. It was a great penultimate episode. Well worth watching. It was fun listening to them try to work through the challenge. No one got booted for something in the challenge that made it more difficult for them. Sheldon watched both Brooke and Shirley wrap their fish. Both Brooke and Shirley realized the pit fire was probably not going to be hot enough to crisp the skin. Watching Brooke do the test fish, and realize that she would have to go the steamed route was a nice way to see her thinking on her feet. An excellent episode without the childish drama. ETA: This was probably the second strongest group of finalist in Top Chef history. The first being the Las Vegas season. I like all three of them. Was so excited for Shirley when she talked about how being a finalist might help her family see that she is really good at what she does.
  14. I have to join the group that doesn't understand this. It is pretty clear that Brooke is a very talented chef, who had one bad moment. It certainly appears that the other chefs feel she is still the one to beat. That speaks to her talent. I'll be happy with Sheldon or Brooke.
  15. Or that part is cut. We don't know that he doesn't still do it.
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