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    Lady and the Tramp (2019)

    All the dogs they used are apparently rescues, and they found all of them homes when filming was completed. I'm not even fond of Lady & the Tramp, and I may watch this just because of that.
  2. starri

    Moon Knight

    It's Crowded in My Head: Small Talk Fists of Khonshu: Moon Knight Anticipation Not Just Marvel's Batman: Moon Knight in Other Media
  3. starri


    Breaking the Fourth Wall: She-Hulk in Other Media Single Green Female: She-Hulk Anticipation Sensational Small Talk
  4. starri

    Ms. Marvel

    Embiggen!: Ms. Marvel Anticipation Hangin' Out in Jersey City: Small Talk Kamala Korps: Ms. Marvel in Other Media
  5. G Willow Wilson, who was one of the creators of Kamala, recently announced she was leaving her current position as the writer of Wonder Woman for a top secret project. I think we've got the project.
  6. starri

    Actors You Just Can't Stand

    I think that describes her in Boogie Nights. She got her start on As The World Turns, and after it was finally canceled about ten years ago, she came back for a cameo appearance, and looked like she was having a marvelous time doing it. She's aces for doing that, in my book.
  7. Please be based on Dan Slott's run....
  8. As Secret Wars winds to a close, we're beginning to see hints of what's to come. What's up, what are you looking forward to, what are you going to avoid? Can the Marvel Universe handle becoming less meat and potatoes and a little more arty? Definitely on my list: A-Force New Avengers Ultimates Ms Marvel All-New Hawkeye Spider-Gwen Web Warriors Uncanny Inhumans Angela - Queen of Hel Extraordinary X-Men Strong Possibilities: All-New All-Different Avengers Captain Marvel Scarlet Witch Astonishing Ant-Man Spider-Woman All-New X-Men After seeing good reviews, I picked up Dr. Strange #1. It's fabulous.
  9. Disney has Hulk back now, but Universal retains right of first refusal for distribution of any solo film, which is why they haven't made one. And, regretfully, it's kept us from a She-Hulk movie.
  10. Disney+: We're making a Love, Simon sequel series. Me: Oh, that's interesting. Disney+: Ana Ortiz is playing the mom. Me: Give it to me right this second.
  11. starri

    The Lion King (2019)

    I think this is the right release year. There's nothing official, but a bunch of casting news has started dropping. First it was Donald Glover as Simba, and just a few seconds ago, Jon Favreau dropped a comment on Twitter that James Earl Jones will again be Mufasa. Am I incredibly excited about this? Yes I am.
  12. Avengers Alley was being tossed around for a bit. I hope it was tossed in the trash. Fun bit of trivia, the theme park attractions take place in the Marvel Theme Park Universe, which is distinct from the MCU.
  13. The theme park rights are kind of a mess, but basically they can use the Marvel characters west of the Mississippi and at their international parks. As @Dani points out, they can't use the Marvel name in Anaheim or Orlando, but can internationally. Orlando is allowed to use characters that aren't depicted at Islands of Adventure, which is why Epcot is getting a Guardians of the Galaxy ride and possibly something featuring Dr. Strange.
  14. FWIW, Midnight's Edge frequently trafficks in click-bait conspiracy theories. They've put out numerous videos about Star Treks Discovery and Picard that turned out to be utter nonsense if not outright lies.
  15. starri

    Actors You Just Can't Stand

    Julia Roberts is in the crew with Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon as actors I don't think I could stand in real life that I really enjoy watching in many roles.
  16. It does make one wonder if Lana and Lilly had some kind of falling out. Have they ever done solo projects before?
  17. I guess it's that time again. So, which "long overdue" Best Actor award is going to happen, Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or Eddie Murphy in Dolemite Is My Name? Both have that narrative, and they also have the home court advantage of being in movies about Hollywood. Murphy has the additional cards of playing a real person AND the AMPAS not wanting to look biased against Netflix.
  18. starri

    Anticipation for The Politician

    This reboot of Election is DARK.
  19. The second season dropped on 7/26. Discuss the antics of the contestants and handsome Hunter March with all of the teeth.
  20. starri


    Very cool concept. Very little promotion that I've seen. Drops on April 12th.
  21. I believe he has been. I can understand why he doesn't want to do it.
  22. starri

    9-1-1 Spoilers & Speculation

    They're doing this just to tease the Buck/Eddie shippers. Come on, show. They're supposed to be his daddies.
  23. starri

    Sugar Rush

    And he has all of the teeth. I dunno, I kind of like him and also think he's pretty hot. One of the guys in the earlier episodes of the second season was drooling over him, while his boyfriend was standing right there.
  24. Half Tomb Raider, half Mean Girls. I love that Michael Peña and Eva Longoria are her parents.