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  1. His sense of humor makes him a genius at marketing. His "out of the office" responses to Aviation Gin emails are hysterical (or they were in the beginning-I don't know if he kept it going).
  2. The doughnut hole monologue and the "nazi child masturbating in the bathroom" were favorites of mine, too. I agree with your last paragraph, too. I knew since situation around his death was revealed so early on that there was going to be an interesting twist coming and I did wonder what Ransom was up to, but, I have a hard time retaining things and I tend to miss little details, so I rarely figure anything out early. This was actually funnier than I expected it to be. It had the look of an artsy type of film and I tend to be a bit leery of those, having been disappointed many times before, but wanted to see it because of the good reviews. I loved it. I got such a kick out of Daniel Craig's character. All of them, really--especially Ana d Armas, whose character I had no idea would have such a big role, given how many big names were in the cast. She did a great job, especially against some real Hollywood heavy weights. I want to see it again so I can catch the little details that I missed the first time.
  3. For me, personally, it depends on the movie and the timing of the reactions. We always went to the Marvel movies one evening on opening weekend because we wanted to hear the excitement of the crowd and to be a part of that. I think once, we went to an opening weekend screening and it was quieter than the usual Marvel crowds and I was disappointed. I missed the fun. Last night, we saw Knives Out and I loved hearing a theater full of laughter. However, when I went to see Titanic in a crowded theater, a bunch of tweens would scream every time Leo was on screen and I couldn't hear whatever was being said at that moment. I don't enjoy that kind of thing (it was cute at first, but when the did it through most of the movie, it got old fast). Talking or texting over the movie is definitely rude, of course.
  4. Damn. With all the talk about Joaquin Phoenix and Adam Driver, Sandler just slips in under the radar. I hadn't even heard of Uncut Gems until last week when it was a preview at a movie I went to see. Very interesting......
  5. I didn't realize this was an unpopular opinion. I liked Us, but Get Out was definitely the better movie. I'll take it one step further: Whitney Houston ruined that song. The first part was beautiful, because, well, she's a great singer, but right after the first chorus through the rest of the song? Ugh. The best parts of that movie is the family discussion around the dinner table when the emotions from both parents got involved and the end credits (as a cat lover, bit was my favorite :)
  6. Thank you! I wonder why they did that? It was really maddening.
  7. This has nothing to do with the story line and everything to do with the writers. We are watching Lucifer and are mostly enjoying it (there are a few episodes and characters that we haven't liked, but for the most part, it's a lot of fun) and were looking forward to the episode when Chloe discovers that Lucifer has been telling her the truth the whole time. At the end of that episode, she sees who he really is, and it ends with her saying something to the effect of "OMG, it's true". I was looking forward to the fallout from that, her reaction, his reaction to her, maybe their friends who knew the truth helping her through it, etc. but instead, we get a regular episode like nothing had ever happened. Then, the season finale (just 2 episodes later) was a fantasy about what if they'd never met (or met under different circumstances). Are you freakin' kidding me with this?! I see that the description of the season 4 premiere says that Chloe insists that she's ok with who Lucifer really is. It really ought to be more complicated than that (even if only for one or two episodes). I hope it is, but even so, waiting two episodes and over a summer hiatus, must have weakened the effect. (We don't binge and sometimes it takes us days until have time to watch another episode, that's why I don't know for sure, yet, how it turns out).
  8. I didn't care for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood when I was younger. I watched it, but half halfheartedly--I thought it was too slow, but I do think Fred Rogers was a wonderful man, so I was looking forward to the movie. The movie bit slow, too, but wow, was it powerful. Tom really got the gentle mannerisms down and Matthew Rhys was fantastic. I agree that they both deserve nominations this year. I didn't just tear up during the subway scene--the tears were actually rolling. It was simply a lovely movie.
  9. The best part of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the soundtrack, but I agree that it's not worth watching after Sweet Transvestite.
  10. Totally agree. I don't think I made it through the whole movie. Give me Caddyshack, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Stripes any day. UO: I only like Mel Brooks movies in small doses. I tend to start getting tired of them by the end. I can watch individual scenes and laugh, but I think the only one I sat through without my mind wandering was Robin Hood: Men in Tights (and I only saw it once and barely remember it, except that I thought it was cute).
  11. Shannon L.

    Joker (2019)

    I finally saw this and "meh"? I don't know. It was technically beautiful film. It's not surprising that Joaquin would give a strong performance, and, while I liked it (the last part, from the time he dyed his hair and put on the make up till the end being my favorite part of the movie), a lot of it, imo, was a little over the top. But, seriously, could they pile on anymore problems for this man? He had a neurological condition, his mother had mental problems and ended up in an institution, he was adopted, but was never told, his mother allowed her boyfriends to abuse him horribly, he was beat up more than once.......seriously? It was just way too much for me from the beginning. I also found it a bit boring.
  12. I enjoyed this a lot. I knew nothing about the story when I went into it. Bale giving a fantastic performance wasn't surprising. I do think it could have been a bit shorter, though. I think I'd have cut out the last two scenes after Ken died-it seemed kind of tacked on. My favorite scene, strictly from a technical standpoint, was when Ken was working on the cars while listening to the race on the radio. The lighting in the scene was gorgeous.
  13. Damon had top billing, so Bale would probably be nominated for Supporting Actor--and, not surprisingly, deservedly so. But, while Damon was good, I don't think it was special enough for a nomination. I agree that Taron's nomination would be the award--that's all I'm asking for :)
  14. I've been reading articles about the Oscar's Best Actor race. I'm seeing Joaquin Phoenix as a front runner with Adam Driver as very possible spoiler. My best friend's son is an award winning make up artist and hair stylist and he says from what he's hearing, put your money on Joaquin. That's fine. He's a great actor and I could tell from the trailers that his performance in The Joker was going to be amazing (I'm going to see it soon), as does it appear that Adam's in Marriage Story is amazing (I'm anxiously awaiting that one, too). But, when I read of other actors who could round out the list, I'm seeing Taron Egerton either very low on the list or not on it at all. I swear to God, if his only nomination and possible win is the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, you're going to hear the scream from here. I will do my best not to become a broken record or to keep whining in this forum should he not be nominated for an Oscar.
  15. They also did an episode that included Lily's first period (not a VSE, it was just part of what was going on the episode) and I kind of liked how they handled it. Lily shut herself in her room and when Mitch and Cam realized why, they didn't know what to say to her so they called on the women of the family to help. Of course, because it's a comedy, the women came over with ridiculous pamphlets, advice and natural healing medications for physical discomfort, but in the end, Mitch and Cam kicked them out, sat on the floor outside Lily's room and, speaking through the door, told her that while they didn't know exactly what she was going through, they understood what how uncomfortable and awkward it can be when your body start to change.
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