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  1. Yeah, that's kind of what I remember, too. Bland, leaning towards preppie. It was the fun, special, "dress up like [whatever]" kind of days at school (Spirit Week!) where people went crazy. When our daughter's school had Spirit Week, they had an 80s day. Because of what we had, vs. what we could find (and afford-I wasn't going to spend a ton on one day), we had to mix looks: Ripped jeans, my husbands studded belt that hung on her hip, an old sweatshirt we cut the neck out of, Jennifer Beales style, large hoop earrings, neon, fishnet, fingerless gloves, 80s make up and teased hair held back in a scrunchy. As was said back when this discussion started: it's unlikely that anyone has, or can find, one complete look from a certain decade anymore unless they want to spend a lot of money.
  2. I loved both movies, both performances, thought Rocketman was a better movie and that Taron was better than Rami (although, I was thrilled for Rami's win), but blaming Rami? That's ridiculous. How could it possibly be his fault?
  3. I thought the dangerous sociopaths were the ones who were bullied? Or are they all suddenly super good looking and incredibly wealthy now?
  4. I'm guessing that it's safe to assume that everyone on here who was popular in high school, but lost a big event/competition, is now an deadbeat, alcoholic with a menial labor job. No?
  5. I just finished season 3 of Homeland and I'm so glad this Brody saga is over. I don't know if the writers really thought they could get us to care about him and Carrie (who is my least favorite character) but didn't work for me. The only reason I'm going to start watching the next season is because I like the supporting cast, especially Mandy Patinkin, but I'm hanging by a thread. Someone please tell me it gets better now that they're moving on to another story line. I'm skeptical because it looks like now we'll have Carrie as the
  6. I thought the same thing. It probably will look much better when it's fitted to her properly.
  7. When watching it through today's lens, it's even more impressive. We're so accustomed to having so much information in an instant, right at our fingertips, w/o even leaving the home or office, that scenes like the one with them going through all of those phone books look excruciating. It made me appreciate even more what investigators of any kind had to do back then.
  8. I've been a little more supportive than some people over the years of women getting alimony that allows them to live in a similar lifestyle to the way they did when they were married, especially if they have kids, and with a few adjustments, of course, but that budget is mind boggling.
  9. I don't think it's so much about not knowing what to wear to a certain decade--that's easy enough to find out if you don't know--but the fact that people on tv seem to be able to come up with everything they need w/o looking somewhat tacky and not like patchwork. When my daughter's school did 80s day, I knew what to put her in because I lived it, but it looked slapped together and a bit cheap because we didn't have everything we needed and had to improvise and had to buy cheap stuff that we could find that was close enough.
  10. Ainsely is my favorite (with Marlee Matlin as a close second), but I have to give a shout out to John Larroquette, who made such an impression one episode--And Surely It's to Their Credit--that when I went back to remind myself what episodes he was in, I was shocked to discover it was only one. I was sure it was at least two or three!
  11. I could probably beat that. As a huge fan of the Marvel movies.....Black Panther? Was....ok. I think it was well done and has earned it's place in the top tier of the best of those movies and I acknowledge what an important movie it is. I'm thrilled that it was made and became so popular (RIP to the amazing Chadwick Boseman who was made for that character), but there are a number of the Marvel movies that I can watch over and over and Black Panther isn't one of them. I've seen twice and I have no interest in sitting through it again and would probably only do so if I was watching it with someone who had never seen it before.
  12. This episode was weird almost to the point of being embarrassing.
  13. I can't stand Kid Rock, but it's a great picture of him and Loretta.
  14. Maybe this is a movie thing and not tv, but how many people, when getting together to talk about something serious, do so while taking a walk around the house (if you're rich and have a large estate) or the neighborhood?
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