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  1. Old Guard with Charlize Theron: It was decent movie--enjoyable enough. There is a scene at the end where the team is moving through a building as a unit, looking for the bad guys, clearing each room. The choreography of them moving safely in and out of each room with their weapons drawn that is spectacular. It was like watching a well rehearsed dance routine.
  2. It didn't occur to me when I first watched it as a teenager, but watching as an adult, I'm really impressed that Cameron Crowe didn't run with Brad getting so angry at whoever got Stacy pregnant that he was determined to find out who it was and beat the shit out of him. He asked Stacy, she declined to answer and he let it go. He was there for her and didn't make it awkward.
  3. I can't find a decent picture of this maternity dress that Elizabeth Olsen was wearing in WandaVision, but I love it. 70s maternity fashion was rather hideous, but I would have worn this.
  4. I've never watched Big Brother, but Dancing With the Stars is one that you can easily mute the host. I haven't seen it with Tyra and I never had to mute Tom Bergeron, but I did mute the first 5 seconds or so of Bruno until he was past the ridiculous descriptions of what he just watched and moved on to actual critique.
  5. This thread is a step lower than the Rage Spiral thread in that it's about shows that you enjoy with the exception of one or two things that drive you crazy, which may or may not have lead to you giving up on it. For me: In spite of how ridiculous it is (and it is ridiculous), I really like Prodigal Son. But, I have a hard time getting past how young the lead characters' mother looks. The actors are only a few years apart in age, but that isn't uncommon when tv shows do the casting. However, typically, the actor playing the kid looks younger than their age. In this show? The actress looks way too young to be these kids' mother and it makes it difficult for me to concentrate on their scenes together. Also, anytime the flaws of a character start getting worse to the point of being unbelievable: The dumb get dumber, the angry get angrier, etc. I may not give up on the show, but hate that and don't know why there's a tendency for writers to do it.
  6. This is what I wrote about Uncle Frank in the specific movie thread: It's not a perfect movie, but it's worth watching just for the powerhouse performance by Paul Bettany. Peter Macdissi is also fantastic in his role. The movie itself is beautifully shot and has a bit of charm underlying the drama....... I don't know what the Academy's rules are on movies that are made for streaming services (is there an exception this year because of the pandemic?), but, imo, Paul Bettany should be up there with other contenders for Best Actor. I haven't seen him in anything except the Marvel movies, so, while I had a feeling he could be good, it wasn't until I saw him in this role that I realized just how good.
  7. After this past year, I think we can definitely say that finding a cure/vaccine for an unknown virus, or weaponized version of one, is not going to happen inside of 48 hours.
  8. I honestly don't have a problem with Lady Gaga's dress. It was a bit much for the occasion and not my style--I thought the fabric on the top was a bit too thick and stiff--but I loved the black and red combination. Besides, she's Lady Gaga--they knew what they might be getting when they asked her. I did think the pin would have looked better if it was at least half the size, though. I thought J-Lo looked great, too (but then, I think she's gorgeous anyway), except I've never liked the bows, or whatever you call them, down the front of blouses like that.
  9. Jaden is a little odd and I don't know much about Willow, but if it's true that they could do whatever they wanted, they're lucky the kids didn't go the Drew Barrymore route. Her mother also thought she deserved privacy and freedom from a young age.
  10. Amanda Gorman takes the day, but after that, I think they were all wonderful. I don't think I could put them in order.
  11. Yeah, but it made him the perfect actor to play Hannibal Lector.
  12. Am I forgetting something? Why is it assumed that Peggy became a suburban housewife? All of the super heroes had their own homes, so who's to say that weren't living in a suburb of Washington DC or London while still working for the government? FWIW: I'm not crazy about the ending either. I'd have been happy if we'd seen him get to take her on a date and get the dance they promised each other (before she married), then come back.
  13. I could be remembering wrong, but Malcolm in the Middle seemed about right in regards to income vs. housing and neighborhood. Maybe it was a bit too expensive for them, not too unrealistic.
  14. Maybe his practice was really successful? Do successful psychiatrists make that much?
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