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  1. I agree about the jealousy, it's always bugged me, too, but I think she was more upset over the fact that Danny let Sonny take her out and then continued to dance with Cha Cha. It says to me that Danny's ego and need to win was more important than someone sabotaging Sandy's moment to possibly win with him (because until she was taken out, it looked like she and Danny were on track to win).
  2. Captain America: The First Avenger was my least favorite Marvel movie, but as I was watching a little bit of it the other day, I realized that I didn't fully appreciate the production design. They really did create a movie that looked like what a 1940s sci-fi movie would have looked like.
  3. I just watched the last few categories for SAG and it was nice to see Joaquin Phoenix make a generous, intelligible speech.
  4. I think it depends on a lot of factors. I thought Emily Blunt and Jon Krasinski could melt the screen with the chemistry they generated in A Quiet Place.
  5. Especially since, having grown up in a small town I can tell you, not all of them are the charming settings where everyone helps everyone else at the drop of a hat like you see on tv all the time (something that's been discussed in the Faux Life thread). It's not a trope, but it kind of fits here: I'm tired of the extreme sex and violence in streaming and cable tv shows. I don't mind it on occasion, but a lot of it isn't necessary. We're watching White Collar and rewatching Numb3rs and Chuck and are really enjoying them. They were popular shows, so it's not like it can't be done. I did hear that a lot of times, they'll throw in something sexual or violent if they think that a scene is going to cause the audience to get bored. So, I guess the trope is using sex and violence to substitute lack of anything interesting. If that's the case, send the writers back to the room and if it's still not working, find other writers.
  6. While there are things I like about Watchmen, on the whole, I thought it was ridiculous and I was never in a rush to get to the next episode. I'm not bothered that it's not coming back for another season.
  7. On a more humorous note, I love Steve's reaction to Diana stating that the books' conclusion was that "men were essential for procreation, but for pleasure, unnecessary". That plaintive little noise he makes just punctuates the humor of the whole scene, imo.
  8. Yeah, I don't think he deserved a nomination for this particular role. Others, yes, but not this one.
  9. I wrote on FB that I didn't understand why Greta wasn't nominated for Best Director. I very close friend of mine wrote this (bold by me): "I saw the film with several people with no previous experience of the story. They were profoundly confused by the random nature of the flashbacks. Beth is dead, then she's decorating for Meg's wedding, for example. I kept having to explain things to bright people, including a voting member of the Academy. That's why." Hard to imagine someone in the Academy not familiar with a movie that's been remade a few times, but there's at least one.
  10. I just saw Little Women. I've never read the book and have only seen the 1994 version once and that was back when it came out, so while I was familiar with the story, there was much that I'd forgotten. What a beautiful movie. It felt long, but not in a bad (omg, is this ever going to end!) way. I was happy and quite moved throughout. The performances were strong and I can understand the frustration over Greta not getting a directing nod. I was impressed with all the actresses, especially the actress who played Beth. Her scenes were so thoughtful. Those scenes with her and Laurie's grandfather were really got to me. The only real problems I had with it were: 1. The actresses weren't believable to me as their younger selves. Yes, the acting younger was good, but they all just looked their older ages to me, and 2. Timothee Chalomet. He's a great actor and I look forward to seeing more from him, but he looks about 14 years old and much younger than Florence Plugh. I couldn't shake it in CMBYN and I couldn't shake it in this one and at times it took me out of it.
  11. Ok, I have a new favorite (with 2 left to watch). 1917 is stunning. While there are other stories on the list that I like better, as a work of art, this is the best one so far, imo. The fact that wasn't nominated for best editing is a travesty and if it doesn't win for cinematography, I'll be disappointed. If it wins for best picture, I'll be happy. Definitely not just another war movie.
  12. I've been following these threads for a while, but haven't chimed in. However, as someone who graduated high school in 1987, I had to jump in and ask: did you have colored mascara? Neon. I loved Neon. Yeah, the 80s were bright (except, am I remembering correctly that preppies preferred pastels?). I had most of the previously mentioned outfits myself and the perm. I agree with the poster who said that the winning look was more Grace Jones, though, even though I really liked it. I remember stripes and polka dots being big in the 80s, too, but having stripes in every outfit on Team Stripe were way too much. Good for that one designer to try with the shorts, but that was a bad call.
  13. Good to know, thanks! I should watch it at home so I can pause and rewind as needed. That's probably not the best way to watch it, but with my subtitle problem, it may be the best I can do. I've heard this enough that I'm willing to go see it (tonight, actually). There have been very few war movies that I've liked over the years. So few, in fact, that I just stopped going to them. However, I've heard from people, who also don't like war movies, that they really liked this one.
  14. As of right now, I've seen 6 and 3/4 of the BP nominees. I'm watching The Irishman episodically and I still have to watch the last 40 minutes. I will see Little Women soon and am leaning towards Parasite, if I can find it. Of the other major categories, I have not seen: Richard Jewel*, The Two Popes*, Pain and Glory, and Harriet. *Leaning towards trying to get to them before the show.
  15. You remembered! :) Oh man.....no promises, ok? If I can find it, I may go with my son and husband because they really wanted to see it, but missed it when it was released.
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