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  1. I loved Robin Williams, especially back in the 80s. I loved his stand up, Mork and Mindy and his most of his movies. My UO is that this guy did a fine job, but I wasn't blown away by it. He would definitely do if no one else could do better, but let's screen test some people. And while I can't see anyone else looking more like Robin than he does, there are a lot of actors can pull off great imitations.
  2. I didn't exactly know all the lyrics for quite some time, but all I needed to hear was "Brown sugar, how come you taste so good?" and "just like a young girl should" and thought that it was a bit TMI and adding the "young girl" remark made it creepy. Apparently, it's an antislavery song and maybe I could buy that if it were a heart-rendering dirge, but as an upbeat song that makes people want to get up and dance? No. Just no.
  3. Thank God. I've always hated that song because of the lyrics. It was gross, creepy and horrible in every way.
  4. Good point. But, that still wouldn't stop a lot of writers. Besides, I like the way the couple is being written as new parents. They're more laid back than most of couples are usually written.
  5. I have to give The Rookie kudos again this week for avoiding a trope. This time it's the new parents who are going out to a nice dinner for the first time since the baby was born and leaving him with a babysitter. They put him to bed, set the baby monitor down, thanked the sitters and left. Not everyone has to anxiously explain a half a dozen different things, then go through that moment of two of "Maybe we shouldn't go". They also enjoyed their date without worrying about the baby and calling in a few times, just to be sure everything was ok. I was once again shocked at this alternate beh
  6. "You're living like a nun. Well, next time you're asked, say yes." I love the look she gives him 😄
  7. Does anyone remember Murphy's Romance with Sally Field and James Garner? It came out in 1985 and I thought it was a really sweet movie. There's a scene where Emma, who is new in town, asks business owner, Murphy, for a loan. She's newly divorced with a teenage son and is trying to start a horse training and boarding business. The small town banker won't give one to her because she's a woman and what do they know about business and horse training? Murphy says no and they start snapping at each other, but end the scene ok, neither really angry. I love that a little later in the movie, not
  8. Don't forget, a lot of times, they are following the director's vision. I was lucky enough to get a chance to read the script for the first movie (I had never read the books) and many times, I saw things in my head as a bit lighter and at times, even humorous, but was shocked to see everything done so serious and lackluster.
  9. I've often wondered how common it is for bad guys to have a bus pull up over a man hole (or a van with a hole cut in it parked in the right spot) so they could escape under ground.
  10. Sleepless in Seattle Titanic (I always assumed that, at her death, this was them meeting in heaven so they could be together always and that she was wearing a wedding dress) I wish I could have found a full length picture of it, but apparently, it's a white replica of this one:
  11. Michael Sheen is great. I loved how they played off of each other in Good Omens and he was the best part of Prodigal Son.
  12. I've always been really impressed with actors who can successfully do comedy, drama and really dark, evil characters because it can't be easy. I haven't seen a lot of David Tennent's shows, but I have seen some of his Dr. Who episodes and I watched Good Omens, as well as Jessica Jones and now, Broadchurch (we have 3 episodes left in season3). I am so impressed with how well he has done with all three kinds of characters. I think I'd watch him in just about anything now.
  13. Me, too. I usually get over the irritation of my perceived Oscar flubs quickly, but I'm still bitter about that one.
  14. Die Hard 4 is my second favorite. I was ok with his nomination, but I'd have rather seen Adam Driver win (full disclosure: I didn't see The Two Popes or Pain and Glory) or have seen Taron Egerton nominated and win.
  15. This one may get me barred: My favorite Die Hard movie is Die Hard With a Vengeance.
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