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  1. I really liked him in Arrested Development, but hate his shtick in Lego Masters. I don't think I've ever seen him in anything else, so I don't know more about his acting than that. In Lego Masters, during those rare, brief moments when he's being himself, he seems like a nice guy, but I don't know that for sure either, since I don't follow much celebrity gossip.
  2. Let's not forget how great Kevin Kline is at comedy. He probably didn't have as many laugh lines, but what he did was great. I can't hear anything about Rhode Island without thinking of his irritation with dinner theater and shouting "Yeah! Providence! RHODE ISLAND!!". And that scene where he refused to wear his glasses and couldn't read the teleprompter w/o Sally Field's help was genius.
  3. This scene, imo, is the funniest scene in the movie. But, as much as I love Whoopi's response, it's RDJ brings it home with "They froze the head. They put it on ice and put it back on in a precedent setting 2 day operation. I mean, will you use your imagination?", which of course, makes Whoopi's "He doesn't have a head!" even funnier. The whole 2 minutes is brilliant and they played to perfection. I can't think of anyone who was miscast in this movie. They were all excellent.
  4. I was thinking about this the other day. I honestly don't know if I'll ever watch another contagion/pandemic movie again. As for what I'm watching now, I have a lot of movies that I enjoy recorded on the dvr and am always choosing one to throw on before I fall asleep (if there's nothing on regular tv that I'm interested in). We watched The Invisible Man the other day and it was better than I expected and we're looking forward to Onward on April 3rd. We also have some interest in The Gentlemen, which we wanted to see in theaters, but never found the time.
  5. This one is shallow, but: I hated that cream colored cable knit sweater Chris Evans was wearing in Knives Out. The jacket in that ugly brown made it even worse (he looked slightly better when he took the jacket off). Those colors looked horrendous on him. The blue sweater he wore later made him look much better. Why they didn't put him in a dark blue or blue-gray cable knit and black coat is beyond me.
  6. Soap Dish is awesome. That clip about bringing Rod Randall back from the dead is the best scene in the movie, imo.
  7. We need something to laugh at.
  8. All AMC theaters are now closed for 6-12 weeks.
  9. I liked it, too. I was wondering how they would manage Maine's because it's a pine cone with tassel, but from the glimpse I got of it, it looked really nice. I grew up in Vermont, so I tend to look especially for that state in all of these "All 50 states" things, but I didn't see her last night. Did they show her at all? I googled it, but only a name came up with no images except group ones from last night's show. I'd like to see all of them and their bouquets because when I checked out the state flowers last night, some of them looked like they'd be tough to work into one.
  10. I just got an email from AMC Theaters. From today until the end of April, they are blocking off half of their theater seats and, in auditoriums with more than 500 seats, they are limiting them to 250 guests. They also outlined the extra steps they are taking in regards to cleaning highly touched areas.
  11. I go every Friday morning. Last week, everything was normal. Today it is absolutely batshit crazy. Tons of things sold out and long lines. As someone whose 72 year old mother has been fighting cancer valiantly off and on for 6 years now, determined to either outlive her mother or live to the age of 80, whichever comes first and who already has to worry about colds/ the flu and now this (and my 72 year old father has to worry about her and himself, too), I consider what Rudy did almost irredeemable. I appreciate the sincere apology, but I'm too worried about my mom and dad and others like them to give him much more than a "yeah, ok, thanks."
  12. What I want to know is, if they have those complaints all the time, why don't they change the lighting? Also want to know why, if Randy didn't want two brides to have the same dress, did he bring in one that another bride had already chose?
  13. I've heard dozens of people over the years say that no one cares for the lower awards (cinematography, sound, editing, etc), but the two snubs that I'm still flabbergasted by (not including Rocketman this year) were Baby Driver not winning in the sound categories and Bad Times at the El Royale not even getting nominated for set design. Speaking of Bad Times, no nomination for Cynthia Erivo and Jeff Bridges are a puzzler, too.
  14. Jumping in for the 2nd time all season. They always scream "cohesion"! and ask "Who is your girl? Would the same girl wear these?" (which is particularly annoying since if you looked at my wardrobe, you would think that several different women shared a closet), but from what we could see of Christian's collection, did you see cohesion or the same girl wearing all of those clothes? I didn't. Anyway, I think Nancy's has the most promise and maybe Sergio's and Victoria's (except that's a horrid shade of brown). I think Geoffrey's is a mess, which is too bad because I really like him (crying notwithstanding).
  15. Pretty song and she looks more beautiful than I've ever seen her.
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