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  1. I keep expecting Mac's mother to turn up now that the dad is dead. Also Riley suddenly pining for Mac came out of the blue. They always had a brother/sister vibe.
  2. From what I myself have read, most of the criticism Meghan received has been based on her action/ behavior/ personality and not the colour of her skin. I have no doubt Chelsea or Cressida would have faced the same criticism for the same actions. For what it's worth, Harry has also received a lot of criticism. The tour was fine, the woe is me interview, not so much.
  3. On the contrary, those South Africans who have suffered from colonialism will probably be less inclined to sympathise with a privileged member of the royal family i.e Markle. Taking care of your mental health is good but you still have to be professional when working and not bring up personal issues when you are supposed to be shining a light on South Africans and not yourself. It was a tone deaf move.
  4. Oh right, none of the public criticism Meghan gets is valid because she's biracial so everyone who doesn't like her or dares to criticise her must be racist. Yeah, sure, whatever. I stand by what I said. That woe is me interview was a wrong move. Given their problems which should have been the full focus of the documentary, I can imagine the poor of SA rolling their eyes.
  5. We don't know how Charles felt about the documentary. I read that he was pretty annoyed the controversy overshadowed his own documentary about his work which aired a few days later. No, personal questions aren't always asked during tours. The interviewer was a friend and the whole thing was set up.
  6. They can whine, complain, cry and seek therapy in private. The documentary should been fully focused on the people of SA and their problems. After all , the whole point of the visit was to shine a light on them. Harry and Meghan were strictly speaking, working and representing the Queen in SA. Imagine if I threw a pity party at the office. My boss would have no sympathy and yes, tell me to get on with it.
  7. It's good that Charles and The Queen can be ruthless when necessary. Harry and Meghan, take note. No more pity parties while visiting the suffering poor of South Africa.
  8. Capsule collection clothes are dull and drab and according to UK royal watchers, are from old stock. I don't think many women will be rushing to buy these very basic items they probably already have and already seen and the success of this 2 - week initiative depends on this. The white shirt is quite pricey and would be difficult to keep clean. Match it with black trousers and you might look like a waitress. Put on the black jacket and you'll look like you 're at a funeral. So yeah, I 'll take my chances among the lilac items. The thing is, I read that Marks and Spencer plus Jigsaw had al
  9. I would gladly wear those lilac blazers instead. At least I get a pop of colour. This capsule collection won't solve the size gap what with randon pieces and sizes being selected by customers and 'matched' by the labels. I read that it goes only up to size 16 and is so bland it looks like leftovers. Probably they are pieces the labels are trying to get rid of and they let Meghan select them.
  10. The capsule collection is really bland and I don't really see the point. I can' t believe Smart Works lacks basic white shirts, basic black trousers and basic leather bags. You would think pre - Meghan, the charity would be snowed under by these types of basic donated clothes.
  11. Lovely film and I can understand the focus on Freddie and his lifestyle but I wish the other three were more well-fleshed out. They had hardly any scene without Freddie in it. I had little idea what they were doing off-screen when Freddie's not around.
  12. There are perfectly valid non- racist reasons to criticise Meghan. People who don't like her are tired of being told they are racist trolls. Most of the articles I have read and totally agreed with stick to criticising her actions only.
  13. Not another Little Women remake. Why not move on to Good Wives and Little Men? It would be interesting to see the second generation plus the other kids at the home.
  14. Theon's death was so unnecessary. He died thinking he failed Bran. How did the Night King' s sword manage to pierce his front and back armour?
  15. Our hero/heroine enters the armed forces and is singled out for especially harsh treatment by the training officer for being too weak or a sissy. Once or twice our hero / heroine comes close to quitting. But he or she makes it to the graduation day ceremony. He or she will step up to exchange salutes with the very same training officer who taunted him or her. There will be a special moment. The training officer will have a look on the face that seems to say "Damn , I guess I underestimated you. You're tougher than I thought. I take back my words. You' re not a sissy." Now wheth
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