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  1. I also wondered about this. I would think perhaps the offspring of those who took the youth serum may naturally stop aging when they hit their intended physical maturity; this would make sense since TPTB don't want to risk them having offspring of their own that would turn recessive when they have children. Of course this also leads to issues like when do people "die" of natural causes?
  2. He was the product of a rape - his mother was human kidnapped by a mutant. She was raped and impregnated before escaping. If the show had gone to series, I'm curious if we could have learned if she kept and raised him or abandoned him.
  3. Plus, it was never explained why the landscape was so barren or what was causing those storms they kept avoiding!
  4. A little late on this but I always enjoyed, "The Flame & The Arrow" (1950) with Burt Lancaster. It's been referred to by some as "Robin Hood in Italy", but I love it just the same! Plus, Burt does many of his own stunts, as he had once been an acrobat. Same with "The Crimson Pirate" (1952). For a good mix of comedy and swashbuckling, I recommend Danny Kaye's, "The Court Jester", one of the funniest movies ever!
  5. I don't know why that's such a bad thing. The "blessing" could be interpreted by any deity you prefer. Heck, I'd take positive blessings from anyone regardless of religion.
  6. Big news! Nichole Brown, who plays Aisha has been let go from the cast!! I'm not exactly sure why, but it seems they couldn't find a place for her in the cast now that Tory is there. She lost a lot of weight based on her recent FB photos. It also seems she has financial troubles - she set up a gofundme page because her boyfriend totaled her car and she claims to have been sick recently. She's also on Cameo; for $20.00 she can send you personalized well wishes.
  7. I see we have the same dream! Although mine also included the ability to pay everyone a year's salary to anyone who will quit and leave Bitcheroo in a lurch and never work at the station until she's gone.
  8. Something happened to me at work last night and i'd like your opinions as to whether or not I'm making an emotional mountain out of a molehill: I came into work at the usual time and ran into a co-worker (a reporter) who was on his way out of the office as his shift just ended. We had discussed previously a story idea I had suggested a few weeks ago but hadn't heard back about it. I casually asked if he was still interested in it. He said (paraphrasing), "Look, it's been a lousy day, I've been on the job for 12 hours and I just want to go home." Honestly, I felt hurt and thought it was rather rude of him. I wasn't asking for a meeting or anything - if he was in such a hurry to go home all he had to say was, "Shoot me an e-mail and I'll try pitching it at the next meeting." and I would have been fine with that. I don't blame people for wanting to go home after work - even if you've had a good day at work. What is it with the rudeness of people today? Worse still this happened in front of another co-worker (another reporter on the same shift - she was waiting to walk out with him and just stood there). The whole thing left me with a cloud over my head the whole night. Yes, I've been treated poorly before, but this really got to me. Heaven knows how many times I've been stopped on my way out of the office and asked about something but I never behaved that way. I took the time to listen and answer.
  9. I feel like I've gone about as far as I could go in that job and I'm looking for a new challenge in my career. Speak positively about the job. Tell them how as much as you learned from your previous employers it was a fulfilling experience. **NEVER** badmouth past employers or coworkers - no matter how much they suck! Be the one who takes the high road. To learn something new, push myself to my limit, see how far I can climb. My preferred answer to when they ask, "What do you think are your biggest weaknesses?" I usually respond thus: "I push myself a bit too hard sometimes" "I'm a perfectionist - I like to get things right the first time" "I tend to see everything a a challenge"
  10. Title for Episode 2 seems to have been decoded! It's, "Little Ms. Perfect" I suspect this one will focus on Sam. I wouldn't be surprised if this were a derogatory name Tory uses to refer to her.
  11. As someone who went to HS in the 80s and to prom, none of the women wore pants. To be fair, prom was seen as that one night of glamour - to wear that special dress - even if you might not have dressed that way the rest of the year. I guess it depends on where one's experience lies.
  12. Sounds like the fox was hired to investigate the hen house murder.
  13. Some new potential spoilers for the upcoming season: Ralph Macchio posted the cover of his script for the first episode table reading (shooting to begin on September 3rd). This youtuber deciphered some of the text on the pages. The first episode will be titled, "Aftermath". There is a character called "Maria Nichols". This could be Tory's mother - which means that could be her surname. There's also an "Officer Jackson"; probably the one called to investigate the fight.
  14. I'm curious if that is due to interference from the suits at Netflix. None of this season was up to Wiseman's and Vietti's previous standards. Or perhaps they're distracted by other projects?
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