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  1. Southern NV just broke a record - 151 consecutive days without measurable rainfall! Funniest bit is it's monsoon season here!
  2. Not only did I get a sympathy card from both of my dog's vets (she went to a regular vet and a dermatologist), but the latter also made a donation in her name! I thought that was awesome! They did their best to make a tough time a little bit easier.
  3. We may have a date for the release of Season 3! According to this Youtuber, it seems it was accidentally leaked onto IMDB, then removed shortly after. A screenshot of the date was saved before it was taken down.
  4. 48 since Daniel won twice. Fewer still depending on how many other former champions won more than once. I agree it might have been nice to have all remaining champions stop by but they acknowledged them with banners. Plus, Daniel was on the committee and an active part of the community. I think so! He was an obnoxious character and rather disrespectful to his family at times, his weight or hair style not withstanding. I have heard the actor who played Anthony has indeed lost weight and changed his hair. If the character plans on returning for Season 3 (he was off at summer camp during Season 2), perhaps we'll get him involved more in the story.
  5. The Monkees' pilot is also different from the series proper. Kind of a long story, but the initial pilot to get NBC to greenlight the show received very low scores with test audiences, so the creators went back to the drawing board and made a few edits. The show finally got greenlit, but rather than air as the first episode, it aired as the tenth episode of Season 1. A different episode was filmed and used as the first episode ("The Royal Flush"). In this original pilot, the guys' pad is very different than the set they'd use for the rest of the series. In fact, it was shot at an actual beach house in Malibu (back when Malibu wasn't quite as exclusive). They also were supposed to have a manager named Rudy, who also owned a record store. At the time, teen characters on TV were supposed to have at least one responsible adult around; Rudy (played by Kurt Russell's dad, Bing Russell) vanished (along with his daughter Jill who was friends with Vanessa, who was Davy's love interest) once the show went to series. From some scenes used during the audition phase of the show/band, the guys were supposed to have worked at the record store as well in between gigs. That concept also vanished. It's also interesting to note that according to DVD commentary, the guys said the pilot was shot on a shoestring and the guys wore their own clothes and bathing suits rather than from wardrobe. The exception being their initial performance clothing, which was later replaced with the familiar red (or blue) button shirts. Even their guitar logo hadn't been developed yet and you'll notice it doesn't appear on the drum kit yet either. The Monkeemobile hadn't been designed yet, so in some early episodes, the guys drove either a Woody, or a jeep.
  6. Seriously - who asked for this? I read "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", saw the movie, and was fine with that. Why should we need to see how or why Nurse Ratched got to be Nurse Ratched??
  7. Many medications for human use are also given to other animals for the same afflictions. It's just a matter of the right strength and dosage for the animal.
  8. My mom had shingles (she was diabetic so her immune system was weakened) and no doubt, it sucks. The best thing I can recommend is using either hydrogen peroxide (the increased oxygen level kills viruses) or a silver infused gel. Neither require prescriptions and do the job well. If you go the peroxide route, use a 3% solution that does NOT have stabilizers. Check the label and see if, "stabilized" is on it. If yes, put it back. True hydrogen peroxide should only be purified water and an extra atom of oxygen. I use this brand, but there are others. You can dab the peroxide on the affected area with a swab or cotton ball. If you use silver gel, just gently smear it on the affected area and if possible, cover with a bandage; if you can't cover it, you can leave it open as long as it's not likely to get wiped or washed off during the day's activities. You can buy them at a medical supply store but a doctor recommended this brand.
  9. Only 3 times? I have a guy come monthly! Same result - no creepy crawlies though.
  10. For me it's "frustrating" and "annoyed"!
  11. They're not. Even my primary physician admitted that he only had about 4 lectures total in all of med school! He was in med school in the 80s. Unless the vet is an holistic one, they may not recommend raw meat diets (like the prey diet or BARF diet) for pets either. This surprises me since dogs were wolves once upon a time and cats are obligate carnivores. I know that when I fed my dog a raw diet, her health improved immensely and I'm certain it helped extend her life (she made it to 15). Before that she still ate meat but it was cooked. Still healthy, but less so in my research. My independent amateur research was preceded decades before by Dr. Pottenger.
  12. May I recommend this. I've had plenty of people tell me they had much better experiences with holistic dentists. I recommend this. It helps one to sleep and it can safely calm nerves. I've used it and it really does take the edge off without having to resort to prescription meds and it won't interfere with any you currently take. ITA. I have heard stories from people who saw "dietitians" who were fat and out of shape but telling them how to eat! Unfortunately I've seen many doctors of various disciplines (even veterinarians!) who recommend foods and supplements because they're little more than sponsors of said product; not necessarily because it is beneficial.
  13. I know what you mean! I began my new world of eating in June, 2019 and food is so different now! Cravings did change and foods I used to enjoy eating now don't taste the same - in anything they taste terrible! Weird isn't it? I can't eat fast food anymore anyway - makes me feel sick which is very telling! Right!!
  14. That's a pet peeve in itself: Bridezillas who always say, "It's MY day!". No sweetie - it's his day too, and that of your loved ones who hope to spend this special moment with you because they hope it will be the beginning of happy times. Miss Tacky sounds like a real piece of work! Glad you dodged that bullet! Wedding stories like these remind me of a saying I've heard: "Some [women] want a wedding, but not a marriage."
  15. I think it's about eating the type of diet similar to what one's ethnic heritage is. That can work for some, but many people are of mixed heritage so they may tolerate some foods but not others. Don't even get me started on GMOs and other edible poisons! That's a big problem (pun not intended!). I do believe in height weight proportion which is linked to one's frame (larger frames can carry more weight and weight gain may be hidden better compared to a smaller frame), but these body positive types have no clue what they're encouraging. Most women's dress sizes are not accurate anyway. Manufacturers have been aiming at women's vanity for decades! A woman who wears a size 2 now probably wore a size 10 fifty years ago! Formal wear is closer to the old sizing standards, which is why when the bride and her bridesmaids order a size 6 gown and wonder why it doesn't fit, they go berserk thinking they gained weight! If you look at old sewing patters for women, it's more about bust and hip measurements.
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