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  1. I think that can be said of many actors of his generation! They had more class compared to many in today's current Hollywood crop.
  2. Some new blinds for the merry, merry month of May:
  3. Indeed! I looked up his wiki page and he even outlived one of his children - who died last year at age 80! In honor of Mr. Lloyd, I decided to watch him in one of my favorite underrated TV shows of the late 90s-early 00s: 7 Days. I happened to catch an episode in which the character is age regressed to a young child who tells the main characters to take him home and he gives his address in Jersey City, NJ. When news of his passing broke, I looked up his bio and sure enough, he really was originally from Jersey City, NJ!!
  4. Well, a lot happened over the weekend! My station was just sold!! Meredith Corp. sold us to Gray Broadcasting - so what will happen is up in the air. I don't know if my job will be in jeopardy but since I'm just 2 years away from retiring and recently earned a scheduled merit raise, I am considering my options. I have a ton of vacation and sick days which I have saved up but they haven't told us what if anything will change regarding that or our 401Ks, etc. Anyone have any experience in this matter?
  5. Found this on TMZ - I didn't know Tom Brady had been an item with Bridget Moynahan. The boy's name? Jack of course!
  6. I don't have to necessarily know the person's name - just a description will do. My life is potentially in danger and I should at least have an idea who to protect myself from and if I spotted them on the premises, I can report what I saw.
  7. I receive an email from HR mentioning there was a "credible threat" and that a report was made to local police and [unarmed] security will be patrolling the property during all shifts and will be available for escort in and out of the building. When I asked who made the threat or what the person looked like (imagine being on the lookout for a specific person!!) She refuses to answer and says she wasn't at liberty to say. I have no idea of it's a homeless person, a former co-worker (or vengeful ex), or your garden variety malcontent who has a beef (real or imagined) with the station.
  8. I take that show with a grain of salt. There were two versions that I remember from the original show of how Fred & Wilma got together. In an early episode, Fred & Wilma met and dated in HS (Wilma goes through some old things and finds some love poems he wrote to her), the other was a flashback in which all four met at a Stone Age version of a Catskills resort in which they had summer jobs and had never met previously. Makes one yearn for Seth MacFarland's version doesn't it??!! Never thought I'd say that! Since he did so well with The Orville, maybe he would have done
  9. It just aired this week on TCM! I hadn't seen it, heard about it tough. Sounds like it was a vanity project for Liz & Dick since they were an item by then. Actually, I'm not sure what one would have looked like by 1965! They were Hippies by then weren't they? Or perhaps that was the generic term used for, "artiste"? In other summaries for the film, Liz's character was described as a "free spirit". I seem to remember seeing a hilarious review of this somewhere...... [searches fave YT channels] Found it!! I think the story had potential, it was all about t
  10. Apparently we are watching two different shows! Not that BB is up to the standards of previous seasons, but I really don't see it as that horrible. ITA! She didn't have to marry Joe if she had revealed she was pregnant, but keeping him and the other Reagans out of his life was plain wrong. I don't think so. If The Reagans had known about Joe, Jr. at the time of the pregnancy, I can still see them embracing him and even being open to his (prissy) mother. I can see Frank being disappointed that it happened outside of marriage, but not to the point of cringe. After all,
  11. You're not the only was incensed by this show - and not just because of what happened to Sharon!! They also got called out by my fave reviewers: This guy This guy and this guy. Every single one nailed what was wrong and what could have been.
  12. One of our anchors was feted on air for her fifth anniversary at the station yesterday. Last week, another anchor was feted on air for his 15th anniversary. I celebrated my 20th anniversary at the station - in January - on the inside. Bitter? Me? Nah! Meanwhile, it seems they're slowing bringing people back into the building. I found out by chance that HR (aka, "Big Mouth") has been working in the building for a couple of weeks now! Never said a word about it to me, yet my checks are still mailed to me when I used to be able to pick them up from the office at my conven
  13. ITA! I always had the image that their marriage dissolution was for the best and they had a legit reason to stay divorced. The fact that her family admitted they never really liked him seemed to cement that fact. Now they're making him out to be misunderstood and that they do belong together. At least the rest of the adults are still allowed to openly dislike him instead of claiming they were wrong or jumped to irrational conclusions. Not to mention her son - who must be at least 5 or 6 by now?
  14. Where I come from, inquiring on someone's divorce specifics (even if they're family) is considered rude, unless the person chooses to bring up the subject on their own.
  15. Come to think of it, I don't think it was! I'll have to do a rewatch. It must have had to have been a stepdad situation.
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