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  1. Well, Rose McGowan has something to say about recent political events: https://www.weaselzippers.us/441149-actress-rose-mcgowan-has-possibly-the-worst-soleimani-tweet-she-apologizes-to-iran/
  2. Irony, table for one. As someone who works in TV news, it's not just a trope unfortunately. I also blame the 24 hour news cycle and the need to be "first" even if they don't have all the facts. Then they plant the idea in the viewers' heads and there goes someone's reputation, even if they're innocent of wrongdoing.
  3. Dallas did something similar with JR. I thought it was nice change of pace!
  4. For the last nuggets of gossip before the end of the year, courtesy of Entertainment Lawyer: Eeek! Sounds like Tuesday in the world of Rock n Roll! Yikes! Must be nice to demand cash so flagrantly!
  5. I'll always remember him from Madonna's video, "Papa Don't Preach". He seemed to be everywhere after that.
  6. magicdog

    SCOOB! (2020)

    I've heard about this and I'm seriously annoyed that the current VAs who've been voicing the gang for the better part of 15 years (even though Mindy Cohen hasn't voiced Velma since SDMI ) haven't been brought in to voice the characters (though Frank Welker was brought in to voice Scooby). WHY?? Otherwise, WB could have a potential hit on its hands (or series of hits if it's not too late to introduce a new cinematic universe to theaters), but why skimp on well established VAs for characters who have been money makers for their DTVs for the past 20 years?? This reminds me when The Jetsons came to the big screen back in the 80s . It was the last hurrah for the majority of the voice cast (Mel Blanc and George O'Hanlon died before the film was released) but they replaced Janet Waldo with Tiffany of all people for Judy Jetson! OTOH, I caught a couple of Easter eggs (which early spoilers confirm) that we'll see at some point. This means we might get to see other HB heroes in new adventures (something I had hoped to see on the small screen for years) like Space Ghost, Birdman, The Herculoids, Jonny Quest, and The Impossibles. The scene at the beach where Shaggy meets Scooby seems to indicate Shaggy is alone for some reason (there are two figures in the sand that resemble a male and female), which would suggest either his parents are dead or they're rich globe trotters who don't spend much time with him. Scooby obviously in this universe, helped fill the friendship void - and as we all know, a boy and his dog is a timeless trope. The giant ship and the little robots look like something invented, plus, Shaggy mentions recognizing the Falcon Flyer (which used to fly in the old TV version). Seems like they get rescued by him during a desperate moment. I'm OK with most of the character designs so far, but I am not crazy about Fred's overall look. Being voiced by Zac Efron doesn't help with accepting it either.
  7. ITA! A 20 something neck beard who works full time should not be partying with teens (definite maturity issues there) but I'll give him points for bringing a date who was closer to his age. My guess is he was reliving his lost teen years (he wasn't invited to such parties when he was younger). Personally I won't miss the character if he's not going to appear next season. Ditto! It's time for them to bury the hatchet and start realizing they're not angsty teens anymore and that they need to start getting along. We know they can since they never want to admit they're more alike than they know. There's a great 3 part analysis of Samantha here, here and here. I don't think she's a bad person either, but she does have to start re-examining herself and her actions. I let some of it slide since teens often don't make the best decisions. Her character could be a lot worse. At least she's not like Yasmine. True - and based on what I've heard so far, there will be scenes shot at a juvenile detention facility, so someone will be going there - but who and for how long is the question. Robby was no longer in a defense posture legally since Miguel let up on him and was willing to end the fight peacefully, so if arrested, he's going to be in a lot of trouble. Speaking of Season 3, I have heard that shooting has just wrapped and we should get a trailer by Christmas.
  8. As if all the stories of the attacks at known gun free zones wasn't enough. None of these shootings occurred at places where armed employees are normalized.
  9. This and this and this and this and this and this and this
  10. Imagine if the workplace bully with a gun tried to bully someone who also carried a gun - they cancel each other out. Sort of like MAD. I know Bitcheroo would stop her bullying if she thought anyone of her victims were trained in sidearms. Not that I advocate shooting the boss mind you. Seriously, people get hurt when places are advertised as "gun free zones". People with concealed gun permits are well trained and generally quite responsible. The worse stereotype is thinking they have itchy trigger fingers. They do not.
  11. Well, I got an hour's worth of OT attending a pointless meeting about security. We're a gun free zone (even security is unarmed and is cannon fodder should an emergency occur), and those who might want the option to conceal carry (or open carry) can't. All we did was learn how to run and hide in a building that really has no safe place to go, if heaven forbid, someone decided to shoot up the place. Funny how the trainer mentioned that the motive for some workplace shooters is bullying; he asked if any of that occurred there or if we knew what it was. Everyone NOT management looked at one another. We know who the bullies are in that office and it isn't us!
  12. As far as I'm concerned, same difference. It gives a person permission to drive a vehicle and has their personal info on it. Semantics.
  13. More like, "Clown World" IMO. That's the excuse they gave us. I was present when the head of the NV DMV announced they were giving driver's licenses to illegals because "it would make them drive better". So, yeah, it's BS.
  14. In my state, they changed it because there was a sting operation and the cops found actual license and ID equipment in the house - to make authentic fake IDs for criminals. How the equipment got there was never explained (likely an inside job from an employee), so now when we have to renew our licenses, we have to wait for it to be sent in the mail.
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