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  1. Yet IIRC, Rick was diagnosed with a broken rib! Even someone with a bruised rib would be in an awful lot of pain! Even breathing would be a strain! He seemed like it was no big deal - like a paper cut! He should have his chest wrapped. As Hourman, he should have been able to pummel Artemis! Not buying even she could hurt him while he has enhanced strength. I wasn't expecting Shade to get taken out like he was, but I'm sure he'll be back at some point. Interesting how Eclipso mentioned they got their powers from the same source. What would that be? Nice to see Pat wouldn't
  2. I and the other editors get an email from our supervisor about using the same video over and over again for covid/vaccine stories. They wanted us to "do better". Excuse me, but have you considered telling the producers to take it easy on the "7 ways from Sunday covid stories"?? Everyday, we're reporting on Covid or the vaccine at least 2-3 times per hour. The video used is "file". Sometimes local, often it's from CNN or FOX. They tend to send the same old video. Even in recent packages!! We can only edit what we have access to! If you want different, then shoot it yourself! We are ex
  3. This! I loved the first season but was seriously disappointed in subsequent ones. They had the ending, Sylar was too dangerous to live anyway. The character's race had been run. I really got annoyed at later seasons of The Pretender (and the two TV movies that followed). That show was like an onion, peeling back the layers and getting a bit more about the past of Jarrod, Miss Parker, et al, and it was fun getting to a conclusion. Then it wasn't. Suddenly "The Center" (the think tank that arranged for Jarrod's kidnapping and training to be a Pretender) is now created by documents wri
  4. Agreed, but the episode gave no indication that she had legit reason for the trust issues. Not a bad ex, or Sargent had been a reformed ex-con, NOTHING! She distrusted him solely based on a news report and coincidence of the bad guy being in the area! TBH, it was like a bad sitcom joke. There was an episode of "I Love Lucy" in which she and Ethel are driving with a woman and due to a news report are dumped in the middle of nowhere because the passenger thought they were two convicts who escaped from a prison all because they matched the rough description of the cons. At least the woman wa
  5. Back to The Millionaire: The Philip Sargent Story (Dec. 1955) Sargent is the titular millionaire. He received the money shortly before he is scheduled to marry his fiancee and go on their honeymoon. The rule for recipients is they are unable to tell anyone (other than their spouse) about the money or where it came from. He plans to tell her after the marriage. He gets his money and decides to buy the cabin they had been planning to honeymoon at (which is in the mountains) and takes about 40-50K in cash with him on the trip. He and his finacee get hitched at the justice of the
  6. GAH!!! No! If they want to do a reboot, let it be similar to the original in that a 20 something model/aspiring actor is put into the body of a portly 40+ year old man. For good measure, have the 20 something guy single and a player, while the older man is [happily] married with a family. THAT would be a good adjustment to watch. Not watching a guy struggle to wear high heels.
  7. I remember he got in a lot of trouble for that joke! One of the bigwigs at NBC was friends with OJ and I hear was responsible for forcing MacDonald out of the show. Ditto! I had hoped there would have been a "Heavenly Edition" of Jeopardy with Macdonald, Ferrell, and Hammond all recreating their roles one last time.
  8. Nothing good will come of Courtney telling Cameron about what happened. He'll likely blame her and fully reject her. I wouldn't be surprised if he would run straight to join the new ISA after finding out. His grandparents will certainly see to that. I do hope they get together at some point and Cameron comes to realize his father and the ISA were no good. Interesting the ice powers are at least 3 generations long. Didn't know the grandparent had them.
  9. I saw a local stage production! Great musical! I'm sure you'll love it.
  10. Caught two more episodes of "The Millionaire" this week, which give me mixed feelings. Given it was during the first season, perhaps the writers were getting their footing, but I think the show should have been an hour long - as some things remained unresolved and no time was left to get a proper end. In, "The Joe Seaton Story", the titular winner of the million never even knew he'd won! At the beginning, we learn his wife is in the hospital after miscarrying their son. He needs money for her hospitalization and asks for a raise. He loses his [low paying] job because his dick boss chi
  11. It's definitely not a coincidence. It was alleged that Paramount ripped off the show that became B5. The idea was pitched to them, and they wanted a show to parallel ST:TNG. There were too many similarities to ignore.
  12. Quoting the best line in the pilot: Louisa [Ellen Travolta] : "Rico thinks of himself as the head of the family. The rest of us DON'T!" Seriously, I'm more likely to remember him from the Police Academy films too! His look after his eyebrows are burned off is hilarious!! He was a decent antagonist in those films.
  13. Funny! At the time the movie was in theaters, a local morning radio show was chatting about the film and the tragedy of the sinking. Then a listener called in annoyed how they spoiled the ending!!!
  14. You're correct. Contrary to what some films or TV shows may suggest, literacy in those days was near 100%. The majority didn't need to be read to unless they were blind. Topic? Today being the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, some movies related to the event are turning up. I caught "Flight 93" (2006) this morning and it's still too heartbreaking knowing what happened to them.
  15. "This is the coolest dress I could find!!" Had to love that she still didn't think of herself as being a fashion plate, despite truly looking lovely in that gown!
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