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  1. Congrats @bilgistic! You never know - if you impress these guys, they might decide to make you permanent! At the very least, maybe extend your temp status for future projects.
  2. I work in TV news and it's somewhat similar. You have to keep your true self under wraps because someone will try to exploit it to further their own agenda. Considering how many people are getting fired or having their reputations smeared for 10 year old tweets, it's a wonder people haven't shut social media down entirely! Meanwhile, corporate announced they would bring the crew back to the office in phases (imagined my surprised look/sarc). By the end of this month, more of us will be back in the office rather than from tenuous WiFi connections at home. They've installed 4 way plastic barriers on the corners of the cubicles that stretch about 18 inches in all directions. Of course how that will stop a virus, is unknown. They also put "social distancing" stickers on the floor; one in front of the snack rack to protect the cookies and chips in the break room, the chairs were removed (why eat your lunch comfortably??), and reminders to clean up after one's self are everywhere. If only they did that before the pandemic! Needless to say, hand sanitizer dispensers are hung on the walls everywhere! In the bathroom, thee's a "safety door handle" for those us us who don't want to touch a door knob after washing our hands. They also put up a sticker insisting one wear a mask before entering the building (uh huh), and outside the employee entrance, they left red social distancing stripes all the way down the walk, because people are always lined up to enter the building, especially at midnight. By always, I mean, never.
  3. I'm in a real state right now. I called a friend to chat and she tells me the worst news. Her 28 year old grandson is dying of a tumor. I was stunned. She didn't tell me the exact name of this affliction, only that it's typically seen in younger children and its affecting his ability to speak and his mobility. The tumor appeared in his back and is reaching his brain. I feel horrible. I can't sleep either.
  4. I remember her for her several appearances on Barney Miller. She appeared as 6 different characters in 6 different episodes! "Hi! I'm Lana Lane!!" Poor love starved Lana, who was robbed by her potential suitor when she prepared a romantic dinner! I didn't know she was in her 90s!
  5. Nancy Walker in addition to all her other accomplishments, will still be the waitress who shilled for Bounty paper towels! "It's the quicker picker upper!!"
  6. Allow me to put things into context: The lady initiated the conversation, not me. She asked me my opinion and I gave it to her. It wasn't what she wanted to hear. She's entitled to disagree with my opinions and if she wanted to, she could have spent her period of stunned silence to changing the subject, or maybe smile and nod in mock agreement. That's what polite people do. Instead she chose to use a VERY dehumanizing method of communication. She chose to speak to me in a rude manner and told me to turn around so she wouldn't want to continue facing me and ordering me to not speak. Again, this lady was entitled to disagree with me, but there were better ways for her to have handled it. I had seen this series of TV shows which displayed how it was to realistically live in different periods of time. ("1900 House", "Frontier House", "Regency House", etc.). It was an amazing trove of culture and manners and mores that we in the current era may not often know about nor understand. In "Manor House", the setting was an English manor house set circa 1910, with an "Upstairs/Downstairs" type setup. The maids, when dusting were expected to go about unnoticed whenever possible during their duties. In fact, if a member of the Lord's family were to be walking in the hall while the maid was dusting, she was expected to turn around and face the wall until the person passed. No talking or interacting with the person. You were furniture. That is how that woman made me feel. She in a derogatory snooty tone told me I was furniture, that I and my opinion (which she asked for) didn't matter and shouldn't be spoken. I cannot abide by that. As for my remark about her endangering herself should she risk insulting the wrong person, I meant it. I didn't hurt her nor threaten her but I was pissed! I know enough to hold myself back. There are a lot of people who don't. My dad (one of the best observers of human behavior you'd ever meet) taught me that some people are crazy enough to put someone on the floor for what that woman did to me. One day, her snooty behavior will get a bad reaction from someone who was not as restrained as I am.
  7. You can say that again! I was in line at Trader Joes when this older woman was standing behind me. I made some polite chatter and told her my thoughts on the pandemic and what it's lead to. She stared at me in silence for what seemed like a good 5 seconds. Then she told me to turn around so she wouldn't have to look at me! OK lady, you don't have to agree with me (I always welcome friendly discussions) but you do NOT go around ordering people as if they were not human! Not to mention of you do that to the wrong person, something VERY bad could happen to you!
  8. Yes, you need to warm it to better mix the ingredients, but take care not to scald. It makes things creamier! Try this one! I don't think it makes a difference. As long as the dough rises, you're good! I've baked in electric and gas ovens and while I prefer the latter for more even cooking, it came out fine. I say go for it!!
  9. With me it's getting organized. I found some chore charts that help with cleaning. Chances are your doctor has made the waiting room less crowded by limiting seating and making fewer appointments. I have found that many people cancelled on their own! I called my dermatologist for a skin issue and I was able to get an appointment just 2 days later! Normally I'd have to make an appointment 2-3 weeks in advance! When I went, the waiting room was nearly empty. I say, if it's for an annual physical or a legitimate concern, go. There are two companies who make quality steamers! They are a bit more expensive than most but worth the investment long term because they offer long lasting warranties and they don't typically fall apart after 2-3 years of use. Try this and this. I used to cook more but I've been on a restrictive diet for the past year, so most times I keep it simple. I do most of my shopping online or via local farms. This site and this site offer state by state breakdowns of local farms for meat and dairy/eggs. I also like shopping here. Prices are pretty reasonable considering the exceptional quality. I've bought several items at times and I've never been disappointed! The beef tongue is a good option since 2-3lbs goes far in a crockpot! This site has nice farm foods too and if you live in a western state, shipping is free! I've bought their eggs and lamb shoulder and they are awesome! I do some shopping at Sprouts for beef broth (when I'm using my slow cooker to tame a tough piece of chuck), but not too much else. For what little I need, I've been lucky to be able to find it.
  10. It was a bit of a rough week. My computer wouldn’t stop crashing due to it somehow never having been updated and therefore becoming somewhat incompatible with other equipment. Then I arrive to the office to find construction work in progress. Seems they’re upgrading the WiFi among other things (yay! more radiation) and not only to I have to deal with noise but someone turned off the AC so it’s getting stuffy! Luckily engineering brought a portable ac unit for me because it was becoming a distraction! We also had to scramble at the last minute due to a 6.5 earthquake in Tonapah this morning. Still don’t have much info on that yet except part of US 95 is closed due to a huge crack in it! Mom just glad it’s Friday.
  11. Ditto! The producers made it clear Julie and Danial met at Miyagi’s funeral so it wouldn’t be a stretch. I’d like to think the character became a Veteranarian or wildlife rehabilitator in keeping with her role in helping the eagle in the film. Plus Daniel will need someone to help revive the dojo.
  12. Jon Hurwitz has tweeted that there will be a death in Season three! I'm betting it'll be Kreese! True. But it's too soon. I'm sure that will be the endgame in upcoming seasons. Season 4 or 5 most likely.
  13. I'll always remember Little Richard not just for his contributions to Rock & Roll, but his infamous appearance on the 1988 Grammy Awards, in which he claimed HE won the Best New Artist Award (he was kidding of course but it was funny to see him take control of the show for a minute).
  14. I suspect they'll still be an issue especially since many of them are limiting the number of people in a building at any given time. If you can, I recommend trying to get meat (and other quality foods) through local farms if you can. Try this site, which offers listings by state. Many places will even ship to your door. I get my meats from a ranch in the Reno area of NV! Totally worth it!
  15. THIS!!! I have seen so many shows over the years in which someone wants so badly to go to a concert or other event only to give the (expensive and hard to get) tickets to someone else for very little reason!!! I remember this episode and it bugged me too!
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