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  1. Don't forget Barbara Barrie, who played Barney's wife, Liz. Technically, you could include Linda Lavin (Officer Wentworth), Dino Domenico Natali (Officer Zitelli), Alex Henteloff (as the ambulance chaser Arnold Ripner), Paul Lieber (Detective Dorsey), and Michael Lembeck (Detective Gardino).
  2. Well, Bitcheroo's minions strike again! I had an update to a news story this morning. I alerted the producers since they were running it all morning, and the news desk. Bitcheroo sent me an email last year forbidding me to sending potential news stories (ideas - because according to her I'm not allowed to have them) to anyone else in the newsroom other than the desk. I gave the link of the news update to the desk, who had the nerve to tell me if it didn't come from CNN or FOX (or the Daily Mail), they couldn't report it! The link was from a legit news organization (not one that reported on Bigfoot sightings), but they were not going to take it any further. Pisses me off no end! On a separate issue, can anyone tell me if the ladies restroom is considered a "common area"? AFAIK, it would NOT be, since only women can use it and it's not exactly a hangout. Some snot is claiming I have to wear my mask there too.
  3. I just finished watching "These Three" (1936). This movie was an earlier version of "The Children's Hour". When nasty sociopath Mary is exposed for her lies and ruining the school, her grandmother (Alma Kruger) orders her to go to her room and orders the maid to lock the door. The maid takes the brat by the arm to the stairs. Mary resists and tries to hold on to the bannister. The maid then promptly SLAPS Mary across the face! I don't know about movie audiences at the time, but I definitely cheered when she got that slap! From the maid!! Heaven knows she deserved so much more!!
  4. I don't doubt that. The problem is, it's still easy for someone to just walk right up to the glass doors and bash them in with a rock or something. I've noticed that security measures have increased plenty since 9-11 which was the beginning of using card keys, putting up fences and adding (unarmed) security to patrol the grounds at night. If *it* hit the fan, there are only 2 places in the building I'd consider safe if one couldn't get out of the building: the control booth (which is where the producer, director, etc control the show) and the studios which all have locks which require a card key to open them. Every other room would be a death trap - especially for an office shooter since all of them are enclosed by glass and can be easily penetrated!
  5. magicdog


    Another dream: This one occurred in two parts (meaning I had the dream, woke up briefly, then fell asleep again and the dream continued). I was at home when it was being besieged by Antifa/BLM type protesters. Everyone in the crowd was trying to invade my home and wreck it in some way. One guy stuck his arm through a window dangling a frog intending to drop it into my home. I tried to defend myself by getting a gun, but the gun wouldn't fire; all I could do was run to the area they were coming and try to stop them or drive them away. I felt like I was trying to keep the ocean from the shore!
  6. More Phil Spector weirdness. I'd read about the HS reunion story before - it made me think this guy was the prototypical Napoleonic complex with shades of inner rage. He also reminds me a little of Norma Desmond.
  7. Somebody seems to be expecting trouble. I came into work last night to find concrete barriers placed in front of the front entrance of the station (it's where guests typically enter, not the employee entrance, which is already gated with a card key to open it). The barriers seem to be placed rather sloppily - like trying to prevent a vehicle from being driven though the glass doors - but it wouldn't prevent anyone from walking up to them and smashing them with a rock or something. Also, the studios have been locked and one now needs a card key to get access. Of course, any employee can. Are they afraid the revolution is going to be televised?
  8. From Enty: This pisses me off because there are a lot of people who are not receiving their due benefits (CA revealed billions which werescammed from the system). I went to check - seems they did a reveal I wasn't expecting. When I added it here, it hadn't been answered. I try to use blinds that didn't have them - or even probable guesses.
  9. I don't think he's been considered A list since that song hit the charts in'79. He did have two singles that hit the top 40 though so he's not a one hit wonder technically. Actually, yes! According to Billboard, he had albums that charted, but no singles appear to have done so.
  10. At the time of her death, but did she eschew drugs and alcohol in the 80s?
  11. I thought about her but she's not primarily a singer but a dancer and choreographer. Has she a reputation for using?
  12. He's had plenty of hits and is considered a singer more than actor (though he's done plenty of both). I'm thinking Eddie Murphy. He recorded "Party All The Time" back in the 80s and he's got a rep for kinky stuff.
  13. We could narrow it down to Zendaya and Thorne - both happened to be co-stars on "Shake it Up" on Disney Channel (2010-2013) and IMO Zendaya is more of an A- or B+ (I only give her that for her Spiderman role). Did either of them appear in Drake's music video? Or any music video?
  14. Who do you think the now 20 something victim is?
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