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  1. FWIW, LIS was originally meant to be more serious and the first season (shot in B&W) is demonstrative of this. Irwin Allen had big dreams for it, but when Star Trek came on and had brightly colored aliens, someone at the network insisted LIS go color (which would have happened to any primetime show after 1966) and to feature as many campy aliens and scenarios as possible.
  2. Rosie was born in 1962 so it's possible an old Hollywood celeb puked on her circa 1969-1972. Damn it feels strange to type that!
  3. Technically it could also be Coney Island, I think Rosie 's family lived in Brooklyn or Queens when she was a child.
  4. I wonder which park this took place in as well. It couldn't have been a Disney park since they would have had the kid be able to clean up and offer free clothes to change into.
  5. I saw this and just had to post it! From Enty:
  6. As a woman I can understand wanting the attention and wanting guys to talk to you and ask for your number. I just wouldn't like being catcalled by a bunch of construction workers, drunks, and various strangers. There's a difference between being approached and complimented by guys and being treated like an objectified creature.
  7. This classic line from Footlight Parade (1933): Impresario James Cagney comes in with a woman with less than honorable intentions (ie. a gold digger). His assistant (Joan Blondell) lets them both have it. It's at the very end of the clip.
  8. Well, it's been one week with the newbie. He still has a ways to go. He's still a little green around certain edit procedures, so I suggested he bring a notepad and write down step by step how to do some of them. He's getting better but he's still slower than I'd like. I feel a bit like a drill sgt trying to get him up to speed since in the event I'm not there, he needs to take the lead. Right now I'm still doing the lion's share of the edits, which makes me exhausted mentally. The good thing is that the show is often edited much sooner than usual - probably due to my panicking
  9. Here in NV, we've been reporting similar stories. I think people are applying to appease the unemployment gods while not serious about taking what they applied for. We've also had reports of the opposite happening; people have been reporting they applied for work but never heard back from these so called desperate employers. We even ran two stories in which two different restaurants were so short handed, one closed on Sundays because they just didn't have the staff, and another was closed completely until enough trained staff could be found. Meanwhile, I began working with my new
  10. I checked the latest schedule and I'm partnered with the photog for at least 2 more weeks. I have been feeling so stressed because of all the work I've had to do to make up for losing my regular partner. Worse, apparently some mistakes were made in editing (photog sometimes edits when there's no script). I don't know if I can make it much longer like this. Like I've said, the photog is a good guy and does his best but he's not an editor. To top it all off, he isn't allowed to come in earlier to start editing. His normal shift starts at 3am. Typically it's hoped that he can go and shoot
  11. @Moose135 I hope they do allow you to continue. My edit partner wanted to keep working remotely, but she quit when they said no. It seems to be all or nothing with my employers.
  12. I think it's not to much a trust issue as a control issue. They like thinking of themselves as minor princes of their little fiefdoms. Got a little more info about the buyout: Seems Gray Broadcasting is not too keen on huge salaried talent (on camera anchors and reporters) and management. Here, most of the talent (especially those who have been working for us for some time) make 6 figure salaries easily. News Directors also make in that range (and in this market, it goes pretty far - I've seen the fancy homes they live in). It's possible they will either offer pay cuts or let peo
  13. Not to mention the voice of Debbie on "Speed Buggy"! She would always con Speedy into doing brave things when he didn't want to! I even had the lunch box when I was in elementary school! RIP Ms. Golonka!
  14. Joe Lara, and his wife Gwen died in a plane crash in Tennessee. The project I remember him best from was as one of the TV Tarzans back in the 90s.
  15. Another fragment of childhood gone. This show was my introduction to both Spiderman and and superhero cartoons in general. I know it's tame by modern standards now, but I thought it was pretty compelling. RIP Mr. Soles.
  16. Well, today was my edit partner's last day. I had not seen her in 14 months and miss her already! I wished her luck via IM and asked to to please keep in touch and let me know where she lands. She's a good kid, she'll land on he feet. I was flattered when she told me she thought it was ME (!) who helped make the nightshift easier. I don't know how (my charming personality?). But it was nice to hear! My supervisor said he was waiting for background checks to clear before new people start. He says the guy willing to be my new partner knows AVID and definitely doesn't mind the odd hou
  17. Dominoes in my world was played by old Italians and Cubans. I found it a fun game as a kid as we had a domino set. Checkers can be boring after a while - it was seen as a stepping stone to chess. I think chess is often used the way it is because it's ultimately a game of strategy and concentration. Ideally the players are thinking 3 moves ahead. Monopoly will never not be fun! But even the Flintstones used the trope of bad sportsmanship when Fred brings home a game of "Rockopoly" and gets overexcited about collecting the money the others owed him!!
  18. I remember the movie when it debuted because it was supposed to bring awareness to the problem of molestation/incest and was considered shocking for TV at the time. I can't believe they went with that ending. It should have ended with mom divorcing her husband and his ass getting beat in prison.
  19. I liked the first few seasons. It was a bit like A Christmas Story in that you see life's ups and downs as a 12 year old kid in 1968. I was already an adult when it first premiered but I could still relate to some of the things Kevin dealt with - plus the voiceovers were pretty cool. Seeing it from a black kid's perspective I don't think will change things significantly since some things are just universal (first crush, first kiss, nightmare teachers, sibling issues, etc.). If they wanted to do a Wonder Years: Anthology in which we saw less of Kevin (say 1-3 seasons) then focus on a
  20. I think it was supposed to be Long Island NY (Kevin often wore a NY Jets jacket) even though the exterior of the house they lived in screamed SoCal and no one except Dan Lauria sounded like they could be from that part of NY.
  21. More signs of "normalcy": The ridiculous blocking off of a set of restrooms for "field personnel only" has been taken down. Now I don't have to look at the garish yellow crime tape and cones outside my edit bay. Still no word on whether or not we can ditch the masks, even though the mandate has finally been lifted statewide. On another note, one of my co-workers needed me to help him track his new package on the disastrous HOV lanes. While I cannot speak for all cities, they are useless in this one. They barely get used (this is not a city for carpooling and not everyone has a
  22. I'm starting to think it would have been better to have let Seth MacFarland do his Flintstones reboot. At least The Orville is entertaining on a Trek level.
  23. I have considered that and will probably take it if offered. So far, I don't have much more to report on that front except that the deal will be finalized in December. No mention of them likely doing much in the way of cuts. My supervisor said he contacted people he knew who had worked for Gray and they had positive things to say, so it's possible not much will change for us at all. It helps that we've always surpassed out sweeps goals (how much money we brought in via sales and ratings) so it could be a case of, "If it ain't broke...." I did find out they also had the Atlanta st
  24. I think that can be said of many actors of his generation! They had more class compared to many in today's current Hollywood crop.
  25. Some new blinds for the merry, merry month of May:
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