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  1. Oooohhhhh, Gospel. Life. Rally. I thought it was saying Gospel Liferally and thought they were trying to do some play on words with literally but make it life because? Who knows because I couldn't imagine what they meant. But it's three words. 🤣
  2. When I was 16 my mom miscarried really early. My parents hadn't told us about the pregnancy, but did tell us about the miscarriage. They didn't mark it in any way. I, however, was devastated. I secretly named the baby, found my smallest stuffed animal, gave it the same name and carried it in my pocket for months. I didn't know how else to process it. My faith, at that time, which was similar to Jill's, says that any pregnancy is a child, no matter how far along. They make no distinction between 3 weeks and 30 weeks. This may be what Jill needs to grieve. I eventually stopped carrying aro
  3. Breanna has been coded as queer throughout. For me, The Card Game Job was the most obvious episode. I use queer simply because we don't know whether she's gay, bi, pansexual etc. But she's definitely not straight.
  4. Also, how staged is that photograph?! No college age men are just casually choosing to sit like that! I call bullshit.
  5. Don't mind me, I'm just over here grinning wildly about my OT3.
  6. This was all I could think about during the Technical.
  7. I've been singing the toast song ALL DAY
  8. They are so concerned about "giving away pieces of your heart" but the moment a courtship starts it's as if they'll be married for hundreds of years. What will they do about that door if the courtship ends?! Stop trying for such permanent markers for a relationship that's barely begun!
  9. I don't doubt that he is being pressured into spending money on JillR. But also the courtship model is specifically about bringing the potential spouse into day to day activities with the whole family. This is to help you see their character displayed in their reactions. On one occasion I was told "you need to see how they react when your youngest sibling spills milk in their lap". Courtship is very much about the idea that you are marrying into (and marrying) the whole family. So they are looking for Jonathan to show that he wants to babysit the youngest children and that he's happ
  10. Point in fact, most people have no idea they attend an Arminian church until they meet a Calvinist. Because it's not a term that is used much except as the opposite viewpoint of Calvinism.
  11. Ah yes, my brother once after not winning a board game declared "I would have won if I hadn't lost!" Seems like this is Ky's mentality too.
  13. I'm twice the age of these ladies and ate sushi for the first time two weeks ago. And I'm not sheltered. I've just never had occasion to go to a sushi restaurant. And I did not like it. If you put a plate in front of me on tv I'd be hesitant about eating it. I wouldn't know what anything was, other than rice and raw fish, and I'd be worried about eating something I found unpleasant. I'd much rather try something for the first time on my own.
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