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  1. Nice work, Pink Ribbons! I paused it at a spot that cut off the audience just to the right of Mercedes.
  2. Did anyone else notice Rona Thorne and Mercedes Moreno at the IIA orientation?
  3. Yes! I had no idea she lost so much weight. I almost didn't recognize her.
  4. Count me in as one who doesn't think Kevin got shot, but the ham-handed misdirection was really, really annoying. If Kevin shot an intruder why are they asking who would have a beef with him or asking about an argument with Neil? And Allison had traces of blood on her hands in the interrogation room. Flashing neon signs that Kevin is the one who got shot even though that is mostly likely not the case.
  5. I thought the soup was going to catch on fire too! (Well actually I thought they'd show Prince Chauncley moving the spoon to his mouth then cut to the hall being in flames.) Last week when the King found out the treaty was blown and said to Chauncley, "you suck" I was DYING. If you haven't seen the Extras episode with Daniel Radcliffe, I highly recommend it. He's hilarious. The episodes with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are great, too.
  6. I just watched last Tuesday's episode of Body Cam, and one of the cases took place here in Spokane. I couldn't wait to hear what a light sentence the guy got (we are notorious for having a "revolving door" jail). Sure enough, the guy has 3 warrants, is charged with car theft and resisting arrest and whatever else and gets...four days in jail.
  7. I could've sworn when she was first reported missing they said they had footage of her inside the hotel but none of her leaving. And ugh, I watched American Monster about Arthur Burney, which has already been covered on Murder Calls, Fatal Vows, and of course Snapped. I wish ID would get stop reusing cases all the time.
  8. I swear, I feel like half the stuff I watch on ID or listen to on podcasts I've already seen on Snapped. In fact, that last Evil Lives Here case was on Snapped
  9. That 911 call is what did it for me. He was so young. I missed the first few minutes, did they say where his bio mom was?
  10. Has there been a Fear Thy Neighbor before where nobody died? Why was the birth certificate of the daughter the wife gave up for adoption kept in her husband's wallet? Seems like you would keep something like that in a box or a safe in the closet. The girlfriend looked like she was on something. She reminded me of the addicts on Intervention nodding off during their talking heads.
  11. It's weird to see name (?) actors on ID. I found this on IMDB. It's got a different name but lists both Michael Ironside and Lochlyn Monroe: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt7921292/?ref_=m_ttpl
  12. What the heck is this "The Murder Shed" and is that Michael Ironside??
  13. I was honestly kind of surprised they didn't grant Billy and his family the restraining order; he has them on tape saying they are going to rape his 7-year-old daughter and burn his house down (not that I condone what he did either).
  14. Aw, the part with Woodhouse was so sweet. I'm glad they used George Coe's voice and not a replacement. I don't understand why Archer so viciously attacked Lana.
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