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  1. Jordan61

    S10.E05: Archer: 1999 -- Mr. Deadly Goes to Town

    MATT BERRY! That is all.
  2. Jordan61

    S10.E04: Archer: 1999 -- Dining With the Zarglorp

    Heh. "I ate my crewmembers. If that is shocking to you, so be it."
  3. Jordan61

    Good Omens

    That would have been great! I have never actually read any of Gaiman's books; instead I have listened to most of them in audiobook form. He narrates quite a lot of them and does an excellent job. I am only through one episode of Good Omens so far and I am sad to say I was a bit bored. And hearing there won't be the Four Bikers of the Apocalypse is disappointing since one of my favorite lines from the book is when another biker asks them what chapter they belong to and they say, "Revelation."
  4. Jordan61

    S10.E02: Archer: 1999 -- Happy Borthday

    I wonder if maybe Adam Reed wanted to scale back Ray's character? I don't know. I enjoyed this episode much more than last week's. I loved Malory calling Pam a rockslide with tits and Archer's "ugh, did Pam have a boner in here?" Seeing Cheryl/Carol get all badass and aggressive reminded me of when she was Cherlene and told Juliana the dictator's wife that she was going to go Jerry Lee on her ass.
  5. Jordan61


    I just tried to watch the Andy & Becky episode on demand, and had to stop. It was bad enough listening to their daughter talk about how something was wrong with her because her parents said so. Then those poor sweet dogs locked in filthy tiny crates whining and wagging their tails at the officers broke my heart. I had to shut it off.
  6. Jordan61

    General True Crime Shows

    And speaking of this, I see Fatal Vows is now Mid-Life Murder.
  7. Jordan61

    S10.E01: Archer: 1999 -- Bort the Garj

    Underwhelming premiere. I did laugh at Cyril's "suppressing fire!" but then again I always do. Yes!
  8. Jordan61

    General True Crime Shows

    Oh I HIGHLY recommend listening to the Sword & Scale podcast about this case if it interested you! The mom is in deep, deep denial about what happened to her daughter. I think they even went on Dr. Phil claiming she had been murdered.
  9. Jordan61

    General True Crime Shows

    Oh yeah I HATE that.
  10. Jordan61

    General True Crime Shows

    Considering it's the only (I think) Emmy-nominated ID show, you would think they'd fork over the bucks and keep it around.
  11. Jordan61

    General True Crime Shows

    I'm probably alone in this, but I freaking love Deadly Women. It's so cheesy and doesn't try to be anything else.
  12. Jordan61

    General True Crime Shows

    Are you talking about the show The Coroner on ID? I never really watched that one but I had no idea he wasn't an MD! I didn't even know you could BE a coroner without being an MD.
  13. Jordan61

    General True Crime Shows

    Aw, sorry about your mom Jaded. 😞
  14. Jordan61

    General True Crime Shows

    Yes! Her whole, "we have to speak for the victims" schtick is such a load of crap. But I don't hate her nearly as much as I hate M. William Phelps, who seems to show up EVERYWHERE.
  15. Jordan61

    General True Crime Shows

    +1. ID has some really bad promos, and they just play them incessantly.