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  1. I kept thinking it was a fakeout, that it would turn out that the hitchhiker was creepy but not the serial killer even though he had the same first name. But no, they just had to go there. It was good to see a reference back to HODAD, at least. Can’t wait to find out what’s changed in 3 years. I hope they don’t break up Devon and Leela.
  2. So do I! It’s obvious she’s going to do something seriously malicious with the info about Gabby and the teacher. I hope it backfires on her in a big way. I love the brother and how he acknowledges what a complete bitch she is, even if he won’t let anyone else say it. Monica was starting to act like a decent human being for a change. BTW from the way she was walking and leaning hard on the cane, it looked to me like she was using it on the wrong side (i.e., the injured side). When I sprained an ankle I found out you’re supposed to use it on the opposite side for better balance and support.
  3. Goodwin was being a huge jerk to Kofo, who didn’t deserve that. So I loved it when Kofo outsmarted him with the Douglas kidnapping plot! Those nails… yikes! Since when would a nurse get her nails done that long? Doing something that impractical is way out of character for Abishola. I know they’re playing all this for laughs, but it’ll be really annoying if Bob’s family manages to derail her med school plans.
  4. The two best scenes: Reggie dumping Brittney in front of everyone, and Nick telling the teacher he’d have to either quit or be fired and then dumping coffee in his lap—while there were a couple of other teachers there the whole time. Funny, I just binged all 4 seasons of Mistresses recently, and who should show up but Harry! (Julia’s “hot sound guy”) They were being a couple of brats during the interview. I got the feeling they thought their dad leaving was all her fault, but it didn’t seem that way later when they found her crying.
  5. Yeah, my first thought when she asked him to do the interview “just for practice” was that she was lying and would sell it or something. Even if she doesn’t purposely do that, you just know it will get leaked somehow.
  6. I’d forgotten that about Katherine’s friend. I watch with CC turned on too. (Seems like too many shows these days either have the background music louder than the dialogue, or characters don’t enunciate very clearly. I still pick up on noises my husband doesn’t even hear, so I don’t think it’s just me.) What I noticed was that not only did CC say Fromychar, but she sort of mumbled it, too.
  7. At this point I have to ask myself why I’m still watching this. The only characters left who I really like are Rome, Regina, and Katherine. I also liked Danny and Katherine’s lawyer friend, but Danny’s probably gone to France for good and the lawyer probably won’t be seen again either. Tyrell was okay, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be back anytime soon. Gary’s always been irritating with his frat-boy act and anger management issue. His friends seem to think he’s so great, but he has a really questionable moral compass—I have NOT forgotten how he stole Colin from the lady he actually belo
  8. I had that thought too. Unless they decide to go with the tired old “widower and best friend turn to each other in their grief” trope and pair Billie with Conrad. Trevor is so annoying. And stupid to mouth off to a cop when pulled over, especially when he had AJ right there giving him the wise advice to keep his mouth shut and hands visible. Though I have to admit I did enjoy his aside to AJ “wait till he finds out what you do for a living”. And boy did he ever find out! (Do they not have MD license plates in GA? Or did he just assume they stole a doctor’s car?)
  9. I laughed so hard when she said that!
  10. RIP HODAD. Did anyone else think it was incredibly stupid for two DOCTORS to play squash with no freakin’ eye protection—especially given the big sign at the front of the court recommending it? (Not to mention the “no dark soled shoes” rule Bell was breaking?) Gilmore Girls reunion! Kranepool and Conrad were Mitch and Logan Huntzberger. I. Freaking. LOVE. AJ. And would like to toss Billie’s obnoxious son out the nearest window.
  11. That is interesting! But this guy has shown no indications at all that he doesn’t have full use of his arms, so I still think the writers screwed up, especially since what you posted apparently isn’t common knowledge.
  12. Why was I not at all surprised when Bev showed up in a wedding dress? Anyone want to bet IRL Bev wore one to at least one of her kids’ weddings?
  13. He sure was. Eddie “I used to be a rock star!!!” Saville: narcissist extraordinaire. Yeah, poor you, Eddie. Of course it’s horrible that you were in a hit and run that left you in a wheelchair. But you seem to have forgotten how you put your wife through the wringer. You cheated on her, had a baby with another woman who YOU WERE PLANNING TO LEAVE HER FOR, and lapsed back into addiction while lying to her about it! But HOW DARE she celebrate getting on with her life.
  14. Yes. When plainly both arms work. Apparently the writers are idiots who don’t know the difference between quadriplegic and paraplegic. And nobody in the cast picked up on it either.
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