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  1. Have I forgotten something, or what happened to the cemetery by the Spellman Mortuary? Both Sabrinas were buried there. Previously Zelda would repeatedly kill Hilda and every time Hilda was buried there she came back to life. Why didn’t the Sabrinas?
  2. I almost expected to see the same guy playing Alfred as in The Last Kingdom!
  3. Could be worse. In Britannia, they keep using ‘60s music in the soundtrack and as the theme song even though it takes place in the first century. It takes me right out of the story every blasted time.
  4. I think he did know who she was and is using her as his “insurance policy”. Why else would he visit a quilt shop? Speaking of which... not only did the “exquisite hand-knotted quilt” look extremely out of place in a quilt shop because it was, by definition, not quilted, but it wasn’t “knotted” either, it was obviously KNIT in stockinette stitch. Maybe the script was supposed to say “knitted” (which would be grammatically awkward, but at least the right craft) and nobody caught it? It was creepy AF at the end to show Merrilee sleeping and Legarski heading up the stairs with an angry expression and a hammer in his hand. Is he going to threaten her or just murder her in her sleep? (Gosh, how DARE the wife he basically ignores go out somewhere without him?)
  5. What was up with the “Spanx guy”? Spanx was started by Sara Blakely.
  6. GEORGE!!! (I was also happy to see him as the brother on The Flight Attendant.) If Meredith can have Richard and Bailey, who are both alive, there along with George, then WHY couldn’t they have Cristina? Yeah, I know, she’s probably busy with Killing Eve. Anyone else surprised that Koracick’s Tesla didn’t have a vanity license plate with something obnoxiously narcissistic on it? Any why the heck does he keep it parked out in the driveway? Does he just run a really long cable out there to charge it overnight? I’d expect him to take better care of it than this.
  7. I thought it was a hot spring he dumped the fisherman’s body into, not just acid. Boil him down to bones, I guess. An acidic hot spring in Yellowstone 'dissolved' a tourist — and it's more common than you might think
  8. FFS, girls, if you really want to put Ronald out of commission when he opens the door you KICK HIM IN THE NUTS! (Seriously, who doesn’t know that?!) Then when he’s doubled over in pain you grab the taser, tase his whacko ass and keep tasing him until he blacks out (or if you’re really lucky, dies). Then lock the SOB up. I did enjoy his discovery that Jerri had knocked a tooth out, though. The whole time Grace was out I kept thinking “stay off the road, stick to the woods where you can hide easily until you find your way to civilization”. Just knew when she was running along the riverbank out in the open that Legarski would find her. If this show has any sense of reality whatsoever, next episode Grace will be burning up with a fever because her leg is infected.
  9. What really bugs me is that he knew all along that Jonathan did it and he even tried to cover for him by running the hammer through the dishwasher twice, and yet he was pushing so hard all along for his parents to stay together! That would have made much more sense if he’d truly believed Jonathan was innocent. And as others have pointed out, the hammer is a great big plot hole. Sure, Grace finding it made for a dramatic cliffhanger. But are we really supposed to believe Jonathan was so stupid as to hide it on the premises of a family property—much less a family property where HE WAS HIDING OUT? (Not to mention, picking that as a place to hide was also beyond stupid. Like the cops would never look at any and all family properties he could have gone to?) He could have stopped many other places along the way, with no known connections to him, and gotten rid of it. It really stretches credibility to have someone who made it through medical school and residency be this profoundly stupid.
  10. The one thing that surprised me this season: after Mel finally realized/admitted she was in love with Jack, I was SURE the next phone call he got would be Charmaine freaking out that she was in premature labor. For once the show dodged a cliche.
  11. Funniest one to me was on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina where there was a line about someone knitting their own death shroud when they plainly had a crochet hook in their hand! I only just found out yesterday that Annette O’Toole is a knitter so I’m surprised this happened on this show. Maybe she wasn’t around when they shot that closeup?
  12. She has a second line over and over: “What’s SHE doing here?”
  13. I wish Lizzie had been named Lucy. Then at least I could get a good laugh out of them being Ricky and Lucy. And she has plenty of ‘splainin’ to do. Seems like her main aim in life is to amuse herself by getting him into trouble. Completely agree that Hope can be grating, but WOW, she’s got nothing on Muriel for annoying! To his credit, even Doc looked annoyed with her when he and Hope stupidly invited her to sit with them at the fancy restaurant. It’s bad enough that she never freakin’ shuts up, but does EVERYTHING have to be bragging or putdowns with her? And if she’s such a famous and busy actress as she claims, why is she always hanging around Virgin River?
  14. The groundwater may be getting poisoned by the pot growers, but IMO the biggest health hazard in Virgin River is stupidity! Jack: The minute Charmaine introduced herself as his girlfriend he should have realized she was getting way more serious than he was and broken it off with her. And when Mel tried to explain it to him he should have listened, FFS. Mel: Just because she wanted a child so badly, she assumed that the best thing for Jack would be to have a family with Charmaine. Never mind that he plainly did not love Charmaine and would have ended up divorcing her someday. Charmaine: Telling Mel that she should leave town so she’d have a chance with Jack was beyond stupid. In Mel’s shoes I’d have told her “Look. It doesn’t matter whether I stay or go. It‘s been two years. If he hasn’t fallen in love with you by now, it’s never going to happen.” Hope: Telling Doc to date other people is dumb enough, but freaking MURIEL, of all people? WTF was she thinking?! Brady: Arrogant, entitled moron. I swear, Preacher is the only person in Virgin River with half a brain. And then there are the plot cliches. Charmaine’s pregnancy bombshell the minute Jack and Mel get together: Soap Opera 101 and done to death. The only surprise is that she wasn’t faking it to trick Jack into getting back together. Paige’s backstory turned out to be exactly what I figured it would be, and the abusive husband being killed by falling down the stairs during an argument was predictable, too. (And was already done in one of the book sequels to Home Fires.) I just wished she’d pushed the SOB on purpose. Hope pushing for the divorce and then balking at the last minute was all too predictable as well. And BTW, the scene where a bunch of ladies were knitting? Only one of them apparently actually knew how. Connie with the double-pointed needles plainly had no clue what to do with them.
  15. I thought the guy from the bike shop was about to confess to Bash that he was the cause of the explosion. Show messed up another medical detail. June mispronounced “ischemic” (“is-kee-mic”) as “ish-kee-mic”. Can’t recall what, but somewhere else in the show a 4-syllable medical term was pronounced with 5 syllables. I guess I’m too picky, but it takes me right out of the story when stuff like that happens. The team is supposed to be top-notch and they should know better.
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