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  1. CarpeFelis

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    One loose end: how come only Erica could fit in the ductwork but later Murray fit in there with plenty of room?
  2. We used the word back when I was in college in the late ‘70s (upstate NY).
  3. CarpeFelis

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    Yes, that was a Model S.
  4. CarpeFelis

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    I was horrified when Celeste knocked her son down, though it wasn’t clear whether she intended to or was just trying to break up the fight. It did make it look like she, just as much as the boys, picked up Perry’s violent tendency. And it was extremely unfortunate to have Mary Louise right there taking it all in. Celeste telling the boys not to “be like HIM” probably didn’t even register with Mary Louise, though, since she has Perry up on such a pedestal. The hairstyles are similar, but the effect is different. Celeste’s looks great while Jane’s looks harsh because Jane’s hair is so much darker (and the color really doesn’t flatter her) and her bangs seem heavier and blunt-cut, as well as usually uncombed. In terms of the characters, I’d guess the intent is to show that Celeste has a very expensive hairdresser while Jane probably hacked off her own bangs or went to Supercuts.
  5. CarpeFelis

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    I could see where this conversation probably seemed very romantic to Celeste at the time. In retrospect, knowing what we know, it was creepy AF when he said “I’d have you all to myself”. And my first thought was that Perry himself killed the brother (who perhaps was a baby or toddler, though I also immediately wondered if he was a twin since they run in families). That way he’d have his parents all to himself.
  6. CarpeFelis

    S05.E01: Striking Vipers

    Just one thing I didn’t get. After Karl talked about how much better the experience was as a woman, I thought for sure that Danny would try it out for himself. But no, they never went there. Could have been an interesting plot point.
  7. CarpeFelis

    The Spanish Princess

    THIS. Her not telling the Queen Mother what she wanted to hear made no sense to me given that she didn’t like Catherine and her own situation was somewhat precarious. Not to mention it was generally advantageous to give the royals what they wanted (or more accurately, disadvantageous not to).
  8. CarpeFelis

    Dead To Me

    Do they ever! I was married to one. We were trying to get pregnant, then decided to wait another year or two, and wouldn’t you just know it - I found out I was already pregnant. He was mad as hell and wanted me to have an abortion, which I refused to do, and wanted nothing to do with our daughter until she was 18 (at which point she quite rightly told him where to go, as I’d long since predicted). He went out of his way to punish me as much as possible, and I divorced him. I refer to this creep as Evil Starter Husband.
  9. CarpeFelis

    Killing Eve

    So I’m wondering what will happen next. Obviously the show can’t just kill off Eve. So will she come to, get up and go for help as V did when Eve stabbed her? Is she actually not mortally wounded but following Hugo’s example of “playing dead”? It seems doubtful, given her location, that any passersby would find her, and I doubt MI6 would know where to find her either (and Carolyn sure didn’t seem to care what happened to her). The possibility that fascinates me would be if V changed her mind and came back for her.
  10. CarpeFelis

    Killing Eve

    If Eve was so squeamish about killing Raymond, why didn’t she just knock him out by hitting him in the head with the blunt end of the axe blade while he was still trying to strangle V?
  11. CarpeFelis

    Killing Eve

    I took that as humor - it was the last thing anyone would have expected to happen.
  12. CarpeFelis

    Good Girls

    They would put letters through a slot. Packages would have to be taken to the front door.
  13. CarpeFelis

    Good Girls

    Taking the pen cap from the evidence locker? He did do that.
  14. CarpeFelis

    Good Girls

    The plot WRT both Mary Pat and Boomer just seems so slapped together, the latest developments seem like an afterthought.
  15. CarpeFelis

    Good Girls