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  1. That felt manipulative on the part of the writers. OTOH, I think he did have some feelings for her (inappropriate and creepy, but feelings nonetheless). I don’t think Martin had planned all along to keep Kate as a prisoner in the basement. We were shown how he was becoming increasingly paranoid about being caught. I think when she sneaked out he realized he had no other choice if he didn’t want to land in prison. The only part of this that makes little sense is the “playing house” period that went on for months. Was he seriously so deluded as to believe that could just continue until she turne
  2. No, I meant before he went downstairs with the gun, there was no way the police had been brought to the door by a phone call from Kate.
  3. True. But what I was thinking about was, Martin came downstairs with the gun saying the police had come to his door and would probably come back with a warrant, so they knew something before Kate shot him. After Kate shot him, sure, she could go upstairs and call the police.
  4. How could Kate possibly have called at that point? She was locked in the basement.
  5. CarpeFelis


    Just binged season 2. WOW. Just when you think Robyn can’t possibly get any worse, she does. If she isn’t at rock bottom now, I can’t even imagine what rock bottom would look like. It wasn’t too much of a surprise to see that Robyn’s and Eve’s mothers are both real pieces of work.
  6. That wouldn’t work. Who commits suicide by plunging a giant pair of shears into their own back? Forensics may not have been very good back then but I’m sure an ME would be able to tell which side of the wound was entry and which was exit.
  7. When Rita gave Catherine a drink I thought it was going to have poison in it. I felt bad for Alma ruining that beautiful suit, but it was really dumb of her not to hang onto her purse before sinking the car. Speaking of dumb… Scooter is (as Joe Bob Briggs would say) dumber than a box of rocks. Dee was awesome when she told him off! I wonder who’ll be the first to notice Mrs. Yost’s hand… I about died laughing when Rita told Scooter, “Well, at least ONE of us can act”!
  8. There was no such thing as a liver transplant in 1949. The first organ transplant was a kidney transplant in 1954. The first liver transplant took place in 1963, and the first one that was actually successful was in 1967.
  9. I hope they come up with a better place to bury Mrs. Yost than the front yard! Even if they bury her in the middle of the night, there’s too much of a chance they’ll be seen. Though it would be hilarious if she made such great fertilizer that everyone in town started raving about Alma’s garden and asking how she did it! (BTW every time Mrs. Yost showed up all I could think about was her as Mike’s PITA mother in Mike and Molly.) I’m really enjoying how Carlo’s daughter is not letting Rita get away with anything! Love Lana Parrilla and her gorgeous outfits, but Rita is pond scum. I predict
  10. Max has pulled so many dumb stunts that I really wonder how he ever got the medical director job, much less why the board hasn’t fired him! It was great, though, when he told the grandparents that if they went to court and lost, they’d never see Luna again. It seems really obvious that they’re taking their anger and resentment over Georgia’s death out on him, and they’re also trying to replace her with Luna.
  11. I didn’t feel the least bit sorry for Mallory when she was the only one of the three who got detention. She was the one who came up with the idea of the list, she was the one who kept pushing for them to do illegal stuff, and playing the tape was her idea.
  12. I just binged all 3 seasons (1 and 2 to refresh my memory of what was going on, 3 I hadn’t seen before). Season 3, frankly, sucked. It occurs to me first of all that the entire premise of the show is dumb. OK, let’s imagine that science reaches the point where a body can be regenerated from one or more cells. But what you then have is a clone, not a “resurrected” person. No clue how the original’s memories are saved and inserted into the clone, but assuming it were somehow possible… they’re still just a clone who thinks they’re the original because they have the original’s memories. No di
  13. I hope she’s smart enough to make some offshore investments, open a Swiss bank account, and whatever else rich people who made their money in questionable ways do to hide their money. Otherwise she really will lose everything.
  14. And not exactly the greatest dad who ever lived, either. He played favorites just as much as Rebecca did.
  15. Slightly OT, but one more thing that’s been bugging me about this show: Rebecca’s aging makeup. Since the makeup artists (or whoever does prosthetic appliances for aging) have given present-day Rebecca well-defined nasolabial folds, I think we are to assume she’s never had plastic surgery. She’s supposed to be in her early 70s. For a woman over 70, her jawline looks way too good. It’s a tiny bit saggy, but would belong on someone about 10-15 years younger.
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