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  1. Very appropriately titled episode, considering: RIP Fly Rico, Sister Molly, and Brian. I figured all along that Molly would end up dead, one way or another—a happy ending for her and Tiago was just never gonna happen, not with Nazi Dearest still treating her like a prized possession (not to mention cash cow). She might as well have kept Molly in handcuffs 24/7. I could just hear the metaphorical violins playing as Adelaide poured on the guilt, but wow, saying she’d crush the previous four babies’ skulls if it meant she’d have Molly? Creeeeeeeeeeepy AF. That was so horrifying I hoped Molly would grab the nearest sharp nail file and stab her. Let’s face it, Miss Adelaide makes Joan Crawford look like June Freakin’ Cleaver. She’s not even a demon and she creeps me out worse than Frank. It was incredibly dumb of Molly to warn her she was leaving. The smart move would have been to just go with no advance warning and get a head start. So was her suicide because of Hazlett (can’t say I was shocked about that revelation), or because she finally realized her mother was so ruthless that death was the only way to escape her? Probably both. Molly may even have been thinking that if she ran away with Tiago, Adelaide would have Tiago’s entire family murdered. Brian’s fate was sealed the minute he started spouting off about inventing the atomic bomb. Too bad it would still be invented elsewhere. I probably should have expected Rio to kill Fly Rico after he disagreed with her and tried to prevent a riot, but that one I did not see coming. Peter: Du bist ein großer Idiot!
  2. In case anyone else here is obsessed with the costuming... the show appears to have obtained (at least) some of their shoes from Re-Mix Vintage Shoes. The first two pictures on this page are from the show: https://remixvintageshoes.com/pages/theatrical-purchases The first one shows Fly Rico, second is of Maria (with her back to us) talking to someone who’s wearing vintage style shoes. No Rio pic, but their Boardwalk shoe sure looks like Rio’s: https://remixvintageshoes.com/products/boardwalk
  3. Dang, I want the shoes Natalie Dormer’s wearing in that first picture!
  4. I’ve been thinking the same thing... all of Magda’s alter egos look like Natalie Dormer to us but must look different to the characters interacting with them. I thought it was funny that Fly Rico complimented Josefina’s dancing. If you looked closely, she was moving a bit stiffly and stomping her feet up and down like a person taking their first lesson and counting to eight in their head.
  5. It finally became a little clearer what Elsa wants with Herr Doktor. He’s not just the head of the Bund, but also seems to be its one dissenting voice against Hitler. Not to mention, he’s also a member of the Krupp family, weapons manufacturers. Elsa may pretend to be surprised by that, but I think the demon knew it all along. Department of Meta Humor: Peter arguing in favor of logic over emotion (in the Bund scene)... to New Spock. I especially enjoyed the scene at the end where, instead of firing Maria as Elsa is pushing for, he gives her a raise and then tells Elsa “you wanted Peter Krupp, you’ve got him”. Funny how the meek little “damsel in distress” has moved in and acts like the boss of the household, but perhaps the worm has turned. OTOH, it looks like his wife is not so easily beaten. Sounds like she comes from a rich and influential family — perhaps he should have considered that before throwing her in rehab and moving Elsa in. And apparently the kids aren’t leverage. After the initial focus on the tea kettle on the stove, I was afraid the house was going to burn down or somehow scalding water would land on one of the Craft kids. And then disappointed that Frank’s nasty little stunt didn’t kill him so we wouldn’t have to look at his creepy face ever again. Am I the only one disappointed we didn’t get to see how Josefina’s hair turned out?
  6. Oh Gawd yes — in the “green drapes” dress complete with curtain rod across the shoulders! (Yes, I am old enough to remember that and it wasn’t even a rerun yet.)
  7. Every time I see it I expect to see Scarlett O’Hara come out the front door! (Speaking of whom... how many throwaway conversations about casting Gone With the Wind have there been in this show now?)
  8. Seemed ironic to me that that conversation was auf Englisch! Wouldn’t Elsa and Craft be more likely to speak German in private? I think we could tolerate a few lines of subtitles for the sake of verisimilitude. When Magda appeared to Maria at the end I wondered what Maria was seeing... did she recognize her as Elsa?
  9. “You’re gonna make a racist demagogue without a single scruple the President of the United States?!” ROTFLMAO
  10. Killing Annie off AND having Dana Sue turn out to be Isaac’s birth mother would be way, way over the top.
  11. I think it will turn out Peggy is Isaac’s birth mother. She was the only one who missed their junior (or was it senior?) year because she was living elsewhere. Probably the classic “pregnant teen sent out of town to avoid the gossip” scenario. And that is probably what Peggy had been alluding to in that conversation that made no sense. Plus it would be (IMO) way over the top to have Dana Sue turn out to be his birth mother.
  12. CeCe did show herself to be a mean girl. She was the one who urged Annie to drink, just so she could watch Annie make a drunken fool of herself while CeCe and her popular-girl clique could laugh at her, which they were clearly doing as she left. And then spread it around at school.
  13. That jacket looked like she’d killed a Muppet and wore it as a trophy!
  14. CarpeFelis

    S01.E07: Trick

    I think I’d enjoy a series with Babe Cloud as the main character.
  15. CarpeFelis

    S01.E07: Trick

    The most unbelievable thing in the whole series: Billy runs after Ruby, leaving his Macbook out on a table where anyone could grab it and when he returns IT’S STILL THERE. ETA: a loose end I wonder about. When Babe called the last number Fiona had called, it was Laurence. I want to know just what she’d told him!
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