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  1. I do kind of enjoy wondering just what he’ll do next.
  2. She doesn’t seem to take her relationship with Yanko seriously, either. When he brought up going to HR she seemed very reluctant. I think he’s in for a disappointment sometime soon.
  3. She seems to believe her parents exist only to serve her interests and should have no lives of their own outside of their relation to her. She’s plenty old enough to know better than that.
  4. I was cheering for Alex when she finally had enough and told off that whiny little brat. She took it a little too far with the “fuck you”, but the kid had the rest coming. Guess what, Lizzie, your parents are real people with feelings and a relationship you don’t (and really shouldn’t) know every detail about. They are also not playing pieces you can put where you want and then force them to stay there. And BTW, did it cross your mind that your mom’s job is probably what’s paying for most of the cost of your fancy boarding school? (I’m assuming she’s high school age and in boarding school - if it’s college, then her reaction is even more over the top.)
  5. I thought Maria would say no to Amblin because the carved head was not exactly a flattering image of her!
  6. Can’t stand Ed’s wife. The way she went on about how unqualified and undeserving the women ASCANs were - what the hell? (Especially considering the two former Mercury 13 were actually more experienced pilots than Ed.) Was she trying to be supportive of Ed, or jealous of these women, or is she one of those women who really, seriously buys into the idea that men are inherently superior? She also seems to resent the hell out of Tracy. I do remember what the times were like - I was 11 when I watched Armstrong take the first step on the moon. And it was right about then we were finally allowed to wear pants to school instead of dresses or skirts. But she was acting more like it was 1950.
  7. She said she was computer literate - she just didn’t know the particular software they wanted her to use. Programming? No way they were expecting that from her. But watching her try and fail miserably* would amuse me no end since I’m a software engineer and Rebecca irritates the living hell out of me. *Not because she’s female - so am I. Only because she’s freakin’ Rebecca.
  8. But she gets to wear Herve Leger at the Gallaghers’...
  9. LOL - you’re right, I wasn’t trying to be funny, but I love that it amused someone! Though what I was really thinking about was how toxic that ink probably is and I wouldn’t want my cats licking it off their fur...
  10. Nope, not just you! I hated that too. Way too many movies and TV shows seem to have kissing couples make all those damn smacking noises.
  11. Same here - I grew up on LI and only ever heard it pronounced “MON-tawk”.
  12. Someone said the flash mob was what Whitney wanted, so I assumed she had also learned some of the choreography in advance. Right there with you - WHO THE HELL leaves the curtains open when they’re having sex? There hadn’t been any indication they were exhibitionists up until this point. Plainly it was done by the writers so the kids would have that “ewww” reaction and we the audience would figure out they were getting back together. But it could have been done much more plausibly by there just being a small gap in the curtains that they saw through. As to remembering choreography 25-30 years later: when I hear certain ‘80s songs I can still remember some of the choreography from dance aerobics classes I took back then. If you do it over and over, some of it will stick with you. Also given that Noah was rehearsing everyone, it implied maybe he was the choreographer, though we’d never had any prior indication he had any dance background.
  13. Regarding “Bruce taped to the chair”: it looked to me like he was tied with ribbon, not duct-taped. And I don’t think it was a mean thing to do. He wasn’t in touch with reality until later in the day, and it was entirely possible he’d not realize what was going on and get up and wander around, disrupting the wedding. Would have made a lot more sense to have him stay in the house with someone to watch him, though.
  14. I think you meant Delilah is refusing to be the villain? Because she is acting more like she’s the victim.
  15. I just love it when people who get caught out for doing something horrible blame the messenger instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. WTF, Delilah! If your kids find out, it won’t be Katherine who’s hurt them, IT WILL BE YOU (and Eddie). Perhaps you should have thought about their feelings back when you were planning to leave them and their dad. And the dog switch... WTF to that, too. Did Maggie think that because the woman had been without HER dog for a year, she wouldn’t realize this wasn’t him? Plus, apparently Maggie thinks that Sharpie never wears off (not to mention the poor dog would have reeked of Sharpie) or that the shade of black she covered his white spot with would be a perfect match for his fur. I’ve tried that before with objects (not living animals!) and trust me, it doesn’t always match. Wasn’t real impressed with Gary either. I expected him to come clean about the “survey” and admit he’d had Wesley for a year but only just found out who his real owner was. But no... Third WTF... I thought last year’s finale established that PJ was the son of Jon’s friend who died on 9/11?
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