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  1. Side note: since when is Melendez a neurosurgeon?
  2. She was obviously trying to break them up. With all the hurt facial expressions she kept making, I’d assumed it was all about herself and she was probably a control freak. So I was surprised she didn’t flip out. When she saw how happy Angie was she backed down. So I’m guessing she thought Ryan, being a kid, would probably flake out at some point during Angie’s very difficult recovery and make it even more difficult, so it was better to get the heartbreak over with. ETA: Thinking about it a little more, she may also have had some resentment toward him for getting better when her daughter was getting worse.
  3. How on earth did Alice not see this coming?! Both the throuple and the work situation. As to the throuple, I’d have preferred it to end up Alice & Gigi. Nat is annoying. And work? When TPTB put a new person in place and keep deferring to him, you aren’t gonna win in a showdown. Subtlety (unfortunately not Alice’s strong point) and subversion would work better.
  4. Grace’s kids continue to be the worst. Why should her remarrying be all about them?
  5. OF COURSE the drugs were stolen. Even if Luca was completely truthful about his predicament, he was still on the hook to someone to deliver them or else. Claire didn’t think about that! (ETA: Park certainly should have.) I was really surprised that they didn’t go the usual route of having Shaun come up with some ingenious cutting-edge alternative for the woman having the leg surgery. Deep brain stimulation or acupuncture or something. And it didn’t seem particularly realistic that she didn’t pass out from the pain. The look on Shaun’s face when he and Carly hugged at the end made me wonder if he was more uncomfortable with the hug itself or with the “I love you”.
  6. I suppose it’s because I’m old, but I loved everything about the clothes except the pants hems flapping around the ankles. They kept looking like they were waiting for a flood.
  7. Could be it isn’t the first time the Jamestown base is expanded. And yeah, why DIDN’T Harry get a headstone? Probably only because his character hadn’t been on the show as much as the others.
  8. I’m still wondering what the point of Aleida’s storyline was (besides the social commentary of an obvious parallel to what’s going on today with immigration). I’m hoping she will go on to some important role in NASA if the show ever jumps forward far enough.
  9. The newscast they were watching said the Jamestown colony was being expanded. Perhaps the plutonium will be used as an energy source. OTOH, the Cold War is probably still going strong, as it was in our 1983. Unless something major changed in the show’s 1970s-1983, there’d be a significant Russian presence on the moon. Also, Reagan seemed to be gaining a foothold with all the worries about the space program problems being possible Russian sabotage. So my theory is, the Jamestown colony is real but also being used as a cover for a military base and the plutonium will be weaponized. Another, happier, possibility: by 1983 we’re aiming to beat the Russians to Mars and the plutonium will power spacecraft being built on the moon (or in orbit) to get there. —- This was the first episode where I actually started to like Karen. I half expected Mikhail to sabotage Jamestown while Ed was gone, after that shot of him looking up at the departing LEM and then over at Jamestown. Seemed a bit ominous, especially after he helped Ed. Or maybe I’m just misinterpreting what I thought I saw? When Ed left Jamestown, why the hell didn’t he warn Ellen about what had been going on with the Russians? Seems like information she really needed to know! Still don’t think real highly of Gordo and his cheating, but I have to admit I teared up a bit at his and Tracy’s kiss in Mission Control and him giving her the gold pin. Deke: sorry to see him go, but his last words to Ellen when warning her about “people like [him]” should have been “You deserve better”.
  10. I also think it was Chip. My favorite moments: 1) Cory giving the Queen Elizabeth/Miss America wave to locked-out Fred, 2) Chip punching Mitch and 3) Cory telling them not to go to tape. Can’t wait to see the aftermath next season.
  11. Anybody else wondering if the couple who disappeared with the baby were really looking to buy a baby, or if they’re also planning to sell him?
  12. I suppose a little realism is WAY too much to expect from this show, but I laughed so hard when Tami went out in that form-fitting dress with a perfectly flat stomach. No woman who’s given birth as recently as she has would look like that.
  13. Also IRL his image was smeared by Chappaquiddick. It was noted in an earlier episode that he’d called off a trip there - and thus he ended up being elected. I think the idea is that even in an alternate history, the personalities are still the same, even if events don’t happen at quite the same time or in the same way.
  14. I was hoping Hannah would tell Mitch what their sexual encounter was like for her, and she finally did, but she missed one important point she should have used. He wasn’t completely wrong about assuming something would happen between them when she went up to his hotel room, BUT... given what we saw last week, yes, she really was that naive. What she should have said to him was “You’re right, you were the star making 20 million a year and I was just a booker - which clearly meant a HUGE power imbalance between us. You say I could have just stopped you, but did you seriously think the booker would be able to say no to the megastar - and not lose her job?” I mean, seriously, does he really think she could have said no? Is the power imbalance really just invisible to him, or is he trying to rewrite history to justify his behavior? As for Cory and his motivations... I think it’s a mixture of being power hungry and just plain loving to set chaos in motion and then sit back and watch what happens.
  15. The discussion between Margo and Aleida made me laugh a little. I was a senior in high school at the time this episode took place, and went off to engineering school the next year. And although the male:female ratio was 12:1 when I started (down to 6:1 by the time I left grad school in 1980), no, I did not have to work 10 times harder than the guys. And I’m still an engineer today.
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