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  1. Morons. Fruitcake is made with fruit that has been soaked in booze, you use a water bath so the cake doesn't crack, and you make it months in advance so you can repeatedly soak it with more booze to cure it.
  2. From Twitter today "47% of Americans still plan to travel for Thanksgiving. Turns out when we clapped for healthcare workers at 7 PM we meant, "encore""
  3. All faces are either a horse, or a plate.
  4. Quof

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Running errands today, I found myself near my favourite cupcake shop. I'm rarely in the area when they are open, so I decided I needed a treat. Customers were lined up out the door, and I didn't see any convenient parking, so I kept driving and decided God didn't want me to have cupcakes. I then passed a great barbecue restaurant I don't get to often, so I pulled over and called in an order for pickup as my alternative treat. I ran another errand, then headed back to pick up my barbecue. As I drove past the cupcake shop, I saw there was no line and there was a parking spot right in front. Turns out, God wanted me to have brisket, cornbread, mac and cheese AND a pumpkin spice cupcake. Treat yo self.
  5. Aw, finding joy in the little things.....
  6. So if the mandate were 100, would 160 be okay? Judging hard.
  7. I like kids' cereals, with unsweetened chocolate almond milk.
  8. and Jimmy asking if he and Michelle got busy the night Bin Laden was killed.....
  9. Check out this video from April. You get Chris and Rachel singing, as they tell the story of their first date. And Susan is hilarious. Stars in the House
  10. Sharing in the Dolly love. I stumbled upon this video (God knows how) Surprise Dolly appearance Like everything she does, it's awesome. And it will lead you down the YouTube rabbit hole of Dolliness.
  11. Early this year, I decided I needed new kitchen curtains. I finally remembered to take measurements, and wrote them down, intending to go to a local drapery shop on my lunch hour to pick out fabric and design for a custom order. It was the first week of March. I'm glad I didn't get around to going, because I would have had to put down a hefty deposit, and whatever fabric I selected would no doubt still be on a slow boat from China.
  12. I do love a good conspiracy theory. Of all the things that the governments of the world should team up for, this is the only thing they all agreed to.
  13. I have declared that no one is allowed to give me a mask or hand sanitizer as a “Christmas present.” That shit’s not a present. That’s like giving laundry detergent or bottled water.
  14. And this is what passed for "masks" Hairspray face shields
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