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  1. There are flagbearers for each country at the Closing Ceremony, all different people than the Opening Ceremony, usually someone who had a moment during the Games (not necessarily a gold medal, or even any medal at all). I recall there being issues with those countries that have only 1 athlete.
  2. That's the way it is done at every Olympics, ever - the language of the host country.
  3. I have 3 Broadway shows booked for Christmas. All 3 - through Telecharge - can be exchanged or cancelled. I'm not sure this policy is specific to Telecharge or if all shows are doing it. They also all say "we reserve the right to impose whatever Covid protocols we want - masks, tests, proof of vaccine, etc". By Christmas, we'll know whether there is any concern about transmission in theatres, or we might be in another wave, or who knows what might be happening in the world. If I'm not happy with the protocols (for the record, the more precautions the better), I'll just cancel. But
  4. Quof

    The Royals

    Since "pants" in the UK means "underwear", I certainly hope so. The term you are looking for is trousers.
  5. He is welcome to invite all of his unvaccinated friends to a concert in his own living room, or any other venue he owns.
  6. Quof

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Is it "local" if there are multiple locations, in other cities? I've eaten at Dinosaur in Brooklyn and Harlem, and there's even a location in Newark.
  7. Well, Gelman's daughter is a "singer." ETA, oh, wait. Both of his daughters.
  8. I find this show incredibly stupid and annoying. But Josh Groban is the celeb on July 26. So I'm in!
  9. I have posted, probably many times, about my childhood as the unpaid housekeeper in the family home, while my brother The Golden One had no chores whatsoever. He was prone to throwing his dirty laundry toward the hamper, rather than walking over and opening the lid. Finally, in a moment of rebellion, I announced I was not going to pick his dirty laundry off the floor, and the least he could do was put it in the proper place. That lasted about a day, before I was told in forceful (yeah, physical force) terms that I would indeed pick up his dirty laundry, along with unrolling the sleeves, un
  10. Day drinking with Amy would be awesome.
  11. Yes, really. There are people who prefer not to be partnered. They aren't freaks, or weirdos, and they don't have to justify their choices.
  12. That's because it wasn't in the regular store, it was made for the outlets. There is a real difference in quality.
  13. Brownies are one of those things that are generally pretty good when made from a mix - unlike cakes, cookies and just about everything else. The next level up are the really intense brownies from the Barefoot Contessa, Epicurious, etc that involve several kinds of chocolate - melted, chips, cocoa. Sometimes you just don't feel like going to the trouble unless it's to impress guests. When I want to do that, this is my go to recipe: Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies
  14. The law is both procedural and substantive. There are no "technicalities", there are procedural protections to which all defendants are entitled.
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