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  1. As an occasional visitor to England - it was! I had a small sum of currency left from my last visit, enough that I didn't want to just lose it, but barely enough to be worthwhile going to the Bank of England to exchange. There were machines in public places that purported to exchange old bills and coins, for a fee, of course. I never found one that worked.
  2. Not true. Most of our bills have someone other than the Queen.
  3. How much money do they get for dragging around those monogrammed blankets? They look like they are made of polar fleece, which is horribly staticky and not pleasant for sleep or snuggling.
  4. WinnieWinkle is in Canada, as am I. Entirely different process.
  5. I was a Census worker years ago, when it was still done on paper, door to door. Every fifth house got the long form. Some people were such PsITA about it that I would walk them through filling it out in the most bare bones way possible "If you answer 3 of 4 in Block A and 4 of 5 in Block C, I won't have to send a supervisor to follow up with you."
  6. Bob Newhart and Friends cast reunion tonight on Stars in the House.
  7. The tip of a sharp knife, under the rim, breaks the air seal so you can open the jar. I'm sure there are other implements that might be safer if the knife scares you.
  8. Quof

    Figure Skating

    Those of us who are old enough to have watched the 1984 Olympics live on tv, and to have seen T & D perform Bolero in person on tour, agree. Leave it alone, youngsters, there is lots of other music out there.
  9. Oh, Angie has good flavoured popcorn, but I'm all about the White Cheddar Puffs
  10. As I wait for curbside pickup at the grocery store, I watch as the carts come out of the store to see if it's my order. Virtually every order has Doritos, or Tostitos, at the top of the bags. Except mine. Mine has Angie's Boom-Chickapop.
  11. Ha!! Consider that my revenge on all of the Americans posting "Look what I got at Trader Joe's!"
  12. I haven't tried this yet, but saw the sign when I was running early morning errands. I may have to venture back out at lunchtime. Wendy's Strawberry Frosty I wonder if I catch the employee in the right mood, can I get them to mix it with the OG?
  13. Quof


    "I wish I could but I don't want to." Phoebe Buffay
  14. Quof


    1. You don't throw parties for yourself. 2. You don't ask others to throw a party for you. If no one offers to throw a baby shower, oh well. I hate baby (and other) showers. If I am close enough to you that I want to give a gift to celebrate whatever the event may be, I will see that the gift gets to you.
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