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  1. I assume he wasn't paying attention, heard a female voice as he was going out the door and assumed it was his wife/girlfriend/mother with her usual goodbye wishes, so responded by rote.
  2. What's wrong with that? Are there rumours that he is abusive, a cheater, or worse? Maybe he doesn't want to be married. Maybe they don't either. They stay together as long as the relationship works for both of them, then they move on. As long as he isn't making them promises he won't keep, what's the problem?
  3. Office manager to young tradesman working in the office : "Have a good day" Young guy "Love you too" If you're just saying it automatically (presumably to his spouse, parent, kid), does it mean anything? I'd rather you thought before saying it.
  4. Huh? I pay off my credit cards in full each month. They keep raising my credit limit, without me asking.
  5. It's like when Emily made Ross give away everything Rachel had ever touched and promise to never see her again. The wronged party gets to impose their demands.
  6. Isn't Little Dracula 4 years old at the time of filming? Why is she wearing a diaper?
  7. Quof

    Hair Color

    I normally have my hair cut and coloured every 4 weeks. I missed 3 appointments during Stay at Home. As my bangs got longer, I had to pull my hair back with a hairband and stray silver hairs started becoming visible at the crown. After about 8 weeks, I used Clairol Root Touch Up. When I saw my hairdresser at week 13, I said "What do you think of my colour?" She said "Wow, that's held up really well." If she can't tell the difference, why am I paying for professional colour rather than $7.95 at Walmart?
  8. She was at Grand Central, having taken Metro North from Connecticut. Elevators and escalators available.
  9. True cooks use a tasting spoon that goes in the mouth, but never in the dish. They use a separate spoon to ladle food from the pot onto their tasting spoon.
  10. Aw, they had a donut breakfast Sunday morning. I bet it was The Holy Donut
  11. There is no "pass" to the LSAT. It's graded on a curve, and law schools consider only where you stand on the curve as one factor in admission. My classmate who is dyslexic finished in the 13th percentile and was admitted based on undergrad grades, interviews and references.
  12. A visitor can only stay in the UK for 6 months. Otherwise, she has to have a spousal, or other (eg. ancestor), visa.
  13. Nope, the little projectiles can sit on your lap for free until age 2. Wouldn't that be a fun trip - New Mexico to England, with a child too big for the bassinet so you have to hold her the entire time? And hope there is no turbulence that sends her flying.
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