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  1. They cancelled Umpteen Kids and Counting before, and that still didn’t get them off the TV. I’m not holding my breath — I expect they’ll be back soon enough, either under another name, with a reworked focus on Jeremy and Jinger, or perhaps on Discovery+.
  2. There’s a Glowforge ad that’s been airing recently, and it’s beginning to get on my last nerve. “Everyone knows that homemade is better!” No, it’s not. The Glowforge people are welcome to fly out here in their homemade airplanes and change my mind. But only if they’re wearing homemade shoes and carrying homemade cell phones when they arrive.
  3. I admit, I did wonder whether his sudden about-face re: Laredo was an attempt to make sure he has a place to land when his attempt to take LA by storm inevitably fails.
  4. The Amazing Race was nominated for Favorite Current Show That Didn’t Air This Season, but S32 of TAR aired from October to December of 2020.
  5. And their daughter’s soul, and their grandchildren’s.
  6. It appears they agree with y’all about the dining room, because the house is available on AirBnB and there’s now rectangular a 6-person table.
  7. Duggar Weddings: They put the “Awful” in “Lawfully Wedded”
  8. Every time the introduction comes on and the narrator starts “There is a ranch ...”, my whole family adds “... in the North Atlantic”.
  9. But if the church doesn’t close, how can they claim to be persecuted for their beliefs? 🙄
  10. There aren’t enough Eevee babies in the Duggar world, so if Jesse has a boy, they should go with Evan. If it’s a girl — copy Erin Bates Paine and use Everly!
  11. She may not cook or clean, but it doesn’t appear she’s replaced them with something fulfilling (or anything at all, really), so that might be even less of a future to look forward to.
  12. Back when I had an office to go to (pre-COVID), there was a group of four desks occupied by a Ben, a Derek, an Austin, and a Jeremy, I kid you not.
  13. There’s at least one waxing place around here with a liquor license so you can get a cocktail before you have a bikini wax — Beer & Beauty sounds like a low-rent knock-off of that. And, on topic, I’m sure there are similar places in LA with equally stupid names. I doubt Jinger partakes in the cocktails, though.
  14. Ticket To Ride isn’t a bad game, and it’s not explicitly fundie or anything. Given who’s endorsing it, I’m pleasantly surprised. ... I just said something nice about the Duggars. I need a weekend.
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