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  1. Said what line? The posts you quoted don't seem to have a line of dialogue in them.
  2. My grandfather used to (or so we were told) bury money in jars in his backyard. He had a map for where they were, and every now and then, he'd dig them up and move them (redrawing the map). I don't know if this is a true story or not. He had a lot of gold coins, and that may be what he buried. He also had money in several different banks partly because he didn't want to put too much in one bank and lose it and partly because if the bank was giving away something to people who opened accounts, he'd open an account. By the time I remember, he worked in a hardware store and my grandmother did alterations at a laundry and cleaners business. He'd done a lot of different kinds of work in his lifetime, though, and never got over the depression, I think. They lived in a small three-bedroom, one-bath house in a not very good part of the city. We used to get phone calls from some guy looking for his mother. I finally figured out she had the same number as us, but in a different area code. She lived in a town about 20 minutes away, but somewhere between here and there, the area code changed. I never could figure out why he didn't know his mother's area code and that he needed to dial it.
  3. Yes. Or maybe no. I'm not sure which is the right answer to say these people have nothing else to do. That has been one of the things I've liked about teleworking. During meetings, I can do other things also. I have to go back to the office in a week or so, though, at least until school goes back to distance learning, which I hope is better than it was in the spring. If it's not, at least now I know where to go on the web to find lessons to supplement.
  4. No idea. I'm not really a Dirty Dozen sort of person and have only ever seen clips. But I can probably quote almost all of Sleepless in Seattle.
  5. That's what I thought of first, only not from The Dirty Dozen, but from Tom Hanks and Victor Garber talking about The Dirty Dozen in Sleepless in Seattle. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/85ec11f1-7a32-4c5e-b47b-dbad1bae6039
  6. I've always had issues with wrap dresses fitting properly on the top and bottom because my top is a smaller size than my bottom. I have the same issue with any V-neck crossover dress (I don't know what the real name is, but where one side crosses over the other to form a V-neck), which is a peeve, because I so often like the way they look, but if they fit my bottom, then they are gaping open on the top. The only time I have been able to wear such a thing was when I was pregnant.
  7. I thought it was a nightgown until I read the post.
  8. I am also in Tornado Alley. I learned where a lot of small towns in the state are from watching the weather. And generally, I can look at the radar now and point out where the tornado is likely to form.
  9. When I was a kid, we always went in the hallway, and Mom and Dad would get the mattress off my bed (the twin bed easiest to get a mattress off of) to cover us with. But never try to outrun a tornado in your car. And if you are outside, don't take cover under an overpass or in a low-lying spot likely to flood.
  10. Huh. I just watched an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" that he was on and had to look him up because he looked so familiar.
  11. I was driving on a two-lane highway today, and a little sportscar going probably 10 mph above the speed limit (which was already 65) zoomed past me. I was going the speed limit. I'm not sure where he came from because he wasn't the car right behind me, so he passed at least two cars at once and possibly more. About 20 miles down the road at a four-way stop where another highway crosses the one I was on, I saw him pulled over. First time I've ever seen that actually happen, I think. And he really didn't even bother me when he passed because he hadn't been riding my bumper, and he passed very quickly when there was plenty of space. But it was nice to see him stopped anyway. (I say "he," but I really don't know if it was a man or woman.)
  12. We found it at Walmart. It was OK.
  13. Norman looks like a good dog. I would probably start off afraid of him. When dogs like him are around, though, I try to use them to help my son not be afraid of dogs like I am. I've taught him (or tried really hard to teach him) to always ask the owner if he can pet the dog and then hold out his hand and let the dog sniff his knuckles before patting. He seems to have learned that lesson. He tries to get our cats to sniff him before he pats the cats. The cats really don't care what he smells like as long as he gives them food and plays with them and pats them (but not like that because cats are always particular about how you pat, and you usually are doing it wrong).
  14. Dogs scare me, particularly what we all sudden doggies, so I'd have probably jumped so much that I dropped all the bags and spilled food all over the ground. If she knew the dogs would do that (as she said she did), then why didn't she restrain them in some way or not bring them?
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