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  1. I am the opposite. I do not have caller ID (on my land line -- yes, I still have a land line) and don't really want it. I'll pick up and just say, "I'm not interested, thank you," if it's a telemarketer. Or hang up when no one says anything right away. Anyone who doesn't leave a message doesn't get a call back. Same goes for the cell phone and work phone. If you want me to call you back, leave a message or text or email (which is preferable anyway because that way I can think about what you want and formulate a response or find the information and not have to make idle chat, which I'm not good at). Also, I have a hard time saying good-bye and getting off the phone. And when I don't leave a message, I don't want a call back. If I don't leave a message, it means it wasn't important, or I'll come find you later (if at work). I hate getting calls returned from people for whom I did not leave messages. I've probably forgotten why I called.
  2. I thought that about the string idea, too, but when they showed it in slow(er) motion, it looked like the model was pulling something right before she tossed the hood thing back.
  3. For the first time on one of these kinds of shows when the judges said that a dress would look good on any woman (meaning any type of body), I believed them. I can see Daniel's dress looking good on a lot of body types, including mine, which is rare for anything the designers make on competition shows. I'd also like someone to force Sergio from Project Runway to watch this show (with toothpicks holding up his eyelids if necessary) to show him that this is how you do designs with a message.
  4. It probably also means that space is too small for your vehicle.
  5. I suppose, but I'm not really looking at the dress. I can't stop looking at the little roll of fat/skin/whatever between her armpit and her breast. Yes, I know everyone has that, but I usually try not to show mine off. I don't want to look at it, but I just can't stop.
  6. I've never known anyone to have any left over to freeze. You'd probably have to make them and freeze them immediately.
  7. Victoria's dress made her model look like she has the same belly I have, which maybe she does (although I doubt it), and if so, I suppose good for the show for continuing to use her. But I have a belly like that, and I try to flatten it and hide it. I don't try to show it off in a satin dress (that is pretending to be some sort of tuxedo). Any woman wearing that dress on a red carpet better be pregnant because if not, she's going to have to beat off rumors of pregnancy. Any non-pregnant woman who had that belly (which probably means that she has given birth at some point) would want it hidden. Lots of spandex will probably be required.
  8. Oh, also The Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper. Some of them are a little spooky, I find, but if she regularly reads famtasy, she will probably be OK. Stay far away from the movie.
  9. Would those pants be proclaiming how smrt you are? My father never wore an apron, even to grill, but my mother wore an apron when she cooked, although almost never what I guess you'd call a bib apron. She just wore the kind that go below the waist. I do see men in aprons at things like the Kiwanis Club or Lions Club pancake breakfasts. They don't look silly, but they are also handing me pancakes, so I wouldn't care if they did.
  10. I second Lord of the Rings and Narnia. I haven't read them in a long time, but when I was in high school, I really liked The Dragonriders of Pern series.
  11. I'd cry, too, @Browncoat. I try to keep to the rule of no mowing until after Easter, which I usually can do here.
  12. Now that I think of it, that dress would be good in the "don'ts" section. Which magazine used to do that and does it still run that page?
  13. Fabulous Storm Guys. I assume tornado chasing is involved in some way.
  14. And that's why you should always sit down in anything you're considering buying.
  15. I did not recognize her (and probably wouldn't, as I know her name, but not her face), but I looked at the dress before the face and thought it was a Kardashian.
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