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  1. We still get yellow page phone books (not Bell Yellow Pages, but different books published by random companies) delivered, sometimes several a year. I don't want them. They no longer have coupons in them, and I look everything up on the Internet anyway. Also, they aren't big enough to use as booster seats for children. (My grandparents used to use their big city phone books for that.)
  2. Are they not required to give you a lunch break if you work seven hours?
  3. The Bachelor or Big Brother, although I finally convinced myself to quit watching. Or perhaps I just stopped being able to watch live TV when my son was born. If I still had time to watch, though, I probably would.
  4. I thought the detective was going to screw over the patrol cops somehow after all the talk about how they do the real work. Is Harold Perrineau staying on the show, or was this a one-time guest spot? Maybe it will build up to something, either Nolan getting to detective really fast or the detective doing shady stuff.
  5. In my head, I am justifying all of this by saying that Lucy wrote down that she got the bottom score, but told Nolan and Jackson that she thought she had the middle score.
  6. I was certainly more patient about finding answers then.
  7. That was probably the FBI profiling unit. "Criminal Minds" wouldn't lie to me about how they work and what they drive, would it?
  8. This is the epitome of a first-world problem, but I hate it when I've just thought of a question about something, and the website with the answer is down. It's not like I even need the information right away, but I thought of it now, and I want to know now. We are tentatively planning a cookout for our Cub Scouts. We have a new Scout, who I think is probably Muslim, although I'm not positive. His father earned degrees in Istanbul, and we're just guessing because I haven't thought of a polite way to ask that question. (When we notify parents about the cookout, we'll be asking about food allergies and dietary restrictions, but for now, we don't know.) So just in case, I'm trying to find out what brands of beef hot dogs or brats he would be able to eat (assuming he's not vegetarian). The brand I know best for brats is Johnsonville, and the website is down apparently. I don't need to know for another month, but I thought of it now, so I want to know now. I'm not a very waitable person.
  9. Two options: 1) Does she ever talk? or 2) Does she ever shut up? I'm really bad at meeting new people and making small talk, so I tend to be really quiet or chatter nervously and share way too much information.
  10. I have never been in a situation anywhere close to yours, so I may not be the best person to give advice. My first inclination, however, is to include something like what you wrote that I quoted. It may be harsher than you want to be, though, and it may close the door in a more permanent way than you want.
  11. My grandmother wore her pearls all the time (at least when she was awake and out of bed -- I don't want to think about other times), but she wore them with sweats around the house after she retired.
  12. I don't like motivational message boards -- pretty much anywhere.
  13. auntlada

    I Need a Recipe!

    I've never made beans without some sort of pork product, but I always figure you can't go wrong adding garlic and onions. I'd add them early and let them cook with the beans.
  14. Oh, yeah, I mentioned in every attempt at contact why I was trying to contact her. When I called her office, I asked to speak to her, but she was already gone for the day. The woman who answered the phone seemed as though she was going to give me her address, but since they had just moved, she didn't know it. I did not ask for the woman's address or phone number and specifically said, "You probably shouldn't give that to me, but here's my phone number. Please ask her to call or text me," and I said why. But if she knows I sent her two messages through Facebook, why didn't she respond, even if it was just to let me know she received it? Then I wouldn't have had to do the rest of it to try to reach her. We actually did meet once, when we were both dropping our kids off at their summer activity, but we did not exchange numbers or anything as it was just in passing. Our mutual friend (who is very nice) described her as a really nice person, so perhaps she's just having a bad few weeks. I hope so.
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