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  1. Raisin bran -- preferably Great Value raisin bran. Oddly, I find it has more raisins than Kellogg's or Post. It's also the only way I'll eat raisins. If I could find Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, that would probably be my favorite.
  2. I thought I had nothing to contribute here, but on reflection, there is something in Grey's Anatomy that has always bugged me. There should probably be a lot, but I can gloss over the increasingly unbelievable things -- deaths, amputations, cancer, crazy people, fires, floods, etc. -- that happen to the hospital and the people in that hospital because it's a TV show. But I just don't understand why the chief of surgery is the top person in that hospital, just below the board. Is there not a hospital CEO? A CFO? Our hospital has both those positions, along with several vice presidents who are over various areas. It seems to me that the chief of surgery would be one of the people in senior leadership, but not necessarily the head honcho, and particularly not the one who is always called on to speak to the press about disasters -- particularly when the chief of surgery always seems to be singularly unqualified to speak to the press or even issue a public statement. Shouldn't the hospital also have a public relations/communications and marketing department (or at least a chief communications officer) that helps with that sort of thing?
  3. There's also a good chance that they just automatically send a reminder to everyone on the list.
  4. It's a tough choice, but I think it would be a particular local furniture store.
  5. I hate lemon in tea as well. My tea order is always, "Iced tea no lemon," said without punctuation between because you've got to get it out quick before they move on to the next person. If the tea comes with the lemon stuck on the edge of the glass, I take it off in as conspicuous a fashion as possible and give it to my husband, who likes lemon. If it's in the glass, I send it back because, yes, once it's in there, it has polluted the whole glass of tea. All I want in my iced tea is tea, water, ice and sugar. I'll drink it without sugar if sweet tea is not available, but never with lemon. (I know I can add sugar at the table, but once the tea is cold, the sugar doesn't mix properly, and the waiter will only mess up the balance when the glass is refilled.) My grandfather always said, "If I wanted lemonade, I'd ask for it." I have gotten to where I can drink flavored herbal teas if I think of them as a spiced orange or spiced apple drink, not tea (which they really aren't anyway).
  6. I think that article is fake, although it is possible that some people eat fried spiders, as there are people in the world who eat spiders. But moa are extinct. as is Haast's eagle -- both according to New Zealand Birds Online (http://nzbirdsonline.org.nz/name-search?title=moa&field_other_names_value=moa&field_search_scientific_name_value=moa and http://nzbirdsonline.org.nz/species/haasts-eagle). And the gardening thing appears to be a fake also (apparently New Zealanders like to pull the legs of other people around the world): https://www.buzzfeed.com/bradesposito/nz-garden-ban, https://www.aap.com.au/new-zealands-new-food-bill-doesnt-ban-gardening/ and https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/labour-weekend-gardens-what-to-plant-to-survive-auckland-hose-bans-and-water-restrictions/QT5HUY2VSUHROJP4S7LFNWUGRI/, which tells you what to plant that will survive drought according to the headline (although you can't read the article without a subscription).
  7. Although cordless phones won't necessarily work without power. And I just realized that I no longer have a corded phone. I used to keep one for that purpose, but I don't know what happened to it. It's possible I donated it to a theater group.
  8. This is a problem at my workplace for several people. After one co-worker who doesn't usually reply all did so and accidentally shared her health news with everyone, we discovered that "reply all" is apparently the default on an iPhone. There may be a way to change it, but she was having trouble finding it if so. I don't have an iPhone, so I don't know. I just got a robocall that said it was a second notice for the vehicle owner that the factory warranty something something (I hung up). I've received several of these lately, and it's always the second notice. I know it's a scam (somehow), but always wonder why it's always the second notice. I suppose people fall for it or they wouldn't do it, but shouldn't you notice that you never received a first notice and that if you ignore the first second notice, you just get another second notice and never a third or fourth notice? I'm putting way too much thought into it, I know. I just find it a little amusing.
  9. I saw it available on BritBox today.
  10. I just started a subscription to BritBox through the BritBox website. And then I discovered that if you subscribe through the BritBox website, Amazon doesn't care. You can't then sign into on Amazon Prime even though you have Prime. You have to get a subscription through Amazon Prime. (That's my peeve for yesterday and today.) I decided to stick with the way I got it and just get the channel on our Roku for watching on the TV and watch it on the BritBox website when I'm at the computer.
  11. I think (sometimes, on occasion) that it's a matter of using what is right for the style of house you live in. For instance, if you have a 1960s ranch-style house, don't try to make it a 150-year-old farmhouse. That's not to say you can't decorate with farmhouse stuff if you want. It's your house. But if you use new stuff made to look old, it's not going to look right. It's what I hated about the distressed furniture fad. Someone in one of those buy and sell Facebook groups here used to buy used furniture, paint it turquoise and then distress it. It was hideous (at least to me), and she ruined what could have been perfectly good antiques by painting them and then making them look old. They were already old. The worst part was that people apparently paid her hundreds of dollars for the furniture after she was done with it. I like old furniture, but I don't want to buy new furniture made to look old -- or old furniture that someone did something with to make it look old. If I'm going to buy new furniture, I want it to look new. This is also why I will not buy brand new jeans that already have holes ripped in them. (I don't know exactly at what point I turned into my mother.)
  12. It's the same way the TV designers insist on removing all the walls so everything is "really open." Sure, it makes the rooms seem bigger at first glance, but (to me, at least), eventually it makes the spaces seem smaller because they keep encroaching on each other. Also, everyone can see your messy kitchen (you know, during all the times you're entertaining), and you can't sneak cookies without having to share them with your kids. Also, the kitchen noise really interferes with the TV -- not that they discuss where the TV is going to go because that would be gauche, even though these particular designers depend on the TV for their livelihood.
  13. It's probably not a discontinued set. The sets that are tied in with movies or TV are more expensive to begin with, but the really expensive ones are also very large. Some of the expensive ones my son wants are Lego Ninjago and are 3,000 to 4,000 or more pieces. They would take a very long time to put together. He puts his together in the living room usually, but then takes the finished pieces to a special table in his room, along with the random extra pieces. We got a craft/fishing tackle style container for his Lego pieces. He rarely takes the finished pieces apart, but plays with them as toys. For instance, he flies the dragons around and plays Ninjago wars with them. He can't leave the extra pieces out in the living room because Legos make great cat toys. I don't necessarily like the extra plastic of all the bags, but I do appreciate having the pieces to the various parts in separate containers that can be opened one at a time to put together. It makes it so much easier when the boy says, "Mom, I can't find a piece," which happens every time.
  14. They can. You can also find smaller sets for $40 and under. Of course, they are all part of a series of Lego sets, so the kids want all of them. I wouldn't let my son put the $600 set on his wish list (mostly because I knew he wasn't going to get it -- I've told him that Santa always checks with parents). He plays with some of them even after he builds them, though.
  15. My husband did the opposite for his pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving this year. He didn't realize we had both sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk and didn't look at the label. So the pumpkin pie had no sweetening at all. I didn't try it after he did and said it tasted wrong. He said it wasn't horrible; it just wasn't sweet. My son liked it, but he had as much Cool Whip as he did pie on his plate so I suspect he didn't miss the sugar.
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