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  1. Burned popcorn is when everyone gets a break from work. The fire alarms go off, and everybody has to leave the building.
  2. I had a boss who constantly backed into angled street parking, which meant that her car was facing the wrong way on the street. This is not legal parking in our area. One of my co-workers notified the police, and the parking officer came and gave her a ticket. The rest of us were not unhappy about it, as no one liked her (what with her being crazy and just mean).
  3. I can read this in two ways. She is showing what she does with "food that is unethical." In this sentence, the food is unethical. Or she is showing "what I do with food" that is unethical, meaning that what she is doing with the food is unethical. I know which one she means, but I prefer to read it as the latter.
  4. We used to have a woman who always came late to morning meetings because they would start at 9, and she got to work (ostensibly) at 8:30, but she was always late to work and then had to spend time putting her stuff in her office and talking to people and doing the stuff you do when you get to work before coming to the meeting. So when she got there, we'd already started, and she would start asking questions about stuff we'd already discussed. We'd start the meetings at 9 so she could be there, but she was always 15-30 minutes late. Another guy who used to work here would take 30 minutes t
  5. I love them, too, particularly if the necks are snug. I'm one of those people who hate when the necks stretch out and sag. That's uncomfortable to me. I don't like necks that are too wide because I feel like I'm always pulling them back over my bra straps. I have narrow shoulders. I hate boatnecks for that reason and also because, although I love turtlenecks, I hate where boatnecks cross at the bottom of my neck. It bugs me. Why do long-sleeved shirts have such short sleeves? They always end up slightly above my wrists. If they start out good, then the sleeves must shrink because they
  6. Look for detergent marketed to parents of infants. That's when we started buying unscented detergent and dryer sheets because the boy had very sensitive skin.
  7. Most of mine (if not all) do not have that. I think I have one that does, but it's actually a man's sleepshirt that I wear as a long-sleeve T-shirt. I have the problem most in winter with turtlenecks and sweaters that have the same pattern all around. If it has a tag on the side, I look for that, as I have determined that the side tags in women's shirts are on the left.
  8. Mine is shirts without tags. I understand why they aren't there -- because many people find them bothersome. Some shirts I have no problems with, but for those whose front and back look similar, the tags help me put them on the right way. I have to take my glasses off to pull shirts on over my head (yes, I did once break a pair of glasses because I didn't take them off), and without a tag, it's hard to tell which is the front. I have very bad vision.
  9. You are in your house, but one of your children has wandered off with your scissors and has no idea where they are now. The children would never wander off with a can opener. It might suggest work. If you don't have children, I have no idea where the scissors went.
  10. Finding that little perforated line is even harder now that I'm older. I have to take my glasses off and hold the bottle practically right next to my eyes to see the perforations. I hate the inner seals that won't all come off easily so that there's still foil left on the top of the bottle or jar. I know why they don't make it come off easier (I think): so that someone can't take it off and put it back on so that it looks like it was never removed. I still hate it.
  11. I don't know how it is everywhere else, but in my state, I'd check with the local chamber of commerce for a list of businesses. It will list ones that are not locally owned, but you can usually tell which ones are -- especially if you are in a smaller city or town. Of course, if you're in a small enough town, you know the businesses anyway.
  12. I hate that. It happens to me often.
  13. Ground source or air source heat pump? (Just curious.) We have gas for heat, water heater and cooking. I grew up with an electric stove and never want to go back to it after being able to cook with gas.
  14. You have a very unusual cat. Our cats judge us for everything.
  15. I bought the Pam and Penny Howard books by Rosamond du Jardin for Kindle, along with The Luckiest Girl by Beverly Cleary, and reread them periodically. I also like Fifteen and Jean and Johnny by Beverly Cleary. They were all pretty dated even when I was a preteen and reading them, but I still like them.
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