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  1. SunnyBeBe


    Maybe, it's me, but, to me, when you pick the baby's name, imagine they are in college or applying to college. Do you know how annoying and inconvenient it is to always have your name misspelled or mispronounced? For purposes of school, DMV, insurance, job applications, etc. It can take weeks to straighten it out. Having oddly spelled names is not that good. It seems like cutesy, whimsical, trumps professional. lol
  2. SunnyBeBe

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    Yeah, but, it's all about what the mom likes and that's the large mole. So selfish of her.
  3. SunnyBeBe

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    Right. It's like she's happy and positive, but, after talking with him for 5 minutes and she's looking all deflated, on the verge of tears. Not good. I hope she does some real soul searching. People who eat away at your self esteem are not good for the soul. And, it can lead to much more serious issues.
  4. SunnyBeBe

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    Oh, that mother of the young man with the neck mole......oh, man.......she was horrible, imo. To neglect the child's care that way for years!!!! So what, that one doctor said to ignore when he was a toddler! Later it grow much larger. You are supposed to be your child's ADVOCATE! She seemed like she was more into gaining attention to her son's defect. Not good. Emotional distress and pain is just as painful as physical pain. She must not know this. It's not about what you want lady, it's the boy's mental health that is at stake. And, Dr. Lee said the mole could be removed, but, it would require skin expanders to enlarge the skin, so they would have enough to cover the wound. So.......that's what you do mom! They should have said, can you get me help doing that? To me, that boy had the right to a follow up and EXTRA help, as much as the man with the finger growth. The boy was not alright with accepting his condition. He said that, but, he wants it gone. I hope someone will intervene on his behalf. There are places that help kids like him. I hope someone intervenes.
  5. SunnyBeBe

    General True Crime Shows

    OH, that's right. I don't get it, either. Also, I don't get when the killer is obviously guilty with loads of evidence and the family members continue to staunchly defend them as innocent! Boggles the mind. Makes me wonder if they are afraid of them. That, they might get killed if they are honest. I saw a show recently about this teen girl who murdered her mother, but, this one family member aunt or something totally disregarded the evidence against her. No matter how incriminating it was, she would come up with an excuse. OMG, the rest of the family did not defend or support her. Sad thing is that there was an error in the trial and the girl was released from prison. So, she only did a few years for first degree murder of her mother!!! NO justice in that case. I can't recall her name...anyone know? She went to a drug store in the middle of the night and was caught on camera buying something that linked her to the murder, AND, she had a cut on her finger from the stabbing, which she gave 6 different versions of how she got it.
  6. SunnyBeBe


    Yeah......Don't get me started on nick names. There're fine for grandparents, but, does everyone have to have one? lol If you're not careful, they can really label a person. I know a family who gave their cute little boy the nick name Bubba. It really bothered me, but, NONE of my business. Poor kid. I always use his actual name when addressing him.
  7. SunnyBeBe

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    I wonder if she is struggling with some kind of mental issue. Sometimes, people who are ill struggle publicly, the way she seems to be. It just seems odd. It's difficult for me to believe she fully appreciates how she's being seen in the public eye. She sure seems super miserable. I hope she can get some help.
  8. SunnyBeBe

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    Yeah, that's pretty funny. I like the recap a lot. And, that photo of Naomi as she tries to digest what Metul has said to her. Her expression says it all. lol When you are in a good mood, happy, feeling positive about the day and then you have a 5 minute conversation with your man and now you are deflated, down and on the verge of tears......YOU MIGHT BE INVOLVED with a narcissist. lol
  9. SunnyBeBe


    Yeah, I had read that Jacob didn't want the wedding filmed. I wonder who's paying for it. lol It's fine to be all judgmental, but, if you're strapped for cash and expect others to cover your bills.....IKD, to me, figure it out. lol It's difficult for me to envision Matt purposefully refusing to let them use the farm for an afternoon wedding, but, if he has, maybe there's good cause. I read over on Amy's thread that she commented about her not approving of Jacob and Izzy's lifestyle choices........hmmmm...what does that mean? Pot smokers? IDK. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Oregon is a pot free state, right?
  10. SunnyBeBe

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    Consuming carbs or processed food does not cause Type I diabetes. It is an Autoimmune disorder. I resent that Metul, as a medical professional puts that out there. Maybe, that's his personal opinion, but, there is no medical or scientific evidence to support that. Babies who have consumed only breast milk can get Type I diabetes. Type II is more complicated, but, they are not caused by the same thing. People get them mixed up, I get that, but, Metul should know better. He may not be an Endocrinologist, but, he has some knowledge of autoimmune disorders, like Type I Diabetes. https://dtc.ucsf.edu/types-of-diabetes/type1/understanding-type-1-diabetes/autoimmunity/
  11. SunnyBeBe

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I don't see anything odd about freezing a pet for personal reasons. And, the way these ladies go overboard with so many little things, I don't see why that was a big deal. Just something to diss Tinsley about. And the way Bethenny was mumbling about how she couldn't take Tinsley grief talk of her dog....PLEASE. Just shut up. No right to address that Bethenny. If it's not about B, she can't relate. And, I don't think it's really their business where Tinsley gets her money either, HOWEVER, I do think that they are legit in their belief that she was still involved with Scott. I would never have believed it based on their contentions, but, I saw Tinsley get called out on a lie about someone she was seeing by her own mother. I'll have to put this in spoiler tags, because, it happened off the show. I'm not as anti Lu as they are. Yeah, she's zoned in on her work, but, she has bills to pay. This kind of thing is shortlived and let her enjoy it while she can. Tip for Lu though, make sure the people who are supposed to be preparing paperwork to confirm your compliance with probation are doing it correctly. Stuff can get mixed up, but, that's why you have attorneys. I hope she understands that when the terms say you must attend a meeting a day, that means a meeting a day, not 3 meetings a week. I wonder if she gets that.
  12. SunnyBeBe


    Yeah. So weird to me. I'd be embarrassed. But, maybe, the money loosens you up. lol What did Forest Gump's mother say to him about claiming he used a certain ping pong paddle, when he didn't? "It's just a little white lie. Everybody knows the truth really." or something like that. The point was to take the boatload of money, as no one would be harmed by his words.
  13. SunnyBeBe

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    When the show started, Matt was being rushed off to the airport to fly around the world working for a corporation, carrying his gear,barely able to reach connections, struggling in pain, etc. It seemed rather cruel to me and I wondered why he wasn't on disability and not working a job that required a lot of physical stamina. But, he was very motivated, despite having his head bitten off all the time AND was so enthused about the farm, which he believed held the key to their future. All the while Amy was dissing his dreams, calling him a loser and nay saying as much as possible. I suppose that Amy regrets that now, but, it's water under the bridge. Amy seemed to enjoy LOTS of the things the farm and TLC (also Matt's brainchild) money that was brought to the family. And, she hasn't had to worry about money in a long time. Even Amy says Matt has always been a good provider. And, as far as alcohol.....Amy doesn't shy away from it either. lol
  14. SunnyBeBe

    General True Crime Shows

    Does anyone recall the special called Who Killed Angie Dodge on ID Discovery? The wrongfully convicted man has finally been released. The victim's mother was instrumental in fighting for his exoneration. https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/who-killed-angie-dodge-keith-morrison-investigates/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7264885/Man-served-20-years-prison-rape-murder-cleared.html
  15. SunnyBeBe

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Amy's disdain for Matt predates Caryn quite a bit. In the early days of the show, I didn't know much about these people, but, recall that after a short while, my family and I felt sorry for Matt. Amy was so verbally aggressive, insulting, temperamental and void of compassion towards him. For years, I said, you know, I bet Matt finds a nice person to be with.....Oh well..... I sense that people close to Amy probably warned her that it might happen too, but, she wouldn't listen. (NOT that it justifies cheating, IF that is what happened. I'm still on board that it might have been an emotional affair and not physical, but, that's wrong too.) Wrong is wrong, but, people are human. However, I think that Amy NOW blames herself for being that hostile, angry wife and that's the main reason that she can't let it go. What she doesn't get is that Chris sees this side of her and imo, wonders if she'll ever get that way towards him. It HAS to enter his mind. You know the saying....you never divorce the same person you married. lol