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  1. Me too, but I have tickets to 2 upcoming concerts! I’m nervous. Ones in late April and 1 in June. We’ll see.🙏 I wonder how Larry is doing now days.
  2. I’ve just switched back to it, but they keep going to a store in an adjoining county and it’s out of so much stuff! Most other stores in that chain are not that empty. It’s odd. Not sure why the keep using that empty shelf store. Other than that I’m pleased. Well worth the costs, imo. Even if I do have to make short trips to get what they don’t get.
  3. I can relate. I got a treadmill, but I got a knee injury….freak accident. Not sure if it needs rest or movement. Ive tried ice, heat, rest, stretching…….next step ortho. 😫
  4. It’s true, imo. It’s like telling an alcoholic to go home and have 3 small drinks a day. It’s just not feasible for people who are out of control with their drug.
  5. I saw this and thought this was the cutest little girl. https://pagesix.com/2022/01/25/how-paul-nassif-will-discuss-plastic-surgery-with-daughter-one-day/
  6. In reference to those backgrounds…….besides Nate, the rest have their background portrayed as working class, no extra money. I was surprised to see that with Maddy and the others based on how free wheeling they are as teens.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Hmmmm…..the story sounds bogus to me. And to think, I used to like him.
  8. Exactly. That was an unnecessary episode, imo. I see no need to explore more on Jack or people who are not main characters. Maybe, I’m down on this because I have lost so many friends and family members lately:(
  9. I wonder how they select the songs. You know, Rue and her drug issues…..maybe that song should have been hers. Michael Hutchence had some very serious drug issues. I thought the dance scene with young Cal and his friend was rather poignant though.
  10. Yeah, why are they making Sam so selfish? I realize she’s grieving her sister’s death, but you need to perform the job you’re being paid to do. It’s not a social program you go to hang out and not work. Then she’s mean to her friend about his vision board. I’m not sure why they’re painting her as unlikable. This actress is hysterical. I’m not sure why the’re messing with that.
  11. For me, Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. (That was actually from the 80’s, though they were going for 90s style and times in Cal’s flashback.) I simply LOVE the intro to that song. Actually, love the whole thing. Tribute to Michael Hutchence, may he RIP.
  12. I have no explanation. Lol I do still stand by my theory that Kody has a mysterious wealthy benefactor.
  13. I mean, Meri does have all those rice krispy recipes…..she may be sitting on a goldmine! Food Network may be her next venture. 😝
  14. I didn’t read the above post very closely…..I thought it was Meri posing with the Pioneer Woman! Lol. For those who don’t watch Food Network she cooks on a ranch for her family. https://www.thepioneerwoman.com
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