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  1. The new girl runs with an elite crowd? Hmmmm.....I’ll have to re-watch her part and pay closer attention. That does surprise me. Nothing against her but, idk, I don’t get it. I’ll stay open though. When it comes to fancy people, it seems the more we get to see them behind closed doors, the more we get to see that it ain’t all that. Lol
  2. Oh man. Yeah, it sounds so familiar. I had same coughing, but I also had head cold first, lots of cold in sinuses, ears popping, congestion, etc. I had back pain too. It’ll be interesting for us both to see our antibody test results.
  3. Is hospice available for the covid -19 patients? They seem to be a big help for the family. Also, he might call his clergy person.
  4. I had no idea. I guess I was spared from mean girls thank goodness. I had lots of great girlfriends and they were all really nice. Guys were nice too, with a few exceptions. Lol I think they may be able to squeeze a few more seasons from the Roloffs, especially, so we can see Amy marrying Chris and Matt marrying Caryn.
  5. Can you ask them to evaluate her for depression? Would medication help? That’s so sad. It’s not your fault, though. My cousin, who I am responsible for, is in a Memory Care facility on hospice. She is in a semi-vegetative state, so I doubt she is aware of what’s going on.
  6. OMG. I had no idea. You did suffer. Well, maybe, that is the only thing I had too. ( I traveled to FL by plane in mid Jan. I recall sitting on the plane with a cougher behind me. It was bad. But, I didn't get sick until last Friday in Feb. So, that would have been too long, unless, it stayed on some of my things. But, what are the chances of that?) IF I had to trace, I'd say....I was at DUKE MED the Wednesday, before I got sick on Friday. Was in the parking garage, concourse, food court, clinic, etc. I think I got what I got there. Regardless of what it was, it was brutal. My mom said she had never seen any human cough the way I did and that she nor my dad would have lived through it. Zella, Would you start to feel stronger and okay, then as you are getting dressed or ready to walk out the door, suddenly feel like every bit of life is sucked out of you? That's just not me. I don't normally get tired in the day time. So, for me, it's a mystery.
  7. The above was my impression. Putting in spoiler tags, since, it's not on the program.
  8. No one that I was around got as sick as me. My brother got sick and actually stayed out of work for about a week, but, he was not as sick as I was. I was around multiple family members, but, I practiced cleaning surfaces, covering mouth, staying a distance away, but, still, since no one else got sick...makes me think it wasn't covid-19. But, still......it was just a sickness that I have never had before. Weeks after the major part, I would feel like I got hit by a truck. It felt like bronchitis or pneumonia. But, I kept thinking it was viral. If you look online about how that's treated....I was doing that at home. I've been told by multiple doctors and dentists that I have a very high pain tolerance. I'd just like an antibody test.
  9. I had Type A flu diagnosed by test year before last, and Tami flu was like a miracle drug for me. I got on it on day 2 and within hours felt so much better! So, while the flu was horrible for a short time, this last cold/virus/bronchitis thing lasted 4 weeks solid. I've read online that covid-19 is a very small virus and can penetrate through very small spaces. That's how it gets through some masks. Also, that's why it's so deadly to those who have damaged lungs, because it can penetrate through very small crevices. I'm no medical expert, so, does that sound right? Have most of the patients who have died or become very sick have a history of lung disease or smoking OR have they lived in locations with lots of AIR POLLUTION? I thought of that as I looked at cities that have high mortality like LA and NYC. I've also read that the majority of those who die from Covid-19 are African American. Why?
  10. I have a friend who's beach front wedding in NC was scheduled in mid May. She has sent out notices that they would be rescheduling for a later date. I really feel for her. She is over 35, first marriage and so looking forward to celebrating with their family and friends. But, I'm sure that whatever they choose, it'll be special.
  11. They may have the option of a small private school or even home schooling. Amy might even be able to help with some pre-school classes. I'v always wondered why the Roloffi's didn't see the farm as a potential for a family compound like place. Kids get to grow up near their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. There is help with child care around the clock. I guess it's not for everyone. My family had a great experience with it though. I think Matt eluded to it, but, it never seemed to appeal to anyone. Maybe, now that Amy is gone and the tension is gone, they will revisit it.
  12. Yeah. Joe is the type to dig in and he would destroy anything before he turned it over to her. Plus, by the time he was having his property seized, he had attempted to no longer own the animals. He had sold it, right?
  13. Yeah, to me, Tinsley's style is dated. Women sometimes get stuck in the time period they feel they looked their best. LIsa V., Kyle and LIsa R. are also like that, imo. Tinsley seems to have this idealized opinion that she looks best as a child or very young girl. That's why we see the juvenile outfits. Some of that style would fly back in the 80's. I recall wearing it when in college. (And, to be fair some of those styles did return to rear their ugly head within the last few years.) It's almost Sunday school or brides made like. But, I haven't really followed her since last season. Maybe, she's evolved.
  14. I was fortunate because I did nothing but rest and lounge for about a week. After that, I still would get so tired that I had to go lie down several times a day for a month. Felt sick, unwell and tired. If it wasn’t covid, then I’d never survive something stronger than what I did have.
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