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  1. My pet peeve is why does a movie stay full price to view ( $12.99) for YEARS? Even when it’s not a big block buster? I have Amazon, Showtime, and have had Netflix, but this movie stays FULL PRICE! WTF? It makes me hate the movie. I refuse to party that price. It’s outrageous.
  2. I am in total devastation'................someone please wake me up when the nightmare is over.
  3. I just read that Ginsberg died! What a loss. Omg.......
  4. It seems like a very dysfunctional situation.....a total cluster.
  5. That’s pretty scary, but, my question is what was wife doing at church at 11:00 p.m.? Hmmmm......right.
  6. I’m trying to envision how that happens....so did he fall going out to the glass recycle bin or cut himself when he threw a wine bottle into the trash......? Whatever happened it sounds like it’s not good. I don’t think most who know of the situation would be surprised though. His wife must really be in denial.
  7. It's unfortunate that some mothers attach fault to issues with breast feeding. And, baby weight too. OMG, it's so infuriating when I see articles everywhere about someone who got off their baby weight in 2 months! WHY is this an issue? Like, keeping baby weight is a horrible thing and deserves shaming? It's one of my pet peeves. lol
  8. Jynnan, good luck with your surgery tomorrow. Is it outpatient? I’m sure things will go well. It sounds like you are very comfortable with your surgeon. I had decided on my Christmas decor theme this year. Then, this week I accidentally ran across a lot of items at great prices! I’m so excited! I went ahead and bought new lights for the tree, too. I may decorate ultra early this year. Lol Not many visitors, so why not?
  9. Alison was pretty bad too. I lost sympathy for her after a while due to the loss of her daughter. She seemed to thrive on being a pain in the arse. She destroyed so many lives, along with Noah. So many destructive people in this series. Do you recall the night they showed Alison when she died? They were at her apartment. Yet, when Colte leaves CA, he stops by Chicago to see her at the conference, but only Ben was there. I don’t see how that makes sense.
  10. Well, I’m 24 hrs. Late. Lol. I’ll just catch the rerun.
  11. Unless, Larissa was pretending, she was way too sedated to be released. After one of my cosmetic surgeries, I felt as sleepy as she looked, but they aroused me and kept coaxing me to wake up, dress, use bathroom, etc, before I left. I’ve taken people home after their surgeries and I’ve never seen anyone that sedated.
  12. I loved Lark Rise To Candleford. Too be bad that’s over. I have just caught up on a series called The Affair. The series ended a year or so ago, so no one is posting now. I posted a little just to see if any old fans would show up. It’s the kind of thing that evokes conversation.
  13. When I see vile people pretending to celebrate something sacred like marriage, it makes me ill. Very disgusting. I was embarrassed for them. ( Andre and Libby)
  14. For severe dry eye...this is based on years being under medical care. In the morning apply warm moist compresses. I use warm water on wash cloth and hold on eyes for 2-3 minutes. Nighttime I apply preservative free ointment. During the day a good gel multiple times, like Systane. I’ve done all of this for years. It’s costly though. The prescription drops do not help me and in fact irritate my eyes terribly. I went old school today! I hooked up an old VCR! I have so many old tapes. I was going to trash them, but decided to just view them. They are FREE! Can’t wait to pull out my old tapes from law school, holidays, award shows,.....stuff you can’t find anywhere. Starting out with Bon Jovi and Backstreet Boys!
  15. I have been occupied today with various business matters, but wanted to show my gratitude for all of those who suffered on 9/11. It was such a day that will never be forgotten. We shall never forget those who were lost...and their families. My heart still hurts on this day. Never forgotten......
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