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  1. To me, those people who were in charge had a duty to protect their clients when they were in a vulnerable position. Certainly, they realize that there are lots of crazy people out there who will do bizarre things to others when they are not looking. (Recall in the news that so-called friend who pushed another teen off of a bridge from behind into the water and caused her serious injuries? Of course, she was just kidding around.)
  2. To me, it's a treat to get out of hanging around an ED all night. It's boring, COLD and uncomfortable.
  3. This says it's opening in Oct. https://www.rolofffarms.com/
  4. Back in the day, the Bar exam was offered in Feb and July. The results were available within a few weeks. Maybe, things have changed....I wonder if he has taken a professional prep course. To me that was a huge help.
  5. Good points LuvMyShows. Also, a red flag in these dangerous relationships seems to be when the person has had multiple restraining orders from other people. For some reason, they think they will magically be the one that he doesn't get threatening with.
  6. They portrayed that the ex had previously given her and her kids very expensive gifts...yeah, from a convicted felon? What kind of job did he have to make that kind of money? And her family described her as awesome, because she would kick a*# if anyone looked at her wrong. This was a successful business woman??? No reputable citizen would have trusted her inside their home, imo. Still sad...3 little motherless kids.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions. I think that I found it though! It doesn't have as many F bombs as I recalled, but, I think it's it. I actually heard it on a Cadillac commercial!!! Here it is.
  8. I actually felt bad for that little girl. IMO, when a child is really cruel with a parent, they are hurting about something. Being a teen or tween with lots of angst is one thing, but, just being cutthroat mean is another. I wonder why she's in so much pain. When I hear that some of these cast members are turning 50 or almost 50 years old, it blows me away. They all look much older, imo.
  9. It's not that I don't have sympathy for murder victims, but, come on....sometimes, the way some of these people are portrayed really makes me wonder. Like this one woman who was murdered in Shreveport, LA, right after her ex-boyfriend made her do a live apology for dissing his new girlfriend on FB. The guy was wrong alright, but, it seemed like she enjoyed pushing his buttons. To start off with, she brings a convicted, violent felon into her home where she has THREE little kids! And, her language was so foul, that she kept getting banned from FB. Yet, all along, her family members keep bragging on what a great mom she is. And, talking about how she made so much money doing home decorating......WHAT? No way that was happening, based on what we saw. I hate the woman was murdered, but, it was like you could have seen that coming a mile away.
  10. I think the lighter hair looks better on them both, though it could look even better. That stark black hair was too drastic and aged them by at least 10 extra years. Still, I think Leeanne has some serious facial issues.
  11. In most states, there are laws and rules by the real estate commission that dictate full disclosure by brokers about who they represent and how they get permission to be a dual agent. (Represent both buyer and seller.) Has anyone around here seen this new Bravo flipping show called Flipping Exes? I can't find anything about it around here. It's not very good, though. Maybe, that's why. lol
  12. OMG!!!!! All I can say is that it would be a VERY good thing to do for yourself. I'd start at Season One and go to the finale. It's my favorite show of all time. I can't even describe how great it is. You can locate forums for it here on this site. People are probably still posting about it, because, it's so good. The absolute best writing on television EVER. AND, once you're done, you can check out Better Call Saul, which is a prequel. New season starts next year. ALSO, awesome. Did anyone see the story last night about the murder of the Colorado Head of Dept of Corrections in his home? This was so very sad. The guy also murdered a guy delivering pizza so he could gain access to this man. He was a former prisoner, who I think got out by mistake.
  13. Oh, I know. It can be devastating in some cultures, as the person may never find their place in society again. It calls to the mind the Amish and how they practice shunning.
  14. Zoey's repeated instant and negative responses to almost anything Jen suggest to her annoys me greatly. I just want Jen to step up for once and tell her, "No, this time, we do it mommie's way." It's as if Jen apologizes for even making the suggestion. And it rarely meest Zoey's approval. I find it very disappointing. I doubt their family and friends are amused either. I really miss the old episodes. It's probably not likely the kids will go to boarding school, right? lol
  15. So, Albuquerque PD has issues? Hmm....the first thing that comes to my mind is how they were portrayed on the fictional show Breaking Bad. lol Most of the focus was on the DEA though, where the lead character's BIL worked. I want to thank LoveMyShows for mentioning the show called The Case That Haunts Me. I watched one episode and I really liked it. Will definitely be following that one.
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