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  1. SunnyBeBe


    I wonder if Amy realizes that her book will do nothing to change the family's feelings about Matt and Caryn, BUT, may change their opinion of Amy. No doubt, the adult kids already knew all of this stuff long ago, if Amy has been stewing about it.
  2. SunnyBeBe

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    Yeah, I just wonder why with all her feelings that Erika wasn't being honest, why didn't Erika challenge Kyle and say, "If you are that ticked off by how Rinna played me, COME OUT WITH IT. Stop pretending that you aren't. LIAR." But, I suppose that she thought Kyle was too drunk to process it. lol
  3. SunnyBeBe


    Oh, I must have missed that part. If I heard him call her jerk, why didn't his wife?
  4. SunnyBeBe

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    The only plus I saw from Kyle last night were her impersonations. She was really good with them. I'll give her that. But, if not making fun of others, what does she have really.....SPLITS? UGLY HATS? lol And for Kyle to accuse anyone of being BORING!!!!! Omg, too funny.
  5. SunnyBeBe


    I would be embarrassed if my sister had to inform me that saying no to my children would be a helpful thing. I mean....it's pathetic. Is this a thing for the cameras? Is it Adam's job to act like he's hopeless at teaching his children how to discipline themselves. That's one of the most important roles as a parent. His bragging about over indulgence is annoying. Step up and take a proper role in his children's lives, by being the leader and setting boundaries. I'd be irritated with him too, though, Danielle doesn't seem to be much better. At least she talks about doing something. But, if they were going to use 1,2,3, they should at least understand how it works and how to implement. Sending mixed signals is worse than doing nothing at all. The children don't seem content and there seems to be too much talking. That's why adding in the 1,2, 3 seemed ill advised. Showing by example and less talking might be better. And, I'm not talking about corporal punishment. I don't advocate that at all. I'm referring to demonstrations. Oh, I suspect that other people, like teachers or sitters, who are not family, have no issue with the girl's behavior, because they act much better when away from the enabling parents. They know what they can and can't get away with, so that's why they act that way. Most of the behavioral issues that I have seen, disappear when the parents leave the house. lol Danielle's poor mother.....my goodness. She is not an asset to this show, imo. Why is she included? I've never seen grandchildren who walk into a house and see their grandma who don't hug her. ODD. Can someone tell me what the little one said that got her an immediate timeout when with her aunt and uncle? I heard uncle call one of the girls a jerk, then when one called him a name, she was punished. Was what she said worse than jerk?
  6. SunnyBeBe

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    I've always found it amusing how some people get all hostile, argumentative, accusatory, etc. when they get really intoxicated and others just want to dance, laugh, sing, and hug. I'm inclined to do the latter. And, I learned to avoid those who do the former. It's unfortunate, too.
  7. SunnyBeBe

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    When she alluded to the possibility that she might be pregnant, it caused me to lose any respect that I had for her or her husband. That they would not select a VERY reliable form of birth control like tubal or vasectomy, in light of their situation, is mind boggling. They already are in way over their heads with too many children that they alone cannot care for and to leave the door open for more? It's so disrespectful to their existing children, their family members who work to help them and themselves. It's just sick to use that as an attempt for entertainment. Something's not right with these people. If they had gotten flu shots, they should have announced it. The children are six months old, aren't they? It's possible to get the flu, even with the shot, but, not common. It did happen to me year before last, but, only once in over 20 years of getting flu shots.
  8. SunnyBeBe


    From the Radar article it sounds like Amy claims that she suspects that Matt and Caryn had something going on due to her interpretation of various texts, photos, etc. .....like what? They worked together, so, I'm not sure if I would consider them communicating as real proof of adultery. And, Amy was a total witch to Matt from the very beginning of this show. Long before they even had the pumpkin farm and long before Caryn was around. So, to use that excuse to be a witch is ridiculous. It sounds to me that what Amy observed with Matt and Caryn was an "emotional affair." which is just as serious,( perhaps, not legally,) as a physical affair. That happens in marriages when one party is not invested in the marriage any longer and is not right at all. Even though Amy was a total witch and verbally abusive, it still doesn't justify being unfaithful....emotionally or physically. But, I fail to see how making unsubstantiated allegations about your ex and his future wife, who the family loves and admires, is going to help anything. I hope it makes Amy feel better, because, I don't think it will impress anyone in her family. In fact, I think it may burn some bridges. Also, I think it shows a true DESIRE FOR PAY BACK and I don't think that will set well with Chris. Amy may have shot herself in the foot with this one.
  9. SunnyBeBe

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    Yeah, I would think that Erica knows that the best place to start your first mission to find close, kind, trusted lady friends is NOT ON A HOUSEWIVES SHOW! That part cracked me up. Something tells me that when Erica finally gets enough of the Kyle Richards treatment, she might have to do some back peddling on what she said about LVP. When Kyle was pointing out her misgivings with Erica, I wondered if she forgot when Erica took Kyle on a get-a-way with her a few seasons ago. It was pretty exotic and she seemed to love it. I don't think I'd shoot a friend down who did something for me like that. Just saying. I do wonder about Teddi. Even before they got drunk, she was talking about the impersonations at the wine tasting and she called it "INTERPRETATIONS." LOL I think that's what she thinks is correct. Please.
  10. SunnyBeBe

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    I'm not particularly picky about this, but, to me, if a person paid the very high cost of that kind of experience and then they are approached by a deck hand or server, who reeks of smoke..........I think they might find it unacceptable. No matter how much you try to air things, spray on stuff, disguise it, etc. cigarette smoke lingers on regular smokers' clothes, hair, skin and breathe. At least that's been my experience. I could understand doing it on your own time, after the guests are gone and you are out after a tour, but, during the tour.....it just seems odd to me.
  11. SunnyBeBe

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    Hannah doesn't normally bother me. (Unless she does some pretty crazy stuff.) Of course, the season is early.
  12. SunnyBeBe

    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    I'm super excited that I found squash on sale today!!!! It was 99 cents a pound! I bought about 11 pounds! Hopefully, we'll have enough for a few days.
  13. SunnyBeBe

    Iyanla, Fix My Life

    It's like Iyanla wants a "gotcha" moment, so she can make a smart asp remark and save the day. So, she will lead you along asking certain questions like your answers are right, then BAM, she says NOOOO, you are wrong. I mean, it's ridiculous. I think Iyanla has a lot of heart, wisdom and talent, but, I think she's gotten too focused on smart quips and clever sayings. It's just not needed. She can do better without it. Plus, it would stop confusing everybody. Also, not everybody likes to be hugged. I'm not sure that I would like her hugging me so firmly. Especially, since, she barely knows some of these people. lol
  14. SunnyBeBe


    I appreciate that summary. I'm not sure this show is for me. It sounds so familiar and stuff like that tends to annoy me. I may try it once more though, anyway.
  15. SunnyBeBe

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    Is there something about being in that industry that inspires smoking? I know that younger kids around our community are now using Juul. (e-cigarettes), and most older adults don't smoke. So, is it still popular with the 20-30's crowd? It just seems yesteryear.