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  1. I have never regretted cutting out most all of the gift exchanging with the extended family (The number of family members had increased and it was just not feasible any longer, so it amounted to everyone just handing out and exchanging gift cards. lol), except for the kids. There's only one left now, so, we will have fun with the toy gifts. And, I will get my parents something nice. AND, this year, I'm getting one of my brother's a gift. He's really helped me out a LOT this year. HOWEVER, I won't skimp on my decorations! lol I already have up two falls trees and two winter trees. (The winter trees are not traditional Christmas trees, but, more in the winter vein with snow, holly berries, white lights.) It gives the house the most wonderful ambiance. And, I've put out more of my battery operated candles. I just love it!
  2. Okay. You know something is off with the family, when the 23 year old mother of 3 disappears with no explanation from her and the only thing your family is told from ex husband (they were separated, but, I don't think they actually divorced, as she was dating a new man 1 month after they separated and she was living with her husband's parents!) is that 23 year old mother left town with her new boyfriend. So, no one checks on anything.....her dad goes to police once and they say she's an adult. And, none of the girl's family members try to locate this supposed boyfriend, even though they know his full name and hometown location!!!! They ask one of her friends if they have heard from her and are told no, so, that's it for YEARS! Are you kidding me? She could have been being held captive in a basement. (She was living with her alleged abusive husband's parent's house with her kids when she disappeared.) Something tells me they left some stuff out of this story. For some reason her leaving was not a huge deal for her own family....until many years later. Oh, they eventually figured out it was the husband's father. He finally admitted that they had an argument, he pushed her, she hit her head and died. He buried her body, which they later recovered. He pleaded to a reduced plea and got a light sentence.) Her family doesn't believe it and thinks it was murder.
  3. Yeah, a lot of rich people's problems to not be rich. lol I don't get it either. Entry level would be appropriate for someone who is entry level on their skills and experience and it's no disgrace. Did she think the job was beneath her? I don't get it.
  4. That's what caused my cousin's dementia. She was having lots of mini stokes. It's called Vascular dementia after it reaches a certain point. Later on, it seems to progress like other conditions that cause dementia, like Alzheimers. (Most people with it do have certain risk factors like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc.). I don't think Rebecca has any of those, so, I'll be curious to see how they handle this with Rebecca. Right now, it appears to be at the point of Cognitive Decline, but, it may or may not progress. We'll see if she gets a real evaluation or not. If they go the Alzheimer's route, it's going to be sad, but, predictable. And, I'm going to be very disappointed if they just portray dementia as someone losing their memory. It's soooo much more. (Incontinence, loss of mobility, poor balance, sleep disorders, depression, etc.)
  5. What was the reason for Rebecca's mini meltdown where she is crying and telling Randall that she never imagined herself at that stage of her life taking an entry level position? Why would she expect more? What other work had she done? Or was she planning on staying an at home mom indefinitely?
  6. I guess....it's just that watching two people who have struggled with obesity so focused on getting the baby to eat.....made me uncomfortable.
  7. Omg, I just figured out why the actor who plays Dr. Park looks so familiar......anyone ever watch the series Falling Water on USA network? It was a very unique show. I found it fascinating, although, at times quite bizarre. It didn't catch on apparently, but, Will Yun Lee was outstanding in it. For those who like far out premises, you should check it out.
  8. Oh my. I didn't see that coming.
  9. Sadly, Jeff has a history of tearing down every good thing he establishes. Sad.....I have no idea how he will avoid doing that with Monroe. Of couse, she'll get to see him do that with all the people in their life....People rarely change.
  10. I have my theory about Kelly. She says and does what she needs to do to suit herself. Ever read much about Narcissistic personality disorder? Yeah...
  11. I will say that Andy doesn't sing much better than Kim Z. Or Luann! He should have let Luann do Money Can't Buy U Class instead of Kim doing Tardy For The Party.
  12. Lu looked great tonight on WWHL special. (( Check it out. All Bravo cast as guests) New hairstyle big improvement. For some reason Tinsley kept yelling Now she can drink!! She said it several times! WTH?
  13. Kelly was displaying her ring tonight on Special WWHL. All Bravo cast appearing. She hugged Ramona from RHNYC for introducing her to her fiance.
  14. This new member appeared with the cast tonight on WWHL Special. All Bravo cadt members. Good to see everyone. It's going by fast! Ramona introduced Kelly Dodd to her fiance!!!!
  15. Kim is on WWHL special tonight now. It looks like all Bravo casts are guests with a large live audience. Kim did not look well imo. LVP was also on with VDP Rules cast.
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