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  1. Craig may be one of my very least favorite reality tv cast members. Right up there with some of the TLC cast members who are soooo loathsome. I suspect that he suffers from a lot of issues, which are reflected on the show. He seems to be pretty close to being dysfunctional and I'd be surprised he was able to live unassisted, if not for the money of family or the show.
  2. I had difficulty with several things in this episode. One is the way the show seems to romanticize the relationship and portray the sex in a provocative way. It’s abuse and shouldn’t be so normalized. I don’t buy that Claire would think telling her teacher friend was fun. In most states, teachers are mandated reporters of child abuse. Even if Eric is 18 now, he wasn’t when she first abused him. Her friend would have known that. I also wonder why the friend was so insistent to know who Claire’s lover was. Who wants that kind of info....you could get subpoenaed to court...no need to borrow trouble. Pressuring a coworker to divulge a paramour is really crazy. And if Claire had any sense she’d have went along with the friend when she seemed horrified it was Eric and suggested that Claire must be joking. But noooo, she digs her heels in thinking she can make this right by defending the abuse. Two very strange ladies that I struggle to believe are really teachers.
  3. I just wanted to post that my cousin, who had dementia and for whom I cared for, passed away this morning in Memory Care. She had been on hospice for quite a while, but was maintaining with good vitals and appetite. Still, she was in the end stage and we were never sure when it would happen. I was able to speak with staff who were present and it was quite an inspiration of how it happened. I’ll post more about it later. This evening we are glad she is at peace, but with heavy heart at her passing. She was a huge part of my life. She taught me the names of the Beatles, took me to see Saturday Night Fever and Star Wars. I was her person, since she was an only child. I don’t think it was covid. From those present, it was peaceful and for that I am grateful.
  4. Did anyone notice when the interpreter said that Yazan could be killed, Brittany almost laughed....she quickly looked down and covered her face. Then she was able to push some tears out. Why does Yazan’s brother support his brother marrying a woman who he can’t get along with? What good is loving someone, if they make your life a living hell? That’s messed up in any culture.
  5. When I have ordered, at least once, I noticed that there was an explanation that said the product was not from Amazon. I can’t recall the exact wording.
  6. Great news! I found my ornaments. Yay, what a relief. I like them so much, I wish I had bought more. The bath mat, I ordered to give my brother, with cabin and deer on it came on Friday, but instead of the matching hand towel with deer, it had a towel with a flower:(. I called, but they said to just reorder the correct towel, but it then charged me shipping, so, I have to now call back and have them refund the additional shipping. And, I have to go to the local store to return the WRONG hand towel. Something tells me that I’ll get another hand towel with a flower:(
  7. I can only locate half of my new Christmas ornaments! I’m trying not to panic. They were still in the two bags they came in when I purchased them.....I found the rest. What a mystery. I’m trying to stay positive. I think the stores I got them are all sold out, so I can’t get new ones....
  8. IDK, but I did see Shakespeare In Love and was appalled that Gwyneth won an Oscar. It would have been hysterically funny, if it wasn’t so pathetic. That was the moment I lost respect for the Academy Awards and realized that it is political and not really based on talent. I haven’t cared much for it since. It caused me to dislike Paltrow for a long time. As it turns out, she was pretty good in Talented Mr. Ripply, A Perfect Murder and Sylvia. I try not to carry grudges though. That happened a long time ago.
  9. Yes, I’m watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s different, but I like it. Getting ready to help my mom with food. It’s just my parents and I and one of my brothers is coming. We’ll wear masks and have to distance. We may eat outside. I am so grateful for my health...everyday covid free is a blessing. I’m thankful I have a job that allows me to work remotely. My friends have kept me sane. I recall a couple of Thanksgivings that I sort of caused a ruckus. One year, when my ex and I arrived at my family’s gathering, there was an injured dog beside the road, hit by a car:( I held up the meal, because I refused to stop until I got the dog help. Ended up calling animal control, sheriff, vets offices, etc. Finally, I got a vet tech who came on her own time to take it back to their office. She was a saint. My family thought I was crazy. Then another year one of my brothers and I got into a political discussion....not good. Never did that again! Lol. But last year was awesome! My special needs niece and I wore Panda heads and danced to Water Me by Lizzo! She loved it! It went over well. We normally have a nice time, though. I’ll miss seeing everyone this year, but it’s a no brainer for us. Next year, I’ll have another great niece! One of my brothers baby girl is pregnant.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all you special people.
  11. Years ago, a fiend and I were shopping for antiques, when I spotted an old fireplace base with mantle lying out by a dumpster. The store owner said I could have it. I borrowed a truck and got it home. I painted it and before I got a place I could use it, my brother put it in his bedroom with an electric insert. I wish I had a photo of it. It looked great, like it came with the room. Similar to this one: https://repurposeandupcycle.com/antique-fireplace-mantel-3/
  12. I like that corner unit. It should come in regular. Omg, I love browsing all the options! Check this out! A MIRRORED fireplace! https://www.wayfair.com/home-improvement/pdp/everly-quinn-milo-mirrored-electric-fireplace-w000369829.html
  13. GeeGolly, is your room traditional or contemporary? I noticed that even though it may say tv stand, it’s really just a mantle on top that could be for vases, candles, photos, etc. If you like you could put a tv on the mantle. Like this one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/31-in-Freestanding-Electric-Fireplace-TV-Stand-with-Entertainment-Center-in-White-NEFP24-2217W/302640141 This is a modern one that I haven’t seen often. https://electricfireplacesdepot.com/products/dimplex-crystal-white-electric-fireplace-mantel-package-w-acrylic-ice-gds28g8-1944w
  14. I ended up with my electric fireplace by accident, but it was perhaps my best item of 2019. I absolutely love it! I’ve had wood fireplaces and gas logs, but prefer the electric by far. It’s beautiful to look at...so relaxing...and it’s warm with the heater. You can enjoy the fire without the heat on. No mess to clean up, no safety worries like gas. Mine is built into the tv stand....grey driftwood color, with glass cabinets on both sides. I think a fireplace alone is great, but it will take up a lot of room and will compete with the tv for the vocal point of the room, but some people aren’t big on tv like I am. I would suggest that you get one with a remote, which I don’t have. Also, consider that if you want a very large tv, it might not fit the stand/fireplace. Mine holds a 55 inch tv and I want a 65 inch, but I don’t think my stand/fireplace will accommodate it. The price was AWESOME. It came from Amazon, but Walmart had the exact same item and my mom got hers there and for an even lower price! She loves hers too. It makes the room come alive. I LOVE those white fireplaces posted upthread! I would prefer one like that, however, they are a little more than I could spend on one. Mine was actually free, from my brother. I think he payed about under $300.00.
  15. My parent’s county is in critical alert status. So many people are positive or have been exposed to someone who is positive! I’m not surprised. Most people in that county ignored covid precautions. Their ignorance is infuriating. They were warned, but ignored it. Now, they are sick or under quarantine. I’ll go to be with my parents ONLY for Thanksgiving. No other guests. The grocery store that I reported for violations recently has been closed. A long time friend, colleague, is in the hospital....very sick with covid. My parents nor I are going to go into any business or around any other person in that county for a good while. I’ll pick up groceries in other counties. On a lighter note, my Christmas decorating is coming along. I won’t be done until this weekend. I got a late start.
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