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  1. I wish I had gone for that instead of light sedation for my second eyelid surgery. They wanted me to be able to close and open my eyes during the procedure, but it was ridiculous. I really believe someone stole my drugs and I got nothing but saline in the line. Lol. I was completely awake, aware and felt it all. I asked them to give me more local injections in my eyelids, due to the pain. It was weird. My first eyelids surgery I was totally out and had no memory, though they tell me I was awake. A few weeks later I had to have a revision on one eyelid and I ditched the sedation/hospital rout
  2. What’s that like? I’ve seen patients use it on tv and they seem really relaxed.
  3. I just realized that wasn’t Patrica Clarkson, but she sure resembles her. She’s good too.
  4. I really liked the actors in this episode….Patricia Clarkson…what a treat. Still, there’s something odd about the thing. Despite the content, it just doesn’t pull you in. It’s unfortunate.
  5. I’ve read a lot of negative things about the things you mention. Think I’ll skip season 1. I don’t think season 2 gets any better. I hope so.
  6. I haven’t seen season 1 yet. Starting out on season 2.
  7. Some procedures can be done under light sedation too. It’s not general, so you don’t have to be intubated, but you are really out of it and don’t remember anything. It’s like what you have with a colonoscopy or other out patient procedure. I had it for one of my eye lid procedures. But, I suspect they want the patient awake for the tv drama.
  8. Omg, that’s so helpful. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, addiction is a horrible thing to deal with. It’s just as painful for family and friends who stand by and are helpless to instill change in the addict. Sadly, relapse is a common with most addicts. Now days, it’s more dangerous than ever. These lunatic drug dealers are lacing their product including, cocaine, pain pills, etc. with Fentanyl. Customers have no idea. Just a little can kill you. It’s been in the news lately. I’ve commented about it over on the Celebrity Deaths thread. It makes no sense to kill paying customers, but that is what is happening across the country. Wendy m
  10. I’m wondering if I drive myself to the booster, do I get the $25. Incentive fee.😁 NC has that incentive for those who drive someone to get the vaccine. Lol. At one time they were paying people $100. To get vaxxed.
  11. I’m wondering if Janelle is sort of waiting around to see where everyone is going to end up and that’s why she’s really not committing on another lease or purchase. If she can get power to her property, she might explore these houses. I saw a piece about them on tv. It’s new technology called 3D houses. Originally, designed for the homeless and seniors. They seem to be expanding. Quite attractive and low cost too. https://www.iconbuild.com/updates/3strands-brings-more-3d-printed-homes-by-icon-to-austin-market
  12. I’m frustrated with all the apps. How hard would it be to devise a great one that is interactive and smart. It asked you if you’re done with that movie or want to see it again. And it stops pushing a show on you that you’ve bypassed weekly for 12 months. I don’t want to watch certain shows, but they won’t accept it. Can I totally put it on Ignore? It seems a very doable thing to make streaming great experience. It would be popular, increase sales and please the customers. What’s the hold up? It’s as if it’s lagging behind in technology.
  13. I’m not sure. You can try to highlight it the click on spoiler icon. I have trouble deleting things like quotes and spoiler too. I just keep clicking it it and trying to delete. Eventually, it deletes.
  14. Unfortunately, it seems that Wendy and her poor health could put her into early retirement. Anyone recall how Richard Simmons just disappeared from the public? Rumors of why have flourished for years.
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