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  1. I’ve looked at these...but they don’t seem like they’re the ones......I know....it’s almost impossible to know without just checking them all out I guess. It’s so frustrating. I’m hoping the old ones are just going to turn up.
  2. They work that way, but I think the pieces were metal, not wood. I can’t really envision them. I’ve only seen them once for about 5 minutes.
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find out what type of hardware goes to hold up the shelves in a solid wood bookcase? I’ve been looking online and nothing looks familiar. I disassembled these shelves several years ago and now I can’t locate the pieces that hold the shelves in place. I’ve searched everywhere.....
  4. A good friend of mine was bitten by copperhead last summer. He was gardening and never saw it, but felt it and saw the bite marks. Within minutes it had swollen a lot, so off to ER. They gave him LOTS of anti venom. He sent me photos from the ER. He stayed a few days. This was in Raleigh. He returned to gardening, but wears gloves. Many years ago a good friend’s toddler brother picked up a copperhead that was on their porch! He was bitten multiple times, got very sick, airlifted to Duke, And barely survived. He recovered with no permanent injuries.
  5. I get how some people have reptile, insect, spider aversions, but, I’m glad that I never felt that way. My grandmother taught me a love for these things when I was little. We would catch things and then gently release them. Of course, I’m always called to remove spiders, bugs, etc. while others are standing up on a chair. Lol However, I do have a thing about rodents. My grandma never exposed me to those. Lol I did have 2 hamsters once. I do have a healthy respect for snakes. I know two people who were bitten by copperheads. One almost died. My good friends baby brother.
  6. Omg. I get how the snakes can be a little unnerving, even if we know they are harmless. Years ago, I noticed a black snake in my driveway and yard. I welcomed him, because, they are not poisonous and they eat rodents. After, a couple of weeks, I came home one day, with my dog in tow, to find the 3 and one-half foot black snake lying on my bedroom FLOOR! I was afraid of my dog attacking it and something bad happening, so, I calmly walked my dog out and screamed for a neighbor to help. I soon had a neighbor and yard full of little kids all trying to get a peek. Sadly, he coiled around a heater and had to be killed to get him out. I couldn't sleep well for a while after that. I like snakes, but, that was too close for comfort. lol
  7. Sadly, I discovered that some of the posters on one of the support sites that I used to frequent for people with dementia don't really have it. I wondered for years about some of the things they said and how things didn't add up. Eventually, they admitted that doctors said they didn't have it. Still, they persist. I finally left the site. Apparently, there was no rule against imposters, as long as they didn't ask for money. These people just seem to want a platform and sympathy. They need help, but, I just can't tolerate that. GREAT news! The t-shirt that wasn't supposed to arrive until August just arrived! I love it. I just deleted the writing. It might be considered political, so, I won't include the slogan or the link. It's great though.
  8. Yeah, children near water is always a very serious situation. I was raised near a very large lake, with lots of boating, swimming, camping, etc. Many lost their lives there.
  9. REf. Rivera. It should does seem odd. I'm trying to imagine her jumping into the water, into a lake, off of a boat with a toddler and no other adult. It makes no sense. I guess that's what happened though. Still......I hope they can figure it out and provide some answers.
  10. Right. I wondered where they were. I think someone posted that they were in a trailer or a bus.
  11. Well, I must have odd taste, but, I rather liked the Castle. I prefer basic over ornate, so, plain doesn’t bother me. It’s not a dream home, but I could like it, except for the size. It’s too large for my taste. I did like the views. Not a fan of the wooden tub or cigar room. The seller was rather insecure. Tracy will earn every dollar of that commission.
  12. I missed this episode, so I’ll have to catch up. I intend to watch the McNamari piece too.
  13. Hey, I was in a serious relationship with someone who was 23 when I was 35. He pursued me. It was awesome. I had realistic expectations. Best guy in the world though.
  14. I don't know. He seems bright enough, but, more like the kind of person who isn't interested in a career. You know, just making it maybe with borrowing, getting help, mooching, etc. Some people are just cut out that way. Not sure where he got it from. His parents don't seem that way at all. Perhaps, he was overindulged growing up, but, I cannot see him changing. Devean will need to accept it or move on. She does seem like she's doing a lot. I like her more now than at first. She looks like she got a kick asp awakening with a double dose of reality and it's scared her *hitless. As if she can't believe this is her new reality......it's sort of sad. I hope things are looking better in UT. I think she's learned that verbally berating someone rarely inspires change. Sadly, I don't see change in Jihoon's future. I hope I'm wrong.
  15. Others cannot make you an asp. Andrei has a cruel streak a mile wide. From what I've seen, Andrei is the worst thing about Moldovia. The vibe from his family when he's around seems tense. They have his number. Libby needs to be accountable for exposing their child to this man, who will quite likely cause a very stressful childhood. Libby's parents and family are guilty of enabling her insane decisions.
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