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  1. Morgan's background sounds pretty toxic. I didn't get why the dying man's wife wouldn't allow him to spend his last days doing as he pleased. It turned out well for him, but I'd have misgivings about her behavior.
  2. Annette o'Toole plays Morgan's mother. I'm a long time fan of her as an actress. Does anyone know the actor who played Morgan's brother? He looks familiar.
  3. I don't understand why they keep showing segments of outrageous patients with bizarre demands. It fluctuates between sad and disturbing. I've never heard of any fans of the show who like them.
  4. Yeah. You never know. I happened to have a check in my purse recently (long story) when I went to buy some things. When I got to checkout I realized I had left my purse on my desk, so I had no credit card and no cash! To avoid a wasted trip, I went to a store that I frequent often and knows me. They took the check even with me having no ID!
  5. I think the article I posted says that it's not uncommon to get special permission to fly in non-ideal conditions, but, it was dangerous enough that Kobe and his wife had an agreement to not both fly in helicopter at same time. https://people.com/sports/kobe-bryant-wife-vanessa-had-deal-never-fly-helicopter-together/
  6. Yeah, a lot of things don't make sense. I didn't understand what Mike's attorney was saying about being glad that the government is not making a decision on the K1 was good and would give him time to think about whether he wanted to withdraw it. Will they give him a warning or countdown? It's obvious that this woman does not love him. She's made it clear. So, what's up in the air? He cannot offer her a baby, money or spiritual support. It's doomed. Glad they now know it. Also, Anny probably figures there is much more money here for her in the long run than to leave with a check. She is one materialistic woman, I give her that. She makes no bones about it. Robert is an idiot to go forward. There is no love between them and she is not babysitter. It lets me know that he isn't that concerned with Bryson's welfare, if he thinks she is a good role model.
  7. Can someone explain to me how Janelle pays her own mortgage payments? That's what she said, right? She said that each wife pays their own mortgage or rent. How is that possible?
  8. I wanted to like Anna, but, she came off as very immune to her children's needs and completely tone deaf about the concerns of marrying a man you can't carry a conversation with. She seems delusional to me. Best wishes for the kids. She seems more concerned with some fantasy in her head and not with reality.
  9. Based on the fog stories I'm reading, I'm wondering which adults were in charge of electing to fly under such risky conditions with children on board. I can't even fathom getting onto a helicopter with children, when it's so foggy, it's not legal to fly and then asking for special permission to fly anyway in dangerous conditions. Boggles the mind. https://www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2020/01/27/report-kobe-bryants-helicopter-was-given-special-approval-to-fly-through-fog/#24273c3b13e2
  10. I came by here, because, the first story that I heard yesterday about the Kobe Bryant crash yesterday said that it happened in Khloe's back yard. I haven't seen anything else about that. Anyone know?
  11. I guess it's the walls that are keeping her quiet.
  12. It might make more sense to just rent a building for the annual holiday events if you have that many family members gathering. Folks can crash on air mattresses on the floor or get a room at a local hotel. Investing in a huge place for large family gatherings is just ridiculous. The space they had last night was fine. With all they go through and they don't seem to have it done right. You don't need those extra large tables if you're going buffet style. And, those paper plates were all wrong. One thing you need if you're going paper is a large sturdy plate. Those that they had are for deserts or finger food, not meals. One thing that these large families seem to ignore is that as the adults form their own families that aren't as connected with the central family anymore. Their children aren't as close either. It's just not feasible to stay that close with very large extended families.
  13. The only benefit is that perhaps there won't be much arguing and no chance of verbal insults from new husband. Will this man be happy in USA away from his family? Hmmm.....lol. Will her boys ever be crazy over him the way they are in her mind? I doubt it.
  14. My favorite Lizzo song is Water Me. (Popular commercial song.) I also like Good As Hell. Check out the videos on You Tube. I've posted a couple of them on My Music forum here on the What Are You Listening To thread. Both videos are awesome. I like those songs better than Truth Hurts. I saw Lizzo's face when Steven Tyler was singing on stage! Cracked me up. I'm reminded that many of these young artist are not that familiar with older artists. She was really shocked! lol OH, Billie recently caught some flack because in a recent interview she admitted that she didn't know who Van Halen is! lol https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/billie-eilish-van-halen-920487/
  15. I'm not familiar with that, but, my thought is that their agenda seems more important to them than their allegiance. So, perhaps, they have taken the right course for them. Some people thrive through hardship, others not so much. I knew that when Meghan said she was shocked the media was unfair there was trouble. I'm not sure if she meant that, but, if so, she really must be very overwhelmed. I found the comment disingenuous.
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