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  1. beautiful cat! love the bow tie, I have a Squeaky also he's a all black kitty.
  2. Miyokos, treeline and VIO are really good nondairy cheese brands
  3. I put out the black oil bird seed and the squirrels practically ate all of it. They are such pigs...
  4. I repeat myself to my husband just to piss him off LOL
  5. I'm in San Antonio, as well and I still see alot of people with out masks on .It frightening
  6. They have not waist and no neck and with the fake tits ,It just looks really bad.
  7. I only buy the clementines oranges, the big navel oranges are either dry and pithy or sour....
  8. Last Christmas we had a White elephant at work the max was $10. There was this one lady who bent out of shape because she spent $50 on her White elephant she received some cheap gifts. She went to complain to the office manager and decided she didn't want to attend the Christmas Brunch that Friday. What a damn crybaby ! She is a big bitch as well.
  9. My sister in law always updates her facebook status,posting about her issues. My mother in law and her rants about democrats!!! i actually snooze everything. I'm so sick of seeing all that its just TMI and Instagram is even worse!
  10. Is there not a commercial about motaur that wanted to be a motorcycle on top ? or am I just imaging it?
  11. Nicmar


    I agree with you, its real hard to love dark chocolate.... someone make a smooth dark chocolate that really good and i do love mounds, and york pepper mint patties
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