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  1. Nicmar


    Mine is Veuve Clicquot
  2. My Co worker has been trying every day to get her husband an appt and they always fill up before 8 am. She tried it online and on the phone nope all full..
  3. There's a girl in my office who likes to eat her oatmeal soupy. It grosses me out, thank goodness we have walls so I don't have to look at her eat it
  4. I saw a commercial for COPD, don't know the name of the drug. But it has this woman who stands up and cuts off her hospital band and takes her coffee cup and ashtray and puts it in a box to sell at a flea market. WTF! is that all she was selling? she could of just given it way, upcycle some how. Its a stupid commercial.
  5. I have seen Congee and I don't like the way it looks.
  6. I love British candy but never had any of those except the celebrations. I tried Lion, bounty lol
  7. Didn't Kris Humphries want to live in Minnesota or wherever he is from, and Kim said no because she was from LA and all her family is there?
  8. The only thing I remember about Caroline Stansbury is how she didn't want anything to do with her kids.
  9. Like Keeryn Feehan said she has a bunch of enablers family included.
  10. Why don't they sell their pictures on fiverrr? lol
  11. This is just exhausting!!! they all need to go away already....
  12. Didn't she talk shit about Pippa Larsen, so why would she want to be on that show for? She makes no sense whatsoever
  13. Are you trying to cut back on the white stuff, rice ,pasta, bread?
  14. I had gotten the Pfizer 1st dose last week, my arm hurt real bad that day and after that nothing
  15. We have a Jim Adler the Texas Law Hammer , And I would never hire either one of them. 🤣
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