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  1. Nicmar


    There is alot of people about bitching about st ives as well. A lot of the comments were about their lawsuit involving st ives. I haven't heard anything about?
  2. Nicmar

    S16.E06: Fire Escape

    I only caught part of the episode when Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe where they took their kids to a hotel. They were jumping on the bed and Khloes butt jis huge and reminds me of an old episode of Laverne & Shirley where Shirley buys a plastic buttand sticks it in her pajamas. Lol
  3. Nicmar

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    They're spandex shorts, too short if you ask me. 😶
  4. There is some who has that user name that posts in KKUWK forum. 😂
  5. Nicmar

    S03.E01: I Wanna Be Fat

    I could of i heard her say that she was pre diabetic last season but she wasn't anymore! How was that even possible if she wasn't dieting or excersing. It doesn't work like that. What a dumbass 😒
  6. I read some of the Comments and alot of her followers are saying they look like twins but in my opinion Babs looks better than Whitney will ever look young and old
  7. Nicmar

    Cast members and disability payments

    What is a internet feeder?
  8. I would demand my money back if this was part of workout. This is shit. Like someone here said There are free work out videos on YouTube.
  9. Nicmar

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    Why is TJs selling pumpkin pies in May?
  10. Nicmar

    S03.E01: I Wanna Be Fat

    I saw this episode recently as well. Damn Whitney is humongous. Why on earth would she think being that big can be healthy?
  11. Kris from afar looks like that would be Khloe @ an older age.
  12. Nicmar


    I still remember an episode from an earlier season where on bride was getting her nails done ans asked her fiancee to bring her fried chicken and then asked the girl of she could use a fake nail to picl her teeth! Thats class right there. 😂
  13. I have to ask who is the gassy snore?? LOL