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  1. Nicmar

    S06.E13: Game Night

    Thats 400lbs of Whitney Ashley ism aybe 200
  2. And he was also selling socks for $50 a pop! 😑
  3. I saw this on my msn feed, I'm like WTF!!!! I doubt she gets fat shamed @ the gym. Isnt she with a personal trainer or her dad when she works out? 😒
  4. That photo of her in thr pool looks likeshe has a face full pf make up on.
  5. Kim's skin in up close photos are hideous! These photos are the untoched, filtered to maxium capacity photos!
  6. This picture of her is garbage and so is her clothing line
  7. I thought Todd was gay?
  8. Nicmar

    Small Talk: About Big People

    Thank you , Dot for your reassuring post. 😌
  9. Nicmar

    Small Talk: About Big People

    Dot, I am having my first surgery ever and im 47. I am scared!!!! 😧
  10. Dont tell me i share the bday as Todd?
  11. I think these people are fucking blind! She does not look any smaller.
  12. Why doesn't she eat a healthy diet? Those workout videos are not even making a dent. BTW i had to look up what a pannus was.? I wish i hadn't 😐