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  1. My husbands aunt went on trip to with a co worker who invited her to Italy she won tickets. All the co worker friend was sleep late everyday while she explored the sights by herself.
  2. I'm so over her using stupid street slang lingo.Next word she will using is Bougie (Bourgeois). She sounds like a dumbass.
  3. Thats all she wearsis gaudy cowboy boots. And flowy caftan tops.
  4. I actually watch about 5 mins of her show last week .and i saw her cankles and her sneakers. Why can't she wear nice palazzo style pants and flats. She looks like she stepped out of working girl. BTW her boobs look like bowling balls.
  5. They don't belive in spay/neuter their dogs either. Didnt Kylies dogs had a litter of puppies? 😣
  6. My 20lb weight gain has not budged i am walking an hour a day. I switched up alot of stuff in my diet but apparently not enough. 😖
  7. Kris is business saavy! I will give her that, hell they would still be no bodies if she hadn't leaked Kim' s sex tape lol
  8. Is a "influencer" who wants free shit so they can turn around a give a good review? I don't get! Lol
  9. I read an article in the food network magazine just a sample of what she eats in a day. She started off the day with a Diet Dr Pepper. Cause thats always healthy. She pretty much snacks a lot not a regular meal.
  10. I never heard pf putting vanilla bean paste in apple sauce!!!! Maybe it's new.
  11. I can see him as a discount unabomber.
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