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  1. So I guess it’s cool for Dorinda to go off on others as long as she doesn’t go off on Leah. Nice.
  2. It does seem as if Kyle set Teddi up inviting her to be there when Kim and Brandi came over - hard to believe Kyle didn’t know what they would say. Teddi seems gullible to me - first groomed to be used by LVP, and then perhaps Kyle (if there’s not a real friendship there). Teddi and Kyle did try to dump the story on Rinna (“your trip, your friend”) but then Rinna got Teddi to tell the tale. Gullible.
  3. If there is a different Lisa (as Sutton so deliciously asked haha), that would explain why Denise would bother with her by the time of this scene.
  4. Rinna should have stopped after removing the lip implants - she’s off in the head to keep doing this to herself. Her lips really did look freakish in that scene. https://people.com/style/lisa-rinna-lip-reduction/
  5. It may be that, while trying not to be fooled by Denise, Teddi ended up being manipulated by the others. Too bad she didn’t stop with the things Denise was alleged to have said about them, and let the others mention the sex part. Still, I feel for Teddi - imo she’s not used to the kind of conniving this group relishes, and is in over her head.
  6. imo Kyle shouldn’t have agreed to having Kim and Brandi over for that creepy scoop - even though producers wanted it.
  7. Yeah - the narcissist caught suddenly becomes poor pitiful pile of tears.
  8. Teddi is smart to be cautious around this group - especially after falling for the LVP manipulation. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
  9. As someone who hates to shop and dress up, but loves creativity, I enjoy seeing the crazy stuff Erika and Dorit come up with.
  10. That does sound like something Scott might refer to, trying to be funny.
  11. Kanye and North dancing - pretty cute. https://www.etonline.com/kanye-west-and-daughter-north-bust-out-their-dance-moves-in-sweet-video-151020
  12. All I know is “playa” means “beach” in Spanish.
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