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  1. Too bad they didn’t write Delilah’s backstory so that Stephanie Szostak could speak with a full French accent - she seems to be straining to sound American, and her natural voice is lovely. On edit, maybe Delilah’s dad will miss her mother’s accent, and Delilah will suddenly go full French. Easy peasy!
  2. I’ve thought Meghan could only help - but this show is such a train wreck, maybe they should just clean up the tracks and call it a day.
  3. Weird - I find these people so annoying, but really enjoy the show!
  4. Has the spirit of Robert Kardashian come back as Psalm? https://www.eonline.com/news/1120194/why-kim-kardashian-knows-son-psalm-west-is-robert-kardashian-sr-reincarnated
  5. This show has jumped the shark so many times it’s dizzily dying before our eyes - imo Detective Meghan’s return could only help.
  6. So who are the guys involved in any of their threesomes? Yeah, there probably aren’t any. Women can be such dumbshits when it comes to this, convincing themselves that it’s all good when it’s just their scumbag husbands moving on.
  7. Oh ick! “But the source suggests to PEOPLE that a reconciliation was almost inevitable. “They’ve always still loved each other, no matter what they were going through. They have this very magnetic relationship,” the source says. “It’s like they’re drawn to each other. Whenever they’re in a room, the way they look at each other, they’ve always had this crazy love.”” https://people.com/tv/kathryn-dennis-thomas-ravenel-reunite-romantically/
  8. An appropriate mantra for Meghan: Good riddance. Good riddance. Good riddance.
  9. Ken could get all the publicity he wants by dressing up as a flying monkey and renting himself out for bachelorette parties and other assorted circuses.
  10. lol - nobody ever said these kids were cuter than other kids. This thread was started so that those of us not completely steeped in K hatred could post something positive about this TV family.
  11. Don’t want to be negative about kids - the odds are already against these having normal healthy lives.
  12. Hope Randall is dreaming or hallucinating - don’t want to see violence here.
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