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  1. Partly because he makes it so easy for her to avoid facing the dark, sad truth. Enablers fascinate me - they look like the “good guys” (and often are kind to their children and others), but “bad guys” can’t operate without enablers. So which one is more responsible - the one with the personality disorder or the one who enables?
  2. I agree, Ralph wants to make himself look good because he knows he’s actually an abusive asshole - and I suspect he also resents the attention Drew gets and wants a piece of the action himself. Wonder if her mom sticks around for protection.
  3. I guess Bravo hired a friend for Kenny since nobody else is enthusiastic about being with her. (In other words, Kenny sucks.)
  4. No wonder Pervy Scott has struck again - jealous?
  5. To me it looks like Bravo hired Leva specifically to confront Kathryn - and hired one black cast member for effect. imo Leva and Venita are doing what producers want them to do.
  6. Kourtney and Travis have been good friends for a long time and do things together with their kids, as the article says and pictures have shown over the years - good foundation to build on.
  7. I thought she was crying because Jimmy and his family had been hurt by some of the questions/comments about their relationship, and she felt bad about it.
  8. I wonder about the mother’s role in keeping E and her siblings in this cult - was she being held against her will, or was she a participant who eventually changed her mind and drove them out of there? E was right when she said therapy is going to be a long difficult journey - she’s going to have to grapple with the parts her own parents played in her torture. Though I’m really interested, a TV show might not be the best place to do this.
  9. I like it too! Thought there might be a tribute to Yolanda’s mother, Ans, or Zayn’s grandmother who passed recently - but I had the wrong grandmother. Not sure about a middle name, Hadid or otherwise.
  10. “RHOC Star Shannon Beador Had Face Fillers Dissolved Because She Couldn’t Recognize Herself“ https://www.prevention.com/beauty/a35289825/shannon-beador-face-fillers-dissolved-instagram/
  11. KHAI 👶 https://www.tmz.com/2021/01/21/gigi-hadid-zayn-malik-khai-daughter-baby-name/
  12. Thanks - wonder what he thinks of her behavior on this show, and if he worries about their son.
  13. I’d like to know what happened with the father of Madison’s son - and if he has a restraining order out on her.
  14. Austen’s family should plan an intervention and find an expert to help him understand what happened in his encounter with evil. When people are conned, used and discarded by someone they thought loved them, there’s lasting pain and dysfunction. I feel sorry for anyone who falls for Madison - and for her innocent child, who must experience her cruelty often when they’re alone. (Despite the caring mom mask she wore with Pringle and his sons.) Bravo has gone too far in elevating people with serious issues just because they bring the drama.
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