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  1. Glad this situation was finally addressed. Kourtney wouldn’t consider getting back together unless Scott stopped abusing substances, which he never did. The reunion style show was surprisingly revealing - Scott owned his behavior, saying that he thought using and cheating were normal when he was younger. (Really, dumbass?) Good for Kourt refusing to saddle herself with Pervy Scott! Looks like Kim and Khloe kept pushing Skourt to reunite mostly to keep the storyline going.
  2. So what if it’s an ad - it’s creepy that Scott gloms onto teenagers and posts this stuff.
  3. At this point Scott is a creepy old man exploiting another teenager. He was with Sofia when she was 19-21 yrs, and he wouldn’t give up the time spent with Kourtney for her. Then, when Kourtney refused to get back together with him, Scott preyed upon a new 19 yr old. Kourtney and Travis are sickening together, but Scott’s pursuit of kids is just plain sick.
  4. Pervy Scott strikes again - Rinna’s motherly advice to her daughter must be, “To keep your dream man, turn yourself into nothing but a piece of ass.” https://pagesix.com/2021/06/07/scott-disick-shares-photo-of-amelia-hamlin-in-her-thong/
  5. Third time’s the charm? https://people.com/tv/kim-kardashian-says-shes-preparing-to-take-baby-bar-again-soon-after-failing/ From the article: During a Q&A session with fans on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, Kardashian said that while her experience with taking the baby bar exam has been "extremely difficult," she intends to take the test again. "Unfortunately, I haven't passed yet, but I'm not giving up," Kardashian continued. "I'm preparing to take it again soon."
  6. HA! The returned gift joke was on Kourtney - she and Kendall are cute together.
  7. So Kim took the test again while sick with covid - are those results out yet?
  8. Glad Garcelle told Rinna that she was a shitty friend times two - trusting Rinna EVER would be a mistake.
  9. Rinna and Harry sure have a situation. Teenage Amelia is in love with Scott, “sources” are claiming Scott is still in love with Kourtney (who attended his birthday party this week) - and he just can’t keep his hands out of the kid’s pants. Surprised Harry - or Rinna herself - hasn’t kicked this guy’s ass! https://pagesix.com/2021/05/26/amelia-hamlin-posts-38th-birthday-tribute-to-scott-disick/ https://www.eonline.com/news/1273946/why-kourtney-kardashian-kept-her-distance-from-amelia-hamlin-at-scott-disicks-birthday-party
  10. Might be worth watching another season just to see Archie!
  11. Jewelry for the cause... https://pagesix.com/2021/05/24/braunwyn-windham-burke-launches-jewelry-line-to-help-lgbtq-youth/
  12. Relationship or storyline, I won’t be watching the new show - even though they provide plenty of fodder for snark.
  13. Looks like the recent K&T exposure might be free advertising for their new show: https://www.lifeandstylemag.com/posts/scott-disick-feels-disconnected-from-kardashian-family/ “Despite Scott’s worries, the famous family is already making moves on their upcoming Hulu series. Kourtney and Travis, 45, are “already discussing their relationship being part of the new show on Hulu,” a separate source previously told In Touch. “All the press you’re seeing right now about Travis’ family drama is just building up hype. The Kardashians are smart and know what they’re doing.””
  14. Khloe said she wants a brother or sister for True, ignoring the fact that she already has a brother. For the sake of their kids, Tristan’s baby mamas need to get over themselves and let True and Prince build a relationship. Khloe might still be pretending that she’s not just Tristan’s latest baby mama - what’s she going to tell herself when the next one is revealed?
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