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  1. Agreed, Lala is not that great a character that she can get away with zero storyline. The thing with Scheanbag (who I actually adore more and more, as she morphs into to just a set of eyeballs) is that all of her weird alienating shit seems to be around consumption, period. Total speculation obv, but I'm just getting a typical eating disorder-y vibe. Nothing too serious, just the usual conspicuous hyper-control that pushes people away. I mean they are all weirdos with weirdo regimens but they all share a lot of behaviours, thus actually qualifying them as a kind of community (I know)
  2. Oh I'm sure she's an ass. Heh, I already forgot about her claim to the brat pack addiction's origin-story where it also implicated Kim. OK, yeah, agreed, that was pretty bad. I guess I figure where anonymity is concerned we are dealing with AA involvement (rather than a generalized sobriety) where it involves both ladies, and that, technically, Eden's not really breaking the rules. Not that we all didn't know what Eden was saying.
  3. HI EVERYONE. I've missed you all! So far, Eden is the high priestess pick for me, reminiscent of a previous Eileen - who apparently sucks. I get that these ladies are paid to beat a dead horse but I get the feeling that Eileen is just naturally passive-aggressive and refuses responsibility for "making a big circle out of things" (sic. because Dorit is an adorable idiot whom I'm sure I'll come to hate after she serves her narrative purpose as a Vander-emotion-pump). Oy, Kim. What can I say? Do we not all smile a bit when she's expertly twisting off that anti-theft-thingy from her d
  4. I didn't even think about that. Hmmm, I hope this is true. But either way it was taken up badly in the TH.
  5. Oh God, this was such a shitty moment for me. I LOVE Shannon and that includes all of her infantile appeals to David to defend her DURING a screaming match (which really tested my threshold) but the Indian comment was super alienating. You could just feel all of the air coming out of the Shannon-fantasy. Broke my heart.
  6. What's crazy about this show is that despite all of the times it drops the ball, I'm transfixed. For some reason, this season I want this show on all of the time. It's still sort of terrible and fails to account for really obvious shit but none of that has affected my transference levels; I'm in. I am so pleased to watch Lip take on all of his father crap. Love it. Want seven hundred episodes of it.
  7. sadly, I will not feel superior but THAT'S FINE because this is obviously fantastic. More Kim Richards content? I'm there. I can watch that lady deny responsibility forever.
  8. Holy crap, why was that so good?! I normally spend half an episode rolling my eyes but I am finding this season kind of riveting. The writing for Fiona is so much better, and far more believable. My only ambivalence: I can't tell if I'm supposed to be confused by Sean (is that his name? I don't know) "the perfect fit" and Sean Total Shell Game Heroin Addict Frank Substitute because I hate him no matter what. Which, plot-wise, may work out fine, since very few demonstratively annoying characters get away scot-free in this show. WHY THAT VOICE? Seriously, am I missing the register
  9. Wow, what a snooze. Are they just featuring an old problem-wife per episode in lieu of any compelling story? I'm not buying this Lisa thing either. What? Were they just like, "look, lady it's your turn; we'll keep it light"? Who cares what offends Eileen. I know it's first half of BH season so it's going to drag but at least give me some Yolanda bullshit. Apparently one thing is worse than The Richard sisters: ONE Richards sister.
  10. Ugh Scheanz and her stupid doubling-down "Yeah? And I Stand By It." Nobody's questioning if you didn't mean it enough, dummy. Be quiet. Why do I think that Jax is a great reality Tv star and possibly a dude with a complex head? He's switched from dopey sociopath to believably navigating the terrain like a champ, and I'm buyin' it. Lala, you transcend. You don't even have to try. Is it just me or is policing all of the ladies to act like ladies a huge sexual and emotional turn off? Seems like poor strategy if nothing else. Not that much James and Max seemed high as shit.
  11. As I said, I think it's always been suspect, but I assume what the women do and target is the result a feedback loop between them and production. I also think sketchy illness has proved to be a great storyline for OC and Yol's has been right under their nose for awhile. But the narrative reach seem desperate regardless of how much I don't like Yolanda. And believe me, I would be teeming if Yolanda's suffering proved bullshit - I LOVE fake illness as a plot point - but I think it's the diagnosis itself (as chronic) that is debatable not whether she's a liarface. Idk, just feel weird about
  12. Well, this already looks like a bore. There's only one thing more grating than Kyle and Kim, and that's Kyle talking endlessly about Kim. Look, I am all over a recovery story that never lands but I need both sisters present. Maybe part of Kyle's own recovery (and perhaps OURS too) will be her coming to terms with how humdrum she is outside of the greatest sister clash in fake-celebrity history. Also, does Lisa need to be weird about Yolanda's lymes? I love that it's already been compared to a murder mystery, like the question of Munchausen syndrome is Bravo's contribution to the recent ba
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