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  1. All that discussed here by the showrunners and the cast
  2. Yes I can't see why people are freaking out about it .As it is he is in his late 30's before being pinged out of time and she is 31/32 And Daisy's dad married a woman who was 100+ years old in her current life And some podcasts are complaining that Daisy gets a love interest every year when is has been 4 seasons since Lincoln died and previous to that she nailed Miles in 1.05 and apart from that she had her Hydra stalker who apart from one kiss that was it
  3. When I mentioned Drew Greenburg writing the episode I forgot to mention Phlebotinum which got mentioned in the episode According to Joss Whedon, during the DVD commentary for the pilot episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the term "phlebotinum" originates from Buffy writer (and Angel co-creator) David Greenwalt's sudden outburst: "Don't touch the phlebotinum!" apropos of nothing.
  4. Written by Drew Greenberg who wrote for both Buffy and Firefly
  5. Watch Lil's YouTube account they explain it on there - Stan Brooks shot it but they had to go back and refilm everything as there was Guild troubles with going back and using earlier stuff You get Chloe and Lil pissing for most of this and Ming and Jeff as the end I love Iden's story about how he went from a tea boy on season 1 to now write an episode
  6. Who he is is in the SG books . His name on the show is Janitor Justin and his dislike of Dragons comes from there
  7. And how is this unusual as that is exactly who happened to the Mormonts . When Jeor left to join the Watch Maege took the family name as the Lady and Lyanna was also a Mormont no matter who her had was
  8. He had already signed on to other stuff and then they were re-upped again . Its and this point that the staff were starting to leave as well . This is Nora and Lila's last episodes as they left to go work on Prodigal Son and Nina left to do a Million Little Things
  9. BUDGET If they have the choice of spending the limited budget they have on other stuff and not use it on Daisy or Elena it's a choice they had to make
  10. Gaston is friends with Nina the director as she worked on The Mentalist with him . Her husband also put in a shift as Julian Acosta (who also usually played dicks ) played Dr Vega
  11. Mike's friend Jakeem is related to Jenny who is Cindy's sidekick ( they are both in the books) . Cindy's big drop is also coming seeing as who her dad is
  12. Apparently real Courtney will be in every episode as they did this as part of set design @Brecbassinger The best, most important Easter egg in this entire first season in my opinion #DCStargirl
  13. Chyler hadn't finished filming this before the shut down .Apparently seeing what was about to come , her Nate, the kids and the animals got in the car and drove to Nashville
  14. This is for the episode that Melissa is directing .The they also announced that Helen Slater and Olivia Nikkanen for back for the episode that might be called "The Wonderful Life" so maybe Kara wondering what it would be like with Alex as her hero
  15. Look up the promo for next week and a lot of it is explained including a currently missing Brainy being played by Meghan Rath the sister of Jesse Rath
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