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  1. And also what we eat - in the spirit of honesty I say this as I am about to sit down to Scotch Pies for my dinner . Scots is also the language and even if most people in the US don't know it they probably know 1 poem written in Lallans (Lowland Scots) and sing it on New Year's Eve ( even if selective editing has changed part of the meaning)
  2. She is Mary Stuart and her ancestors James III (VIII of Scotland) and Bonnie Prince Charlie) who grew up believing the Jacobite myth of the awaited Queen/King Across the Water .In Mary's case her mother giving the crown away to the French (a bit like Jon bending the knee without consulting the Northerners who had named him King ) ,burning people at the stake ,exiling them and then stacking her court with Frenchman and using French troops to enforce her will left her daughter a poisoned chalice by the time Mary arrived back in Scotland proclaiming herself Queen of the 3 Kingdoms which she herself then Royally fucked up .Her grandson and great-grandson then turned out to be religious zealots - one who started a serious of civil wars that ended with him being a head shorter because he didn't like how his subjects north of Wall #1 ( Hadrian's Wall is the famous one - Antonine's Wall the less famous stretched from the Clyde to the Forth ) prayed ,and his son who simply cut the ears off of people who went to convecticles .And her last male line descendants ended up living in exile on the charity of the Kings of France and then the Popes . By the way it's Mary Queen of Scots ( Scotts is brand of porridge oats) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Crazy Dany was probably not crazy but as others have said had drank her own kool aid and sunk into zealotry . The closest example to her is probably not a Hitler or Stalin but Maximilien Robespierre who started out with reasonable intentions but ended up with his views on virtue and that only he knew what that was (see Dany and Jon and her view on what is good and only she gets to decide ) while he ordered the deaths of thousands of people who didn't stack up .
  3. Humbugged

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Why are you holding your head ? The Unsullied chose to leave even though they were offered land and the Dothraki from what we saw of the docks were staying and probably took the deal . To be fair the people of Westeros just watched these peace loving brown people (who had been brought to conquer them by the Necromonger) had just went on a killing/raping spree where 10s of thousands of innocent people were murdered . So yeah extending the hand of friendship and asking them to stay (and I saw the 2 mules jokes and it is not the same as the Unsullied were never slaves in Westeros ) is really racist /s
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    S06.E01: Missing Pieces

    So good to have it back The showrunners can't be held responsible for the lack of tie in /timeline shennanigans . As someone else said earlier they were told the show would have an open air date so the show might have to air as a mid season replacement .So even though Jed and Mo knew exactly what was going to happen in Endgame they were faced with either writing a show that might have been forced to air in March that would spoil the film or just take a step round it all together So blame ABC for not sticking to their guns when they originally said it would air after Endgame and then havered about when it would be back
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    S08.E03: The Long Night

    All the talk about the Lord of Light and the prophecy as it might relate to Arya misses the point .The prophecy came from those that follow the Light ,and even though the LoL and the Many Faced God are usually opposed they were not in this case,and Arya serves the MFG and the Night King had subverted death by re-animating them , Arya just gave 100,000 people the gift at a stroke and let them rest .
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    S08.E03: The Long Night

    Too soon dude as House Mormont was ended
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    It's not her snake it's Ben's https://www.theringer.com/nba/2019/3/21/18275882/kendall-jenner-ben-simmons-philadelphia-sixers-new-jersey-kardashians
  8. That . And also he ain't on Earth to object as him and Juliette/Eve (sorry I know it's Lois ,but she burned the Gimmibago down damn it) went off on pre-ternity leave to Argos and left her in charge .
  9. Random factoid - Italia Ricci (Silver Banshee) and Jessica Meraz (Menagerie) played sisters in Chasing Life and their dad was played by Tom Irwin who also played Chyler's dad in Reunion where Chyler's character slept with the IRL husband of Reign, who went on to be the on-screen and IRL boyfriend of the MCU's Agent 13 who was the LI for Cap who was the LI for Chyler in NATM. .
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    S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    It's just her real hair with the asymmetric half of her bob slicked back .Between the end of filming the last season and Clexicon she had it cut like that (and it was slicked back like this at some of her other convention appearances over the summer ). As for the colour she has been dying various shades of red since the day she left Grey's . It seems to be a thing with her and there was a fuss on Grey's when she decided to go blond and it was a funky color when she first got it done as they over colored it so her natural hair would grow in underneath it by later in the season and the make up people had awful time doing her . It is always hard to remember that even though she is most recognized as a brunette she is a natural blonde (much like Pauley Perrette it has been that color so long people don't realize)
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    Bull in the Media

    What the system of payouts and NDAs was open to was for conniving bosses (and politicians )to abuse and harass their staff and others and then cover it up while the public or shareholders were the ones paying the settlements while being kept in the dark . The presumption put forward in this case put out by CBS and Caron was that Dushku by appearing in Maxim years earlier meant she was asking for it ,and that them presenting tapes with her swearing (gasp) were grounds to stop mediation - until the tapes showed the harassment happening
  12. Humbugged

    Bull in the Media

    The big one being that they uncovered the fact Moonves (bestie of MW according to him) had lied during the investigation which allowed the board at CBS to null and void his pay off of $120 m and fire him for cause. They will have at least 3 or 4 in the can . My guess is they are going to pull the trigger it will be at the end of the season as they can just not renew it and then won't face any pay outs
  13. Humbugged

    Bull in the Media

    His shield was apparently him being chummy with Moonves and he is now gone with prejudice and minus his pay off tick tock
  14. Humbugged

    S15.E14: Vegas, Baby!

    She was on Access Hollywood a couple of months ago saying how much she loves Kim
  15. Humbugged

    S04.E05: Parasite Lost

    Not to get too spoilery but he is in the Legion with one of her distant relatives . He recognized her name when he met her at the Pizza Joint of Assholes in 4.02