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  1. His sister has DiGeorge Syndrome so him,Kendall and his brother who was living with them had to get it as they had not seen her for a year - she was back watcing and hugging him and his brother at the Nuggets game And this 'he was on a stream and failed to mention it' is bogus as he was playing CoD and brought it up on there . And if he is coming back next week -it is like the CP3 thing who had to isolate for 10 days - so he picked it up in Florida or Jamaica
  2. Watch the Australian show 800 Words he was great in that (and was hated in Shortland Street where he played a scumbag)
  3. Humbugged

    Tennis Thread

    So the BeeB is showing the 4 winners from 2 weeks ago at a homecoming parade on Friday . So Emma , Joe Salisbury with his two Doubles titles (Mens/Mixed) and Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett who won the Wheelchair Doubles . And London Zoo named a penguin after her lol And the LTA have been releasing a whole bunch of stuff she has done for them over the years on Youtube
  4. Brainy did not just redesign the suit ,it was a thing he had came up with before when James was still there as he said (Jimmy just would not let him play with it)
  5. Humbugged

    Tennis Thread

    She drove motocross when she was younger (and karted) and then had to stop so she wants her license and getting a normal driving license is still a danger for the one careless driver,an oblivious pedestrian or a lapse in concentration which would still might cause disaster.Best to just stick to her dad driving everywhere until she is 30
  6. Humbugged

    Tennis Thread

    Her in a McLaren 720 She just got her license and she said she wanted a motorbike one to go with it https://www.instagram.com/p/B_5gPVoAzS6/
  7. Humbugged

    Tennis Thread

    Well she got herself a deal with Tiffany
  8. Humbugged

    Tennis Thread

    Yes she has the same agent as Sharapova and Li Na (who thanked him for making her a ton of monney when she won the Australian) She currently on at a 1 year roll on deal with Nike/Wilson for $100,000 each (that will be going up no doubt ) ,somebody no doubt will be offering her a car deal though as her dad was driving her about And she had to pull out of a lot of the 125/250 games as she now sat at 23, I doubt she will go back for IW but I can see her doing the Transylvania Open so she can see her Grandma who she has not seen for nearly 2 years (and f the Mail and the Mirror for
  9. Well Kelly was in the army right up till she joined the show so she had lots of time there to work on her skills And Chyler did not want to wear a mask because of her health
  10. No she has spent the rest of the week in a bikini and she is the same size And Khoe and Travis are also now in Italy
  11. And Chyler played Izzie's work buddy on Greys 14 years ago
  12. https://tvline.com/2021/08/25/the-flash-season-8-premiere-date-armageddon-spoilers/?fbclid=IwAR2nMG4o02dP1UTt4GoMdQNSH96fBn-TL4rcq-JRI90H9s0V-I2w6uZx6jY Chyler is back for the big opener
  13. She did mention him on screen Well he got to meet his aunt
  14. Kendall is off in Italy with Booker after being in the Hamptons for a few days
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