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  1. Glory

    S04.E13: The Seam

    SO MUCH CRYING. OMG. I can't even remember the last time I cried this hard over a TV show. Buffy maybe? Seriously. I can't believe they just wrote off his character like that? @Pixel is correct. Quentin was the glue that held that group together. I have no idea what keeps them as friends now. I could maybe see this ending if this was the final season, but we know they're coming back for 5. Where do you go without Quentin? Also, Penny 40 - you still my fave, Bro.
  2. Glory

    The Perfect Date (2019)

    I thought this was super cute. It's no "To All the Boys" but that's a pretty hard bar to beat. I really liked the leading lady, though. She was really great.
  3. Glory

    S04.E12: The Secret Sea

    So it sudden occurred to me that Plover is also in a basically indestructible body. I am totally unspoiled, but now I think the axes are going to work on Elliot and then the god-brother is going to hop right on into Plover. Penny is still my fave. Penny40 and Kady tearing it up in the afterlife could be fun. But I'm not sure who is going to end up in that elevator. "Did you fuck this goldfish?" Amazing. This show kills me.
  4. Glory

    Good Girls

    @SailorGirl My mom immediately went to Mary Pat too! She was like, there is no way that kid says "you put daddy in the freezer" in front of an FBI agent and he decides not to go after her. So I'm feeling less scared for Ruby now, because I think we're getting some misdirection and Turner is going to after Mary Pat.
  5. Glory

    Good Girls

    Guys! I am so scared for Ruby! I think she's going to turn informant. OMG. I'm really surprised that Agent Turner would involve his boyfriend into his weird infiltration attempts. I feel like that is super unprofessional and bound to bite him in the ass. What does Rio have to do to convince Beth he's not to be trifled with? Kill one of her kids? She is playing with fire and as much as I think those two are HOT together, I know this can't end well. The appearance of Rio's lawyer earlier in the season makes me think he's got some kind of shell company or corporation going that will keep his hands clean from all the money laundering, but Beth is stupid enough to run all this crap through the family business.
  6. Glory

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    I just feel so bad. I wish he had taken the deal. Every time Rabia or Yusuf said that they were feeling positive or sure he'd be home soon I just wanted to cry. I don't think he did it and I'm just so mad that he's been in jail for so long. He's only a couple years older than me and when I think of how much life he missed I get so sad.
  7. Glory

    S4.E10 All That Hard Glossy Armor

    Legit tears at the end of the final song. Seeing everyone sing together and Margo wielding the axes was amazing. So awesome. Did anyone catch the vibe that Penny snatched onto Quentin to travel them out but that Quentin was reaching for the Monster? Maybe I'm reading too much into that. Kady has pipes! She's fantastic. Summer and Hale need Emmy's. And all the movies. They deserve mad props. I wonder if Julia could kill the monster somehow? Since she's indestructible. I know they are trying to save Eliot's body... but could she? Could she get magic from say, Alice, like when she first gave up her god magic in the switcheroo thing? And then stomp him out?
  8. Glory

    The Act

    This show is brutal. I know some of it is fictionalized, but sheesh. That poor girl. I like Chloe Sevigny. I especially like the wardrobe/hair styling. That long hair with the terrible angled layers is particularly midwest and it's perfect.
  9. Glory

    Good Girls

    Yeah, this. She really, truly thought he could sell cars. And then 10 minutes on the lot with him and she sees what a tool he is. True story - I once walked right out of a dealership when I was trying to buy a new car because the salesman would not directly address me and kept asking questions of my husband. My husband even said to the guy "She's the boss and she's driving this car. Talk to her." But the guy would just not listen to me. So I left, found a salesman at a different lot that would actually look me in the eyes and bought a car from him. I'm not sure what Annie thinks she's doing with Boomer's grandma. It's sweet and stuff. But she has to know that getting involved with a dead guys grandmother is going to connect her to Boomer even more. Stupid. Ruby is the only person on this show with a brain. Loved her giving out money at the payday place. I wonder what she's going to say to her husband about how they paid off the loan.
  10. Glory

    S04.E09: The Serpent

    Okay so remind me - Penny23 can still do magic, right? Penny40 was the Penny that couldn't do magic because of his hands... Penny23 and Julia had a moment and I almost believed it just because Penny could have chemistry with a freaking wall. Are the magic tattoos that the library was peddling trackers or something? I'm still a little iffy on that part. And if Zelda is Head Librarian what is Everett's actual job title? Margo is still a boss ass bitch and she looked so beautiful getting ready to start out on her quest to the desert. Kady also looked badass with her hair pulled up. Totally the new Marina. We never did find out what happened to the old Marina23 that Kady cursed though. Oooh, loose threads....
  11. Glory

    S04.E08: Home Improvement

    Well I've binged this entire show in about two weeks and I am so mad that I'm caught up because now I have to actually wait for episodes. This is terrible. How do people live like this? Oh man, you guys, so many thoughts and feels but I'll try to keep them relevant to the 4th season. I am a Queliot shipper hardcore. I couldn't believe they went there with Eliot's memories and I was so happy. If I had a dollar for every time I shouted out "Penny!" when he popped up onscreen after I was sure that he was dead/gone/stuck in the underworld I'd be very rich. Penny is probably my favorite character and I hope that Penny 40 and Kady get a happy ending even though I know it's not very likely. I still like Penny 23, though. But, I am also longing for the Penny40/Margo hookup that would have been FIRE. I, too, have done a 180 on Julia. I couldn't stand her for most of seasons 1 & 2 and now I love her. Also, I have watched the youtube video of "Under Pressure" an embarrassing amount of times and I need a new musical number, stat!
  12. Glory

    Good Girls

    I love this show. It's dark but compelling and the comedic bits are just enough to make me feel bad at laughing at how dark things are. It's perfect. My non-spoiled speculation is that I think they'll find a way to kill Leslie that is less "shoot him" and more "make it look like an accident" kind of thing. Either way, it's going to be terrible and hilarious and I cannot wait. I do feel bad for the blackmailer lady though. No one should have to marry that weasel.
  13. If you guys haven't listened to the "True Crime Obsessed" Podcast on this episode you are missing out. All the outrage and tons of LOLS.
  14. @bosawks got it right. This shit is BANANAS. I watched this while my husband was out and when he came home I tried to explain it to him and I just had NO WORDS. This entire story is bonkerballs. I am telling him "Well, this pedophile seduced a husband and wife to get to their child" and he kind of raises an eyebrows and then I'm like "Well, wait. There are also aliens." OMG. I just feel so bad for everyone involved but also so ANGRY. Why would you continue to speak to this man? I don't understand any of it. Jebus.
  15. Glory

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    Well... i'm in the midst of Kondo-ing my house. My husband was out of town this past weekend so I did my entire closet and dresser. Dumped it ALL out. I've filled about 5 garbage bags with clothes and purses to donate. OMG. I don't feel like I have a lot of stuff, but seeing how much stuff I just never wore or held on to "in case it fits one day" was eye opening. And my closet feels positively empty. I also tackled our linen closet. Can I just say that clear containers are a miracle. I can see just when I'm low on toothpaste and now I realize that I probably won't have to buy lotion or shampoo for the next 5 years. I have so much of that stuff. It's so satisfying to see it all organized and tidy. When my husband got home he was so impressed that we cleaned out our office closet and our guest bedroom closet. Shredded a ton of stuff, consolidated books, blankets, and that kind of clutter that finds its way into extra closets, and even sold a few things on ebay and chegg. Made about $300 last night just from cleaning. :) I have one more closet to do and my crawl space (which is mostly holiday decor) and I'll have done my entire house. Cheers to Marie Kondo and her tidying method. I feel so energized and so pleased when I look around my house.