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  1. Interestingly, I actually don't like this part that much. Though beautifully shot, it borders on cheese for me. But I do really like your take on it, and I think I need to go back and rewatch that with Jamie's wedding day comment in mind. I do think the symbolism of it is powerful. Her world was dark when she thought he was gone, but now there is hope, possibility, he lived, and there is light again. Rewatch it again and tell me what you think. To me, it's a reverse mirror of The Wedding scene. In The Wedding, Jaime tells Claire that when he stepped outside of the church and sa
  2. Girlll, same! Every time I think I've figured out the time travel stuff I realize that it can't be what I thought it was, though @Pallas's offline explanation really helped me figure out the basics! Right?! I wanted to say above and forgot, that when Claire realizes what Jamie is asking her to do, the look on her face - I want to say it's sheer terror, but that's not the right word either. She is so bereft at the thought of having to leave him thinking he's headed for certain death. And despite trying to escape Leoch and trying to get to the Stones again when Jamie goes to meet Horrock
  3. Yes my friend, you are right, I got my thoughts a bit jumbled up there! What I meant was that she went back to change history's outcome - ie: the Highlanders win. BUT I wonder if she knew what fakey fake fake moron BPC was, would she have done what she did? If she'd seen how he sashayed about, more interested in eating and drinking and just becoming King without doing much, and without much thought to the men who would die for his personal cause, I don't know that she'd be so enamored with BPC anymore. In fact, I wanted to clap BRAVO! when Claire told that guy in the Culloden tourist place wha
  4. My god that was good! And terrible at the same time. Good in so many ways - getting to meet Brianna and wee Roger all grown up, 1968 surgeon Claire and her righteous bouffant - the whole 1968 portions I thought I'd hate but I really enjoyed them and the contrast between 1740's Scotland and 1968 Scotland. And again so bittersweet that nearly 220 years later, and even today, Scotland is still grappling for it's independence. But I digress...and bad in that we end S02 knowing that we still have to endure the whole Culloden battle in S03, uch, I do not look forward to that, but at least we know Ja
  5. and Right?! But in Leah's world it's all Leah all the time so of course it would be about her and not God. And not for nothing but she's approaching atoning like a 12-Step program, which even that you don't demand the other person's acceptance of your apology. She is so delusional. I can only hope her rabbi, if there actually is one, sees this and shit cans her ass because she's just in it for a story line.
  6. I don't think anyone enjoys wearing a mask but when you have a platform like they do, bitching about something something that is a public health necessity right now, and one where they could actually have a positive influence over those who don't wear them (ie: they could make masks cooler or fashionable or more acceptable among those who don't want to wear them)...That is unforgivable IMO. You have to wear a seat belt to protect yourself in a car, well you now how to wear a mask to protect others and yourself. Bitching about it just comes across as they're above it, they're too good to wear o
  7. I’ve been barely watching the last few seasons because Lu is unbearable, Sonja is an alcoholic, Ramona is a psycho, Leah is an obnoxious famewhore wannabe, but I thought I’d tune in for an opening few minutes but these Ho’s can miss me with their whining about wearing masks during a global pandemic. So fuck you RHoNY, if you bitches can’t not whinge about wearing masks then I can’t be bothered to record or watch anymore.
  8. Because GC Memorial Hospital is managed by Wyle E. Coyote, and Road Runner is the Chief of Staff *mmmbeepbeep*
  9. So numnuts Dickolas thinks using a metal crowbar on rusty metal.window grates while it's, oh I don't know, LIGHTENING OUTSIDE, is a smart thing to do. These schmucks... Also, does Billy have his own fucking office or does he just wander the halls, stopping in Lily's office every 5 minutes? And Faith...I mean, can't she get.on dialysis UNTIL she gets a transplant, FFS!?!
  10. @Anothermi, this was a masterful post, thank you for writing it as it does bring to light a 'thing' that nobody's mentioned in this episode! So many great comments are within your post so I just wanted to say that re: This is so interesting and I'm stumped that I didn't see it! You are right, it's sort of a mirror but opposite situation with Dougal the Younger hating his older brother...for what exactly? For having an accident and becoming physically impaired but not mentally impaired? And BJR the Older hates his younger brother...for what exactly? For knowing the darkness that BJR in
  11. Your comment made me harken back to S01, the episode where they are all at a dinner banquet and Claire is teasing Jamie across the table about seeing him suck face with Leery, making fun of him and asking if a filly has bit him or something, and she finds it all quite amusing yet we also suspect there is a hint of jealousy there as well. Then after a flustered Jamie gets up and leaves the table, Murtagh gets in Claire's face and tells her very pointedly, "...that lass will be a lass when she's 50. Jamie needs a woman!" He stares down Claire and in that moment I remember thinking, "so...do you
  12. You know, I was thinking about this today, and really, this season we see Dougal so emotionally brittle, and it is so unsettling to see because in S01 he is such a dynamic force to be reckoned with, and this second half of S02 he's just getting knocked down at every turn. You see it in his face every time Jamie tells him 'No', it's like he deflates just a little bit more, and you can see him struggling to find not just 'his' place, but any place that feels like he belongs. I don't know how he can survive at this point. If Dougal lives through Culloden, and we know Jamie must because hello, six
  13. Wow, so...again a lot happening this episode. When I saw 'Culloden' on the map in the opening scene, I felt sick...It's as if this season started as a meandering brook that with each episode, it picked up more steam and force with the brook turning into a stream, turning into a river, which got wider, deeper, rapids started appearing, and now we are headed to the waterfalls with no way to stop the flow of this story current. It's making me so bummed out when I see gorgeous Scottish highland scenes, knowing that carnage is right around the corner. Highlights for me: Fergus falling asl
  14. I love that this advert was underneath @Frozendiva's last post, it's so fitting!
  15. Thank you! I thought this was the gist of it but I was missing the part about dreams...*sigh* Such great writing, definitely written by a woman. I'm not sure I see that, here. The British patrol, fighting an insurgency in support of James Stuart (son of a dethroned King), comes across a formation of rebel soldiers, and engages them. Agree. You both are correct, I think I said that more because so far, we see the British marching through people’s lands shaking them down for money and more (BJRs initial foray into Lallybroch for example), red coat d
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