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  1. This is some bullshit isn't it? It's gotta be a producer set up right?!? The way the co-dependent sister looks sideways at Kailani and mom when the goings on are revealed to big bad papa bear...I mean, it's like a damn cartoon at this point. And IF it's real, send that moron, Assheulo, home on the next plane to SamWah. It's like taking care of a demented toddler at this point, but one who can call you a fucking bitch. That shit aint cool.
  2. Hi @Pallas! Nice to see you on this thread my brethren... Last night was a really heavy story line, whoa. I need to go back and watch this series from the first season...That said, I watched last season and was bummed to hear that Sidney was leaving, but this season I'm like, "Sidney who???" I really like Will a lot and I think the actor playing him is doing a great job with the push/pull of being a normal man his age vs. his calling as a vicar and what that means.
  3. Agree with everything said above. Glad Chandrika got out of dodge before she got killed, though she's probably the best actress of the lot so it's loss in the thespian department. John looked indeed dimwitted in the cell, and how is it that he wasn't eating anything but he looked as spry as the moment they tossed him in there? And the scene with Daniel impersonating French soldiers and talking to him, and the real French soldiers come right up behind him and he's talking to the prisoner in English, HELLO CONTINUITY, ANYONE HOME?!? And then he turns to leave and says something in French to the other two nitwits. I mean, come ON... Bitty Betty and her Mr. Evil are perfect for one another. I hope she goes down with that ship. Margaret continues to be a clueless martyr, what did she expect when she went to see the general, who himself is indeed like a bad cartoon character. Mrs. Patmore continues to disappoint, and I can only stomach the staff and Daniel at this point. Thankfully the sets and costumes are there to distract. And not for nothing, but I asked my mother if she's watching this and she LOVES it, I mean LOVES IT. She thinks the story is exotic and fascinating, and this from a woman who's pretty well traveled most of her life, so apparently not everyone sees the horrible writing and lame story lines that we do!
  4. No need for any research on my comments as they were based on what I've seen on the show and her awful devolving behavior - it has nothing to do with anyone else's comments here, but thank you for reading, cheers to that!
  5. She's a pig. Actually, that's insulting AF to pigs. She's the scum under the scum bucket. She's a nasty bitch and years after she went after her own psycho sister, we now all see her for the narcissistic piece of shite that she really is. Living with her must be insufferable, no wonder Mo is always baked.
  6. Alas it 'twas not to be...I will have to settle for my one here!
  7. If TLC shows Coltee in a speedo tomorrow, I vote we all go in on a class action suit for reckless endangerment, emotional distress, and mental anguish. Who's with me?!?
  8. Kadooz to Singin for throwing the souls mate BS back in Tanya's face! Dude needs to cut bait and go home.
  9. From your lips to Mods ears! And I feel for you. I had submitted a meh title for Kenny and his man, and I missed the call for additional options because I came up with 'Hannah and her Misters', alas it was too late!
  10. Shoot, I didn't see the call for more options! I was going to submit: Kenneth and Armando: Hannah and her Misters
  11. I loathed Lo when first we met him, but now? I'd like to see this play out exactly as you say because Assholeu deserves to be packed up and put back on the next plane back to SAMwah. I don't even think this asshole would miss his kids, he'd miss 'playing with them' because he cannot see past that as his role in raising them. I cannot fathom how little he appears to have grown since arriving the the USA. But as @Mrs. Hanson has said, Kailoser chose him and got herself into this mess so she is also to blame. I just don't see how or why she finds him attractive as a mate. He disgusts me at this point.
  12. I'd like to thank the Academy, the mods, my family and friends, and all of YOU, who have supported me along this path of snark! I feel so honored that my submission has been hailed as the thread title of these two nitwits. With the exception of my tenure at The Spitball Wall with my fellow Unsullieds, ^this^ is the proudest moment in my PervTV history. I'd also like to thank *cue music swelling to drown out the remainder of my acceptance speech*
  13. For people who lived through that war, or whose families did, this probably isn't very funny.
  14. Oy, the poor script, it's just abysmal. The sets and costumes are fabulous and very accurate, but the dialogue is tediously boring and the actual acting out of the dialogue is even worse. All the oooing and ahhhing by the cast and crew on the behind the scenes makes the director sound like she's an Indian Scorcese, and honestly? A director should have known how bad the script was and had it re-written! The worst part is she is the co-creator so she had to know the script was awful. At best, she's good at art direction, sets and costumes. But you can only get so much out of actors if they have a shitty script and/or they are limited in their acting. Sadly Mrs. Patmore seems limited in her acting. And everyone else seems like a caricature of someone. Last night's epi was particularly confusing in that John made SUCH.A.BIG.DEAL having a sit down with his family and closest friends to tell them this big truth he had been hiding. And yet, he didn't answer or clarify the biggest reason to tell them all that shit - he was doing it to clarify for Margaret (or whatever her name is) vis a vis Chandrika coming to his room late at night. And yet, all we learned was that Chandrika is his late wife's sister. A sister that, according to the opening scene, does indeed have feelings for John and he for her. So what the hell did he actually clarify? A big fat nothing, that's what! How nobody on the team could have picked up that glaring plot hole is beyond me. Unless I missed something minute that you all caught?
  15. IIRC, wasn't Mary Williams famous - in her son's eyes only - for her kielbasa or pierogi's or some other Polish foods?
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