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  1. So did Mac get any of the estate?
  2. gingerella

    Chrisley Knows Best

    I am flummoxed by this show. First, I can’t believe BravHo is airing this shite now. Second, Todd seems very gay, and while I realize there are probably many gay men who choose to marry into heterosexual marriages and have children with a woman, in this case it seems like the big pink elephant in the room jus5 overtakes everything else for me. Aside from Todd’s flamboyance, why is this family on TV?
  3. Remind me again WHY Katherine left Devon the bulk of her estate? He wasn't her bio grandson right?
  4. gingerella

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    Yes! Shep acts like the lead pack dog, only he is allowed to hump/mate with any females, all other males must be subservient to him. My god, his parents raised a total misogynist pig asshole for a son. They must be so proud!
  5. gingerella

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    It's a job, not play camp. June was hired to do a job - a job that she is apparently mediocre at on a good day. A job that requires her to be able to: tell time so she knows what shifts she is on; wear her ear piece for the entire time she is on a shift so that the captain and crew can communicate with her; carry out her duties in a timely and efficient manner without bitching about them. These are basic, essential aspects of the job she was hired to do. What I have seen is someone who is slow and spaced out when doing her job and needs her supervisor to check her work to make sure she's done it properly; refuses to wear her ear piece until her Captain finally bitched her out and traded radios with her to make sure she wears it so, yanno, her crew members can communicate with her and include her in their communications; and someone who seems to bitch about her job - walking to the top of that mountain for the guests lunch, I think she made a comment about laundry or something else. She has also been evasive and weird when the crew was asking her questions in an attempt to get to know her better. So yeah, she's a weirdo, she's bad at her job (except when it involves throwing cheap Party City feathers on the table for a Mardi Gras theme), ignores the basic rules of the boat (including DOING something about a smoking galley), and is stand offish and difficult to get to know.
  6. gingerella

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    I wanna like Colin but he's suuuuuuuch a fucking pussy. I cannot imagine him getting busy with any woman because he has zero game, zero confidence, it's just sad. This is what happens when mommy's smother their sons. He's a nice guy, yes, but its painful to watch him around women. And the fact that he thinks he should quit so the object of his affection can take his job is preposterous! Can you even imagine June June Hannah trying to work with the deck team to dock that behemoth into one of those those skinny St. Tropez slips again? No fucking way. She's a menace to the safety of the crew and guests, to be frank. Travis needs to be fired. And I continue to be perplexed out the ass by Aesha and her double standards. I find it incomprehensible that someone who was raped, can also side with a man who slaps her friend across the face whilst drunk. You would think she'd be more sensitive to men and how they react to women after her own experience, and yet she sides with Travis? I don't get that at all. Hannah is looking like a friggin' rose this season, surrounded by all these morons.
  7. gingerella

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    She knows, she said yesterday that she was fine and she was embarrassed that her father only cared about getting hush money from the situation.
  8. gingerella

    S01.E13: Breaking Point

    Yeah, it reminded me of when Survivor hits the "Loved Ones" visit and they all break down like they haven't seen their family in years, and in reality it's only been a few weeks at most! But I don't think Jenny has had any connections with anyone other than Sumit and to be fair, even the most hardened traveler will tell you that India is overwhelming on a good day, and that's staying in a 5 star hotel, which isn't exactly Jenny's current living situation. So I will give her a pass. Corey is a weak piece of shit and deserves what he's getting because he gave it all up for what he thought was a pretty piece of ass, when in reality she looks like a dirty little rat. He ought to sell every single goddamned piece of equipment that he bought for that beach bar shack, and once he's cashed out all that he put into that mess, he can go home. But no way would I leave that PoS Evilin with any piece of anything to be used for her financial gain. Not one glass, not one bar stool, nada, zero, the empty set, null!
  9. gingerella

    S01.E13: Breaking Point

    She looks like an anime character so I assume that was the attraction for him, but I'm not sure what the attraction was for her...
  10. gingerella

    Jenny & Sumit: Slumdog Thousandaire

    I'm all for bagging on these morons for their actions, but the dude isn't rich and dental care isn't a priority in many developing countries...just sayin'. And @Wanda, while I don't find him handsome, I also don't find him repulsive because he seems like a nice guy, unlike Mohammit, who was repulsive because of his personality.
  11. gingerella

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    I read somewhere that he's a TV singing contest winner so...not exactly a high level Nashville musician, but hey, the poor schmuck better use a condom or he's going to find himself forever tied to Miss Fertile Myrtle herself.
  12. gingerella

    Darcey & Tom: No More Meester Rice Guy

    He needs to lay off BravHo and get a life...!
  13. gingerella

    Darcey & Tom: No More Meester Rice Guy

    Jerry O'Connell does himself no favors being BravHos ho...
  14. gingerella

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    Why does TLC keep fucking with the times to air this version?!? It was finally on Sunday evenings and now it's not again? Honestly, I cannot stomach more manufactured bullshit with Grangela and her Baby Toy, we get it. He's a Nigerian scammer - big surprise there - and she's a trailer granny from the deep south, willing to bring her Nigerian boy toy home for some good luvin'...not. Just stop with the forced bullshit TLC, we're not idiots.
  15. gingerella

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    Yeah, I'm not sold on Eliza being harmless or genuine. She seems like a reality TV show whore wannabe who will do anything to get a permaspot on this sinking ship wreck of a show. And to show she's a BravHo Trooper, she willingly agrees to invite psycho Assley to not one but how many filming opps? Yeah, harmless, not to me. Genuine, not to me. Not after the first shit show when Eliza did a post mortem during the shit show and afterward about how wrong she was about Assley. And yet she gives in again and again to her? Nope. That's producer driven drama BS, manufactured for a show that has no clear story line this season. And Eliza went along with it, because she's desperate to pimp her "disgraced family name" to gain the status of a Z-list 'celeb'. She can show herself out now.