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  1. Well this season went over like a messy wet fart, didn't it. Time to change our knickers and back to life...
  2. @Scarlett45 I'm cool to disagree with you on Bini but...what is USC?
  3. I was thinking about this today and wanted to say both Ari and Bini think they're hot shit but they so are not. Let me put it this way, Ari has a waaay over inflated opinion of herself, and Bini thinks he is hot shit too. The thing is, they're both like good looking ugly people on a good day. They don't trust each other. They don't seem to be in love with one another. The entire premise was Bini wanted a blond American e-ticket, and Ari wanted to schtup a rastafarian, and now they're trying to make a marriage out of that weak ass sauce. AND, thy have a baby mixed up in their shit stew now. Dum
  4. It was just so that Sally could overhear and set her crazy stun gun on Sharon now. This show is so badly written you can see what's coming down the pike from miles away! And your point is...???? Seriously though, I assume Natey Nate Nate Nate Nate will uncover what the real medical issue is with Assland...I'd say he's been faking this but he does it when he's alone so...unless he knows the cameras are rolling...hehe...
  5. So too does that Cartier panther ring on her chunky man hands, but Kyle is all about outward appearances and labels. It's all she has because inside she's a hollow shell of nothing.
  6. S01 was really good. I'm far past my college years but I could totally relate to S01. Then the pulled a Friends in S02 with the girls living in an apartment that is nicer than any apartment kids that age could afford, just like the old Friends apartment that Monica had, completely unrealistic unless you're rolling in cash. Now they live in this Spanish hacienda manse? Come on Show, get real! They should be living in a shitty little bungalow or garden apartment in the Valley. Not living large in a home that mid career professionals would buy. It's just become so unrealistic now. And then they t
  7. I agree with those that have said that Ethan is suffering from serious depression. And his comment that he went to therapy once and hated it, tells me they - Olivia and Ethan - don't understand therapy at all. I hate when a show has people 'go' to therapy once and they think they're cured. It's a process, and it can be a long process that one has to commit to once you find a therapist that you jell with. Ethan probably needs some meds as well to help him climb out of his depression fog. And Olivia, I know she's mentioned therapy but it's not clear if she goes regularly, she needs to as well. T
  8. Not a fan of Peter, the new salesperson. He’s too much about himself and not th brides. I don’t care that you had to wear a tie and shirt at your old work, I don’t want you helping me with your shirt open to your mid chest and I can see all your chest hair. It’s distracting and unprofessional. I cannot see Ronnie approving this fakakta ‘uniform’. Randy Fenoli, that’s your work wear mentor Peter.
  9. Anyone else think we need to rename this thread? Or Erika Jayne: Patting My Own Puss (since Tom cut me off)
  10. You know what I hope? I hope that Miss Sutton sashay's her cute little Southern ass into the Reunion taping with body guards because of whatever Erika has threatened to do to her. And when they ask why she has body guards she can say in her cool as silk Southern accent, "Well y'all heard the vile, aggressive threats, sorry - promises - that Erika made to me, so I was advised by my legal team - whom I pay with money that isn't stolen from widows and orphans - that I should bring body guards for my physical protection. So Andy, that's why I have body guards here." *insert sweet southern smile t
  11. How bad does a human being have to be to be deemed 'evil' then? I'm asking seriously because if stealing payout money for widows and orphans who lost their loved ones in a plane crash, and who live close to or in poverty in a developing country and for whom that money would likely set them up for life in their country given the breadwinner of their family was killed suddenly in a plane crash, then what constitutes 'evil'? ETA: Just to be clear, I think Tom is evil and and I think Erika is BEYOND evil. She knowingly spent the shit out of her Amex card right before all this shit went down.
  12. Och, oy...The last two episodes have really bugged me, not liking them AT all. When they were playing the opening scenes with the theme music (I skip over that a lot) and I saw the scene of the dead slave, the Scottish dancers from the 1970's Scottish Jamboree in NC, it seemed like those episodes were from another season entirely! It seems like such a long time ago that we were in those places, and where we are now is such shit in a lot of way. Also, when I saw the opening credits and the the title, The Birds and the Bees, I thought, "Oh, it's about Brianna being pregnant, and Lizzy not u
  13. I have a bone to pick with this episode...It is just way too convenient that Brianna and Roger find one another that quickly. It's preposterous actually! The whole thing is stupid, lazy story telling, IMO. I know, I know, this is a saga that involves time travel through huge, solid stones. Where people manage to fall through a stone monolith and if they bring a gemstone to pay the Stone, they get spit out in the exactly correct time that they want to be in. And not only that, but TWO people can go through the Stone within weeks of one another and manage to end up in the same place at the same
  14. *slow claps for this perfection above* OMG, you win the internet for the week! I bow to your prowess. He's coming for you if you talk...until he forgets because he has advanced sudden onset of dementia. Except when he's reading or hearing comments from bitches, then he's going to sue you for all you have, because he has a litany of lawyers with nothing else to do and mountains of money to sue you, except when he no longer has any money because, dementia.
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