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  1. I can just hear the wailing and nashing of teeth of Kenny's dustbowl trio, sobbing over the Thanksgiving that they were not at because Daddy has a new family...insert eye roll here... Four place settings, OMG, they can be in utter despair now over three other people who've taken over their places. I say this in jest but know that this is probably not too far off from what those selfish twats would actually think of this image. These guys can't win with his daughters...The table looks lovely though, good for Armando!
  2. @Xebug67, kudos to YOU for reaching out for professional help. I applaud you! If I may, please ask your therapist if they practice CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy. That type of therapy helps you work through stuff, giving you homework and such along the way, verynuseful fir where you might be now. And if you dont feel a connection with the first therapist you speak with, find another until you find someone you gell with. Don't feel like you have to take the first one you meet with and are then stuck with them. Take care, xo
  3. @Anothermi, your synopsis makes.si much more sense and adds much more depth to thidnpart of this episode. Thank you!
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so unfair that those who are doing the right thing, getting vaccinated, etc. are still at risk. Lean on your in laws, they are still family and they sound wonderful!
  5. Nothing says Love like giving an orphanage full of children junk food and candy to rot their little teeth. What dumbwits these two are.
  6. This show is unwatchable for me now. I can't tell if it's poor decision making on an aging Lorne Michaels or there just are no good comedians willing to do the show anymore. It's sad, this was a mainstay in my life for decades.
  7. Oh man, how did I not think of this little chestnut myself?! Let us all join hands in a giant prayer circle, burn some sage and hope that this storyline comes true! But also, that Tessa decides she likes hot dick more than stale martyr, and she leaves Mariah for some hot n tasty, squnity-eyes Noah, once again leaving the Martyr without a babeh to call her own. Because if there is anyone who is unfit to be a parent, it's a surrogate with festering and unaddressed PTSD and attachment issues who is literally trying to steal back her friend's baby and stuff it back up her cooch. Don't Cry For Me M
  8. You all see what these asstwat writers are going to do right? This whole baby Dom story is such utter bullshit. That baby literally doesn't know it's ass from a hole in the wall so NO Miss Darvon and Martyr Mariah, the kid is NOT suffering because his mother is grieving. Jesus H. Christ! These two fuckwits are totally angling to take Abby to court to take Dom away from her because she's unfit to be a mother. How many mofo mothers have had to grieve the loss of their partner AND take care of a newborn? I'd wager thousands, go ask the military wives club. The way these two are constantly acting
  9. Truer words, and really, avoiding Sandy and Malia is so much more important.
  10. I took this off my DVR because even the Captain Lee version is working my last nerve now. There's nobody to like in this crew. Wes seems nice but I'm sure he'll do something to turn me off shortly. The whole indignation of Rachel over Eddie's comments from last season was ridiculous. She was a pig beast whenever she drank, and was an embarrassment to herself and the boat. She has nothing to demand of Eddie or anyone else who commented on her behavior last season. She was worse than anything any of her crewmates said about her last season. I'm so over these stupid fake guests who make
  11. IKR?! They are just so selfish! They scream white privilege. And Armando stop busting your dad's balls about this wedding stuff. He's there, he's happy just drop it. Is this really a problem Armando or are they so desperate for a storyline that the producers are making his dad out to be some sort of villian. OMG, ALL of ^THIS^! Kenny's kids, well at least his daughters (his son didn't say much), are just little spoiled hags. The crying, the whining, the OMG we won't be your #1 kids anymore, wah, wah, wah! Shut.The.Fuck.Up. You're grown ass adults and it says a lot - none
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