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  1. I'm surprised at Greg's comment because he was always the one advocating for Jazz to wait a bit longer and to heed the advice of all the many doctors she met with, all of.whom, IIRC, told her she'd have to do multiple surgeries and use things like dilation and so on to prep her body for a more optimum result. But Jazz being Jazz, just went doctor shopping until she found doctors who told her what she wanted to hear. She was a minor when she has surgery and her father could have said No. He didn't because he's s puss and always caves in to his wife's Co dependant parenting decisions wrt Jazz. I don't know why they're all so shocked at the outcome. Also, Dr. Bowers can fuck right off with her comment about her not being any part of the second surgery because it was she who told Jazz it could all be done in one surgery without all the prep other doctors were requiring. I honestly don't know if I can watch this next season because I'm already annoyed AF, again, at the stupidity of this family.
  2. I cant feel sorry for Syngin at all. He is priviledged as a white male South African, and I'm pretty sure from his accent that he's also Afrikaans, which even today will give him a leg up in the work world. That he says he worked in the mines is weird to me, because most folks I know working the mines are black South Africans, not white. And didn't they meet in a bar where he was bartending? So he wasn't actively working in the mines recently. As for his wanting to be a carpenter or fireman - both would be fairly easy for him to get into back home. It's not like the US has some only-in-the-USA programs for firemen and carpenters. I think he's just a lazy grifter who saw an easy ticket to the US and decided to check it out. Is he sincere about Tania? Yeah, weirdly enough he seems to be, but I don't think he's as in love as he says he is. How could anyone overlook the narcissistic qualities of Tania's obtuse and off putting personality?!? ETA: Do you all know about this already or am I just late to the party?
  3. Man, this season is like The BruDouche Gang. Asston, DOUCHE. Tanner, DOUCHE. Brian: DOUCHE. These people are awful.
  4. Just finished watching S3 and man, this show is great! So well done, so timely. Great acting. At the end of the day Maia ends up going down the same corrupt path as Daddy Dearest, he'll be so proud of her... I love how much Luca has grown since S2, really fine character development there. I felt sad when the last episode ended because now I have to wait til whenever to see he's characters again. I assume Diane and Kurt will be okay after the Swatting...man, that group has gone insane!
  5. Well, I agree with you on the Real Hosewives, but I think Kate brings the best snark to this show. I don’t think I’d watch without her. She’s been bitchier this season but I think she also has a crew of schmoes, so I get how that would wear on someone season after season.
  6. Seriously, Simone is a useless sack of shit. My dislike of her has zero to do with the fact that I do appreciate Kate. From Day 1 Simone has bitched, whined and moaned about how superior she is because she has a college education. How she is so great at everything. How she’s a bastion of feminism because hey, she’ll show that douche asshat fuck buddy who the boss is (FYI, it’s the douche asshat fuck buddy). How she stands up for herself. And yet...we only see her complaining and whinging on about doing laundry and how she deserves to LEARN service, which she should already have known before coming aboard. And we’ve seen Kate give her service opportunities that include training tips (that she should already know) that she completely ignores and quickly does a walk by and asks once, ‘do you need anything’ and then walks away thinking she’s the shiz. We’ve seen her go on ad nasuem, about how no man is going to use her and yet we see that dumb jock-schmuck, Tanner, use her over and over and over...to the point where she makes out with him just after he’s 🤮 up his boozefest, and runs to his booty calls where he is so drunk that he falls asleep before she’s even comes into the cabin. Simone lives a lie. She likes to say how excellent her skills & knowledge are, then shows us she’s sucks at her job, except for laundry and cleaning cabins. She likes to crow about what a strong woman’s she is, then shows us she’s wuss who will happily kiss a drunk who just puked and respond to a drunk booty call and then consider it a a budding relationship. The calling her mommy to complain isn’t even on my radar with all the above shit. Yeah, Kate has nothing to do with my disgust with Simone. She’s a disaster as a yacht stew, an embarrassment to feminists, and appears completely lacking in self awareness. Three strikes and you’re out!
  7. We can only hope that either Mikhul’s friends alerted the US Embassy OR someone in the Embassy saw the show and did him the biggest solid of his life!
  8. No, they skipped a week because they couldn’t find another episode amongst this dreck!
  9. More manufactured dramaz! Oy vey. This is still a shit show. That 'friend' who is her ride or die, whom I don't think I've ever seen before...uhhh, okaaay... She's the Mystery Friend of the Season I guess. It's heartwarming (not) to see Jazz is still being her totally inappropriate self by force feeding her friend every little tidbit about her tidbits...ai yi yi! Anyhoo, the whole ZOMG, Jazz has to have another surgery! was so boring. We know, we get it. The one and done didn't work and now there are more surgeries ahead. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wake me up when Jeanette gets a goddamned make-over okay? Because that? Would be infinitely more interesting that this made up drama BS over The Great Reconstruction of Jazz's Vagoo, which I am completely over. ETA: I hate to say this but...it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Jazz and her weird mother decided to defer her start at college so they could eek out another season from TLC to pay for her extra surgeries.
  10. What's really fucked up about all of this is that it took a crew member/producer to get him booted. Apparently the contestants safety isn't important enough for CBS or Survivor Producers to intervene, only if something happens to one of the staff. Fuck that shit, and fuck this show. I've lost all respect for Peachy at this point.
  11. gingerella

    S39 Dan Spilo

    Eh, Janet was my fav this season, a season filled with loathsome people. But when she backed down off the Dan escandalo immediately after Kellie was booted, she lost me with her 'lets all move on' bullshit. You can't have it both ways lady - you cant be a champion for women who are battling a sexual harasser, and then say 'let's all just move forward' when it's convenient for you. If Janet felt that strongly, she should have quit the game immediately following Kellie's outsing. She should have gotten up before Jeff snuffed Kellie's torch, and brought her own damn torch over and said, "Jeff, this is wrong. You and production know it's wrong. And if you're not going to do anything about it, you can snuff my damn torch too, because I'm out!" That? Would have had a stronger impact and rang truer than her backing down once they got back to camp and she started simpering to Dan again. So this whol "real world issues impacting the game" comment just felt really hollow to me after seeing her back down on an issue she claimed to feel so strongly about. YMMV...
  12. Well...while I agree with you in theory, the reality is that posts likes yours only add fuel and legitimacy to his fire... If people - everyone who felt as you do - unfollowed his Twitter account and stopped reading and reacting to him, he wouldn't be trending or even on any reputable media outlets.
  13. I know this is BravHo and as a channel, they have zero interest in upholding any values that are decent or positive, but even I'm shocked at this last episode and how with the #metoo movement, the idiots at BravHo decided it would be appropriate to show sad sack dudes groping women (dancer girls); guys yukking it up over one dude talking about his sexual exploitations with a co-worker; and women like Rhylee who are verbally abusive as well. What the fuck Bravo?!? This cast sucks. This show blows. Even Captain Lee isn't what he once was. Shark, jump. Oh, and while I am normally a Kate lover, yes she was a bitch last night. However, I might be too if I had to live in such tight quarters with all those assholes.
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