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  1. *waves to @walnutqueen* I had hopes for her but she seems a bit dim witted. Poor thing has a very limited vocabulary: whoa, wow, really, penis, sex, happy ending. Did she say anything else?
  2. gingerella

    Who Will Stop Watching?

    I really loathe Erika. There's nothing worse than a person who came from a very modest background and marries rich, then acts like her shit don't stink and everyone else is beneath her. And that pretty much describes Erika to a T. Shes a gold digger who married very well. Be gracious honey, dont be all, ungracious! On rare occasion she'll say something non-vapid like, 'everyone should travel and see the world', but even then she cocks it up by spending hours with her sycophantic glam squad, only to parade round a foreign country taking in the sights swathed in 5-digit outfits that look like vomitous billboads for fashion labels...maybe it's a nouveau riche thing, you know, to let other fellow nouveau riche know who you are...???
  3. Speaking of Game of Thrones and House words/mottoes, I thought I'd have a bit of fun (because this show is anything but fun now): House Cuntess Sigil/Crest: Witch on broomstick Words: Life is a Cabaret House Frankel Sigil/Crest: Snake coiled around a woman's neck Words: Me, Always All Ways House Medley Sigil/Crest: Monkey hanging upside down, flinging shit Words: JoVani! House Morgan Sigil/Crest: Dog Chasing Tail Words: Madonna & John John House Singer Sigil/Crest: Pinot Grigio bottle Words: It's Turtle Time House Mortimer Sigil/Crest: Eggs in a Basket Words: Maybe Kids, Maybe Chihuahuas
  4. In what is fast becoming The Battle of the Bitches: 2019 Miami Edition, I can't side with either Lu or B. Both are heinous excuses for human beings and sadly, both didn't fall too far from the same narcissistic tree, and therein lies the problem. When you have one narcissist expecting another narcissist to respect them and make them Priority #1 you're gonna have a problem on your hands because neither can ever be satiated in the "me Me ME" department. So they're going at each other with all they've got, the only difference is that B knows she can garner support from the other Ho's with her over the top emotional histrionics, whilst the Cuntess has zero fucks to give and can sit there and rage internally whilst keeping an ice cold veneer towards her attacker. Both of them are an embarrassment to human beings, to women, to basically everything and everyone they've ever come in contact with. Simply put, both are horrible human beings and we're all complicit in their awful behavior because we won't stop watching...
  5. Because she has no empathy. Because she is a narcissist. She feels nothing except entitlement and indignation if she does not get the attention or her way every.single.time. She is one of those psychopaths who really good, highly regarded therapists decline to treat because they are untreatable and always, all ways, try to rope everyone into their web of psychosis. She is one of many Ho's who should NOT be on TV. Shame on BravHo for parading her, Bethanny the train wreck, and sad ass clown Sonja on TV for ratings.
  6. gingerella

    Who Will Stop Watching?

    I'll finish this season, but without LVP these bitches are boring as fuck. It's like watching paint dry minus the high off the fumes. If they don't re cast the ENTIRE cast, I'm out next season.
  7. gingerella

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Kyle is still a vyle bitch and her bemoaning her weight issues didn't make me change my mind about her heinous personality or the fact that she is a waste of carbon space on Planet Earth. I also laughed at the damn hats she was trying on, that Greek Captain's hat was riDICKulous on her, and as she sashayed her entitled ass down the street she preened that everyone needs to get a beret when they come to France! That? Is not a beret you stupid, unedumacated, ignorant buffoon! I had to gird myself seeing these assclowns mosey into that chateau pretending to be klassay...They're all wannabe nouveau riche pretenders and it's an embarrassment to the USA, at a time when we don't need anymore embarrassments. I cringe whenever they travel anywhere, they're so uncouth, so unwordly, so country bumpkin in a really bad way. I can just imagine the staff convos about these bitches behind their backs! I'd actually rather watch that, then them. @film noire, why do you always write what's in my head, except far more eloquently than I ever could? Thank you!
  8. I occasionally watch this show to keep up with your comments here, which by and large (pun intended, it was too easy not to), I agree with. In this case, however, I agree with Whitney (this must be backwards day!). Firstly, the author of that article grossly misleads readers with her description of that mannequin as being, "She is immense, gargantuan, vast. She heaves with fat." It is simply a realistic plus-sized mannequin, period end of story. Nothing hideous or horrifying there, just a real representation of what at least half of society looks like nowadays. To say someone who looks like that mannequin cannot run, let alone work out or be an athlete is absurd. Not every sport demands the ultimate thinness and someone with the body of that mannequin could easily be very active and simply have a very large frame and be able to carry more weight. Is it possible to be the same as that mannequin and be healthy internally? I'm sure it is. And I'm equally sure that there are people with a similar frame/body type that are not healthy. It's all about how you care for your body, inside and out. But that writer is disgusting in her fat shaming, and to be brutally honest? When I saw her photo by the article, let's just say, I don't think her apple falls too far from the fat tree, so, glass houses and all that shit...
  9. gingerella

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    Calling it right now...Mary Louise is going to find out about the checks going to Ziggy, and she's going to investigate that shit and find out about her dear boy's exploits... BTW, I wasn't sure about Meryl in this but hot damn, she's killing it right out of the gate! She's a pro, and really shows her depth of character development, whereas so many other actresses are just re playing the same character over and over no matter the show/film, but not Meryl. She's amazing and she's why I'll give this second season a chance.
  10. Man, production must really hate these bitches because they all looked like hot buttered shit in that video. What the hell is wrong with Vyle's skin?!? She looks like she's got huge bumps all over the place, including on either side of her upper nose. So weird. And given all the snottiness from Camille this season, I appreciated that the cameraman honed in on her rippled cellulite thighs on the couch, nice touch cameraman!
  11. Between the shitty Adam storyline, and The Red Menace soon to be reprising her role as #1 Scene Eater, they should just rename this schlock the Adam & SyPhyllis Show. It's redundant, it's boring, it's hackneyed, Its.Been.Done.A.Million.Times.Before. Why o why cant the writing team and show runners create new and INTERESTING storylines that don't involve resurrecting the same 6-7 story lines over and over and over? This iteration of Y&R is neither Young nor Restless, it's just bored and played.
  12. gingerella

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    You say that like we're talking about highly trained, amazingly talented writers...! 😉
  13. gingerella

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    These writers are still such hacks that you can see storyline a mile away. Dummer will bump dirty uglies with skankman until she gets knocked up, then say it's Kyle's, thus prompting Lola to break their engagement 'for the sake of the baby'. *blerg* GMAFB.
  14. God, how I hate this new Adam and the Adam is EVIL I TELL YOU, EVILLLLL storyline that has shat all over this show at warp speed. Adam is snarling and fucking over everyone simultaneously since he suddenly got his memory back. It's like a gang bang of shit being thrown at us like a TV full of monkeys flinging their shit at passersby. I'm over it. Let's move along now, Adam was never that interesting of a character, the various writing hacks forced him down our throats and it's rinse and repeat right now. It's not story telling, it's hysterical chaos. There's enough fucking chaos in the real world right now, I don't want or need it in my soaps, YOUGOTTHAT?!
  15. gingerella

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    So, wasn't the first OG Theo of like, last month, the first time they showed him, wasn't he a different guy? Sort of slight and a wee bit fey? Now they've decided Dummer needs a fuck buddy so they switch him out for a dude that looks like he never uses soap to wash his junk...just sayin'...