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  1. What does he have to offer, you say? According to sources (Madison) he brings the Big Dick Energy, that's what he has to offer! The dude always looks like he smells of dick cheese. Sorry to be so graphic but there it is. He just looks gross, like, all the time. As for Leva, did I miss something or is she not actually a bipoc? Isn't she Iranian? How does that make her a person of color having anything to do with the Black American experience? She seems to be tied up in identifying with her husband's black ethnicity and her child's half-black ethnicity, which is fine. But she acts like she herself is a bipoc and that seems off to me, unless I missed the part where she's part Black. Is she? As for Katherine, bless her heart but isn't she just dumber than a box of rocks? She cannot process anything because she is so far up her own ass that she can't see how fucking offensive she is to pretty much everyone. You could blame it on perhaps inbreeding in her family tree, or being of hillbilly descent or something, but at the end of the day, I just think she is what White Privilege looks like in the deep South. It's fucking sad, and even worst that Bravo considers this entertainment. This show is sinking into the Mississippi mud flats, and the only thing that would bring it back to an interesting level is to get rid of everyone right now, and start over with a cast of ethnic diversity, and see what their life is really like in fairytale Charleston, I'd bet it wasn't all cotillions and cocktails at Patricia's...
  2. It's clearly not the first time she's not known what she's talking about. And not for nothing but when Andy Cohen is the voice of reason and intelligence, well, you might wanna reevaluate your life choices.
  3. Dayum, Sally Spectra is the new Big Red, bitch is in every scene chewing the shit out of multiple storylines and I’m hating ALL OF IT. This bitch needs to g back to B&B, she’s a nightmare and a hack actress.
  4. No, antique jewelry isn't cheaper and in many cases is pricier.
  5. I mentioned this on the last episode thread, that it feels like now that I know Olivia better this season, she's more fucked up, emotionally, than Ethan is. And her reaction when he said she was his everything? I get that you should be your own person before you're a partner but these two are so far behind that curve that the horse is not only out of the barn, it's in another state at this point so why not just appreciate how damn much your husband loves you?!? I'm glad that shaman lady was able to guide them through that, and it really showed how damaged Olivia is. It actually made me feel like Ethan has the potential for emotional intelligence, but Olivia, not so much. I did like that he got her a new wedding set and I get the reasoning she had for not wanting the one his mother helped choose BUT...I know a lot about diamonds and jewelry and that engagement ring he got her cannot possibly be real diamonds unless they're getting a shitload of money from TLC and their living expenses are close to nil. That ring looked quite pricey, hard to tell without a closer look, but at least in the $7-10k range if it's decent graded diamonds... When the family went to the cemetery to 'visit' their dead child/brother? On camera? How much more fame whorish can these parents be?! To agree to that scene was just disgusting and horrifying to me. And the way the father 'broke down' and apologized for it, and the way he spoke about immediately deciding to never blame Kim for running over their child...I mean she IS responsible, she DID do that, and while laying blame isn't going to bring that child back, at least work that shit out in family therapy FFS! These two need CPS visits to ensure the safety of the younger girls. I pity the children so much, but like the Sister Wives shitshow, as soon as the kids reach a certain age they high tail it out of dodge and start living their real lives. I only hope Lydia will wake up and see the light one day soon. She's a lovely person and deserves so much more than being the nanny to her parents brood. I missed the previews for next weeks finale, what did I miss? Maybe Ethan will finally defend his wife.
  6. I was coming here to say exactly this. Now that I've seen Olivia more this season, she's really fucked up emotionally, even more so than Ethan is. At least Ethan tries to make things better, and you can see the little hamster wheel spinning when he does something that Olivia doesn't like. But she just lords it over him that he's a country bumpkin and she's his key to LIFE! She's just acting out like a 14 year old girl in a strict family. I've yet to hear her ask Ethan, "Hey hon, why don't you plan something YOU want to explore, anything new, and I'll support it, or I'll go hang out with my friends while you do that." Nothing.
  7. I know a lot about jewelry and you can’t just ‘split’ an emerald into two pieces, WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK?!?
  8. You already know this is going to turn into a Bury My Heart At Buttbiscuit Nostril sitch, so stop fighting it, just sit back and drink a shot before watching this dreck. I have to say, as meh of an actor as ScAbby's IRL hubby is, now that I know that Chance is a douchebag covidiot I hate him and his smirk and he can miss me with his twinkling eyes that now say, "I don't give a shit about other humans in real life". So yeah, not happy to see that fuckwit at all. ETA: I felt like ScAbs wasn’t that into OG Chance now that he’s back, which sort of made me 😊
  9. It seems so obvious that Alyssa tried to shoot Adam in retaliation for killing her father, duh. Duh. DUH. D.U.H. The MWTs have zero finesse in their writing game, or lack thereof. That said, when I ask myself WHY she'd say Billy did it, it's because she: A. Saw him there when she made her shot, and knew he'd been in the area and B. He is a decoy to throw the obvious light from her to someone else. That said, it STILL doesn't make sense that Detective 9:00am Shadow Beard wouldn't think Alyssa was a prime suspect as well. She just happened to be there, hidden from view? Come the fuck ON writers, you can't do better than this shit? Yesterday's A Chrisbutt Biscuitmas Story was beYOND riDICKulous. Be.Yond. Insert other media
  10. What is his job? I never see him going to a job, and I only hear them talking about her work as a wedding photographer
  11. I used to think Olivia was the aggrieved party in this story but she is a fucking piece of work. She only cares about herself, never takes Ethan’s feelings into account, and I’m pretty sure she only married him because it was exciting and felt dangerous to marry this man boy and take him away from his controlling psycho parents. Now she’s stuck with a man boy for a partner and she acts like she is his mommy now, it’s really gross. Moriah dresses and presents herself like a backwoods hillbilly slut, which is really sad because I think she’s the complete opposite of a slut. I want to take her aside and give her a make over and tell her that she doesn’t have to wear those clothes to be attractive, she’s pretty just being herself in jeans and a t shirt. She can lose the neon one sleeved spandex ‘Sparkle Baby’ costume tops and just wear normal clothing. Max...he’s pretty dim witted but seems like he has a good heart so maybe they’re a match made in heaven. What I find chilling, is watching the lack of emotion and the smirk expression on both parents faces when they speak of their dead baby that she ran over herself. I mean what mother could ask about that with a smile on her face? What the ever-loving fuck is wrong with these two?!?
  12. I am stoked that Theo (aka dirty dickcheese because he always looks unclean, blerg!) is leaving and after yesterday's epi my guess is that he skulks away with the Paris company and 'leaves for Paris' and we'll get a recast at some point. Sally is a fucking bitch and I don't need another Red Menace to grace this show, so no MWTs, send her back to B&B m'kay?!? Wait, before she goes she can implode Kummer, that would be nice. It's amazing how much more I liked Kyle with Chefy, and how much I loathe him with Dummer. And speaking of Dummer, Lauren, READ A ROOM BITCH! Jesus, it was like a neon sign the back and forth passive aggressiveness between Sally and Dummer. Could Faith have hired a hit man for Adumb?
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