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  1. CAVEAT: I am only watching this shit show right now because of home quarantine. This shit was on tonight and the Mr. walked past the TV and had some gems: ”What show is THIS? Who are those weird looking people?” (Referring to the new cast members) During the scene where Spassi, Drunkie, and Chunky were at the cafe: ”A bunch of average-looking women acting like they’re exceptional.” I married well...
  2. He's truly one of the grossest, most disgusting pigs this show has ever seen, and that's saying ALOT, given the number of pigs on this show. What the everlovingFUCK is up with that hair?!? Why can't he cut it normally, and not have all that greasy shit flip flopping around all the damn time? He looks like more of a freak with the hair than anything else. Get a haircut you gross asshole. Gah! Can you imagine the grease stains on the pillows? It's probably seeps through to the actual pillow - excuse me while I throw up - Okay, I'm back. This guy is a piece of shit. I don't know how that normal woman can be his friend - the one we saw in his back home scenes. Oh and Ed, you THINK she's using you for a meal ticket to get out of poverty?!? THIS is what it looks like when you go shopping for a wife who is impoverished you stupid fucking asshole.
  3. Ed is SUCH a scumbag asshole dipshit. “holy shit, iTs like a third world country!” It IS a developing country you fucking asshat. He is beyond gross and disgusting. He’s a predator that’s hides behind his physical deformities, pretending like he’s an aw shucks nice guy, when in fact he thinks he deserves someone better than he can get in the States so he’s buying am impoverished waif with an illegitimate child, pretending he’s saving them. What a magnanimous fucking douchebag. He’s just as bad as the gross Germans who charter sex flights to Thailand. Gross pigs.
  4. Nooooo! A woman absolutely can NOT wear the Nigerian man's outfits! No way. Nigerian fashions tell the story of what tribe/people you come from. Every Tribe has their own ways of wearing head wraps, for example. And different dress styles can tell others who your people are. Ditto fabrics. It's very complex and women don't wear pants there as a rule, at least not outside the home.
  5. I've gotten a couple of these recently in fact. They are laden with mis-spelling and 'special English written from someone who is not a native English speaker so they're kind of amusing. Mine always say the same thing, that they've been watching me and have taken over my computer and have all the dirty, disgusting porn that I watch and that they've turned on my camera and taped me pleasuring myself while watching porn and will post it all over the internet, blah blah blah. First of all, I don't have a camera set up on my computer, I purposely bought one without a camera so nobody could turn it on remotely and look at my house. Second, I don't watch porn, nor pleasure myself while doing so sitting in front of my computer, SO...it's all BS. I suppose the people who get taken by these ruses have done something that's mentioned in the email and they panic? It's all so ridiculous. DELETE people, DE.LETE.
  6. Why o why do they keep fucking with us?!? They tease us with Meri and KaDouche splitting up and then NOPE. Dayum.
  7. My dad, god bless him, still calls Asia 'The Orient' (though he doesn't call people Orientals, he calls them Asian, so I'm confused!). I've tried educating but it wont stick. He used to do work in Taiwan, HK & China so he picked up 'thank you' in Chinese. He says it to anyone who is of Asian descent. We were in an elevator once with a couple who I knew were Vietnamese because I heard them talking, and he thanked them in Chinese for holding the door for us. I don't even know what to do when that happens!
  8. And yet they helped this asshole gain the fame he so desperately wanted, and which everyone watching is now giving him. The whole thing, to me, is really sick. I wont watch it beyond the few minutes I gave to it last week.
  9. I cracked up at "Rich's advice" - You're adults man. Make it happen man. Just do something man. Make it right man. That's some sound-ass advice right there, man.
  10. So, we tried to watch this mess last weekend and after about 20 minutes in, I asked my husband if he was liking it we both couldn't understand why anyone would watch a bunch of ignorant hillbillies abuse wild animals and call that entertainment. I don't get it at all. Am I missing something here?
  11. Uh, yeah...So, I highly doubt that above call for action has anything to do with Tania actually DOING anything other than re-posting another group's call to action, because we all know Tania only does things that benefit Tania, and she also has zero ability or skills in organizing anything, just look at the hovel of shit she lives in.
  12. According to our canuk friends in the North, they got a new epi Friday, so I'm confused as to why we got PeePaw & Drinkki's first nuptials...though I gotta say, the hair was UHmaZING, particularly Ashley's sky high coif!
  13. Do you have to pay for CBS All Access pass? And would this be available on Cox ON Demand or no?
  14. Do you have to pay for CBS All Access pass? And would this be available on Cox ON Demand or no?
  15. You guys didn't get the vintage Y&R yesterday with Pricktor and Nikki's wedding?!?
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