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  1. Hahahaha! I snorted! Soon....she will pull an Ashley. Will go to hospital and start a GFM. The GFM will be to laser the lip wrinkles. At the Reunion we will see her with a scab mustache. 🤣 Is this the way Angela showed up to Nigeria when she had her chest wrinkles laser? Put on a turtle neck, woman! I am sorry.....but, this lady is so nasty. How was the sex WITHOUT condom???? 70%! 70% is good enough for me! 🤣
  2. Omg! Lol! I get what Melissa was trying to say ...... but, it came off wrong. Maybe not the correct saying for this type of situation. You have 2 rich ladies throwing (or, not) extravagant kiddie parties. That is totally my pet peeve. People think if parents are ‘saving’ money .....it is for their kids. Maybe not! I do think Jackie wanted everyone to know she is rich. Now, she won’t stop smirking......her stupid cheesy grin. Since, Jackie has met Jennifer......she developed this weird attraction to her. Now, that we hear about the Nuggets VIP trips......why the heck did Jackie ever write that ‘spoiled children’ article about Jennifer’s kids?? Jackie has ‘unhealthy feelings’ towards Jennifer. Jackie told us she is rich to grab Jennifer’s attention. Both.....to attract friendship and annoy her. Jennifer will always be loyal to her Housewife idol.......Teresa.
  3. Doctors treat their family members all the time. It is common. Not everyone has health insurance. I don’t see a problem with family doctors helping out. Dr. Dubrow worked on Heather. And, I believe Lisa’s husband (Miami) did her plastic surgeries as well. My parents are physicians and I get help from them all the time. As a matter of fact, my mom is getting a call from me in the morning! My insomnia medication is late! It was supposed to arrive on Friday. Now....it will be here sometime next week. Tomorrow! I will sleep like a baby! Thanks, Mami! Tony the Turk sucked out Jennifer’s back fat and transferred it to her lips! 💋 It is not like he gave her a much needed brain transplant! You don’t want to attend school in the Caribbean? Things happen for a reason. She can have a new life in paradise. Hopefully, she won’t be a doormat like her mom. Dolores, wake up, pretty lady! You are losing good life on that.....weirdo DOCTOR!!! Regardless, no man is going to take Dolores seriously until she stops living and acting BFF with Frank. Kids are grown. Bye, Frank! Hahahahaha!
  4. Almost everyone having first night together......and, there is Yolanda! Looking for The Williams....on the gram. 🙄 Have a good week......see y’all next time! 🌹
  5. Whaaaaaat? Do you travel? Flowers do not die in the car! 🤷🏼‍♀️
  6. Rose wants to puke! You cannot blame these girls, though. Life is rough for them. Rose is like! How am I going to bring Big Ed back to the village with me?? Yea....Ed! Your lies about your looks.....is gonna cost ...extra! Youth is not cheap! Not even in the Philippines! 🥳
  7. Danielle hollering tonight! Another older lady getting the goodies from her Muslim boytoy...on the first night!! Mohammed frauded.....ME! 😆
  8. Does Lisa have suitcases from 1992???? 🤣
  9. WTF, is a rough start?? You only had an airport pick-up and hotel drop-off! This is your first dinner....on the same night..??? rough start???? This dude does not respect women! and....already on ...My Ex !!! 🖕🏻
  10. Well.....every girl gets flowers at the airport! because, Larissa.....yah know!!!! Larissa was begging for vending machine flowers at the airport....and, what is his face.....was still....screaming ...No Flowers!!! If you value your peace......you bring at least ONE flower to the airport! 🥳
  11. Y’all know Jesse mad! He is now calling himself a Relationship Coach, too! Public speaking on finding ‘love’ in America! ahhahahaha!
  12. people really call people they have never met .....boyfriend..?... hahahahaha! They got some aboriginal music! Ash! Looks like a rodent! I don’t like him. Unemployed people calling themselves....’Coach’ anything....I don’t have time for! Get A JOB!!! 🙄
  13. Yea! Lisa looks nothing like ...... Baybee Luv Video Lisa! 😆
  14. Lisa truly looks like a grandma! She is wearing flip flops with cotton white socks! 🤣
  15. Yea, Lisa! Marry & sex without condom! 🥰 🇳🇬 ❤️
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