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  1. Jazmin only said she does not like drinking or be around alcohol. Which is Blake and his friends. It is not personal. She never said anything bad about them. Do they ever invite Jazmin for a green tea?????? She might say ...yes!
  2. Tim is eating a supermarket veggie tray with Ranch dressing. Then he is only eating the raw broccoli! Hahahahahahahah! He is so boring........even with his food! But, I am sure Sasha will be eating the same when it is his turn on PW!
  3. Natalie has beautiful eyes.......but .......they do not go with her look. They are kinda shiny and alien’ish! Maybe this is the attraction! 😻
  4. Why does Darcey gotta be in every season of TLC...???? I guess we will be seeing Jesse ....very soon! 🥱
  5. PLEASE....TLC...........give Angela a spin-off.....so, that we can be rid of her! 🙌🏻
  6. What happened to Tarek and ????.......it has been so long I forget her name! 🤣 I really liked her.
  7. Dear Natalie! God has never stopped a man from cheating! FYI!
  8. Are Natalie’s hands really huge or is that an optical illusion??
  9. What happened is......Natalie’s ex-husband messed her up!!! She is still in love with him. And, this not getting her visa to move on with her life in USA.........is giving her more time ‘mourn’ her last marriage. She has suffered some kind of divorce PTSD/Depression. Disclaimer: I am not a Licensed professional! 🥱
  10. The truth is that Natalie’s guy exist in Ukraine. She is not asking for much. Career, Religious and wants kids. Can someone message me..... cause, you know........rules! Is Natalie in America, already??
  11. Natalee is NOT highly religious. She just has a lot of sins to confess and why she needs to go to church every week. 😁
  12. Jazmin and Mursel have the same personality. Flat, boring and do not care about their SO’s kids or friends. But, is anyone picking on Mursel??? Sexist! 😾
  13. Don’t you get it? Jazmin is on the show to drink green tea, eat boil chicken, and be an IG model. She will stare at the camera.....and, have a Bot say .....I luv you, Babeee! 🙄
  14. Y’all leave Jazmin alone. She does nothing......to anyone. She is quiet, keeps to her herself....and, Non-Spicey. There is no need to bully her. As long as Blake is happy......this is all that matters!
  15. Oooooh! Lisa & Usman I am already hooked! 🤣
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