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  1. Dance4Life

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I remember that episode. It was something like parents get. One has primary custody (usually mom) and the other has to be involved in all major decisions. This is what Janelle FINALLY agreed on because she knew there was no way she was being granted 100% custody. The judge was not going to remove Barbara from any custody agreement. This was the deal here. Can Janelle take custody away from Barbara? Nope. This was those entire 2 (or 5) seasons of Janelle screaming at Barbara.....’Give me back my son!’ Torturing the hell out of Barbara.....refusing to film with her....sending Nathan and David after her. So, yes, Janelle’s rights were not terminated........but, she was not granted custody, either. So, same thing! Really, let’s not split hairs, here. This was NEVER Barbara’s goal.....anyways. Barbara has always been pro their relationship and riding out the MTV gravy train together. Janelle growing up and taking Jace. They never got there.....because Janelle is hateful with a demonic soul. It finally happened. Janelle got them fired. Yes, I would move to another state....another country if I have to! Fuck the cops. What are they gonna do? Cops and CPS are disgusting! Judges, too! They have known what type of mother and what type of men she gets with.....and, have done nothing! These people have failed so many kids. Most destroyed and a lot more dead. It took David killing a D-O-G.......for the kids to be removed. It took David killing a D-O-G......for Janelle to be fired from Teen Mom. Let that sink in. Janelle’s last 911 call should have being the last straw. But, Janelle tweets about a dead dog.....and, the police, CPS and judges vacate the house.....in 24 hours. What a joke!
  2. Dance4Life

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Some people who recognize that Barb is a better option than Jenelle still ignore that she kept Jace away from Jenelle for the majority of his life and it's irritating as hell to me. I am having a hard time understanding this. I don’t see how Barb has kept Jace from Janelle. All Janelle had to do was go to court and get Jace.....because, she is so perfect....right??? Lol!! Well, no court would allow Jace back with Janelle. Here is the deal. You just explained years worth of scenarios how Janelle was not in the best state to care for Jace. Many serious ones such as jail, drug use, abusive relationships, anger management problem....etc. etc. Many times we saw that when Barbara allowed Jace to visit.....Janelle ignored the kids. And, even abused the kids. A lot of the time womb occupied with new baby from another man. (But, here is Jace....wondering why he lives with grandma???) Motherhood doesn’t work like that! Barbara’s job is not to find time frames when Janelle is on the straight and allow Jace to visit. Wait until Janelle fucks Up and then ‘keep’ Jace from her. Then again. Again. Again. This is what has been done to this little boy. If this was real life (no show) and I was Barbara....once I got custody of Jace....I would move to another state! Zero contact with his drug addict, baby popping, baby butchering, dog killing, child abuser, raging ......mother! Because, if Barbara had not stepped in.....this is exactly how Jace would have been raised by foster parents. ZERO contact with bio-mom. If Janelle...even saw Jace for a few times a year.....she should feel grateful. Janelle will neve change. She is Katie Price! They can be good for some time........but, that selfishness will always be present. They will always come before their kids. Their Man of the Month will always come before their kids. Drugs give them a better feeling than watching their kids thrive. They will spend their entire lives fighting legal cases with CPS and their 100 baby daddies. These type of moms have a very specific pattern! By next year....Janelle will be divorced, broke and homeless. Selling tabloid stories about being a born again Christian, sobriety and abused wife story. Asking for our understanding, sympathy and money.
  3. Dance4Life


    Did everyone already give up? 🤣 The show is not that good. The narrating is beyond annoying. It is like a cheesy throwback to Saved By the Bell! Hahahahaha! I was in SATX for a hot minute while my mom trained at BAMC ......and, love, love, love everything Tex-Mex......pero, ya no puedo con estas rucas!
  4. Dance4Life

    S09.E19: Season 9 Reunion Part 1

    This is why I agree. Because, David’s tweets and actions are being taken personal by MTV staff. So, how much do people have to take before they put someone on blast? Last night Nessa was allowed to put Janelle on blast. David is getting super bold. They fired him. He gets bolder. The producers said he threatened them and why they had to stop production. The man that call for the filming to stop was black, right? What do you think it means when a guy post photos of himself holding up the confederate flag and lots of gun photos?? We saw Janelle chase down that guy during her road rage.....and, pulled out a gun on him. Jace was in the car! These people talk with guns. Just ask the poor little dog that was shot to death by David. What Janelle and David have done is much more disgraceful than what Nessa and Kap can ever do! Now that the kids are gone....I hope the land caves in while David and Janelle sleep. Creating a sinkhole so deep.....that the pits of hell sucks them right in! Kids gone. 500K a year job gone. Janelle is NEVER getting her respect. (Is this chick serious with this crap??) Janelle and David are very dangerous! I would not even feel safe with these ‘court ordered visitation center’ custody agreement. I don’t think people are overreacting, anymore. Josh Powell killed his wife and then blew himself up with the kids inside his house when the social worker showed up at his house....for his supervised visit. The courts made her take the kids to him....all while knowing he killed their mother.
  5. Dance4Life

    S09.E19: Season 9 Reunion Part 1

    That was the real Nessa. If I remember correctly she is the one that posted that photo that got K fired. She also would not stop tweeting to the NFL bosses. Nessa stood by his side this entire time. She is in it for real! She has been side eyeing racist Janelle and her husband for a while. The shit David post on social media is beyond vile. He does it to instigate and spread hate. Janelle is there.......100% supports him. Same morals. So, Nessa biting her head deserves huge praise. Because, believe Nessa would have done it on Twitter. But, she was like....Yo, ......I am gonna do it at the reunion. MTV could have edited it out. But, they didn’t because they want to expose Janelle and David hate towards people. These two beat their own kids and animals! The first thing Janelle did when she got fired from MTV was tweet she wanted to go on Marriage Bootcamp. The entire season....she has shouted.....my husband. My marriage. This is most important to me. Really??? Your kids gone. Living in separate housing. You are still sleeping next to that man every night??? Maybe if you left and moved in Barbara.....the court would have given you the little girl. But, you chose David. The one that is fake AF is Dr. Drew. ‘Oh, I didn’t know about this tweets. Wait, let me go get her!’ Yea, you know! Janelle is a racist POS. Dr. Drew acts even dumber than Andy Cohen.....with the....... I am stupid act during these Reunions. Bitch! Pull a Steve Wilkos and start yelling (with the audience)...... Get the Phuk off my stage! Janelle is gone! Just like her kids! Gone off The Land!!!
  6. Yes! This is part of your actual teaching (education) bachelors and masters degree. A lot of teachers actually take this track. You gotta have a diversity to make hiring easier. I believe all teachers should have ESL certification. You know, when I was enrolled in ESL for two grades......it felt like I was repeating the grades. Now, I was just learning the same things in English. By the time I was in 5th grade....I was asked if I wanted to take the 6th grade classes instead. I did. In HS, I skipped my senior year. I took CLEP and did a bunch of college this way. Now, kids do...AP classes. Where I live they actually have AP High Schools. I was like.....right on!!!!! That is awesome. Yea......Good stuff with ESL! This is is why I am side eyeing Grifting David and his ESL bullshit! (now, I hope y’all get why I get annoyed when he say this) It is just like Dr. Leida!!!! Nobody understands what is going on there.
  7. I think y’all are misunderstanding me. I know ESL. When I first moved stateside permanently and enrolled in elementary school I was placed in ESL class for 2 years. (2 grades) I only went to my classroom for Home Room, Recess, lunch, PE, Music and Dance. For the core courses I went to a special classroom with only 3 other students.....and, 1 teacher. It was setup like a Day Care center. It was huge with lots of games and toys. For 2 years.....I literally had private teaching! 🤣 As my English improved .....I was able to sit in Reading class with the other students. Every time I spoke English or read aloud from the book.......all the other students and teachers cheered and clapped for me. It was like the cutest thing ever! Everyone was so supportive! ESL was a very nice experience. 🤗 What I am saying is that he is not teaching at university......like he is trying to lead on. Is Annie enrolled in college? She didn’t say this on the show.....I assume not. So, how can she be his student? Only college students are allowed to take college classes. He is teaching at a campus in an university as part of their Continuing Ed program that is available to everyone. (If even that) This is the community class Annie takes. He is always grifting. He should just say he is teaching ESL to immigrants. What David taught in Thailand was EFL. Two different curriculums. And, anyone that is a native English speaker can teach EFL. Maybe it is just me. I know he has a college degree. But, does David have his legit ESL certification college degree?? Or, are Universities hiring CELTA teachers now?? People have already posted.....once upon a time.....David was a white collar high earning working man. But, supposedly he did some shady things and now has a criminal record......and, cannot get hire. This is why he ran off to Thailand.
  8. Dance4Life

    S09.E19: Season 9 Reunion Part 1

    She has learn a little. Leah now takes the Plan B pill every time she has sex!!!! Good girl! 🤣
  9. I know what ESL is! I had ESL class for 2 years in Elementary school! 🤣 If Annie is his student......then how is he teaching ‘at’ university?? He is probably teaching either free course offered to immigrants or a Continuing Ed course. These are not college classses. They are community classes open to the public. (No enrollment necessary) Most international students are not ESL. They are EFL. Fake job as in a job that doesn’t pay the rent! His job is the storage. They are never getting another job. This is because Annie is there and David tells her to do all the storage unit work.....while he goes off and pretends he teaches ESL! .....At University! Grifters!!!! David got an extra paycheck for Pillow Talk! Maybe he can finally replace his torn pillow. (He keeps showing on the show). Poor pillow is screaming every time he leans back!
  10. Ashley. Bc, she is an asshole. There is some dark Molly-Luis stuff going on in that house that we don’t get to see since she cannot film her kids. Last night she said....’I comes home, ignore Jay and take care of my kids.’ She leaves the kids alone with Jay? Ok, then why do you have this man in your house creating tension and stress for young kids? I forgot! She has lupus because she ended up at the hospital. Then set-up a GFM asking for money. All we see her do is spend money on 90-day marriage stuff for Jay, hair, nails and drinking. So, she has lupus. Small kids. Always drinking and lives with stress. She forgets she is a mom and doesn’t look like she puts her kids first.
  11. Yea! I think the ESL job is fake. That is not a real job, anyways. Annie and David get money/housing relief from working at the storage. All TLC couples...get money from their salary and IG hustling. (Nobody ever mentions this part on the show) TRUE!!!!! John and Rachel.....their story (as told) makes ZERO sense. Plus, I saw that $30,000 GFM that was (supposedly) theirs and that they had already met, etc. Plus, I don’t think Rachel would be so attach to him.....if Lucy was not his bio-daughter. ⚡️Suspect!⚡️
  12. Yea, for older kids and adults. Secondhand, is cool. Just meant for a new baby. New babies seemed too delicate. Plus, if you cannot afford a few packs of onesies, joggers, socks and diapers.....to get you through the first few months.........you should not be having a baby.
  13. Ahhhh, man! I love Old Fat Wise Man David mode! He gives the BEST advice on Pillow Talk. The faces Annie makes (at his outrageous lies) are priceless. Those 2 are the Biggest Grifters on the 90 Day franchise. He still has no job and lives in the storage without proper stove. When Annie gets her green card and can work.......he is going to make her be the bread winner. sad!
  14. Shut up, David! Annie won’t allow you to send so much money to Thailand........what? an extra $5...Hahahahahaha!........bc, she needs to eat.
  15. Memorial Day Weekend 🇺🇸