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  1. Good that she got a decent settlement. This is why these guys send their wives to be on show and then divorce them. It has happened to so many of them. Shannon is being unreasonable in the way she talks. Yes....David made a lot of money. But....she spent a bunch of it! Their first home on HWs was a custom luxury home. She was a pampered housewife who was spending all their money at Dr. Moon and her daughters were raised by nannies. She enjoyed his wealth as a Mrs and was able to stay home because of it. And, David is also entitled to her new HWs wealth. It is community property. When Teresa divorces Juicy Joe.....he is gonna do well!
  2. Is the show over? TLC just started playing the Nail Salon show? WTH???
  3. Wellll.... no. You are more like talk out of your ass.......live in a shed next to the manure and wheelbarrow!
  4. Oh! They are still in NY! I did not know. Does the guy know he is going to be living in a tiny shed........in the mom’s yard..???
  5. Tell her! I will not be terrorized by your pregnancy fantasies! What’s the guys name?? Tell her you need proper house and job first.
  6. Oh! She liked the lingerie. color me shock! But, she is not going to shut up until she gets her iPhone.
  7. Oh! Anny....watch Anfisa’s season. And, stop coming off so thirsty! Why do you want an IPhone so bad, anyways? Who are you gonna call? Only in the USA for 5 minutes, too!
  8. Is that Michaels real house? or, is that a work shed kinda building?
  9. Anny looks very elegant in her blue dress. Must be from Dominican! 🙌🏻
  10. Totally! This is for every birth. You get to choose the hospital. They have private, too.. When USA gets universal healthcare.....they are gonna take away the TV, husband couch and private bathrooms! Rooms are going to look just like that.
  11. No shit, right! They are gonna put the baby in a hammock with an umbrella for shade.
  12. I love it! Baby is ridiculously cute. He looks very grown in the head......no wonder she needed C-section. I love this no-nonsense birth. Happy all went well for mom & baby. Last time I attended an American birth. It was like 10 people in the room. Fast food bags everywhere. People taking photos and live streaming. After the birth they moved her to another room. So, you cannot even get settled. Then we could not bring balloons or presents because mother was only staying in the hospital for 20 hours. She did not want to pay for extra time. That is too much action for my liking if you are only in the hospital 1 night.
  13. He is there securing his bag! This is the American baby! 🥳🇺🇸
  14. What is wrong with the Russian hospital? You got sparkling white walls. A doctor. A nurse. Access to C-section. looks good! Yall want Ritz Carlton birthing suite...but, then whine about cost. Of course, it is $20,000 to give birth in USA! This Russian hospital looks better than the South African maternity stalls offered to the girl on Before the 90 Days. I forgot her name. Oh, Tiffany.
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