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  1. I have always liked Shari and Dorian. Let’s see if Dorian brings it home! Personally, I find all of the contestants this season Basic. Yes, even Nick. 🤣
  2. Nick served raw fish! Needs to be eliminated! Was that a real book? Grosssssssss!!!
  3. Helmets are very protective! This is why the man told Shannon to put the bowl on her head. He knew (being a reiki vegan Vedic Astrologer who can speak to baby chickens still in the eggshell Psychic) that Kelly was going to smack her. 🤣
  4. I am watching this now! Hahaha! First.....Larry & Pary.....Hahahah! Did Emily freeze? She didn’t even move. I guess it was a preview. Emily probably trying to take Sexy Show on tour....a la Kandi! That Westgate Suite. That is Teresa Giudice dream home! 🤣
  5. That is too funny! I don’t get Ads. But, I do have Ad Blocker installed. I do not believe anything Cliff has to say money troubles related. He has a wife and almost (if not grown) children. They can get jobs! He also lives in Houston where the cost of living is pretty average. He put in hardwood floors at his house before the show, so this means he is a homeowner. Even proof that he has survived all the Houston hurricanes.....especially, Harvey. There are many ways to get cash throughout the summer......and, I for one second do not believe it involved a 401K plan. He can do a second mortgage loan, credit cards or a small loan. $15,000 should do it for 3 months......averaging $5,000 monthly expenses. Which is about what a person making $80,000+ should bring home. There is not a way to say how much he made as a petroleum engineer.....but, is above average salary for Houston area. Can usually go into the $200,000’s. The minute BB gives him his check......which supposedly happens after the show end.....he would have enough to cover .....these ‘debts.’ He should be ashamed of himself acting like this. Sorry, 54 is not old! You cannot even get social security until 65. Safe to say....unless, you have made provisions to retire early......Cliff still has A LOT of career left! 54 year old Cliff should be fine with the people in the BB house. He has the same age kids. He also had the college experience at Texas A & M. Personally, I didn’t see him being socially awkward in the house. He knew who to butter up......he had the maturity (unlike Bella and Kat) to stay out of the drama. And waited until the Alliance (6 & 8 broke up and pounced on the big guy to help him get to the end. Jackson. He knew Jackson was a package deal with Holly. Didn’t Cliff also say he was a package deal with Nicole....every week? I heard him say this in most of his chats with HOH ......which most just happened to be with Jolly. All his gameplay he wanted to do came into fruition. Cliff the Charlatan.........lover of being away from his family living his OWN life! This is why he took all those travel petroleum engineer jobs. This is why he went on BB! He loves to be out on his own chipping away at his bucket list.......while married with kids. Cliff just trying to come home a hero to his Sharon! I think they all did good. They managed to pull it together and make F4. Not always pretty.....but, that is BB house stress for you. Cliff is the one that tried to throw a wrench in the F4. He is the one that tried to dump Nicole for Jackson. He is the one manipulating a young impressionable girl. Looking very BAD on Tv...may I add. This is Jackson only saving grace and why I am ok if they win. He worked his butt off. And, he is not betraying Holly. They have their ups and down. And, his personality is very strong for a softer soul like Holly........but, he dragged her there. And, Holly kept Jackson sane. Holly and Jackson remind me of .......Jessica and Cody. They are going to do what they could not! It is exciting to see. But, deep down.......money wise. I feel Nicole and Holly could really benefit from the winnings.........and, could change their life to really come out ahead in life. Cliff should stop being a sore loser......and, realize he did good. He managed to survive the threats of Alliance of 6 & 8. Which at times.....seemed impossible. He really lost me when he said for Sharon to use POINTS for hotel and airfare to come to the Finale. WTF????? Anyone who has enough POINTS for reward travel.......seems like they live a good life already. Does anyone have the Social Media for Cliff’s family??? I think they were tweeting and whatnot! I would like to see his family’s reaction to all this.
  6. This is annoying to see. Nicole got all big in her head from her recent fake wins. She needs to chill out! The positive here is that she beat Cliff! Maybe it is a good thing she took that HOH. Because, Cliff would have no problems sending her home this week.......if Holly was indeed the HOH. Karma, for Cliff! I bet he regrets saying for Nicole to be HOH! Took her out of elimination eligibility. Cliff was on fire last night on BBAD! He was talking to Sharon....and, told her to use POINTS for the airfare and hotel.......bc, he knew they were experiencing financial difficulties from him losing his job. Or, if things were really bad.....it was Ok if she did not come to the Finale. hahhahahahahahahahahahahaha! This bitch ass ho......acting like he didn’t get a paycheck to spend 3 months on a television SHOW!!!!!! Then after all that low key.....begging for a GFM........he starts telling Jackson before coming to BB he installed new wood flooring in his house. You know......bc, a big Tv show was coming to film at his house. 🤣 Cliff is grossssssssss!!!!!
  7. If Nicole wins HOH ......it would be the only thing she wins all season. That, too......someone else gave to her! 🤣 I keep seeing Jolly making F2........but, part of me thinks. What if Nicole WINS the comp at the end? 🤣 She is the one who picks her F2????
  8. This episode was good! I think the show is doing a great job explaining what all this MLM (is this the term?) is truly about! Krystal is stuck in it because: -her husband actually bought all the supplies. -Cody paid her to stay. So, she can pay her bills for a little while longer. -she has an interest in starting her Splash-exercise business. So.....Cody is a Rothschild.....? Interesting! 🤣
  9. I was so happy to see Tommy finally get roasted! He deserved it so much. Christie and Tommy have been lying and cheating their way thru the game. This would not be a huge deal......except, their Alliance broke up over the Kat & Holly knowing each other. And, Christie and Tommy were right there.....added lots of wood to the fire......to deflect from their own relationship! Tommy....admitted he spilled the beans ......so, it would not bite him in the butt shall Christie spill the beans .....in the Jury House. Oh....well! There yah go...peeps! Jackson came thru! He played BB! Watermelon for World Peace! ✌🏻🍉 (I hate these guys with a passion! Complete assholes! ......so, hopefully, a Holly & Nicole F2) If not.....won’t be mad if Jackson takes it all! Holly, Nicole, and Cliff would not be F4 if it was not for Jackson’s amazing gameplay!
  10. Yes! ☄️ I agree. Kat is out of her league. She is not DCC. Meredith is this season’s Melina! 🗣 Cut her loose!
  11. Why are all the dances weird? Are they not playing the proper songs to the choreography? Or, do they only pay license for Pit Bull and that Bang Bang song..?? 😆
  12. Cliff has been driving Nicole’s game to benefit himself.... not her! He just cannot help himself and already told us on the cameras. Dude’s mind is just warped! He has developed an unhealthy obsession with her....and, gets all kinds of creepy talking about her to us. 🤮 It is borderline Uncle Bad Touch! This season....I don’t think the comps were nice. They build these elaborate sets.....and, the comp itself was super cheesy. Then they literally got rid of Slop! Instead BB rewarded Jackson with a luxury comp style winnings....of unlimited watermelon on-demand! All the time......hey! Are the watermelons I requested delivered???? Ok...maybe Jackson was diagnosed with Watermelon Pica when he saw the psychiatrist during his mental break while on Slop) 😘🍉 (it is a real illness)
  13. You are right! Jess has every reason not to trust or like how Nicole acted regarding her own personal game. There are lots of fake ‘I love yous’ in this crowd! So, no hard feelings.....between those 2. I frankly think...only Tommy & Christie grew a genuine bond. Jessica is voting for Jackson to win if he makes F2. Jess already told him.....when she campaigned. She would give him the 500K. I believe Jess won’t change her mind in Jury because during all of Jolly’s HOH.....they left her alone. And, she actually had a ‘peaceful’ relationship with them. Jolly were out frying bigger fish! When Jess left she already knew.....that it was because Cliff was in an Alliance with Jolly. Holly- no-go. When it came to game talk.....Holly was always snobby with her. When Jess campaigned.....Holly would not budge against a stronger player....Cliff. If anything Jess is very bitter against Cliff & Nicole. She got booted out of Cliff’s Angels. Left to fend for herself. Once again...Jess was left in the dark. I mean......Jess...you gotta pay that electricity bill! Turn on the upstairs light! 💡 During that time she also transitioned to Tommy & Christie. So, she had to go. Nicole was never on her side 100% from Day 1. Camp Director. It was Nicole...yeah....you can be CD....then turn on her .....fasssst! Then Nicole wanted Kemi to stay...not Jess. Then Nicole didn’t give her a heads up about .....there was no more Cliff’s Angels. Once gain......jumped ship to Jackson’s dinghy. There that time when Nicole would not help save Kat...????? Nicole is a true Floater! Which is valid in BB. Let’s see where she ends up on F2 night. Jackson might very well win this whole thing. I am coming around......because, they refused to get rid of him. They are gambling. We shall see. There is a lot of game to be Played!
  14. Cliff didn’t care about any of that. He wanted Tommy gone. Tommy is just getting a taste of his own medicine. He did the same thing to Ovi. They blindsided Ovi. He was the first HG evicted with HOH and there was plenty of fresh bait to warm that eviction seat. They were cruel to Ovi! Tommy was playing everyone in the house....while maintaining security with 8 & 6 Alliance. Why do you think he always like the Alliance......and, kept trying to get them back together after the blow-up? Tommy loved playing the 2 faced gossip Rat! That was his role! Made him feel important without being a frontline target. He even tried to seduce Jack & Nick! 💋 Tommy was nobody’s friend! He was only loyal to Christie. This is what happened at the end. It was all even and fair game for all! There were 3 couples! Christie & Tommy were the 1st eliminated. This week we will see a battle between the 2 remaining couples. Will they fight it out together......or, turn on each other....???? Jackson’s game last night.....was old school delicious BB. When a HG gets intel.....and, figures out all by themselves how to get out of a pickle. This is what Christie did on Taco Tuesday with Nick. It also got Sis (her close friend) sent home. This is the type of scheming I like. One-on-One. Jackson heard 3 people might be coming for him! He caused confusion with the intel amongst all the HGs. He publicly called out a potential Alliance. This is how you play the game! The gang-ups and bullying....or, huge alliances against the weaker folks. This is what is ugly. Because, then you have people.....protecting disgusting people....like Jack.....and, nobody speaks out bc, they do not want to be a target. This is the shit mess Tommy has been involved in ALL season!!!! He still loves Jack & Nick!
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